Snowy Cones

I’m kicking off 2019 with some snowy cake pops that serve up a double scoop of cute.

And they sit on top of these super tiny ice cream cones that are all of about 2.5 inches tall. These were from Cake Box on Main.

Use my basic cake pop instructions to make cake balls for decorating. Here I’ve rolled them in two sizes. The larger ball goes right on top of the cone, followed by the smaller one.

Chill the balls for dipping and when they are firm, use a sharp knife to cut a sliver of the cake ball off. After dipping, place the cut side facing up on top of the cone. This will allow the top cake ball to rest nicely and look more natural when the coating drips.

Dip the first scoop: insert a toothpick into the cut side of the ball and dip into melted and fluid vanilla candy coating. Remove and place on top of the ice cream cone. Some of the coating will naturally dip down. Gently twist the toothpick to remove and let dry.

Dip the second scoop: insert a toothpick into a smaller, firm cake ball and dip into the coating. Remove from the coating using the toothpick and place on top of the first scoop. You can use another clean toothpick to coerce the coating to look more drip-like. Gently twist the toothpick to remove and let dry.

Double scoops of cute!

But now, let’s take them to the next level!

Dip the tops or use a squeeze bottle filled with melted light blue candy coating to make some fun and frosted little hats.
While the coating is still wet, sprinkle the tops with sanding sugar and decorate them with snowflake sprinkles.

Use tic tacs for ear muffs and attach them using melted candy coating. Do the same for the eyes and buttons using black confetti sprinkles… And the noses, using orange coated sunflower seeds.

Finish the faces by drawing a big smile with a black edible-ink writing pen. Don’t forget the arms to hug his little belly.

Snow adorable!

Enjoy every bite!

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  2. looking very delicious!!!!! Love to eat!!!

  3. I love these Angie! Super cute!! Happy New Year! Xo

  4. Oh gosh that looks too adorable to eat!

  5. Too much cute. :D

  6. These are the cutest snowman cones!

  7. Cuteness and creativity. ??

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