Okay, raise your hand if you’ve made s’mores before. By fire, not microwave. Well, before a few days ago, I hadn’t. I know. I can’t believe it either. I feel like I’m the only one who’s never made these campfire treats.

S’mores. Melty marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. Mmmmmm.

They are extremely difficult to make so I thought I should document the process for you.

Okay, so that’s not true. I know you don’t need me to show you how to make s’mores, but since I blog about the things I make, I hope you’ll enjoy these marshmallowy photos.


You just need three things.


Four, actually. Fire comes in handy.

Five. Friends to share them with are good, too.


Skewers don’t hurt either.


Heat the marshmallows over a fire until the surface starts to get brown and the inside gets all melty.

It’s very scientific.


I like my marshmallows a bit on the burnt side.


Remove the ooey gooey goodness from the skewer …


… and sandwich in between two graham crackers. The heated marshmallow will start to melt your chocolate.

That is all. But, that isn’t enough.


Because, then you get to go again.


This one was warmed just enough without burning the edges. This photo makes me want another one pronto.

By the way, you might not be able to tell by the pictures, but these were mega marshmallows. Huge. Practically the size of the crackers.

I wish I could remember the name of them for you. But I can’t. Forgive me for teasing you.


Be glad it’s dark if you decide to use gigantic marshmallows. Let’s just say I would have made a good photo for a new “Got Marshmallow” campaign.


So here’s the fun part. Well, the more fun part. We made s’mores with a few kinds of chocolate.


Hershey’s, Reese’s and Caramello candy to name a few.


We made a little s’moregasbord of chocolate and peanut butter and caramel… oh my!

And I have to tell you the Caramello candy bars ended up being my favorite.


Yep. this one. I think I will dream about you tonight.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Please tell me a that few of you have never made these either. Anyone?

Or if you’re a pro at them, do you have any suggestions for s’more kinds of combos? I’m thinking nutella would be delish.

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440 comments on “S’moregasbord”

  1. Baby Ruth definitely.

  2. Since you like your marshmallows burnt, I have a leetle tip for you: catch the marshmallow on fire then blow it out. Crispy on the outside, foamy-soft on the inside. Mm-m. Just the way I like ’em.

  3. Oh my. I have been dribbling on the keyboard.

  4. if you burn the outside of you marshmallow, you can peel the skin off and toast it again, and since it’s wet it won’t burn.

  5. If you ever wants s’mores at home, you can stick a marshmallow on a fork, and carefully heat it over the stove. You can get a really lovely golden brown color on it, if you do it right. :)

  6. these creations are really inspiring

  7. This fall we have been trying different types of Marshmallows and different types of chocolates…darker than just the traditional milk chocolate or Dove chocolates…YUM.
    As for the marshmallows, we have had
    Vanilla Caramel -one of my faves.!
    Toasted Coconut- Good when “toasted” over the fire!
    Pumpkin Spice – Another delicious one!!

    Others I have seen are chocolate mint, chocolate royale or german chocolate Marshmallows!! The combinations are endless!!

  8. wow i never thoughtnof putting other types of chocolate with them but one time i did try putting chocolate pudding on my smore instead of a chocolate bar it was actually pretty decent and i also wanted to say that i think the large marshmallows are mexican marshmallows but im not entierly sure

  9. Hey :) I don’t really know if you even know where Venezuela is, but I’m a venezuelan 18 year old girl that’s so very gratefull over your recipes, your site, advices and basically, anything you post here. You are amazing!

    I’m making most of your treats, to me, to my family, to friends and to sell out in college -I’m a pre-medicine student, so far- and I adore you! Hope you get well.

    Oh, I’m making this on the cold afternoons here!
    Love xx.

  10. We went camping a couple of weeks ago and brought everything but the graham crackers! So we came up with the idea to smash the hot marshmallow between a piece of dark chocolate and a ginger snap! I have to say the ginger snaps are so much better then the graham crackers!!! They are crunchy and that little spicy bite goes amazing with the chocolate! HAVE TO TRY!!! I don’t think I would have smores the old way anymore! =)

  11. Ive never made smore before :( i once tried with teddy grahams with mini marshmallows in the microwave but it failed

  12. Instead of graham crackers use nutter butter cookies open them up and place your chocolate & marshmellow inbetween the cookie….it’s delish…the peanut butter adds an additional layer of flavor that’s awesome. I’ve also replaced the graham crackers with soft batch cookies….super yum!

  13. OKAY THIS IS GOING TO SOUND CRAZY BUT HERE’S MY FAVORITE SMORES COMBINATION: APPLE AND MINT! You take a green apple and cut it in slises, like a tomato, then you get a “york” pepermint patty and place it on you apple sclice , roast your marshmellow to gooie perfection and place on your apple place another apple on top and eat!

  14. My friend’s invention…cream cheese and raspberries. Oh, deliciousness.

  15. I am going camping this saturday…….. i will have 2 try that! sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nutella is super good!! But I want to try chocolate marshmallows with Hershey’s cookies & creme <3

  17. Nutella is fantastic with smores…let me rephrase…Nutella is fantastic with everything! If you put a slice of banana under that chocolate…then the oooey gooey marshmellow…yum!

    Also here’s a quick turtle candy recipe someone gave me. All you need are mini pretzels, Rollo candies and pecans. The longest part is unwrapping all the Rollos! Put the Rollo on the pretzel, stick it in the oven till it just gets soft, and then push the pecan half onto it. Let them cool…if you can wait that long…and enjoy!

  18. those look so good!!!!!

  19. Looks like we need YOU to come up with and post a graham cracker recipe doll !

  20. haha! Absolutely adorable! Would’ve loved to see all the fun you had! When i made s’mores I actually used real sticks! I know, gross right? But in my defense i was pretty young and my family did it too. Love your stories!

  21. being Australian we don’t do S’Mores here, But I want to! (although my family arent quite enthusiastic lol) And it’s a pitty because we don’t have the same chocolates as you.

    ps.I have been a long time lurker, I love your website <3

  22. we made “ultimate smores” at camp. that was with reeces and snickers and other chocolates, and we made homemade marshmellows along with homemade grahm crackers. it was a great time baking them, and even more tasty :):)

  23. you can also make home made marshmellows! those are very tasty too :)

  24. Instead of using Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, my family use Hershey’s Carmel Kisses. They’re really yummy! But I still like to use the old-fashion s’mores style, with just Hershey’s chocolate bar. :)

  25. We actually skip the Hersey’s bars altogether. We have started using chocolate icing. No crunchies and it melts just perfectly. absolutely yummy!

    I’m going to have to try using peeps… OH, you can also brown marshmallows over a glass-top stove. Brother and I discovered that once when we wanted smores & we didn’t have a fire handy… hadn’t discovered the microwave trick, yet!

  26. Well I just noticed that I am the only one commenting in 2011. So happy new year, first off and I just wanted to say those r so darn cute. U r so inspiring to me. Keep it up !

  27. I’ve never ever made them!
    But I want to oh so bad!

  28. I just got around to trying your suggestions yesterday…YUMMY! I used both Hershey’s dark chocolate and Caramello bars with the Kraft Jumbo Marshmallows. I think that the dark chocolate was my favorite though. And the jumbo marshmallows are amazing! Thanks for the suggestions :)

  29. I’ve only made them in the microwave! One day, my friends and I randomly craved for some s’mores. We didn’t even use actual graham crackers! We just bought those biscuits with a chocolate picture on top. We also bought some marshmallows. When we arrived at my friend’s house, we were so excited. We just popped the marshmallows on top of the biscuits and then put them in the microwave. I remember becoming so excited when I saw the marshmallows poof up! Although we didn’t get any crispiness, we got lots and lots of chocolatey marshmallowy goodness, and that was more than enough. ;)

  30. Okay, you’ve totally got me wishing i had a fireplace to make me some smores now!! I just introduced the boyfriend to them this past summer, he’d never had them before either!! :P

    My all-time favourite? They’re called shut-em-ups.. you stick one of those chewy caramels inside the marshmallow before roasting, so it melts all ooey-gooey delicious inside, then place the whole thing on your chocolate pieces and graham crackers. mm.. *drools*

  31. Just saw you on the Today show this morning and can’t wait to make some cake pops. Found your website and this post. It may have already been mentioned, but using Fudge Stripe cookies instead of the graham and Hershey bar is a great way to make a s’more. Looking forward to following your blog!

  32. I didn’t read through the comments so sorry if this was already mentioned 100 times! I usually put the chocolate inside the middle of the marshmallow before I put it over the fire. Then the chocolate gets gooey and it doesn’t break the graham cracker when you put it all together.

    The other really good option is using homemade cookies instead of graham crackers. That was one of the best camping treats in my life!

  33. I love making s’mores in the oven; the graham crackers get nice and toasty — yum. These photos make me wish (yet again …) that I had a fireplace in my home … oh man.

  34. My husband introduced me to the idea of pre-melting/softening the chocolate. When you are roasting that perfectly toasted marshmallow your graham (strategically placed to be warmed by the fire) and chocolate are sitting there already for that marshmallow. I didn’t think a smore could get any better, this proved me wrong, it is much better than the marshmallow melting the chocolate. Some truffles would be wonderful instead of Hershey’s.


  36. I have added banana and peanut butter with the chocolate and marshmallow- delish!

  37. OH YUM !!! <3 so sute and good i think… :P i eat themmmm.

  38. They’re called campfire marshmallows :)
    They were meant to fit perfecty inside your Graham crackers.

  39. FUDGE… is the BEST. More spendy… but it becomes soft and gooey when the warm marshmallow touches it!

    Any flavor works, it just melts better… I may have to try nutella some time though!

  40. We just made indoor s’mores with the seasonal Caramel Apple Hershey’s Kisses. They were YUMMY!!

    I also just picked up a bag of French Vanilla Marshmallows, and I think they had either pumpkin or gingerbread flavors as well. Mmmmm…

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