Mini Cherry Cutie Pies

These little pies were so much fun to make. I got the idea from Not Martha. She has a really good entry about how to make these on her blog. I’ll definitely try them again and with different fillings next time.

Mini Cherry Cutie Pies

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66 comments on “Mini Cherry Cutie Pies”

  1. Do you happen to still have this recipe? Looks like her old site is long gone! 

  2. These ARE cute!

  3. how do you make them? they look delicous.

  4. Can I fill the centre of a Cake Pop? with pie filling of carmel?

  5. Omg!!!!! These r soo cute!!!!!!! Does anyone know how to get the recipe?

  6. Cutesy things i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!

  7. anyone have the receipe? I can’t seem to find it?

  8. I bought these at Starbucks and they were so good that I have been trying to figure out how to make them myself…just found it! I can’t wait to try this recipe!! :)

  9. Im doing these for my daughter’s First Birthday Very Hungry Caterpillar party :D Great idea to use a mini tin.

  10. Oooh, These look delicious

  11. aww…<3 they look so cute <3

  12. Omg these are adorable! I don’t like pies but my BFF loves doing little bite size things like these! SHE WILL LUV THEM! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. they are cute i am with Rachelle

  14. Hi Bakerella! I hope you’re doing well! I think of you often and am so inspired by your work. I have a question also! I made these once and they were DARLING. I want to make them again but make them slightly larger… any chance you know of a pan that is larger than the mini muffin pan, but smaller than the regular muffin pan? Thanks for your help and any tips :)

  15. The Not Martha site has cooking instructions, more pictures, etc on it.

  16. I need the recipe and can’t find it! Help!

  17. I am 12 and I love to bake. Bakerella, thanks for always inspiring and encouraging me to continue. One day you’ll see me on Cupcake Wars!!! LOL!!!

  18. AWESOME!!! Luv it!!!

  19. xD i saw the picture and i still can’t get over the fact that it’s tiny pie!! its’ definantly made my day. =D. I’m only 18 but i love baking and trying to learn how to bake new things and this is definantly going onto my list. Tiny pies = EPIC

  20. where can i get this recipe?

  21. These have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen! Will definitely have to try this!

  22. These are so adorable! My husband LOVES cherry pie and I have been meaning to bake one for him — I will have to try the mini version. Much cuter!

  23. Simply gorgeous! Thank you for your superb ideas! These darling little pies were fun to make, I used different fillings from strawberry to lime, they lookes so cute on the table. Thanks again my daughter and I love exploring your site.

  24. Bakerella, you have the cutest ideas. Could you please post the instructions and sizes for making these. What did you use to cut out the little heart in the middle. Keep the ideas coming. Thank you.

  25. Bakerella, I love you! I tried making these with a mini muffin pan and they turned out perfect!
    Next up is cake pops!

  26. I saw on Not Martha that she used a muffin tin to mold them. The ones here look smaller, so I was wondering what you used? To cook them in I mean.

  27. OMG these are so cute! Personally, I love pie, but my little siblings don’t much. I think these are the PERFECT way to get them to eat pie1 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  28. day are awesome

  29. so did you use regular muffin tins or are they special?

  30. yum!! :)

    is there anyway to make these without the use of an oven?

  31. These are adorable! I just finished a batch of the pumpkin pie bites, and they turned out so well! Now I am contemplating my next adventure in mini-pies. I was just wondering… do these need to be refrigerated when finished, like the pumpkin ones do?
    Love your blog, you are such an inspiration!

  32. how do u make these?

  33. They are so cute!
    And look delicious!
    I plan on making some soon for my family.
    I hope they turn out good!

  34. These look so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  35. I made these in Cherry this weekend for a 40th Wedding anniversary (all of the desserts were mini & red, white or chocolate). They were a HUGE hit. I use refrigerated dough & a can of cherry pie filling (so many dessert I had to do short cuts). I use a mini cupcake/muffin pan. Thanks for all the great ideas and finds.

  36. You make some amazing stuff!!

  37. Oh my god. These are so cute. i want to make them with various fruit flavors. I already got the coolest mini muffin pan (non-stick, and it works!)
    found it here

    I am looking for extra baking supplies! Any suggestions appreciated.

  38. I would like the recipe for these, they look so good! I

  39. its weird at the end of last summer i had an idea to make mini cherry pies for our next end-of-summer-block-party we have every year. now that i can see an actual recipeI will definetly do it! this year we’re having a contest and since im the neigborhood baker i’m already a shoo-in.

  40. holy ! that looks CUTE !! ;] i want somee

  41. I really would like to make these, but unlike the other links, I can only get a picture from this one – no recipe? Is it my browser, or was it possibly taken down?

  42. Caz – cherry and refrigerated pie crust

  43. Hello Bakerella, I was wondering if maybe you could recomend a good recipe for valentine’s, I am having a party at my house the 12th and i’d like to prepare sweet treats for my guests, it must be a good looking, mouth watering easy to prepare treat, please.

    any recommendations to:

  44. uau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!beutiful, delicious,i love it!I sleep here in Brazil,dreaming of doing.kisses

  45. I noticed that your edges are a lot cleaner than the ones on not martha. Do you have any tips or tricks?

  46. Also, pie crusts..thats shortcrust pastry right? Or puff?
    Thanks again!

  47. Oh adorable!
    Just wondering what filling you used in your mini pies? I would love to make these for a tea party coming up! :)

  48. Danie B – I certainly would if I could remember. Just make sure it’s larger than the opening since it needs to fit the bottom and up the sides.

  49. Good morning! I think I’ve spent the entire morning on your website. Your ideas are very creative.

    Can you tell me what size cutter you used for the mini pies?

    Kind regards,

    Danie B.

  50. Simply “Lovely” …

  51. Sarah.a – it’s a ready-made refrigerated dough you buy in the store.

    Leigh ann – they are mini size

  52. Did you use mini muffin tins for these, or regular size? They look like mini but I wasn’t sure… They are absolutely darling!!

  53. I love them sow cute and can you please write the pie recipe ?

  54. I love these! And i have to say yours do look better than hers…but yours would look better than anybodys… :)

  55. Love these! Perfect for anyday!

  56. You’re sweet. But, I’m sure you can. GO for it.

  57. These are so cute! I wish I could bake as well as you do :)

  58. These were fun to make. And, oh so cute. Glad you liked them.

  59. Hello!!!
    I just wanted to say a quick thanks for posting these lovely little pies. I was super excited to try my own and it’s all from your sweet little post.I found it was hard to stop making them…. Stop by sometime and let me know what you think!

  60. Don’t say that. Hang out here and maybe you’ll pick up a few tricks with me.

  61. YUM I saw these as well on Martha’s contest. I just saw you were on her show wow LUCKY you, I love her and I wish to meet her too. I would love some baking tips. I have been cooking but I am a new baker who is teaching myself as well as ‘trying” to learn how to cake decorate etc. I am so bad at it all though :(.

  62. nikki – I hope you do. These are as good as they are cute. Since your not a big pie person, these little ones sound perfect for you. Hope your boyfriend appreciates your hard work.

  63. absolutely adorable! I have got to go try these…maybe right now! my boyfriend will be thrilled…. i’m not much of a “pie” person, so i rarely make them… these would be a perfect mini treat for hi, if he’s good…lol! :-)

  64. Thanks! They were fun to make, too.

  65. These are so cute!

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