Just some cute cupcake stuff

Cupcake Recipe Cards

I used these cards today and it reminded me of a bunch of cute cupcake stuff that’s crossed my path recently. These are letterpress cards from Dingbat Press. If you’ve been following the site for a while, you’ll remember these she made for me a while back. I love letterpress. Love it. It’s so substantial and makes writing much more fun. Check out her site and you’ll find a ton of other gorgeous designs.

Want to see more?


Cupcake Bag

See this bag. It’s a camera bag that was offered to me by Tracy Joy Designs. She had one cupcake design left and gave it to me for the price of shipping. Now, I usually don’t like pattern stuff. I’m a solids kind of girl, but I thought what the heck… that’s a pretty good deal… and maybe I’ll do a giveaway with it or something.

It arrived the day before I went to Oklahoma to visit the Pioneer Woman and as it would happen, I needed a carry on bag for the flight. How convenient! It was perfect. Lots of pockets for lenses that I used for stuff and a long strap to hang over my shoulder so I could lug two other bags full of cake pop supplies.… Kinda smooshable so I could stuff it under the seat in front of me. Needless to say, I’m not using it for my camera and I’m not giving it away. It’s my new travel companion. (sorry)

Cupcake Bag

And, here’s the best part – that I didn’t even notice until I was on the way home. The flap is removable. You can switch it up with different designs. Cute, huh! I don’t think this style is available in her store, but I bet you could do a special order. And if not, she has other cute bags.

Oh no. I was wrong. I just went to their site to get the link for you and it turns out they are closing shop. Serves me right for waiting so long to post this. But, the good news is they are having a BIG sale on all their remaining inventory. Maybe you can score a deal.

Now, control yourself. These are really adorable.

Cupcake Measuring Spoons

Heavy metal cupcake measuring spoons. Look at the inside and the handles. Eeeeeeeek! Keeeeeuuute!

Cupcake Measuring Spoons

Look at their bottoms. And look at the handles, they have tiny hearts on them.

My new friend, Pioneer Woman Cake Pop Demonstration Winner, and blogger… Starwoodgal, gave them to me. She found them at a charming little store in Arkansas called Signed Sealed Delivered. I looked on their site and couldn’t find them, so here’s another place to get them.

Cakespy Notecards

Recognize these little guys? They’re from Cakespy. You know how much I love Cakespy and her L’il Cuppie character. I have several of her paintings and now I can spread the sweetness with these little cute note cards. She also has buttons, magnets and a bunch of fun paintings.

Cakespy Shop

Blue Cupcake Necklace

How could you be blue with this hanging around your neck. I bought this vintage necklace with plastic cupcake pendant recently from Very Happy Everything. They just got started on etsy, but have tons of cute necklaces. I’ll warn you, though. You need to have a little whimsy in your bones for some of the designs… like the Hammerhead sharks with bow ties. Oh, to be in their brain for a few minutes.

Very Happy Everything

Crocheted Cupcakes

Crocheted cupcakes! A reader sent me these the other day. Hi Jackie from New York. How are you? Thank you so much for these and all the time it took to make them. I’ve never crocheted anything, so I have to say, I’m super-impressed.

Soap Cupcake Pops

Cupcake Pops! Nope. They’re actually cupcake soaps on sticks. LoveLeeSoaps gave me these. They look pretty real, huh? You should see some of the other stuff she makes. It’s all crazy cute! I promise.


Sprinkles Cupcake Mix

I also found this in my pantry today. Sprinkles cupcake mix. Sprinkles was very thoughtful to start selling a mix version of their fabulous cupcakes at Williams-Sonoma. Especially since I have been waiting FOREVER for them to open a store anywhere within a day’s drive from me. I had the real things once, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

But, here’s the problem with this mix and things like it. If you notice the expiration date on the right, you’ll see that I’ve had it for quite a while… way before that date even. It’s a quirk of mine. I find it extremely difficult to open cute packaging. I would rather just look at it contained, than open it. Quirky, right?

Sprinkles Cupcake Mix

Here’s another example of really cute packaging from Chronicle Books. Take a look at this Cupcake Kit! It’s so cute, I haven’t even opened the box to hold and look at all the fun stuff inside.

One Cupcake Kit

But, guess what?! I have two of them.

Two Cupcake Kits

So, maybe you can help me out. If I give one away, will you open it and tell me how fun everything inside is?

Please, because I’m going to put the other one on a shelf and stare at it.

Okay, it’s settled. One of these kits is up for grabs. But which one of you wants it? Let me know.

Enter for a chance to win:
A Cupcake Kit
  • Just leave a comment on this post and let me if you want to tear into this box. Easy.
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win (either a blog link or email)
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, May 29th at 9 p.m. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner below. (recorded by the time stamp of your comment)
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Saturday morning on this post.

* One winner will be chosen at random, using’s integer generator.

Time to reveal the winner.



It’s comment number…


Congratulations eRika! The goodies will be in your hands soon. I hope you have fun with it.

Now, guess what?! I’ve decided to go ahead and give the second one away also. That’s right. Two winners. Why? Because you guys are always so great and I know I will just be staring at mine on the shelf. I think I would feel guilty knowing how badly so many of you wanted one.

And the second winner is comment number 40. Ooooh, a low number this time. Who’s it gonna be?
Jenni, of course. And, I’d love to see any results from your new cupcake kit.

Thanks everyone who entered and graciously agreed to tear into this box for me. Some of you even have the same packaging problem as I do. (Yay, I’m not alone.) And, some of you… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to come between you and any sort of wrapped gift. But, it would be fun to watch. There were a total of exactly 2,800 entries for this giveaway and it was one I really enjoyed reading. Made me laugh, smile and wish I had even more kits to give. And Carissa, even though you didn’t win, and you were “number two-thousand-four hundred and fifty,” I did read your comment. Hi!

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2,808 comments on “Just some cute cupcake stuff”

  1. omygash. i want to rip. it. up. hahaha.

    oh, and you rock, for giving this kind of stuff away. i’m not sure i’d have the heart.


  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  3. Oh, I would love to get into that with my 5yo. Fun! Fun!

  4. ooo that looks like fun! I’d love to show you what’s inside :)

  5. I would love, love love to open this!

  6. I’ll take it! Thanks for the giveaway!!! I love your blog!

  7. I’d be willing to tear into it for you and give you a detained post!!!!

  8. The kit looks adorable :) I’d definitely tear into it!

  9. That box is so cute. I think I would open it veeerryy carefully and take the contents and then seal it again so I can stare at the box =))

  10. I think I’ve seen those kits somewhere before – but the staff was watching so I didn’t open it then. I’d love to see what’s inside!

  11. I definitely would!

  12. I’d tear into that box and start baking cupcakes for my new workmates! Woot woot!

  13. Yes! I’d love to! Fun fun!

  14. Oh I would love to rip it open for you!

  15. I would TOTALLY love to get my hands on those cupcakes!!!!
    swishdesigns4u at gmail

  16. Tear into it and check it out.

  17. I would love the cupcake kit!!

  18. Bakerella, you are my favorite site in all the land…

  19. Of course I'd tear into it! Perfect for my birthday, which is the 29th <3

  20. I have a cupcake obsession!

  21. Oh, that kit looks neat! I’d love to tear into it and get my cupcake mojo on!

    Those little measuring spoons are to die for, too.

  22. Um, I like the chronicle books one… AND I have to tell you, I bought my son two cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake today (which of course means I had to mortgage the house) and the lil bugger wouldn’t even let me have a TEENY taste.


    LOVE the “whats wrong cupcake?”

  23. Wellllll…I would carefully open it to enjoy what’s inside, and to relay to you, of course, about the fun contents. Count me in.

  24. Lovely! (And I LOVE your site. My roommie and I have become obsessed with cake pops!)

  25. Would love it! So yummy.

  26. Please let me win! I would love to tear into that box!

  27. I would love it!

  28. omg… everything is so cute :]

    i just started baking, so i would loooove a cupcake kit

  29. I’ll open it. Bake cupcakes with it. and send you pictures of what i make with it :)
    sound like a deal?

  30. I’ve been dying to bake cupcakes for weeks now!!! I would love to tell you whats inside!

  31. Send the kit my way!

  32. would love to bake with this kit – how cute!

  33. omg… everything is so cute :]

    i just started baking, so i would loooove a cupcake kit

  34. I would tear into that box in a heart beat! What a fun way to start the summer with my kids – by baking cupcakes!

  35. So cute!

  36. My 7 year old daughter and I would have an absolute BALL tearing into that box together! She’s my partner in crime when it comes to copying all your goodies. =0)

  37. Cupcakes are the best! I need to win this before I start my diet.
    :( I’ll probably still sneek some cupcakes…

  38. I would tear into that in a heart beat! How adorable!!

  39. I am dying of teh cuteness of all the cupcake stuff! *crosses fingers*

  40. love the measuring spoons! i wouldn’t necessarily tear into the box but i would love to save it- with the ribbon handle it’d be great to keep things in! sprinkles or cookie cutters maybe?

    soniasaur (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. I know exactly what you mean…sometimes I think I like the packaging of things even more than the contents (that’s why I am so crazy about some of the items at Williams Sonoma). In this case though, I’d dig in for the goodies, but manage to preserve the packaging as well.


  42. I agree, the cupcake looks better, don’t tear the box, I save things like that!

  43. I would love that! Actually my sous chef would adore this!

  44. I’d take one for the team and tear into it, and maybe even document it with pictures! :)

  45. I’ll tell you, if you send it to me!

  46. Love it love it! Can’t wait to (hopefully) tear into it!

  47. I’ll tear into the box for you! And I’ll even send pictures!

    mindily at hotmail dot com

  48. I would love to tear into it and see what is inside! mmmmm yummy goodies!

  49. Um, yeah, DUH I want some of that! FUN FUN FUN!

  50. I would loooove to have that! I would carefully open it to reveal the contents so that yours could remain safely on display – untouched. ;)

  51. Oh my goodness. I would absolutely love that!! I have been baking nonstop since I came home for the summer!! or sashanako on twitter.

  52. Yummy, yummy to my tummy! And heck yeah, I would tear into it!

  53. oh. my. gosh. Those measuring spoons are too cute for words!

  54. My 3 year old and I love to bake together! We would LOVE the kit – thanks!!

  55. Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!!!!

  56. Pick me, pick me!
    Maria G

  57. very cute and I would have no problem tearing into it. I would just let my kids help me!

  58. Oh yes! Let’s tear into it….gently. :o


  59. I would love to have those yummy cupcakes.

  60. I might look at it for a little while, then tear into it. I have your disorder too, but I am learning :) -Kath
    thatsagoodmeatball at yahoo dot com

  61. omg where did you find all these cutesy cupcake stuff?! they’re super adorable!!!

  62. I would LOVE to try it out!!! :):) Love your blog too!!


  63. Oh my goodness. I would absolutely love that!! I have been baking nonstop since I came home for the summer!! or sashanako on twitter.

  64. Love, love LOVE it! So cute.

  65. I would love to!
    jen.carrick at gmail dot com

  66. Oh please please! It looks like a awesome way to have fun with my lil cupcakes.. I mean kids.

  67. I would definitely try to tear the box neatly because the packaging is so cute! Much Love Bakerella!

  68. Tear into it??!! Are you kidding? I would get that kit directly over to a friend who is toying with the idea of opening her own business baking cookies. This would be an inspiration!

  69. That looks like so much fun!

  70. OOOO girl i’d tear it up! lol

  71. That’s adorable! Thanks for the contest.

  72. Oh yes! I’d love to tear into one of those! I’m a huge cupcake addict!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  73. Wow..that looks like so much fun to not open! I know my girls wouldn’t let me just leave it sitting there without opening it and makeing the cupcakes for them! They are 2 and 4 by the Love it! Thanks for all that you share with all of us! You truly are a fabulous person at heart!

  74. I would love to win this! It would be a great project for me and my son. He loves to bake! :)

  75. Yes, I need a cupcake kit for sure!

  76. i would love to tear into this! :D

  77. I will definitely tear into the box, but carefully so I can save the box to put on the shelf. I am so jealous – you have the most adorable collection of cupcake stuff!! I am going to find a pattern, or make one up, for those crocheted cupcakes, they are da bomb!

  78. I could tear open that box !

  79. I would love to tear into that cupcake kit! Carefully of course because the packaging is soooo cute!

  80. oh that looks so fun!

  81. i’m so ready to tear into that box!!!
    jennyjbutler at yahoo dot com

  82. oh my goodness! I’m not sure whats in there but I did buy some adorable cupcake photography stationary that had that exact photograph (the outside of the box)! If I won I’d have to send you one as a thank you. hehe

  83. Oh, we’d love to test it out!! My 5 year old DD would have a blast! Thanks for entering me!

  84. Count me in too! Looks like so much fun!

  85. I love baking cupcakes!

  86. My daughters & I would LOVE to have that!! But since we live in Indonesia I doubt that we're ever going to have one soon :(

  87. Who wouldn’t love this??

  88. you are killin’ me! :D LOVE it!!
    of course i would tear into it :)

  89. Soooooo cute!!! Something about cupcakes that just makes you want to giggle.
    I had a real Sprinkles cupcake once, too. It was a spiritual experience. ;)

  90. I love cute packaging, but I would definitely want to tear into it!

    mledorman at gmail dot com

  91. I would love to tear into it! We are moving across country (from Wisconsin -> Oregon) this weekend, so I had to get rid of all of my fun non-essential things. This would be a welcome addition to my new kitchen!

    Annie Get Your Glue Gun!

  92. I’m a sucker for cute packaging too, but I promise I’d use this if I won.

  93. Wicked cuteness!! :)

  94. Ah, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. I’d love to break out what’s in side.

  95. So fun! I would LOVE to tear into it! Hope I get to! =)

  96. OMG!!! Sprinkles is my favorite!!!!

  97. just started reading your bog thanks to a friend. love it! i would def. tar into that box!

  98. Mmmm, I would love to have that cupcake kit!

  99. Ooooooooo! How much fun could that be!

  100. LOVE that kit :)

  101. Oh yeah, I can rip into that box!!

  102. Our local dollar store started selling some Wilton products for more then a dollar of course but it was the biggest news to hit our town in years… We have nothing here. No place to buy fun stuff, no cookie or cake section with sprinkles and icings etc.. I have to buy everything on line. It is sooooooooooooooooooooo depressing.. When we do find a great deal or a product there is a frenzy of women stampeding the mall trying to grab every last item from the shelf. It is awesome…

    I would like to make others jealous.. haha

  103. I most definitely want to tear into it!

    ftlouie17 [at]

  104. It looks super cute! I would love to win it!

  105. I’ll tear into it!!!!! My kids and I would have a blast!

  106. Oh yay! I did a cupcake theme for my daughter’s party! L-O-V-E cupcake stuff!!

  107. omg! That looks like it would be a lot of fun to tear into!!

  108. I am soooo ready to dive into the cupcake box! Cupcakes have been all the rage around my area and I have been wanting to get in on the action for some time now! Looks like so much fun!

  109. my cupcakes really deserve better packaging than the tin foil or pastel colored cups in my pantry. I would LOVE to win this :)

  110. I would love to have the cupcake kit!

  111. super cute cupcake stuff! thanks for the chance to get the kit :)

    jennifer (dot) westfall (@) gmail (dot) com

  112. What a great list of cupcake goodies!

  113. This is so cute! It must be mine!

  114. I would love this! I hope I win:) Thanks for this great site-I get so excited when it updates in my reader!

  115. I’d love to get my hands on those cupcake liners!!

  116. I want it! I want it!

    LOVE your blog. Wait for your new posts patiently. :-)


  117. I have been eyeing that kit! I would love to win it!

  118. that looks super fun to tear into!

  119. Me me me!

  120. Very neat! I’d love to win.

  121. I would love to tear into that!

    lcsiojo AT usfca DOT edu

  122. I would love to tear into that box!!

    K. C.
    kccuties AT gmail DOT com

  123. I would love to do this with my daughter (she is 3). How fun!!!

  124. me me! i love baking…

  125. Oh! Me. ME!!!

  126. Oh, oh, oh!!! Gimmee, Gimmee!!

    Ummm…please. :)

    jasonjohnson60446 at msn dot com

  127. Yes I would love me some cupcake stuff!

  128. So cute.. I really love those measuring spoons!!!


  129. my girls would love doing these with me.

  130. I would love it! I have been promising my munchkinz we would make cupcakes soon!

  131. Pick me! Pick me! I want to tear into that box!

  132. That is some super cute cupcake stuff. Must say that I love my tracy joy bag! I’d love to tear into that box for sure.

  133. I’d love to win!

  134. That is an awesome idea! I want one!

  135. Of course! What fun is it if you don’t even use anything inside? I bet there are great things you’re missing out on.

    katebrannon (at) hotmail (dot) com

  136. So cute! marcie dot jessee at gmail dot com

  137. Omgosh, I would LOVELOVELOVE to tear into that adorable kit!!!

  138. My daughter loooooves cupcakes. She is 21 and has a thing for cupcakes. She says it’s a cake you don’t have to share. She also loves sprinkles so much we bought her a gallon container of them as a gift once.

  139. I will tear into that! Everything on this post looks great and I’ll be checking out several of the sites.


  140. I would love to tear into that box. So cute! Thanks for all the links!

  141. I used to have tons of stuff expire on me and things go bad because I couldn’t bring myself to open them.
    Now, I just open them. :) If I win I vow to open this box immediately!!

    mnhub-junk– at yahoo dot –com

  142. Oh I would LOVE this! Sounds FUN!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  143. I would have the best time in the world using that cupcake kit. Today I made coconut lime cupcakes, with lime custard filling and coconut lime frosting. Topped with lime zest, of course. AMAZING. I wonder what’s in that cupcake kit…

  144. That looks super fun… you’d better believe I’d have it open in a matter of seconds! I hope I get picked!!
    meggieloulou at gmail dot com

  145. Oh my gosh, how cute! I totally want it!

  146. I love making cupcakes and love your website, so of course, I want you to pick me!!

    imamop @ hotmail . com

  147. I want it!!!! :D

  148. I’ve been waiting to make cupcakes FOR FOREVER. I NEED THAT KIT!

  149. Oh my gosh, that would be PERFECT for a cupcake newbie like me!!!

  150. yay! How exciting for cupcake everything :)

    I would love to enter contest too!

  151. I’d rip it right open!

  152. I would love to play with that! I am just getting into all this fancy-smancy baking, and it is so fun!

  153. It would be a great way to start off summer vacation with my sons — baking a few cupcakes.

  154. pick me, pick me!!

  155. DUDE!! Winning this would be so incredibly awesome… cupcakes for all!

  156. My soon-to-be-stepdaughter and I would have a blast with this!

  157. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me tear into that box!

  158. If cupcakes were a food group, I’d be in heaven! I don’t think I could contain myself from ripping in to that box!!

  159. I would love to tear into that box! I love me some cupcakes!

  160. Um, heck yeah! :)


  161. I think that sounds like a wonderful girls night in the making… count me in!!!

  162. Me! Me! I’ll definitely rip into it and tell you what is in it!! :)

  163. I would totally tear into that box! You have great stuff!

  164. I would love to win that cupcake kit! It looks FABULOUS!

  165. I would absolutely love to have that! :)

  166. Uhhhhh. ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! I’ll be waiting by the mailbox, k?

  167. Plleeaasee pick me! That would be awesome to rip into and share with my favorite baking buddies : )

  168. hey! i will tear into that cupcake box for you! :)

  169. Yes! Love it!

  170. That kit looks like a lot of fun!

  171. um…. YESSS!

  172. Love it!! I would love to tear open that box.

  173. I’ve been drooling over these kits for a while now! I’d love to have one to open!

  174. I would love to tear into that box o’ cupcake love!

  175. Super cute!!!

  176. Mmmmm… I would definitely love to tear into that!

  177. Oh goodness! those are so cute!
    I wonder if the Sprinkles mix is worth the $14!

  178. I would rip into is so you would not have to rip into yours.
    pipandsqueak at gmail dot com.

  179. Oh ya.
    I’d be up for tearing into that!

    Thanks so much for the chance :)

  180. Wow! That’s so cute! I might rip it apart while standing at my mailbox!

  181. I love all the cute stuff. That set of measuring spoons is really cute.


  182. I would love to have it! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?!!

  183. It would be opened in seconds
    michellebshaw at gmail dot com

  184. I gotten into cupcakes lately, so it would be awesome to have a kit to give me more ideas!

  185. I would looooovvvve to win!!

  186. open it! Carefully but open it!

  187. I would tear into it and bake cupcakes right now … I’ve been craving cupcakes all week and what a better way to fulfill that craving with such fun stuff :)

  188. I’d love to tear into that! Pick me!

  189. Oh I would tear into it. i love cupcakes more that any other sweet. Makes my mouth water for one right now.

  190. Hold me back!!!

  191. I would rip into that sucker so fast …

  192. Cupcakes great (YUMMY), cupcake kit even better. A good time in a box. What a great idea.

  193. would love to win one of these cute little kits! thanks for all your inspirational bloggin and baking!!!

  194. I would carefully tear it open, use the contents, and save the cute box!

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