Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway

This is big! I made it on the pages of Taste of Home Magazine.

But, guess what… it’s not for baking.

Tasty Tees!

It’s for bakewear! Taste of Home is featuring some of the bakelove t-shirts I designed in their February/March 2009 issue. I can’t even believe it. I mean, we’re talking Taste of Home Magazine here.

Help me celebrate the occasion with this Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway.



  • Just leave a comment below and let me know which shirt or apron from that you would like and you’ll be entered to win.
  • Make sure to leave an email or blog link with your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, February 9th at 5:00 pm ET.
  • I’ll announce the winner* sometime Monday evening on this blog post.

* The winner will be chosen at random using the integer generator.

Hey everyone, time’s up! Thanks for sharing in this exciting news with me. I wish I could give you all a shirt. But… I can’t. There’s only one winner and it’s comment #641.

Congrats Brandy! You’ve won a subscription to Taste of Home Magazine and a brown Bakelove T-shirt. Yippee!

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1,517 comments on “Quick & Taste-Tee Giveaway”

  1. I love the pink Bakelove apron.

  2. Love, love, love the pink cup-cake tee shirt. Hope I get randomly selected!!!

  3. hey, I like the Cup Cake tee. My email is
    Thanks :)

  4. I LURVE the cupcake tee…congrats on the feature in Taste of Home!

  5. i like the cup cake tee!

  6. Fun!
    I like the brown bakelove tshirt best – looks so good with the pink.

  7. What a wonderful prize!!!! I LOVE the Bakerella tshirt in the pinkish color (the girl version :) in a small! This is wonderful!!! Thanks!

  8. Congratulations! Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Bakerella t-shirt!

  9. Pick me, Random Generator, Pick me! I would love the raspberry Bakerella T.

    Just found your blog and am LOVING it, wasting my ENTIRE day today reading back posts. Um, did I say wasting? I meant spending my day learning, laughing, and becoming a better citizen of the (baking) world because of you!

  10. Love your blog and endless ideas! I would love a pink ‘cup cake’ tee.

  11. yahooo congrats on the magazine.

    I would like Bakelove Logo T-Shirt
    Chocolate Brown in medium.

  12. How neat. I love your blog!

    I’d like the strawberry apron (i really wanted the chocolate Bakelove tee, but apparently they don’t make one that accommodates my chest…boo hoo.)

    Thank you so much!

  13. i would loooooove the pink apron :)

    -taylor kilburn

  14. I would like to win the pink BakeLove apron.

  15. Gotta be the cupcake tee!

  16. How fun! I can see why you would be so excited! Me? Well, I love the pink “Cup Cake” tee. Of course, I sit around modeling cupcakes in a cheesecake sort of way all the time. Heehee. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  17. i love the bakelove logo shirt in pink! adorable!!!

  18. I LOVE Sift Happens ;o) I have thought of getting it a TON of times….to win it would be exciting!!! Congrats on the Taste of Home!!!

  19. I love your blog! You are so talented- keep it up…

    I’d love the white bakelove apron,


  20. I live the cupcake T! Super cute!

  21. Congrats! The pink Bakelove apron is fabulous.

  22. Hard decision, but I need an apron. So, I like the pink apron.


  23. ahhh, the cupcake is super cute! congrats on being in the magazine.

  24. Love your blog, such inspiration and yummy yummies!!! Love the cupcake T!!! Congrats on the mag!!!

  25. Bakerella T, please!

  26. I’d love the pink Bakelove apron!


  27. Congratulations on making the magazine! I recently discovered your website and LOVE it. I really like the Cupcake tee. It’s so sassy!


  28. Congratulations on being featured in Taste of Home! I would love to show off in one of your Bakelove T-Shirt’s
    Chocolate Brown.

  29. I’d love the pink Bakelove apron! Thanks!

  30. Congrats with the magazine! Could I get the pink cupcake tee please! :)


  31. love the pink apron!!! What a great giveaway! Congrats on making it!!

  32. Congratulations! That is so awesome! (I love your blog, btw).

    It’s a tough choice, picking just 1 thing from BakeLove, but if I must… the pink BakeLove apron.

    Thanks :)

  33. I would love the white bakelove apron. CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting!

  34. The white bakelove apron!

    congratulations on your feature!

  35. Awesome! Congratulations! I would love the pink Bakelove apron!

  36. I am so excited for you. Congrats on the magazine.

    I love the cupcake tee. My fave!


  37. How fun! Congrats on the magazine!

    I would love the white Bakelove apron.


  38. Hmmm I love them all, but maybe the “sift happens” shirt? or the “bakerella” one. I can’t choose! :)

    Love this giveaway!

  39. Hi there! I’d love the Cupcake Tee in Medium/Pink! I have always wanted it!

    One of these days I wanna win one of your fab contests!

  40. oooooh Im joining the fun, hope not too late! I love love love Raspberry Pink “Bakerella” t-shirt.

  41. I would definately have to go with the pink “Cupcake” tee. It’s so cute! Congrats on the mag!

  42. What a tough choice. Love them all, I will have to say the bakerella t-shirt.

  43. I like the pink Bakelove or the pink Bakerella shirt.



  44. I’d love the Heather Pink, Cupcake T-Shirt. It’s original, haha.

    xoxo Abbie

  45. Oh wow, so hard to decide… that cup cake shirt is adorable, but I think I truly yearn for the pink bakelove apron!

    Totally off topic, I know, but I have to comment on the gorgeous cake box of truffles you featured on the earlier post. Amazing!

  46. I would love the pink bakelove apron. :)


  47. I love the white apron but I also think the cupcake design would look great on an apron too!

  48. I would love the brown bakelove t-shirt (size XL– how’s that for ppositive attitude)

    Love your blog ;)

  49. Congratulations! Taste of Home!!

    I would love the Cupcake T-shirt!


  50. Congrats!! I would love the pink bakelove apron.

  51. Hooray for a contest! I’ve been coveting a Heather Raspberry Bakerella T-shirt in XL. Thanks!

  52. Hey Bakerella!

    I would love the pink Cup Cake shirt. Congrats on making it into the magazine, how exciting. Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us! :)


  53. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  54. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  55. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  56. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  57. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  58. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  59. OOOO.. Love that stuff!!
    I like the CupCake tee.

  60. Congrats on the magazine exposure! You deserve it. I love the Bakerella heather raspberry t-shirt. Love Taste of Home too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Hey, what a great giveaway! I’d love the pink bakelove apron…so cute! :)

    Jen :)

  62. I love the pink cupcake t-shirt. Congratulations on your Taste of Home nod!

  63. Hi! I love them all but if I have to pick one….I’d choose the pink cup cake shirt, thanks!!

  64. I would absolutely adore thee pin bakelove apron!


  65. Oooh, pink apron, Thanks!

  66. Exciting!

    I’d take the raspberry Bakerella teeshirt! it’s so great

  67. Cupcake T-Shirt! XL! :o)

    -Danielle Correlle

  68. I’ll be proud to wear the pink Bakerella T-shirt, of course.
    Your blog has been a very bad influence on me. :) I love chocolate and pink Bakerella Ts.

  69. Ooh how fun! I love the Cup Cake tee shirt, it is adorable!

  70. Hi I like the Bake Love tee in chocolate!

  71. Bakelove Apron would be great!!

    Great to wear when baking all the yummy goodies from the Taste of Home magazine

  72. Congrats!
    I would love the raspberry Bakerella t shirt! So cute!!

  73. Hey I got that issue in the mail and saw that blurb right away!!! I was so excited!

    I adore the “Sift Happens” shirt!

  74. I would love the pink apron with the bakelove apron. Congrats on making it into the magazine!

  75. this was a HARD pick…but the cupcake shirt with vintage image is calling my name!

    Love your stuff!

  76. I LOVE the CupCake tee!!!

    But if I win this I’d love to have the pink apron!!!

    :) These are great!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  77. I would be happy with any of them! But I love the pink Cup Cake tee.

  78. The cupcake shirt :D Very sweet…congrats!

  79. I love the chocolate brown bakelove tee.

    And congratulations! I also just saw you mentioned at Cake Wrecks today for the Sunday Sweets feature :)

  80. I like the strawberry/pink apron. cute stuff and how awesome your design got put in the magazine!!


  81. I LOVE the heather raspberry “Bakerella” tee. That color rocks!

  82. Congratulations! I LOVE Taste of Home. Their recipes are actual try-able. The cupcake tee is so cute. Hope I win!


  83. That’s great! Congratulations!

  84. Congrats that’s so neat! I like the Pink Cup Cake Tee.

  85. Hi,

    I would love the pink cupcake T.


  86. Congrats!!!

    I love the pink Bakelove apron!!!!

  87. I love the pink apron, your site is great and I love learning new things to make.

  88. Congratulations! What an amazing day for you!

    I would adore a cup cake tee!

  89. I really want to get the plain white Bakelove apron for my mom for Valentines day!


  90. Hey, I love the pink cup cake tee.
    Thanks! Love your site!

  91. Cupcake T-Shirt


  92. hey CONGRATS on making the magazine!! All that Bakel?ve stuff is super cute. :)

  93. Congrats on the magazine appearance
    I would love to own the pink cupcake shirt. :)

  94. I would love the pink “Cup Cake” tee. Thanks!

  95. I’d definitely love the strawberry bakelove apron!

  96. ooh… I like the bakerella shirt… but they’re all so lovely!!!

  97. Congrats! I love the pink bakelove apron! So cute! Love your site!!

  98. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll win a pink apron! =)

  99. I’d love the pink bakelove apron. Thanks!

  100. I would love the white apron!!

  101. So cute. I’d like the brown bakelove tee. Super cute.

  102. I’m such a mess when I cook — I would love a pink apron! :)

  103. I just have to say I love your website it’s amazing. I like the pink bakelove apron and that magazine is the best.
    p.s. my email is

  104. Fantastic site! On my way to the grocery store to pick up fixin’s for your Valentine cake :-) I LOVe the “Sift Happens” T-shirt

  105. Congrats! What a coup! :-)

    I find it impossible to turn down a good pun, so I’d have to go with the sift happens shirt! Thanks for yet another fun giveaway!

  106. Congrats on your appearance in the magazine! My favorite shirt is the Heather Raspberry Bakerella T-Shirt =]

    lauradustin1 at yahoo dot com

  107. I would love the pink Cupcake tee.


  108. Hey Ya’ll! I love your site and I love the Chocolate Brown Bakelove Tee. Keep Inspiring!

  109. What an honor for you! I really like to the pink Cupcake Tee. Adorable!

    shawneeh at yahoo dot com

  110. Hello! Congratulations! I would love the Heather Raspberry Bakerella T-Shirt. Thank You

  111. Congratulations! You deserve all the success in the world – your blog and your recipes are my favorites!

    I’d love the Cupcake t-shirt – I think they’re adorable.

  112. Congrats on the magazine!!!

    I would love the “Cup Cake” T.


  113. I would like the Cup Cake tee ( Large). :)

  114. I am partial to the raspberry bakerella t! what fun! thanks!

  115. Congratulations!! What a huge honor!

    I’d LOVE the white apron if I win!!

  116. Oh, DEFINITELY the ‘Cup Cake’ t-shirt. Sassy and sweet!

  117. I love the white apron

  118. That is just beyond cool congrats!
    I love the Cup cake tee, soo cute!

  119. I like the pink cupcake shirt! Thanks.

  120. Well done! I love when people get the recognition they deserve! And I love the pink Bakelove apron!

  121. Pink cupcake tee fo’ sho’!

    You’re site rocks BTW

  122. I really love the apron! Congrats on the Taste of Homes Spot! I love your blog!

  123. I like the Cupcake t-shirt. Too cute!

  124. I personally love the pink Bakelove apron. I usually keep a towel hanging out of my pocket mechanic-style to wipe my hands off on, but I’m still always covered in flour at the end.

  125. I like the Bakelove Logo T-shirt in chocolate brown.

  126. Love the cupcake tshirt! Congrats on being featured in the magazine. What an honor!

  127. They’re all cute, but I think my favorite would have to be the brown ‘bakelove’ shirt.

  128. I would love the Pink Cupcake Tee!!

    koalaspeed8 @ yahoo dot com

  129. This is so awesome! I would absolutely love the pink Bakelove apron!

  130. I need an apron! I don’t have one and I always make the biggest mess. I like the pink one :)

  131. Congratulations! I would like to win the pink apron.

  132. Congrats! Love the brown bakelove t.

  133. Would LOVE the pink CUP CAKE t-shirt.

  134. Hi! I love the raspberry heather Bakerella tee. Thanks. Oh and xxl please:)


  135. Love the cupcake tshirt and congrats for making to one of my favorite magazines!!!


  136. I love the Cupcake T-shirt with the lovely lady on it.

  137. the pink bakelove apron! ouremergencyroom{at}gmail{dot}com

  138. Just found you through cakewrecks and so excited to follow!!

    I would love a cupcake shirt (M).

  139. I love the Cup Cake tee! I also love the pink apron!!

  140. Oh I would love the pink Bakelove tee!!!!! Love, Love the Valentine cake!!!!!!!!!!


  141. I love the pink BakeLove apron but I also love the Sift happens shirt. I just can’t wear it because it is too small. The apron is would be more fun anyway.

    Congratulations on being in ToH! Definitely super cool! = )

  142. All of the items are awesome, but I would best like the white bakelove apron. Please offer the “cupcake” design in apron form soon! I would buy one immediately!

  143. I would love to win and of course the classic brown & pink tee would be terrif!!!

  144. What an honor to be featured in a magazine! I love all the pieces you designed, but I would have to pick the brown BakeLove shirt as my fav!

  145. Hi there. Congrats on getting on the pages of Taste of Home.
    I love the pink bakelove apron.

  146. I would love the bakelove brown tee! Congrats on the magazine!

  147. Congratulations on your Taste of Home feature, that is awesome!
    I love the pink Cupcake t-shirt, so very cute.

  148. yay! Congratulations! I personally LOVE the Cupcake tee.


  149. Congrats! I love the pink apron. Too cute!

  150. Congrats and I love your blog. I love them all but want the cupcake T.


  151. I really like the strawberry apron!! What a great giveaway!!


  152. Congratulations! I’d like the pink Bakelove apron. Thank you for the giveaway!

  153. Chocolate Bakelove T, please! How exciting! Love your BLOG!

  154. Congrats on being featured in the magazine! That little pink ‘cup cake’ t-shirt is too cute. Thanks for the chance to win one… Maggie

  155. I love the Bakerella T-Shirt in
    Heather Raspberry. You are so creative! Congratulations on being featured!

  156. I will play! I am a sucker for pick and brown. So I love the Pink Bakelove Apron!

    Congrats on the magazine!

  157. Chocolate Bakelove T, please! How exciting! Love your BLOG!

  158. Congrats! I would love the Bakelove Logo T-Shirt in
    Strawberry / Pink. Thanks!!

  159. Oh the pink apron is so cute! Of course if I won it would be covered in flour (and cocoa and sugar and frosting and… well, lots of things!) pretty quick!

  160. Thx for doing this!

    I’d like a brown Bakelove Tee in size L.


  161. I’m so happy for you! When is that book coming out?

    I’d love the pink Bakelove apron.


  162. Congrats! I absolutely love that Sift Happens shirt, sure happens in my kitchen! ;o)

  163. I love aprons so I would have to say the pink apron! Congrats and have a fabulous Sunday!

  164. Congrats!!! I would love the pink Bakelove apron! Too cute!

  165. I’d like to have the “Sift Happens” t shirt, because when I teach someone new how to make something the first thing they ask is why I’m making them sift the flour.

    Congratulations on being in Taste of Home!

  166. I’m in love with the brown ‘bakelove’ tee..its beyond adorable!

  167. congrats!!! you deserve it, even if it is not for the actual food work you do. name recognition!!! yippee!
    i like the bakerella shirt! :)

  168. Congradulations!!! =]

    I LoveloveLove the pink bakelove apron!


  169. Congrats!! Taste of Home is one of my fav cooking mags ~ such an honor!

    I’d love the pink CupCake Tee ~ so sassy :)

  170. Just found you through cakewrecks. The red velvet cake balls sound delicious. I like the raspberry Bakerella Tee.

  171. Congrats!!! How exciting.
    I would LOVE the strawberry/pink Bakelove Apron.


  172. OOps…I think the pink cupcake girl tee is too cute…


  173. I would love the pink cupcake tshirt! Congrats on making the magazine!

  174. I think the pink “cupcake” girl tee is too cute!

  175. I love the Bake Love Pink Apron.
    What a darling site.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  176. Love the pink one ;) but covet the subscription lol…

    Your site is fantastic!!! Many try to duplicate but you are the ORIGINAL!!!

  177. Congrats on the magazine!!! You are awesome and totally deserve it! Plus your tee shirts are so clever! :)

    I would love a pink bakelove apron! Thanks!!!!!

  178. Congratulations on being featured in Taste of Home! How exciting!

    I bought my daughter a pink Bakerella Apron and now I NEED one too!:)

  179. Crongrats on the magazine shout out. :)

    I want the Bakelove logo t-shirt in size L. The chocolate brown color is great. :)

  180. How could my favorite be anything other than the CupCake tee?! Wish the design was on an apron. Love your blog and though I don’t comment often, please know that I drool much.

  181. Hi – congrats! I like the brown t-shirt.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and good luck everyone!

  182. I adore the pink bakelove apron. Great job!

  183. This is great! I would love the White Bakelove apron!

  184. Sift Happens please! :)


  185. I love the pink apron!

  186. Congratulations on being featured in this magazine! I just discovered your blog & enjoy the posts. Hope I can win a pink apron. :) Sue

  187. How to pick just one item?? I love the Cup Cake T-shirt though :)

  188. Must have the pink Bakerella T!!!!!!!

  189. I love the pink Bakelove apron! Congrats on making it into the magazine!


  190. I would love the wonderful brown t-shirt!!

  191. I love the pink apron! Too cute!
    (I saw your shirts when reading the magazine last week… congrats!)

  192. Congrats on appearing in Taste of Home. I would definitely pick the cupcake tee!

  193. love the sift happens tee in chocolate (was there a choice?)
    a very fun giveaway! thanks =)

    word verification “ovent” why does that seem appropriate?

  194. How fabulous for you! Congratulations!

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would love a “sift happens” tee!

  195. I’d love to white apron! Thanks!!

    shorrozorz at

  196. I really like the neckline on the T’s, and the brown one is definitely my favorite. Fun giveaway!

  197. The classic chocolate with pink is just perfect. Congrats!

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