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Next week my friend Amy Atlas‘ new book, Sweet Designs hits the shelves. It’s a mega-manual of sugar and crafts that will help you create beautiful dessert tables like this one from the book called Honey, I love you.

Just looking at this photo has me buzzing with excitement. Dessert tables bring smiles and designing one is a great way to tap into your creativity. Plus, you’re playing with sugar so what’s not to like.


When you work on one, it’s very easy to get caught up in the crafting and design behind each dessert. You’ll experience a constant flow of ideas and won’t want to stop. Or at least that’s how I feel. Here’s a Super Bowl dessert table I helped my friend Julie with a while ago and we had the best time watching it all come together. I think we could create dessert tables everyday and never get bored. They are so visually appealing and full of yummy treats – I wish I could keep one on display at all times – magically replenished with desserts. That would be sweet.


Here’s a few extra shots from the full table. I zoomed in a little so you could see more of the detail.


…because the website just isn’t wide enough to do this entire spread of sweets justice.


Sweet Designs has more than 175 projects with tons of pictures throughout.


That means it’s huge… 374 pages huge.


Candy math… tools of the trade… candy index… the book is full of information to get you started on your own table designs.

And if dessert tables aren’t your thing, that’s okay too.


The book makes it easy to find individual recipes and projects from each table to bake or craft if you just want to start out small.


There’s also handy overviews in each chapter. Shop it. Display it. Switch it.


But I think my favorite is Find it. Thank you Amy for a detailed listing of all the items you used. Your book makes me happy happy!

You can pre-order Sweet Designs right now from amazon or look for it in stores next week.

But, you can also win one here. Signed by Amy. Yay!

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Amy Atlas’ Sweet Designs.

  • To enter, leave a comment on this website post and just answer the following question.
  • What theme do you think would make for a fun dessert table? (baby, owl, circus, safari, super hero? Nursery rhyme? Dinosaur? Dancing with the Stars? I don’t know – get creative…the possibilities are endless.
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, April 20th at 5 p.m. ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner Announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced on this post sometime Friday evening.

Good luck – and now I need to go clear off my dining room table.


We have a winner – and we have a lot of incredible dessert table ideas. Take a look at some of the comments for inspiration.

And the winner is:

Comment #1154 Michele M!  Congratulations. It sounds like you’ll get some good use out of the book. Send pics of your table after the party.


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2,576 comments on “Sugar Buzz and Sweet Designs”

  1. I live up north and the Robins are starting to come around! I would do a ROBIN EGG them! Who doesn’t love that robin’s egg blue! Such an elegant color to work with!

  2. a candyland theme!

  3. I will try a Spiderman themed table for my boys bday!

  4. My son is turning one next weekend so I have been looking at different cakes and desserts to bake. We are doing a baseball theme so I’ll suggest a cute baby boy sports theme, it could be adorable!

  5. I’m actually loving that Bee theme up there… but owls would be great, too. Autumn has always appealed to me and would make a lovely theme table, too. The options are endless!

  6. I would love to do a farm scene for my 2 grandsons!

  7. My 4yr old is soon to be 5 and I’ve been trying to come up with a theme for his party… I’m thinking some how we’re going to have a Wii Dance party. :)

  8. Hmmmm… with Mother’s Day coming up, it would be fun to do something with that theme.

  9. I would design one for my 60th Birthday Party in September and invite all my girlfriends over for a tasting. What fun!

  10. I did a NASCAR themed birthday party for my son this year and had a blast creating everything for it. Would be great to do an adult and kids one! Or our favorite college….Go Gators!

  11. I think I’d host a cowboy party – a combination of rustic and outdoor.

  12. A cowboy theme would be super cute!

  13. My grandson’s 2nd birthday is comming up and my daughter is doing a bug theme

  14. I love summer and a 4th of July theme would be fun.

  15. I would love to do an underwater theme. Starfish, colorful fish, with soft blues and greens would be beautiful!

  16. I did a NASCAR themed birthday party for my son this year and had a blast creating everything for it. Would be great to do an adult and kids one! Or our favorite college….Go Gators!

  17. A Cherry Blossom in Japan with origamis theme!

  18. First off, her book looks so cute! I am excited to check it out! I love the bee/honey theme, how adorable!

    I think sweet tables are just fun! I haven’t tried one, but I am planning to do one for a shower I am throwing. Our theme will be love birds. Superheros sound like it could be fun! I also think Retro 80’s would be fun since I am going to be 40 next year! :)

  19. I would love to do a Hungry Caterpillar table! So many colours and options :)

  20. Every year we do a big autumn-themed party and I like to dream up a dessert table, but I’ve never done it.

  21. for kids, something like caterpillar or candyland (predictable I know, but they need something they would recognize). For adults, something cute is needed for BBQs – maybe a ranch or watermelon?

  22. I would love to see something with a red or a “cow” theme :-)

  23. Elephants! I love elephants especially chubby ones. Perfect for a baby shower!

  24. A woodland theme!

  25. I am working on a nautical dessert table right now for a shower.

  26. I think a Lego table would be sweet! My nephew’s birthday is in a few weeks and I’m doing some cake pops for his party and I think a whole sweet table would be awesome!!

  27. There are two that I’d like to do – an owl one (or some other fun animal) for my second daughter’s first birthday and the Honey I Love You for my church group’s annual Valentine’s thing (the husbands and wives take turns planning each year).

  28. I would like to do an angry bird party table. This book looks fun!

  29. My daughters college graduation party in June will be a Mexican fiesta. Trying to work out a dessert table following that theme.

  30. I’m thinking Dr Seuss would be really fun and creative. I definitely want to do that someday for one of my kids…only problem is that I’m not very crafty :( still fun though!

  31. I would do a gluten free Gone With the Wind theme. Or a generic Civil War theme. Great ideas are already running through my head…

  32. Would love a Roaring 20s/Great Gatsby dessert table (but Amy’s already got that covered!) so I’d say a New Orleans/JazzFest theme or maybe Storm themed. I’m picturing these beautiful greys and blues.

    Just thinking about dessert tables is making me hungry….

  33. I’ve been wanting to do a crab theme – reds and whites and blues.and cute little crabs.

  34. This might sound really nerdy, but in school I take computer programming classes. I’ve wanted to try like a Python or C++ (those are programming languages) theme. Who would guess? For a 15 year old? :)

  35. I just did a Harry Potter theme for my grandson’s first birthday. Everything made was based on the books. It turned out great!

  36. Pink polka dots! 50’s theme would be fun too! I can’t wait to check out this book – it looks full of great ideas!

  37. I think quilts would be colorful, fun and springy.

  38. A Paris theme! Eiffel towers, black and whites, soft pinks. Oui!

  39. Alice in Wonderland!

  40. A Graduation theme because I have a heavy onset case of senioritis!

  41. I would love to do a truck theme for my nephew. Really anything for him would be so uch fun!

  42. I’m thinking vintage! Maybe vintage inspired candys and sweets from days gone by!

  43. My daughter’s 6th Birthday is going to be GARDEN themed! Sunflowers, Butterflies, Bees…it’s going to be wonderful!

  44. How about a “GOT MILK”?

  45. The Hunger Games! (I’m kind of obsessed right now…)

  46. my kids love April Fools- so a table full of trickery (sweet versions of savory foods, like rice crispy meatloaf, meatball cake pops…)

  47. I think a retro/vintage theme would be fun!

  48. A love bird theme for a bridal/wedding shower would be nice. I was planning to do one a few weeks ago for a friend, but the event, unfortunately, fell through. But I was going to label the table ‘Bird Food’ or ‘Sweet Seeds’

  49. I would love to throw a movie night themed party

  50. My soon to be 4 year old wants a beach/island themed party.

  51. I think a Pixars Up themed table would be awesome. All the bright colors would be fun to work with and spark my creative juices.

  52. Broadway theme! I’m going to NY in a week!

  53. I’d love to see how a wine/vineyard table would come together.

  54. what about a monet waterlilies theme? :)

  55. My son is really into volcanoes, and there’s got to be a way to make that theme cuter than it is now. Whenever I see volcano cakes, they’re just gross!

  56. I miss the cows we had in our paddock & think that could be so much fun with black & white splashy spots! lol

  57. I am currently OBSESSED with The Hunger Games, so if this theme was even possible, it would be *BY FAR* my favorite theme!! :) <3

  58. My son is obsessed w/superheroes … so for his b-day, I’ve thought about doing a candy/dessert bar with this theme – particularly Green Lantern (as that is his favorite) … everything would be green! I also think a princess theme would be fun to do for a girl baby shower.

  59. I think a Summer Vegetable Garden theme would be a great way to get creative (cakes balls that look like cherry tomatoes was my first thought)

  60. Spring Flower themed!

  61. I’d go with a Girl Scout theme – I’m already thinking of the ideas!!

  62. I love simple themes like polka dots or colors- but my sister is getting married soon and a fleur de lis theme would help!

  63. I would love a camoflauge theme! Camoflauge is a hit in my family with 2 boys and a husband.

  64. Harry Potter

  65. I think I would go with a spring garden theme. Flowers, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, etc..

  66. Would love to do a butterfly theme with my 11 year old! The book looks beautiful.

  67. I would love to do a pussy cat themed dessert table for my niece’s seventh birthday in a few months.

  68. Tower of Terror from disney Studios!

  69. I’d do a black & white theme, because my son is obsessed with PANDA BEARS!

  70. I made a cherry blossom theme for a friends wedding. Would love to be able to do it again with a bigger budget!

  71. So cute! I would make an under the sea themed table.

  72. Muppets! Fun and colorful…and cute!

  73. I would love an apple of my eye theme or a Wizard of Oz theme.

  74. There two themes I would love to see:
    1) “Letter” tables… “A”, “B”, “C”, etc.
    2) Peacocks (love the colors)

  75. For my son that loves Legos. I would do a Lego theme!!

  76. My roommate likes pirates and his birthday is coming up so I would make a pirate theme!

  77. Traveling theme specifically Paris and London!

  78. I think daisies would be sweet… Simple and cute!

  79. I think polka dots would make a great theme – so many options. I would also like to try a frog themed table with lots of green…

  80. I love animals like Forestelli (!

  81. I think a hiking and camping theme could be fun. Fire marshmallows etc.

  82. I would do a shoe themed table for my sister bridal shower! How fun!

  83. Doc Mcstuffins, Octonauts, ice cream, rainbow, black & white, teacher, or better yet… New York Yankees!

  84. My hubby is a huge hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy fan so i’d try to make some paranoid android cake pops etc. for his 30th b-day.
    Thank you for the chance, i would love to have this book!

  85. I would love to see a dog theme because I love dogs!!!

  86. I love to travel, so it would be cute to have a Passport to Dessert table.

  87. Alice in wonderland!

  88. Sewing and Crafting! Lots of pretty fabric, buttons, spools of thread, and very colorful!

  89. A table full clear vases full of penny candy with scoops. Little cute bags to scoop candy in.

  90. maybe,, some disney characters like Winnie the Pooh..
    I love Pooh since I was a child so,, yeah..
    POOH THEME (plus some HUNNY) :D

  91. The other day I saw something on pinterest for a neapolitan themed dessert table, with each section of the table having a different color backdrop and the flavors to match. I loved that!

  92. I love Starwars especially a couple of Padme and Anakin. It’d dazzle me that all characters are on the table and edible.

  93. I love the rainbow-themed treats I see around on the internet. Would look so happy, all those bright colors!

  94. I am loving the gender reveal dessert tables. Precious! More of them, please!

  95. I’d like a jungle theme! At my kids request, I made part of our basement look like a jungle (think vines and tents) and then thought that would e a great kids party theme – and unisex too, LOL!

  96. A music theme :) i have many talented musician friends :) always looking for unique ideas :)

  97. I’d love to see a 4th of July Fireworks at the Beach theme!

  98. Movie theme! Favourite movies make the best food themes because the possibilities are endless. It could be for a sleepover, although with all that sugar, I can’t image much sleeping to be had. :)

  99. A book or library theme…there are tons of ideas you could use from your favorite books!

  100. Would love to see a table done in “It’s a Small World” From Disney. Imagine the dolls from around the world, the costumes and luxurious materials and array of colors!

  101. I’d do a Muppets theme as I grew up watching them and now my 2 year old daughter loves them.

  102. Ice cream! Or pink giraffe! Both are on my to do list for my sweet baby girl.

  103. Planning my twins 8 th birthday and I’m thinking crafts & flowers

  104. I’d have to say animals – the ideas for an animal themed table are endless!
    Hmmm… it’d probably be a little difficult to narrow it down to a single table but its still cute and cuddly.

  105. I would do an Unbirthday Alice in Wonderland theme. That is my daughters next birthday party :)

  106. A winter wonderland theme, with Tiffany blue mixed in with whites.

  107. Candy land, you could do all parts of the game and include and bright colors. Great for a birthday party!

  108. Wow, I stopped buying cookbooks a while ago but I need this one! A tooth fairy theme. No nuts or hard bits, soft and smooth.
    And milk shakes. fit the straw into the spaces of the kids missing teeth. And layered desserts with jello. Colourful and cool.

  109. Rainbow theme. I think would look super cute.

  110. Oh boy!! I would like a dessert table themed like an ant hill. Weird, but so cool!

  111. Legos would be fun!

  112. Mermaid and Mermen!

  113. My grand parents 60th wedding anniversary is coming up. I think something like that would be awesome.

  114. The children’s book Pinkalicious….or Puplelicious…or Goldielicious!

  115. I think a pastel and gossamer theme would be really fun to do! You could use those edible films to make cute little designs or skirts on cupcakes or something :)

  116. Casino Royale Themed :)

  117. I would love to do an arts and crafts sweet table.

  118. I don’t know if French people can play, but I definitively would appreciate a “dragon table” as a dessert table. Funny ones or, and that would definitively be fun to create, “guenine dragon” table.

  119. I would go for a vintage themed table or Olivia the pig for my daughters birthday! She loves Olivia!

  120. I think you could have fun with a jungle/rainforest theme.

  121. Construction theme for a little boy.

  122. I would love an English Garden Teaparty! It would include edible flowers and more. Oh Teapot cakes, and maybe a madhatter:)

  123. Maybe it’s because I’m a book conservator, but I think a books theme could be fun! For a kids’ party, you could do sweets related to picture books or for an adult party, you could adapt it to classics. You could either make the food resemble aspects of the books in some way (a string of cupcakes decorated like the very hungry caterpillar) or recreate food that’s featured in the book.

  124. I think I’d like to do a birthday party for my folks with a Beatles theme … or something for my anniversary around lilacs …. I could go completely nuts with this book, I’m sure.

  125. Flowers! White flowers with vines.It’ll be like Enchanted Garden-ish.:)

  126. I’d do a sheep theme, and use the sheeps puffy fur as inspiration!

  127. Finding Nemo themed!

  128. My step-daughter’s birthday is so close to Halloween that I would love to do a haunted house-style dessert table.. complete with body part desserts and a creepy drink or punch!

  129. Hit send too soon! This years Halloween bash Is vampire themed!!! Soooo excited!!!!!

  130. I would love to win this book for my friend who is so creative with tablescapes and would find this book so inspiring. Her daughter is just starting her first job and moving into her first apartment so I think this would be a fabulous theme for a celebration!

  131. I think an all southern theme would be neat.

  132. I did a pirate theme for my daughters third birthday, I am working on a fish/nemo theme fr her fourth and this year’s annual hall

  133. I would love an Anne of Green Gables theme!!!

  134. I am doing my daughter’s tea party soon, so I’d have to say that!

  135. How about an end of the school year theme?

  136. I’d definitely go for a wedding theme. And now I just have to wait for the proposal, I guess!

  137. I would love a ballet theme. But I love everyone’s ideas here too!

  138. I think floral theme would be fun and colorful or a Red, White and Blue theme for the 4th of July.

  139. We host an ornament swap every Christmas, I was thinking this year we’d go with a Harry Potter “Yule Ball” theme. So super wizardy and fun. =)

  140. An ‘Under The Sea’ theme would look amazing!

  141. I think a fashion themed dessert table would be a cute idea.

  142. That’s really funny, because just last night I was searching for an Amelia Bedelia themed party and couldn’t find too much, and I thought of Amy Atlas. I think it would make a really cute dessert table, especially with her lemon meringue pies and spice cakes!!!

  143. Hello Kitty! :)

  144. Monkeys or sock monkeys!

  145. Me encanta todo lo relacionado con repostería y su decoración. Me fascina Amy Atlas. Tengo dos hijos pequeños y cumplen años en dos fechas bastante distinta y muy señaladas. Uno a final de octubre, con lo q siempre el tema de su cumpleaños es Hallowin y el otro a finales de mayo coincidiendo con el buen tiempo con lo que siempre tiene un tema muy veraniego, que implique juegos de agua, piratas…. Etc. Me gustaría poder variar de tema Per. Q les atraiga y supongo q el libro de Amy me ayudara. Propongo un tema que es Astronautas… Planetas… Cohetes… Q contenga un poco de todo. Muchas gracias por todo. Un saludo

  146. I would love to make a spring/mother’s day table-lot’s of bright colors, flower cupcakes and cookies, and things that make moms smile :D

  147. Trains, plains and automobiles!

  148. I would like a gaming theme. My son is into Xbox and computer games. That would be awesome.

  149. A FIESTA theme would be fun. Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner!

  150. Ladies Night Out theme… well “in”. Just a big spread of yumminess for ladies to partake of, maybe some with a bit of booze.

  151. I think a flowery theme would be pretty.

  152. I would do a Stanley Cup theme , with the Pittsburgh Penguins as the winner….hopefully….Go Pens…

  153. My son loves Harry Potter so I think that would be fun!

  154. Pour moi le thème de l’océan et du SURF.
    For me the theme of Surf and Ocean..I love that…Sorry for my English…..

  155. Dinosaurs or Sharks/Ocean theme…my nephews are into both right now!!

  156. A nutella theme. All things made with nutella!

  157. Books. Books. Definitely a book theme.

  158. A fun dessert table would be one with a forest theme!!

  159. I know it sounds crazy but when my kitten turns one I want to have a little birthday party, mainly just an excuse to make a cute themed dessert table!

    CAT themed dessert table!

  160. I would like a Dr.Seuss theme especially “cat in the hat” with thing 1 and thing 2 :)

  161. I’d love to see what ideas Amy would come up with for a Summer Solstice themed part.

  162. 1950’s themed sweet party…all the old fashioned candies of that time!!
    thanks for including me in this fab giveaway!

  163. Candy store would be super fun!

  164. Very weird, but a farming theme. I run a board for a farming non profit and would love a table like that for the events we run.

  165. Spring time Azaleas!

  166. The first day of Spring would be nice!

  167. Carnival themed:)

  168. I would love to see a mother’s day theme!!!

  169. I love the idea of a Princess and the Frog theme. I think the colors would be a lot of fun.

  170. My first thought is Noah’s Ark for a baby shower.

  171. Wow, gotta have this book! I’d go carnival theme and use it for the kindergarten graduation I’m planning!

  172. I’m hoping my little guy’s truck and dirt dessert table is going to be fun!

  173. A Princess theme…mostly because my Granddaughter would love it!

  174. Game Night :)

  175. I think a lake theme party would be fun.

  176. i would love PASTEL COLOURS!

  177. Insects… Not sure why… Maybe for the icky then ooohhhh yum! sensation :-)

  178. I think a patriotic theme would be really cute!

  179. I would do a Spring theme.

  180. I like a summer theme or beach theme table. Flip flops and sand, beach umbrella’s etc… Fun stuff!

  181. Airplanes for my son’s birthday!!

  182. A Star Wars/Sci Fi table would absolutely delight both me and my kids!

    Love the bee/honey design. Makes me think of my Grandpa who used to be a beekeeper.

  183. For a girl I would say a “princess” theme, which is classic. And for a boy, it would be the Marvel super heroes. And for an adult theme – go DISCO!!!!

  184. A Mardi Gras theme would be fun to me!

  185. I’d love to do woodland theme!! I bet it will be super cute!! :)

  186. That honey bee dessert table is gorgeously creative. You’ve inspired me with the critters so I think a ladybird/ladybug theme would be fun- with watermelon flavoured cupcakes with red and black spots and little antennae!

  187. I would love to do a dessert table with a pink & chocolate theme. I think it would be beautiful. I’m talking candies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, macarons, pink champagne/cocktails………the whole nine yards. Pink is one of my favorite colors and I would love to do up a really girly table for my adult girls!

  188. Several years ago, I made a Candy Land themed dessert table for my daughter’s 18 th birthday and it was incredible!!! She graduating from college in May and I’m planning on surprising her with another candy table, but with a graduation theme.

  189. I would LOVE a Fancy Nancy theme:>)

  190. A State theme. Almost like a county fair with all the State’s highlights.

  191. I think a shoe theme would look great – in fact that’s what I’m planning for my birthday next week! I’m doing a pink cake with a pair of shoes on top, shoe cookies and cupcakes with shoe toppers :-) I’d love this book so much though, it’s going on my Amazon wishlist!

  192. Pinkalicious for my daughter’s birthday. She’s her favorite book character.

  193. A summer beach theme! Beach balls, umbrellas, sand, surf, ect. Would be adorable I think.

  194. I would do an I love you theme. I’m so blessed with wonderful people in my life!

  195. Sweet Designs looks like a fabulous book! Love the Honey, I love you table. My theme table would definitely be Tokidoki!!! :)

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