Where I’ve been…

Portland and Seattle and San Francisco. And right now I’m in Los Angeles. And in a few days, Utah and then Chicago. Phew! I’ve never traveled like this before. But, I’ve been having tons of fun meeting everyone who’s been so sweet to come out to the Williams-Sonoma stores to say hi. It’s really overwhelming in a pinch me kind of way. I hope you guys are having a good time, too.

I’m trying to get lot of pics along the way, but I’ve got to tell you – narrowing them down for a post is super tough. So I picked out some random ones and then made a slideshow for each city that you can view if you want to see even more. Feel free to grab any pics of yourself from the slideshow on flickr if you like, too. Enjoy!


This is Tigard – near Portland. There was a line when I arrived. A line. Crazy.


But fun to see!


Hi everyone! Thanks for being so nice and welcoming.


I hope you enjoy the book.


The first book I signed came with a sweet gift. Literally. Chocolates wrapped as little books. SO cute.


Hi Heather. You were a sweetie.


Hi Scott. You were too.


And look at these girls. Cute as a cake pop.


Pamela – it was a pleasure to meet you and your daughters. Thanks for the necklace and the drawing. And I love that peach flower barrette.


After Portland came Seattle.


Cupcake Julie was with me and took some fun photos. This is a cute one.


But better with faces.


Hi Pop Star Dawn – your golden apple cake pops look delicious!


I really love seeing so many smiling faces.


Hi Jessie and Carrie. Glad you stopped by. Miss you guys.


Look at this little cupcake. Complete with cupcake cookies from her mom. Thanks Jenny!


Okay, these girls are too adorable. I want those black rim glasses. But somehow I don’t think I would look as cool.


Java Cupcake – Nice to finally meet you. Tell the gals at Cupcakes Take the Cake I said hi!


Hi Josh’s mom.


Do you guys know NotMartha.org? You should. She’s super creative.

After Seattle we headed to San Fran.

The Williams-Sonoma in Walnut Creek gave me such a cute greeting.




I can’t get over the line thing. Thank you all so much for coming. And wanting to buy books and get them signed.


Nice shirt. ; )


Side smile dork wave. ; )


Lots of smiles.


A photo without my hand in the air. But only because they were on my hips.


Me & Cupcake Julie.


And cuties. Them I mean.


I love this. A couple came to get books signed to ship to their friends in Dubai. Amazing.


And look … someone brought me a baby doll.

Every bit of every minute has been so memorable and exciting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Below are the individual slideshows. Click on any of the three slideshow photos to see more.




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186 comments on “Where I’ve been…”

  1. I was SO sad you came to Seattle in the middle of the workday! I couldn’t leave work to come meet you and have you sign a book. Darn!
    And if I hear you were still there after 5pm, I will be sad I didn’t rush there after work.

  2. I so wanted to see you when you were in Oregon. Was bummed I couldn’t make it. Would love to know if I can mail my book to you to sign. ;)

  3. Oh i can’t wait to meet you! Everytime I see a post about someone meeting you I get so so excited for you to come to Dallas!! Anxiously awaiting the 28th!

  4. I was so lucky to get to South Coast Plaza today and get your book. But, I was even more lucky to get to meet you.

    I’ve already posted about it on my blog :)

    Thanks for taking the time to come visit all of us and answering questions.

    I love your cake pops and can’t wait to give them a try myself.


  5. Totally wanted to see you in Walnut Creek, but it conflicted with picking the kids up from school. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. I wasn’t fortunate enough to make it to South Coast Plaza today, and was planning for at least 3 weeks…but realized we couldn’t bring our pre-purchased books (non WS) and really didn’t have the moolah to buy a 2nd one…so I too, like Stef, was wondering if we mailed the book to you, could you please sign it…..pretty please??!!!!!!
    p.s. your website rocks!!!

  7. I am so sad I could cry that I missed you in Portland! It was just a bad day for me all around. (um, next time could you clear it with my schedule please!? :) I am glad you had a good time though. Next year I plan to do cupcake camp too…

  8. So this is a bit off topic, but where did you get your dress that you wore in Seattle? Your whole outfit from top to bottom is perfection. Do share if you get a minute. Nevermind, you clearly wont have a minute for a while. Anyhow- love it, love it.

  9. Thank you SO much for the slideshow pics. I was SO heartbroken to discover the pic of you with me and my daughter (Sigrid, in the Norway flag t-shirt, Seattle) taken on my own camera was totally a flop (because of my camera, not because of the kind lady that took the picture). I’m so excited to have a pic from your flikr – hope you don’t mind I swiped it – to add into the book I had you sign for Grandma “Dee” (who I said wants you to come to North Carolina). Thanks for coming! It was too much fun meeting you! Kristina S.

  10. Wow wow wow. Congratulations !!! is fantastic. how man y girls :) Did you feel like Carrie Bradshaw?
    I want one tooooooooooooo

  11. Super cute dress and sweater!!!! CONGRATS!!! What an amazing ride!!! So fun watching you get famous!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! Glad we all get to live vicariously!!!!

  12. I’m in Orange County and meant to go see you at South Coast today but forgot! I bet it was super fun, and hopefully you’ll do some other event sometime in the future so I can see you. You’re the coolest!

  13. so when you are doing a book signing and demonstration in Australia …preferably Geelong, Victoria where I live ??

    I can supply accomodation and kitchen for you, if you are ok with a 9 & 11 yr old and a dog ?? lol

    just email me dates ….

    who wishes she was closer so that I can get a book signed or see it in an Australian bookstore . xx

  14. So much fun! I wish I had a copy of your book…

  15. Your San Francisco visit was AbFAB! I could not believe how many people came out to see you…..the place was mobbed! I was tickled to finally meet you and SO stoked when you remembered me as a Pop Star and gave me a big hug! You’ve earned every accolade, Angie. Thanks SO much for all the sweetness you bring to the world as Bakerella!

  16. wow!!! so much fun. you totally deserve the lines outside, wish i could stand there too. too bad – i live in israel so bummer for me :-(. but the book arrived about 3 weeks ago. it is amazing. simply amazing, you are so tallented and originall.

  17. Wowo just look at the line with all the excited women oh how i wish I was there in the line too.

  18. Um between the little girl in the cupcake outfit and the baby doll at the end I am completely enthralled – WOW – you have beautiful fans and you deserve every bit of this. I have never “met” anyone as selfless when it comes to something like this…you are fabulous and it is why we all love you.

    Have fun, enjoy and don’t wear yourself out lady.

  19. Wow… this is beautiful… I was smiling while I was looking at the pics… I’m so happy for you… I’m from Italy and I want the book too… :-) I’m sure that in few days you have to come in Italy too… too much fans here :-D

  20. After this tour i think you should come to Amsterdam (the Netherlands). I love your book! So how about an European tour :=)

  21. Amazing pictures, lovely dress and sweater, amazing book and last but not least lovely super smile, congrats

  22. Omgggg!!! This is sooooooo exciting!!!!! That’s my book!!!!!! I caaaaaaant wait for it to be shipped over!!! It’s actually being shipped to abudhabi which is the capital city of the united Arab emirates! YaAyyy!!!! U made my day by posting this!!!!

  23. Woke up at five this morning to Bakerella to see all the exciting things going on in your life. Wonderful and you look great. I am so happy for you. You go girl. Wish you were coming to Ohio. Paulette

  24. All right, all right… looks like fun & everything, BUT when are you coming to Australia!!?? Seriously :-) I received your book from Amazon last week & it’s amazing! I really, really, really, really wish you could come to Sydney, Australia! You could stay in my house :-)

  25. I wish you were coming to Pittsburgh!

  26. Hi, I’m from Italy and I discovered you today.
    What can I say?……your blog and your creations are WOW !!!! :-)

  27. I agree – when are you coming to Australia? :-) your book is definately on my Christmas wish list if I don’t cave and buy it earlier! Just for something different I’m in Adelaide (as opposed to the two previous posters from Oz who were in Geelong and Sydney).

  28. Congratulations! I’m not at all surprised that your book signings are such a success and highly attended….AWESOME!
    Great photos – thanks for sharing!

  29. kudos to you, your creativity & all the hard work you put into your success!
    bakerella the brand…pretty cool!!

  30. congrats on such a successful book!! well deserved:-)

  31. Sure would love to see a Houston signing and slideshow!! The Woodlands area would love to see you!!

  32. Looks like sooooo much fun!!! Please come to MN!!! We have a Williams-Sonoma at the Mall of America!!!

  33. Wow! You have been such a busy woman! This looks incredibly fun and exhausting. Hopefully there is a little time to relax before the next trip.

  34. What an exciting adventure! Love that little girl dressed up as a cupcake – so cute and creative!

  35. You’re so lucky, it looks like so much fun. You deserve it, you’re so talented.

  36. Amazing. Good for you. This is just so exciting to see. Much deserved. I guess good things come to those who bake. :)

  37. these photos are so cute! and your outfits are awesome…just beautiful :)

  38. Dear Bakerella, i love the fact that you show your fans on your blog, because that shows once more that you appreciate your fans <3
    you look so happy in these picture and i hope you really are these days…

  39. Looks like the tour is going great so far! I can’t wait for the NJ stop next month :)

  40. I just discovered your site and can’t stop brwosing through it! It’s great! And I ordered your book right away, I am so excited!

  41. thats awesome! i wish they sold the book where I live :( I WANT IT!!!

  42. It looks like you’ve been having so much fun! Congrats on having a great time signing & meeting everyone…And man everyone out there is adorable :)

  43. Can’t wait to see you this weekend. You’re gonna love Chicago.

  44. So great to see all the wonderful folks you got to meet….I’m still in a bit of shock that we got to meet you! ;) Hope all your stops are equally as fun as the west coast has been!

  45. I keep checking the schedule in hopes it would be updated with BOSTON!. I’m seriously contemplating taking a day trip to NYC on Nov. 14. If I don’t get to meet you, THANK YOU! Thank you for the blog. Thank you for the book. Thank you for cake pops.

  46. Oh how fun… I just experimented with cake pops this week!

  47. i’m sad that there were no Florida dates near me.

  48. what, no DC signing? :(
    p.s. i absolutely love your bolero, where did you get it?!
    knowing my luck, it’s a one of a kind thing made just for you on etsy or something.

  49. This was so fun to see:-) I even cried imagining how excited and humbled you felt to see all of your fans there waiting to meet you and tell you how inspiring and creative you are:-) Congrats on the success and thanks for all the smiley pics – a great way to start a Tuesday morning!! Good luck with the rest of your signings!!

  50. I really enjoyed your visit here in Orange County Yesterday and can’t wait to see your pictures!! Thank you for coming to visit us here in California, we LOVED it!!

  51. Oh my, don’t u you feel blessed to be so loved? So overwhelming :) Enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it!

  52. You have the most infectious smile.. I just smile at your smile! And you have a lot to smile about! Cake Pops unlimited!!!

  53. You look amazing and I love those cardigans!

  54. Whao, how great to see those fans out there getting books signed by you. I can not wait for your arrival into the Windy City Chicago! You look stunning! Congrats and Much Success!

  55. I wish you were coming to Minneapolis. I love your book and have really enjoyed every single thing I have made from it.

  56. It looks like you had so much fun! It’s really nice to see that you took the time to acknowledge individual people instead of just signing the books and saying “thank you”! I would be there in Los Angeles with you right now but I’m in school… Across the country haha

  57. I wish you would come to Oklahoma. We promise a HUGE Okie greeting. You deserve all the acolades you are getting! I hope every minute of it is extremely special! You go girl! ….and come to Oklahoma!! Lori Lucas

  58. Awwwww that last picture of you and the chubby baby is TOO CUTE!! You are such an inspiration. So happy for you as a fan to see you recognized for all your cute innovation :D

  59. Ah, the little girl in the cupcake costume is absolutely precious. Just look at her smile!

  60. Yes, yes, come to Oklahoma. You and PW can have a co-book signing. They would probably have to hold it at the Fairgrounds to have enough room! :)
    BTW, the outfit with the black belt looks spectacular on you and I think the side smile/dork wave is charming. I’m a giggler when I am nervous. Guess we all do something :)

  61. OMG, how fun! You are a celebrity! And can I just say how adorable you look in your fabulous Anthro outfits? I am obsessed with Anthro and I just went to put the Myths and Legends dress on my wishlist because of how awesome it looks on you! Yay!
    xo Hilda

  62. AWESOME!! Looks like so much fun! I just bought this book for my sister in law for a xmas gift! It should arrive today!! I can’t wait to take a peek at it!

  63. You look like you are having so much fun!! Wish you were coming to houston!!

  64. I love how gracious you are about this sudden popularity. You seem so sweet and genuinely grateful!

  65. Oh, how fun!!! It was SUCH A TREAT meeting you!!! I’m so happy you like your necklace. :) I just can’t get over how sweet and down to earth you are… so impressive! No wonder everyone LOVES you!! xo

  66. How fun is that?!? I wish I could join your tour as your official pen holder. Just added the Atlanta date to my calendar – can’t wait!

    (Cute jacket, or is it a sweater? Whatever it is, it’s cool.)

  67. We had so much fun meeting you in Tigard. And since I live right down the street from the mall I loved the fact you were coming to my street! We had a great time talking to the folks around us as we waited in line, and I loved the guy who was waiting in line so he could get his wife a book since she had to work that day and he had the day off. That rocked. I’m sure she was so happy to get her book.

  68. PLEASE come to Las Vegas!!!

  69. Looks like you had an amazing time! Congrats on living the dream and having all your hard work pay off! You’re really an inspiration. :)

    And it’s good to see that someone else carries the ‘dork hands’ gene: http://bit.ly/ddG4s7

  70. i wish i had been in portland when you were there!!

  71. So happy for you! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  72. My picture is on Bakerella’s blog… um crazy!! But totally loving it. Such a great day that I’ll always remember. Thank you Angie!

    Wondering what’s in the green box in the SF slideshow? Find out here.

  73. Never commented before, but I just had to say how adorable you looked! Love your outfits in each city, especially Seattle and San Fran! Love seeing the pics of the tour. Keep ’em coming and HAVE FUN!

  74. Ohhh I keep reading about all your visits to other cities on everyone’s blogs. I am so jealous you aren’t coming here (Houston), hope your having fun!

  75. My friends are so envious that I met the great Bakerella and my apple pops got a shout-out!

    It was so much fun to meet you Angie, thank you, and you were so gracious in accomodating everyone and when the next book comes out, you know where I’ll be!!!

  76. Crowds….are so exciting!?! We are looking forward to seeing you again at the ATL book signing. See you soon!

  77. I wish I could have gotten my book signed! I was there on my lunch break (in Seattle) … that line was way too long to wait through and still be back on time… but at least I got to see the demonstration! Thanks for coming!

  78. hi – i’m so glad you are enjoying the book tour! i wanted to meet you in santa monica, but had to work. in any case – have fun and take in every moment of this!

  79. I am loving your cute little sweater. It is adorable. Where did you get it? Wish you had a stop near me. Safe travels.

  80. I hope Nashville is on your schedule! If so, I am so there.l I love the pictures. You go, Southern Girl.

  81. I just checked the tour schedule and see you and I have a date (well, sort of) for Nov 6 at the Galleria. I am really excited to have you sign my books. Congratulations on your success,

  82. Any chance of you nipping over here to England to do a book signing in the UK? ;D

  83. I just received your book from Amazon. It is SO beautifully put together! You and your team did an AMAZING job! It’s just so dang pretty! I am SO excited and happy for you and all the attention and success that is coming your way. You started a cake pop revolution! :) Oh, and BIG KUDOS for the spiral binding in the book. How come more cookbooks don’t have this? GENIUS. SO much easier to work with and keep open. And lastly, THANK YOU for sharing all your creativity with us! I love Bakerella!!

  84. Congrats! You deserve the lines ;) I am patiently waiting for my copy from Amazon…can’t wait! Come to OMAHA!

  85. I loved all of your pics and just wanted to share my excitement because my Cake Pops book was finally delivered today!!!! YEAH :)

  86. i love your ‘Side smile dork wave’ haha

  87. Looks like a dream come true – congrats!

    PS. Where did you find that green dress with the stars – so flippin’ cute!

  88. It was a lot of fun meeting you. I posted my pic of our visit with you on fb.

  89. I am very envious of all the lucky folks who got/get to meet you!

    Congrats on your very well deserved successes !

  90. Wow! Looking at all those photos just made me smile for you! How wonderful…could you have imagined this for yourself a year ago?

  91. omg ! the little girl in the cupcake costume is SO PRECIOUS!! Wish I could see you in LA (i LIVE here but am stuck at work! poo), but hope you have a great signing and cant’ wait to see photos :)

  92. I have to say, this William Sonoma is within a block or so of my apartment!! I am sad I didn’t know about this!!

  93. Congrats on everything! I wish you would make a trip to the William Sonoma at Lakeside Mall in New Orleans, LA. If ever there’s another book signing tour, add us!

  94. It looks like an amazing trip and it is really great to see the faces of some of the other bloggers I read too! I wish you were getting as far NE as Boston, so I could see you too!

  95. I am so sad I missed you in Orange County. I had to work. My friend Holli made it to meet you though! I was very jealous. :-) Glad you are having so much fun on your tour!

  96. I am so happy for all your success! YOu so deserve it! People STILL come into retro just because of your post. It is so honoring to be a part of your blog!
    keep up the great work!
    Come to VEGAS!!!

  97. Ok.. loved your outfits… where did you find them?
    Your book is awesome… and it is so great that it is selling the way it is…. maybe someday you will make it to Utah

  98. OH! I want that baby!
    You look beautiful! Where are the dress and sweater from? Congratulations on the success of your book and have fun at the rest of your signings!

  99. i just bought the book on Saturday as a birthday gift to myself! If only you were coming to my area to sign it! You will be in Dallas which is close but at noon on a wednesday! ;o( Oh well there is hope for next time! I love the book it is sooooooo cute!! Ohhh and I got the last one on the shelf at borders!!

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