The Muppets Cake Pops

Who’s ready for Disney’s The Muppets Movie coming out later this month? Anyone going? The previews look so cute with Jason Segel and Amy Adams and of course all of the Muppets, too. Fun! Fun!

To celebrate, I made some Muppet Cake Pops. And I’m so excited about how they turned out.

In the past, I’ve contributed several cake pop designs and other treats to Disney’s website, You may have seen some of them. Mickey & Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Potato Head and more. And this year, I had the opportunity to make The Muppets for them. I jumped at the chance. In the beginning I was only going to try to turn a couple of those popular little puppets into cake pops. But you can’t just make two Muppets. That would be wrong. So I made a handful of them. Five to be exact. And, trust me, it was hard to stop there. If I had the time I would have loved to try the whole bunch.

Ready to see which ones I made?

Good. Because I made these weeks ago and I can’t wait to show you.

Here goes.


Kermit the Frog Cake Pops

Can I just start by saying that I’m still amazed by the endless possibilities that candies offer in helping create cake pops. Just when I think there is no way to recreate a character, I come across the perfect candy or sprinkle to pull it off. Like these green jumbo diamond sprinkles for instance. Perfect!


And that’s what I find the most fun. The challenge of working with existing candies to recreate them.


Fozzie Bear Cake Pops

I love how the hats came out. And the ears. And the mouths. I used Reese’s Minis for the hats if you’re wondering. The tiny unwrapped ones in the small bag.


Fozzie was the first Muppet Cake Pop design I made. And I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to make any of the rest look as good. But, I’ll let you tell me what you think.

Alright, who’s next?


Beaker Cake Pops

That hair. Those eyes. I can’t help but laugh when I look at this picture.


He was probably the easiest to make, yet so effective in resemblance.


Rowlf the Dog Cake Pops

This is one of my top five favorite Muppet Cake Pops.

Wait… I only made five.


Yeah, I’m having a hard time choosing. Rowlf was pretty easy, too. My favorite part was figuring out how to make his droopy ears. It’s easier than you think. Links to instructions are below.

So that’s four Muppet Cake Pops. Four boy Muppet Cake Pops.

I think we need a little girl power.

Piggy Power.


Miss Piggy Cake Pops

Okay these are my favorite. I’m sorry Rowlf. And Kermit. Fozzie I still love you. Beaker… well, your hair is lovely, but Miss Piggy’s is prettier.


She came out better than I could have expected. Her hair and nose. Those cheeks and eyes. I kinda can’t believe how similar she looks. I think I’m most proud of her.


Kermie. Piggy. A pop-ular pair.


And here’s the whole group so you can see them all together.

Now, if you’d like to celebrate the movie and make your own Muppet Cake Pops or just want to see how they are made, the directions for each are on Disney’s website. Have fun!

Muppet Cake Pops on

Kermit the Frog Cake Pop Instructions

Fozzie Bear Cake Pops Instructions

Beaker Cake Pops Instructions

Rowlf the Dog Cake Pops Instructions

Miss Piggy Cake Pops Instructions

And don’t say you can’t do them. It’s totally possible. Check out these Muppet variations from Pop Star Vivy in California and these from Pop Star Kerry in Colorado if you aren’t sure.


Hope you enjoyed these.

Let me know which of the five should be my favorite. I really can’t decide.

If you can’t pick either, let me know which Muppet character you would have liked to have seen.

And don’t forget… The Muppets are in theaters November 23. Yay!

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470 comments on “The Muppets Cake Pops”

  1. Rowlf is my favorite. And I would love to see Animal! Or Gonzo. What would you do for his nose?

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! They look absolutely perfect!!!

  3. These are great! This is way you are the queen!! I love Piggy the best.

  4. Totally amazing!!! Miss Piggy is divine! I just love her. I would love to see you try Abby Caddaby, Cookie Monster or Big Bird.


  6. Jim Henson would be proud!! They came out great, I have been threatening to dress my 2 dogs up as Kermit and Miss Piggy for years, I even bought a blonde wig on clearance after halloween one year. He is so laid back and such a lover, while she is demanding to be the center of attention, it is all about her!
    You did a great job!! How are you with dog costumes?

  7. Animal. no question. I would have loved to have seen Animal.

  8. These are amazing! So impressed!

  9. These are AMAZING!! You are incredible. I think my favorites are Fozie and Ms. Piggy – I can’t seem to decide between the two!

  10. Too cute is all I can say!!

  11. 11-11-11 BRAVO!!

  12. OMG miss piggy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Miss Pigg’s my fav and you did an amazing job!! TOO CUTE!

  14. I love the Muppets and can not wait for the movie! The pops are amazing!! How about Animal, Animal, Animal!

  15. Beyond FANTASTIC!

  16. I think Beaker is my favorite! You are so incredibly talented!

  17. I can’t believe the amazing details you made on all of them!! Well, I can, but basically, these are amazing. If someone gave one to me I wouldn’t want to eat it…..they look to good to be eaten!! Awesome job!!!

  18. one word..WOW!!!!!

  19. You are such an artist!

  20. I would like to see Animal as well, but these cake pop are wonderful!!

  21. I can’t pick…
    I just wanted to say…YOU ARE SO AWESOME…extremely talented. :)

  22. It’s time to make the music, it’s time to light the lights….. you are amazing!! Love these

  23. LOVE you and the muppet cake pops!! So very glad you are back at it!!

  24. Animal! Animal! Animal!

  25. FABULOUS!!!! Miss Piggy would definitely approve!

  26. FABULOUS!!!! Miss Piggy would definitely approve!

  27. Those are amazing! I laughed when I saw Beaker too! I can imagine it was hard to stop. I do have to admit, I am extremely curious as to how you would have done Gonzo.

  28. Great job Bakerella! I love them all! Miss Piggy looks amazing!!! I would like to see Animal as a cake pop!

  29. Ohh I love the dog,Rowlf and also Beaker…he is a real hoot!

  30. These are great. My favorites from the show were the two old men in the balcony!

  31. OMG!!! I love these sooo much. Love the muppets. Super cute

  32. WOW! You talent never fails to impress me! I love them all, but Miss Piggy rocks!

  33. Miss Piggy is my absolute favorite! You are so talented and AMAZING!

  34. You’re a genius…pure and simple.

  35. Those are amazing!! I’m so impressed. My husband loves the Muppets and I think I need to figure out how to make them.

  36. I’m with you all the way… each one is my favorite… as I scrolled down lol… love miss piggy and I agree with a previous comment… I would love to see Animal and the two old men… and possibly Gonzo??? That would be fun!!! Girl, you amaze me!

  37. Oh my goodness…These are simply adorable!!! Beaker is my favorite!

  38. D’awwwww :D

  39. I cannot believe how perfect they all are – I think Miss Piggy is beautiful but Rowlf is my fav – he looks kissable … or eatable!

  40. Holy crap those are awesome! :D

    Great job as always. I am totally jealous of your talent. There’s no way I could eat these, though. They are too cool!

  41. As always these are so cute! Miss piggy is definitely my favorite although kermit is pretty darn cute too

  42. Can’t decide between Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy. Love them all. I was watching On Demand last night and ads for this movie came up about 100 times. So glad you came up with these designs for us. I was just pondering which ones to design when, WALL-AHHHHH!!! Bakerella has done it again! AMAZING!

  43. LOVE Miss Piggy & Fozzie Bear the most..but they’re ALL Awesome!!!!

  44. You are simply amazing. You leave me speechless each and every time, which lets face it, makes if a little difficult to leave a comment! Thank you so much for being such an amazing person, we have already learned so much from you and you just keep giving. Thanks a lot!

  45. absolutely amazing, i was so excited about the muppets and after seeing these i’m looking forward to it even more!! awesome job!

  46. all i gotta say Bakerella is, YOU ROCK!

  47. They are all sensational, inspirational, celebrational, and Muppetational….but I vote for Kermie.<3

  48. I absolutely love these!!! My favorite has to be Fozzie bear. I can’t wait for the new Muppets movie!

  49. I hope that you’ve put “Cake Artist” at the TOP of your resume’..(lol)
    You go Bakerella :-) Great job!

  50. These cake pops blew me away! They are seriously AMAZING! I love the Muppets and can hardly wait for the movie to release!

  51. These are truly amazing! You are an artist and a master of your craft!

  52. AMAZING!!!! They all look EXACTLY like the Muppets!!

  53. WOW! Those are amazing! :)

  54. These are amazing! You are the Queen of cake pops. But, what about Gonzo? ;)

  55. OMG I loved them!!! You never cease to amaze us!!! I wish I had an ounce of your creative talent…

  56. my 5 year old loves Miss Piggy.

  57. simply AMAZING!

  58. All I can say is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! You rock!!!

  59. I think they are all amazing so I can’t just pick one that I like but I would recommend that you make Animal next. He’s my favorite muppet! :)

  60. Sure, sure, I know I could go and try to make some of your awesome Cake Pops. But I want to WIN some! :-) What do you say Bakerella, a giveaway of some of your amazing pops sometime? :-) Totally the best giveaway EVER!

  61. Those are some awesome pops! I would love to see Mr. Teeth and Janis in pop form.

  62. Too cute! I have to say, I think Rowlf is my favorite. He just looks so cuddly.

  63. Those are absolutely adorable! I love miss piggy’s makeup on hers! Awesome job Angie! So creative, you are a genius at Cake pops!

  64. These cake pops are so great but where is Gonzo????

  65. You are such an incredible artist and sculptor! My little girl is so anxious to see The Muppets – she just loved your Miss Piggy!

  66. To say you are the master would be an understatement. These are simply amazing!

  67. So amazing bakerella! I an thankful that you are so generous! Your gift is such a blessing! These look amazing-thank you!

  68. Anonymous: Freeze your pops.

    Also, write on the pops after the chocolate is set but BEFORE condensation forms. IF there is condensation or if they are wet at all, they won’t write. Good luck!

  69. I like Miss Piggy the most! Her hair was made well and her nose came out nicely lol. NIce job! (:

  70. So creative! You are amazing!

  71. Please help…I’m trying to make dr suess thing 1 and thing 2 cake pops for my twin cousins first bday party on Saturday. I attempted for the first time a few days ago nd the choclate drips down the stick. When I tried gently tapping excess chocolate off, the cake would brfeak off the stick. Also my “wilton” edible pen really doesn’t work well…Please help, need these for Sunday. Thanks!

  72. Love ’em! But no Gonzo??? You are still amazing though! Can’t wait to see a Disney specific book with Disney licensed characters (Muppets)!

  73. Awesome!!!!!

  74. I love them!!!!!! What a great job you have done:) I love Ms.Piggy that’s my favorite

  75. AMAZING! just amazing! :)

  76. HOLY COW!! You my friend are a true artist of all things sugar! LOVE IT..although you forgot Prof Honeydew and Gonzo(but if you have Gonzo then you need his gf Camilla the chicken

  77. You are just…wow. I WISH I had even half your creativity! I love Kermit and Miss Piggy!

  78. Bakerella- you did an amazing job!! My fav of course, is miss Piggy!!! There really is no contest there. She is the queen diva- and she would have into other way!!! Great job on all of them !

    Side note: have you ever rolled he balls and thenfrozen them for a few weeks? I was planning on rolling the pops and then freezing them, but defrosting them before dipping. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  79. You are indeed the Queen of cake pops.. Outstanding job..flawless

  80. I think Miss Piggy is soooo adorable, her eyes are amazing and yes they are absolutely perfect, all your praise is well deserved.

  81. OMG these are amazing!!!

  82. wow angie – you’ve really outdone yourself!! these are amazing. I dunno – they’re all good, but I think you really nailed it with miss piggy!! :0)

  83. Ms. Piggy is my favorite! They are all so cute! You have so much talent!

  84. Wow……….these are all so adorable, but I have to admit that Miss Piggy is my favorite. Amazing job, Bakerella!!

  85. OMG!!! this are beautiful!!! Love em

  86. I think I just cried a little. That’s how much the Muppets mean to me and how freakin’ perfectly amazing these are. I had no idea a new movie was coming out, so thank you doubly!!! Can’t wait to see it. Can. Not. Wait.

  87. this is the cutest to date… fantastic job (as usual)!

  88. Oh, these are so cute! You did an awesome job! I love them all, but Miss Piggy is my favorite!

  89. You are simply amazing! I love them all, I guess I’m partial to Kermit, but then I look at the other 4 and think they are all fantastic. Thank you for sharing this!

  90. Miss piggy is my favorite, I remember watching them growing up all the time.

  91. Gonzo and Fozzy Bear! :D

    These are adorable, I’m most definitely going to see the movie.

    *dances away*

  92. No words for how CUTE these are!!!!

  93. Awesome! Angie, you never fail to impress and delight!!!
    good job!!!!

  94. GREAT job!!! I don’t know which one is my favorite- they all came out amazing. Thanks for making my morning!

  95. Hi these are amaizing!!! i love everything its so cute, my favorite Miss Piggy, thank you so much for your art.

  96. OMG! They are tooooooooo cute! You are awesome!

  97. You are beyond amazing. If I had to pick, I’d go with Miss Piggy!

  98. These are incredible! Every time I see you’ve made new cake pops, I just know they are going to make me speechless!

  99. Wow. You are incredible. Those are amazing.

  100. OMG! Thee are so fantastic. What a talented woman you are. The Fozzie one’s are my favorite :)

  101. Oh my gosh. How to even decide? As I scrolled down with each muppet I was like “THIS one is the best”. They all look amazing, but I think Rowlf looks the smoothest. But like I sad, all fantastic.

  102. Love Miss Piggy! Can’t Wait for thanksgiving and Christmas Cupcake Ideas!!

  103. You did an amazing job on these! It’s hard to pick a favorite. Gotta love the classic Kermit and Miss Piggy pairing though! On behalf of my brother, I would have liked to see an Animal cake pop. That was his favorite muppet (and the one he most resembled as a child).

  104. Amazing! I love each one; however, Beaker is my all time favorite Muppet. So cute when he shrinks down into his shirt when he’s scared. You did a fabulous job with all of them.

  105. OMG! I love the muppets and these pops are just spot on. I am so impressed with how much these look like the real characters. You captured their essence just perfectly, and I can’t wait to see what comes next…

  106. I LOVE them! how great!
    I still can’t get my coating right, even with the oil. it’s smooth, but so thick it wont coat nicely. or it wont stick to the cake balls.Oh well. thanks for the pics they’re adorable

  107. You are SO talented!! I love them! I just got your book, it is so fun to look at. Even if I never get around to making any of the pops, I’m so happy to have your adorable book. My mama got it for me for my birthday :)

  108. Those are absolutely fabulous. Just when I think you can’t do better you come out with these!! I love them all but Ms. Piggy is perfect!!

  109. Wow… just… wow… You are absolutely amazing! These look great!

  110. Oh my gosh.. they are perfection.. I do have to say though.. that the muppets aren’t complete without A-N-I-M-A-L!!!!

  111. Oh, you are too, too good, Angie! With every scroll down, I’d say, “ooo…this one is my favorite.” Scroll down, “ooo…this one is my favorite.” :) I can’t pick…each one is adorable and perfect! So, so cute!

  112. AMAZING! Your talent continues to knock my socks off :). I don’t think there’s anything you can’t make out of a cakeball!

  113. Piggy is fantastic, but Animal is the best Muppet of all. Both the pop stars did a great job with him!

  114. Oh WOW you are so talented. I have to say my favourite is Fozzie but it was a tough call as Miss Piggy is SO true to life.

  115. I’m in love with/awe of you. You are ridiculous. Just when I think you cannot surpass impressions left by your previous creations, you go and make Miss Piggy Pops with gorgeous blonde locks and lentils! Just awesome! xoxox:)

  116. These are unbelievable! Glad to see that you are back Bakerella!

  117. These are truly works of art!!!

  118. Oh my gosh, they’re all fantastic, but I can’t believe that Miss Piggy! These are SO cute! You rock!

  119. Oh my WOW!! Love the Muppets!! I can not wait to see the movie! Other Muppet favs for me are Animal, Scooter, and Gonzo!!

  120. It is unfair that one person can have so much talent! These are adorable. You have captured their personalities…especially Miss Piggy! Great job.

  121. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t freaking wait until this movie!!

  122. Your cake pops are so cute they make me want to see the muppets movie!

  123. Amazing! You’ve outdone yourself this time. Please oh please try to make the other Muppets too.

  124. I think these are all just fantastic!! You continue to inspire! I can’t pick just one favorite, but it would be great to see the Swedish Chef or Gonzo :) Can’t wait to take my boys to see the Muppets!

  125. I love these. They are stunning and so “real”

  126. Make Animal!! lol. He’s my favorite muppet.

  127. Wauw ! They are really great ! Examples for your next book ? ( there will be e next book ??? )

  128. I’m speechless !! These are truly amazing!
    How long did it took you to make them all?
    How long did it took you to eat them? ;)
    I have to design cupcakes for the Legally Blonde Musical in London soon and I just hope I’ll be a quarter as good as you.

    Once again, amazing job!

  129. Bakerella, these are all AMAZING!!! Some of your very best cake pop work yet, girl! I love them all. My favorite is Miss Piggy. She is total perfection. My husband is going to die when I show him these. He’s such a huge Muppits fan too. We are seeing the movie with all his family. I’m begging you to make Gonzo and Animal! Those two would be so great to see as cake pops, and so colorful. I’m going to check out how you made them right now. Love to you, Bakerella. :D

  130. Wow! Couldn’t possibly choose, they are all superb – would love to see Animal.

  131. Hi there,
    I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I’m already completely hooked. I have endless admiration for your creativity and skills. And than these Muppets… They are truly unbelievable. I don’t think I could bring myself te eating them. I’m making my first pops this weekend, so fingers crossed.
    Greetz from The Netherlands

  132. how amazing cakepops….

  133. OMG I love love love Miss Piggy!!! But they are all the business
    : ) Well done!

    They are all amazing, but Rowlf and Piggy are beyond spot-on!
    You continue to inspire!

  135. I am amazed at your talent. I just started to attempt cake pops, usually I decorate cakes, but so far I can only manage your average ball shaped pops. I will have to just admire yours instead!! X x

  136. OMG I am totally blown away by these cute little muppets. You constantly amaze me with your creativity. I find it incredible how well you’ve shaped their faces let alone how perfectly you’ve decorated their faces. WOW!

    I have some cake balls in the freezer that I think I will use to make one of each. Now to collect on the parts. Simply amazing!

  137. These are THE MOST AMAZING pops you’ve ever done! I am in awe of your talent, and maybe somewhat envious ;) if I may be honest! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  138. You are amazing! Your Miss Piggy is INCREDIBLE!!!

  139. OMG these are the cutest cake pops ever! You are sooooo clever!

  140. OMG I really LOVE those!

    so PRECISE!

    That what makes you THE ONE :-)))

    Thanks for that awesome post.

    Love from Germany

  141. Awesome muppets!!! And I have to agree, Miss Piggy is my favourite too!

  142. OMG I LOVE the Miss Piggy one :) So well done!

  143. Miss Piggys hair is PERFECT:o i can imagine how hard it would be to create these….mine would just look like horrible messes XD

  144. These are crazy!! I cannot believe how fantastic and realistic they look. You have an amazing talent, thank you for sharing.

  145. AMAZING! Is there anything you can’t do!? Makes me giggle and say WOWZA!

  146. Now I know why you were almost beaming when you said there were 5 new cake pops which would be released in the same exact post. “You will know when you see it!” These are perfectly detailed. You are such a talented lady! Hats (I mean Mini Reese’s) off to you!

  147. Oh my goodness these are GREAT!!! love love love all of them. My favorites are Fozzie, and Ms. Piggy. Would love to see Animal, and Stantler & Waldorf (two old men in the balcony). You are such an inspiration.

  148. whoa Mama! Those are amazing!!

  149. We love Beaker!

  150. Beaker is my favourite. hilarious!

    but i love Fozzie’s hat. i recognized the mini reeces straight away (and i’m Austalian)

  151. miss piggy is adorable! you should be proud of her :)

  152. Cutest things ever!!

  153. Other than my friends and family, the things i love the most are CAKE, Star Wars and the Muppets. Wacka Wacka Wacka!!! Yep Fozzy is my fave.

  154. WOW!!!! You are so amazing those are GREAT!!!!!!

  155. You have such amazing talent that I have no words except…wow.

  156. I love them all!!! I am partial to Beaker but would have loved to see Animal!!!! Oh and the 2 old guys!!!

  157. These are so adorable! I love miss Piggy. :D

  158. ahhhhh i <3 beaker!!!!!! thats too amazing!

  159. These are AMAZING! I love the Miss ‘Piggy Pop, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Animal! I guess I’ve always had a thing for drummers!

  160. Oh, you’ve hit it OUT of the ballpark (again)….Yahoo!!! Thanks for making me SMILE big time tonight!!! :-)

  161. Wow! Miss Piggy is PERFECT! She really looks just like her! Lovely!

  162. Wow, wow, wow! These are outstanding! You did a wonderful job.

  163. This made me giggle!!! I love Miss Piggy and Kermit most of all!! LOL

  164. Miss Piggy rocks!
    However, I would like to see a Gonzo pop. He’s such an adorable weirdo.

  165. These are fabulous! Miss Piggy is simply divine darling!!

  166. You really are an artist Angie! A Cake Pop Artist- these are your best, ever! Wow….just wow.

  167. You are killing me with {{Cuteness!}}

  168. BEAKER!!!!!
    Really LOVE Beaker.

  169. These are unbelievable! …and so are you! They look spot on! Soooo amazing!

  170. Animal!!!! I would love to see him!

  171. In the very nicest way possible, I have to say that miss piggy looks like miss bakerella. Maybe its the hair?

    Oh gosh, please don’t take offense to that. I the only one who sees it?

  172. Oh The Divine Miss P is to die for dahhhling. I wish I was making Muppets this weekend instead of Twilight for our GNO party!

  173. They are all amazing (as usual) but as soon as I saw Rowlf you brought back some of my best childhood Muppet memories!

  174. You are truly an artist. I am blown away.

  175. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! You have completely outdone yourself! These look amazing!

  176. Ack! So awesome!!!

  177. I bet doing Dr. Honeydew would be fairly easy–he’s nice and round! :) I’d also like to see the Swedish Chef.

  178. They are all amazing. I like them all!!!!

  179. Wow! Just wow!

  180. OMG they are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! Breathe taking :)

  181. How cute! I just love them!

  182. OMG you have out done yourself! After looking at each one I would say “now that’s my favorite” they are all amazing. Hope you do the 2 grumpy old men one day, or the swedish chef and all his chickens or pigs in space they were the best or gonzo – I’d be curious to see how you’d make his nose. Maybe you could use a purple fruit loop. You are right there are too many awesome characters! Great job!

  183. I love all of them! Such perfect likenesses. Miss Piggy wins for me–but I love the Beaker & Rowlf ones, too. Can’t wait for the movie!!

  184. Absolutely darling! I love Miss Piggy and Kermit the most :)

  185. I love, love, LOVE the Beaker ones. He is just perfect! They all look so good though.

  186. These are soo cute and adorable!! You did an awesome job on them. They look so cute!

  187. by the way, i think that miss piggy kind of looks like you Bakerella!

  188. Those are amazing!
    It’s hard to decide a favorite. I really like Fozzie and Ms. Piggy. She looks perfect, but I think I like Fozzie Bear best.
    I would like to see Gonzo and Animal.

  189. apparently i am not your first comment anymore

  190. Oh my goodness! How adorable! I love them all, but I think Miss Piggy might just be my favorite, too. Then Kermit. But each time I look at them, I hear their muppet-y voices. These are spot on! They look fabulous!

  191. i think it is very cool that i am your first comment i think these are super cute too!

  192. I can’t believe how much those all look like the real Muppets!! Is it ok to call a cake pop stunning? Because those are. Great job!

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