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Sesame Street Cake Pops

Sesame Street. Pop Party. This Tuesday, November 10th is the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. Can you believe it. 40 years and the muppet mania continues. I’ve received no less than 1,299,347 requests for Elmo Cake Pops since I started turning my pops into characters more than a year ago. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little on the number. But seriously … Elmo has been one of the most requested pops. So I decided to finally put what’s been in my head on a lollipop stick.

And it didn’t hurt that just last week I found the perfect candy for Elmo’s ping-pong-like-eyes. Actually … all of their eyes.


Solid white. Perfectly round. Perfect size. And perfect. I found them at Wal-Mart. They were in the card and party supply aisle – not in the candy aisle. I stumbled on them and grabbed a bunch of bags and in different colors, too. It never fails.… As soon as I find something I like, it will be discontinued the next time I look for it.

But don’t worry. You can also use white m&m’s, white chocolate coated espresso beans or any other similar white candy you might be lucky enough to stumble on.

To make your own Sesame Street Cake pops, follow the basic cake pop instructions and use the following tips to decorate.

Elmo Cake Pops

Elmo’s noses are simply orange jelly beans. Elmo’s mouth is made of candy melts cut in half, and his eyes are drawn on with an edible ink pen.

Red Candy Coating

To decorate all of these characters, dip them in colored candy coating first.

Elmo in progress

While the coating is wet, attach the mouth and eyes and let dry. When the attachments are dry, you can use a toothpick to drizzle on more coating.

Let me stop here and tell you. This is time consuming. I wanted them all to have the effect of a furry coat, but you can certainly try another method to speed things up. For instance, they can just be smooth and you can pipe the mouths on with black candy writers or draw them on with an edible ink pen.

Elmo in progress

But I took the long way, since this was a special occasion. You’ll need to drizzle, dab, and dot all over the cake pop. Or at least all over the front of the pop. I won’t tell. Make sure to layer the coating around the mouth. You’ll need to build up a base around the edges to make it look more realistic and less stuck on.

Cookie Monster Cake Pops

Use the same technique for Cookie Monster. His mouth is bigger than Elmo’s so I tried to shape a lip this time with the candy melts.

Oscar the Grouch Cake Pops

Oscar. Let’s talk about Oscar. After I made the first two characters, I wasn’t completely happy with the mouths, so I tried a different technique with the Grouch and I think he liked it. Instead of one candy melt attached to the front, cut the candy melt in half and use both pieces to form an open mouth. This is a little harder because you have to re-shape the cake balls to somewhat in a C-shape (if you were to look at it from the side). This is so the mouth has somewhere to sit. If you try to make the mouth on the outside of the round ball, it won’t look right. Hope that makes sense. Don’t forget to build up the green around the mouth so it looks seamless. Again… these were some work.

Also, Oscar’s eyes are different than the others. His are inset instead of sitting on top of the pop. To achieve the look, cut the candy pieces in half and attach them. When dry, use a brown candy writer or chocolate candy coating and pipe on eyebrows. His tongue is a red jumbo heart sprinkle with the point cut and rounded off.

Heart Sprinkles

Here are the candy melts and how you can cut them for each character.

Candy Melts

If you can’t find dark chocolate melts, then chocolate coins might work. You’ll have to experiment with the sizes though.

Chocolate Candy Coins

I almost used these, but I stuck with the candy melts because I didn’t have enough coins.

Now for Big Bird. I love Big Bird.

Big Bird Cake Pops

I gotta tell you, when I started making these, I had no idea how I would pull this big guy off. First, I thought yellow sugar pearls or mini yellow m&ms, but none of those looked right for his feathers. So I used sanding sugar sprinkled on top after drizzling to make him look fluffier. His eyelids are decorated with a pink and a blue edible ink pen. His beak is candy corn with the end cut off to make it easier to attach.

Candy Coating

Dip the candy corn in yellow candy melts. But only if the candy coating is thin and fluid like this. By the way, this coating is Merckens and has nothing added to make it this thin. It was heated in the microwave on med-low in 30 second intervals and stirred in between. But if your coating is too thick, you can add some paramount crystals, shortening or vegetable oil to help thin it out. And if it’s not thin, then don’t try to dip the candy corn because it will just be a big glob and not pretty on Big Bird.


Here are a few beaks. Let them dry on wax paper. Or just skip all that and give Big Bird an uncoated orange candy corn beak.

(Anybody tired yet? It’s almost too much to even read about doing. I think I need a nap.)

Cake Pop

Below, you can see what I mean with the different mouth variations.

Sesame Street Cake Pops

Aren’t they just the cutest. But something is missing. Cookie Monster is smiling, but he’s not happy. He needs cookies.

Yes. Cookies. Coooooookies!

Teeny-tiny cookies

Tiny… little … itty-bitty chocolate chip…


Sesame Street Cake Pops

There… much better!

Cookie Monster Cake Pops

Stop it. I can’t stand it. Head exploding. Cute overload.

Sesame Street Cake Pops



Here’s some of the supplies you’ll need:
Colored candy melts
Red Candy Melts
Green candy melts
Yellow candy melts
Dark Chocolate candy melts
Dark brown candy writerParamount Crystals
Edible Ink Pens
Jumbo red heart sprinkles
Yellow sanding sugar
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gripz by Keebler)
White round candies for eyes
Orange jelly beans
Candy Corn
Basic Cake Pop Instructions

Sesame Street Cake Pops

Cookie Monster

Here you go. This is for everyone that likes it when I bite into one of these. Poor little Cookie Monster.

Now, a lot of you have sent in photos of your own Elmo Pops. I just haven’t done a great job of keeping track of them all. If you’d like to re-send, maybe I can do a little slideshow or something to show them off. Or any other Sesame Street ones you may have done.

Sesame Street Cake Pops

November 10th, 2009.
40 Years of Sesame Street and one happy day.
Kisses to you, Jim Henson.
Wish you were still with us.

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  1. you are amazing. This made my stress-filled night happy :)
    I love what you do.

  2. You are TRULY AMAZING!!! I wish I could be half as talented as you are!!!

    In my book, you’re the Cakeball Queen!

  3. i JUST made elmo pops on friday night for my 2 year old’s birthday party!! (yours are much cuter) how funny.
    i used red sugar to make the fur, but they were VERY sweet. (and kinda crunchy LOL) i used fondant writers for the eyes, nose nd mouth, and because i was NOT paying 7 bucks for a 4 pack of edible pens, i also used the fondant writer to dot the eyes. didnt look as nice as i wanted. but she pointed and said “MELMO” which is what i wanted, so it was all good.

  4. That 2nd to last picture (where Cookie Monster has been bitten) Elmo looks like he’s freaking out! Oh I laughed & laughed!
    I can’t wait to see if I can make these tasty treats!

  5. These are absolutely adorable!!!

  6. I hope you’re still reading these. I saw a lot of fun Sesame Street celebration items this week but yours is the tip top. Your Oscar in particular is AMAZING.

    I was thinking, could you simulate fur with coconut somehow?

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    I thoroughly enjoy being tickled by your creations! Please, oh please don’t make us wait for Christmas goodies—I’ll need to get an early start!

    Love ya!

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  15. This just made my day on so many levels! I think I have to re-think my son’s 2nd birthday – I was gonna do trucks – but he LOVES sesame and these are way toooooooo cute to pass up. It’s quite the challenge!
    Also – your edible ink pens work way better then mine- can I ask what brand you use – and how you get them to work so well – mine always seem to be “patchy” like they’re running out of ink. Even brand new.

  16. What I love most about these is how amazingly accurately you made the characters! SO IMPRESSIVE!!

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    this is my first comment, so by the way…you are so talented and i L-O-V-E your website!

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    But I opened my email with my 3 & 4 yr old standing near. And now mommy has to try again. Cuz they want Elmo pops!

    Thanks for a new inspiration!!n :)

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    Check out my Elmo’s and Cookie Monsters at my flickr page because I unfortunately don’t blog!

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  91. I made Bert and Ernie last week for a friend “Ernies” Birthday.
    I used mini m&m’s for the ears. Stick the m&m’s into the side of the head half way and then dip in chocolate. Worked very well!
    Cone head for Bert and round for Ernie. Thanks for sharing with us! Love Ya!

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  99. and . . . i just changed my son’s birthday party from dinosaur to elmo!! what a happy boy he will be. thank you!!!

  100. You have the most amazing talent. I just love the new ideas I see on your blog. My kids LOVED the HK pops I tried and haven’t made any since (supplies are hard to find in a small town) but these are just too cute to pass up to try to make. Keep the ideas coming! I can’t wait to see more.

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    I have one request, the picture for the candy that you made the eyes from isn’t showing up at all on my end, no matter what I do. Could you pass on the name of them so I can go and bug my WalMart for them?
    Sesame Street would be proud to have you as a neighbor!

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    I love these, almost makes me want to throw a Sesame Street party for my kids just to make them!

  144. Oh Wow!!! Those are so absolutely adorable!! Sesame Street was always a big favorite of mine.
    Thank you for such inspiration, cake pops have become a favorite in my house. I haven’t mastered the candy coating yet because mine do no come out as smooth and pretty as yours but I am not giving up yet :)

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  149. Oh my goodness! I can’t get over how cute these are, you are very talented and creative Miss Bakerella. Please write a craft/cookbook so I can have all your fabulous ideas by my side in the kitchen.

  150. OMG, these are amazing! Too cute, great pics, great instructions. I had made cake balls for my girlfriend’s Costume Party a couple of weeks ago, and EVERYONE loved them and wanted the recipe. I made sure to tell everyone about your website. I was asked to make them again for our Thanksgiving party and for another party the weekend after. :-) Thank you for all the inspiration!

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    I think they were worth all the work…if nothing else, it brings back fond memories of watching Sesame Street as a kid. That’s about the one show we could watch living in Japan b/c we lived on an army base and they’d replay episodes on the English network for us.

    Keep up the cuteness!

  158. These are soooooo amazingly cute. I wish I had the time to try them out. Maybe after the holidays.

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  166. these are absolutely fabulous! look difficult as hell to make, but fabulous

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    *in awe*

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    By the way, your blog is totally international now!
    I´ve been a frequent reader about a year ago all the way from
    Monterrey Mexico
    Keep up the good work :)!!

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  185. woops didn’t mean to be anonymous!

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  193. Oh my goodness, you goddess!!
    I can only long for your incredible talent and Patience!!

    So cute, and they look delicious!

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    I was lucky enough to have my 3 year old son on my lap when we came across your blog this morning. He was so ecstatic, and started laughing!! I believe the first words out of his mouth was “Mom you should make those” I just had to giggle. I am NO WHERE close to being the amazing baker you are. Mine would no doubt end up looking like balls with eyes instead of the characters. So for now…we’ll admire your wonderful work!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces!!!

    Ruth and Logan Norton

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