That’s exactly what this is. Naturally I had to pick one up as soon as I saw it.

Pink. Cute. Tiny. Cute. Cupcake. Cute. Charm. Cute. Did I mention cute?

Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, it’s cute.


And look – the little oven door opens so you can get a better view at the cupcake inside.


It’s adorable from every angle.



And just look at this……………


I can’t take it.

Look at that plug. I think my heart started racing when I saw this.

It says “Bake me Some Couture” under the plug, too.


Here’s a little visual aid to get a sense of how small it is.


But, it’s not for me. I picked it up while doing a little shopping and thought one of you might like it.

Want it? It would look really cute hanging on a necklace, too.

Enter for a chance to win this super cute cupcake charm

• Leave a comment on this post and tell me … Would you wear it? Share it? or just stare at it in all it’s cuteness?

• Deadline to enter is Sunday, September 19 at noon ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP. WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW.

• One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Sunday.

Good Luck and I promise not to say cute any more today.


We have a winner! Yay for Kait. #1443 – Congratulations – Your charm bracelet is going to be very happy – that is if I can bring myself to part with it. Just kidding.

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6,668 comments on “Charming”

  1. I would definitely wear that! Probably as a pendant on a necklace, to keep the charms on my charm bracelet from being jealous of the super cuteness.

  2. Ack! Absolutely I would wear the heck out of it!

  3. I would totally wear it. I almost wish it was ten times the size so I could wear it like Flava Flav.

  4. it’s cute! more then cute – it’s perfect. i’m in love and i wish i could stare at it all day. i would wear it. but this is so perfect and so cute i’d rather give it to my “bakingsister”. she deserves it. it would look adorable on her. this is so cute it screams her name. i just cannot be selfish enough to keep it. although i really really really want to! she’s the cupcake queen, it would be her crown.

  5. Squee! I would absolutely wear this to sweeten my day :)

  6. I would place it in my kitchen and use it as motivation to start making these adorable cake pops that I love to look at and read about on your site!!!

  7. This is sooo cute! I love it! I love jewelry that you can play with too!

  8. OMG I would so wear this adorably cute cute cute charm! Can’t decide if I would do a necklace or a bracelet or probably both! Love it! I really hope I win I enter soooo many giveaways and have yet to win, I hope it is this time!!!

  9. I love it! I’d definitely wear this cutie :)

  10. I want it. I love it, I need it :D
    Is so cute.

  11. OMG! I would TOTALLY wear it everyday for the rest of my life! That thing is SO adorable!

  12. I would SO TOTALLY WEAR IT!!!!!!!!! Thats my name! ;o)

  13. oh my goodness! that is just too cute! I don’t know if I would keep it for myself or give it to my friend! We both would wear it!! AND have birthdays coming up!!

  14. oh my gosh.. this is so cute.. sure i would wear it and show it off to my friends.. it will be too unfair if i just keep it for myself, lol.. but i think it would be ev3n more stunning if the cupcake can be taken out :)

  15. I would stare at it. Then wear it to share it with the rest of the world. It is absolutely gorgeous, why wouldn’t anyone want to do ALL of the above mentioned with it!!!

  16. Oh, I would ABSOLUTELY wear it!! It is THE cutest little thing i’ve ever seen!
    Hopefully it could be my new fertility good luck charm…help me put a “cupcake” in the oven! ;)

  17. I would totally wear it!!! So CUTE!! Love it!

  18. Sooo CUTE!!! I would absolutely wear it and then save it for my daughters to wear since they are my little helpers and my inspiration for all of our yummy treats we create! (even with an easy bake oven :o)

  19. I would definitely wear it! I LOVE it! I have to have one! And, ok, if I was feeling generous, one of my friends has the nickname of ‘Cupcake’ so maybe she’d get it.

  20. This is something I would wear. I am more of a skull girl but I would sport the cupcake. =D Thinking of getting a cupcake tattoo here shortly.

  21. Wear it! That is too adorable!

  22. How could I say no to a cupcake accessory??

  23. I want it! just to own it and show it to my friends to make them jealous, that’s it.

  24. I would most definitely wear it. Although I’d have to fight it out of my teenagers hands. Cute

  25. Share it… I have the perfect person in mind. PS What about MN and the MOA for a book signing? I am feeling a little neglected :)

  26. I would have to give it to my Granddaughter! Today is her 13th Birthday and she loves Cupcakes! : ) This is just too cute!’

  27. I would give it to the sweet, talented lady that is the local expert in cupcakes around central Texas! SO cute!

  28. I would wear it!! I Love it but my daughter would too.

  29. Would totally wear it …. I love JC charms, they look really good clipped on a purse as a bag charm, too!

  30. Wear it until my daughter saw it – then I would have to share it ;)

  31. I would absolutely wear it! I have a charm bracelet, but this would definitely have to go on a necklace, front & center! :)

  32. I would definitely wear it! I love charms and REALLY love cupcakes! Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  33. I would definately wear it and stare at it. And Oh would I want to get my sister in law one. It would be hard to decide which one of us would get it……

  34. Stare at it. ALL.DAY.LONG. Adorable!!!

  35. I would wear it!

  36. I would wear this while making cute little cupcakes to match it! I have a charm bracelet this would go so perfectly on! Pick Me Pick Me!!

  37. omgosh adorable!! this would match perfectly with my Tiffany cupcake charm! lovee it<3 :)

  38. Um, that is amazing. I would put that on a necklace or bracelet and wear it like no tomorrow. I’m a bit of a jewelry fiend.

    Actually, browsing the Juicy site, I kind of want to blow a whole paycheck on some of those charms… ADORBS.

  39. CupcakeCoutureTastic!………..just sayin :)

  40. I think it’s “CUTE”, and I would put it on a necklace.

  41. Oh my gosh! I would sooo wear this! Too CUTE!

  42. I would probably put it on its on personal shelf above my work desk, which ironically is a food and pastry themed work area, so everyone I know can admire it, love it, crave it, and then wear to work every chance I got (again, a coincidence.. I own a bakery!)….


  43. I love it! I would definitely wear it!

  44. That’s so cute! I already have my 2 necklaces that I wear everyday so I might give it to my best friend because she loves to bake.

  45. Seriously, ridiculously, adorable!! I’d wear it everyday to work! (unless one of my 3 girls stole it!)

  46. Too cute not to wear! :)

  47. Normally.. i would scoff at anything from Juicy Couture.. but this is ADORABLE. And even though their charms are HUGE.. i’d totally sport this.. and need to get one for the sister as well..

  48. I love it! And I would definitely wear it!

  49. I would keep it for myself, because I’m selfish when it comes to teensie cupcakes :) Teensie, ginormous, any size cupcakes really :)

  50. Too cute! I would totally gift this to my daughter.

  51. This would replace my old cupcake charm necklace!

  52. I would wear it! Though I would have a hard time not staring at it all day too. Too adorable!

  53. omgosh adorable! this would match perfectly with my Tiffany cupcake charm! ovee it<3 :)

  54. i’d wear it, and stare at it! painfully cute – thanks for sharing!

  55. I INSTANTLY WENT “AWWW!” ONCE I SAW THIS! I’d definitely stare at it for the next 24 hours or so & wear it out to share with my friends!

  56. Oh I would so wear it! So cute!!

  57. I would stare at it, then give to my daughter who loves all things pretty :)

  58. i would love to wear it, but i think that i would share it with my daughters….but which one????

  59. I would definitely wear it. Too cute!

  60. Definitely keep it for myself, it’s too cute for me to give up! :)

  61. Oh goodness, wear it of course, so that everyone could see it and admire the tiny cuteness!

  62. This so reminds me of the retro chrome trailer that sells cupcakes in the soho area of Austin, Texas. I ADORE THIS. I WOULD NOT ONLY WEAR IT… I would buy an outfit to match it… and a purse and shoes!

  63. of course I’d wear it! I even have a tattoo of a cupcake. I am a cupcake fanatic :)

  64. I would totally wear it for a while. After awhile I would add it to my daughters charm bracelet for when she’s older. She loves to help me bake when she has a chance and has her daddy’s sweet tooth to match!

  65. SO SO Cute !!!!

    i think i would either add it to my charm bracelet or i think i would have to wear it around my neck….so cute..

    Love cupcakes!! Thanks for an opportunity to WIN BIG!!

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  66. I LOVE IT!! IWould so wear this all the time.

  67. This is so cute! I have a few cupcake charms but this one is the cutest I have seen! My niece calls me Aunty cupcake!

  68. I would totally wear it! It is absolutely adorable. Might have to share it with my 4 yo who LOVES Bakerella and cupcakes ;)

  69. I would just stare at it and wish I had a cupcake to actually eat!

  70. Super cute! I would wear it, and when I wasn’t wearing it I’d stare at it! Love it!

  71. I would DEFINITELY wear this :] I have been shopping around for a perfect cupcake charm to wear on a necklace and uh yeah, this is it.

    Winning this would be a great way to end Yom Kippur ;]

  72. Oh my goodness. It’s so cute.
    I would totally wear this. However, I’m willing to share it with my daughter, from time to time.

  73. Absolutey wear it and make everyone else jealous. And make them hungry for cupcakes. And since I’m wearing it, I could stare at it’s tiny cuteness all day long.

  74. Love charms. My mother started a charm bracelet for me when I turned 16 and now I’m working on my 10th. Love love to start a baking themed bracelet.

  75. That is so cute. I would wear it and stare at it, but I probably would not share it. Adorable.

  76. I would wear it while staring at it. Oh my goodness. Adorable.

  77. Sweet! I would use for sure

  78. I would just stare at its cuteness.


  79. Totally wear it! Way too (dare I say it) CUTE!

  80. If I won it, I would give it to my future fashionista oldest daughter who’s favorite color happens to be PINK!

  81. My daughter and I have been through some rough times lately. Her 9th Birthday is on the 30th and I am not in the position to give her “special” items like this cutesy charm. She treasures all her items unlike most spoiled kids her age. She has jewelry boxes with her charm bracelets and necklaces and other jewelry that she only wears on special occasions. When we bake together it seems to make all our problems go away. I could not ask for a more grateful daughter and I know she would just adore this charm.

  82. I would absolutely wear it! I would probably have a hard time taking it off because it is so CUTE!

  83. Oh…no doubt…I would wear it on a bracelet!! SO cute!!!….

  84. Oh… oh my… this is too lovely. I would definitely want so badly to keep it, but it’s too perfect for my little baker sister who just turned 16 not to give it to her. :)

  85. i dont blame u for saying “cute” so much =) definitely all 3! wear, share & stare its 2 cute 4 words!

  86. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my 22-year-old daughter, who loves everything cupcake AND everything couture. Her 2 fave shows to DVR are Cupcake Wars and Project Runway, in fact!

  87. I LOVE IT! I’d wear it on a charm bracelet.

  88. It would look too cute with my chef coat during cake deliveries!!!!

  89. Stare at it! I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by it’s tiny cuteness!

  90. I would absolutely wear it! I’m a cupcake fanatic : )

  91. I would share it! My friend just adopted a baby from Russia and called her cupcake until she was FINALLY and safely in her arms. This would be perfect as she’s a very stylish little cupcake :) ~Laura

  92. Yes, I would definitely wear it on my charm bracelet! And stare at its cuteness!

  93. I would totally wear it!!! And I shared the link for your drawing on my facebook fan page! Too cute!

  94. Keep it, stare at it a bit, wear it a bit… so stinkin’ cute!

  95. oh i’d wear it!! super cute :)

  96. OMG!! It’s soooo cute!! I would definitely wear it :D

  97. first I would stare at it for a little bit as it is so darn cute! But then that would go right around my neck! Love it!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Oh! just darling. I might be tempted to hang it from my rearview mirror.

  99. That’s just tooo cute. It’s calling me to wear it!

  100. I would stare at it. I’d be too afraid to wear it and break it or something, but it would be so cute on a shelf in my kitchen!

  101. wear it!! it would be a must!

  102. LOVE IT! I need some jewelry that does not come in a 5 pack on plastic backing…

  103. I would wear it! It’s just too cute not to!!!!

  104. I would totally wear it!! I love it, it is way cute!!

  105. I love it! I would wear it!

  106. How cute! I love this and anything tiny or mini! :)

  107. I would WEAR it!!!! I don’t know how…or where…but I would! TOO cute!!!

  108. I would so wear it! The cuteness!

  109. I would wear it, share it and stare at it in all its cuteness with my 4 year old granddaughter.

  110. So cute! I would give it to a friend of mine who collects charms. We are in baking and pastry school together at the CIA in St. Helena, CA. She would LOVE it!

  111. I would give it to my little niece, who LOVES to make cupcakes!

  112. I would wear it and stare at it in all its cuteness at the same time! A-dorable!

  113. I would keep it, and wear it, and never, ever take it off! :)

  114. I would TOTALLY wear that!! Wear it an just share the cuteness with all my patients who have nothing better to do but look at my jewelry while I tighten their braces. :D

  115. Well, of course I would wear it. It’s so cute!

  116. Loves it! I would add it to the charm bracelet my late mother started for me when I was 13.

  117. Oh my…..I think I’m dying from the cuteness! So adorable :)

  118. I would totally wear it. I have a charm bracelet that has all my favorite things on it – this would fit in perfectly!

  119. That is just too adorable! Love it!

  120. I would totally wear it! I make cupcakes, so it could be good advertising . . . Sweet! :-)

  121. Omg, that is the most adorable thing ever!!! I seriously need it to live.

  122. Share it! I would give it to my new SIL who is the cupcake queen:)

  123. You seem to find the cutest things! I would love to wear it!


  125. I don’t have a charm bracelet to wear it, but I would definitely carry it around with me everywhere just to stare at it HAHA Make a keychain maybe?? It’s just too cute!!!

  126. I would absolutely wear it! How adorable!

  127. I would love to wear this! so cute!!

  128. Wear it. It’s so cute!!

  129. It would be the cutest charm on my charm bracelet for sure!

  130. You are right! This is sooooo CUTE! I’ll definitely wear it, although I don’t bake cupcake often, but all my friends sees me can’t live without that oven at home. LOL!
    It would be my perfect birthday present, I’m a September girl. :D

  131. love this! I would totally wear it, as I am obsessed with baking cupcakes lately. and my daughter would love to stare at it while I hold her on my hip!

  132. Oh…………My…………..Cuteness!!!! I want that for my cupcake collection!!!! It’s soooooooooo adorable!!!!! LOVE it!!!

  133. I would gift it to my niece to try and get her more interested in baking. I can tell she’s kind of interested, but her mom doesn’t bake enough, maybe this might tip the scales.

  134. Would LOVE to wear it!!!!! SOOO cute!!

  135. I’d stare at it … lovingly!

  136. Bakerella, what an awesome find! What sort of charms will they think up next. If I had this, I would definitely add this to my ever-growing charm bracelet. I love the randomness of personal charm bracelets-next to my cupcake charm I’ve got a meat cleaver w/ a heart in it. ;)

  137. This would so be something I kept for myself and showed off to everyone I know. I’d be the envy of my friends/family. Juicy Couture would see their sales jump a bit LOL

    I’d put it on a charm bracelet.

    This is too cute to not want to share!

  138. I would definitely wear this :) would look great with a vintage retro housewife Halloween costume.

  139. That’s adorable! I would totally wear it.

  140. I love it! I would give this charm to one of my friends. She always makes the cakes for all my parties.

  141. With a 7-month-old who loves to grab any bling that I wear, I’d probably share it! Although I’d be tempted to save it for her to wear some day…

  142. LOVE it!!! Def WEAR it!!!!

  143. Love it! would love to wear it while baking!

  144. I would definitely wear it! It is soooo cute!!

  145. Are you kidding? That is so adorable! I think I’ll start a charm bracelet just so I could wear it every day!

  146. This pretty much combines all of my favorite things into one amazing charm. I would wear it AND stare at it. Which could make driving dangerous…

  147. I’ll definitely wear it. But stare at it first.=)

  148. I would definately wear it! Everyone knows my love for baking cutsie, edible items! =)

  149. I would stare at it. Then wear it. Then stare some more. I Looove Cupcakes!

  150. I would totally give this to my ultra talented friend who bakes the best cupcakes/cakes!

  151. I would definitely WEAR it!

  152. I would wear it while baking cupcakes, share it with my Mom and Aunt who both love juicy couture and eating cupcakes and then I might just stare at it for a bit each day to bask in its cuteness.

  153. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I’d wear it sometimes and stare at it sometimes. It’s just too adorable. Perfect accessory for cake shows, deliveries, and events!

  154. I think I would have to say wear because none of my friends and family are as smitten with cupcakes as I am :)

  155. oh my goodness! the cuteness is killing me!

  156. i would LOVE it! how CUTE! =)

  157. SO deliciously cute! You can’t help but say cute a million times! I would stare at it, then wear it and happily display it on my dresser in a reserved spot when not wearing it! I love it! I hope you get one for yourself! Cupcakes make me smile!

  158. I think I’d put on a cell phone dangle! Sooo cute!

  159. OMGoodness this is too stinking cute! I would give it to my oldest daughter who loves to bake and loves all things cupcake related.

  160. Too Cute! My daughter and I make or take each other for a “Happy Cupcake” if one of us had a bad day, as you can’t be sad and eat a cupcake at the same time! So, this would be great to share with her, it would be our “Happy Cupcake” necklace, as you couldn’t wear it without a smile!

  161. i want this!! :D

  162. I would totally wear it! Maybe even more than my LOVE (the o is a cupcake) necklace!!

  163. I would of course wear this too freaking cute

  164. I’d love to wear it… but I think I’d have to share it. I have a dear friend who’s mad about cupcakes, and she recently moved away. I’d send it to her as an “I love you and I miss you!” gift.

  165. Oh I would love to have it! And wear it of course!

  166. This is gorgeous. I would wear it, and use it as a Christmas decoration when the season is upon us!

  167. I would stare at it because I’d be shocked if I won and then I’d share such a cute pendant :)

  168. LOOOOOVE IT! And I would totally wear it all the time.

  169. I would wear it, but I think better yet I’d gift it to a friend I have who is OBSESSED with cuppies. I think this would be a very nice treat for her! :)

  170. love it! my daughter 15 will fall in love when she see this, she stalks bakerella with me.

  171. Hmmmmm, wear? Share? Definitely wear!!! Too cute.

  172. How adorable! I personally wouldn’t wear it but I have a daughter who would love it! She is my helper in the kitchen and would think this was the perfect baking accessory to wear all the time!

  173. As adorable as that is (and is SUPER cute!!!) I would have to share it. A friend of mine loooves cupcakes and even has a cupcake tattoo so I think I would have to send it her way. I love it!

  174. ooo ooo pick me! That is adorable!!!!!!

  175. Love it. I would wear it.

  176. I’d DEFINITELY wear it! …and maybe stare too :p

  177. OMG! I LOVE THIS! I want one :)
    You always find cute stuff and little cupcake charms and I don’t, not fair…hahaha
    wow can’t stop looking at it……SO CUUUTEEEE!!!
    whoever wins the charm is a very lucky person and if I win it…I would be the luckiest + happiest person in the world :P

  178. i want this !! :DD

  179. That is gorgeous! I know someone who’s having a baby early next year and if it’s a girl it would be a great present to start a charm bracelet. And if it’s a boy, it would be a great gift for the mum!

  180. Omg, I’d so wear that!! My daughter’s nickname is Cuppycake and i’ve become infatuated!

  181. I would definitely love to wear it but I don’t think I could for fear of losing it, so I would have to stare at it!

    P.S. Got the book, LOVE it!

  182. I’m not into cute, but OH MY TOO CUTE!!! My keys would be so proud.

  183. I wouldn’t wear it, but to be a gift to my wife!

  184. i would give it to my friend who is a baking fanatic! she helps me with ALL of my baking!

  185. I don’t normall gush but that is utterly adorable!

    I’d probably share it and then want to wear it so I’d feel a little torn but oh, the chance to feel torn about such a little piece of cupcake cuteness!

  186. I would so rock this on my charm bracelet…. this is the cutest!!!

  187. definitely put it on a necklace!

  188. CUTE!!CUTE!!CUTE!! I would wear it!!

  189. I would build a bracelet specially for that oh so CUTE charm.

  190. Omg Im dying!!!!! I have got to have this, seriously!
    I LOVE everything about it and the teeny tiny plug, is that not the sweetest thing ever!??

    I would wear this baby everywhere-all the time, except in the shower-you know what they say about plugs and water-not a good combo!

    Thanks soo much for thinking of us!

  191. I’d share it.

  192. Awww, sooo cute. I love it. If I should win I would save it for when I really do have a bun in the oven!

  193. That is beyond adorable!

    I would wear it to work and make everyone hungry for cupcakes. Mwahahaha!

  194. i would give this to my beautiful daughter for her 7th birthday. She makes a cakin’ mama proud. When she is asked to draw something, she draws cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. She is always helping me with designs and how to figure things out. She would love this so much. And she’s such a good girl, she would share with mommy =)

  195. I totally agree! This is SO cute. I would love to wear it myself, it would make such a nice gift for someone too… maybe I’ll just have to stare at it like you said!

  196. I would wear it. Done and done.

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