Their name says it all.


Y? because they're yummy.

I wish I could pipe this pretty. Really. I have shaky hands. I just can’t do it – especially those short little curls.

It’s official – I must practice. Maybe a post on piping one day and you’ll see what I mean… and laugh.

Yum Kitchen

These cupcakes totally lived up to their name, though. You’re wondering where 952 is aren’t you?

Well, it’s in Minnesota and totally not near me right now. But it was, two days ago. I just got home from a blogging event at the General Mills Headquarters there. Amazing by the way. I’ll tell you all about it soon. But I had to share these cupcakes first. And also this gives me more time to pull my photos together from the trip.

So, while I crop pictures, you can look at cupcakes.

Vanilla Cupcake from Yum Kitchen

Like this vanilla one. The frosting on it was exquisite. I’m still dreaming about it.

Raspberry Patticup from Yum Kitchen

This one’s called Raspberry Patticup. The frosting was different, but just as delicious.

I love chocolate and raspberry, by the way.
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream from Bruster’s.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Godiva Bars.
Who’s with me?

… sorry, back to cupcakes.

Yum Hostess Cupcake

This hostess-like cupcake was really good, too. But I would have to go with the first two as my faves for sure.

And, isn’t that just the cutest box. Love the blue and red together.

Thanks for the tour.

This is Cherryl and Naomi. They work for General Mills and were super sweet to show me around a little before the event started. Thanks ladies… it was fun.


If you’re ever in Minneapolis… or somewhere near Minnetonka … stop by yumkitchen for a visit. They serve yummy food, too.

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120 comments on “Their name says it all.”

  1. Mmmmmm………. Definitely a reason for the name.

  2. Chocolate + raspberry= :-) Love Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream pops. Raspberry sorbet dipped in dark chocolate. Need I say more?

  3. Unbelievable! I go to one of the local high schools- and we go here ALL THE TIME after school. They have the most amazing cake in the world. I’m so happy to see Yum! being shared with the world!

  4. Awe man I used to live there. I wish I knew about that place so I could get some of those cupcakes. (: Those cupcakes really look absolutely DELICIOUS,

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  6. Sweet~ i wish i could bake it !

  7. It´s a cupcake of chocolate so black!

  8. It´s black. It´s ALL black!

  9. Oh I love that place! Make sure to get a “fresh worms and dirt cup” while you are there….. mmmmmmmmmm!

  10. the one with the raspberry on top……yum!

  11. I’m thrilled to see your feature on Yum, my favorite lunch spot in the Twin Cities. Just had to share an adorable photo of a cupcake and my daughter celebrating her 2nd birthday at Yum! She’s now 4 1/2 and we’ve made it a birthday tradition. So glad you enjoyed Minnesota, come back anytime!

  12. Those look DELICIOUS. I’m the same way when it comes to chocolate and raspberry! As for Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream…I used to work at a Bruster’s, and the whole time I was working, I was simultaneously stuffing my face with CRT. Best job ever… :D

  13. I am seriously in love with the new layout! Great job!

  14. Hey sis……..I don’t have shaky hands………….maybe I can teach you to do the pretty piping……..think about it. ;)

  15. I love YUM!!

  16. Wow.. what a trip. I was actually invited to attend this eat and greet, but was already going to be on vacation with my hubby that I could not change! Thanks for sharing, love all the pictures!

  17. I've been to General Mills and gotten the tour- pretty cool stuff, eh? I've never been to yum though I'll totally have to check it out as I have an aunt in Mpls. Love your blog!

  18. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun.

    I have a giveaway over at click on the giveaway in the far right side bar.

  19. Yummy! I love cupcakes and there's lots lots of them. Thank you for posting!

  20. I'm from Minnesota! I can actually VISIT this bakery :) I was considering a trip to Las Vegas just to visit the last bakery you featured. . . this one is actually do-able!

  21. I have the pleasure of living in St. Louis Park, MN only 6 blocks away from YUM!!! I have 3 little boys that go GA GA for their cupcakes and lemon bars and Macaroni!!! We walk there often. It is a fantastic place. I am so glad you had a chance to check it out.

  22. Wow! what a great trip and what a great adventure!!! Thanks for sharing it all!!

  23. I live near there…I drove past General Mills and Betty Crocker every day on my way to work for the last two years! :) Too bad we couldn't have said hi.

  24. Yum! These look so good. I love chocolate and raspberry together too!

  25. OMG…I live in MN. So excited this is located here. Totally going. And you were here? Wish we could have met you.

  26. I love their cupcakes, thanks for giving some Yum some love! It's a wonderful place, as is your blog!

  27. Yay for MN! Not only have I eaten Yum's delicious offerings, my office (a construction company) has built their facilities!

  28. I absolutely adore chocolate and raspberry…

    Did you know Celestial Seasonings now has a chocolate raspberry tea? Even though they use carob for the chocolate, I'm so in love with chocolate ans raspberry I am willing to give it a shot!

  29. …speaking of yummy cupcakes…
    check these out!

  30. Absolutely LOVE your site. . . already planning on trying a number of recipes!! THANK YOU!!! Wrote a little story about your site on my blog . . .

  31. Could you maybe have a post sometime on what utensils you would use to get the frosting to look like it does on these cupcakes? It's so darn cute! Thanks =:)

  32. Mmmmmm… chocolate and raspberry. Must. Have. Some.

  33. Oh wait, you were in Minnesota to go the GM thing, weren't you? Man, I was so excited thinking that you were from MN.

  34. Wow! I had no idea that you were from Minnesota. I've been such a long-time reader of your blog and have been DROOLING over all of your pictures, including those of all of the fun stores you go to. I cannot believe that I could have been going to these stores all along. Now I need to do a search of your blog to find more information about them!

    I twittered you on the anniversary of your kidney transplant. I am also a kidney recepient. It was 3 years for me on August 7th.

    LOVE your blog. You totally inspire me.

  35. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle from Bruster's *high five*

    Your blog inspires me to bake. Love it!

  36. The cupcakes look so yummy ! I love the fluffy frosting of the chocolate cupcake !

  37. yummm these cupcakes look so tasty. And i agree that their piping work is absolutely amazing. The scripty Y is just so perfect!

  38. Oh shoot! I wish I knew you were here in MN!! I LOVE Yum! They make fantastic gingersnap cookies in the fall! So sorry I missed you.

  39. simply GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Those cupcakes look amazing! Any ideas as to what the recipe for the frosting consists of?
    I LOOVE raspberry and chocolate!

  41. Piping is all in the practice. Not rushing it helps, too.

  42. Ooooo cream filling!! I've had good reactions from doing that too! I used a steak knife to cute cone shape out of the middle. I wonder what they used…. YUM! CUPCAKES!!

  43. I live about 20 miles from Minneapolis- I will DEFINATELY be heading there :)

  44. General Mills?! thats pretty exciting!

  45. next time you are in houston drive over to katy tx and try ooh la la dessert's. huge yummy cupcakes!!

  46. Looks wonderful! Piping letters can be very tedious :)…impressive

  47. OMG….I live 5 minutes from Minnetonka and have never heard of this place…so glad you posted this….I'm heading there tomorrow!!!! YUM!!!!

  48. I'm in Minnesota and had no idea that was here! We'll have to stop by for sure. Looks… well… yummy! :)

  49. OOOOHHHH MY! I drooled on the laptop. I really enjoy your posts, the pics are just as delicious as the treats! Chocolate and raspberry rule! Thanks for a great feast for my eyes each time I stop by!!!!

  50. Fabulous photos, divine desserts and out of the ordinary observations! I love, love, love your blog! Can't wait to see what you create next.

  51. i love chocolate and rasberry!! had that type of cake 2 weeks ago for my 40th!! And for my wedding a couple ; ) years ago!!

  52. Awwww! I love cupcakes! (So does Dad!;) You are such a lucky duck!

  53. OH MAN. these are fantastic!! i love how the frosting looks all frothy and light :) i'll bet it was delicious!

  54. Very pretty!

  55. those look so good! I love reading your blog!

  56. Yum! is right next Lake Calhoun and it is wonderful. We had breakfast there yesterday morning and it was wonderful.

  57. Yum, I love living vicariously through your blog. If I ate all the cupcakes and other goodies I oggle virtually I would gain a million pounds. (I do have real ones once in a while!)

    My wedding cake was also chocolate w/raspberry – mmmm!!!!

  58. Those look so good! It would be nice to be able to do such steady lettering..

  59. Aw, I'm glad there's a yum! company that isn't related to Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. That redeems the word in my mind. :D

  60. Maybe they could overnight FEDEX some of those babies out to Vancouver?! They look scruptious!

  61. MMM- my son was made out of the Bruster's Chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. That's all I ate when I was pregnant with him. Now I want some.

  62. Oh, you were in Minnesota! Next time you're near Minneapolis, if you have time, check out the cupcakes at Cupcake. Their cupcakes are super yummy!!

  63. Ohhhh Yum!!! I love cupcakes!! I hear you on the handwriting on cakes/cupcakes. Have to do one today and my 'practice" looked great on the wax paper… just know it won't look good on the cake!!

  64. I was in minnesota a few weeks ago— I actually drove past there twice! Bummer I didn't stop in

  65. First, Yum is one of my favorite bakeries! You missed out by not hitting up Buttercream Bakery while you were here, you'll have to come back.

    Second, how dare you come within 3 BLOCKS of my workplace without saying hi! We love you at my office, cake pops are our favorite birthday treat to bring in.

  66. Yum and double yum!

  67. When writing on cake, I print it out on paper, then after the frosting has "crusted" I lay the paper on top of the cake or cupcake and gently go over it with a toothpick, remove the paper and trace it with the frosting. It also helps to thin the frosting a bit before writing as it will flow more smoothly.

  68. Oh, those do look wonderful. I think your photos do them justice. I also really liked the last shot — great angle. A piping post would be fun to read. We'd love to see it. Thanks for another share.

  69. Oh my gosh do these look amazing and ever so inspiring. I might just have a to make a weekend trip! Nine hours driving for cupcakes is worth it, right?

  70. I am thinking I made a mistake. My blog should be about baking, not sewing. 'Cause then I'd get to inhale delicious cupcakes all the time. Mmmm…

  71. I love your web page!!!!! Someday…I tell myself, I will start my own bake shop.

  72. I'm with you! Our wedding cake, 13 years ago next week, was chocolate with raspberry filling. I'm a cake baker now, but I still think that was the best cake I've ever eaten. Really. I don't THINK that it was just because I was so happy… :)

  73. I'm just west of Yum! everything they make is yummy!

  74. Mmm, you're so right, not much better than chocolate and raspberry! The photos really make you just want to reach through the screen and grab one :)

    Great suggestion for piping practice Stephanie, I need to give it a try!

  75. Mmmmm…there's just something about cupcakes!! =D I have lots of practicing to do before I make them THAT pretty, but I do love making cupcakes for my kiddos' birthdays! Now I want to make some…just because!

  76. They look delicious! But the 'y' one needs more frosting lol!

  77. I AM in Minneapolis but have never heard of this place before. It's definitely going on my list of places to visit! Thanks!

  78. …Mmmmm, homemade Hostess cupcakes sound good! Have you featured that recipe on here Bakerella?

    …Sounds like a yummy trip no doubt!

    …Blessings… :o)

  79. I am looking for a cupcake recipe that is called peaches and cream. I have a friend that makes these cupcakes but will not share the recipe with me. They are a cupcake with a peaches and cream like custard inside them. They are delicious. Can you help me?
    Nancy Grisham

  80. I love yout pics :o)) Greatings from Hungary :o)

  81. Too funny…I drive past this shop all the time. It's just blocks from my home. You are correct – their food and baked goods are amazing! They are right on the border of Minneapolis and St. Louis Park. I wish I would have known you were there – I would have stopped by to say HI.

  82. Try what some artists have to do to steady their hands. They make a bridge over their work to rest their arms or elbows on. Stack up some books or anything that you can make equal in height. Put a board or lath piece across them and your item to decorate under the bridge. Another thing we use is a maul stick. The end of the stick is placed on a steady surface and the opposite end is held in the non working hand. The working hand wrist is steadied on the maul stick above the work. It would be more difficult for piping since both hands are needed for most piping.

  83. While I do not care for raspberries {Blackberries – YES!! raspberries, notta), I do LOVE chocolate :-} And I do need to bake about 120 cupcakes this coming week for an event we're doing the food for next weekend …. trying to decide which of your inspirations (from various postings) I might try …
    I'm glad Stephanie shared her tips on piping!! ;-} Gonna give those a try!

  84. dear bakerella!
    what fun i had…yesterday it rained & rained so i went back in time & started reading your earlier posts…& i had a great time…this world of blogging is fairly new to me & it is so interesting to see your growth… i loved the photos of you visiting/baking @ the lodge with pw…your photography is spectacular & your creativity knows no bounds…& your posts (which are informative & very helpful) are just great!
    so i personally thank you for all your efforts for all of us out there!

  85. I could pass out from the visual yumminess haha

  86. those looks so yummmy…

  87. The cupcakes look moist and so cute! Makes me want to march into the kitchen and try my hand at making a few replicas.

    And I agree…the red and blue is a lovely combination :)

  88. Those look soo good! Totally jealous you had a chance to experience these cupcakes.

  89. They look divine!! Wish I could bake like that..

  90. I am just so in awww by your incredible many talents! If you could give an oscar for photography alone you would have a million + !! Thank you so much for sharing ALL that you do!
    Chef Meeshell, Los Angeles, CA
    p.s. all of my chef friends here and in NY are so happy I introduced you to them!!

  91. these cupcakes are to good to be true… and so cute! i`m not much of piping person too, I like it messy :)

  92. the cupcakes look yummy ! love the toppings ! :) :) :)

  93. I had a terrible time learning to pipe lettering well. But I figured out a trick that really helped me practice. I would make a template by either writing out what I wanted to practice piping on notebook paper with a marker (so it was straight) or printing off a copy I wrote on my laptop in a cursive font (making it nice & large either way). Then I grabbed a big sheet of wax paper and put the template under it and started practicing! It helped to have a guide and you can move the template to a new spot after your first try. If you're just practicing, you can scrape the icing back into the bag when you fill up the wax paper. When I have to pipe directly onto a cake or a cupcake, I use a toothpick to (LIGHTLY) "write" the inscription in the frosting and then pipe along that. It helps a lot! I have terrible hand writing (the curse of being left-handed) and I was terrible at piping when I started, not to mention I'm a caffeine addict so I have shaky hands to boot but I learned to do a passable job.

  94. The Hostess cupcake looks delicious. I'm SO jealous.

  95. You always find the best little cupcake shops!

    And chocolate + raspberry = YES.

  96. Must be pretty new, when I live in Minnesota I never heard of that place.

  97. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm just outside of Minnetonka, but I go to that area all the time. I'm going to have to stop in the next time I'm there!

  98. I wish I could pipe like that too.
    They look yummy.

  99. Waah!

    I just went and looked at their location and I used to live within literal walking distance. Now… 1200 miles away. No cupcakes for me.

  100. yum yum yum!

  101. Now, I want cuppy-cakes… gourmet cuppy-cakes… I sense baking a-happenin'.

  102. You have it so right Dark Chocolate is the BEST and with raspberry…. YUM : ) I just found at our local Target new Jello Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pudding cups To die for. These are so perfect to make up for all the yummy goodies I bake on days I am trying to be good.

  103. I just want that sign. It's SOO adorable!

    Looks like you're having a delectably fun time. So nice!

  104. The cupcakes look deeee-licious. The pictures definitely *did* do them justice. I love the packaging/logo too! (and the curly letter piping!)

  105. They all look perfect. I love chocolate and raspberry too!


  106. Oh my! That raspberry icing looks luscious. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  107. Oh those look delicious!

  108. Those cupcakes look absolutely amazing!

    I love anything dark chocolate, so I'm with you all the way!

  109. Mmmm….I live only a few hours north of Minneapolis! I get down there frequently. I'll have to check them out next time I'm down there!! :) Thanks for introducing me to them!

  110. These look so yummy! I love the piping, even though I too am incapable of it.

  111. Yummmmeeee… mmmm! Your pics also make those look so good.

    My hand is shaky too… it helps a bit if I rest my arm on the table. (I'm sure you knew that already though so I'll be quiet now).
    Except to say that I agree with you on those flavours! =)

  112. Breathtaking cupcakes and breathtaking photos of the cupcakes!

  113. Wahhh, why did this get posted right after I moved from Minnesota?! They look so good! Maybe next time I go back to visit, I'll stop in Minnetonka! Though it is on the complete opposite side of town I'd be going to! ;D

  114. Wow, those do look yummy. I have to hold my breath when I pipe. :)

  115. Yum! I just love cupcakes!!!

  116. Those look wonderful! I'm with you on the chocolate and raspberry, too.

  117. My sweet hubby brought home 6 gourmet cupcakes for me for my birthday last Monday. They were DIVINE. If only I could replicate the chocolate mint one…mmmm!

  118. Yum for sure!

  119. Too late to bake tonight – thank goodness or I'd be pulling out the mixer. I can always go for cake. Those look so perfect. Wish I could do that.

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