Happy Birthday Cupcakes

I spent an afternoon making a little cake and different size cupcakes for my sister’s birthday. They looked and tasted great (thank goodness)! If you want to see the cake, check it out at Lovely Little Cakes.

Double Buttercream with sprinkles

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18 comments on “Happy Birthday Cupcakes”

  1. I’m soooooo jealous.they look yummy.i wish I had the recipe

  2. cool

    but where is the recipie

  3. You could just use a box cake mix. I would try that.

  4. Mmmm, want that frosting……..:-)

  5. how do you make them i really wanna know

  6. I want that….:)<3

  7. I know right

  8. That looks so good I wish I could have one

  9. That looks so good I wish I could have one

  10. Bakerella, is their anything you can’t do?? (besides piping)

  11. Oooh loox great! wish u had the recipe, but im good with cupcakes so i could probably make something almost exactly like it!

  12. wherez da recipe??????????????/

  13. they look cute but where is the recipe ??…………….

  14. MMMM double frosting.

  15. This was when I first started the site and didn’t think anyone was reading. I can’t remember what I used. Sorry.

  16. Those look yummy…where is the recipe?

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