Pop Star: Jasmina in Germany


“I was so amazed the first time I saw cake pops, I’ve bought your book as soon as I could and been trying out diferent things. I live in Germany so its been pretty hard finding all the ingredients, candy melts, sprinkles and such but since I’ve learned how to use fondant it’s been a lot easier. Everyone who’s seen and tried cakepops was smitten. I wanted to thank you from all my heart for selflessly sharing all your creations, instructions and recipes with us. You’ve been such an inspiration!” – Jasmina

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Jasmina in Germany”

  1. Hehe ich auch (:
    Sehen echt klasse auch, will jetzt welche für meine Freundin zum Geburtstag machen. Hast du vielleicht ein paar Ideen was ich aus Dunkler- und Vollmilchkuvertüre, Schokoplättchen, Zuckerschrift (verschiedene Farben) und Streuseln machen kann?
    Bin bislang nur bei Bären..

  2. Hi, I’m also live in Germany I could find candy melt online but it’s a bit expensive,it’s really easy to use candy meats.

    I love cake pops :))))

  3. Hey Jasmina :)!
    Ich bin auch aus Deutschland! Habe auch das Problem mit den Zutaten und besonders, wie man die Pops überzieht :(! Was für Fondant hast du jetzt genommen? Oder färbst Du die Kuvertüre ein? Wenn ja, wie?

    (Now in English: I just told her that I’m from Germany, too and asked her how she covers the pops because Candy melts aren’t available in Germany…)


  4. Dear Jasmina, Your pops are absolutely delightful! They make me smile and feel so good! Great job!

  5. I Love It because …its very cute…
    I want to make those:)
    and give them to my classmates.<3

  6. These are so cute! I wish we could get some of these candies in the US. What a great idea to use fondant!

  7. Thank you for including me in your Pop Star corner! So excited!!!

    Greetz from Germany

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