Don’t lick, bite…

… into these sweet cake pops. I wanted to make cake balls this weekend, and I wanted them to be pink inside, so I tried making a white cake with raspberries. It made the cake pinkish, but it’s consistency just wouldn’t work, so I decided to stick with the red velvet cake ball recipe and went to the store and bought a chocolate cake mix to substitute. I also used some pink candy melts instead of the chocolate bark. And just to make them even a little cuter, stuck them on lollipop sticks…… Cakesicles anyone?

Chocolate Cake Balls

If you want to make these, too, just follow the instructions for the red velvet cake balls and use lollipop sticks to insert into the balls and then stick in the fridge or freezer for a little while before you dip in the coating. I also used a styrofoam block to stick the pops in to dry.

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384 comments on “Don’t lick, bite…”

  1. Where the cake pops all began:)

  2. so tasty. i love easy tatsy recipes

  3. When I go to the link for the redvelvet cake ball recipe I can’t find the recipe for it.

  4. Best cake ball recipe I’ve found yet. If you want to make you cake balls colorful on the inside use a white cake mix and food coloring. I did that the other day to make a tie dye cake!

  5. I would use strawberry cake mix for pink cake

  6. These are so good I could eat these all day…

  7. These are DELOUSIUS!!!!!

  8. hi….all ur cake pops r awesome…I’m from Bangalore, India…I’m not able to find candy melts here…it’s there any substitute to candy melts???

  9. I’ve been playing around with cakeballs for a few months now, but I’m constantly running into one problem or another. I always us a mellon baller and follow up with hand rolling to assure that they are circular and then throw them in the freezer. I take out only about three at a time, but the problem comes with the dipping… First, quite a few of the candy shells crack as they are drying on the counter. I’ve tried shortening and vegetable oil to smooth out the candy coating (using Wilton’s), but I had two batches in different colors this weekend where about 90% cracked and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I also can’t seem to get a perfectly smooth coat on the cakeballs, there is always a swirl. Any suggestions?

  10. Please come to the UK and teach us to make cake pops I need your expertise!

    I love your creativity, your cake pops are just like mini works of art!

  11. hi
    sounds yum!
    I would love to have this recipe and instructions to it!

  12. Love these Cake pops. What a sweet toothed innovation.

  13. They look delish, my friend and I are only twelve but serious bakers and this is going in our recipe book and all the other recipies on this site! Keep it up guys!

  14. Your blog is just amazing, the cake pops are gorgeous. You are a total baking inspiration. :) Keep up the amazing work <3

  15. for number 99, the answer is yes. I tried it before. it didnt spoil one bit. i luv these. they make my tummy yummy

  16. May i ask what kind of chocolate do you use? The Chocolate Melts don’t seem to work for me because they just seem to thick that everytime I dip the cake pops in it comes into crumbs. Should I try using more frosting?

  17. Merely wanna comment on few general things, The website design is perfect, the subject matter is real good : D.

  18. Did you really invent these treats? Wow! It’s so famous now! Congrats!

  19. Wow, did you invent cake pops? If so, very impressed :)

  20. I need to make these pops in stages. Is it possible to make the actual balls and freeze them for another might to dip & decorate?

  21. angie.. can you believe this was such a long time ago??? crazy!!!!

  22. Heutzutage kann niemand das Leben ohne Computer vorstellen. Was die Arbeit und die Studie wäre ohne sie aus?

  23. I tried to order the cakepops from the advertisement on tv and I had to listen to sales pitch after sales pitch…I finally hung up on them. I was not happy about listening to tons of sale pitches I did not need…I was very upset with the way the call was handle…

  24. I just made my first cake pops for Christmas gifts for my daughter’s preschool teachers! It was such a learning experience – I have a long way to go, but they were tasty and, by the end, pretty cute. :) Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with the world, Bakerella!

  25. Just made these with my daughter, first time ever making cake pops and they turned out amazing! I love your posts and will be trying more of your cute cake pops!

  26. Thank you for generously sharing your videos. I made red velvet cakepops and now I am getting orders. I am still challenged with dipping cakepops in candy melts – especially white candy melts – have not found the right consistency. But it’s all good. BIG THANK YOU! I will be buying your book this month. Cheers!


  28. Your gey u bitch

  29. Hi! I have a question for the cake pop expert:

    Do you find that it matters what kind of lollipop stick you use? The white ones are paper, but they have cute colored ones that are plastic. Do you think the cake will slide off the plastic?


  30. Bakerella, I have been trying to contact you for the past 2 days. please let me know the best possbile way to. thanks

  31. they are really pretty i want to make them

  32. Hi Bakerella!

    I just made my first attempt at cake pops and failed :(

    When mixing the cake with the frosting I used just half a can, should I have used more?

    Second, I found your youtube video online and noticed your chocolate coating seemed much thinner than mine. Do you recommend a specific type?

  33. How do I remove an image from my blogger sidebar?

  34. yum!

  35. This is such a great idea! I’m going to make your red velvet cake pops for a bake sale coming up but for practice I made German chocolate cake with coconut and pecan frosting. It was delicious! AFTER the chocolate had already hardened, my boyfriend suggested I sprinkle toasted coconut flakes on the melted chocolate. Oh well, maybe next time! Thanks for this amazing idea/recipe.

  36. hi, can u give me a tip on how to make red velvet as red as yours? i always ended up making the middle part a bit brpwn-ish..or often times it would be dark red in every part..hiks..thank u

  37. Hi bakerella I am only 11 but I love to bake. I tried to make cakepops today but they failed.. I am so upset.:-( I thought I did them right….. I don’t have your book yet either but I browsed at it and I read your blogall the time and tell all my friends about it.. :-) thanks bakerella

  38. I am going to be making these for a friend’s bridal shower and I just had a couple questions. After shaping the balls can they themselves be put in the fridge/freezer without the sticks and then the sticks inserted after they have become cold? If not, do you insert the sticks and then place them in Styrofoam upright so that they don’t have a flat bottom? Would the ball fall off the stick if they’re placed upright before becoming cold in the fridge? Thanks in advance and your ideas are fabulous! I cannot wait to make these.

  39. Hi Bakerella, I attempted my first try at cake pops. I think i made thme to big I had measured them out with a1/8c which was way bigger then 1″. The lollipop stick once I dip in the candy melt would just go right threw the cake ball. I had only one that made it. I am not sure what I did here. But I am going to try it again until I get this thing down. I dont think I put enough frosting in either. Just not quite sure where I went wrong.

  40. Bakerella, I just wanted to let you know that for my wedding last weekend, I did an escort card display using cake pops on a stand, with the cards on the lollipop sticks. I used your recipe here, and they were a HUGE hit!

    Everyone loved them, and they looked amazing even though they were super-easy to make. And they survived being frozen for more than a month, then transported via cross-country flight from Arizona to North Carolina (in a carry-on bag) for the wedding.

    So thank you so much for the inspiration!

  41. i think that they are so cute i just want to eat them all up i am thinking of making them today maby or maby not

  42. I see your site has a copyright. How do I go about obtaining permission to use it?

  43. Great ideas… but cake mix and candy melt?? Wagh!!!
    I’ll try with real chocolate cale and colored white chocolate… far better!

  44. you should try putting ice cream in them!

  45. I tried to make these! I only got one to work, though!

  46. I am looking to make these for a surprise birthday party for my husband. But was curious if i made them prior to the day or and froze them would they be okay? Or is this something i should not freeze?

  47. If I am making these a day or two ahead, do you think I need to keep them refridgerated? I cant wait to try them!

  48. I have tried following the link to the red velvet cake balls, but I think the link is broken–taking me back to the home page. Is this recipe no longer available?

  49. I just made tried the pops for the first time for a wedding shower and the choclate pooled at the borrom of the balls- how do i avoid that in the future?

  50. Hey, I have learned much from you and your website. I am doing cake pops today and is really hot outside and humid. Does this affect the cake pops because it seems as the chocolate doesn’t dry up and they keep falling from the stick, I will appreciate ur help I have to make a lot and I am going crazy. Thanks!!

  51. Isn’t it absolutely crazy to see how this one itty-bitty post just seems to have blown up the internet?

    I love it. And I love that you have had such a great past 4 years. I hope that you continue to have success and I love you work.

  52. Hi, I noticed someone already posted about this to you – but the link she provided was no longer available. Here is a link to the person who made money off YOUR picture and YOUR free recipe:

  53. Hi there! Could you give me some advice on the proper way to freeze cake balls? I was going to make a batch on a Sunday, and freeze them until dipping and decorating on the following Thurs evening, for my daughters class party on a Friday.
    Should I wrap each ball individually in saran wrap to preserve its shape? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

  54. Thank you, I have been searching for info about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

  55. There is a seller on etsy who is selling “her” recipe and using YOUR cake pop photo. Because she has also stolen a photo and recipe from my blog, I can only presume that she did not ask for your permission either. She simply flips photos she uses and claims them as her own. Wanted to give you a heads-up.

  56. I love the idea but I have a problem My kids are allergic to milk and I can not use the candy melts is there any thing else I can use that hardens like the candy melts. Please help my first time and it came out a disaster.

  57. I have found that a 20.00 dollar investment in the Wilton candy melter keeps it the perfect temp while I dip. I have made them about 5 times now and have figured out adding a tablespoon of crisco makes all the difference when I dip…..much smoother. I also dip my stick in the melts before putting on the cake melt and then put back in the fridge to set up before dipping the whold pop. Practice is the key……and my family loves me to keep practicing

  58. Hi Bakerella;
    I just love cake pops, I made some but i would like to Know i after I dipped I should take them to the fridge or they should dry at room temperature because when I take them out to place them on the plastic bags some are sweating and sticky like chocolate is melting. What can I do? Thanks

  59. This is my 2nd attempt at trying these cakes balls/cake pops and FAIL! :( I am such a perfectionist so I’m so disappointed. I must be doing something wrong. I think it may be how long I let the cake cool. Can you tell me whats the norm? 2-3 hours? I’m usually good at all these recipes. Mines have been a bit mushy so after 15-20 min in the freezer its so hard to mold them (well that’s when I tried to do the cupcakes pops). Also the melts get hard so fast and I cant find chocolate bark anywhere in NJ. Any suggestions. I HAVE TO PERFECT this lol I won’t give up!!

  60. Can I just say what a aid to find someone who actually is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know find out how to bring a difficulty to gentle and make it important. More folks have to learn this and perceive this side of the story. I cant imagine youre not more standard since you undoubtedly have the gift.

  61. I’ve tried this many times and every person I’ve fed LOVES IT! thank you for sharing the recipe!

    I do however want to know, what do you do that make the balls ‘perfectly’ round. I’ve tried using skewer but the balls just falls. So I just end up resting them on a parchment paper, hence one side is flat…

  62. So these are the original cake pops….

  63. I wanted to try and make them two weeks in advance and freeze them up till the event and then dip them. Has this ever been successfully done?

  64. Hi
    Can I freeze completed cake pops? I may have loads to make for my friends weddings

  65. hi Bakerella, is it possible for me to make the cake balls (Un- iced) and freeze them for about a week? then how would i defrost them??

  66. hiyee im so happy i found your site… it made me really happy just by looking at these photos, made me even happy when i saw the steps on how you make such cool stuffs…thanks..and more power. btw, im from the other part of the world, im from asia…:)

  67. hi bakerella, im so happy i found your site… it made me really happy just by looking at these photos, made me even happy when i saw the steps on how you make such cool stuffs…thanks..and more power.

  68. A question for anyone with more experience than me on these…i’m a newbie…I’m making these tomorrow with lemon cake and lemon icing. I wanted to add a handful of fresh raspberries when i mix up the baked cake and icing. Will that work? I want the consistency to be ok.

  69. I tried making these and they taste Amazing!! but how on earth do you get them to look so pretty… I had the hardest time with the chocolate..

  70. Your creations are so amazing! The cake pops are my absolute favorite! I’d love to feature some of your creations over on my blog today so I can hopefully convince my brides and grooms to include some of your brilliant ideas on their big day!

  71. I saw your video on YouTube and made cake pops for my daughter’s birthday party. They are so cute…thank you so much for the great idea!!! Plus my daughter had lots of fun making them with me.

    I think my favorites are the chocolate swirled we did. Here are some photos:

  72. Seria una buena idea que esta pagina se pueda traducir al ESPAÑOL….!!!!

  73. I tried using my favorite home-made pina colada frosting and yellow cake…They were so cute, but they softened a bit too quickly… BUT, home-made buttercream seemed to work well the next time I made these.

  74. this weekend i want to make red velvet cake, but instead i will do this THIS too cute!


    Thanks Bakerella! Keep bakin’ them sweet cakes:)

  76. I tried making some but they seemed wet like. I put them in the freezer for several hours but when I tried to dip them they just fell apart. any suggestions?

  77. I’d love to make these for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. How long in advance can I make them & how do I store them?

  78. Bakerella I just had to send Starbucks a nicely worded nasty-gram! They aren’t giving you any credit for Cake Pops in their stores??? SO DISAPPOINTING. I told them exactly what I thought about it. Hope you’re feeling good today! xo

  79. oh my goodness! I saw these at StarBucks yesterday!

  80. I like to know how to make the frosting for a simple cake pop? do I just melt chocolate and dip?

  81. I made my 1st batch of cake pops last weekend. They turned out ok but I think it still can be improved. I think the cake was too moist. How do I make them a little more “cakey”? Also, while the cake pops were stuck in the styo after I decorated them I noticed that there was like oil coming out of the cake pop? I wasn’t sure if it was the cake or from the candy melt. Did anybody experience this too?

    How long can I store the cake balls before I actually decorate them?

    Thanks so much.

  82. I do love these so! I really wasn’t sure about the whole pre-mixed frosting and cake, fearing it would be too sweet, but they are simply divine! I need a little more practice on the melted chocolate dipping front, but the taste was too good! I made triple chocolate cake pops for my birthday. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and chocolate coating! Here is my blog post about them:

  83. I’ve seen pics of the beer mug pops and am wondering what is used for the handle? And do you just shape the mug by hand or getting help from a cookie cutter of some sort?

  84. I figured things out!! Went over you book and added some oil to the coating and it worked like a charm!! I also increased the amount of frosting in the mix, and things worked out sooooo much better!!

  85. I am having issues!! My pops keep falling off the stick in the melts, my melts don’t seem to be liquidity enough, and I keep eating the ruined ones (which is everyone!!). ::tears:: I am not being overly aggressive with the coating. maybe I am just not letting them hang out in the freezer long enough??? :(

  86. Hi, I’m looking to try your cake pop recipes for a baby shower. But I want to make it 1 day ahead how should I store it? I read that if I kept it in the fridge and then take it out, condensation will form and might ruin the cake pops. If I let it sit overnight on the countertop in a air tight rubbermaid container will it flatten the shape or melt?

    Also, any ideas on how to transport the cake pops. I will be making it at home and bringing it to a function hall the next day. Any way to keep the Styrofoam in place when serving it? I’m afraid when someone pull one out the whole thing will move.

    Wow I have so much questions I hope you’ll be able to help. The shower won’t be until April 2011 but I want to make a test batch before the big day comes.

  87. Can I make these cake pops a day ahead of time and then put them in the fridge wrapped up?

  88. Love your Pop!! I just have one question?

    I were to make them tonight where do I store them? in the fridge overnight? or just at room temperature?

    I need them for the next day.


  89. Can you use the Strawberry cake mix or white mix w/ food coloring.

  90. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned yhis (way too many to read) but I used white chocolate wafers and then used bakers icing gel food coloring to make mine pink, much cheaper in the long run, cuz 2lbs of white was 5.49, 1/ lb was 2.49 for colored wafers.
    But Bakerella I do have a quest, I froze my pops then dipped, but found the coating to set quickly and didn’t drip off even, is there anything that can be done to the chocolate to thin it out with out losing its ability to solidify?

  91. I just bought your book from Target, and love the simplicity of it. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Now I just need to go buy lollipop sticks in bulk, I have a feeling I will be making a lot of pop’s…lol.
    I am sure this question has been asked before, but I was wondering can you use frosting to dip the cake in or blend some frosting into the chocolate? Also can I bake crumble and roll the balls a week ahead then dip a week later, I have about 5 dozen to make buy next Friday along with a ton of other stuff?

    Tip- last year after Easter Wal-mart had the melting chips on clearance for .85 in spring colors, they have a pretty good shelf life, so I always shop for my melts after a major holiday to see if they are marked down.

    Again thank you for being so kind and generous with your works of lovely art.

    One other thing… I love your web site design, whoever did it well kuddos to them

  92. I made these today and they look pretty good but I wasn’t satisfied with the taste. I am worried I might have used too much frosting (it was homemade). When you bite into them they taste like an undercooked cookie–cookie dough basically. Are they suppossed to be that gooey?

  93. can we substitute any thing else for cream cheese frosting

  94. I just made some, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing the recipe. I’m so excited to bring them to school and see what my friends think :D.

  95. If I don’t add the cream cheese, will it make a difference? Is there a replacement that I can use instead of cream cheese. I find it too sweet but I love the cake balls.

  96. Hi , my son is just crazy foe these fancy pops . I have tried making just to most simple one. But my pops keep falling from the sticks . Can you give me some tips on this .

  97. Hey, i was wondering if there is an exact amount of frosting you use to stick the balls together… i made this and found that they cracked when the stick was inserted into the balls.

  98. these are adorable want to make them for my baby shower.

  99. Hello!! I tried cake pops for the first time yesterday and they turned out so good!! I designed a bunch and made christmas trees and gingerbread men. I’m giving them as gifts. They look perfect except for one thing…a lot of them started cracking!! =( I was just wondering if you have experienced this? and if so, what can I do about it? They are so cute but then start cracking and the cake starts squeezing through!

  100. Your website is so beautiful and inspiring! Can’t wait to try some stuff out :)

  101. I noticed in this post you said you wanted the pops to be pink inside. Have you ever tried strawberry cake mix? So yummy and a gorgeous pink color.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats on the book tour, press, etc.!

  102. oh! i should’ve seen this recipe earlier! it’s so lovely and seems like it tastes delicious! :)

  103. Just wanted to say your ideas are all so adorable. I’ve bookmarked many of your recipes and they are delish! I do have to tell you, though- you did not invent the cake pop! I’ve been making them with my family since I was a little girl, and my mother and grandmother made them as long as they can remember, as well! You were very creative to come up with them since you weren’t aware of their existence, but you definitely were not the first one. (And really, since the cake ball was already in existence, you didn’t think than no one else thought to stick a skewer in them?) Okay, that was mean. It didn’t mean to sound mean. I absolutely love all of your work, as I said before, I use your recipes and I love them! They always turn out great. I just though you should know that cake pops have been around a lot longer than this blog has.

  104. What kind of frosting thing is that? What are “melts”?

  105. Just found your website through a friend, Beth Byington. I am going to have so mych fun. Thanks.

  106. Hey I decided to give this a try and they tasted awfull maybe u could help decide what I did wrong? I used a box of regular cake mix and a can of vanilla icing. At this point I was doing good. Then I done the dipping and tapping. So if u have any idea what I did wrong plz help??

  107. Hi Bakerella,

    I’m a bit slow on the uptake with the cake pops, can’t believe i have never seen these before! I can’t wait to try them.

    I was wondering what other frosting i could use to mix the cake balls other than canned or cream cheese. Would buttercream work? Thanks :-D

  108. THis ended up an amazing project but it was hard doing the frosting part any tips.

  109. Bakerella, I love these. I made them once but didn’t have anything to dry them in so I set them on parchment paper and, needless to say, they weren’t round afterwards and instead had a flat side. Now, I’m making them for my sister’s baby shower and have the sticks, the melts, and this time the styrofoam blocks. I only have night to make these work. Could you let me know a few things?

    1. How long do they need to be in the fridge with the sticks in them before dipping? Do I put the sticks in before or after chilling the balls?
    2. How can you keep them round in the fridge if they’re on the sticks but not yet in the styrofoam? Or should I put them in the styrofoam then?
    3. After I dip them and put them in the styrofoam, do I dry them in the fridge? And how long do they need to be in the fridge to harden until I can wrap them?
    4. Do I store them in the fridge overnight when I’m done if the shower is in the mroning? Thanks so much, I think this is a truly great idea!

  110. where is the recipe? don’t see it!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I just found this blog and I tried the cake pops last night. They are the absolute cutest thing ever. :) Here’s the link for one picture:

    Also, I really think these would taste fabulous with some sort of dark chocolate and peppermint combination. have you tried that yet?

  112. i cant find the link for the recipe for the cake pops :(

  113. bakerella i just discovered theseee, i’m in love and i tried them yesterdaay
    but i have ONEEE question
    how do i save my lovely lollippops from developing a flat heaad while drying??

  114. these are the cutest dessert ideas! They turn out so yummy and precious! They are also SO easy to make! Perfect for children!

  115. hi bakerella!
    ive been trying for the past few day to make some cake pops for a birhtday of a friend of mine and they just dont seem to work… can you plz give me the recipe for the basic cake and how much should i use frosting!! i tried not to put too much but i can’t get them to roll well and they sure aren’t compatible at all!!! tell me what do from scratch
    PS: i checkef the youtube video of yours and followed did step by step , i think my cake recipe isn’t good for those cake pops

  116. Also, how many does each cake make approximately? I plan on using my pampered chef cookie scoop for the size.

  117. Hey Bakerella! I love all of your ideas! I am planning to make cake pops for a family birthday party this saturday. How long can you make the cake, different stages of the cake pops ahead of time. And which is the best way to keep them fresh at that stage? I was debating making the cake(s) before hand and/or crumbling them and adding the frosting and just making the balls and decorating them the day before. Thank you for any suggestions and tips!

  118. I need some help with the dipping part… I made a batch of cake pops for my little sister’s sweet 16 last weekend but the dipping part went horribly awry… I admit, I forgot to put the pops back in the fridge after putting the sticks in, but I also found that my candy melts weren’t very runny. Any tips? In the end I just piped the candy melts across them, Jackson Pollock style and they still went down a storm, so thanks :)

  119. Hi! i made some of your wonderful cake pops, however i had some trouble with dipping the cake pop into the candy melt. i was wondering is there a way to make the candy melt not so thick when i dip the cake pop? thank you!

  120. Hello bakerella, have just done my second attempt at making cake pops with lemon sponge dipped in white belgium chocolate and they have come out amazing this time with more patience they stayed on the sticks this time – I love this baking lark its great fun!!!!

  121. HELP!
    HELP!!!! My chocolate seems to always be too thick. I have tried Bark, candy melts… I have added oil, I have heated, over heated, under heated… Any suggestions for my cakepops?

  122. Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered already but I tried these for the first time last night and FAILED big time:( I used Wilton candy melts with a double boiler and it never got to the consistency of the candy in your demos. THEN when I added a little gel color, it just killed it making it totally stiff. I added a little oil but it didn’t do much so eventually just gave up:( Are the candy melts typically harder to work with?

  123. Hi,

    Do you know where I can purchase a cake pop stand/holder?



  124. I love making cake pops! But I’m wondering why the chocolate sometimes cracks after it dries?! Any ideas? Thanks!

  125. HI,
    thank you very much for all those inspiring ideas, a friend asked me to make sweets for her son’s baptism next week and this one is one of her favorites… however I have a question,I live in France and we have a hard time finding a decent cream cheese, can I replace it with any king of frosting? like buttercream? How about the chocolate coating, can I just use chocolate, will it stick to the cake?
    I’m sorry if all those questions have allready been answered, i tried reading all the comments but there are so many of them (many of which are really interesting!)
    Thanks again for sharing your passion! I hope I can make these look as good as yours!

  126. HI. i have a question that i just cannot figure out on my own.

    i’ve tried making cake balls and cake pops. the pops were a lot easier as the stick helped me dunk them in the melt. i’m using the little melt discs but i cant seem to melt them enough. my balls do not look smooth at all. i’ve tried on the stovetop, in the microwave..all look a little chunky or something.

    how do you do it? and what do you use to dip them when they’re cake balls and not cake pops? i tried toothpicks but that didn’t work well because they got stuck in the ball.


  127. Hi, I am a big fan of this website. I tried to make them for my son First Communion but got better results when melting cocoa and white chocolate, the consistency was perfect but I didn’t get liquid consistency when using Wilton candy melts.
    Any suggestions or tips on how to properly melt them please? as the colour candies are the best!
    many thanks

  128. Hi Bakerella,

    I made your easy cupcake bites today and they turned out FAB! haha but Im running into some problems making the standard cake pops. Maybe Im rolling my balls too big, but I cant keep the cake ball on the stick when dipping it in the candy melt. It falls right off and somtimes just breaks while drowning in the candy!!
    My melted candy is so thick…am I just not finding the right time period to melt my candy? Should I do it over the stove vs. in the microwave? I saw your vid on Martha Stewart and your melted candy looked so easy and thin!! How do i get mine like that?!

    Thank you!!!

  129. Bakerella! You are like my IDOL since a couple days ago when I found your blog! :) Ever since I was a little little girl I’ve dreamed of being a pastry chef…I’m only thirteen now so that dream hasen’t come true yet but hopefully someday it will. :) I bake ALL THE TIME…and I am definantly going to try out some of your ideas! :) You are AMAZING!

    ex oh ex oh

    Sophie Amber Hettich

  130. Hello,
    So i found these cake pops and fell in love, I tried making them today, I made the balls as per directions and put them in the fridge overnight ( i had the extra time) but when i was ready to dip them into the chocolate, they would fall off the lollipop sticks and crumble, or the stick would poke right through the cake ball and it would all crumble apart and it was really a mess leaving me disappointed with the results, any advice?

  131. Made the cake balls for the first time and the chocolate started to crack after about a half hour. Any ideas what I could have done wrong? My chocolate was thick so one batch I use oil to thin down and then on the second batch i tried crisco. They cracked for both recipes. I have made the cupcakes about 4 times and never had trouble.
    Also do you think I could use my Almond decorator icing for the cake balls? Also do you think we can freeze them? Thanks for looking into this for me.

  132. this is the coolest idea ever, I have been searching for something different to do for my daughter’s baby shower, I am doing a paris theme, and came across your post on pink cake pops, I am going to do this idea and put them on styrofoam balls sitting on top of tall glassware, we are doing an appetizer food theme with all parisiene small bite size foods, this will be so awesome to set the table with amongst all the other treats…. thanks for all your ideas and sharing…..

  133. Recently made these for a “Annual Luau” that we throw. Used white cake mix, coconut flavoring and coconut milk, then froze them and dunked them into dark chocolate and then sprinkled coconut crunch on top and let them set. Then put them into candy papers and called them coconut truffles. They were a hit and although I made 95 of them, they were gone in no time at all. Now I am making strawberry ones for my best friend’s baby shower….she is having a girl and I am making them into cupcakes with dark chocolate bases and white chocolate tops, then swirl painting them with pink pearl and writing her initial on top of them. Cannot wait to see how these turn out. Thank you Bakerella for the inspiration, these are so easy, fun to make and taste fantastic!!!!

  134. hiii bakerella =) are so creative. everything looks sooo cute. the cake pops looked so interesting that i HAD to try them out. i had a question though, when i was making the cake, i got so excited to make them into balls and dip them, that i didnt let the cake completely cool, so it was still hot and moist and sticky..but they still rolled up nicely and dipping them was fine. they came out really yummy and everyone loved them. i was wondering though, if the consistency is more “cheesecake” like or “cake” like. mine came out tasting a little bit like smooth and creamy – cheesecake like. was it because i didnt let them cool completely?

    thank youuu =)

  135. Hi! Love the website, and I just pre-ordered your book!!! So excited!

    I am sure that someone probably already asked this question, but I couldn’t read through everything…sorry (mother of 3 under 3 is my excuse:)

    Can I use any canned frosting or should I stick with the cream cheese frosting???

    Thanks so much! I’m a HUGE fan!

  136. Just wanted to tell you that I’ve just created my first-ever batch of cake pops! They’re so cute and according to the taste-tester they’re delicious! Thanks so much for such a great idea–I can’t wait to buy your book!

  137. these are so cute! this will be awesome to make with the grandkids. they will love them!!! thanks for sharing.

  138. This a great idea! I can’t wait to try it for my friends bridal shower next month.

  139. Have been reading your blog for ever and ever and am finally today making my first batch of cake pops. Cake is in the oven as a I type. Cannot wait for your book!!!

    I bake all the time for the doormen and maintenance staff of our building and thought this would be a great “thank you” for them, so thanks for your ideas and inspiration!

    Cannot wait to decorate them!

  140. Hi! I recently made the red velvet cake balls from scratch…(thank you Paula Dean) and they are TO DIE FOR!!!!! I thought I’d literally died and gone to heaven. I didn’t have time to dip them all so I put some of the uncoated balls in the freezer. Can I take them out of the freezer and use them if they have been in there for a few days? Will they still be as moist and heavenly? Thanks!

  141. Here is the link of my photo’s on fb for the cake pops and cake bites I did! I had a little bit of trouble with the chocolate, and might I suggest, never use white chocolate with chocolate cake :-) kinda hard to cover. Also, I noticed that not all chocolate melts are created equal. I ran out of the ones I bought at our cake store and though I would just run to Michaels to pick up more because it was closer, bad idea!! Michaels has more of a rough dull finish and the others were nice smooth and shiny!! Still fun!! Thanks bunches!!

  142. I ran across your website and I was amazed at all the talent. I have been looking for ideas for my Sweets Table for my sister-in-laws Baby Shower in July 2010. I would like to make the cake pops but what can I make to go along with the Rain Forest Shower theme?

  143. These look sooo pretty and what a wonderful idea of turning them into creatures! I just stumbled upon your blog and I see I am about two years late!!!!

  144. OMG these are such an amazing idea. I am going to try my hand at making these for my sons little league party. Yep baseballs and mitts (I just ordered a candy mold for the mitt). Thanks for the ideas!!!

  145. Thank you Bakerella for the inspiration! Picture of my cake pop creations I had at my trunk show party. They were a hit!!

  146. I think I’m obsessed…..I discovered your website a little over a month ago and I’ve made who knows how many batches of these little guys! I haven’t had the patience to try making cute designs (REALLY Want to try sesame street!) but everyone that I give them to absolutely love them.

    I’m going to use these in my wedding in August as part of a candy buffet table in light blue and white! I just love all your ideas!!! There’s so many to try!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  147. My friend and I are going to make these for the teachers for last day of school!! They look soo yummy!

  148. How long can you freeze cake pops/cake balls for? I’d like to make them for my son’s first birthday but want to make ahead of time. Also, I’m guessing it’s best to freeze pre-dipped balls?


  149. Hello Bakerella! Love your website and ideas! I was wondering after I dip my balls in the chocolate and they dry they seem to always crack. Could this be that my balls are to cold when dipping? I have been putting them in the frezzer for an hour prior to dipping? or is the chocolate to hot?

  150. Hi,
    Your site is amazing! I just made the cake balls gluten free! They were delicious, but I still have no idea how you get yours so absolutely lovely.

  151. I heard you could use white chocolate chips to dip…is this true? I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat cake pops and this is my first REAL attempt at making them. I mlove introducing them to people who have never had them before – they are so addicting!!

  152. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! these are so cute!!!!
    I’m totally going to try making them!!

  153. Hey! I’m a little behind on the comments here but these are INCREDIBLE!!

    just wondering if you heard anything about if they freeze well? Thinking about using them for our wedding (we were going to do cupcakes but these look MUCH easier to make, store, transport and present!)

    thanks :)

  154. OMG! I tooootaaallyyy love these! Im going to make them to take to school for my birthday! YAAAAY! :)

  155. Ok,
    I made these, bigger than the suggested quarter size… they are about a golf ball size. They turned out great. BUT…then I let them sit out for about an hour as I went to get my boys from school, and when I got home, every single one of them had cracked. What happened? Please help, as I need to get this right before my daughters graduation!

  156. Just curious if anyone has ever tried to make these bigger than the suggested size and if it worked? I am making these for a Graduation party, and of course, my daughter doesn’t want to seem stingy, so she asked if I could make them bigger. Any thoughts on how much the sticks will hold?

  157. I just made these today as favors for my best friend’s baby shower on Sunday. They were SO easy, and they turned out so cute! Thanks for the great idea! I think everyone will really love them.

  158. These are wonderful!! Do you suggest placing the sticks in the ballls and freezing before dipping into the chocolate? Does this help it set better?

  159. After making these twice we figured out a couple tricks to make the dipping easier. Make sure your dipping chocolate (or melties) is hot all the time. Once it starts to cool it goes on too thick and drips down the stick. It also helps to tap the stick on the edge of the dipping glass to drip off the excess.

    Love these! How often do you find something as adorable as it is delicious?

  160. Thank you for some more ideas. I am just starting out to open a small home based business.

    I just had a question if you could email it to me. When you say candy coating are you referring to Merkin’s as I know about those and Wilton I was a little thrown back for a second reading the recipe for the Mickey silhouette cake pops which by the way are absolutely brilliant.

    I will be placing your site within my favorites.

  161. I have been stalking theses Cake Pops for a While now & I finally tried it with The Red velvet cake and Bakerella’s Cream Cheese frosting.. They were A m a z i n g.. Thank you for your Wonderful idea’s..

  162. I love love love your site and have made a few different combos most recently carrot cake for Easter. I am having one problem though; whatever I dip the ball in, be it chocolate or vanilla candy coating, keeps cracking and sometimes drips an oily residue from it. Any suggestions?

  163. I am going to try these with the Wilton’s candy melts, is one package size still appropriate for the icing?
    Also, THANK YOU for sharing your recipes, love them!!! =)

  164. I have been making your cake balls for a while now…everyone love Love LOVES them. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insight. However, lately I have tried cake pops and the stick keeps popping thru the top of the ball. Is there a technique to make this stop happening?

  165. Ahhh. a bakerella classic.

  166. You mentioned that these keep several days at room temperature. Would they last for 5 days?

  167. I made these last week and my friends and co-workers LOVED them…I need to make more just to keep up with the demand!! Everyone loved them so much I even wrote a blog about them!! Check it out if you would like!

  168. this is the perfect idea….so stinkin cute!!!!

  169. I want to try to make a few dozen in advance of a party. Any suggestions for freezing/storage methods so that the pops keep their taste and cake is still moist?


  171. hi- love your site.inspires me a lot!!!my passion is baking
    but not too earn but to share.wanna be the first baker to bake for not rich,i work to pay bills and survive so for me to do that, i need to earn a little and was thinking to make the cake pops business in here.I tried the redvelvet balls and yes its problem is the chocolate-i cant mold it very well.please give me not a big time businesswoman, i never went to a culinary school, im an internet-taught and tv-taught baker- i bake and try till i perfect it.thank u bec right now i feel ur my mentor even u havent met me and its the screen thats binds us.MORE BAKING!!!!

  172. Thanks for linking to this in your most recent post (about your book….YAY!). It’s so cool to see your cake balls in their initial state….still looking delicious as ever, but still far from the perfected stages you’ve brought them to in the past couple years.

    It’s neat to see the progression, and also inspirational!!!! Congrats on the book!

  173. I made theme cake balls as refreshments for a “Fitting You” bra-fitting party. Some were pink and some were brown – each complete with a strategically placed red or brown mini m&m. They were very cute and big hit (I said big HIT). Thanks Tracy (friend who forwarded link to your website)!

    PS I thought cake pops would be cutest, but I could not get them to stay on the stick.

  174. Oh how cool…all the best to youlwhile you are creating your book…another creation by Y O U ! Take your time and it’ll be awesome…like everything else you do.

  175. hi bakerella, im from the philippines :D
    i just stumbled upon your site a week ago and i’ve been stalking your site since then.
    i’ve finally decided to try out these cake pops and serve them for my baby boy’s christening. but the thing is, i can’t find cream cheese frosting in our local grocery. i bought a vanilla canned frosting instead. i hope it works out :/

  176. Hi Bakerella,

    I just made the cake balls today and encountered a problem. A few of them started to crack. What do you think is the problem and what should I do differently?

    Otherwise, they are fabulous and everyone loves them!

  177. Hi Bakerella,
    I’m proud to say I just made the tastiest Cake Balls yet (my third attempt). But there was a hitch… They started out as CakePops but I couldn’t keep them on the (paper) stick. They’d either fall off into the chocolate or if they made it past that stage they’d slide right down like the “Times Square” Ball! I chilled them for almost two hours, but just not on the stick. was that an important step? They did turn out pretty though. Check them out…

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