Haunted Halloween Party

I went to the most amazing Halloween Party last weekend. Do you guys remember my friend Cupcake Julie’s Holiday parties? This one and this one? Well she haunts as good as she spreads holiday cheer. From statues to spiders, flickering lights to floating fog, the night was full of all kinds of frightfully fun sights and spooky sweets, too.

I made some of my eyeball cake pops to bring to the party. But this time, I dipped them using silver plastic forks instead of lollipop sticks. So much more fun and kinda gruesome. Click here for directions on how to make the original version.

To stand them up for serving, dip them in melted red candy coating and place on wax paper to dry. You can also use a toothpick to apply more red candy coating around the prongs of the fork. Bleeding eyeballs you know.

We also had scary red velvet cake skulls, skeleton brownies, chocolate mice, cookie bones, s’mores trifles, butterscotch puddings, mini pies and more. So much sweet fun.

But not as much fun as her Halloween decorations. Check out this larger than life-size Count Dracula.

And this little vampire statuette.

On piano… we have skeleton fingers.

A serving tray of body parts anyone?

A big book of spells.

Chains, ghouls, spiders and skulls. Spooky decorations were everywhere.

There were animatronic fortune tellers and floor crawling zombies, too.

Ummm… drinks anyone? The crazy chemist had some fun concoctions for us.

And this guy. He was hanging around outside to greet arriving guests.

Me? I went as a spider. But I was completely outdone by their front entrance.

And, I hate spiders, but somehow I wanted to hug this one.

Julie’s husband had the most amazing giant Grim Reaper costume.

And when I say giant, I mean towering. He was walking around on drywall stilts in creepy slow motion. Needless to say, we all wanted a photo with him.

Oh my gosh. This is awesome and probably my favorite part. When you went in the bathroom and leaned in to wash your hands, a ghost in the vanity mirror screams and scares the daylights out of you. So creepy. So fun.

There was a cemetery, too! Julie handmade all of these tombstones. And the lettering. Yeah… crazy!!! She used a drimmel to carve out all the words so the letters would look like they were etched out of stone. True dedication!

Oh … I can’t forget the creeping fog. It definitely set the mood for the night.

P.S. … That’s a wig I bought, but now I kinda want silver hair. What do you think?

Hope this Halloween is haunted and happy for you … and of course filled with the cutest spooky treats.

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39 comments on “Haunted Halloween Party”

  1. We do these eyeball cake pops every year for our Halloween party, but for the irises, I created an image of just Photoshopped irises in different colors. I have them printed onto an edible icing sheet at our local grocery store bakery department. I cut them out by pressing down with a large icing tip that’s just the right diameter, and adhere them to the front of the cake pops. I use edible ink markers to draw on the capillaries and we use black plastic forks, which look extra spooky.

  2. So so creative! You outdid your bad self!! I do like the silver hair and the style of it..thanks for sharing.

  3. Your party looks so much fun.
    Loving your eyeball cake pops. Do you mind disclosing what you used for the pupils.


  4. Your party looks great. Can you tell me where you got your busts? They look great and I love the vampire girl. I have a man and woman and would like to get more.
    Thanks bunches

  5. Could you please tell me about the dracula you have pictured?

  6. Oh my, you look amazing! Julie’s house looks amazing! Everything looks amazing! Where did she get that spider? It would go perfectly with my mega web I recently used!

  7. Oh, it looks like party that I definitely want to go :) Brilliant decoration :)

  8. Love the Halloween party decor and your costume was so cute. My kinda of costume. Simple and Easy.

  9. Great post and you look marvelous!!

  10. Awesome!! Great post!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  11. That display is stunning. But not as stunning as your legs.
    Holy Cow, Angie, your legs are gorgeous.

    Heading out to do more calf lifts.

  12. Ditto your legs and that is the best costume! SOoo cute, I’m going to copy it for next year. And your hair! I’m going to copy the cut and style too, lol! You look great!

    But that party is too gruesome for me, lol, I am a lightweight where halloween is concerned I guess.

  13. I agree w michi…

  14. Side eyeing your friends costume…

  15. Yes! The silver hair is awesome. Thank you for this post, those cake pops are fantastic. Looking forward to making some one day.

  16. Some food for thought on Halloween costumes

  17. The cake pops on silver forks are genius!

  18. Love that wig…do ou have a link to share where you bought it?

  19. Oh my gosh where did you find your spider web dress??? It’s amazing!!! And you are, as always, beyond adorbs!! :)

  20. WOW! That is amazing, that is dedication! wow looks so fun! and Yes, I agree the silver is fun and super cute on you.

  21. I am always in awe of Cupcake Julie’s talent (and energy :) Just wondering how many people get invited to a party like this? I know she does it for the enjoyment of it, but there is so much time and money put into it. You both looked so great!

  22. WOW! That looks all kinds of amazing! I lurve your cake pops!… and the grim reaper… and the spider over the door… and your great costume… and the mirror…. and and and! Fabulous!

  23. Wow, wow, wow….that all looked amazing. What fantastic night out. You looks sensational as a spider. You have great legs BTW.
    Thanks for sharing

  24. How did the do the ghost in the bathroom mirror?! So creepy!

  25. Love the silver hair on you. Go for it!

  26. So creative! I love the decorations, costumes, and the sweets that are presented! you could totally go for the silver hair. you look good in it!

  27. I totally agree with Sosheil……you have fantastic legs lady!!!! Love the silver hair too.

  28. smart idea of the eyes, I like them

  29. Hey lady, you’ve got LEGS! Fun costume – you looked great, and great looking party, too! Thanks so much for sharing the ideas!!! :)

  30. OMG that looks like the worlds best Halloween party :D and you look great-love the outfit XD

  31. You have some awesome friends! And your hair looks seriously fab!! It looks like there’s a little tint of lavender :)

  32. That wig was so awesome, I really thought you had already colored your hair…go for it! PS I am so creeped out by the fork eyeballs I don’t know if I could keep myself together long enough to make them. LoL

  33. That looks like such a cool party. I wish Cupcake Julie would haunt my house.

  34. She’s insane. Your hair was great.

  35. What an amazing party, looks like so much fun! I have to say I love your costume! Thanks for sharing such a fun event with us!

  36. OMG this looks so cool. Amazing decoration, some people know their game. I love the cakepops, such a great idea to use plastic forks, looks so much more scary.

  37. Yes darling, you look fab-oo-lous in silver hair! Love it! Thanks for the great party photo blitz, what an awesome treat!

  38. I loved this! The eyeball cakepops looked so yummy, is that weird to say? And smart choice with the forks! Good job haha! And you look gorgeous with the silver hair, I say do it!

  39. Go for it! It’s only hair and you can always dye it again. Pas, awesome cake pops!

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