Cake Art

So I needed a couple of things from Cake Art the other day.

Like candy coatings for some Halloween cake pops I wanted to make a few days ago.


I needed orange.

Boo. All gone.

I guess I wasn’t the only one with that thought.

But don’t worry. I didn’t leave the store empty handed. Actually, I don’t think that ever happens.

Cake Art

How could it with all kinds of spooktacular goodies staring me in the face.

My heart definitely started beating faster when I saw all this.

And umm… yes, this is just the Halloween section (not even all of it) and yes, I now have a small amount of it in my kitchen too.

I had to.

Cake Art

But I also had to pick up a few things for you, too. Every time I picked something up that I wanted, I thought somebody else might really like this. So by the time my arms were overflowing and I had sprinkles and spiders falling in the floor, I thought it would be fun to share and do a quick giveaway before Halloween hits.

So let me show you what’s up for grabs. Just a few random things I bought and thought you might like.

Halloween Sprinkles

Starting with special sprinkles.

Pumpkins, bugs, bones, skulls and more.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

I also loved these cutters.

Floating ghost, scaredy cat, and this great skull and crossbones. I picked this one up mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever run across one before.

Mini Cutters

Then there’s these itty-bitty cookie cutters. So cute.

Jack o lanterns

Want to make cookies with your own jack o’ lantern faces.

Pumpkin cutters

I love how this is packaged so you can make your own expressions.

Candy eyes

Speaking of faces, how about some candy eyes?

Candy eyes

In three different sizes.

Foil Wrappers

And look at these cute foil wrappers. Great for wrapping chocolates, truffles and cake balls if you like, too.

Cupcake toppers

Cupcake toppers anyone?

These little daggers are darling. And the graveyards … dying from cuteness over here.

Vampire cutter

Oh and look at this vampire cutter. Perfect for making cookies to really sink your teeth into.

Eyeball Treat Bags

Eyeball treat bags.

Baking cups

Festive baking cups.


And who doesn’t love a good spider trick. Well there’s enough here to keep you content for a while.


But spiders are so last year. How about some freaky little flies.

Skull doilies

Oh, I love these skull cupcake wrappers. Really well done.

And the black doilies. Had to get some of those, too.

Spider web doilies

And these spider web doilies. Love!

Okay, almost done.

Bone cookie pans

But first I think you need a pan to make some bone-shaped cookies…

… And a happy little Halloween cake, too.

Pumpkin cake pan

Enter for a chance to win all this Spooktacular Stuff.

  • To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on the blog and let me know you’re interested or which items you like the most or if you’re planning on any Halloween baking or even just Hi! I’m easy!
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, October 15th at 7 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post. Just in time to mail the winner these goodies for some fun Halloween baking.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

Good luck guys!

Okay, we have a Halloween Goodie Winner!

Jessica B – It’s you! Don’t buy any cookie cutters yet! You’re gonna have plenty coming your way.


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  1. You are soooo lucky to have all the cute baking stuff there, in Australia we are limited, you would not be happy! I love the Halloween stuff even though its only just taking off here.

  2. Uhoh, the above comment(362) was mine, but of course I got too excited and submitted before I put down my name :@

  3. Sprinkles in general make me happy, even more when they’re used to try and recreate (try being the operative word) some of your amazing masterpieces.

  4. Love it!!!!!

  5. I really like the knife toppers… mwuahaha. I mean, I’m not planning anything (; Also the “eye” candy, eheheh. Cute and anything candy sounds delicious!

  6. Oh my goodness! My heart was beating fast too as I saw all these goodies. How sweet and thoughtful of you in sharing the wealth.

    I will be making Halloween cookies, so if I win I will have more cookie cutters to use. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway. I hope I am the lucky winner.

  7. Hi.

    I love those baking cups and the cake pan. I love Halloween!

  8. The cupcake toppers and doilies are my favorite! So cute!

  9. I wish I lived closer to that store, but thanks for sharing with us! I love the bone cookies. Haven’t seen those before!

  10. i love all of these! My preschooler has a hallowenbparty coming up and im sure they would love some cute goodies!! I would love all of these!

  11. hi ,
    i love the pumpkin cutters with he expressions. the kids in my class would love making Halloween themed cookies!

  12. My oldest son is an Oct 30 baby, so Halloween is huge here. Holy giveaway, batman. Thanks!

  13. Halloween is a very big deal in our house! We make special spooky treats every year to share with friends. Love everything u picked up!

  14. Oh boy, you showed us this store a few years ago and when I came up to Atlanta earlier this year, I made a stop there. Spent over $100. I love it…wish we had one here in Florida where I live. I’d love any of those items you picked out.

  15. I love the molds for bone cookies!

  16. I will take anything – whatever scrapes are left!

    We’ have none of this cool stuff in Australia!

    Oh please please please let me win!

  17. So cute! All of it! But I especially love the pumpkin cookie cutter with the separate eye/nose/mouth cut outs!

  18. I adore that cookie cutter that lets you make your own pumpkin face. My kids would love it! How cool!

  19. Love me some sprinkles and eyeballs! Oh, who I am kidding…I love it all!!!!!

  20. I love the sprinkles. Sprinkles in interesting shapes are my weakness. :D

  21. I had no idea all of this stuff was out there! I especially love the jack o lantern cookie cutters. I don’t have a Halloween baking tradition, but I just might have to start one!

  22. Love the googley eyes.

  23. I love Halloween! I just think all the creepy crawlies are ridiculously cute.

  24. Love all of it but my son loves everything pirate so the skull and cross bones would be put to immediate use :)

  25. All of the items are sooo cute and so fun!!! I love the pumpkin pan and the little daggers and the cute unique sprinkles! The little flies would be great on cupcakes too!!! It’s all cool stuff!! Halloween is a fun holiday and you can do so much with food at this time of year!!!!!!!!

  26. I love all of it!!!

  27. I want this store by my house! Or not… I’d be broke! The design your own jack o lantern cutters really grabbed my attention. So many possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  28. got all this great ideas for halloween :) cant wait to bake themm

  29. I love it all <3 we have a Halloween party ever year :)

  30. I soooo love everything!!!!! :D yay! can’t wait to use any of that for my sons 5th birthday on the 28th!!!!

  31. Love the cupcake toppers!

  32. Wow! There are so many great finds it is hard to choose just one thing. The sprinkles are awesome but I think I will have to choose the skull cupcake wrappers because I haven’t seen those before. Great stuff!

  33. I’m interested :-D everything looks so gorgeous!!! Love the 3-cutter set :-)

  34. Oh I love all of it but excited to try all the cookie cutters ! Love your blog btw! Thanks for the chance!

  35. Such cute stuff! I hadn’t planned on any baking but my kids love me to make a Jello brain mold!

  36. Love the flies that would be so cute on my food for my annual Halloween party!

  37. Love the sprinkles they’re awesome!

  38. Hi Angie!! I looove Halloween and my favorite part of Halloween baking is adding orange/yellow/black food coloring to any cookie/cupcake recipe to make it even more festive!! :)

  39. Definitely Hallowe’en is funnier with desserts (:

  40. I’m loving all these goods especially the cute eyes. It makes me want to create something delicious but at the same time spooky:) MWA HAHAHAHA

  41. I love all the jack-o-lantern stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I love everything Halloween specially those Cupcake toppers.

  43. Spooktacular

  44. I think my nieces would have a blast with the jack-o-lantern cookie cutters. They’d have so much fun choosing what faces to make!

  45. Those knife cake toppers are brilliant. They could aid in a ‘Dexter’ theme party now that the new season has started! :) I wish our local store was stocked as well as this one… but then, I’d be broke and the Hubs wouldn’t let me go there anymore ;)
    (oops. got a head of myself and forgot to fill out the fields again)

  46. WOW! I love this giveaway. I love everything you’re giving away but I especially love the mini Halloween cookie cutters… I’m trying to build up a mini cutter collection. Also, the little cake top daggers are INCREDIBLE… I’d like to use them for a Walking Dead themed cupcake. LOL

  47. Love the make your own jack o latern cookie cutters!!

  48. My favorite is probably a toss up between the sprinkles and cookie cutters, i love using cookie cutters for everything, including sandwhiches for my little one

  49. Those knife cake toppers are brilliant. They could aid in a ‘Dexter’ theme party now that the new season has started! :) I wish our local store was stocked as well as this one… but then, I’d be broke and the Hubs wouldn’t let me go there anymore ;)

  50. Hi! I’m easy!

  51. I don’t even know if there’s A SOMETHING I’m interested, more like EVERYTHING. I do tons of holiday baking – I sell cake pops, most of which are inspired by your characters. But these goodies would be just for the Halloween fun I oh so desire :)

  52. I can’t choose between the sprinkles, cupcake toppers and the first set of cutter! The skull and crossbones are so awesome!

    I always have to work late Halloween night, so we always have Halloween foods. brain jello, deviled eggs with black olive spiders… It’s fun times!

  53. Wow! That’s a LOT of stuff! It’s all so cute too! I ALWAYS love sprinkles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I just love all of these things, how can you just choose one item?
    Thanks for a really good give away

  55. Loving all the cookie cutters, but the eyeball treat bags? Swoon!

  56. Can never have too many sprinkles!…and the cupcake wrappers and toppers look great too.

  57. How I wish I were near that store!

  58. I’m making cake pops and cookies galore, so I’d put all this COOL stuff to great use!

  59. I love the cat a.nd pumpkin sprinkles especially! The pumpkin cake pan is terrific, and the pan to make bones…what a hoot! They would look so cute coming out of a cake or cupcake…or holding a cake ball with a shortbread cookie…all are fabulous!! Happy Halloween!!!!

  60. love it all! i’m co-hosting our first ever neighborhood halloween party for 30+ families. all these goodies would come in super handy!

  61. WeLOVE sprinkles in this house! And my son would love the little knives. We need to do some Halloween baking this year because both my kids have recently been diagnosed celiac and I want them to have wonderful things to eat.

  62. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make anything this Halloween, but seeing this post got me really inspired to do some cute cupcakes or something. Those knife toppers would be great for a raspberry filled cupcake :)

  63. Oh my…. You must of had a ball in that shop! Ive not seen so many Halloween goodies ever! Love, love, love them all!! I cant wait to see what creations you come up with ; )

  64. I love everything, but the bugs.

  65. I really lovethe sprinklesthey are so hard to get in the UK. My daughter turns 18 at the end of the month and so her party is halloween style. Will be baking up a whole host of ghostly edibles.

  66. You always have such great giveaways! I love Halloween & all of this stuff looks so fun! It would definitely be great to win. :-)

  67. I love Halloween baking! Especially all the pumpkin goodies. The make your own jack-o-lantern cookie cutters are clever and I love the candy eyeballs!

  68. I LOVE it all. My oldest’s birthday is the day before Halloween. She would love to try any of the baking items :)

  69. LOVE the bone cookies pan and the coffin shaped cookie cutter (above the fangs). Excellent Halloween haul!

  70. At the risk of sounding really creepy, I loved the little dagger cupcake toppers! :)

  71. Love the pumpkin cutters!

  72. I would have a blast with just about everything!
    I’d definitely make the cutest Halloween party with a bunch of different nummies. :) Especially those cupcake toppers! Absolutely love them!

  73. One year for a Halloween themed piano recital, I actually baked your snickerdoodle cupcakes and made orange frosting to match, they were a hit!

  74. I think the sprinkles are awesome! you can use them for soooo many different things!

  75. I LOVE those pumpkin face cookie cutters. My mom’s birthday is on Halloween and would be perfect for her!

  76. I love Halloween! My fave time of the year. Those little foil wrappers are so cute, so retro, I’ve love to wrap some candy in them!

  77. What a collection of Halloween goodies. I would be happy with any one of them:) They would be spooktacular!!!!!

  78. Wow I love it all! Especially the cooke cutters. Halloween is my favorite!

  79. I love everything about this time of year! Thank you for sharing all of your fun ideas!

  80. All that stuff looks so good. I’m very sad, that I can’t buy that cool stuff in Germany :(

  81. I am totally digging the bone pan. But I love all of it. I was just at Disneyland and they had some fun Halloween sprinkles. I was sooo tempted to get some but showed some restraint!

  82. I think i would have the most fun with the eyeballs! One can never go wrong with creating various faces on different types of goodies :D

  83. SPRINKLES! I love those sprinkles! And the mini knives, which are deliciously creepy.

  84. OMG! This post made me oh so happy! Halloween is my all time favorite time of year…Halloween is my Christmas.

    I think I bake more during the month of October than any other time during the year. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes I love it all!

    MUST have those tombstone cupcake decorations! Why can’t I find them anywhere?

  85. I’m planning on going bake crazy for Halloween! I’d like to say it’s my favorite holiday, but I think *every* holiday is my favorite! And since the girls in my fashion class are currently my tasters whenever I bake, I’m sure they’ll either love me because I feed them such tasty treats, or hate me because then they’ll need to buy more fabric if they eat too much! Hehe.

  86. I love the “make your own face” jack-o-latern cookie cutters! So cute!

  87. Squeeeee!!! I love those adorable sprinkles! I love it all.

  88. love the inspiration for holiday baking!

  89. Those are all so awsome! the cookie cutters, eyeballs and sprinkles totally caught my eye for halloween cookies!

  90. I want it all! But if I had to choose it would be the Candy Daggers!! Whewwwoooo Whooooooo! Also I will be baking up CAKE POPS galore this entire month, 100 for a nautical wedding last weekend, 2 dozen thiss weekend to look like bubble gum, baby shower – “She’s ready to pop” and of course, pumpkin ones for trunk-or-treat! <3 to U Bakerella!

  91. Sprinkles!! Love it.

  92. Everything is adorable, but i have to admit the knife cupcake toppers are to DIE for!!! lol

  93. I love all the items.. But I really like he little knives. They are so cute!

  94. I love Holiday Baking! I have seen so many cute ideas on Facebook from so many talanted people!

  95. Love everything! Happy Halloween!

  96. How could anyone choose? Everything is simply great fun and halloweeeeeeny!

  97. I love the jack-o-lantern cookie cutter with the different shapes!

  98. I’m definitely interested! The sprinkles are so cute!

  99. I just LOVE making Halloween goodies! My birthday is Halloween so this would be a great gift :)

  100. Those cookie cutters are so adorable….especially the skull and crossbones. Would love to have that!!!

  101. I love the mini cookie cutters, and the fang cookie cutter! Nothing is more Halloween to me than good ‘ole fashioned candy corn, so making anything out of the above and adding candy corn somehow would be a dream! :-)

  102. Not sure what I will be making this Halloween but I did get lots of ideas. :)

  103. My lil morbid self absolutely loves those mini daggers! Too cute! Thanks!

  104. Love the bone shaped cookie pan!

  105. Halloween is our Favorite Holiday, I wish we had a store near me that had supplies like that! WOW!!!! What a Dream!

  106. Love making Halloween cake pops!

  107. OMG Bakerella ! I love you so much! I’ve been in love with you for forever!

  108. Oh my goodness…I wish I had that store near me! Although, on second thought, that would be a terrible temptation :)

    I love all of the mini cookie cutters and the candy eyes!

  109. I love those little knife cake toppers and all of those delicious sprinkles! :D

  110. My oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and I would love to make some goodies for the bake sale at her school’s Fall Festival!

  111. Wow! Great selection and really love the bones!! Happy Halloween everyone.

  112. The bone cookie pan looks pretty cool!

  113. omg I love it all!! I think I love the create your own jack-o-lantern cookie cutters the best though :D

  114. Making ghost cake pops for work!! Love Halloween.

  115. Those jack-o-lantern cookie cutters are awesome! It all is! I like those daggers to go into the bloody cupcakes…….sick!

  116. I love, love, LOVE Halloween! I’m planning on making a variety of Halloween-themed cupcakes, including zombie cupcakes! Those little grave stones and knives would be “killer” (hehe ;) on to of some of them! But honestly, I love EVERYTHING here… especially that jack o lantern cookie cutter, though.

  117. Wow, I wish this store was by me. Well…..maybe it’s best (financially) that it’s not close to me.
    Im having a hard time picking one…but the pumpkin cake pan and the cupcake liners are really cute!

  118. So cute! I love the sprinkles, such neat ideas. I really should visit a store with all these lovelies. Thanks for thinking of us!

  119. Hi! Love it all . . . . can’t wait to start making some Halloween treats :)

  120. “Vem ni mim queu tô facin, facin.”(Paraphrasing a popular brazilian song that means: come at me, ’cause I’m easy, easy)

    You should specify If your giveaway it’s only for the US.Love your blog!

  121. Wow! You weren’t kidding about getting a lot!! Lol.

    It all looks fun but I think the bone cookie mold and the build your own jack-o-lantern cookie cutter are the cutest….but the cupcake wrappers are cute too….and the eyeball bags….and the cupcake toppers…. =)

  122. ohhh! i want a cake art store here! i just love the skull & crossbones cutter. i have never seen one of those before! i would love to have these goodies to make some halloween treats. thanks for the great giveaway!

  123. Every Fall/Halloween, I love to bake pumpkin goodies like pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, pumpkin apple strudel muffins, pumpkin pancakes, etc. I saw cupcakes that were made with black liners, chocolate devil cake, and dark chocolate frosting and I love the idea of “black out” cupcakes, so I’m definitely making those this year. BTW, all of the decorations you chose are SOO cute!

  124. Those cupcake wrappers are adorable!

  125. I’m so glad that store is near you and not me! I would be broke! I love the cookie cutters. So cute! And the wacky eyes. How could I forget those?! Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. I love the mini cutters! I want to make Halloween pieces of cheese for my son to eat!

  127. I love the pumpkin expressions cookie cutters and the pumpkin cake pan. I will probably make sugar cookies or Halloween cupcakes. Happy Halloween!

  128. My friends call me the “queen of Halloween” I love love love love Halloween!!! I think I
    Love that jack o lantern cake pan almost as much as I do Halloween!! :) ????

  129. I LOVE all the sprinkles!!!

  130. Hi, I’m easy.

    HA HA HA That line just makes me laugh.

    I think I like the make your own jack o lantern cut out cookie thing the best but really, all of it is awesome pants!

  131. Hi!! Hope its me! I love all of your blogs!

  132. I love the jack-o-lantern cookie cutter, awesome!!

  133. Ok luv it all, and just dreaming of what it would be like to walk into a store and have access to all of those goodies and of what gr8 prices, but if I had to make a choice it would def be the the fang cookie cutter and the bone mold… I am in Australia so if I was to be the lucky winner I would pay the postage

  134. I LOVE Halloween! I’m making pumpkin and spider cake pops for a friend’s little girl whose birthday is on Halloween but I love specialty sprinkles! I already have the skulls but you can never have enough sprinkles!

  135. Fun stuff! These would really come in handy for school party favors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  136. loveee Hallloweeen!!!
    the jackolantern cookie cutters are so cute! ^_^

  137. Love the eyeballs, the mini jack-o-lantern face cutters, the bone pan, really–love all of it!

  138. I LOVE those skeleton cupcake wrappers. My office goes BIG for halloween and those would be all I’d need to win the potluck!!

  139. I love all these products. These can help me to make great baking and pastry ideas for the Halloween party that I am going to. Thanks for giving away these products, it would be helpful not only for me but to others bakers.

  140. Wow, you had some fun shopping trip. I’d love to win. My favorite Halloween treat are chocolate popcorn balls. Can’t wait!

  141. Every Fall/Halloween, I love to bake pumpkin goodies like pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, pumpkin apple strudel muffins, pumpkin pancakes, etc. I saw cupcakes that were made with black liners, chocolate devil cake, and dark chocolate frosting and I love the idea of “black out” cupcakes, so I’m definitely making those this year. BTW, all of the decorations you chose are SOO cute! I especially like the skull wrappers, doilies, bone shaped pan, cupcake liners, and the knife cupcake toppers! So great!!

  142. I’m always into Halloween. Maybe because I’m an October baby. I’ve made spooky food for my parties over the years that people were too creeped out to eat. I thought they were just fun. Oh well.

  143. I love all of this-it is the cutest! I live in the middle of nowhere so it is fun to see different stuff!

  144. Oooohhhhh I love making Halloween cookies.. The custom design pumpkin cookie cutter is awesome!!

  145. Love Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday.

  146. Everything is so cool! I liked the cookie cutters. Would love to bake cookies with my little girls ! Somehow after reading your blog we feel that it is easier to bake cute goodies. Thx for the giveaway!

  147. I love all this stuff! I would love to have the sprinkles, daggers, skeleton cake wraps, and the write your own tombstones the most!

  148. I’m so excited about this!! My birthday is next Sat- and I’ve always wished I could have been born on Halloween. It truly is my favorite holiday!!

  149. I love the baking section of any craft/party store there’s always so many things I’d want to use with my goodies haha, but its hard to back when you live in the dorms during college.

    But I’ve been seriously debating walking around with cookies or candy and dressing up on halloween, I think it’d be funny to walk into my calculus midterm I have that day dressed up as quailman haha

  150. The daggers are so cute!

  151. How cool! I just made my Halloween themed cake pops because my sister’s birthday was this week, and I am make more closer to the holiday. These items would have been great to have. I actually bought some of those sprinkles at Michaels. I wanted to buy the daggers, but I was already over budget. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! And I am excited for the book release next week!

  152. Love, love, love the eyeballs and the daggers…so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. I love the vampire teeth! And the skull cupcake wrappers :)

  154. SO…my 4 year old daughter is planning on us doing LOTS of baking. She wanted to have a Halloween party and bake all these things (including a cake with black fondant bats and cupcakes like eyeballs and cookies shaped like pumpkins, monsters and spiders).

    I’d love this for us to bake for Halloween with…And I gotta tell you, I’d love to try the bones cookie pan, but that pumpkin face kit cookie cutter would be something my kid would probably try to sleep with because she’d love it that much!

    Thanks for everything you do for us!!!

  155. This is my baby’s first Halloween and I’m excited to show him what his mommy can bake! :) He can’t eat all the sweets yet, but we’ll take pictures of his first halloween.

  156. Hvor ser det spændende ud, især den pakke med knivende og de små “gravsten” og fluerne er ret spændende, men alt sammen ser super sjovt ud og jeg vil mega gerne være den heldige.

  157. I love the variety of Halloween items!! My favorite thing of your finds are the little daggers and grave stones :D

  158. omg the sprinklesssssss >.< so cute!

    I am planning on making some Dia De Los Muertos cupcakes soon! :)

    Happy Halloween Bakerella! <3 Keep being awesome.

  159. The kids and I love to decorate cookies at Halloween and the cookie cutter jack o lantern or the vampire teeth wiuld be so much fun.

  160. Hi! ;-)

    Spooktacularly fun baking items & accessories. I nanny for twin 4-year old girls who love your cake pop cookbook! They want to make monster cake pops for Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

  161. These are so cute! x]
    I love the baking cups, doilies, treat bags, and pumpkin pan~
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. Hi! This is my first time commenting on your page…
    I would really love the cookie cutters! I’m getting married and moving to another state, and sadly my mother won’t let me bring all of her baking supplies with me! Poo. I love love looooooove to bake, and eat, and eat some more. Thank you so much!

  163. I love the doilies and the cookie cutters. A girl can never have too many cookie cutters. Plus sugar cookies always make me think of my family around the holidays.

  164. So wonderful! I love Halloween, and my little BuggaBoo gets so excited when she sees the pumpkins and decorations go up because her bday is 5 days before Halloween! :) ::fingers crossed:: :)

  165. OH MY GOODNESS those knives and eyeballs are AMAZING!!! I must find them if I don’t win them!

    P.S. Thanks for being wonderful!

  166. I love the sprinkles! Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  167. I would LOVE the pumpkin cake pan! May daughters birthday is oct 25th and to halloween end tha year :) that would be PERFECT!!,!

  168. Awesome Halloween finds!! Halloween is one of my favorite baking holidays because you can have so much fun with it! I can put all of this to good use!

  169. Two of my favorite things…. Halloween and baking! So I would use all of it.

  170. i love your blog bakerella and i love anything that has to do with baking goodies. especially the Sprinkles and the eyes! im so awed just looking at the pics of all the Halloween baking supplies. i hope i win this one! thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity !

  171. I love the cake toppers! Especially the daggers, super cute idea!

  172. Pick me :)

  173. Umm, I’d like one of each, please! I’m finally feeling that baking urge again since having my girls 2 years ago, and I’m jonesing to make something fun for Halloween.

  174. Cupcake Wrappers, Cookie Cutters and sprinkles! Oh My! I need to find time to bake, so many fun things!

  175. I couldn’t possibly choose! I especially love those skull wrappers! I’d just be happy with any of it! :)

  176. We won’t be doing anything on Halloween this year because we are flying back from our wedding! But! We will be having a weekend after party, and I hope I can use everything here!!!

  177. Love it all

  178. Oh my goodness! The jack o’ lantern cookie cutters <3

  179. Hi, I’m easy! :). I love sprinkles, any sprinkles!

  180. It makes me all smiley to see Halloweenie stuff – here locally, they celebrate the ultra-PC “Fall Fest”.


  181. The cookie cutters are so cute ,well everything is cute. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  182. Goodness I love it all!! LOL!! Especially the mini cookie cutters. I went to Hobby Lobby the other day looking for that mini ghost and no luck, but still found a couple cute ones. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  183. How very cool! I had no idea you could buy so many things just for Halloween. The daggers are cool, but I really like the yellow eyeballs. :)
    I’ve been feeling kind of blah about the season change, maybe I need to go bake some cookies and decorate to get me in the mood.

  184. I love all of the cookie cutters/molds. And those daggers! If I had supplies like this, I’d probably spend October baking.

  185. Sprinkles!!!! And all those darling paper goods. Love Halloween goodies.

  186. I would love any of those goodies!! I love Halloween :)

  187. I love it all :) We are planning a big Halloween party on 10/27! These would be great!!!

  188. Love the cake pan! the cookie cutters are pretty nifty as well

  189. I always end up making some sort of treat for my kids’ classes. Thanks for the chance to win! These are all so fun!!!

  190. I am planning a baking party with my little goblin. She loves to bake. We would love the make your own jack-o-lantern cookie kit or the knife cupcake toppers. Everything is so cute!!

  191. Love the bone shaped cookie pan and the cute cookie cutters!!!

  192. I love baking cakes for each holiday

  193. Woo, I can’t wait to see what you make!

    Personally, I love the cookie cutters! Especially the gray metal ones. I keep old mason jars full of them so they’re decorative when I’m not using them.

  194. I like the different sizes of eyes. Oh the things I could create with those. Monsters and more monsters!

  195. So much Halloween cuteness! I love the Jack O’ Lantern cake pan. I saw it in Target just the other day and wanted it. Hope I win!

  196. Oh my!! how many cute things!!! i want them all, this year i’ll make the traditional sugar skulls, chocolate skulls and pumpkin cupcakes!!

  197. LOVE LOVE everything!!! I am the same way when I see the fall/Halloween thing I just one it all.

  198. I love to bake anything and everything halloween

  199. Loooove the cupcake toppers!

  200. All of it looks amazing but I do like the cupcake liners! :)

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