That’s exactly what this is. Naturally I had to pick one up as soon as I saw it.

Pink. Cute. Tiny. Cute. Cupcake. Cute. Charm. Cute. Did I mention cute?

Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, it’s cute.


And look – the little oven door opens so you can get a better view at the cupcake inside.


It’s adorable from every angle.



And just look at this……………


I can’t take it.

Look at that plug. I think my heart started racing when I saw this.

It says “Bake me Some Couture” under the plug, too.


Here’s a little visual aid to get a sense of how small it is.


But, it’s not for me. I picked it up while doing a little shopping and thought one of you might like it.

Want it? It would look really cute hanging on a necklace, too.

Enter for a chance to win this super cute cupcake charm

• Leave a comment on this post and tell me … Would you wear it? Share it? or just stare at it in all it’s cuteness?

• Deadline to enter is Sunday, September 19 at noon ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP. WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW.

• One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Sunday.

Good Luck and I promise not to say cute any more today.


We have a winner! Yay for Kait. #1443 – Congratulations – Your charm bracelet is going to be very happy – that is if I can bring myself to part with it. Just kidding.

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6,668 comments on “Charming”

  1. I’m wavering back and forth between wearing it and just staring at it. Definitely cute!!!

  2. I would absolutely WEAR it!!

    Every. single. day!

    Plus I would bask in all the attention & admiration it would get :-)

  3. i am not really sure I know I would absolutely show it off to everybody but mostly keep it for my self.

  4. I wouldn’t just wear it, I’d FLAUNT it :-)

  5. That’s stinking adorable! I love it! I don’t know if I’d wear it, but it’d be darling to look at!

  6. OMG!!! I’m in loveeeeeeee!!! I would definitely wear it or give it to my lovely daughter :-) She loves to bake just like me.

  7. Wear it every day. Then point it out to everyone every day. I’m sure I would be annoying, but I don’t care. It’s the cutest thing!!

  8. I would wear it forever, ever, and ever!

  9. OM goodness where would i not wear this…I have a mild obsession with cupcakes..hehe to put it lightly …I’m even going to be a cupcake for halloween so I would most definately wear this with my costume :)

  10. That is so totally, completely, utterly adorable!
    I’d wear it, AND stare at it in all it’s cuteness, and show it to everyone.

  11. I would wear it! It’s so cute! I think I could take turns wearing it with my sister. Or I’d give it to her as a surprise, she has a cupcake making business and she would love it! I just can’t decide! It is soooo cute!!!

  12. I would wear it!!! So sassy!!!

  13. I would wear it !! So cute :)

  14. I would put it where I could admire it, I would.

  15. Would definitely wear it! It is beyond cute! :)

  16. I WOULD DEFFINATLEY WEAR IT!!! Its sooo cute, I’d probably stare at it while I wear it! lol

  17. Too cute! I would probably wear it eventually, but I know I would just stare at the cuteness for quite some time first… :)

  18. What a cute charm!

  19. You’re right, it’s so cute! I think I’d give it to my little sister to wear!

  20. OMG this is adorable, I love all the cupcake charms. Love the new book also just received it wednesday

  21. I would absolutely wear it…seriously….it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen ?

  22. This is so cute! I would definetely put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. When I get a charm bracelet, I would probably switch it up and put it on there. This is so nice of you. Thank you for all your giveaways you do.

  23. I love it and I would totally wear it!

  24. Love it! I would find some way to wear that on my body. So tiny. So cute.

  25. i would definitely eat it.. or put it on display in the library where I work (along with the Cake Pops book of course!)

  26. Such a perfect little charm for a cupcake baker… it!

  27. I would put it in my dollhouse’s kitchen! It would be perfect! Oh I want it so very badly! :-)

  28. That is seriously adorable! I NEED one!

  29. Oh!! Wear it!!!!!

  30. I would share it’s cuteness with everyone I meet while wearing it, and maybe carry a mirror so I can stare at it too!!

  31. Very cute! I would wear it.

  32. I would share it with my baking partner because it would go great with a cupcake charm I bought her for her birthday this year so she could start a baking charm bracelet.

  33. i would totally wear it! everyone seems to know me as the cupcake lady anyway. :)


  34. I would add a permanent little necklace to my baking apron and put the charm on there- perfect to inspire me to bake cute little treats!

  35. LOVE IT. I would definitely put that on a necklace. Too cute!

  36. Absolutely love it! There is no way I could give that away!

  37. Although I would definitely wear it, it is perfect for my baking bff so I would make a gift of it to her. She introduced me to Bakerella, it’s the least I can do in return!

  38. I’d definitely wear it! That is so cute!

  39. Love it…I would give it to my friend Mary who bakes EVERY Wednesday (cupcakes & cookies) for the Ronald McDonald House…we are both coming to Tigard, OR show to meet you and can’t wait!

  40. would absolutely wear it myself – it’s beyond cuteness!

  41. Oh my! I would love to have it for myself, but it’d have to go straight to my bestie… she really needs something SWEET and unexpected right now! LOVE IT!!

  42. I would display it next to my cookbooks and spices in the kitchen. It’s so darn cute!

  43. I would wear this SO HARD! It is too adorable for words…

  44. Love it love it.I can’t believe it has a plug too!Fantastic:)

  45. WEAR IT!!!!!!!!! In fact I am so in love with it I will go out of my way to do whatever it takes to buy it for myself! How adorable I love charms, I have a bunch on my tiffany’s bracelet but NOTHING near as cute as this!

  46. I would wear the pants off that thing! Or should I say, the frosting off it? It’s too adorable!

  47. Wow … this is a hard decision! I would love the share it, but I’m afraid I might want to keep it for myself : )

  48. Definitely keep it…for my daughter. She would absolutely adore it, and feel so very special too!!

  49. I would stare at it in all it’s cuteness…then wear it….then share it by letting others stare at it in all it’s cuteness :D

  50. uhm i would wear it. for suuuuuure.

  51. OMGoodness it that ADORABLE! How wonderful of you!

  52. definitely would wear it…it is adorable!

  53. I would wear it all the time constantly and stare at it lovingly. I cannot believe the cute that oozes from it!

  54. Well, first I would definitely stare at it for awhile but then since it is so dang cute I would have to wear it. But while wearing it I would still stare at it. haha LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

  55. ?CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE ? I would totally wear it, share it and stare at it !!! :D

  56. Love it love it.I can’t believe it has a plug too!Fantastic:)

  57. I would definitely wear it!!! And, when I wasn’t wearing it, I would stare at it’s cuteness :) I LOVE it!

  58. Too cute!!!! I would totally wear it and when my daughter grows up I would past the cuteness to her!

  59. it’s a kind of magic!!

  60. in a house full of boys, matchbox cars and legos, i would love to have this little piece of sweet

  61. We have the most fabulous little cupcake shop near by, I would give it to the owners b/c it is just too darn cute and I know they would love it!!

  62. Stare. And wear. Totally!

  63. Awww! Super cute! I would definitely wear it. :)

  64. yes yes & yes!! i would do all 3!! that is adorable!!!

  65. Not only would I wear this on a long chain around my neck, but I would force everyone in my life to look at it and be jealous. :)

  66. oh my! its so cute! i’d wear it everyday!!!

  67. Wow, that is cute and tiny. I think it might turn into a little necklace or something

  68. I would definitely wear that adorable cupcake charm all the time. It’s just too cute!

  69. Wear it !
    My sister does amazing necklace, so she could incorporate this cutiness !

  70. I love this charm! I saw a while a go and thought it was super cute.

  71. Love it! I’d totally wear it.

  72. I LOVE that!
    I would wear it with a cute pink or brown shirt with cute skinny jeans.
    It is soooooooo adorable.
    I am 13 and i think that it is the perfect charm to wear for a 13 year old.

  73. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I would definitely wear it, especially now that I am a cake decorator! Love it!!

  74. Oh, id’ definitely wear it! It is CUTE!!

  75. OMG – I never say OMG, but this deserves it. I would have to guard it with my life because my daughter would steal it if given half a chance. If I don’t win it, I’ll have to buy one. OK I’ll buy two.

  76. I would hang it on my Christmas tree among my culinary ornaments!

  77. I would not wear it, but I am sure it would cheer me up if I didn’t feel like baking :-)

  78. Oh My goodness! That is soooo adorable!!! I would love to win it!!! I would wear it on my charm bracelet!!!

  79. I would wear it! I LOVE IT!!!

  80. I would totally share it, as much as I love it! I have a friend who is a cupcake lover and makes them for a living and well her life has been a little on the down side the past few months so I think this cuteness would totally make day!.. Then I would go out and buy me one! :-)

  81. I’m in love with it!!!! I would totally wear it!

  82. Soooooooooo cute, I will wear it and stare it all the time!!!!

  83. That is ADORABLE. I would totally wear it – I am known as the baker in the family so it would be very fitting!

  84. Ahh!!! I have been looking for a cupcake charm for the past year to wear as a necklace! The fact that this one is in a tiny adorable oven is just so stinking cute! I would totally wear this charm with every outfit!

  85. STARE AT IT!! It’s so freak’n ADORABLE :)

  86. I absolutely LOVE this!! It’s so cute!!! I would definitely wear it. Plus I love making cupcakes so this is the perfect thing for me! My mom might try to steal it from me though. Haha

  87. I would just stare at it, b/c if I wore it, i am afraid that my 14 month old might try to eat the cupcake. LOL it’s adorable!!!

  88. ADORABLE! I would for sure wear it and play with it! or maybe use it as a key chain!

  89. Ahhh so tiny!! Wear it! Everyday!

  90. I would have to make a dress with cupcake fabric and wear it with that!!!

  91. O. M. G. Cute and a half! Cute as a cupcake! The whole cute and caboodle!
    I would wear it, share it, AND stare at it. :)

  92. That is adorable! I would wear it :)

  93. I would ABSOLUTELY wear it!!! How cute is that? Thanks for the chance to win. P.S. I’m trying to come up with some cute cake pops with an ARMY theme, any suggestions?

  94. I would probably just stare at it and have it in a very save place. I would be waay to afraid to wear it and loose it. It just to cute and to perfect!

  95. I LOVE it! I would wear it, it’s too cute not to!!

  96. I would most definitely wear it! I have an obsession with collecting cupcake necklaces, accessories, etc. :)

  97. I would wear it, but not gonna lie I would also stare at it’s cuteness!!!!

  98. Would so wear it, would make a great addition to my charm bracelet!! So adorable!!!

  99. Love it!! Would give it mom!

  100. Definitely wearable – it’s too cute!!

  101. I would stare and it and display it for everyone to admire it…it is SO cute!

  102. Where WOULDN’T i where?!

    I would where EVERYWHERE!

  103. Heeeee! I know I’d stare at it for a long time. I’d end up wearing it, for sure. That’s too cute!

  104. I would wear it, and share it in the sense that I would allow all my friends (and random strangers) ogle over it. Thank goodness and gracious throughout the universe for people that create these things. Love it.

  105. I want it!!!!!!! I started a charm bracelet back in high school just like my mom and I love unique charms. Pick me!

  106. Oh my that is so cute. Id have to wear it!

  107. This is just too cute. I would definiately wear it on my charm bracelet. Got the original bracelet on Christmas, 1975, from my brother and his wife. I have loved it ever since.

  108. Share it! My friend Lizzy would love this adorable charm. So cute!

  109. I would totally wear it! You’re a sweetie for sharing it!

  110. I would totally wear this! It’s so cute and pink :)

  111. Tiny things are the best. I am surprised you wouldn’t keep it! Of course I would wear it!!

  112. I wouldn’t wear it, but either make a necklace for my cousin who is OBSESSED with cupcakes or put it in my jewelry shop.

  113. I would either wear it, or if I could part with it, share it with my BFF for her wedding shower :) She LOVES to cook. So cute!

  114. How cute! I’d wear it of course!!

  115. O, so cute! My mom LOVES charms and cupcakes, so I think I would share it with her. :)

  116. I would wear it and then stare at it! I love this!

  117. where did you find this? I HAVE to add it to my charm bracelet (I already have measuring spoons) :)

  118. I’m not one for little trinkets over the house, but I love baking and cooking and this is the most adorable thing I’ve seen. It would totally be on display in my kitchen! :) Plus, it would put all of my future mother-in-law’s (really) ugly trinkets to shame!

  119. What a cutie!!!!!!!! I would totally wear it, I can see myself with it in a lovely charm bracelet.

  120. I am new to posting, but love everything on this site! Started following you on twitter and I’m so glad I found you there! I would wear this. I’m new to baking. As a mom it gives me something to look forward and I find it relaxing, baking cakes and stuff. Weird…I know. Thanks for everything you do! ;)

  121. If I had a charm bracelet it would go on it! (Maybe I’ll buy one just for this!) Otherwise, I would probably wear it everyday as all I ever dream and talk about is baking and baked goodies :)

  122. OMG! That is so cute!!
    I would totally wear it!
    I never had an easy bake oven growing up, so this would help me get over that :)

  123. TOO cute! I love all Juicy charms, and this is no exception. (I’ve even already got the bracelet!)

  124. I would totally put it on my charm bracelet. It was my grandmother’s and when she passed away, I inherited it and added my own charms to it. :) It would look super cute on there. :)

  125. I would wear that cute thing, especially when I bring in cupcakes for my coworkers!

  126. Wear it :)

  127. ! There is a little cupcake inside! I would wear this and show everyone!

  128. So adorable and cute!!! I would probably stare at its cuteness and have it displayed in my already cupcake themed kitchen. I might have to try it on a necklace eventually though :)

  129. I would wear it and stare at it, but certainly wouldn’t share it! TOO CUTE!

  130. This is adorable! I hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  131. Oh my goodness, that is darling. I would wear it, but I would take it off a lot to stare at it!

  132. It’s so stinking cute!! Eventhough I would love to wear myself, as would one of my 4 daughters, this would have to be given to my mother. Her hard work in culinary school paid off this semester. She got straight A’s on her finals. Yaay mom! :)

  133. I would definitely wear it,…as well as stare at it and coo.

  134. That is so cute! I would probably sit next to my computer monitor so I could sit and stare at it all day. I love it!

  135. You can say “cute” again. It totally describes this lovely charm. I would where it and then place it on my desk and stare at it.

  136. OMG! I would soooo wear this, how adorable is that!?!? I would have to first admire it for a while just to absorb all the detail, WOW!

  137. I would wear it. Share it. AND stare at it. Maybe not in that order. So cute.

  138. My mother would adore this!! I would totally give it to her for her birthday…as a matter of a fact I might buy her one if I don’t win….thanks for the cuteness this morning!!

  139. What a cute thing!!!! I would wear it, of course!!!

  140. I would definitely wear it. Cute beyond words!! And you are right, i can’t stop thinking how cute it is!

  141. I would give this to my mom who makes the best cupcakes.

  142. omg i LOVE THIS! i would wear it on a necklace. i used to work at juicy and they always had the cutest cupcake related things!!!

  143. Wear it!! Since moving to Alabama from the west coast of Canada, I have been craving cupcakes, and sushi. But mostly not at the same time.

  144. I would wear it, share it, and stare at it for sure! So incredibly cute.

  145. So cute!! I would definitly wear it and show my cupcake pride :)

  146. Yup! I’d wear it. It’s too cute not to share with the rest of the world!

  147. I would definitely wear it! It is so adorable!

  148. I’d give it so my Sister for Christmas because she loves cupcakes!

  149. While it would be majorly difficult to give it away because it is so DANG CUTE, if I were to win, I would give it to a friend of mine who is obsessed with cupcakes. Her nickname is cupcake, as a matter of fact. She is one of the sweetest people that I know, and I know she would just fall head over heels in love with it, and get much use out of it!

  150. i would wear it. so cute… reminds me of my easy bake oven days :)

  151. Love it. I would wear it!!!

  152. That is adorable! I would likely wear it once my toddler quits grabbing at tugging at any jewelry I put on.

  153. SO cute! It would make an adorable addition to my charm bracelet :)

  154. oh my!! how could you not wear it?! it’d be an absolutely amazing necklace that i would wear proudly :-) and i just want to add that i made your mini-cupcake bites the other day? HUGE hit. thank you :-)

  155. I have a tiffany cupcake that I wear all the time, but this is so much cuter!! I would wear it always!!!

  156. Yes!! “We wants it”!!!
    I would definitely wear it! Maybe as a brace charm? Or a necklace! Can’t decide! =)

  157. I’d have to wear it. Too cute not to share. Two of them would make awesome earrings.

  158. I would wear it!

  159. oh how i love this!! I feel selfish saying this but I would keep it for myself. I would stare & I would wear it. just adorable!

  160. i don’t think I could RESIST wearing it! LOVE it : ))) Of course I would stare at it’s cuteness too )))

  161. That is SO cute. I can’t stand it!!! :) I’d wear it for sure!

  162. I would definitely wear this, it’s adorable!!! I love cupcakes, and I did see this charm previously on another site and thought “I have to have that!!!”

  163. SOO CUTE! I would totally wear this…and stare at it in all it’s cuteness several times throughout the day. =)

  164. I would most definitely find a reason for ME to wear it, although I think my little girls will find an excuse for THEM to wear it!!! LOVE cupcakes!!!! /squeal

  165. That is keeling me with cuteness. KEELING ME.

  166. I am DYING over the little oven door that opens! So adorable! I would wear it as much as I could, until my 8-year-old and 5-year-old daughters steal it from me!

  167. That is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I MUST have it!

  168. I think a better question might be where wouldn’t I wear it?!? I LOVE this. I would wear it to Girls Night first (every Tuesday) where we all cook for each other every week. Then I might have to share it with the rest of them, but I know they would take great care of it! It is adorable!!

  169. I’d share it

  170. This charm is adorable!! I would wear it every day =) It makes me smile!

  171. adorable!! i would definitely wear this – probably on a long chain!

  172. that is dreamy! I would totally wear it!

  173. It is adorable! I would definitely wear it!

  174. I would give it as a gift to my friend that I work with. She is always scoping out the local cupcake shops!

  175. I would totally wear this. Can anything be more adorable? I don’t think so.

  176. I’d so wear it! It’s ADORABLE!! :)

  177. Love it! I would wear it, for sure.

  178. So, cute! I’m hoping this is my lucky day:)

  179. The cuteness! (sorry, I couldn’t resist adding more ‘cute’ to this haha) I would probably wear it… it would be lovely for my pink & cupcake themed bridal shower :)

  180. OMG!! That is so cute! I would wear that everywhere! I love it!

  181. Aww :) I would probably look at it for a while and then give it to my elderly neighbour ,who is having a rough time lately , with some cupcakes x Why are you giving this away though?! It’s really expensive isnt it?! x

  182. This would make a GREAT present for my little sister who loves making cupcakes of all kinds. She usually makes them and gives them to people who’ve had a hard time lately, or people who’ve done something nice for her, or people she just wants to say, “hey, you’re great” to, but sometimes she’ll just make them for herself :) She just started college and has no access to a kitchen and she’s dying to come home at Thanksgiving and cook and, of course, make cupcakes. She would love this little charm.

  183. oh my gosh that is the cutest, most intricate charm i’ve ever seen! and perfect for you!

  184. Of course i would wear it, share it and stare at it…this is super freakin cute!!


  186. Oh my that is the cutest thing I’ve seen all week – love it! I would totally wear it!

  187. I would definately wear it and would share it with my daughters! We love all things cupcakes :)

  188. Oh I LOVE this and have a friend who would love it even more!!!

  189. so amazing!

  190. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Gah! I just about flipped when I saw this! I’m a cupcake baker, and I would definitely wear it with everything I own!

  191. OMG – this is so cute…
    I would Def wear it! I am in a Cupcake contest next weekend
    “The Iron Cupcake” I love cupcake Anything – this is Sooo cute! : )

  192. Adorbs! I would either wear it myself or bestow it upon my lovely little cousin who likes baking cupcakes with me. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  193. I would definitely wear it on my charm bracelet. And stare at it all day!

  194. Oh. My. Goodness. So stinkin’ cute! I would stare at it for a super long time…then probably share it with a dear, sweet baker friend of mine.

  195. LOVE THIS! I would totally wear it. I have a slight obsession with tiny things!!

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