Wii have a winner!

And, by the looks of these comments, a lot of girl gamers, too. There were more than 5,000 entries trying to win the Wii and lots of them with pretty funny reasons for which mii cupcake you picked. I’ve had a blast reading them all. Took me forever… but, worth it. Now, here’s a little chart to give you a breakdown of which mii received the most votes.

Mii Chart

Hmmmmmmm… most of you picked C and most of you were RIGHT!

However, I wish I had lips like D and the nerve to cut my hair short like B. I’d totally love to have short, sassy red hair. So cute!

But, C is Mii!

My Mii

And for the record, my hair isn’t quite this yellow, but Nintendo doesn’t have a color choice for dirty blonde.

Alright, let’s get on with things… time for the winner. Who’s it gonna be random.org?

I need one number between 1 and 5,135.

Note: Around 90 people accidentally left their comment in the wrong post, so I added them in the last comment so they would have a shot in the drawing, too. If you go to the last comment 5,044, you’ll see them. In the future, please be careful where you post because I probably won’t be that nice. Thanks!

And, it’s comment #1,841.

Oh no BERE…So close…but you guessed wrong. Man, that hurts. Sorry! Now, I need another number.

And the next one is comment #1,579

YAY Cassi! You picked Mii… C and you’ve won a Wii!
Prepare your kids for the good news. I’ll be contacting you soon.

Oh yeah, thanks for all the Wii Fit reviews. It’s good to know how much you guys like it. I just may have to get one.

Now, I’ve gotta go bowl… ummm… I mean bake!