Okay, raise your hand if you’ve made s’mores before. By fire, not microwave. Well, before a few days ago, I hadn’t. I know. I can’t believe it either. I feel like I’m the only one who’s never made these campfire treats.

S’mores. Melty marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. Mmmmmm.

They are extremely difficult to make so I thought I should document the process for you.

Okay, so that’s not true. I know you don’t need me to show you how to make s’mores, but since I blog about the things I make, I hope you’ll enjoy these marshmallowy photos.


You just need three things.


Four, actually. Fire comes in handy.

Five. Friends to share them with are good, too.


Skewers don’t hurt either.


Heat the marshmallows over a fire until the surface starts to get brown and the inside gets all melty.

It’s very scientific.


I like my marshmallows a bit on the burnt side.


Remove the ooey gooey goodness from the skewer …


… and sandwich in between two graham crackers. The heated marshmallow will start to melt your chocolate.

That is all. But, that isn’t enough.


Because, then you get to go again.


This one was warmed just enough without burning the edges. This photo makes me want another one pronto.

By the way, you might not be able to tell by the pictures, but these were mega marshmallows. Huge. Practically the size of the crackers.

I wish I could remember the name of them for you. But I can’t. Forgive me for teasing you.


Be glad it’s dark if you decide to use gigantic marshmallows. Let’s just say I would have made a good photo for a new “Got Marshmallow” campaign.


So here’s the fun part. Well, the more fun part. We made s’mores with a few kinds of chocolate.


Hershey’s, Reese’s and Caramello candy to name a few.


We made a little s’moregasbord of chocolate and peanut butter and caramel… oh my!

And I have to tell you the Caramello candy bars ended up being my favorite.


Yep. this one. I think I will dream about you tonight.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Please tell me a that few of you have never made these either. Anyone?

Or if you’re a pro at them, do you have any suggestions for s’more kinds of combos? I’m thinking nutella would be delish.

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  1. I’m sure we got the idea somewhere, but can’t remember when or how… Putting a raspberry or two in a warm marshmellow inside a smore is the best thing the kids and I have ever tasted. We’ve been doing it for years & S’mores just don’t taste right without them now!

  2. i’m having a holiday cakepop party, can’t wait. does anyone know where to download cakepop pictures? most of the ones i’ve seen have copy rights. thanks.

  3. Can’t say I’ve ever had s’mores, though I guess they’re more of an American tradition. I wish we got those huge marshmallows here in Aus though, those would be awesome ’round the bonny!

  4. I love microwave s’mores. Grandma used to make them with butterscotch chips and chocolate chips using peanutbutter as the glue to hold the chips to the graham cracker. YUMM!

  5. Never tried smores with Reese’s…yummo!

  6. Love this site SO much! And if you’re ever somewhere where you don’t have a fire, what works WAY better than a microwave is an oven!

    Set the oven to broil, fill a glass pan with marshmallow and then put them in the oven until they get that beautiful toasty brown color.

    You’ll have to use a spoon or something to scoop them out, but placed on a graham cracker and then smooshed with another graham cracked that’s been smeared in Nutella…HEAVEN!

  7. ummm…s’mores are my favorite. like ever. ever ever. my favorite s’mores combo is peanut butter spread on one side, nutella spread on the other side. yuuum. you should keep testing these. i insist.

  8. I love them with dark chocolate and raspberries! Nutella sounds really good on them, though!

    Also, you have to try Taffy Cracks. I learned about them at Girl Scout camp from a lifelong Girl Scout. Take a caramel square (the kind they sell for baking) and soften it over the fire. Don’t do it for long, as they melt quickly! Then smoosh it between two Ritz Crackers. I’m telling you, you HAVE TO try it, it’s amazing!

  9. I am 30 years old and am totally ashamed to say that I have never a) made S’mores or b) eaten S’mores before in my life.
    truly, i have not lived …

  10. Ya gotta use the chocolate graham cracker to make the perfect S’more. We use the Hershey’s special dark chocolate and smear the chocolate grahams with peanut butter before you apply the gooey, hot roasted marshmallow. The alternate version for S’more gourmands is to smear homemade raspberry preserves on the plain or chocolate grahams and use white ghiradelli chocolate. Yummo!

  11. OMG, Reeses peanut butter cup smores?! I just died.

  12. We do a S’moregasbord just about every time we go camping…even when it just us adults!! We use of course regular marshmellows, we also use choclocate, strawberry flavored and the coconut covered ones. Then we will have a selection of chocolates like dark, white, peppermint bark,…pretty much anything made of chocolate. Now what to sandwich it all between…there’s regular grams, chocolate grams, cinnomon, honey and even home made. The possibilities are endless.

  13. thanks to this post I have all the supplies and we are roasting marshmallows tonight. Took me 3 stops to find Carmella!

  14. I know this sounds weird, and some people might say gross, but S’Mores with Ritz crackers are the best! That’s what I grew up with and to me S’Mores made with graham crackers taste a little bland. The combo of the salty, buttery Ritz, with the marshmallow and chocolate is perfect!

  15. We have made them with chocolate chip cookies (instead of the graham cracker), a peanut butter cup and a toasted marshmellow. Yum! Get ready for sugar shock.

  16. OK so I found a new smore that is to die for…….take the PB cup, the marshmallow and put them between two soft choc chip cookies instead of graham crackers! I am completely hooked, I am addicted to PB cups so this was a perfect fit for me! Hope you try it and love it!

  17. I was just going to comment that I love to make my s’mores with peanut butter inside, but I NEVER thought of just straight up using a Reese’s instead of a Hershey bar. You are flipping genius! I want to hug you! We’re breaking out the fire pit tomorrow night for a BBQ and I think I’m going to bring all the supplies to make different candy s’mores!

  18. So my husband has this cool sandwich press/pocket pie gadget specifically for camp fires. We used white bread like we were making a sandwich but instead of meat and cheese we used marshmallows and chocolate candy. Yummy!! Call it a s’mores hand pie!

  19. Tomorrow night my friends and I are having a “mommy’s night out”. We have planned a bonfire, soaking in the hot tub and lots of gossip! After seeing this post I just had to put together a S’mores basket. AI got all the same candy as you except I included York Peppermint Patties. Yum-O!

  20. Ooooh, I love the color of your nails! :)

  21. We use chocolate digestive biscuits from Peek Freans. Chocolate coated on one side so you just need them and a big toasty marshmallow.

  22. This is such a fun post! The pictures are awesome!

  23. Being an Australian i have never heard of a smores , sad i know. We dont have hershy bars or graham crakers so i will need to find alternatives for these item. After reading all these comments i now feel like i have missed out on something and cant wait to try them….

  24. I’m not from the US, and we don’t really have campfires here, so i have never made a s’more before ): heck, i’ve never even had a s’more before except for s’mores flavoured granola bars/ice cream.
    i have read about them so much in american books before though and i’ve always wanted to try make one! maybe i can start by trying the microwave version, heh. Would you perhaps have a “how-to” for that too? i always find yours so comprehensible and easy to follow (:

  25. In January I made a gift basket for a silent auction that was part of a fundraiser for my brother who had been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I used a basket similar to yours and filled it with an assortment of the Ghirardelli squares, homemade graham crackers and homemade marshmallows along with a couple of campfire forks and some fire-starters. It is dead of winter here in MN at that time and not too many people have outdoor fires so I named it “Fireplace S’mores.” There were multiple bids on it which was fun to see.

  26. I’m 27 and I’ve never made them! I don’t really like camping very much, but everytime I’ve been the smores have just never happened. I hear they’re delicious..

  27. Homemade graham crackers! They are so yummy :) I have made homemade marshmallows too, but haven’t tried roasting them over a fire yet.

    I grew up on campfire s’mores :D

  28. We made s’mores this past spring using Peeps. The sugar coating caramelized just a bit and it added a great texture to them. And the kids LOVED it!

    I agree that Nutella makes the best s’mores….. but then again, Nutella makes just about anything better!!

  29. When planning on making s’mores I always buy a bag of mini candy bars… that way everyone get’s to make their favorite treat!!

  30. I swear i’ve never done s’mores before! I didn’t even know it was possible to do them… I promise i’ll try them next time i have a party with my friends (at home, sorry but no fire)

  31. I love the innovation… I’ll sheepishly admit that I’ve never tried smores with anything but regular chocolate. I can’t wait to try some of the ideas here!

  32. Oh, wow! I’m drooling over the Caramello smores! Why have I never thought of that?!

  33. holy cow! I have made s’mores many, many times in my life but I have NEVER used anything but plain ol’ Hershey’s milk chocolate bars. I need to go have my own s’moregasboard PRONTO. Thanks for the great ideas :)

  34. I like to use the Keebler striped fudge cookies for my s’mores, you know the ones shaped like a flower with chocolate on one side and stripes on the other? That chocolate melts beautifully :) You can make s’mores at home by toasting the marshmallow over a burner of your stove- just turn it up till it gets red and there you go! I find the microwave does something weird to the texture, and you don’t get the yummy golden crunchy parts, but over the stove you do!

  35. We’ve always used Chips A’Hoy cookies instead of graham crackers. Once you’ve tried those, it’s hard to go back to the grahams!!

  36. we LoVe using reese’s for our s’mores….we call them R rated s’mores :)

  37. On special nights we are crazy and open the door to the wood stove and eat them in a living room picnic. It is a little bit of Summer on a cold Winter night.

  38. Ohhh….We just discovered Reeses this year, Caramello on my list for next year. Yummy! Glad you enjoyed them.

  39. What I like to do is use chocolate covered cookies instead of graham wafers.

    mmm…they look so good and it makes me think of fond memories of summer.

  40. Yes. Campfire brand giant marshmallows, we buy them at Wally World! :) And also, I wanted to tell you….. Walmart also sells caramel-vanilla swirl marshmallows (made by Kraft Jet-Puffed). Either way, THOSE ARE AMAZING with S’mores!

  41. These cookies make THE best s’mores – butter cookies with the chocolate already on them! They are Leclerc Celebration cookies, Google ’em. So easy and have replaced the traditional s’mores as my new favorite. Not sure if you can get them outside of Canada though?

  42. You have, have, HAVE to try them with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate – my favorite! :-)

  43. OMG I have to make s’mores with caramel filled chocolate NOW! Anybody know how to have a fire in a downpour??

  44. i have always wanted to make smores! living in australia – with fire bans – not as much fun! these look great, well done on the photos, i have a HUGE craving for nutella now :) x

  45. If you put the marshmallow between 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups and skip the graham crackers, it’s called a Peanut Butter Slob. Better eat it quick as it gets EVERYWHERE!

  46. make them with banana chunks. or try with chocolate chip cookies instead of crackers! oh yum :D

  47. We used the giant marshmallows camping with my grandparents this summer and haven’t laughed so hard as we did when we all had marshmallow all over our faces and fingers and EVERYTHING we touched! Hhahahaha! They are great fun and tasty, too!

  48. These are CAMPFIRE brand marshmallows – they are so much fun! They are not the regular size ones, but mega-huge ones, as big as your palm almost. We got these along with GIANT size skewers at the Christmas Tree Shops for toasting at the beach. So much fun to toast – and eat! :)

  49. I wish I could say “been there, done that” but unluckily I haven’t!
    :( I haver never made s’mores, nor tried them either!!! They are not so popular in Mexico although I have always wanted to try them..the ones in your photo look tempting!

  50. But next time, instead of s’mores, you need to try roasting Starburst…SO delicious!!

  51. When we decide to mix it up, we do one of the following: use fudgestripe cookies instead of graham crackers, Nutella instead of Hershey’s, or chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers. I now have to have a s’more made with Caramello. Thanks for that lovely tip!

  52. I make “Golden S’mores” when I have a craving and don’t have time to build a campfire. Take 6 cups of Golden Grahams Cereal, 40 marshmellows, 3 tablespoons butter, 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips, 1 cup mini marshmellows…

    Melt butter and 40 marshellows together, stir in Golden Grahams and 1/4 cup milk chocolate chips. Press into buttered/sprayed pan. Top with remaining chocolate chips and mini marshmellow. Toast under broiler to desired brownless. Be careful because they will ignite, even under the broiler… Don’t ask how I know this..

  53. YUM.
    I soo wish i lived in US right now!

  54. I love smore’s and just bought a smore’s recipe book that has so many combinations. I LOVE it! But my favorite is still smore’s made with reese’s.

  55. Oh, nutella on S’mores is fantastic! But really, I’m one of those people who think nutella is good on everything!

  56. I have not had time to read through all the comments so sorry if this was posted.

    Graham cracker
    peanut butter
    thinly sliced apple
    roasted marshmellow
    slightly melted chocolate

    Perfectly delightful!

  57. Even though your BBQ only has a few ingredients.. it’s all things that are nearly impossible to find here.. in Denmark.. meh! So no, I’ve never had smores.. not even when I lived in the US.. but they look amazing! It’s especially something I would like to serve for my sister!

  58. Lorna Doone cookies with Nutella makes fabulous s’mores!

  59. Have you tried a Cake Pop Smore – Marshmallow on a stick dipped in chocolate with graham cracker sprinkles on top. Yummy.

  60. I don’t have a fire pit. I let my kids use the fire place, we use the little wooden shis-ka-bob skewers to do the marshmallows in the fireplace. I spread a big beach towel on the floor to protect the carpet! Now I have some some awesome new recipes to try for the kids.

  61. I’m thinking your blog is the worst thing possible for my pregnancy cravings.
    Off to the store in search of marshmallows, chocolate and graham wafers. Gonna try baking em in the oven.

  62. chocolate graham squares or fudge striped cookies are good too :) – then the chocolate is built in!

  63. I’ve never had one and I used to camp all the time. Now I cannot have one as I’m diabetic (I wasn’t until a few years ago). WAAAAA I’ll never have a S’More unless they come out with a line of diabetic marshmallows (not going to happen)

  64. chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers….mmmmm

  65. I’ve never thought about putting different kind of candy bars with s’mores. Good idea!

  66. This pregnant lady really really really needs to stop reading food blogs!

  67. Dark chocolate wafers, chocolate or strawberry marshmallows, and a premium dark chocolate bar … now we are talking!!

  68. OHHHH Man, I like that Nutella idea:) I might have to try that:)

  69. Wow… I always come to your website for cute ideas of things to make, and you never disappoint :) I can’t wait to go to my parents house and make these in their fireplace. Thanks for this one!

  70. Camping we use chips ahoy or any chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

  71. We sometimes used homemade chocolate chip cookies instead of the graham crackers. Yum!

  72. Peppermint patty s’mores are good too! I can’t wait to try the caramello ones next summer! :)

  73. Somebody has probably already mentioned this but s’mores with strawberries are divine!

  74. oops, meant to write “all of it looks sooo yummy!” haha sorry…

  75. Omg all of it looks sooo yummy? I’ve only made the really basic smores; graham crackers, milk chocolate, normal sized marshmallow. But I’m addicted to Reese’s peanut butter cups, and I think you’re a genius for using it in smores! Just genius!!!


  76. my my, those look really yummyyyy!!
    i’ve never made any before!
    can’t wait to try making some :D

  77. I don’t really like marshmallows – neither grilled or like they are, not even in the hot chocolate. But this actually looked good.

  78. The Reese’s are the BEST!!!
    My absolute fave!!!
    Somehow, though, when I make s’mores, I end up eating the toasted marshmallow’s bare naked more than actually making a s’more! lol

  79. hello! i love this blog on s’mores! i am the owner/confection creator of the Juju Z. Treat Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallow Company. i make marshmallows that have the chocolate on the INSIDE so that when roasted it melts the chocolate from the inside out! the marshmallows are flavored with fresh ingredients like raspberry, orange, vanilla, coconut,chocolate and peppermint for the holidays. these babies are great for chocolate martinis, krispy treats, marshmallow fondue and of course roasting over a fire with friends and family. i love to see all of the fantastic ideas from the bakerella bloggers. feel free to visit my website to check out my chocolate stuffed marshmallows! thanks againg for the fantastic post!

  80. this might have been said a few times by now, but nutella is a great way to go. you don’t need to wait for it to melt like a candy bar, and there is not cold, firm chocolate to interfere with the gooey goodness.
    smores are one my most favorite things ever! there’s a great local ice cream place here that makes the best smores ice cream

  81. I madea S’more pie for a contest at work and actually won. Did graham cracker crust. Did a light layer of chocolate ganache on top of the crust, chocolate cream filling and homemade marshmallow topping that I then torched to toast. It was yummy if I do say so myself.

  82. I LOVE S’mores. I’ve been making ’em since we used to go camping as a little kid and I always will. I can’t believe when people tell me they’ve never actually had a s’more. It’s crazy to me haha. My boyfriend never had a real one ’till a few months ago and now he loves ’em. Some of his family says they eat it with reese’s too but I’ve never tried that yet.

  83. We’ve also used things like nutter-butter cookies instead of graham crackers. Very tasty.

  84. try coconut flavored marshmallows with a reese pb cup. They work even great in the microwave, but nothing beats the classic camp fire.

  85. i have not tried caramello but york peppermint patties are also good!

  86. Holy crap, those marshmallows are HUGE!

    I’ve actually never made s’mores. Ever. Not even in the microwave. *hangs head in shame*

  87. wow~! these r great! I dont have any other ideas but I was craving for smores the othre day and seeing this I think I’m gonna have to go and get some !! :)

  88. So many comments!!! I’ve found that the Ghiradelli chocolate squares (with caramel, etc) are PERFECT for making smores. And did you get big marshmallows somewhere or do they just look that way?

  89. Cinnamon graham cracker, apple wedges with a rolo (or caramello, I think) makes a caramel apple S’more.

  90. My fiancee is British and prior to meeting me, he’d never had a s’more. I figured out how to make them under a broiler because we both lived, at the time, in apartments in Chicago without grills, firepits, etc. Now, we’re considering having them at our rehearsal dinner because his last name is “Moore” and we’re going to call them “S’more Moore’s”!!

  91. Okay. So I need to build a fire right now and make these. The only problem is I don’t have a fireplace. :(

  92. Hey I have a Girl Guide (Scout) group and we make them all the time.
    If you’re in Oz like me then a good substitute for the graham crackers, which we don’t have, is Arnotts Chocolate Wheaten biscuits. Just cook your marshmallow and press between 2 biscuits, with the choc side inside so it melts….yummmm!

  93. I would also like to add that using a wooden roasting stick is 10x better because then the marshmallows can cook slower and be nice a golden brown without having to worry about them falling into the fire :)

  94. we make our smores with flavored marshmallows that are seasonally available at our grocery store: chocolate/vanilla swirl, toasted coconut, etc.

    LOVE the idea of trying different candy bars – going to bring some variety to our camp fire with friends this friday night. thanks for the great idea! :)

  95. Strawberry Marshmellos, with DOVE DARK CHOC! And if you can find then Choc Ghrams Crackers. Sinful.

  96. I don’t get to make s’mores very often, but what i DO make are s’more Brownies!!!!

    Triple chocolate chunk brownie mix. baked till just a few minutes under done. spread a layer of mini choco chips and a layer of mini marshmellows. then press graham squares evenly on top. pop back in the oven for about 5 minutes or less so as not to over cook brownies but melt the choco and mellows, pull out, let cool and grab some milk. OH MY!!!!!!!!

  97. Chunky peanut butter on the graham cracker and use dark chocolate. It’s a grown-up s’more and it will rock your world!

  98. I’m drooling :)

  99. Just got a bag of these this past weekend and they’re already gone! We had a nice fire going and they are so fun and yummy :)

  100. Yummmm. Beautiful.
    Those pictures bring back memories of many happy (and tasty) times around a campfire.

  101. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing.

    On a related note, have you ever MADE marshmallows? I saw some fresh ones today in a gourmet kitchen shop and remembered I’ve seen recipes for them. Can’t remember if they’re hard to make or not, but would be worth a try. Maybe a nice addition to holiday cookie plates. :) I will wait and watch and see if you make some…

  102. i was reading an article in the magazine of a local grocery store and they suggested adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg for a more grown up smores :)

  103. Be still my heart. S’mores with peanut butter cups? or with Caramello!?!? So genius. So delicious.

    I too hadn’t ever made a real over-the-fire S’more until this past summer. Now I need to get right quick to a fire to try these variations!

  104. Actually, lately I’ve been coming across people who haven’t had s’mores before! We had a bonfire at my aunt’s house and she had one for the first time. I was shocked!

    They’re also really good with the cinnamon graham crackers!

  105. chocolate covered graham crackers make it melt really nicely. Or, my favorite would be a traditional s’more except replacing the hershey’s with after 8 mints (kind of like andes, but bigger!). Delicious!!

  106. LOVE S’mores! The Reese’s idea sounds fantastic! I’m definitely trying that next time I have an opportunity to make s’mores! They are also really good with chocolate frosting… like just the tub kind you buy at the grocery store.

  107. An idea for changing up the marshmallow – sugary Peeps are fun! Wait until your fire is more embers than flame ’cause these can flair up fast but our kids think these are the best alternative to standard s’mores. the sugar gets crunchy and the distortion of the Peeps “character” as it cooks on the end of a stick makes my kids howl with laughter!

    My personal favorite is chocolate graham crackers, coconut marshmallows and dark/bittersweet chocolate. MMMMM!


  109. I like to use Carmel Ghiradelli squares . . . yummy! But when you get tired of that you need to try Campfire E’Clairs. . . crescent rolls, vanilla pudding and melted chocolate!

  110. We like to use the cinnamon sugar graham cracker with either a Reese’s or a Mr. Goodbar. Our last camping trip, I used chocolate covered graham crackers instead of the regular ones. Yumm!!

  111. OMGosh!! You put the “more” in smores with that peanut butter and caramel!! I never would have imagined!! Lol!

  112. oooo i’ve made reese’s and cookies and cream but never caramel! I might have to try that!

  113. if you put the chocolate on the bottom graham cracker, put the toasted marshmallow on top (still on the skewer), then take the top graham cracker, squish down on the marshmallow, then slide it off the skewer….

    Your hands stay relatively un-sticky. :)

  114. Every year our friends have a campout…
    So I’ve definitely had them before!

    But glad you tasted them!!

  115. The next time you make s’mores use the graham crackers to pull off the marshmallow, that way you don’t have to worry about the sweet hot goo burning your fingers.

    Put one graham on the bottom and one graham on the top, make a kind of wedge shape around the marshmallow with the narrow end at the handle side of the marshmallow, pull forward off the skewer and viola, smore sandwich.


  116. Great idea, I usually just opt for Dark Chocolate. Has anyone told you that the proper way to remove the marshmallow from the skewer is to not touch it (risking finger goo) but to set it down on the graham/chocolate side while it’s on a solid surface and then put the other graham on top and slide the skewer out. You can also have a buddy hold the grahams and chocolate for you. S’mores are always better with a buddy.

  117. Making S’Mores over the stove is what I miss most about having an electric stove now. I need my S’Mores fix! :)

  118. My little “George Clooney” clone loves these! Only we make them with chocolate covered graham cookies so we get double the chocolate! We have also done them with the coconut marshmelows and ummm, yep. You get it. Did you see that I made the pumpkin bars but with Apple Butter as you suggested?
    distracted homemaker

  119. I’m almost 40 and I didn’t have my first s’more (by fire or micro) until just this last summer. That ought to make you feel better! :o) (And my favorite was with the Reese’s – but that’s my favorite candy anyway so it makes perfect sense!) :o)

  120. Ooooh, you’re evil! I JUST ate dinner and now I’m hungry again! YUMMM they look delish. Now I want one!!! or two or three!!!

  121. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat marshmallows (they have gelatin in them). I wonder if I can make marshmallow cream smores…

  122. I love using Andes chocolate mints in lieu of regular chocolate! Perfect for Christmastime! :)

  123. Bakerella, what is that gorgeous nail polish you are wearing?!? Also, I am dying for S’mores right now!

  124. In a pinch, we’ve also used store-bought (Keebler??) chocolate covered graham crackers, fudge stripe cookies, and peanut butter-filled/chocolate covered cookies in place of the graham crackers.

  125. Kraft now makes Jet-Puffed JUMBO marshmallows. I found a bag at Target a couple of weeks ago. They make s’mores even more delicious and fun! Yum! We also sometimes use those Keebler (or generic brand) Fudge-Striped cookies in place of the graham crackers. Super yummy.

    Beautiful photos!

  126. You’ve gotta try Mounds bars on those s’mores! De-lish!!!

  127. We don’t have graham crackers here in the UK AND I’m allergic to chocolate, so I’m missing out on S’mores goodness :(

  128. I haven’t had a smore in FOREVER! After seeing this, though, that’s bound to change. Thanks for sharing!

  129. Ooohhh. We used those giant marshmellows for our s’mores this summer. I loved them. The kids thought it was a bit much. They were CampFire Marshmellows. The best for roasting and making s’mores! We love to experiment with our chocolate too. We use all different kinds and the kids love to get the miniature hershey variety pack with the Mr. Goodbars and Krackels and such. Now I’m going to have to get a fire going in the fireplace and go make some. :-)

  130. YUM YUM YUM!!! I love s’mores and what a great use for left over halloween candy! This makes me want to run to the store and buy graham crackers and marshmallows!!

  131. My family and I have found that if you make a slice at the top of the marshmellow you can jam in a piece of chocolate and then roast it all at once.

  132. Okay , Love s’mores! Haven’t seen this idea yet so here goes. When you roast your marshmellow, pull off the outer “skin” and the dip your marshmallow into mini m&M’s. Then use graham crackers as normal.They are tiny and melt really quick.Easier for my kids to do. Hope you like!

  133. Ok, I’m not going to read through and see if anyone already said this…but you don’t make them by FIRE…no…the proper way is when the fire has died, and all you have are burning embers. That’s the best way to get an ooey gooey marshmallow. Plus, if you add a grate thingy over the top of the embers, you can put your graham cracker with chocolate on top, and the chocolate will be properly melted and wonderfully messy (not needing the extra heat from the marshmallow!!!! :-D

  134. I’ve gotten those giant marshmallows at a grocery store before (Price Chopper). They are made by Campfire and are seriously the biggest marshmallow you will ever see!

  135. I need ginormous marshmallows!!! How yummy looking and like some of the others, I’ve never thought of anything other than milk chocolate. Shame on me ;-p

  136. We make them Nutella spread…a bit easier, I think. The spread is already “melty” consistency, which is nice…the worst is when you get all geared up for a big bite of melty-gooey-goodness and find that your chocolate is still firm.

  137. Ok Bakerella, if you like s’mores you have got to check out this link. They look amazing….

  138. i lurv me some s’mores! At summer camp, we’d use Girl Scout cookies instead of chocolate. A Thin Mint or a Samoa? Mmmmmmm…drool. : )

  139. And here I thought I was the only person in the world that never made s’mores. I feel much better now and that camello looks amazing!

  140. One thing that makes them even better – put the chocolate on the graham cracker, and set it on the rocks that surround the fire pit for a few minutes. The chocolate melts even more than it does from the marshmallow. Oh my YUM.

  141. I never made them *shame*

    I did make marshmallow cupcakes today though!

  142. Now that you’ve tried the classic s’more, you ought to try s’moreos. You use oreos instead of graham crackers, and yes, it’s delicious!

  143. I read all the way through the comments to see if the two variations we’ve tried were mentioned.

    One was – the melted caramel between two Ritz crackers. You have to be very careful with this one as the caramel can burn little mouths faster than melted marshmallow can. Our friends call these “turtles” (although to me it would require chocolate for that).

    Banana Cream Pie – banana, toasted marshmallow and two Nilla Wafers.

  144. I must confess Bakerella… I too have never made these before! I know of them but I have never done it myself.

    I might just have to try making some with all these “Fun Size” left over Halloween Candy I have :)

    Yum Yum!

  145. I’m almost dissappointed that I wasn’t the first to discover choc. covered graham crax to make smores. It’s just one less ingredient to have to assemble and stockpile in our 5th wheel when the grandkids come around. I am definitely going to ‘roast the peeps’ next time though. They are a favorite of mine- old as I am- my husband picks up some for me for each seasonal occasion they’re released. I, too, think they’ll be great with the ‘crunchy’ toasted sugar outside. Thanks for the other alternatives too, PB cups, rolo’s or caramellos, etc.

  146. Yeah, I’ve never made them before either, but as I’m in Australia and we don’t get graham crackers that might not count.

  147. I should add I wrapped the smore sandwish (marshamallow not cooked) in tinfoil and placed them in the coals of the fire…

  148. So glad I am not alone in this – I didn’t make them until after I was 30 – when our family was camping with another family – true story – I seriously wrapped the crackers with marshmallows and chocolate inside and put them in the fire – DUH!!!

    Luckily our family friends set me straight – but I bet you didn’t make that faux pas – just had to write this true story to embarrass myself and make you feel better!

    Happy Monday!

  149. If you like the smores made with a carmello bar, you need to try this. Put your marshmallow (toasted coconut ones are great for this recipe) on your skewer and place a Kraft caramel square on the end. Then, when you pull the marshmallow off, the caramel comes off into the center of the marshmallow. Y U M

  150. One word: NUTELLA.

  151. I made stovetop s’mores the other day and also had the same idea: Nutella!

  152. one year as a kid i wanted smores for my birthday dessert (i was a little odd) so to make sure that they would be ready for everyone at the same time my dad assembled them, wrapped them in tin foil and then put them over the fire on the rack from is grill. :) they were so good and no little girls were trying to put together smores in the rain.

  153. Those look so good, I may weep.

  154. I work at a summer camp, so we have s’mores at least once a week. It’s one of my favorite parts of camp! :)
    Normally we do plain ol’ chocolate since we’re making them with 60+ kids, but I’ve been wanting to make a peppermint patty s’more. Maybe one of those Hershey’s Cookies n Cream candy bars. Basically I feel like there’s no wrong chocolate bar for a s’more. ;)

  155. Oh my goodness. YUM. I love love love s’mores. Your photos are beautiful.

  156. Idea for you…use Thin Mint Cookies or Chips Ahoy in place of crackers! (didn’t read thru all the comments, so sorry if this was already suggested!!)

  157. I have never even had them! I will try soon :).

    I received your book today in the mail! It is beautiful. I usually bake cookies, but someday soon I will try the cake pops!

  158. We always add a slather of creamy peanut butter to our cracker and put the cracker with Hershey’s chocolate and peanut butter near the fire (sometimes on a piece of wood or on a tripod grill) to get the chocolate extra melted while roasting the marshmallow. Yum!

  159. Hi,

    Did you see your mention in this weeks Entertainment Weekly?
    (,,,00.html issue #1128 Nov 12th) Very cool. Although you’re everywhere lately, think I saw your book mentioned in more than a few women’s magazines too (also very cool!)

    I bought your book, and love it. Great photos and great recipes. Nice to have the how-to’s at my fingertips.

    Don’t think I’ve ever made s’mores but I want to. Never seem to have marshmallows in the house. (fluff, sometimes, but rarely marshmallows).

  160. oh wow!.. these bring back childhood memories! yum!

  161. I am loving all of these smores ideas, I may have to have a smores party, every guest bring their favorite candy bars!

    Bakerella please don’t keep us hanging with that nail polish color, love it!

  162. Add some banana or use chocolate chip cookies instead of grahams. Yum!

    Also, love your nail polish shade! It matches mine :)

  163. S’mores with marshmallows & Keebler Fudge stripe cookies…yummy….

  164. try Heath! its delish : )

  165. Its so funny that you posted this! We sat with our three boys, at at our fireplace last night, and roasted marshmallows for smores in order to try to pull out our boys teeth (loose teeth are just hanging)!

    Our friend Marmie, who lives in South England, had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned these. Apparently, in Europe they don’t have graham crackers! Maybe you should post some graham cracker and marshmallow recipes, so that they can enjoy them, too! And remember to note that, they are in fact “biscuits” (or cookies) and not “crackers” (or crisps).

    Just an idea,

  166. OK, I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have NEVER tried Nutella. I have seen it in the store but now I found a cupcake recipe that calls for Nutella. Can someone explain what it is and what it tastes like? Thanks.

  167. I, too, have never made S’mores. I have been in attendance when they were being assembled but have never done so myself. So there.

  168. I never had made smores until last week. We used kitkats and they were amazing!

  169. S’mores bring back such great memories! When my girls were little – 1, 2 and 3, my parents got out the firepit at Thanksgiving for the kids to make S’mores. I was too scared to let my little ones out by the fire in the midst of all the much older cousins so we stayed inside. A short time later my sweet dad came in the house with three tin foil packages…he had put the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow and then another graham cracker in the foil and started the oven. He then let my girls put their little packages on a sheet pan he put in the oven. They all watched at the door for a few moments and then he got them out. The foil wasn’t yet hot but the marshmallow and chocolate was melty. I know he could have just made them each a S’more and then brought them in the house for them to eat but instead he made them part of the process which I thought was so sweet. They still talk about that and recreate it every once in a while…even now that they are old enough to “face the fire”.

  170. we go camping a lot and s’mores always is a part of the family night time fire watching…so after our girls are asleep in their tent, my husband and i pull out the s’mores stuff (again) and make them using Andes mints. oh my word! the chocolate melts so beautifully and smooth and the little hint of mints is wonderful!

  171. We really like to make Super S’mores. We put a marshmallow on the skewer then add a caramel. Roast the mallow as usual and put it between two crackers with chocolate. When you pull the marshmallow off, the caramel ends up inside the marshmallow for a delicious surprise inside! They are great!

  172. I haven’t heard of s’mores before, so it was useful for me. They look great! :)

  173. Had my first Smore as a helper with Girl Scouts many years ago. Seems like the wind starting blowing and we had a bunch of little girls with long hair full of marshmallows and chocolate candy.

  174. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this earlier, but .. York Peppermint Patties!

  175. Mmm…microwave is all I’ve ever done, but some of these comments, I mean, wowee!! Oreos in place of graham crackers? Genius! ^_^

  176. Just got back from Girl Scout camp where my 4th & 5th graders ate more s’mores than I thought was humanly possible! I think it would have been worse had we deviated from the “plain” recipe!

  177. I only found those giant marshmallows once, but boy were they good!

    The peeps suggestion is a great one, but did you know sometimes there are flavored peeps? They come out usually around the holidays. Looks like this year they have chocolate-mousse-flavored cats for Halloween, or peppermint stars for XMas.

    I also second cinnamon graham grackers. They’re awesome, even with plain milk chocolate.

  178. You have to try ritz crackers with a caramel melted in the middle. Basically, you heat the caramel as if it were a marshmellow, and then squish it between two Ritz crackers. It’s so, so, so good.

  179. We make S’mores with Peeps. :) The sugar on the outside gets crispy and the inside gets gooey. YUM! (and the kids think it’s really fun)

  180. I had never made s’mores despite camping each summer until my friends and I decided to make them in our apartment. We used bamboo skewers and unscented taper candles, and it worked wonderfully.

  181. I was absolutely embarrassed myself that I’ve never thought to deviate from the standard chocolate bar! Can’t wait to try out different combinations now!

    What about making things a bit minty and using Andes mints instead of Hershey’s?

  182. Did you never go out on camp outs? Or at the very least see the best baseball movie ever, “The Sandlot,” and then beg your parents to let you make a fire? “First you roast the mallow…”

  183. instead of graham crackers…try the fudge strip cookies! so yummy!

  184. Tip: If you’re in a rush or in a small-town market and can’t find chocolate or crackers, grab a box of chips-ahoy cookies instead!

    I loooove melted carmels over the campfire sandwiched between ritz crackers.

  185. Well i can’t say that I haven’t made them before, as I am a seasoned Girl Scout… BUT we have tried different versions that are fun to share! Nutella would be wonderful and plain old peanut butter is good too, add a little jelly… mmm yum! but also what is fun is the different flavored marshmallows… chocolate and strawberry and also the cinnamon graham crackers…… and the best one…. roll the edges of the gooey marshmallow in rice krispies!! (regular, cocoa or fruity pebbles, whatever your pleasure)! Enjoy experimenting! nothing is a bad idea!! :)

  186. We use Oreo’s instead of Graham Crackers and call them S’Moreo’s. They are divine. Nutella would be incredible!

  187. I don’t know why, but S’Mores over a real fire like yours always seem to taste better. I can never seem to get enough of their sloppy goodness – even when they end up on my face instead of in it. Great post and pics!!

  188. My favourite way to make them is using dark, bitter chocolate and sitting the chocolate on a graham cracker close to the fire so it gets warm and melty (not too melty!) just in time for the roasty marshmellow. Yum!

  189. We had those marshmallows when we went camping this summer! THey were ridiculous! S’mores withe peanut butter cup are my absolute favorite. It is also fun to make them with cookies instead of graham crackers. i like peanut butter chocolate chip the best. Oh, and Andes mints are good too!

  190. Oh my dears, loving all of the suggestions here, I must say the peanut-butter cup one sounds amazing. We have tried alot of these since we used to camp with the three kids when they were little, now all growned up :( so since camping days are over I better try them on the stove, and yes !! love your polish. Please tell us the color. Thanks

  191. In the summer, we have “camp fire night” nearly every weekend with two other families in our neighborhood. Three families, six kids (now ages 3-9), hot dogs, salads, drinks and always “Sugar On A Stick”. S’mores with Hershey’s and Reese’s. One weekend we had pink marshmallows to celebrate the one girl in the group of kids..she loves all things pink and it was a great hit.

    Nutella sounds delicious…next summer!

  192. OMG, I must of been so deprived when I was young!! never done or had any type of s’mores… those things look soooo good and the possibility are endless…. Thanks, I have to make these with my daughter this weekend! lol…

  193. Nutella is delicious on smores! I just got back from studying abroad in Germany and of course Nutella is a huge thing there. I went to a festival that had marshmallow and Nutella on the equivalent of German graham crackers and it was delicious. I will most definitely be making my smores with Nutella from now on!

  194. You should really try Norwegian chocolate, it’s incredibly much better than American. I’ve tried Hershey’s once, and compared to ours, it’s horrible… In Norway, I’m not sure it’s even legal to call it milk chocolate.

    Reese’s are good though, I love them. We don’t have anything like that here.

    If you want, I’ll send you a box with some Scandinavian chocolate :)

  195. If you want a really great variation of a s’more, try smearing a bit of Nutella on the graham instead of using chocolate. You’ll never want one any other way!

  196. You can get really crazy and make your own crackers or cookies and marshmallows (or buy them on etsy)! How about maple shortbread with egg nog marshmallows and a Reese’s? It’s amazing the flavors of marshmallows you can find on etsy! Pumpkin pie, candy cane, chocolate, lavender…

  197. I don’t recommend using your fingers to pull them off…we take the two graham crackers and and squeeze it off with them.

    As far as flavors go, try makinng your own marshmellows (actually quite easy) and flavor them…pumpkin would be a great one for Fall bonfires :)

  198. I love smores, but find them hard to eat. Here is a variation that my family loves… roast a marshmallow and place it between 2 keebler fudge striped cookies. You get the chocolate and graham cracker taste all in one and they are much easier to eat (especially for little hands and mouths)! I am going to have to make them the old fashioned way, though, so I can try using other chocolate. Great idea!

  199. For an endless variety of s’mores, layout a basket of mixed Ghiradelli Squares. Dark, Milk, Mint, almond, Raspberry filled, the list goes on. They’re perfectly sized, super creamy, and by putting out a variety your ‘campers’ can choose their own.
    Plus the chocolate is a bit more sophisticated than Hershey’s which is a bonus for the adult palette.
    My favorite is the intense dark – simply to die for.

  200. I have to have a s’more with a reese’s! Also, I love your nail polish :)

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