Cake Popalooza!

Today is the 5-year anniversary of my first book. I can’t believe it!

How could five years have gone by so fast?!? It’s just crazy and to celebrate, I’m giving away a bunch of Cake Pops goodies below. YAY! I created cake pops and first shared them on the blog back in 2008 and by September 8, 2010, Cake Pops by Bakerella was released in stores and online. So much has happened since this book made it in to peoples’ homes and hearts all over the world.

Businesses have been launched and products have been created to help make them, shape them, display them, and decorate them. Cake Pops have become regulars at coffees shops, bakeries, birthdays, weddings and more. They’ve helped raise money for charities, inspired creativity, spread joy and probably some frustration, too. Dipping can be tricky to get on the first go. But through the last several years, I know one thing. They have brought endless smiles to so many.

The photo above is from the Walnut Creek Williams Sonoma in San Francisco. P.S. If you attended one of the signings back then you might find your photo here.

When the book debuted, I had the incredible opportunity to travel around the country to meet you guys. It was and still is one of the best experiences of my life. We laughed and cried and hugged and talked dipping and candy and you guys showed me your designs and it was unbelievably exciting to meet everyone who shared the same passion for cute and cake. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you guys. I can’t tell you how much your support and encouragement means to me.

I have to give a little shoutout to these cupcake pops, too. It was these cuties that I first posted on the site in February of 2008 that unknowingly started a cake pop phenomenon. These were my first shaped pops and I could have never guessed how much people would love them and want to learn how to make them back then. It was your enthusiasm for these tiny treats that sent me on a mission to see what else I could to with a little ball of cake on a stick and some candy. I had to know how many ways I could make them and make you smile. And now I know the answer is endless.

These are some of my favorite pops from the first book and today I want to say YAY and celebrate the anniversary of it’s publication with a knock down all out Cake Popalooza Giveaway of the products that I’ve worked on over the last several years.

Some you may know about … and some maybe not.


This is my second book… Cake Pops Holidays… and it may just be my favorite.

When I was working on it, I started getting a little nervous that it might not be as cute as the first book because there weren’t as many animal designs, but in the end I think it turned out even cuter than the first book. And I fell in love with the smaller size, too.

With a Holidays book, how could I not do a Cake Pops Halloween themed book, too… especially with so many frightfully fun character possibilities.

I mean how can you not smile at those spooky sweet faces.

Besides the books, I created a few gift items with my publisher Chronicle Books. They’re the best at making super cute stuff.

Here’s the Cake Pops Kit. It comes with a small book, treat bags, treat tags, ribbon, cake pop sticks and a cute paper cake pop stand.

And these are four different mini kits, each with treat bags, ribbon, tags, and cake pop sticks for specific projects.

These are notecards printed with cake pop photos from my first book. A cute little way to send someone sweet nothings.

Oh…… and the toy! It was available at Toys R Us for a couple of years and I only have a handful of them left. Sad face. It has a cake crumbler, mixing bowl, dipping bowl, cake pops tray, cake pops stand, cake pop sticks and four fun molds to help you shape cake pops.

I also partnered with Make’n Mold for this Bakerella line of products to help you make cake pops and sweet treats. Candy wafers, candy molds, decorettes, pastry bags and more. You can see all of it online here.

Okay… let’s wrap up and celebrate with this Cake Popalooza Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win the following:

  • Cake Pops
  • Cake Pops Holidays
  • Cake Pops Halloween
  • Cake Pops Kit
  • Cake Pops Mini Kits
  • Cake Pops Notecards
  • Cake Pops Toy
  • PLUS a Bakerella for Make’n Mold $100 Gift Card

To enter:

  • Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite cake pop design or book.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 10 at 8:00 pm ET. Sorry! Time’sUp. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced on this post sometime Friday.

Good luck and yay for cake pops!!!




It’s time to announce the winner!! I’m so excited. But first, can I say how much you guys made my day with all your favorite pops comments. You guys are awesome and it was so much fun reading all of them. Okay, help me congratulate Commenter #444. YAY Mary!!! I hope you enjoy all the cake pops goodies.

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1,325 comments on “Cake Popalooza!”

  1. I love both the halloween and the christmas cake pops! so much creativity in all of your work. but if I have to really pick a fave its going to be the vampire dracula cake pops….spooky and cute at the same time

  2. My favs have to be the smaller versions of food, donuts, ice cream cones, the sushi are amazeballs! X

  3. Aloha! The original cupcake cake pops that started it all!

  4. My favorite is the Halloween book :)

  5. I am in love with ur first book! I think it was the first time i knew i was enchanted with u lol

  6. My favorite is the Halloween book :)

  7. I love to make cake pops with my kids, they love the Halloween ones. I love this book, I don’t own it but I do borrow it often from my library.

  8. So hard to pick a favorite!! LOVE all your stuff!! But i will go with the owl pops. I love owls. ???? congrats on 5 yrs!

  9. I will always love the Christmas themed one! They make the winter holidays just a tad more exciting and I can’t believe that it has already been 5 years! WOW, time flies when you’re having fun reading and baking your creations.

  10. Sugar skull cake pops!!!! Congrats on 5 years! I have been following you since the beginning. You’re amazing!

  11. I will always love the Christmas themed one! They make the winter holidays just a tad more exciting and I can’t believe that it has already been 5 years! WOW, time flies when you’re having fun reading and baking your creations.

    sorry if I posted twice, I forgot to fill in my name and email.

  12. Congrats! What a fun journey! My all time favorite would be the cupcake pops, but I always get a kick out of seeing how you make characters, too.

  13. Gosh – so many memories in one post! I would have so very much *loved* to have been at a book signing. I love your original book. I read through it like a novel – just for fun!

  14. How can I choose? I love them all!!!

  15. My favorite book is the Halloween one, but my single most favorite cake pop is Paddington Bear!

  16. Loved the updated version of the baby. Thanks for the printout of the baby bib. Actually making the black cats on Friday for a little girl’s cat themed birthday party.

  17. The original book was my fave! :)

  18. I really like the Halloween one.

  19. The apple pops are my favorite; they were my first successful ones!

  20. I love all your cake pops but my single most favorite cake pop is spring chick!

  21. I just couldn’t choose! So cute.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. I especially love all the Halloween designs, but my favorite one has to be the witch cauldron!! So cute!

  23. I looove the Cake Pops Kit – never got mine as nice in the book though.. :)

  24. Cake Pops Holidays!!! :-)

  25. I’ve always loved the cupcake cake pop! So fun, cute and adaptable to any occasion. I’d love to get my hands on the holiday books. So much!

  26. I love Snoopy cake pops.

  27. My Favorite book is Halloween cake pops as they are so intricate and unbelievably cool.

  28. Happy 5 year anniversary! I love all your designs but the little snowmen are my favorite…the cake pop holidays book is my favorite….

  29. I love your creativity! The list of my favorite cake pops is endless, but since I’m forced to choose one it has to be those puppies you recently created!

  30. I love the holiday book!

  31. I love the snowglobe cake pops! The holiday book is my fav as well! :)

  32. Congratulations on all yoursuccess and your 5 year anniversary.
    What an amazing time for you.
    I think my favorite book is the Holiday Book.
    Your creations are so loveable.

  33. Wow 5yrs! Where has the time gone. There have been so many cute characters. Your first book is the one that sparked my interest and started it all! It’s opened up a whole new world for me.

  34. I only have the first book as it’s the only one that’s been translated into French ! :(
    Your Disney cake pops definitely are favorites (especially Mr Potato Head !)

  35. I love the gingerbread faces!!

  36. Congratulations !!!???????????????????? Time flies…I remember when I first found your blog , it thrilled me to see so much creativity in the baking community! Something to reach for others and plain old cakes and cookies!
    I wish you many more years and keep up the great work!
    My very favorite cake pops are the ice cream cone pops so cute ..and easy to master!

    Thank you for the years of joy!!

  37. I adore your Cake Pops Holidays edition in the books!

  38. I would have to say the original book and I love all of the cake pops design it’s hard to pick a favorite

  39. I love love love your holiday book, so many gorgeous creations! But I also love your very first book, I loved sitting down and reading it from cover to cover.

  40. I would have to say the original book and I love all of the cake pops design it’s hard to pick a favorite

  41. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!

    It is impossible to pick a favorite, they are all so incredible! But I guess I have a soft spot for the reindeer, and christmas trees as those were my first cake pops.

  42. The original book is still my fav! :)

  43. Congratulations, Bakerella! I love your site – I have been following since 2009, at least!
    My favorite cake pops are the Sesame Street ones, because of Cookie Monster!

  44. I love the Holiday Book! The gingerbread house and snow globe cake pops are adorable!!

  45. I love all of the bear designs I am a sucker for a cute bear and all of yours are adorable

  46. I just LOVE the penguin one! Penguins are the theme for my daughters nursery, and also her facvourite animal now that she is a little bit older. <3 I made the penguin pops for her 1st birthday party at daycare <3

  47. It’s so hard to pick a favourite. If I have to choose just one, I’ll say dracula. I love his little fangs!

  48. regular cake pops. How very cute and perfect for a baby shower I hope to give

  49. I have your first book, that looks more than 5 years old. Very well used. Love it!

  50. My fave has to be Holidays. Such beautiful masterpieces and I simply live the colours. Puts me in the holiday mode every time I look at these creations. Congrats on your milestones?

  51. I seriously love and adore everything but the ice cream lover that I am, I love the ice cream cake pops on a cone! Those look really wonderful!

  52. You’ve done so many different cake pops!!! My favourite ones are the holiday cake pops, I just love all the Christmas ones!!! Thanks for so many lovely posts and ideas!!!! xx

  53. I’m crazy about Christmas (and especially anything involving Gingerbread or Nutcrackers), so hands down the Holiday book is my fave!!

  54. My favourite is the panda cake pop!

  55. Congratulations!! Your designs are so adorable! :-)

    My favourite cake pop design is the smiling apple and lately the Snoopy ones you made on the blog :-) As for my favourite book, I can’t decide between the holiday themed or the Halloween themed ones, both are so cute! :-)

  56. I love Christmas so snowmen are my favorite, hands down.

  57. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing journey you have had. I love them all but especially the little gingerbread houses from the Holidays book!

  58. OMG! I love them all! Your ideas are truly inspiring… Thank you for sharing your craft!

  59. The Halloween book is my favorite. The spooky faces are so cute, the kids love making them with me.
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!!!!

  60. I love the Halloween cakepops they are amazing!

  61. Wow, hard to pick but if I must I’d say the Halloween book :)

  62. Congratulations!!! My all time favorite design is the sheep!!!

  63. I have had a fun 5 years! Happy anniversary! I love them all but the holiday themed ones are my favs, can’t pick Christmas or Halloween though.

  64. Everything is so cute, but I love the Cake Pops Holidays book.

  65. What a great birthday present this would be!!! I have followed you since before the first book, so I think that one is my favorite! It’s too difficult to choose a cake pop, they are all too cute!!

  66. I absolutely adore wedding themed cake pops <3 Your pops are truly inspirational!

  67. Love them all, but the ‘cupcake’ is my favorite…made them for my 4 year old daughter when she was a ‘Cupcake Fairy ‘ for Halloween.

  68. Has to be the Halloween book!!!!!! Yummmm and spooky!!!!!

  69. Congratulations Angie! I have tried my hand at cake pops only twice and even though I’m far, far away from being any good at it, they turned out great and really, really tasty! It’s been lots of fun to watch you turn the strangest things/characters/animals/whatever into cake pops and you’re an inspiration, not just for baking, but also in life. My favorite book has to be the holidays book, I adore all your Christmas designs!

  70. My favorite cakepop is Santa clause:)

  71. Gingerbread houses and the Halloween cauldrons.

  72. It’s hard to pick just one design… I love the pandas, the snowmen, the snowglobes, cookie monster, the chicks, the ice cream and the sheep. And a few more :)

  73. I love the Christmas cake pop book & my favorite cakepop is the ice cream cone. I also love the original cupcake pop & all the fun characters you’ve done. Thanks for all the inspiration! God bless you & your sweet heart!

  74. Love them all….can’t choose!

  75. I really love your Christmas themed book

  76. How fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday so the little Frankie is my favorite pop! Congrats on 5 years:@)

  77. I love the original book — that’s where all the creativity and fun began. Thanks!

  78. I love the mummy and the gingerbread house. It’s so hard to choose because they are all so adorable.

  79. The original cupcake cakepop will always be my fave! I remember making them for work back when you first posted it. Such a huge hit at the office! :) Happy Anniversary!

  80. I LOVE the snow globes!

  81. I love all the details you put into the pops like the cauldron and the Easter baskets… you always take that one extra step, where I would have stopped! Fantastic!

  82. I love them all! But if I have to choose a favorite it would be a toss up between the Halloween ones and the Christmas snow globe! I’d love to have more of your books and products! Congrats on the anniversary!

  83. The sheep cake pop has always been my favourite. So cute <3

  84. I love all of them but the animals are always my favorite!!! So adorable and creative!! Can’t believe it’s been 5?years since the first book was released! Congrats!

  85. The Halloween ones look amazing!!

  86. I lOVE the snowman! and ALL the halloween designs!

  87. I love the first book. Think about making a wedding themed book that can be used for showers and wedding sweet tables.

  88. i love the panda and several of the Christmas one. I would love this for my daughter for her bday. She loves cake pops

  89. Mrs. Potts or Sesame Street!

  90. I love the original book. The baby chicken pop is my favorite. I made them a while back and the people at work think I am a world class baker!

  91. I love the simple round design. The designs that can be done are endless.

  92. Happy 5th anniversary! My favorite book is the Cake Pops Halloween edition. Thsnk you!

  93. Honestly, my favorites are your Disney characters straight off the blog (I totally want a book of those!), but of what is shown here, I love the Christmas holiday cake pop book.

  94. The original book is my favorite! I love the little sheep!

  95. I love the holiday book!
    What a fun give away, thanks for the chance to win! ????

  96. My granddaughter loves the Hello Kitty and the Owl pop …

  97. Cake pops Holidays.

  98. I can’t decide but the first one or the holidays one!!

  99. I love the Christmas snow globe cake pop! Such a work of art!

  100. I love the zombie in the Halloween book! Thanks for sharing!

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