Just plain sweet!

I received the best Valentine’s Day card yesterday and it wasn’t even addressed to me.

It was from a sweet, eight-year-old little girl named Ellica and written to her mom.

Let me show you…


Dear Mom

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a TREAT for U!

Here’s the treat!


Here are some yummies from Bakerella. U can look um up on Bakerella.com.

I love the… You could try to make em too.

Kids are so cute.


I think she’s serious about this, mom. She made a pretty extensive list. You better get baking and pronto.

Oh Ellica … you absolutely made my day. Thank you! And thank you, Teresa, for emailing your daughter’s valentine photos.

Hey Ellica, if you’re reading this … I’m going to send you something, too. Be on the lookout.