Cake Pops

It’s real. It’s printed. It’s on its way to warehouses and bookstores and stuff. And, it’s crazy. When I started this blog I would never have thought of myself having a book. Ever. Especially one about cake on a stick. I mean really. It’s crazy. Crazy wonderful. I can hardly believe it.

But it is real. My publisher sent me an advance copy to prove it… and I was just plain giddy when I opened it. I gave it a big hug. There was a significant amount of squealing, too.

I really have to thank all you guys. When I first started making the cupcake pops I didn’t realize how popular they would become and especially how quickly. So many of you had questions and were excited to make your own that it inspired me to want to keep making them for you. And then I wanted to make them better and see just how far I could take them. I made so many that after a while, it just made sense to put them together in a book. A book that would also hopefully help answer some of the questions you’ve asked along the way. So thanks for inspiring me to push myself.

Want to see?

Just a little maybe?

Okay. You talked me into it.


Look at the cute, colorful cover.

Hardcover. Yay!


And here’s the spine…


…with wiro-binding inside!

Pink wiro-binding which is extra awesome.


It makes everything prettier when it’s laying flat.

Oh yeah… there’s also a bunch of pop projects inside. Some from the site and just as many brand new.


And look… there’s even some step-by-step stuff. I hope this helps.

P.S. That’s me pretending to be a hand model.


Pages. Real pages and lots of them.

All that rolling and dipping and decorating. The writing and photography and editing. Hours and hours at the computer. Did I really do all that? Was that me? So much work, but so worth it to see it all finished.


Plus, when I look inside … it just makes me happy.


I hope it makes you happy, too. Especially all of you who’ve made cake pops. Give a shout out if you’ve tried them before. I’d love to hear.

Cake Pops available in September or you can pre-order from the following…


Barnes and Noble


Chronicle Books