Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway

This is big! I made it on the pages of Taste of Home Magazine.

But, guess what… it’s not for baking.

Tasty Tees!

It’s for bakewear! Taste of Home is featuring some of the bakelove t-shirts I designed in their February/March 2009 issue. I can’t even believe it. I mean, we’re talking Taste of Home Magazine here.

Help me celebrate the occasion with this Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway.



  • Just leave a comment below and let me know which shirt or apron from that you would like and you’ll be entered to win.
  • Make sure to leave an email or blog link with your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, February 9th at 5:00 pm ET.
  • I’ll announce the winner* sometime Monday evening on this blog post.

* The winner will be chosen at random using the integer generator.

Hey everyone, time’s up! Thanks for sharing in this exciting news with me. I wish I could give you all a shirt. But… I can’t. There’s only one winner and it’s comment #641.

Congrats Brandy! You’ve won a subscription to Taste of Home Magazine and a brown Bakelove T-shirt. Yippee!

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1,517 comments on “Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway”

  1. I like the pink “cupcake” tee.

  2. sooo fun =)

    i’d heart the cupcake apron. thanks!

  3. The brown “bakelove” tshirt is what I choose! Its so cute!

    Good job on the magazine. Of course they love the clothes! :)

  4. Congratulations on your magazine feature!

    I’d love the pink apron. Very cool giveaway!

  5. Hard to choose, but I would love the white bakelove apron.

  6. Congratulations on your feature! I would love the Bakelove logo t-shirt in brown. :)

  7. I love love love the pink apron and also the shirt with Cup Cake on it. But everything is adorable!

    Congrats on the awesome job!

  8. I like the Sift Happens t-shirt. Congrats on the magazine.


  9. Hi, thanks for sharing, I’ll like the pink apron!!

  10. Congrats!

    I love the logo t-shirt in chocolate brown.

  11. I love the pink apron, and congrats on being featured in the magazine!

  12. I love the pink Bakelove apron. Super cute.

  13. Oh – I love the pink BAKE LOVE apron!! Congratulations on being featured in the magazine!

  14. I love you site. I’ve used many of your ideas. I would love a pink bakelove apron.

  15. Congratulations! I do so want to be you when I grow up … as far as cake creating and photography goes!

    Bake Love Apron in Strawberry/Pink

  16. hi, i’d love to win the ‘cupcake’ tee. thanks! congrats to you as well!!

  17. l would LOVE the pink “cup cake” tee in a medium size!! Thanks!!!


  18. Loving the Cup Cake tee!

  19. Congrats on the magazine! I’d like the pink apron if I were to win.

    Great blog!

  20. I would love the white apron!!

  21. I’d love the pink bakelove apron :)


  22. I would love the chocolate bakelove shirt! Love your blog!!!

  23. Congratulations on the magazine!! I would love the pink apron. Super cute :) Good job!

  24. Congratulations!
    I would like th strawberry pink apron!
    *Fingers Crossed*

  25. I would want bakerfella in large, the heather slate one :) My hubs would look hot it that :)

  26. They are all so cute! I love them! If I win, I think I’d like the pink bakelove apron. Thanks! and Congratulations!

  27. I would love the brown “bakelove” T-Shirt.


  28. The brown “Bakelove” tee is my favorite!

  29. Holy Cow, there are a lot of comments! Congratulations! I’d love the pink apron :)

  30. congrats on being in the magazine!

    I love the pink/strawberry Bakelove apron.

  31. Congrats on the magazine! How exciting! I subscribe and I’d love to win the pink Bakerella tee! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Chocolate Bake Love t-shirt fo sho! Here’s the link to my blog Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. How exciting for you! I saw that in the magazine! I would love to have the Bakelove Shirt in Brown!! So cute!

  34. I’d love the Bakelove chocolate brown t-shirt! Delish!

  35. I’d love the raspberry Bakerella T-shirt, but I probably need an apron more – I’m such a mess!

  36. I’m loving all of them. :) But I think the Cup-Cake shirt is calling my name. :) Congrats on the magazine shout out!

  37. I would love the pink Bakerella shirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. LOVE the pink apron!!! Congrats!!!

    yasybear at hotmail dot com

  39. Awesome on the magazine thing! Pink Bake Love tee would be suuuper!

  40. the brown Bakelove t-shirt is awesome, congrats on being in Taste of Home ;)

  41. I love the blue T- love it!!

    everything is so cute-

    HURRAY on the magazine! that is so great- Your blog is by far one of my VERY VERY favorites & my daughter's too. You are fantastic to have so many give aways- we would read anyway- Your amazing!!!!

  42. I love your website. I would love to have the cupcake shirt in pink.

  43. Love the Cupcake t-shirt in heather pink – XL!


  44. I am torn between the sassy Cupcake tee and the raspberry Bakerella tee… So cute!

  45. I would love the bakelove tee in brown. So cute!

  46. I just love the white apron. It’s so cute, no wonder they featured the design!


  47. You have really inspired me to bake!! I would love to get the Chocolate Brown Bakelove t-shirt! Way too cute. Thanks! Dena

  48. I would be honored to wear your blog name, especially since I tell everyone about you anyway!


  49. an apron would be great, yeah baby! I love your contests, Bakerella.

  50. I really looove the Cupcake T-Shirt!
    So sweet!!

  51. You’re the greatest!
    I hope I win!!
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any apron!!

  52. Brown “Bakelove”

  53. I would love the Brown Bakelove tee! :)

  54. Congratulations….
    I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt in a medium Chocolate Brown.

    Love the site, love the logo, and love baking.

  55. I love the pink apron! Love you site, too!

  56. My favorite:
    Bakelove Logo T-Shirt
    Chocolate Brown

  57. I have been wanting to subscribe to this magazine forever. Congrats on being featured!

    I like pretty much everything you have to offer, but if I had to chose I would say the cupcake t-shirt!

  58. Bakelove Logo T-Shirt
    Chocolate Brown!!

    contact me at:

  59. Congratulations!

    I baked a cake from one of their recipes a few years back: pumpkin spice with honey butter cream frosting (or something like that!). It was my first cake!

    I’d LOVE the “Cupcake T-Shirt Heather Pink” in a size M.


  60. I would love to have the Bake Love Logo T in Chocolate Brown! :D

  61. Hi there and congratulations! Happy Valentines!!!

    I would love the bakelove logo tshirt in chocolate brown. I think its fabulous!

  62. The white bakelove apron is so great!

  63. Hi!!

    I think the white Bakelove apron is just wonderful!

  64. Congratulations on being featured in Taste of Home!! That’s so exciting, and you deserve it!!

    Oh, and I would love the pink Bakelove apron! I don’t have an apron and I desperately need one!! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. If I won I would take the pink/strawberry BakeLove apron!


  66. Pink it is, the color of sweet love!


  67. Just adore the Pink cupcake Tshirt. Gorgeous!

  68. ooooh, i love the “cup cake” tee in a small! sooo cute. aleishamartin[at]yahoo[dot]com

  69. Congratulations! I would love to have a brown Bakelove logo t-shirt. :)

    leeangeli@yahoo dot com

  70. Love it!

  71. Congrats! I like the pink apron, so cute!

  72. WOW! From blogger to Domestic Superstar (You know Martha is worried…)! Thank you so much for your kindness- again. If I won I would love the pink apron, or anything for that matter! Happy Sunday!

  73. I saw your bake wear in taste of home! I would love the pink apron!

  74. I would LOVE the cup cake tee! thanks!

  75. Yeah you! I would love they cupcake shirt! Congrats on taste of home!

  76. P.S. – CONGRATULATIONS on making it into Taste of Home … that is just awesome!!!!! :)

  77. Congratulations!!!
    I would LOVE the Bakelove t-shirt!

  78. Hello –

    I like the brown bake love!


  79. Fantastic giveaway! I love that magazine and everything on the Bakelove website!! I would love the pink Bakelove apron — fabulous!! You are awesome, Bakerella!! :)

  80. I love the Pink Bakerella t-shirt! So fun!

  81. I get ToH and saw that! Congrats on the mention!

    I love the pink apron!

  82. The cupcake tee is too cute!

    sue0213 at gmail dot com

  83. I really like the pink bakelove t-shirt. Great giveaway!

  84. Congrats!

    I would love the pink cupcake tee.

  85. I would absoutely love the white bakelove apron! Exciting!


  86. i just bought my first issue of taste of home yesterday!! love it!! and i love the cupcake tee!!

  87. I just ADORE the raspberry Bakerella T-shirt!


  88. I love the raspberry shirt!

  89. I would love the white bakelove apron.
    My friend just linked me to your blog today and I’m loving it. :)

  90. fun give-aways!! I love the cupcake tee! Very cute.

  91. You are AMAZING!!!!! I love the bakerella t shirt! Keep up the amazing work, you inspire ALL of us to get a little messier and creative in the kitchen!

  92. Hello!
    I love the cupcake tee! :)
    you have a lovely blog <3
    congrats !

  93. I would love the bakelove tee in brown. What an awesome giveaway!


  94. I would love the white apron. Thanks!!


  95. Congrats on being featured in Taste of Home!!

    I’d love the pink bakelove apron!! :)


  96. I love the Bakelove logo shirt in the brown. Congrats on the magazine!

  97. I *heart* the CUPCAKE tee! I think it would be adorable in an apron too! ;)

  98. I love the white Bakelove apron!

  99. Awesome on being mentioned in the magazine! I’m definitely loving the pink “Cup Cake” tee.

  100. I love all your stuff ,but since I am in need of a new apron, the white one would be great!

    Congrats on the magazine feature too!

  101. congrats! thanks for the fun giveaway! I would love a pink bakerella tee!

  102. Pink apron! dafna04 at hotmail dot com

  103. How awesome for you! Congrats! My favorrite is the vintage-looking Cup Cake t.

  104. Oooo, I love the brown Bakelove best! Followed by sifthappens :)

  105. I definitely need the cupcake apron. Yes, NEED. :)

  106. I think the pink apron is just adorable! is the Sift Happens shirt. Hmm..any would be a steal!!

  107. I would love the pink apron!
    my little girl Natalie who is 4 years old has a pink apron, she would love to match aprons with mommy while baking!

  108. I think I’m in love with the cupcake t-shirt!

  109. I would love the bakelove tee in brown. Hope I win!

  110. Congrats!

    I love the pink ‘cupcake” tee.

  111. I love the Cupcake tshirt! And I would looooovvvee the magazine subscription.
    what a great giveaway!

    …I’m searching your site today for those pretty decorated cookies you made a while back. I’m going to attempt some pretty heart cookies this week!

  112. Hi! I would love a Bakerella t-shirt in heather raspberry!


  113. Ooooh, either the cupcake T or the brown Bakelove T, either are super cute!

  114. Congratulations!!!

    apron-white or pink, doesn’t matter :)



  116. Well done! Taste of Home is a go-to place for me when I need a recipe for an event… you are a go-to place for me when I’m looking for a yummy treat! :)

    I love the Cupcake tee.

  117. oh oh oh i love the aprons!

  118. i would love to have the shirt that says “sift happens”


  119. I think the pink apron is adorable!

  120. I would love the white bakelove apron :D

  121. Congratulations, TOH is a great magazine. I would live a Bakerella T shirt in Raspberry.

  122. Love that cupcake t-shirt

  123. I love the pink Cup Cake t-shirt! Classic pin-up and yummy baked goods; how could that combination go wrong?


  124. I want a strawberry/pink apron! Strawberries are my favorite fruit and I love all things pink!

  125. CONGRATS!!! How exciting! I LOVE the bakelove logo t-shirt in chocolate brown!

  126. Bakerella™ T-Shirt
    Heather Raspberry

  127. I would love the pink “cup cake” tee.

  128. I love the pink cupcake tee. So cute!!

    Love all your ideas!


  129. Congratulations! That’s exciting!

    I love the brown “Bakelove” tee.


  130. What a great giveaway. The t-shirt is so cute!

  131. I came across your blog from “cakewrecks” Sweet Sunday edition! Absolutely adorable stuff! I love all of the cute tees!


  132. I adore the cupcake tee!

  133. Kudos to you! I’d love to have the pink bake love apron.

  134. Congrats on the mag mention! I’d love the pink cup cake tee. Thanks!

  135. I love the strawberry Bakelove apron. I have two aprons in my kitchen but I never wear them because they are ugly! My husband calls me the messiest cook in the world :) I would definitely wear a cute apron like that. Then again I might be too afraid to wear it and get it dirty.

  136. Woo-Hoo! Look at you! I {heart} the brown BakeLove shirt! Thank you!

  137. Great giveaway. I love the cup cake t-shirt.

  138. I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt (Chocolate Brown) in a medium! It was a tough choice, they are all so cute!

  139. I would love the Pink Bakerella T-shirt! So cute!


  140. I love any of the t’s, probably the bakelove. SO cute and congrats for being featured on such a well known magazine!

  141. I love the pink bakelove apron. Congrats on being in the magazine YOU ROCK!

    beatla at hotmail dot com

  142. I’m simple. I like the white Bakelove apron. Well, I like all of them. But that’s first pick.

    I’m sure a cake mention in the magazine is not far behind!

  143. I would love the apron

  144. Oh My! They are all so cute. But I would love the pink Bakerella T-shirt!

  145. Awesome! Taste of Home is big-time, man!

    I would love to win the Cup Cake Tee and the TOH subscription. Thanks!

  146. The BakeLove t-shirts are so cute!

  147. Writing from Copenhagen to let you know how much you have contributed to my consumption of homemade baked goods! I would love Bakerella T-Shirt
    Heather Raspberry in medium!

    keep on keepin’ on!

  148. Congrats on the appearance! I would love love love that pink apron! Sooooo cute!

  149. I love the Bakelove shirt! Congrats on being in Taste of Home!

  150. Thanks for the Opportunity. I love the Pink Bakelove apron. :)

  151. I’d love to have a chocolate brown bakelove T! :)

  152. Awesome! Congrats on the magazine. I am suppose to request the pink bakelove apron for my daughter (even though I would be the one wearing it).

  153. Congrats on being featured in the magazine! I love the cupcake tee. Love your blog!

  154. Congrats on being in Taste of Home! I would love the pink Bakelove apron!

  155. I adore the Cup Cake t-shirt!

  156. How exciting! I’d love the pink Bakelove apron!!

  157. I’d like the brown bakelove t-shirt!

  158. I like the “Sift Happens” t-shirt, and I love Taste of Home. My daughter has a bib that says “Spit Happens.” Too funny.

  159. How fun! I love that cupcake apron! So cute!


  160. Good for you!! I would love the Bakelove strawberry/pink apron!

  161. Congrats on the magazine! I would be delighted to win the white apron, it’s adorable!

  162. I love the pink “Bake Love” apron! So cute!

    alisonsannouncements at yahoo dot com

  163. Congrats on the magazine!! I loved everything that you designed!! I love the chocolate brown shirt and the pink apron. Either one I would love to have the chance!

  164. Congrats on the magazine. Have you gone to a bunch of magazine stands to leave the magazine open to your page? That’s what we did when DH had an article published :)

    I love the pink apron!


  165. I’d love the Pink Apron please! LOVE your website by the way!!

  166. Congratulations!

    I would love a cupcake tee.

  167. Aw so cute! I’d luuuuuurve the pink ‘cupcake’ teeshirt :) x

  168. Congratulations!!! I would love love love the white bakelove apron!

  169. Congrats on the magazine mention!

    I’d love the Cupcake tee, it’s adorable!

  170. Oh wow!! I’d definitely pick the White Bakelove Apron. It’s simple but cute =)

  171. Congratulations!!

    My favorite is Cupcake T shirt.

    Love your blog.

  172. I’d love to win the pink Bake Love apron, please! What a nice giveaway. :)


  173. The cupcake tee!!

  174. Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cup cake t-shirt. Too cute!

    kellyheet at aol dot com

  175. the pink cup cake tee!

  176. Hi Bakerella! I would love to have the Bakelove Apron in Strawberry / Pink


  177. I love the brown Bakelove shirt!

    Congrats on the magazine!!!

  178. i love the pink cupcake shirt as well. :)

  179. Love your stuff!!

  180. I would love the bakelove t-shirt in pink! Congrats! I wish we were neighbors so I could come and taste all the goodies you make!

  181. Oh I LOVE the bake love Tee in chocolate brown .. for my sis I like the sift happens :) hehehe!!!
    Congrats on the honor!

    my blog

  182. I would love the Bakelove Apron in pink.

  183. How cool!

    wsvandy81 AT aol DOT com

  184. I would love the bakerella in Pink!

  185. Hi Love your blog! Made that very sinful betty crocker brownie cookie cake and wow! didn’t last long.

    Congrats for appearing in the magazine. I would love to win a pink bakelove apron.


  186. I would love the cupcake t, but not for me, for one of my girls. :) Thanks for letting me enter!

  187. Ah, the irony! Love you site, and I would love a pink apron! kianeeko at comcast dot net.



  188. Totally love the cupcake tee!

  189. I actually already own the cupcake shirt! Which I love! I would like to get the brown Bakelove shirt! Or maybe the pink apron. Hmmmmm. Choices. . .

  190. Cool! I’d love the Bakerella shirt in raspberry! So cute!

  191. I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt in choclate brown colour.

    The colours matches perfectly!

    All the best and congrats on the magazine! (:

  192. Gotta be the “Cupcake” shirt! Love it!

  193. A Bakelove apron for me! Just adorable..


  194. What a nice giveaway! My choice would be the pink Bakelove apron.

  195. I’d love the pink Bakelove apron!

    Congrats on the magazine!

  196. Love me some CupCake T-shirt and even if I don’t win, I’m subscribing to the mag!

  197. Oo-oo-oo!!! I LOVE the pink apron! And I LOVE Taste of Home,too!

    Oo-oo-oo!! And I LOVE your blog!!!

  198. I would love the pink apron. I ADORE aprons!!

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