Sunday, November 29, 2009

Check out these chicks!

Farm Chicks 1

Have you heard of these chicks before? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. It was really kind of a weird little coincidence. I was in the bookstore picking up Pioneer Woman Cookbooks for a recent giveaway and my eyes locked in on a book called The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. Loved the title and the design, but because I was over my limit on books for the day, make that month, all I did was thumb through the pages really quickly before I made myself leave.

But then, just two days later I received an email from none other than Serena, one of THE Farm Chicks. Seriously. Out of the blue. Two days later. Does stuff like that happen to you, too? Strange coincidences? It does to me all the time.

(Hmmm… The Pioneer Woman and The Farm Chicks. That’s kinda weird, too. Okay, I’m moving to the country.)

Anyway, it was a really short email message that said she wanted to send me something.

Curious, I said, ok. (I like surprises.)

Farm Chicks 6

And boy was I surprised when several days later I received a package full of all of these sweet, sweet gift tags.

Farm Chicks 2

Some with little cakes.

Farm Chicks 5

And others with sweet messages.

Farm Chicks 4

Plus there were all these fun recipe cards. (Forgive me for the extra blurriness. I was playing with different settings on my camera.)

Farm Chicks 3

Some even had Christmas themes.

I had no idea they had all these cute products plus a cookbook. Impressive.

Farm Chicks 13

Speaking of their book, I had to run out to the bookstore and get it right away.

Farm Chicks 14

Farm Chicks 8

Wish I had seen this before trying to make a pie last week. Could have come in handy.

Farm Chicks 9

The Farm Chicks love some pie. And the book has several yummy ones like this.

Farm Chicks 10

Plus, it has fun, do-it-yourself projects throughout. I’ve never made scones, but if I do, I want a scone cozy to go with them. Cozy scones. Yes. I want my scones to be cozy. Adorableness. Cuteness doesn’t quite cut it here.

Farm Chicks 11

Hi Serena. Thanks for sending me all the fun stuff. I love it.

Especially the necklace.

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about the necklace. Well, it has a cake on the front of it and it’s just darling.


Farm Chicks 7

And, since Serena sent me two of them… well…

Would you like one? Then, we can both look super cute, adorned in cake.

Farm Chicks 12

I’ll even throw in some of my gift tags and recipe cards, too. I’m a sharer.

Enter for a chance to win some fun Farm Chicks stuff
(necklace, recipe cards and gift tags)

Just leave a comment on this post and let me know:

  • What’s your favorite sweet or dessert at Christmas?
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, November 30th at 7 p.m. ET
  • TIME’S UP!

  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck! Now, I’m off to read up about Farms and Chicks. If I’m not back soon, look for me in the country. I’ll be the one lost with lollipop sticks.

And, here’s the winner…
Wow, wow, wow, I am going to need the rest of the year to go through all of your favorites. So many things I like, too… especially fudge and so many that I have never even heard of. You guys should take a look through them if you get a chance and want some ideas for something new. Thank you for sharing. And the winner is… #2670… That’s you Heather. All you have to do to get your prize is send me some of your dad’s Keeflies. Just kidding. But really, I just looked those up and they sound great.


Cami said...

Homemade sugar cookies, like the grocery store ones only better!

November 29, 2009 10:14 PM
Melissa P. said...

In Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Christmas Cookie cookbook, there is a recipe for buttered rum cookies. I make them every year.

November 29, 2009 10:15 PM
Jessica said...

My favorite Christmas sweets have to be cut out cookies. They’re so fun and I tend to do shortbread cookies. Melt in your mouth cookies that need to frosting, but can still be made into fabulous shapes, yes please.

November 29, 2009 10:15 PM
Alicia said...

Fudge. When I was younger my mom and I made it together every year. I still make it now and share it with my family at the holidays.
The Farm Chicks book looks totally cute!

November 29, 2009 10:15 PM
Sarah said...

iced sugar cookies without a doubt, they’re my specialty :)

November 29, 2009 10:16 PM
Ronnai said...

One of my favorite Christmas desserts is Cranberry Cake, my grandmother made it for many years. I only make it every few years now. Every time I eat it I’m reminded of family Christmas’ when I was younger.

November 29, 2009 10:17 PM
Elizabeth said...

Decorated Christmas Cookies! Made by my kiddos.

November 29, 2009 10:17 PM
Mrs. Q. said...

Buttery spritz cookies. They were my dad’s favorite and I always think of him when I’m fighting with the dough gun.

November 29, 2009 10:17 PM
Jillian -- Farm Chick Fan!! said...

I have been fortunate enough to go to the Farm Chicks show in Spokane, WA!!! I live in nearby Coeur D Alene and it was a blast! Driving around town here, I often see Farm Chicks stickers on people’s cars!!

What’s your favorite sweet or dessert at Christmas? I love Magic Bars — not the fanciest Christmas treat but a staple from my childhood! I also love a cheesecake!!

I truly enjoy your blog — check it religiously every Sunday night and often between SUndays just in case you snuck a post in!

November 29, 2009 10:18 PM
Katie said...

My moms Liebekuchen! Its a german cookie that takes an “acquired taste” but its my Oma’s recipe so to me, it tastes like Christmas. I love tradition and finding new recipes to add to tradition so that I have a slew of ideas once i have kids :-)

if this comment doesn’t link it, heres a way to contact me: link to

November 29, 2009 10:18 PM
Maggie said...

Scandanavian Snowballs. It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t put some time in standing over the sink eating those :)

November 29, 2009 10:18 PM
Anonymous said...

cream cheese cut out cookies!

November 29, 2009 10:18 PM
Debbie said...

peppermint bark!

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Jane Winton said...

Creme brulee’………I only make it at Christmas.

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Lauren said...

I have a huge sweet tooth so narrowing down my favorite dessert of the holidays is a hard one, (seriously… when I was little they called me cookie-monster) but I would probably say homemade sugar cookies with homemade frosting. Not only are they yummy but in my family there is always a frosting fight to go along with them!

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Liz said...

Favorite Christmas treat – Decorated Sugar Cookies.

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Dawn Mundy said...

Mint brownies – layer of brownie, layer of green minty goodness, layer of chocolate ganache. Yummmmm…

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Carrie MacLean said...

We make homemade sugar cookies at Christmas, but my favorite are the Chocolate Crinkles (we call them Chocolate “Kris Krinkles” just to “holiday” them up a bit). They are soft and chocolately and almost like a fugdy-brownie in a cookie. My favorite holiday candy is Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy. I made it last year for the first time and thought my arm was going to be numb from the stirring, but it was worth it… it will be a repeat this year for sure. It packed well and shipped to my family out of the area – a bonus.

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Kami said...

Fudge! I love experimenting with flavors to but I think my favorite is chocolate mint. Yummy!

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Lesley said...

Gingerbread men, yum!

November 29, 2009 10:19 PM
Katy said...

I love a good sugar cookie, thick and chewy decorated by hand with lots of frosting, sprinkles and red and green m&m’s. Delicious!

November 29, 2009 10:20 PM
Karen said...

My favorite is Red Velvet Cake!!! YUM!

November 29, 2009 10:20 PM
Gina said...

Yule log cake, with extra butter in the buttercream and peanut m&m’s for the bird eggs! My favorite part is calling dibs on the m&m’s every year :)

November 29, 2009 10:20 PM
Carryssa said...

I love my grandmother’s homemade fudge!

November 29, 2009 10:21 PM
Suzie said...

My favorite holiday sweet is Mexican Wedding cookies! Oh and maple candy…

November 29, 2009 10:21 PM
Kathryn said...

those tags are too cute! I love these iced lemon cookies my dad makes — they’re called Baci di Limone and they are spectacular!

November 29, 2009 10:21 PM
AliOka said...

Dad’s Christmas cookies, no question.

November 29, 2009 10:21 PM
Julie said...

Sugar cutout cookies are my favorite… with royal icing and jimmies! Can’t wait to make the first batch of the season!

November 29, 2009 10:22 PM
gloria said...

i’m all for a classic fudge.
peppermint, peanutbutter
or white chocolate-
it’s all good!

November 29, 2009 10:22 PM
Kelly Lai said...

I like cheesecake for any occasion!

November 29, 2009 10:22 PM
GypsyBiscuit said...

When I was little my mom used to make cinnamon popcorn balls. They were sweet. They were cinnamon. They were Christmas-y red. And I loved them!

November 29, 2009 10:22 PM
Laura Petravage said...

Every year my sister and I decorate the sugar cookies. Most look great, but there are several “accidents” that aren’t fit for public display, so we must, of course, eat them on the spot.

November 29, 2009 10:23 PM
Annette from CT said...


November 29, 2009 10:23 PM
Stephanie said...

My favorite holiday dessert is Apple Pie. I only like it on holidays and it’s my specialty. I remember growing up making it with my Dad every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Specifically, trying to copy his ability to get the entire peel off in one long piece.

November 29, 2009 10:23 PM
Tagyn said...

I love Christmas and cookies- I have a cookie exchange and love the variety that we all share and enjoy!

November 29, 2009 10:24 PM
jennifro said...

English toffee! YUM!
Sugar cookies, close second.

November 29, 2009 10:24 PM
Karen said...

How cute are those.

I’m all about the pound cake.

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
melanie said...

The yearly must-have for Christmas are shortbread cookies. Grandma in Pennsylvania always mails them to Virginia. Now that I’ve become so into baking, I’ve experimented and found a better recipe/technique, but don’t have the heart to tell her. But there is still something about cookies baked with love from Grandma at Christmastime.

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Mai said...

I think my favorite dessert is apple pie or pumpkin pie. Filling only, I’m not a fan of crust.

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Mary said...

Well…I haven’t made my favorite dessert but for this christmas I’m making cupcakes and decorating them as presents and giving them to my whole family (which is A LOT of people) complete with name tags and bow..

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Macey said...

I love candied nuts this time of year.

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Marlee said...

Homemade sugar cookies of course!! And pies such as apple and pumpkin… Holiday desserts are the best.

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Lachell said...

homemade caramels…yum!

November 29, 2009 10:25 PM
Hanah said...

I love that peanutbutter fudge with the multi-coloured marshmallows in it. Everytime I see that stuff, I think Christmas. I don’t know why.

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
Ang said...

Molasses cookies! Mmmmm….

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
Jade said...

My favorite dessert is my Grandma’s chocolate pie.

jade dot case at gmail dot com is my email address. :)

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
Tamz said...

My favourite Christmas treat is something called White Christmas (link to it’s become a family tradition.. and is easy enough for my brother, a total noncook, to make :D

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
Samantha said...

My new favorite is Cranberry Chiffon with an Oreo crumb crust. It tastes like a cranberry truffle… so good :)

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
gingela5 said...

I love homemade sugar cookies and icing! yummmmy!

November 29, 2009 10:26 PM
Laurel said...

My little sister has been making the best apple pies for as long as I can remember, and that’s my favorite Christmas and Thanksgiving dessert! :)

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
samsmom said...

My Grandma Char’s Pumpkin Bread. I love baking it. I love giving it out to family and friends. And most of all I love eating it. With butter. Lots of butter.

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
Nicole N. said...

There are too many good things to count but I am most eager to have my mom’s cheesecake!

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
Suze said...

I love snickerdoodles and spritz cookies. I make them for my whole family every year!

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
Diana said...

Sugar cookies!

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
Amber said...

My favorite dessert is one my family calls chocolate stuff :)

November 29, 2009 10:27 PM
Erin M said...

I love hot chocolate with whipped cream (or at least marshmallows) and a peppermint candy cane. Simple but it cannot be beat.

November 29, 2009 10:28 PM
Holly said...

My favorite holiday cookie is my aunt’s Ritz Cracker/Peanut Butter Sandwich dipped in Chocolate. She always makes a special extra batch just for me :)

November 29, 2009 10:28 PM
Jennifer said...

That is a tough one (especially to limit it to one!) So for today I will say Homemade Fudge. :)

Thanks for sharing your super cute gifts!

November 29, 2009 10:28 PM
Deborah said...

I would have to say my favorite Christmas treat would be my best friend’s chocolate pie. Oh my gracious…it’s fantastic although when i try to make it, it usually flops! I will also eat this at any time other than Christmas too!!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Heather said...

Definitely, Chex Mix, my mom made it every Christmas and it just smells so yummy when it is baking! Oh and of course caramels!!!!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Alisha P said...

I LOVE sugar cookies at Christmas time!! My girls and I love to make them for our family and of course eat our fair share!!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Gretchen said...

I love Russian Teacakes – butter cookies with ground pecans, covered in powdered sugar. (also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes) So yummy – and I only make them at Christmas!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
kara said...

Well up untill last year i would have said whipped shortbread and all it’s melt in your mouth goodness but i got a new recipe from my aunt for amaretti, which are almond cookies and they are delicious so those may be my faves now.

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
yasmin caruana-Kitchen said...

Well, In Australia we have lots of different summer fruits in season….so my family and I always love a beautiful pavlova with yummy kiwi fruit, strawberries, banana and have to have it drizzled with passionfruit pulp and it is YUMMOOO!!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Katy R. said...

My favorite Christmas sweet is candy canes!!! I love to bake and get full on goodies, but candy canes are a timeless candy that I ONLY eat this time of year.

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Sassy said...

Plain old sugar cookies smeared with buttercream and sprinkles. Yum! Oh, and once I made creme brulee with a real full-size blowtorch. I dream of that Christmas dessert still!

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Mackenzie T. said...

I love snicker-doodles! I keep searching for a new recipe every year to find the best! It is a fun tradition that I LOVE! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

kenzieathrone [at] gmail [dot] com

November 29, 2009 10:29 PM
Emma said...

I love sugar cookies and strawberry trifle. YUM!

November 29, 2009 10:30 PM
DeborahB said...

I’m pretty much stuck on the sugar cut-out cookies. Nice, fat and thick with lots of icing!

November 29, 2009 10:30 PM
Erin F. said...

My favorite Christmas “sweet” would have to be my sister-in-law’s cookie packages that she makes for everyone in the family. She always picks 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies or bars. Last year my favorite were these oat and jelly bars, yummy!!

November 29, 2009 10:30 PM
Rita said...

It has to be fudge…my kids and I make an assortment every Christmas: rocky road, dark chocolate, turtle, peppermint…

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Jessica said...

Thumbprint cookies!

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Carol said...

My favorite, hands down, dessert made at Christmas time is my ex-Mother-in-law’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge….she gave me the recipe and I’ve been making it for years. My daughter just moved out on her own and I gave her a copy so she could continue the family tradition.

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Isty said...

Warm apple pie is the best!!

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Valerie Burns said...

I’m all about the cookies!! Peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, oh, and the fudge….and the chocolate bark……

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
stacey G said...

I love 7 layer bar. YUMMY

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Diane {} said...

Pecan Lassies are my favorite treat around Christmas and I be my mom to make them for me each year.

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Brittany said...

FAVORITE?!?! Like ONE?? Bring on the sweets, that’s what I say! Sugar cookies, fudge, cake balls (a new fave)… to name a few.

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
April said...

I love making Vegan Sugar Cookies, especially the snowmen. My recent discovery of edible pearl sprinkles makes me even more excited for some feminine snowladies this year.

November 29, 2009 10:31 PM
Christie said...

Don’t hate me. Usually I’m a homemade gal, but we ALWAYS got Mother’s Circus Animal cookies in our Christmas stockings.

November 29, 2009 10:32 PM
Holly said...

My favorite Christmas dessert is my mom’s “spiced” fruit. It is a baked fruit dish with apples, apricots, and plums with lots of cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and a crunchy topping. SOOOOOO good.

November 29, 2009 10:32 PM
Christine said...

I love it when my mom makes peppermint cheesecake. So yummy.

November 29, 2009 10:32 PM
Sarah Snow said...

I love snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie!!! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas! My family loves your cake pops!

November 29, 2009 10:32 PM
Laura said...

My Grandmother’s fudge and seafoam. They’re super sweet, but it doesn’t feel like the holidays without them. :)

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
Carolyn said...

Pie, pie, it has to be pie!

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
Harpreet said...

I love! gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses with lots of candy and chocolate!

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
April said...

Yummy! Pick me…

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
Belinda said...

My favorite Christmas time treat is Breton Brittle from the Company’s Coming Christmas cookbook…it is such a smash hit!

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
Christina said...

My favorite Christmas treat are bunelos! Crispy cinnamon and sugar covered goodness, especially if they are warm just off the skillet!

November 29, 2009 10:33 PM
Jean said...

hmmmmmmmmmm…..Russian Tea cakes and/or fudge…hard to decide…but what a great dilemma….

November 29, 2009 10:34 PM
angtini said...

I love me some rum cake. So soft and moist, Nutty sugary topping, hints of rum, YUMM.

November 29, 2009 10:34 PM
Gina B. said...

I love PIzzelles. My grandmother used to make them and I now carry on that tradition for the family!

November 29, 2009 10:34 PM
Stephanie Patterson said...

Lemon meringue cookies and after making them for the first time last year thanks to Pioneer Woman and you – cake balls! :)

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Manda said...

My absolute favorite sweet at Christmas time is/are the caramels that I make….divine!! They melt in your mouth and are soooo buttery….it makes me tingle just thinking about it!!!

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Michele Banker said...

My husband and I make Vanilla Chex Mix every year. We stumbled upon it in a Papercrafts Gourmet magazine. We were trying to go a bit healthy. Who were we kidding, it’s chocolate chips, 3 different Chex cereals, marshmallows, salted, dry roasted nuts, pretzel twists,all covered in vanilla almond bark. OMG, don’t let the healthy ingrediants fool you this stuff is DELICIOUS!!!

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Amy said...

Every year our family makes trains out of mini candy bars, frosting, licorice, m&m’s, and any other kind of candy that you can think of! We “glue” everything together to make a full train set out of candy bars, using twizzlers for the tracks, marshmallows for the igloo, etc. It is so much fun to do together AND we eat it throughout the week.

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Nida said...

Peanut butter brownies. Yum!!

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
robin said...

Chocolate crinkles, for sure, but I am also a big fan of the chex with the chocolate/pb/powdered sugar on top. That stuff is addictive!

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Maria said...

My favorite holiday dessert is, hands down, pumpkin pie. Sure, it’s mainly a Thanksgiving staple, but I typically bake 4-6 pies throughout November and December, so it’s a “holiday season” treat for me and mine. I make mine from scratch, with extra cinnamon and ginger, and freshly ground nutmeg. Yum!

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
Tiffany said...

Every Christmas Eve I make a peppermint ice cream cake. But my sister-in-law’s croissants are probably the best thing about family Christmas get-togethers. (Besides the company, of course) haha

November 29, 2009 10:35 PM
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