Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway

This is big! I made it on the pages of Taste of Home Magazine.

But, guess what… it’s not for baking.

Tasty Tees!

It’s for bakewear! Taste of Home is featuring some of the bakelove t-shirts I designed in their February/March 2009 issue. I can’t even believe it. I mean, we’re talking Taste of Home Magazine here.

Help me celebrate the occasion with this Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway.



  • Just leave a comment below and let me know which shirt or apron from Bakelove.com that you would like and you’ll be entered to win.
  • Make sure to leave an email or blog link with your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, February 9th at 5:00 pm ET.
  • I’ll announce the winner* sometime Monday evening on this blog post.

* The winner will be chosen at random using the random.org integer generator.

Hey everyone, time’s up! Thanks for sharing in this exciting news with me. I wish I could give you all a shirt. But… I can’t. There’s only one winner and it’s comment #641.

Congrats Brandy! You’ve won a subscription to Taste of Home Magazine and a brown Bakelove T-shirt. Yippee!

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1,517 comments on “Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway”

  1. The brown Bakelove logo shirt is my choice :)

  2. I LOVE the pink Cupcake tee!

  3. Congrats!! I love the pink ‘cupcake’ tee!! Thanks* -Abbie


  4. Awesome feature in Taste of Home, congratulations! The Sift Happens! T-Shirt is my favorite. :)


  5. I love Taste of Home. I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt
    (in the Chocolate Brown color) :):):):).

  6. I would love the Bakelove Apron
    Strawberry / Pink.

  7. I LOVE the pink Cupcake t-shirt! Adorable!
    Toni Ott


  8. I would love the “Cup Cake” t-shirt!


  9. Terrific news about “Taste of Home”. Tough choice-would love the pink apron. Made the chocolate chip cookie dough brownie with chocolate ganache for the Super Bowl-it was a big hit!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the opportunity.

    Connie M.

  10. WTG! Congratulations!

    Bakelove Apron
    Strawberry / Pink

  11. Congrats on making it into the mag! That’s great!

    I like the Brown Bakelove Logo TShirt (Size Small).


  12. I love the pink cup cake tee.

  13. i love the cupcake tee! too cute!

  14. Congratulations! How exciting. Thanks to you I now have a sister-in-law and my husband addicted to cake balls. They are crazy for them. I would love to win one of your pink aprons! Thanks

  15. Woot Gratz on the Magazine… I would love the Logo T-shirt in chocolate brown

  16. Congratulations! I’d love the pink “Cup Cake” tee. Thanks!


  17. So adorable in pink and brown! I would choose the chocolate brown BakeLove t-shirt if I were lucky enough to win!

  18. I love the bakerella t-shirt in heather raspberry. Fun, fun – Congrats on your success!


  19. Ooh, definitely the pink apron- I love it! :)

  20. WOW! Way to go Bakerella! I would really love the brown Sift Happens shirt. My kids would really get a kick out of it, that is for sure!

  21. I would like very much to win a “Bakelove” apron. I hope this promotion goes well for you. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I like the CupCake tee!!!

    tbmroberts at yahoo dot com

  23. I would LOVE the pink Bakelove apron! Love them all and love this site! Congrats on the magazine :)

  24. I’d love the cupcake shirt. Good job!

  25. I’d love the pink Bakelove shirt! It’s so sweet.

  26. loooove your cupcakes!

    aaand the pink apron! :)


  27. I love TOH! Congrats! The pink cupcake T is cute, too!


  28. How exciting for you … Congrats. I love the Cup Cake t-shirt …. too cute. thanks.

  29. congrats on being featured in taste of home-that is awesome! but not surprising!

    if i win, i would love the brown bakelove tee. size med.


  30. I love the pink apron, its cute. I’d also love to see some shirts with a play on bakerella but maybe a glass cupcake, or a glass spatula

  31. congrats!
    i love Bakelove Logo T-Shirt
    Strawberry / Pink


  32. I love the bakelove on brown as well as the cupcake shirt (and I’m not a pink person)

  33. I love the Bakelove Apron in
    Strawberry / Pink. I saw you in TOH, and said “Ooh! I know that person!” Congratulations on being featured!

  34. It’s tough to decide, but I would pick the Bakelove tee in either color. What a great giveaway!

  35. The cupcake t-shirt is adorable!

    you can contact me at

    P.S. Congratulations!

  36. I like the pink apron- so cute!

  37. Cool!pink cupcake Tshirt

  38. congratulations and thank you. I would like
    Bakerella™ T-Shirt
    Heather Raspberry

  39. How cool is that? You are making quite a few waves in the foodie world. Congratulations!

    Honestly, I love any of the items, they are all so cute!

  40. The white Bakelove apron, for sure!


  41. As someone who was just accepted into a Baking and Pastry program, I’d sure love to win!

    The t-shirt would be great in XL, if they have it. If not, an apron would be great too!

    Thanks from Meg In The Kitchen!

  42. pink bakelove shirt size M . Congrats to you! millioncowmama@gmail.com

  43. Congrats!

    I would looooove the whit bakelove apron!

  44. Congrats to you! I love the pink Cupcake T.

  45. Awesome Giveaway! I would love the Chocolate Brown Bakelove T-shirt!


  46. I love the brown bakelove shirt!


  47. Pink bake apron is my favorite! And I love Taste of Home. Way to go! Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. Congrats, that is awesome! I would love a bakerella t-shirt! Pink preferably, but brown is great too!

  49. Congrats to you! How fun to find your stuff in there!

    IF I won, I would want the Bakerella Raspberry colored T-Shirt. I love it!

  50. Congrats! I love the pink cupcake t-shirt.

  51. congrats on taste of home….one success at a time:) I would love a pink “Cup Cake: t in XL…once again congrats and cheers!!!!

  52. Oh my gosh–Sift Happens is the coolest. Size L please.

  53. I would love the raspberry bakearella t-shirt. Congrats on making it in the magazine.


  54. I’ve been to bakelove before…I’ve been wanting the pink apron.

    So cool that you are in Taste of Home.

  55. That is so fantastic! Congratulations! :)

    The “CupCake” t-shirt is SUPER cute and I would love to be sporting it! :)

  56. I would love to win the pink Cup Cake shirt! Congrats on being featured in the magazine!

  57. Whoo-hoo. Congrats! Love the pink bakelove apron.

  58. Really admire your work… Congratulations on the mag and also on all those wonderful cakes you’ve decorated. I would love the Sift Happens! T-shirt in Chocolate Brown. Love the idea of it!


  59. Congratulations! Your cakes are so beautiful – I am completely in love with that box of chocolates. Oh my gosh! I would love, love, love to win your giveaway and get that adorable cupcake T-shirt. Thanks for the opportunity!


  60. I love either the pink cupcake Tee or the pink Bakerella shirt!! What a great contest!



  61. I like the chocolate brown Bakelove Logo Shirt!!

    Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

  62. Love Bakelove Logo T-Shirt, Chocolate Brown. Tks. lauramoise@gmail.com

  63. I love the apron, The pink bakelove one!

  64. Another awesome giveaway!! I love the heather raspberry Bakerella tee!


  65. OHHH I would love the white apron!! And congrats to you – that’s amazing!

  66. Youa re very inspring! Congrats on Taste of home!
    Would love an apron :)

  67. Bakelove in Chocolate of course! :)

  68. I love the pink bakelove apron! This is a great giveaway!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  69. Wow, congratulations! I love the brown and pink Bake Love tee. Thanks!!

  70. So happy for you! I would love the pink Bakelove apron. Thank you for sharing with this wonderful opportunity!

  71. Awesome! I’d love the Brown Bakelove tee. And I love Taste of Home!


  72. I love aprons so will have to go with the pink Bakelove apron……….

    What a way to perk up a dreay winter day!


  73. Oo, I love the apron (in both colours)!


  74. I like the apron! I like your site too!

  75. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s awesome!! It was a tough choice but I’d LOVE the brown bakelove{Med}!! THANKS!!!

    lesliemaeofthetetons at gmail dot com

  76. It would have to be the pink BakeLove apron. So very pretty. Thanks, Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

  77. I don’t know if this contest is open to Canadians but I thought I’d take a shot anyway! It was a tough choice but I’d have to say that the pink bakelove apron is my favourite. They’re all wonderful, though! Great line.

  78. I like the brown bakelove shirt! Congrats on getting in the mag :).

  79. Congrats!! I love the pink apron. Thanks for the chance to win.


  80. I love the brown shirt! Too cute!

  81. I like the Bakerella shirt

  82. i’d love the Pink Bakelove Apron!!!


  83. I would LOVE the pink apron!

  84. I would love to win the strawberry pink apron! CONGRATS on the Taste of Home article!

  85. I would love to have a Bakelove t in pink. Congrats on getting into the magazine. I use to get it and I think it is great!

  86. Aww, they’re all adorable! My favorite is the pink apron.

  87. Hi! I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt in Chocolate Brown but they are all so cute! That is one of my favorite magazines…congrats on the mention.

  88. How exciting! Congrats!

    I’d love the brown bakelove tee, thanks for the chance =)

  89. I love the pink apron!

  90. I would love the Bakelove logo shirt in chocolate brown. Congrats and thanks! I’m a new reader to this blog and I just love it. :)

    Maria, mdatilano@gmail.com

  91. Congrats! How exciting. :) I love the pink bakelove apron especially…


  92. I’d definitely want the pink Cupcake t-shirt! Or maybe the pink apron….

  93. I would love any of your tee shirts! :)

  94. Congratulations on making it into the magazine! But then again, why wouldn’t you??? You’re amazing!

    I love that Bakerella T-Shirt! So cute!

  95. I love the Cupcake T. Too cute.

  96. Congrats-That design is AWESOME! I would wear it with pride

  97. Congrats Bakerella! I’d love the pink Bakelove apron :)



  98. I love the classic white apron! That would SO save my clothes when I’m baking! :)

    Awesome contest!


    aam9698 AT hotmail.com

  99. Great! Bakelove Apron (White)
    – Jenni

  100. Pink apron!!!

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