It’s a Back-To-School Giveaway!

Back-to-School Giveaway

Want to help kids in need get back-to-school supplies?
Want a chance to win some cool back-to-school gear from Nickelodeon at the same time?
Well, keep on reading!

Nickelodeon is taking back-to-school suggestions on their website for parents at For every back-to-school tip or recipe you give, they’ll make a donation to Feed the Children’s Kid’s School Basics Program. Your ideas will help kids and parents all over the US get ready for school. You can leave tips on their site through September 25th.

So, I hope you’ll take a minute to give back and my niece does, too. (Watch this video from her.)

In addition to the good feeling you’ll have all day, knowing you helped children in need, you could also be the cool parent who wins this Back-to-School prize-pack donated by Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon Back to School PrizeNickelodeon Back to School Prize

Here’s how to enter:

  • Visit and leave a Back-to-School tip or recipe.
  • Then, let me know you gave back by leaving a comment on this blog post and say “I gave back.”
(You must include an email address or blog link with
your comment, so I can contact you if you win.)
  • The deadline to enter this giveaway is August 31st at midnight.
  • The winner will be announced sometime on September 1st.


I gave back and left a recipe suggestion for chocolate cake balls and here they are in Nickelodeon colors just for fun.

Nickelodeon Cake Balls

And, I made cupcake pops, too. (couldn’t resist!)

Cupcake Pops

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153 comments on “It’s a Back-To-School Giveaway!”

  1. I gave back with my super healthy recipe!

  2. That’s a really good thing to do!

  3. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy !!!!


  5. I love making cakepops and i make them for school a lot! But when the county fair came along and my brother always eat those deep fried oreos so i came up with deep fried cake pops and they were Great lol!

  6. I gave back. It is so nice that you can bring up awareness of that…..And make it tasty too!

  7. I gave back!

  8. adorable cupcake pops I just love 2 bake

  9. hi .. just love your blog.. just a question, what frosting to you use for these. I live in the UK and have not seen ready made frosting being sold here. thanks. dying to make these but need the frosting recipe :(
    Thanks a ton

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  11. i gave back with some ideas on how to make the day before school starting a family event!

    what a wonderful idea! keep them up! :]

  12. I gave back!

    Thanks for your great ideas on here!

  13. orange cake balls! Those look great!!!

  14. These are amazing

  15. mamared – sounds like you were the hit of the party! Way to go.

  16. Thanks so much Baerella! I made the cupcake balls in our team colors of Maroon and White! Everyone thought I had used some great food coloring to get the cake that color but it was simply the red velvet cake :) I dipped them in White Bark and the zig zagged the candy melts (which was a combo of red and purple to get a maroonish tone) across the top. HUGE hit!! THANKS!

  17. I’m not sure about maroon.

    Here’s a guide to mixing candy melt colors that may help:

    As far as the drizzle, I’ve done it several ways. This was probably with a squeeze bottle or ziploc bag with the corner cut out. You can also use the candywriters, though.

  18. Hi, I want to make the balls in our team colors for tailgating this weekend! Do you remember seeing “maroon” colored candy melts anywhere?? also how did you do the pretty white zig-zags on the top? candy melts or white choc. bark? did you use a piping bag, plastic bag or ??
    THANKS! your website is BEAUTIFUL and if it doesn’t make you feel like baking then nothing will!!!

  19. Its a win-win!
    Hoping to win one of these great gifts, in order of preference.

    1)Jessie Steele Cupcake Apron
    2) Cupcake Courier
    3) Hello, Cupcake! Book

    Saw you on Martha, it was great!

  20. kathy – they last for several days in an airtight container on the counter. You can refrigerate them if you want them cold.

  21. Could someone out there please tell me the best way to store that chocolate cake balls?


  22. Thanks everyone for giving back!

    vianetia – here you go.

  23. i LOOOOVVVVEEEE these. how do you make them? i really want to make some!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I gave back with a get-out-of-the -house-fast tip. I also posted your contest on my blog here:

    Love your blog. Love your cakeballs -making them today!

  25. I gave back

  26. I gave back! And those are adorable cakeballs!

  27. I gave back

  28. I love your ideas!

  29. I gave back too :)

    As a teacher… any child that comes in with extra supplies to share is a blessing!

  30. i gave back

  31. i gave back :)

  32. I gave back with an easy quesadilla recipe.

    I love your blog! The ideas and recipes are super yummy!! Makes me want to go into my computer and grab one ! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hi! I gave back with a cool school tip!
    I love looking at all the wonderful photos on your blog! Thank-you for all the great ideas!

  34. I gave back. :-)

    Had to share my tip for getting my son out of bed in the morning. Heh.


  35. i gave back

    knobbyknee at hotmail dot com

  36. I gave back – couldn’t think of a recipe, so I posted an essay on letting kids be themselves. After all, “normal” is just a setting on a washer. :)

  37. I gave back with some lunch tips and a recipe!

  38. I gave back with a recipe.

    This is such a great cause thanks for let all us know about it.

  39. I gave back!

    brookeaheaton at hotmail dot com

  40. I gave back!! I’d be super mom if I were to win anything Kick!! Those chocolate balls look so yummy!! Thanks!!

  41. OK. So I left another tip. It seems that everytime I get off the computer…. I think of another!!!

  42. I gave back!

  43. ooopps. I just left the last comment…. I gave back a tip and the cookie cake recipe.

  44. Hi, I gave back a tip and also a recipe for a yummy and VERY easy Cookie cake.
    Thank you.

  45. I share my “bulk is better” shopping strategy. I’ve been hitting up the office supply stores each week for their super sales and we have quite the stash of notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, etc in the basement just waiting to be used. I also end up with pleanty of extra supplies this way and can donate some to the school for students who won’t come with their own things.

    ps – my 9 year old wants me to make your cupcake pops that we saw on martha the other day…he keeps asking me if i’ve checked out the recipe yet :) you have fans of all ages!!


  46. I gave back!!
    that is such a cool thing too do too!! I loved reading others response too!! some great back to school ideas as well! thanks

  47. I gave back! Take a picture of your child on the first day of school every school year. Then on their graduation day from high school, give them a mini-scrapbook with all of the pictures from K-12th grade, so they can see how they have grown up.

    eliwimmer at gmail dot com

  48. A very unique idea Bakerella. Your niece is amazing.
    I just submitted my lunch recipe at

  49. I gave back! I gave my parenting tip on wearing my daughters out so they will sleep the night before the first day of school. They are so excited they haven’t been able to sleep, now we have a big playdate with their best friends with lots of outdoor activities. Lots of excercise and fresh air will do it every time.

  50. I gave back too! We started a private blog for my older elementary school kid. :-) She is getting all kinds of writing practice now.

  51. I gave back with my idea for the Nite Before Bin.

  52. Just put in my 2 cents!

  53. I gave back with a tip for pre-k, what a great idea, such wonderful ideas have been posted so far.

  54. I gave back with some organizational/craft projects.

    This is a great idea. Thanks for bringing it to our attention:)

  55. I gave back !

  56. i’m commenting not to enter the contest but just to let you know how much i love seeing all the variations of your cupcake pops. just adorable.

  57. I gave back-
    I enjoy your blog. Your ideas are so creative and I feel a kinship as I love sweets too!

  58. I gave back ;)

  59. Thanks for the tip…I gave back with an idea for keeping the mounds of paperwork that the school likes to send home, (in triplicate since we have three school age children)!!

  60. I gave back, yet again! LOL! (besides, before I forgot to leave my email addy!)
    Left some great lunchbox tips!


  61. I gave back :)

    Love the little cupcakes.

  62. I gave back!
    I shared our family tradition of a Back to school party. You can check out my blog to see some of the cakes I have decorated:
    I enjoy your blog!

  63. i gave back!

  64. I gave back with a recipe for breakfast burritos. They’re good for lunch too!

  65. Aw I love what youve made!

  66. I gave back!
    (A parenting tip at
    I love the orange cake balls and cupcake pops!

  67. I gave back with a back to school shopping tip. Thanks for introducing me to the website.

  68. Those pops look fantastic!

    Just posted my tip! The title is Teacher Survival Kit. Thanks so much for letting us know about this great program.

  69. I gave back. My sweet tooth loves your blog.

  70. I gave back :) (with a parenting tip!)

  71. I gave back

  72. Wow! I love these… that vibrant color is amazing! Cake balls and cupcakes pops are both so beautiful…

  73. I gave back with a breakfast tip.xh

  74. I gave back! (a couple of times actually!) Mostly with ideas…

  75. I gave parenting tip #394, Magnets + Baking Sheets = Boredom Busters. Thanks for letting us know about this! I love your cupcake pops and cake balls, will have to try that some day!

  76. I gave back! Thanks for letting us know about a great cause!

  77. I gave back.
    and I think your cupcakes are absolutely adorable

  78. I’m love the orange! Thanks for sharing this information, I hadn’t seen anything about the “give back”.

  79. I gave back… and it felt GREAT!
    Thanks for sharing this post.. and the yummies!!

  80. I gave back with a recipe! :)

    By the way…I notice that you still use your original design for the pops, not the peanut butter cup mold as you did once. Do you find one easier or better than the other? Just curious.


  81. I gave back a safe way to id you kids coats and jackets!

    win or lose I need to make some cupcake pops!

  82. I gave back!
    Thank you for sharing the site and getting to look at your yummy cupcakes!


  83. I gave back with a breakfast recipe!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  84. Bakerella, did you see the chocolate chip cookie dough “truffles” on Paula Deen’s best dishes. I have been making the oreo truffles for several years and so I thought this was a great alternative. The only thing I thought might improve on her recipe would be to chill the dough and then roll into balls. Her dough was very very loose. Just thought you might like the heads up.

  85. I gave back, and great contest!

  86. How cute is she????? What a wonderful idea
    Oh and I had to break down and my the cakepops..they turned out YUMMO

  87. I gave back!

  88. I’m suddenly in the mood for cake.

  89. Your niece is a sweetheart!
    Your balls and pops are adorable!
    And the cause is great!
    That’s why we all love Bakerella :)


  91. estupendisimo..el color del mediterraeno y del verano…total sun 100×1000…xoxo

  92. I gave back!

    thanks for the chance to win! I’m new to your blog and I love it!

  93. I just love your blog! I tried my first cupcake pops last week!!

    Helena, Sweden

  94. This stuff is major hot!

  95. That’s for letting us know about it! Very nice of you to take the time to make special chocolate cake balls for it!

  96. I gave back with

    #367) Going the extra mile ,again is my post under personal essays,thanks


  97. I gave back! The cake balls look especially great!

  98. I gave back! They look so delicious.

  99. I gave back with a snack called “Shore Snacks” :)

    I *love* the Nick-themed cake balls and cupcake pops – what a great color combo!!

  100. I gave back!

  101. Ey sweetie! Thanks for the tip :D :D I have my own giveaway on my blog hihi not so cool maybe but still giving out something!

  102. I love seeing your new ideas and creativity. I tagged you on my blog. Check it out!

  103. I gave back!

    I left a tip:
    I make more time together with my 3rd grader in the mornings by packing lunches and snacks the night before. This way we have more time to have breakfast & talk about what the day ahead is going to be like. Spending the extra 15 minutes focusing on my little guy, instead of husting around the kitchen has sent him off to school very happy!

    the.cupcakery at

  104. I gave back with a supplies tip!

    And your Nick pops are too cute!

    sbahrendsen at hotmail dot com

  105. I gave back! Yummy. Suddenly I want orange cupcakes!

  106. I gave back! :) Love the Nick pops – I’m making some of your goodies next week for DD’s birthday party. :)

  107. what a great cause. I love your orange cake balls! so cute!

  108. I gave back Bakerella!

  109. I gave back with a recipe for healthy fruit kabobs. p.s. love love love your new cupcake pops, i still am trying to master the smiley face ones. whenever you are in NYC, I would love a private lesson on how you get the chocolate so smooth!! Keep up the great yummy work! :) ciao bella!

  110. Hi I gave back!!! those treats look sooo yummy love the pops. XOXO from Puerto Rico!!

  111. The colors are so vibrant. I love these. I’m just going to have to go out and buy the orange candy melt to do these. Dieting and cake pops just don’t go hand in hand.

    I just gave back some organizing tips for parents and children alike. Thanks Bakerella for sharing your wonderful ideas.


  112. “I gave back”!!!! And I can’t wait to make some of your goodies!!!

  113. I gave back with a fun lunch tip!

    #342) Making sandwiches fun for the younger ones.

    Use large cookie cutter shapes to creat fun sandwiches. Make the desired sandwich first then use a cookie cutter and carefully press onto the sandwich making a fun shape. Wrap up in foil to help keep it from getting smashed or place in a sandwich box.

    Submitted by: rachelle, 08/15/2008

    Cute pops!

  114. I gave back! Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful opportunity to help kids out. I always feel so sad knowing that some kids don’t have the supplies they need for school.

    I absolutely adore your blog! I am so hooked! I checked this morning even though I knew there couldn’t possibly be another scrumptous treat already. I was greeted by those sunny smiley face cake balls and was cheered for the weekend. About an hour later I checked back (I couldn’t help myself) and was thrilled with the orange explosion! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and beautiful photographs!!

    Charlie’s Mom

  115. I gave back with some tips I picked up from my teenage brother. I saw plenty about small kids, but sometimes the big kids need some help too! I also just discovered your blog yesterday and am so excited to go back and read everything!!


  116. i gave back…yeah!

  117. your niece has so much star quality! i will go to the website tomorrow. i’m still thinking what recipe and what tip i’m going to give. thanks for the inspiration bakerella! have a blessed weekend!

  118. Hi I gave back!!! those treats look sooo yummy love the pops. XOXO from Puerto Rico!!

  119. I gave back with handy tips.

    Juliet (houston texas)

  120. I gave back with a few time and money saving tips.
    Suzy :)

  121. I gave back – and those do look yummy!

  122. I gave back!

    I’m going to have to try your cupcake pops soon. It still kills me that MS called them turds. ;-)

  123. I just offered a tip. I REALLY need to set time aside to attempt the cake balls. It looks so simple. And you make them look soooo yummy!

  124. i gave a suggestion.

  125. I gave back!

    I love all your ideas, too!

  126. I GAVE BACK…….

  127. Not a parent yet, but remember my own school days and my younger brothers. I gave back with 4 things – parenting tip, a handy list, a scrumptious snack idea, and a school gear tip.

    Awesome idea!

  128. I gave back with a recipe

  129. I gave back. As a teacher, I see so many kids who come to school without supplies. Thank you so much for supporting this and getting the word out.

  130. I gave back! Tip #307 under the tab Scrumptious Lunches – this was a kind, generous blog post on your part – thank you for thinking of others :-)

  131. I gave back!

    5 handy tips for making packing lunches easy and fun

  132. I gave back with a parenting tip! What a neat idea!

  133. I gave back with a parenting tip! :)

  134. I gave back with a parenting tip. This is a neat idea, and it’s awesome that you’re helping back it up :)

    I’m at leighbra(at)gmail

  135. I gave back with fun lunch ideas. I was #303.:)

    Thanks for telling us about it, what a great cause! I also followed the link to share it on my Facebook page. Let’s spread the word!

  136. I gave back!
    janine.n.brown at gmail dotcom

  137. “I gave back…”

    “#299) happy meals
    it’s always a fun way to stay connected to your child during the middle of the day with a simple note in their lunchbox…sometimes I write on the napkin, the zip-lock bag or even on a little note card. MY kids always look forward to these random little notes.
    Submitted by: angie, 08/14/2008

  138. I gave back!

  139. I gave back! I love back to school time. Seeing my kids get so excited with their new stuff. I’m glad to help out other kids.

  140. I gave back…

    What a great idea! It got me started thinking about how lucky my kids are to have such a great school. Those treats look so good too!

  141. I Gave Back with our great tip on helping all kiddos get the supplies they need….it’s under the gear tab at the nick site if you want to check it out.

    love the pops!!

  142. I gave back with a recipe and lunchbox tip!
    Thanks you! What a blessing this will be to the winner!

  143. ur cupcake pops have become ur trademark!

  144. You’re just too awesome!

  145. I gave back with a recipe and a couple of tips!


  146. I gave back!

    And you made custom Nick cupcake pops for the occasion! That’s awesome!

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  147. I gave back! (with a parenting tip, at


  148. I gave back :) Can’t wait til the weather cools and I can turn the oven on again to make your sweet treats!

  149. Hi Bakerella,
    I gave back. I love your blog! You are so talented and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  150. i gave back

  151. I gave back :-)

    AND those look yummy.. my girls would be stoked over them.

  152. OMG they look so good !!!
    I will go on the website tomorow :)


  153. I gave back with a recipe at

    I hope you will too.

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