Just some cute cupcake stuff

Cupcake Recipe Cards

I used these cards today and it reminded me of a bunch of cute cupcake stuff that’s crossed my path recently. These are letterpress cards from Dingbat Press. If you’ve been following the site for a while, you’ll remember these she made for me a while back. I love letterpress. Love it. It’s so substantial and makes writing much more fun. Check out her site and you’ll find a ton of other gorgeous designs.

Want to see more?


Cupcake Bag

See this bag. It’s a camera bag that was offered to me by Tracy Joy Designs. She had one cupcake design left and gave it to me for the price of shipping. Now, I usually don’t like pattern stuff. I’m a solids kind of girl, but I thought what the heck… that’s a pretty good deal… and maybe I’ll do a giveaway with it or something.

It arrived the day before I went to Oklahoma to visit the Pioneer Woman and as it would happen, I needed a carry on bag for the flight. How convenient! It was perfect. Lots of pockets for lenses that I used for stuff and a long strap to hang over my shoulder so I could lug two other bags full of cake pop supplies.… Kinda smooshable so I could stuff it under the seat in front of me. Needless to say, I’m not using it for my camera and I’m not giving it away. It’s my new travel companion. (sorry)

Cupcake Bag

And, here’s the best part – that I didn’t even notice until I was on the way home. The flap is removable. You can switch it up with different designs. Cute, huh! I don’t think this style is available in her store, but I bet you could do a special order. And if not, she has other cute bags.

Oh no. I was wrong. I just went to their site to get the link for you and it turns out they are closing shop. Serves me right for waiting so long to post this. But, the good news is they are having a BIG sale on all their remaining inventory. Maybe you can score a deal.

Now, control yourself. These are really adorable.

Cupcake Measuring Spoons

Heavy metal cupcake measuring spoons. Look at the inside and the handles. Eeeeeeeek! Keeeeeuuute!

Cupcake Measuring Spoons

Look at their bottoms. And look at the handles, they have tiny hearts on them.

My new friend, Pioneer Woman Cake Pop Demonstration Winner, and blogger… Starwoodgal, gave them to me. She found them at a charming little store in Arkansas called Signed Sealed Delivered. I looked on their site and couldn’t find them, so here’s another place to get them.

Cakespy Notecards

Recognize these little guys? They’re from Cakespy. You know how much I love Cakespy and her L’il Cuppie character. I have several of her paintings and now I can spread the sweetness with these little cute note cards. She also has buttons, magnets and a bunch of fun paintings.

Cakespy Shop

Blue Cupcake Necklace

How could you be blue with this hanging around your neck. I bought this vintage necklace with plastic cupcake pendant recently from Very Happy Everything. They just got started on etsy, but have tons of cute necklaces. I’ll warn you, though. You need to have a little whimsy in your bones for some of the designs… like the Hammerhead sharks with bow ties. Oh, to be in their brain for a few minutes.

Very Happy Everything

Crocheted Cupcakes

Crocheted cupcakes! A reader sent me these the other day. Hi Jackie from New York. How are you? Thank you so much for these and all the time it took to make them. I’ve never crocheted anything, so I have to say, I’m super-impressed.

Soap Cupcake Pops

Cupcake Pops! Nope. They’re actually cupcake soaps on sticks. LoveLeeSoaps gave me these. They look pretty real, huh? You should see some of the other stuff she makes. It’s all crazy cute! I promise.


Sprinkles Cupcake Mix

I also found this in my pantry today. Sprinkles cupcake mix. Sprinkles was very thoughtful to start selling a mix version of their fabulous cupcakes at Williams-Sonoma. Especially since I have been waiting FOREVER for them to open a store anywhere within a day’s drive from me. I had the real things once, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

But, here’s the problem with this mix and things like it. If you notice the expiration date on the right, you’ll see that I’ve had it for quite a while… way before that date even. It’s a quirk of mine. I find it extremely difficult to open cute packaging. I would rather just look at it contained, than open it. Quirky, right?

Sprinkles Cupcake Mix

Here’s another example of really cute packaging from Chronicle Books. Take a look at this Cupcake Kit! It’s so cute, I haven’t even opened the box to hold and look at all the fun stuff inside.

One Cupcake Kit

But, guess what?! I have two of them.

Two Cupcake Kits

So, maybe you can help me out. If I give one away, will you open it and tell me how fun everything inside is?

Please, because I’m going to put the other one on a shelf and stare at it.

Okay, it’s settled. One of these kits is up for grabs. But which one of you wants it? Let me know.

Enter for a chance to win:
A Cupcake Kit
  • Just leave a comment on this post and let me if you want to tear into this box. Easy.
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win (either a blog link or email)
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, May 29th at 9 p.m. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner below. (recorded by the time stamp of your comment)
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Saturday morning on this post.

* One winner will be chosen at random, using’s integer generator.

Time to reveal the winner.



It’s comment number…


Congratulations eRika! The goodies will be in your hands soon. I hope you have fun with it.

Now, guess what?! I’ve decided to go ahead and give the second one away also. That’s right. Two winners. Why? Because you guys are always so great and I know I will just be staring at mine on the shelf. I think I would feel guilty knowing how badly so many of you wanted one.

And the second winner is comment number 40. Ooooh, a low number this time. Who’s it gonna be?
Jenni, of course. And, I’d love to see any results from your new cupcake kit.

Thanks everyone who entered and graciously agreed to tear into this box for me. Some of you even have the same packaging problem as I do. (Yay, I’m not alone.) And, some of you… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to come between you and any sort of wrapped gift. But, it would be fun to watch. There were a total of exactly 2,800 entries for this giveaway and it was one I really enjoyed reading. Made me laugh, smile and wish I had even more kits to give. And Carissa, even though you didn’t win, and you were “number two-thousand-four hundred and fifty,” I did read your comment. Hi!

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2,808 comments on “Just some cute cupcake stuff”

  1. I would love to try out that cupcake kit for you. ;-)

  2. Super cute, looks like fun to play with!

  3. I would love it but my 5 year old daughter would die for it. She has been cooking ever since she was 2 and she watches the Food Network with me especially cake challenges. She wants to enter a cake contest at the State Fair so we have been practicing with cupcakes. Love it!

  4. Soo adorable, I love cupcakes and hope I win!

  5. Would love to tear into the box and try it out for you. I am a sweet tooth experimenter at your service. :)

  6. I am drawn to all things cupcake as well! Would love to have a look inside the box!

  7. cupcake kit!!!!

  8. ohhh no, never tear such a CUTE box! open slowly and enjoy every little treat inside…

  9. I would definitely like to tear into that! Very cute.

    Teralyn Smith

  10. YUM! My girls and I would love the cupcake kit!

  11. I want it!!! (Pretty please.)

  12. Me! Me!

    PS- I’m not trying to cheat, delete the comment w/o my email…the conflicting editing thing came up on my screen…

  13. So many cute cupcake things!

    I would love to open that box of wonderfulness.


  14. I have been eyeing that thing for ages! It’s so cute!

  15. I’d love to rip into that box! You are so tempting me to go spend a bundle to make the cute cupcake pops! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  16. I LOVE cute packaging as well ;) But I think I could easily tear in to that thing!

  17. I’d love to rip into that box! You are so tempting me to go spend a bundle to make the cute cupcake pops! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  18. Yes, I’d happily tear into it. But then I’d keep the box because it’s cute! ;)

  19. I’ve wanted that set for so long!

  20. My 4 year old daughter and I would love to do this!!! She would tear into it for us!!!

  21. That’s so cute! I would love to break into it!

  22. Oh that is TOO cute – I’d love it!

    BTW – I make cupcake bites for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. HUGE hit, and so yummy!


  23. I would totally tear into that.

    Bought some cards from dingbat press just a few weeks ago, have been following adrienne for a while. letterpress is SO much fun.


  24. Hi Bakerella,
    I would love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Oh-so-fun! Anyone would be lucky to win!!

  26. What an adorable kit!

  27. It would be so much fun to play with all the things included in the box!


  28. I would tear into it…..neatly!

  29. I’d definitely open that box! I love me some cupcakes.

  30. I could handle tearing into that adorable box.

  31. Of course I would love to tear into the box! Ahhh, I want to go on an Internet shopping spree after reading your latest post :)

  32. Oh geez, I am in heaven now. This would be so fantastic. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway.

  33. Yes! That sounds like a lovely idea!

  34. I have no qualms about opening boxes, no matter how cute. :o)

  35. I’ll be happy to be the cupcake kit guinea pig!!

  36. Cuteness!!! I want it!! :)


  37. I would love to have this super cute kit :) I’d be happy to tell you all about it and to take lots of pictures to share!

  38. Oh I hope I get picked! Love it!

  39. Thats so cute! I would love to tear into it!!

  40. Just give it here and I’ll open it!!

  41. oh i’d love to watch my daughter tear into it! she’d have a blast with it!!!

  42. I’d love on of those kits!

  43. I would love to tear into that box! Hope you pick me! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  44. I would tear into it! I would probably save the box, though.

  45. Oh my gosh! I’d love that cupcake kit. I might even tear into it, but first I’d have to let it sit on the counter a while so I look at it.

  46. I would love love love to tear into that box!

  47. I’ll even send you photos of the entire process!

  48. I love it!

  49. I will open it!! And eat some cuppies. And save the box. And let you know how the whole thing goes!

  50. omg, definitely want it!

  51. The box itself is wonderful…I would like to see inside!!!

  52. I love cupcakes!!!

  53. I would love to open it up and tell you all about it!!

  54. I would have to keep that box after making those cute cupcakes.

  55. Oh!!!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to tear into that!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. I’d love to open it and tell you all about it! :-)

    Thanks for such a fun post with all kinds of great links! I’ll be spending some time poking around those stores!

  57. I’ll be sure and let you know what’s in it if you pick me!

  58. I’d love to win!

  59. I LOVE CUPCAKES! Nothing could keep me out of that box:) My daughter and I love to bake together. Her favorite is to make and decorate cupcakes. We would love to use that box for our next baking date!

  60. I actually bought the kit for my cupcake loving friend, and she said it is awesome! I went to the measuring spoon link to buy those for her as a gift for hosting my bridal shower, but they’re out of stock. Bummer! Would love the kit! :)

  61. I’d love to know what’s in the cupcake kit! Your post reminded me that I need to bake (or at least check the expiration date of) a Sprinkles mix in my pantry. I received two mixes from a friend a few months ago. I made one and wasn’t too impressed, but I’ve also never been to impressed with the cupcakes at their shops. Maybe the other mix will be better.

  62. Yeah yummy! I would tear into it!

  63. Ooo! Pick me, pick me!

  64. I love the idea of this kit! It reminds me of the cookie mix in the mason jar. Very neat idea.


  65. I would love it!

  66. Yes please!

  67. Definitely tear that thing open! (Well, maybe don’t actually tear it – open it gingerly so you don’t mess up the super cute packaging…)

  68. Me and my 5 year old daughter would love to tear into that box!

  69. Oh, I would ABSOLUTELY tear into that gorgeous box. I bet the inside contents are even more gorgeous. :]

  70. Oh my that’s adorable.

  71. Oo I love cupcakes! I’m oh so close to having my own place, and I plan to bake up a storm!

  72. Heck yeah I want it :D

  73. Oh my that is a hard one it is so cute (as is everything else on this post!!!) But I think my daugther who is totally into Cupcakes would make me tear into it and make them for her!!!

  74. Oh wow I would love to win this! Thank so much for the contest!

  75. i hate saving things! my rule is, if you haven’t touched it or needed it in a year its gone (precious heirlooms are not included).Therefore, I am your woman! thanks for inspiring me to domesticate myself! you can write me on my blog

  76. I’d love it! :)

  77. awesome! i love your giveaways!

  78. I would love it! I’ll definitely open it and tell you what’s inside!

    maplesa at comcast dot net

  79. These are so cute! I would love to use that and bake for all my friends even more!su

  80. Sooo many cupcakes! So cute!

  81. I want to win!

  82. OMG! How fun! I would LOVE to tear into it and tell you about it!

  83. I’d love to tear into that box. I’m sure my kids would love to help me too.

    You can contact me at

  84. I sooooo love cupcakes!!!! We’d have a ball tearin’ (I mean gently opening-it’s too cute) in to that box….All 7 of us!

  85. I love cute packaging, too. I would probably gently open it to see what was inside, but be careful not to damage the packaging. I hope I win! I’m feeling lucky!

  86. I would love to have that! Thanks for the chance to win the Cupcake kit. I’d definitely enjoy it after I got up the courage to tear open the pretty package. :-P

  87. I would love to tear into it and see what’s inside, but like you I also enjoy just looking at the cute packaging!

  88. I’d tear into it…the packaging is lovely, but I love discovering what’s inside too!

  89. How fun! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  90. Wow, in 30 minutes you already have 104 entries and counting.

    I love all things cupcakes, and I’m sure my son and husband would help enjoy these as well.

  91. I would tear into it! I am also going to look at those measuring spoons RIGHT NOW!!!

  92. Oh my goodness! Looks like way too much fun for one little box! But definitely as much fun as I want; I would love it.

  93. So DAMN cute – All these products are so stinkin fun. Thanks for the fun giveaway – Retweeting this one!!

  94. I’d love to teathe kit and report back for you!

    Jarapeles *at* gmail *dot* com

  95. OOOH! ME ME ME! pick me!!!

  96. Ooh, I’d definitely open up the goodies and use them for a special occasion! :)

  97. Oh my word! Everything is so cute! I think the kit would be awesome to have!

  98. aww, that is too cute! would love it…

  99. yes! I’d love it! I would totally tear into it!
    linda_nguyen_ at

  100. Great post. I’d love to be included in your giveaway!

  101. Yes, ma’am. I would be happy to help you out with that! ;D

  102. I would break my diet just to tear into that box! Yum!

  103. I’d love to tear into it, it’s so cute!

  104. I would love a cupcake kit!

  105. My kids love cupcakes and I would love to have that kit!

  106. Oh that would be AMAZING!

  107. My four kids would flip out if that showed up in our mail box. Pick me, random generator!

  108. why yes I would love to tear into that box :)

    What a cool idea :)

  109. I would so love to tear into that box! YUM!

  110. I want to win! I’ll break into that adorable box like nobody’s business.

  111. How adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I saw this on the chronicle books site. How cute is that! I’d love one.

  113. The cupcake kit is so cute! I would love to tear into that!

  114. too cute! i would love to include that in my kitchen!

  115. I SO want to tear into that box!!

    I LOVE cupcakes!! Looking at them, AND eating them! Cute and delicious!!

  116. I hope to be tearing into that soon!!!

  117. Oh my, I would love it!

  118. I’d bake immediately after receiving!

  119. I soooooooo want to tear into that box!!
    love those cupcake measuring spoons!!

  120. Ooooohhh…I’ve been eyeing one of these. Would be great!


  121. That looks so awesome.

  122. I would definitely love to tear into one!!!

    jade dot case at gmail dot com

  123. I would have no problem opening that box and using the contents! However, I would open it very carefully and put everything reusable back in it when I was done :-)

    erica dot rubin at gmail dot com

  124. I definitely open any and all baked goods!

  125. ahh! It’s sooo cute!! I’d love to see what’s in it!!

  126. After a stressful week tearing into this would make my day!!

  127. It is so cute! I would break into that and tell you how much fun it is.

  128. I would tear into it right away! My birthday is a month away and I always make myself cupcakes!! YUM!

  129. i so want 2 tear in2 that box – let me at it! ;0)

  130. I’m in! Love the kit.

    Follow me @digital_cupcake on twitter.

  131. Yes, please! I haven’t made cupcakes in ages. Maybe some summer-themed ones would be in order!

  132. Bakerella, you’re the best! I would love to help you out by tearing into that box!

  133. I’d take one for the cupcake team and open it for you.

  134. I would LOVE to tear into that box!! Mu girls would have a blast helping me out! Oh, please random generator, pick me!


  135. As pretty as it would on the shelf (and i’d be tempted to keep it there too…lol) I would love to have (and open) this box!

  136. I would love to have the kit! My email is sunsetroad at yahoo dot com

  137. I have the exact same problem!! But I could probably open it, just for you. :)

  138. That is the coolest thing ever! I would love to tear into that box!

  139. I would love the cupcake kit. I’ve seen it in the stores and it looks like so much fun.

  140. i would be thrilled!

  141. Would love to have that! My daughter & I would have a blast!

  142. Oh my boys would love to break into that box and make some cupcakes!

  143. Reading this post made me hungry, and I’d be happy to make and devour cupcakes in the name of research.

  144. How cute! I love making cupcakes, almost as much as I love eating them! I’d love a cute little kit like that!

  145. Cupcakes are my addiction. I enjoy making them, eating them, and giving them away. I would love to have this kit for all the new recipes.

  146. I would love to tear into that box like a starved tiger!

  147. Nah, I wouldn’t.


    Of course I would tear into that mofo! LOL!

  148. I would love that…so would my baking obsessed 6 year old

  149. I would LOVE to dive right into that box! I would be more than happy to send pics of the contents with the cutest model ever….my daughter!

  150. So exciting!!! How can you have all that stuff around and not be using it?? Pick me pick me!!

  151. Oh would love to make these so much. I know my 3 1/2 year old would love to help (by licking the bowl.)

  152. I completely understand about not wanting to open cute packages. You have no idea how many times my fiance has had a fit over expired things. He just doesn’t understand I guess!

  153. I am new here – but fell in love with your blog!

    I would loveeeeee to tear into the box and let you know how much fun it is!

    Fingers crossed…

  154. Too cute! I love it!

  155. Adorable! My daughter would love it!

  156. oh for pete’s sake, must we play this cat and mouse game, bakerella? ok, fine, I’ll comment and then when I “randomly” win this FAB prize I’ll act very graceful and surprised. Like any Fan Club president should.
    (wait…now if I really DO win, am I gonna have to forfeit due to speculation?) crap.
    Your #1 Fan :)

  157. Oh how I would love to see what is in that kit! And would of course create a mini-photo-documentary of the events resulting from using the cupcake kit’s contents. How fun!

  158. oh my! Love. Love.

  159. I am picturing ripping into right now. lol

  160. I would love to open this! It’s too pretty to tear but I would still gleefully attack it.


  161. How cute! I would love to tear into that box to discover all of it’s delicious contents.

  162. I would love to open that box and report back to you on what’s inside :)

  163. Sooo Cute! I’ve enjoyed your ideas and look forward to maybe delving into this cupcake kit. Thanks!

  164. oooh my freaking goodness! i’ve been craving cupcakes all day! i drive thru dallas specifically to have sprinkles cupcakes…and i would rip that baby open and post pics of the insides and the cupcakes i make from it! :-)

  165. I would love to tear into that! Yummy!

  166. Oh! Oh! I love kits and cute packaging as well, but I would tear into this one faster than you can say sprinkle.

  167. I would definitely open the packaging but I wouldn’t “tear” into it. I tend to be a very careful package opener which drives my family nuts at Christmas!

  168. I wouldn’t tear into it – I would open it hastily but gently and pull out the contents one-by-one like it was Christmas 1992 all over again.
    Christmas 1992 was when I got an Easy Bake Oven, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bike helmet and pajamas with “Jacq Attack” written on them.

    In other words – I’d be psyched!!!

  169. I am ready to do some baking. Hope the cupcake kit is coming to my home.

  170. Oh my! That looks lovely, if I don’t win (and I only ever won something once on a kids TV station back about 8 years ago), I’d love to know where you got it.

    And of course, everything else in this post is amazing tooo.

  171. I’d love to open it, it’s adorable!

    kfreels @ umich . edu

  172. I would love to tear into the kit! Carefully, of course :)

  173. Yeah, I would definitely make some use of that!


    The Paper Flower Shop

  174. I’d tear into that. But my 4 year old would probably beat me to it!

  175. I hate to destroy beautiful packaging, too. But for you, Bakerella, I would do it!

  176. i would love to have the cupcake kit. so cute!

  177. lovely!! i’d love to try that sprinkles mix. thanks for the chance to win.

  178. So fun!! I have 3 mini sous chefs who could get into that box in seconds flat!

  179. Oh now that sounds like lots of fun!!

  180. Awh!!! I would love to tear into that yummy box!! That cupcake piled high with that white frosting is just calling out my name!

  181. i would tear into that box the moment it came!



  182. Of course I would like to dig into that cutie box!!!!!!

  183. how much fun – I’ll be more than happy to “document” the contents for you ;) LOLOL

  184. I would absolutely love this kit. I love this blog and all of your cute little recipes!!!


  185. Yes, I would love it!

  186. How absolutely adorable!

  187. OPEN THAT BOX!!!!

  188. I would LOVE to have that kit!

  189. I would LOVE to tear into the box! I am just about to start getting into cooking and baking since I’ll be living on my own in an apartment for the first time next year!

  190. What fun!! It looks like a great activity to do with my girl!
    dcbehlmer at hotmail dot com

  191. I would love that. I adore making cupcakes!

  192. That looks like so much fun! My daughter and I could have a blast, she loves to help me bake.

  193. Yes, would love to tear into the box, but would love to have a sprinkles cupcake even more!

  194. Oh that’s so cute! I’d definitely tear into it!

  195. I would love to have that.

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