Cupcakes & Cows

Cupcakes & Cows

Let me just start by saying … WOW! Let me say it louder … WOW!!! I had the best time. Not only did I get to meet the Pioneer Woman (I have been drooling over her site for the past year, you know.) But, I also got to watch her bake her favorite cake recipe, cook great food, and blog about it the whole way through. On Monday, we made fondant covered cupcakes together and on Tuesday, we had a huge pop party with four winners from her site and some of her friends. And, in between all that I… I … just had a blast. So please indulge me while I recap everything for you. This will be a departure from previous posts. Think horses, cows, dogs, and not ones made out of cake pops.

So, to make it easier to follow and because I have a ton of pics, I’m going to divide it up by days. I’ll include all the relevant links on this post so it will be easy for you to navigate. I’ll also include links from the Pioneer Woman’s site. She posted several entries from the attendees to the tutorials and even managed a photoshop lesson in there, too. She is crazy talented. I also have a few links to recaps from some of the winners.

So enjoy if you’re interested. And, I’ll be back to baking soon!

My Adventures and Baking with the Pioneer Woman

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