Red Velvet Revisited


I wanted to try this Red Velvet recipe from the other day again for a few reasons:

  1. I had green food coloring and figured it would be fun for St. Patrick’s Day.
  2. Many of you asked if the red velvet cake recipe could be used for cupcakes, so I wanted to find out for you for sure.
  3. I wanted to try the cooked frosting that a lot of you recommended over the cream cheese version and
  4. I had all of these…


Tiny shamrock sprinkles.

They just had to be used before another St. Pat’s day passed by.


A little liquid food coloring in green. For the red velvet cake I used two bottles, but one was enough for the green.

(P.S. This food coloring works much better than the time I tried to use icing colors.)


For the cupcake version I used one cup of oil instead of 1 1/2 to see how it would be with less.


So far so good.


Too good. Man, I never get cupcakes this puffy when I want them.


Look at that. Lucky I guess. Must be the shamrock sprinkles.

The batter was enough for 22 cupcakes, but judging by the tops, I could have filled them slightly less and gotten a full two dozen out.


If you don’t make the frosting right away, just wrap the cupcakes in plastic.

Okay… now for the cooked frosting.

I don’t know quite how I feel about it. It was good. But, I think I’m still a cream cheese girl at heart.

I used a combination of recipes from the comments on the red velvet post. Thanks Kelly, Shannon, April and all who recommended it. I think I did it right, but you’ll have to tell me before I give a final judgment.

Cooked frosting fans … is it supposed to be more creamy or more light and airy? Mine reminded me of a mousse-like texture and I think I was imaging it to be thicker.

It looked pretty, though.


Here’s the recipe:

Cooked frosting
1 cup milk
1/3 cup flour
1 1/2 sticks butter, room temp ( I think … may have been two… can’t remember which I used for sure.)
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

  • Cook milk and flour. (Mine was cooked until pretty thick)
  • Cool.
  • Cream butter and sugar. Add vanilla and mix until combined.
  • Add cooled cooked mixture to creamed mixture and beat until combined.

Enjoy on some green or red velvet cupcakes.

And in case you’re wondering…


It works with cake balls, too… with cooked or cream cheese frosting. Your choice.


You can also whip up some of these no-bake oreo balls for the occasion.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day a wee bit early.

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254 comments on “Red Velvet Revisited”

  1. I look really nice with the color green, I loved it

  2. Yummy, these look great. Linked to your recipe recently in one of my weekly meal planners. I also made a similar version but using Matcha powder instead of the green food colouring.

  3. Awesome I would love to try one of those

  4. This is so cute and such a good idea! I’m 14 and an avid baker.. I would love if you checked out my blog “Just A Girl and Some Flour” which I recently started… I love your website so much!!

  5. Loved it so much. I would eat it morning day and night if I could.

  6. Bakerella, did you use less oil for the cake balls or what did you do differently. I made your red velvet cake recipe for my cake balls for a contest for class and thank goodness it was a practice round because they came out really oily. Please help!

  7. This is so cool and cute

  8. how long can you keep this icing on hand if you substitute water for the milk

  9. I wonder what it would taste like with a beer buttercream?

  10. Genius idea:) One I definitely have to try for st Patrick’s day :)

  11. I love how green you were able to get these – and the adorable cake pops. This is something I am definitely going to put in my file to make over Christmas, she loves colored foods. Thanks!

  12. I’m just wondering… Why was this put in the Christmas section?

  13. These look good but idk

  14. Gotta make these for my daugther’s graduation party. Red velvet cake is her favorite cake and she will be attending Michigan State University next year. Go Green, Go White! So quite naturally, I have to make these.

  15. very cool

  16. Oh wow I love these! I made them today for St. Patrick’s Day. The cake balls are so good. Thanks! :D

  17. NOTE FOR THOSE WHO TRY TO USE THE BALL RECIPE AND WOULD TRY WHAT I DID: The green only works when you make it from scratch

    Yes, I realize it should have been obvious but sometimes rushing tends to not make time for the obvious but I will learn from my mistakes

  18. These are so awesome..but how do you make cake balls? is it a special pan????

  19. my daughter just got your cake pop book for her birthday yesterday!

  20. Love it !


  22. I love the green cupcakes. Think I’ll make them into cake pops. How about designing leprechuan cake pops for St. Patrick’s Day?

  23. I’m planning the St. Patrick’s Day party for my daughter’s class. I can’t wait to make the cake balls..they will be a hit with the kids! I found some cello candy bags from Box and Wrap that have shamrocks on the bags….so cute. It’s the extra special touches that make the party great. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  24. They are lovely. I knew I saw them somewhere before!
    I think this website has some of your images:

  25. was that going to turn out as a yoshi egg or this red velvet thing

  26. I can vouch that less is more with the green dye. I made green velvet cake and used the same amount of dye. Let’s just say that the people that ate it were seeing green for a couple of days.

  27. OMG!! Yessssssss and my birth day is the day after st. patricts day

  28. your right perfect for st.Patricks day coming up :)!

  29. how do you make the frosting/glaze for the cake balls so it gets hard?

  30. LOVE IT! Green and red are my two fave colors! Keep makin’ all the cute stuff! =D

  31. I wanna know how to make the chocolate covering on the balls so nice! Mine don’t come out smooth like that!

  32. Are you crazy??? I thought I was daltonic!!!!! hahahaha

  33. hey every time i do a frosting it gos bad and i get dessapointed any way can i have the best recepy for cream chesse frosting and chocolate plllllllzzzzzzzz

  34. I know this is an old post but had an idea. I don’t like cream cheese frosting either but my hubby does. Has anyone tried adding cream cheese to the cooked recipe, that way it has some cream cheese flavor? I was wondering if it would work.

  35. It is possible to make shamrocks I made them for an event for Ireland see thread:

    They also had orange, white and green ribbons to finish them off in little bags – looked fab!

  36. Hey I love these but when I tried to make it, the mix would turn a dark brown or black color. Could you give me some advice?

  37. Hi! I was just wondering, do you use a regular cake mix like pillsbury and the cream cheese frosting too? or you have your own recipe?

  38. I made a version of this for St. Patrick’s day!! But instead of rolling into balls, I rolled it out like dough and using a shamrock shaped cookie cutter to cut them out, then coated them… Wish I had taken pictures, they were so cute and my co-workers DEVOURED them!

  39. Those are sooooo cute!!!! I want to make them!!! ;)

  40. I originally saw your book at the library and was immediately intrigued. Cake balls are delicious and fun to make. I’ve shared them with friends and they love them and beg for more! We’re having a fund raiser for Easter seals at work and i’m going to make them for st. Party’s day too! I love to bake and I love your site. Good luck & feel better soon!

  41. These are so cute!! One question: did you use chocolate bark or the candy melts for the green velvet cake balls?

  42. These are soo creative!!! i love it! (: i’m 16 and when i’m older i wanna go to school to become a pastry chef and open up my own bakery. Your site gives me tons of ideas! So THANK YOU! Keep up the creativity! : D

  43. These look great, but I couldn’t get the color. I tried this as described, and maybe I’m a little dense, but I tried this with Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and 2 bottles of McCormick food green food coloring and the red just over powered the green. Just made it look like a redish – chocolate color. I’m sure it will taste just as good, they’re in the oven right now. Looks like I’ll have to try again with white cake mix. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  44. The first time I ever had Red Velvet Cake was in a diner in Pennsylvania, and up there they always made it with the flour frosting (aka: Mountain Icing, not to be confused with White Mountain Icing). I love cream cheese icing, but not on Red Velvet. I’m a Mountain Icing gal, through and through. Some tips: 1. YES, it IS supposed to look awful and grey after you finish cooking the flour and milk mixture. That goes away, in a minute, as soon as you add the butter, vanilla and sugar. 2. To avoid lumping when you try and mix the flour and milk, mix about 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar with the flour and it will NOT lump when you add the milk. 3. The first time I made it, I didn’t like how grainy the granulated sugar made it…found out years later that you need to beat it for at least 20 minutes (no lie). 4. It’s not as firm as some icings and works best if kept refrigerated, then taken out 30 minutes before serving. I think it tastes like French Vanilla Ice Cream, which is why I love it so much.

  45. #10, Seriously?! Thats funny! What a perfect joke for the office. Now I HAVE to make the green ones.

  46. THANKYOU FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL IDEAS! YOUR THE BEST! What a great inspiration you are to all! Keep the GREAT work and IDEAS Coming!

  47. I’m wanting to make these cake pops for st. paddy’s day for work and dip them in white chocolate but one gal doesn’t like white chocolate (and others might not either)….just wondering if anyone’s ever made a thinner frosting that worked to dip the cake pop in like the melted chocolate? Thank you!!!

  48. yay!! I was hoping to find something “shamrocky” to make for work. I’m very new at cake pops – have made the puppies and monkeys from the book and they have been a huge hit!! Thanks for your great ideas!!!

  49. I am trying this cake for St. Patty’s Day too. If you have made this frosting before try my Whipped Cream Frosting. It is similar but with some points that have to be followed exactly. Mine has two sticks butter and the sugar but in the first stage has to beaten exactly 8 minutes (or longer) and then after adding the VERY cold mixture, you beat another 4 minutes. This keepsthe frosting from having a gritty taste and it whips up beautifully. My mother made this frosting first back in the 50’s and I have been making it forabout 50 years. Hope you will try my version.

  50. Have these in the oven right now! Planning to make a frosting with Bailey’s Irish Creme! Only thing I did differently was adding a tablespoon of instant chocolate pudding because I didn’t have cocoa. Hope it tastes as good! :o)

  51. can you please give me step by steps to make the cake balls?

  52. So you actually start with the red velvet cake mix and then add green to that? Or do I use a white cake and add the green frosting? These are so stinkin cute…I’m making a wide variets of st pats treats this year and your pops are sure to be the best.

  53. These are so sweet :)

  54. OMG! My sister just sent me this site. I love it. I wish I had the time to make all these creations! I applaud all of your creativity and efforts!
    I’m wondering how long you’ve been making cake balls. I had friend tell me how to make them about 8 years ago, and they are always a hit.
    Just wondering if you use store bought box cakes and frosting or do scratch.
    Also I just started making cooked frosting( grandma’s recipe, very similar to yours), and love it, it’s not nearly as sweet as butter cream.
    Thanks for putting up such a great site. I’m looking forward to getting your book!

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