The Muppets Cake Pops

Who’s ready for Disney’s The Muppets Movie coming out later this month? Anyone going? The previews look so cute with Jason Segel and Amy Adams and of course all of the Muppets, too. Fun! Fun!

To celebrate, I made some Muppet Cake Pops. And I’m so excited about how they turned out.

In the past, I’ve contributed several cake pop designs and other treats to Disney’s website, You may have seen some of them. Mickey & Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Potato Head and more. And this year, I had the opportunity to make The Muppets for them. I jumped at the chance. In the beginning I was only going to try to turn a couple of those popular little puppets into cake pops. But you can’t just make two Muppets. That would be wrong. So I made a handful of them. Five to be exact. And, trust me, it was hard to stop there. If I had the time I would have loved to try the whole bunch.

Ready to see which ones I made?

Good. Because I made these weeks ago and I can’t wait to show you.

Here goes.


Kermit the Frog Cake Pops

Can I just start by saying that I’m still amazed by the endless possibilities that candies offer in helping create cake pops. Just when I think there is no way to recreate a character, I come across the perfect candy or sprinkle to pull it off. Like these green jumbo diamond sprinkles for instance. Perfect!


And that’s what I find the most fun. The challenge of working with existing candies to recreate them.


Fozzie Bear Cake Pops

I love how the hats came out. And the ears. And the mouths. I used Reese’s Minis for the hats if you’re wondering. The tiny unwrapped ones in the small bag.


Fozzie was the first Muppet Cake Pop design I made. And I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to make any of the rest look as good. But, I’ll let you tell me what you think.

Alright, who’s next?


Beaker Cake Pops

That hair. Those eyes. I can’t help but laugh when I look at this picture.


He was probably the easiest to make, yet so effective in resemblance.


Rowlf the Dog Cake Pops

This is one of my top five favorite Muppet Cake Pops.

Wait… I only made five.


Yeah, I’m having a hard time choosing. Rowlf was pretty easy, too. My favorite part was figuring out how to make his droopy ears. It’s easier than you think. Links to instructions are below.

So that’s four Muppet Cake Pops. Four boy Muppet Cake Pops.

I think we need a little girl power.

Piggy Power.


Miss Piggy Cake Pops

Okay these are my favorite. I’m sorry Rowlf. And Kermit. Fozzie I still love you. Beaker… well, your hair is lovely, but Miss Piggy’s is prettier.


She came out better than I could have expected. Her hair and nose. Those cheeks and eyes. I kinda can’t believe how similar she looks. I think I’m most proud of her.


Kermie. Piggy. A pop-ular pair.


And here’s the whole group so you can see them all together.

Now, if you’d like to celebrate the movie and make your own Muppet Cake Pops or just want to see how they are made, the directions for each are on Disney’s website. Have fun!

Muppet Cake Pops on

Kermit the Frog Cake Pop Instructions

Fozzie Bear Cake Pops Instructions

Beaker Cake Pops Instructions

Rowlf the Dog Cake Pops Instructions

Miss Piggy Cake Pops Instructions

And don’t say you can’t do them. It’s totally possible. Check out these Muppet variations from Pop Star Vivy in California and these from Pop Star Kerry in Colorado if you aren’t sure.


Hope you enjoyed these.

Let me know which of the five should be my favorite. I really can’t decide.

If you can’t pick either, let me know which Muppet character you would have liked to have seen.

And don’t forget… The Muppets are in theaters November 23. Yay!

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470 comments on “The Muppets Cake Pops”

  1. OMG I died when I saw these! So adorable! Amazing on what you can create with a little sugar and candies!

  2. I also can’t help but to laugh when I look at the Beaker pops. Ina good way, of course! He’s so cute!

  3. Love it, love it, love it !

  4. FYI The muppet cake pops are a “hot pick” at The Cool Hunter!
    I love Bakerella.

  5. These are sooooo cute!

  6. oooooommmmmmggggg!!!!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!

  7. You are so amazing. I can’t believe how PERFECT your cake pops are! You are truly talented!!!

  8. These are just amazing – I’ve tweeted about them even tho the post is a few weeks old as I had to tell someone! I don’t have the patience myself to make cake pops so I admire you and such creativity! Fozzy is my fav!!

  9. You are truly amazing. I am a Kermit fanatic and made Kermit cupcakes to take to the theatre to hand out to the audience. If only I was as talented as you! These are outrageously awesome!

  10. Absoultey stunning. It’s the first time I’ve been to your webiste and my mind is bursting with inspiration. You are so talented!

  11. Bakerella you are AMAZING!! They all are absolutely divine, but Ms. Piggy is my fav. Fabulous job as usual!!!

  12. Amazing!! They are so gorgeous… will definitely be trying these! x

  13. love, love, love them. just beautiful.

  14. I have posted some pictures of your beautiful cake pops at our website about pastry Hope this is ok.
    Thank you for the great creations!

  15. OMG.. Those are so very cute… I love how creative you are..
    By the way i just love your website… So cool.. AMAZING……

  16. These are great!! I love the texture of Fozzie’s fur.

  17. You are a genius! As simple as that!

  18. I would like to see the weird blue bird guy as a cake pop.

  19. Super cute!

  20. My birthday is on November 23 and I was so surprised that the Muppets came out on that day. Too bad I didn’t get to see it. Anyways, awesome cake pops! Looks like perfection, I’m sure I can’t pull that off!

  21. Oh my gosh! Cute! I know this one would be hard, but I’d like to see Animal! :)

  22. Where is animal … i would love 2 c 1 of him ,he rocks and is crazy like me

  23. These are adorable. Especially with the Muppet movie coming out i’d love to bake these for the kids after the movie.

  24. OMG! These are super fantabulous and I cannot imagine how creative you and I love the attention to detail because I am super attentive too! Ms. Piggy is so remarkable it looks just like her!

  25. Amazing! YOU are an artist who happens to be an awesome baker!

  26. I haven’t been here in a while, I am glad to see you are doing great and you cake pops are art :) They are tooooo cute I would have such a hard time eating them :P Well have a great Thanksgiving :D

  27. Your Miss Piggy is so awesome!!! I love her…She is my most favorite muppet ever and you made her look so good.

  28. I would have loved to see a Gonzo cakepop… I might try my hand at them to attempt one, but I doubt it would be anything near as perfect as these beauties! They’re SO similar to the actual Muppets that my mum thought they were official Disney merchandise!

  29. I can’t believe the amount of detail that go into the faces of the Muppets. This is amazing and not just cake pops but pieces of art.

  30. Oh my gosh these are too cute!! They’re all awesome, but where is Animal?? He’s a hoot!

  31. You are a creative GENIUS!!!!

  32. OMG!!! Those are fabulous!!!!

  33. I got the cake pop book today! I’m comin up with so many ideas, but this is truely astonishing! Your work definitely motivates me!

  34. That just made my day! I am so brining these over for thanksgiving. I think everyone and the kids will get a kick out of ’em! Thank you :)

  35. Amazing! I love to see how creative you are!

  36. you are amazing! I love all your recipes

  37. oh my gosh… i can only wish. i’m starting doing some cake pops now, and i can only dream…
    i always loved Rowlf the Dog, but i think they’re all perfect!!!

  38. Oh my goodness, so VERY impressive!!! I love them all, but I love Miss Piggy the best…then Kermit.

  39. Wow…you made my evening! This muppets are so amazing that I am smiling ear to ear! You are sooo talented…

  40. Oh my goodness. These are AMAZING! I love them all but I think Miss Piggy earns the special spot at the top. Well done!

  41. I just can’t pick which muppet should be your favorite as they are all so awesome! You made my two of my favorites (Kermie and Beaker) which was just so awesome to see! They are just spectacular!

    I think Gonzo and Camille would make for cute pops, and maybe Rizzo the Rat!

  42. Those are too adorable. You did an incredible job!

  43. I adore Fozzie!!!!! Waka waka waka! What an amazing job? So fun!

  44. WOAH!!! Amazing!!! Incredible!!! I bow to you…

  45. You are so creative! I’m so glad I found your website!

  46. Miss Piggy for sure! Those gorgeous locks, the pink cheeks! Love it.

  47. AMAZING!!!!! Wish I had your talent!!!

  48. Wow, you absolutely amaze me!! You are an incredible artist, truly.

  49. These are so fun. Thanks for inspiring me to get crazy in the kitchen!

  50. OMG These are awesome. I love the mupptes!!!!

  51. OMGosh! It would be my dream come true to have these at my party. amazing!!!!!

  52. I love them!

    I really wish they would put the Muppet show back on! I loved watching when I was a kid!

  53. My kids are so excited to see this movie. You did a great job on these cake pops! I love them all, especially Fozzie. Bakerella, you are awesome!

  54. I love the Muppets and these are awesome! I would loved to have seen Animal and Gonzo done as well.

  55. Ms P……she’s the BOMB! Great work, Angie! (and may I say how GREAT it is to know you and your mom are healthy and looking forward to your next sweet experience!)

  56. I used to LOVE Fozzy! However, your Miss Piggy pop is SSSOOO realistic! So cute!

  57. They all look fantabulous but Miss. Piggy looks like the most work… AMAZING!!!

  58. You are incredible!!! I love Fozzie! Miss Piggy! Kermit! I love them all! They are so great!

  59. Those are the cutest ever!

  60. Beaker is AWESOME! (they all are…but I love him!)

  61. They are awesome! Mis Piggy is definitely the best! Sooo pretty, it’s unbelievable!

  62. *swoon* I think these are my favorite cake pops of all time, and that’s really saying something!

  63. These are probably my favorite cake pops you have ever done! So ridiculously awesome!! You should be extremely proud! Awesome skill. I am in awe! I would love to see ALL the muppets :) But I think the chef could be awesome.. come on, little pink bow tie?! and the old guys in the balcony :)

    Cant wait to see the movie!

  64. This are gorgeous – can I borrow some of your patience and talent. Beautiful work!

  65. Amazing!!!!!!! You are such an incredible artist!! I am so inspired! l love them ALL!

  66. I used to love watching the muppets when I was a little girl. You have done it again Angie. These are so adorable. I can’t decide which is my favorite. :-)

  67. Ok, Angie, you’ve completely outdone yourself. They are all completely adorable! I am a huge muppet fan, and I love all of them… but most especially Miss Piggy. I think she’s your best cake pop, ever!

  68. You need to do Oscar. And Suffelupagus.

  69. Those are great. The Muppets are my all time faves. But all I could hear was Animal! Animal! Animal!

  70. Those are all amazing!!! There is no way you can ever pick a favorite. Although, I am a bit disappointed that there was no ANIMAL! :-)

  71. Simply amazing!

  72. I’ve been trying to figure out how you did these… you’re so talented!

  73. These are too cute! I LOVE them! I’ve attempted to make cake pops before and they just did not work. You make it look so easy.
    I saw your Halloween ones as well, can’t wait to see what you make for the Holiday’s!

  74. Miss Piggy looks perfect! These are so cute!

  75. I love Beaker! I think he’s my favorite, especailly on the Muppets 12 Days of Christmas! Memememememe :)

  76. Hi there! I read your blog, but don’t think I have ever commented before. Love the idea of your cake pops and have wanted to try to make them for some time now. When I saw this post, I thought of it as a sign. Gonna start out with the easy ones tonight and maybe someday work my way up to something like your muppets. Awesome job!!!

  77. These are some of your VERY BESTEST EVER! You continue to amaze and impress me!

  78. Holy crap!!! These are so fabulous!!! I’m crazy about all of them!!!

  79. You are amazing, these look incredible.

  80. These. Are. AWESOME!

    Just… I’m floored!

    I grew up with the Muppets and seeing these warms my heart! The Muppets ROCK! And so do these lovely cake pops.

    Also… ANIMAL!!!!!

  81. This is super awesome! I love Miss Piggy. I can’t believe they actually look like the real thing!

  82. PLEASE HELP ME! With Thanksgiving only a few short day away, I URGENTLY need some advise. I love baking, and want to impress my friends and family with something unuique and fun. I think cake pops would be perfect. SO, please please post a recipe for turkey, pilgrim, etc. cake pops, or email me a recipe. NOTE*** While I am VERY passionate about baking, i’m not the best at it. The easier the better! Thank you so much!

  83. these are probably the cutest ever! Would we maybe see Gonzo the Great pops in the future?

  84. I was at Disney World last week and they were selling Mickey Mouse Cake Pops in the Main Street Bakery. They were not near as cute as yours!

  85. I adore Beaker, but Miss Piggy is truly impressive! I so wish you had true Gonzo.

  86. Oh my goodness those are amazing!

  87. Love the site and all the creativity! Just starting to give cake pops a try after reading the “Cake Pops” book. These Muppet pops are terrific!

  88. Oh FRICK! These are seriously OUTTA CONTROL! Your amazingness is BEYOND COMPARE! Miss Piggy almost knocked me off my chair…there’s a reason you’re the QUEEN of Cake Pops Ma’am! ;)

  89. These are awesome!

  90. Angie…you’re the best!

  91. I can’t believe how talented you are, those look amazing *and* yummie!

  92. You are just so darn talented! Completely adorable, almost too adorable to eat (though I’m sure they’re delicious)!

  93. Just so cute! I love them all. You are so creative!

  94. Wow, these are so great. I love the muppets and what a special tribute. Can’t wait to see the movie!!

  95. These are amazing! The only other one I would want to see is the Swedish Chef :)

  96. i LOVE EACH & EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

  97. You bring such joy with your cake pops!! They make me smile, you did a fantastic job! I can’t wait to see the movie. The theaters would make a fortune if they sold these pops at movie time! :0)

  98. You continually amaze me. They are so adorable. Brings back alot of memories of my son. He loved the muffets! TFS

  99. Miss Piggy is definitely my favorite! I would love to see Gonzo and Animal added to the group.

  100. they are really Cute!! :)

  101. I have to say that I’m one of the few people that just doesn’t like Miss Piggy much, so I would have to go with Beaker. I always feel so sorry for him.

    Though my favorite muppet isn’t one of the ones you made here. My favorites are Statler and Waldorf. I love their curmudgeonly old selves.


  103. I like the Kermit cake pop the best

  104. AMAZING!!!!!!!

  105. Wow! These are not just adorable, they look exactly like the muppets! You are supremely talented my friend. See, I call you my friend now, since we met and you put a picture of me and my girls on your blog from when you were in MN. Take care and thanks for continually inspiring me!

  106. You are AMAZEBALLS. My mind is blown. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!! Thank you for your creativity and sharing your gift to the world!

  107. Amazing! You got all of them spot on. I started singing the opening Muppet song while looking at them. I have a soft spot for Beaker so he’s my fav. I think you should attempt Gonzo. He’s probably tricky but if anyone could pull it off, it’s you. Thank you for continuously inspiring me.

  108. Too cute! My favorite is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew!

  109. I love them all! So I’ll suggest that I would love to see Professor Honeydew, the Swedish Chef, and Animal. Ok, maybe all of Electric Mayhem, not just Animal. If I could make Muppets as realistic as yours (I’m a knitter, not a sculptor) I would have a hard time stopping too! Muppets are the best.

  110. You are so talented….love these. You totally captured Miss Piggy’s personna, which is amazing….congrats!

  111. WoW!! just when I thought you couldn’t “top” your other cake pop characters…….YOU DID!!!
    I love love love the muppets and you hit them spot on!! piggy and fozzy are my absolute favorties always have and always will!! But seeing Statler and Waldorf would be fun too…
    THANKS for this post it has made me smile and get more excited for the new movie :) (my husband is embarrassed by my muppet love–hee hee)

  112. Oh man…you need to make Animal!!!!!!!!!

  113. cute cute cut, love them!

  114. I’m a total science geek, so OMG Beaker!!!! But I love them all, they are amazing! We have already planned to get a babysitter so we can go see The Muppets in theaters, can’t wait! I’d love to see you try Gonzo or Animal!

  115. You should try doing pavlova! absolutely delicious!

  116. All of them are spot on! Of these Beaker is my Fav! But I have to say I’d still LOVE to see Mr. Mah Na Ma Naa himself, ANIMAL!!!!!!

  117. Amazing! I wish I could do something like this.

  118. I love miss piggy she`s so cute they are all to cute to be true! I love them!and i can`t wait to see the movie! and i think it`s so cool to be the first one to comment!this blog is so great!am 10 and i have den reading this blog for a year!but i have not ever made cake pop!and bakerella do you have a facebook page if you do add me my name is (fadra webb) love you bakerella and your blog!

  119. I just finished unpacking from a trip to Target (I live in VT, so the nearest one is 1.5 hrs away in NY) only to realize that the Cake Pop book and Cake Pop kit I had found weren’t anywhere to be found in my bags of loot. :( I don’t think I’ve ever been sadder in about a misplaced shopping bag in my life, but I’m sure someone in Queensbury, NY is in for quite a treat when they find it.

  120. Holy wow!! A-maz-ing

  121. OMG- they are all AMAZING!!!!! I especially love, love, love, Miss Piggy though. You are a talented woman!

  122. absolutely the most adorbale cake pops ever…your talent always leaves me amazed when you come up with such creative ways to decorate a cake pop. keep inspiring!!

  123. love them all. can’t wait tom try for my Grandson . JM.
    I am still learning , Bakerella you Inspire me. Thanks

  124. So cute! I wanna make these for my birthday party!!!

  125. Those are super cute.. you inspire me with all your creative ideas.

  126. These are amazing. You are truly talented.

  127. the miss piggy is SO CUTE!!!! and looks so real too!

  128. Absolutely amazing! The details are so great :)

    UN BESO.

  130. oh gosh, I love you. I was just last night deciding that I could make a Kermit pop for the crowd of us going to this movie after thanksgiving dinner. I hadn’t seen this post yet, but I was so excited planning out how Kermit would look. I think, out of yours, Rowlf should be the favorite… he looks amazing!

  131. These are amazing! All of them are excellent. I can’t believe you made Beaker! You really captured their personalities, especially Miss Piggy’s! My daughter was hoping for Animal!

  132. Awesome..are awesome…awesome….I grew up watching the Muppets..I love them so much!! So glad my kids are going to be able to see them as well!!

  133. I love the Miss Piggy cake pops! Those cake pops are adorable! They are amazing!

  134. They are AMAZING. Congratulations on being so creative and clever.

  135. Beaker is my favorite! My heart just goes out to him when I see his distressed face!


    aww beaker was my fav when i was little :D

  137. these are ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo good i love them but my fav has to be miss piggy. i’ve looked at how to make them but i live in the uk so may have to find diffrent sweets to use cant wait to try them xxxx

  138. Really? Seriously?
    Two of my favoritest things together at last, Bakerella and Jim Henson.
    you are a treat lady, you truely are. I love your style!

  139. These make me so happy. You are so talented!

  140. I love these all, but Beaker is AWESOME

  141. Omgosh…these are PRECIOUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE beaker.

    but…i’m bias, since he’s one of my favorites to begin with!

  142. these make me smile–such an amazing job! i am so SO excited for this movie. they’re all great, but i love beaker. hope you have an awesome muppets-filled thanksgiving.

  143. you are a GENIUS

  144. There’s a reason why you are the queen of cake pops :) These are amazing! I love Piggy and Fozzie, but Beaker has always been one of my favorite Muppets, and yours brought an instant smile to my face :)

  145. You are SO talented! Adorable!

  146. OMG…stop! Too much cutest melts my brain! lol

  147. awww no animal? those are pretty darn cute thou. ;)

  148. Well, I do LOVE all of these, but Animal has always been my FAV of the Muppets. He’s just so wild! :)

  149. You are so talented!! Keep up the great work and thanks for inspiring us all to try new cakepops. :o)

  150. OMG!! this is the cutest ever!

  151. You are the master. Are you kidding me with how cute these are??? Love them all but Beaker in particular is killing me. Bravo!!!

  152. you are my hero!! These are amazing!! I grew up with the muppets and you’ve got them dead on!!! Love!

  153. Those are the cutest! You truly are an artist! Who is going to get those adorable pops?

  154. Wow, these are incredible. I like the Miss Piggy ones the most.

  155. These are incredible! Congrats. I would love to see you make Animal! He’s my favorite.

  156. Wonderful !
    Piggy is my favorite !
    J’adore !!!!
    verO from Switzerland

  157. These look great!! They look identical to the characters.
    My favourite character that I would like to see in cake pop form is Pepe the King Prawn!

  158. They all make me owww and awww like a little girl, but I’ve always had a thing for Fozzie, so he’s my favorite, come on a mini reese’s hat, I could just eat him up (pun intended) LOL. I do have to say though, I always crack up at the two old men in the balcony, I would just dye laughing if you added in those two to your collection!!!

  159. LOVE these all so much!!! I would love to see Animal and Gonzo too!

  160. I would totally want to see Animal….but I’m sure his hair would be tough. And yes, already have plans to see the movie….my daughter thinks I’m going for her…..Haha!

  161. I was hoping you had made Animal…he is my favorite Muppet…however your Miss Piggy is AMAZING! She is my favorite of the 5 that you made!

  162. Fabulous job – these are exquisite! (if the Muppets can be exquisite?!) I am so excited for the new movie, even more so than our young girls. They’ve learned to turn up the commercial whenever it comes on the tv, because they like to see me dance and since along. :) Really…you did a super awesome job on these. Love ’em!

  163. these are adorable!! you are so talented! just love these, my older sister is still a muppet fan so she would love those cake pops!

  164. These are absolutely adorable!!!!! You are so talented!!! I can’t wait to try these!!!!

  165. You did a GREAT job! Wow!!
    They look fantastic!

  166. So Incredible! You are amazing!

  167. Oh my Angie-those are amazing. I absolutely love Miss Piggy-but Rolf is a close second. You are an artist-and a cake ball genius!

  168. I think everything has been said above really……
    You are truly in a different class. I just don’t know how you make them so precise.
    Such talent.
    Thank you for sharing….they really are fun and make you smile…..Priceless : D

  169. When I saw Kermit, I thought it would be so cool, but so hard, to make a Miss Piggy too. I can’t believe you did it, and SO WELL! Love love love these! I’ve always been a huge fan of Miss Piggy. All are cute!

  170. IN LOVE with these pops!!! Dying to see the movie! Cannot wait! Wonderful job as always!

  171. Bakerella just have three quick words on these specific Muppets cake pops…”AVAILABLE TASTE TESTER”!!!….You just keep going and going above and beyond…Thanks and keep these goodies coming…Remember I’m available for testing 24/7 “just in case”….wink…wink…xoxo…Oodie

  172. gosh you’re so good at what you do…love miss piggy!!

  173. These are so adorable! Some of my favorites!

  174. Amazing ~ simply amazing what a gift you have for these things!! Cute !!

  175. Those are soooo cute. I am amazed:)

  176. Your Miss Piggy is amazing! You definitely captured her!

  177. These are ALL amazing !! What a gift you have. My old arthritic hands would never be able to do the intricate details. I would love to see Cookie Monster, Big Bird and the Anal Retenttive Chef !!

  178. I am so your talent, your patience, your skill. I can’t even seem to ever dip them properly, get frustrated and just eat the batter. These are so great.


  179. Perfection!! They are all SO awesome…you have skills, girl. Beaker is my absolute favorite…I’m so glad he is one of your five! :0)

  180. AMAZING!!! I love them all, but Beeker made me laugh the most. I don’t know if I could eat them.

  181. i’d go with miss piggy too… its a beautiful pop!.

  182. wow, these may be the best ones you’ve ever done! They are marvelous! Even Statler and Waldorf wouldn’t be able to find any thing bad to say about them!

  183. I love getting your emails! I always skip right down to your emails so I can see what you are whipping up. I love The Muppets and I can’t wait to see the movie, your cake pops are amazing! I would love to see Gonzo and Animal.

  184. I like them all but Miss Piggy just amazes me.

  185. I love those! I wanna see the muppets movie on thanksgiving!!! :):):):):)

  186. You are amazing, truly an artist!

  187. That is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen! I just posted that on my mom’s facebook wall, since she loves the muppets and LOVES cake pops!

  188. Miss Piggy is my favorite! She is toooo cute!!!

  189. I would love to see you do Animal :)

  190. Ah-mazing! They look just like the characters! I still can’t get over it! And yeah…Miss Piggy is my fave too. Followed closel by Rowlf the Dog.

  191. You are the best! I love all of these, but I guess Miss Piggy is my favorite,too.

  192. you are incredible! hope all is well! You are a constant constant inspiration. <3

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