Check out the cheese!

Thanks everyone for your vote in the Ile de France Cheese Recipe Contest. I won this third prize cheese basket for my Double Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with Creamy Goat Cheese Frosting. I think I’m set for a while.

Cheese Basket

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42 comments on “Check out the cheese!”

  1. deliciosos los quesos

  2. I don’t like cheese :( I wish I did though a lot of recipes seem so good until I see…cheese.

  3. Too late. I ate it.

  4. Congrats! I’m so jealous! I want all that cheese! *drool*

  5. From Single to Married – mmme, too!

    Maris – Seriously, lots.

    jb – you are welcome!

  6. Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos

    Anadia -Aveiro-Portugal

  7. YUM – think of all the cupcakes you can frost with that! :)

  8. mmm… love cheese!

  9. There’s a search field at the top in the bar. It will find words contained in the post

    Or find a post with a recipe and click on the recipes tag keyword at the bottom of the post. That will pull up everything I have tagged with recipes.

    If you can’t find it, let me know what your are looking for.

  10. Is there a way to put a ‘search’ feature on your blog? I’m looking for a recipe and I know you have it…it’s just taking me forever to go through each page! Anything would help cause I LOVE your website and I visit it often!

  11. Thanks Shalum, Claudia, and springhill chef

  12. Yumo! Congrats! :)

  13. you r welcome, ms. bakerella!

  14. julia – your sweet note is kindness enough. And the cheese is good through Dec, so that’s awesome!

    dawn nikol- thanks!

    monica h – I can put cheese on my cheese.

    smileysmg – thanks

    pattty treviño – thank you

    mindy – I haven’t seen gingerbread candy corn. Yum! Just find something that’s the right size and color. I think the looks matter for these first because you can choose not to eat the add ons if you want.

    amylouwho – thanks for the tip

    thatgirlblogs – cute!

    victoria – Yes. I can’t wait to try them all.

  15. Congrats! I am envious, we looooove cheese here, and that looks like a great assortment!

  16. you lost me after frosting… wha?? cupcakes??? sounds so good right now!

  17. oh boy, do i love cheese! congrats!!

    My favorite brie/camembert is en croute and then eat it with red currant jelly. Oh my!!! you can also toast it on a baguette and then add the jelly – that’s faster and just as good!

  18. Ahh! You beat me to it. I already bought candy corn and everything (gingerbread flavored candy corn). I was wondering what to use for the turkeys’ heads… if I use the expresso beans I’ll have gingerbread latte turkeys!

  19. WOOOW, Congratulations :)!

  20. Now that alot of cheese! Congrats!

  21. Yes, I would say so!


  22. Whoa! Congratulations!!

  23. Hi Bakerella! Looks like you’ll be making lots of cheesy goodies very soon (does that stuff have much of a shelf life? [giggle])

    I wanted to write you an email but didn’t know how to contact you directly, so this will have to do. I just wanted to thank you for including me in your list of “sweet sites”. You’re my number one blog referrer and that adds up to a lot of traffic! I wish there was some way I could repay your kindness for sending so much traffic my way. The best I can do is send lots of good mojo your way.

    You’re such an inspiration and although I don’t comment often, I do read all of your posts. I think you’re so amazing!

    A dedicated fan,
    Julia (from DozenFlours)

  24. I’m glad you guys are digging my cheese basket. I’ll have to find some recipes to use because I’m an extra sharp cheddar cheese kinda girl. Camembert and brie are uncharted territory.

    And Julie, of course I’ll sign one. I have to make it first though.

  25. I’ll bring the crackers and wine! ;)


  26. Ooohhh! I’m drooling! Congratulations, and way to go!!!

  27. Mmmmmmmmmmmm cheese WOW!!! Congrats and enjoy.

  28. Wow, congrats!!!

  29. whoa what a great prize- I love cheese!

  30. Very cool! congrats!

  31. You can never have too much cheese! Congrats.

  32. Congratulations….and can’t wait for your book to come out…will you sign one for me and Chris?

  33. Congratulations on your win!

  34. Wow! Congratulations!

  35. Love it! Congratulations!

  36. That is my idea of heaven!

  37. mouth watering.

  38. that is a whole lot of cheese!!!!
    It looks great.

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