Tinsel and Twirl

I have the cutest holiday decorations to share with you guys today. And they’re all sugary sweet. I’m talking cupcake and gingerbread nutcrackers, gumdrop garland, elves with popsicles, ice cream cones, gum ball glass and yes … cake pop ornaments, too.

They are all from my friend, Cupcake Julie’s holiday shop… Tinsel and Twirl. And it’s all crazy cute. If you remember this sugar-coated Candyland Christmas post complete with her handmade house-sized nutcrackers or even this Sweet Soldiers post from previous years at Julie’s holiday house, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. So many of you wanted to know where you could find her amazing dessert-themed decorations. Well, I’m happy to say, she’s curated some of her favorites over at Tinsel & Twirl to help add a little sweetness to your own holiday collection.

Take a peek below at just some of the decorations in her online shop.

Holiday Decorations from Tinsel and Twirl

Ummmm… that giant snowman punch bowl needs to come to my house. Amazing!!!

Want to see more? Check out all of her festive flexible elves, sweet soldier nutcrackers, and absolutely adorable ornaments.

And, if you shop Tinsel and Twirl and use the discount code “Bakerella” at checkout, you’ll get 15% off. Sweet!

Update: I forgot to mention that the discount is only good through December 31, 2013. 

Tinsel and Twirl


Want more?
Well, you can enter for a chance to win a treat from me, too.

Cake Pop Ornaments from Tinsel and Twirl

I’m giving away a set of 12 jumbo cake pop ornaments in a cute red and white striped container. You can leave them standing at attention or hang them by their ribbons.


I’m also giving away a $100 Tinsel and Twirl Gift Certificate so you can shop, too.

  • To enter for a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post and share which dessert decoration satisfies your sweet tooth.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One lucky winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Thursday evening on this post.

Good luck guys!

Unfortunately the shop is not set up for international shipping, so this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.



And the winner is…… Comment #708!

Congratulations Mrs . Wright! Hope you have fun holiday shopping and hanging your cake pop ornaments!

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988 comments on “Tinsel and Twirl”

  1. I adore the cake pop ornaments, so adorable!

  2. Cake pops are definitely the best way to satisfy my sweet tooth….and the way to my heart! This is just darling!

  3. ice cream cones are darling

  4. Oh boy, that’s a tough one! Love the cake pops!

  5. My daughter and I love nutcrackers, these are so adorable!

  6. I LOVE the cake pops, but I also love the cake ornament! These are so cute! I hope I win! Fingers crossed! :)

  7. I love the cake with the snowman! So cute! Of course the ice cream cones are awesome too!

  8. The cupcake snowman.

  9. I like the Nutcracker at the top. He has a worried look on his face!

  10. The jumbo cake pops and the gingerbread girl are my favorites. Although………I love them all!
    Thanks for the chance of winning!

  11. That snowman punch bowl is ADORABLE!! I would want one of everything though :)

  12. Loving that Elf….kind of reminds me of our Elf n the Shelf at our home!

  13. Love love love the cake pops….**crossing fingers

  14. I just LOVE snowmen…so I would LOVE to get the snow creamy punch bowl, or probably more likely…cuppie the snowman stocking hanger since it’s much cheaper :) haha I am totally in love with the nutcrackers too!!

  15. I absolutely love them all, but if I had to pick just one it would be the cupcake nutcracker!

  16. I totally love the cakepop ornaments. So cute. They’re all so adorable.

  17. I absolutely ADORE the cake pops decoration to go with all of my home baked sweets!

  18. I love the ice cream cones….one of my daughters worked at Baskin Robbins….

  19. Love everything…but love the clown the most!

  20. I love them all, but if I had to pick just one it would be the cupcake nutcracker! :)

  21. I really like the flexable elves!

  22. So cute!! What a lot of fun to have on any tree!

  23. Jumbo cake pops for sure!

  24. I love the ice cream cones!

  25. The Gingerbread cake pop ornaments are adorable! I have a White Christmas tree that I set up with colored lights and it’s exclusively for Gingerbread people and other items!

  26. I love everything but the nutcrackers are especially cute!

  27. The giant cupcake pops are to die for. I have twins that turn 6 on the 21st, we like to add birthday flare to a special tree for them….these would look amazing! Please, please, please :D
    Happy Holidays!

  28. I’m loving the nutcrackers!

  29. Love the ice-cream cone ornaments. So cute!

  30. Sweet potato pie, those are adorable! I think I’ve just fallen in love with the gingerbread pop. I know it’s an ornament, but I still kinda want to take a bite…

  31. The cake pop ornaments and the punch bowl are my favorite, too cute!!

  32. I love the ice cream cone ornaments! Every year we buy ornaments to represent each family member; an ice cream cone would be perfect for me!

  33. I would love those cake pops on my tree and I think I would buy the nutcrackers. Love!!!!! Thank you.

  34. I absolutely adore the gumdrop and candy garlands! The only issue is that they would probably stay up at my house year round…

  35. The ice cream cone ornaments are adorable! They would look great on my tree!

  36. I like the gingerbread cookie / lollipop ornament. We had a few lollipop-style ornaments when I was a kid, but they were very ugly!

  37. The candy garland is too cute! Merry Christmas

  38. Jumbo cake pops!!

  39. Love the sweet cakepops and the ginger people!!

  40. I think the gumdrop garland is just adorable!

    Merry Christmas!

  41. The gingerbread girl is the cutest. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  42. HI, I would LOVE to have a chance to enter to win a dessert decoration! I would love to win the 12 jumbo cake pop ornaments in a cute red and white striped container plus a $100 Tinsel and Twirl Gift Certificate! Thanks much, Kathie Kunz

  43. The gingerbread girl is adorable!

  44. The cake pops. They’re so cute and they are one of my favorite treats. Thank you!

  45. I love, love, love the cake pops and the ice cream cones come in a very close second! Thanks for the giveaway and happy baking to all!

  46. Those are SUPER cute!!!

  47. I love the gumdrop garland!!! And I have been wanting to find a cute (and not so creepy looking) nutcracker to start a collections with – some of the ones pictured would be PERFECT! I think I will visit the site to see what I can find :)

  48. Those Ice Cream Cone ornaments are so beautiful!

  49. Nutcrackers – especially the pastel one with ice cream cone on top!

  50. I like the Cakepops best!!

  51. My favorite is the colonel cupcake nutcracker!!! I have the little guys on my tree.

  52. I love the cupcakes and frosting ornament! I need it to be on my tree right now!!

  53. I love the nutcrackers!

  54. Soo darling!

  55. The cake pop ornaments are definitely my fav! They are sooo cute!

  56. The nutcrackers are so adorable! Everything is amazing!

  57. I love the cake pop ones the most! So cute :)

  58. luv luv luv but the fairies take the cake <3

  59. the gumdrop garland !

  60. I love the cake pops ornaments!!

  61. The gingerbread girl is adorable!!!!

  62. I’m a ice cream girl myself !

  63. The nutcrackers are really cute, but I LOVE the little snowman cake ornament! So cute and delicious-looking!

  64. I love the Tin cupcake carrier!

  65. The glass ornaments – specifically the bubble gum ones. I don’t chew gum, so this would be a way to have some in the house safely. :)

  66. Oh! I wish I had remembered about this shop before I did my Christmas shopping, the Macaron boxes would have been perfect for someone on my list. For myself, the bonbon garland is best!

  67. Cake pop ornaments are too cute!!

  68. I like the ice cream cone ornaments!

  69. Definitely the cake pop ornaments! I always see cupcake ornaments and they make me so giddy so the cake pop ones are even cuter!!

  70. I LOVE the Nuttcracker holding the platter of gingerbread men! It’s so cute! The cakepops are adorable too! Happy holidays everyone!

  71. I am loving the gingerbread girl, thank you for introducing me to this cute shop! I have a tradition that I give my favorite baker an ornament (bakery inspired) for her tree.

  72. I LOVE the ice cream ornaments!!

  73. I love the little Gingerbread girl!

  74. Do I have to choose? I think I’d let my kids pick their favorite!

  75. I love the gingerbread!! So cute! It would make an amazingly SWEET tree!

  76. OMG! I love the nutcracker with the cupcake hat!! Too cute!

  77. I love the Nutcrackers!

  78. well, the elves are cute but the ice cream cones are the best for me :)

  79. They are all so cute but I love the cake pops the best.

  80. Love these…especially the cake pop ornaments!

  81. Oh, they are all lovely, but I have to go with the nutcrackers, since my son collects them (and because they are beautiful!)!

  82. I love all of them, but the elves look like such little rascals!

  83. The Gingerbread Nutcracker is SO CUTE! I remember Cupcake Julie’s party post! It’s truly unforgettable! Every year my Mom would do a different theme for her Christmas tree decorations. Sometimes she’d repeat and add more unique ornaments when inspiration hit. So with my own family I’ve done the same thing. Last year was the first year I did a red and white candy themed tree and it brought me such joy! These decorations would be adorable with it! Love your posts! Thanks for sharing!

  84. My little girl loves nutcrackers! Her younger sister has a sweet tooth! My youngest who also is full of mischief was a little upset the elf was coming to our house ;) she knew she would have to “try to be good” lol…so that being said I can’t pick just one, love them all…Merry Christmas!

  85. I love the ice cream pops and the gumdrop garland.

  86. Love your website totally. Merry Christmas

  87. The nutcrackers are by far my favorite! I have collected nutcrackers for years and these are very unique and SO cute!!

  88. I love them all! Gingerbread is my favourite one.
    Marry Christmas to everybody!
    Paola from Italy ????????

  89. Anything cupcake like is all got me!!! So cute!

  90. The ornaments are all so adorable. I think the nutcracker is my favorite.

  91. They’re all so adorable, I can’t choose!

  92. How do you pick one decoration that you like? I love the Pretty in Pink Miss Ginger and Dapper Mr. Ginger. The two ginger bread house ornaments are cute too.

  93. That is the cutest punch bowl ever! Actually everything is pretty sweet!
    Happy Holiday!!

  94. I’m so ready to start a sweet treat nutcracker collection right now! The gingerbread is on the top of the list.

  95. The gingerbread girl is my fav!

  96. I love the ice cream cones!!!

  97. Sweet! I love the gumdrop garland and the ice cream cone ornaments! These ALL WOULD MAKE SUCH A AWESOME
    TREE! I would love to do this for next year!!!!!

  98. I love them all, but the nutcrackers are my favorite! Happy Holidays!

  99. I love the ice cream ornaments. They are all really cute though and would be a great addition to my tree that is already filled with cupcake ornaments.

  100. Those nutcrackers are STUNNING!!

  101. The gumdrop gardland looks so pretty!

  102. I love the ice cream cones!

  103. The cake pops are precious!

  104. Hard decision but would have to say my favorites are the cake pop ornaments!

  105. I am loving all these super cute ornaments, but especially the cute Gingerbread Girl! Looks good enough to eat, but too cute to do so! Thanks!

  106. The Chocolate Dome Cake, but it was really hard to choose!

  107. I really like the ice cream decorations!

  108. Cake pop ornaments!

  109. All of the ornaments are adorable but I must admit the elves tug on my heart as they remind me of my childhood Christmas tree decorations.

  110. I love ALL the nutcrackers, gingerbread men/women, and elves! And especially the cake pops!!

  111. I love the Sir CupCake Nutcracker!

  112. Love the GumDrops garland… I am all about Spicey Gumdrops!!

  113. I love the cake pops too!!

  114. Oh my! There’s a bundt cake ornament! So cute!

  115. Marshmallow Garland

  116. It’s really hard to choose, but I think the cake pops are my absolute favorite. They would look perfect on my “sweet tree” – just a small tree decorated with all kinds of sugary sweet ornaments. I definitely have check out the “Tinsel and Twirl” website!

  117. I love the gumdrop garland! So real looking!

  118. all the dessert decorations are pretty cute. I love the ice cream ornaments best though.

  119. I love the nutcracker with the cupcake hat! Very cute. There isn’t a decoration there that I don’t like. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  120. LOVE the cake pop ornaments! Thanks so much!!!

  121. I love the cake pops and the ice cream cones!

  122. I love the nutcrackers!

  123. I like the cupcake boxes

  124. the Nutcrackers! :)

  125. The ice cream cones….the garland is also pretty great.

  126. The ice cream cones! My kids would love them :)

  127. I have to say the Gingerbread man is adorable. But they are all adorable!

  128. Beautiful ornaments. Gingie in a pink dress is soooo cute!,

  129. I love them all! But my favorite is a toss up between the cake pops and the cake on the cake stand. My daughter would LOVE the cake on the cake stand ornament!

  130. Hard to choose since I love everything, but I got to say Cobbler is the winner.

  131. Hands down, I love the cake pop ornaments the best!

  132. I checked out the site and I love the French Macaroon ornaments!

  133. Ice cream cones!

  134. I love the little Gingerbread Girl!

  135. I love the ice cream cones, but I think the nutcrackers are my favorite!

  136. The nutcracker soldier with the ice cream cone on his head is my favorite, but it was hard to pick just one!

  137. Love them all. So perfectly decorated. I do love the nutcracker with cupcake on his head.

  138. i love the jumbo cake pops!

  139. I just can’t decide what’s the cutest. I love the cupcake snowman, the Popsicles, the bubblegum glass, and the garlands.

  140. Omg, how PERFECT!! I LOVE all these decorations!!! Congrats to Cupcake Julie, I’m so glad she’s doing this! I have pinned to shop later! xo

  141. I looove Ree Drummond’s Cinnamon rolls. I only make them during the holidays. : )

  142. I love the Elfs and the ice cream cones.

  143. Love that peppermint nutcracker! Merry Christmas Ang, and thanks for all the inspiration!

  144. That little snowman cake takes the cake! Soooo sweet!

  145. I love the pretty nutcracker!

  146. Iove love love the nutcrackers!!! It’s all so cute!!!!!

  147. The cake pops are my very favorite! The gum drop garland is also awesome along with the ice cream cone =) Merry Christmas to you! <3

  148. Adorable ornaments!
    I just discovered the best tasting treats yesterday…ritz crackers with peanut butter between them that are dipped in chocolate, so good!

  149. I love the Sir V. Nilla Ice Cream, Nutcracker! Nutcrackers are a special memory for my Mother, Marme, my Daugher, Meg, and my GrandDaughter, Libby, and me! We have gone to The Nutcracker ballet for a hundred years and watched all the movies, even Tom & Jerry Nutcracker, hehe, and collected Nutcrackers! These are absolutely Gorgeous, each and every one, I really could not choose, but Libby loves Vanilla Ice Cream, so I chose that Nutcracker! Would love to wind to give the prize to Meg and Libby! These transport me to a magical place where I am not 54 years old, but 7 years old and believed in Magic! :)

  150. I want the gingerbread lady!

  151. Your cake pops of course!!

  152. Oh my gosh those jumbo cake pops are adorable!!!

  153. I love love love your creative ideas.

  154. The cake pop decorations are definitely my favorite – they are so adorable!

  155. The cake pop ornaments are just adorable!

  156. Oh, they’re all so cute, but I love the sparkly ice cream cones, or the nutcracker!

  157. Wow!! Love the ice cream cone decorations. My stomach is growling just looking at them. Too cute!!!

  158. The ice cream cones are darling. Would love to be hanging them!

  159. Elf is my favorite!

  160. Cute and sweet ornament. Love the cute gingerbread girl. Merry Christmas Bakerella!!!

  161. I just LOVE the cake pop ornament. I can already see it at my house. :)

  162. Ice cream is the perfect dessert for all occasions!

  163. I like the ice cream cone ornaments best!

  164. My girls and I like the ice cream ornaments and the nutcracker and cake pops!!

  165. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Her stuff is so cute.

  166. I love the ice cream cone ornaments; beautiful; of course I love the cake pop ornaments too :)

  167. I love the cake pops and nutcrackers :)

  168. I love the gingerbread men!

  169. I am digging the cake ornament with the little snowman on top :). Wow, all of these items really remind me of Julie’s amazing parties ( from your prior posts). Very cool!!!

  170. I LOVE the gum drop garland. Good enough to eat!!

  171. Love those ice cream cones!

  172. I love the different nutcrackers!

  173. I love to bake, but I can’t decorate! So I have to keep it simple with some fluffy powdered sugar frosting or some salted carmel drizzle.

  174. I have a snowman tree and a gingerbread tree. I especially like the gingerbread girl, the cake with the snowman on it and the elves; all are adorable.

  175. Those gingerbread nutcrackers are my favorite!

  176. So hard to choose – but I think the garlands of gumdrops are the best! They just look so real … I want to eat them right now!

  177. The gingerbread and nutcrackers are my favorite!!!

  178. I think this candyland and sweet theme smells like Christmas. What I wouldn’t give to have a whole table filled with all these pretty things. I personally like the little elves the best!

  179. It’s all so beautiful! So glossy and shiny and sparkly. I’d love anything that can be made dairy-free. :-)

  180. How adorable are all of these fun Christmas decorations?! Love them all!

  181. I love the cake pop one! It makes me hungry just looking at it…

  182. Gingerbread Girl!

  183. I love the strawberry twist cone ornament!

  184. I love your web-site. You are so creative. The decorations for xmas are precious. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  185. I love those nutcrackers!

  186. Picking one is hard but I love the candy garland!

  187. i’d just loove loove all the ‘foodie’ decorations….sooo sweet!!!


  188. I love the elves. My grandmother had elves like that, not as bright colored. When I see those elves it always reminds me of her.

  189. Jumbo cake pop for sure!!

  190. Oh my, those ornaments are adorable. The bucket of cake pops and the elf are definitely my favorite! Happy Holidays!

  191. I have the gingerbread nutcracker (SO adorable) so would love to get the other nutcrackers to add to the collection.

  192. Love them all! And have so much fun with all your ideas for cake pops!

  193. Love the punchbowl!

  194. So excited to see Cupcake Julie has set up a shop. Loved her house & decorations. The nutcrackers are so cute! Merry Christmas!

  195. Loving the elfs–off to shop on the site!

  196. I have loved Cupcake Julie’s decorations for years! I am an American in Canada so I am not eligible to enter, but I am hoping to enter on behalf of my mother, Linda Lee. She would love all of this cuteness too!

  197. The pretty cake pops are my favorite,
    And Merry Christmas sweet lady!!!

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