Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!

For Mom

Can’t decide on flowers or candy? Then give your mom both – and some cupcakes to boot.

These cute candy flowers were inspired by fellow flickr user mommawants1more. She does a great job with this creative candy technique. Then I also found this decorating style featured in the book, The Whimsical Bakehouse, and saw how easy it was to do using colored candy melts. And you know, I have my fair share of those laying around the kitchen lately. So you guessed it, I started melting. Read below to see how you can do it too.

Flower Cupcakes

Find a design you want to use or draw it by hand for a more whimsical feel.
Place the drawing on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper. Tape it down flat so it doesn’t move. Use one unmelted yellow candy melt for each flower center.

Candy Melts

Melt the white candy coating and use a plastic bottle (shown) or ziploc bag with the corner cut out to pipe the outline of your shape. Place in the freezer for a couple of minutes until hardened. Remove.

Candy Melts

Fill in the shapes with a second color. It shouldn’t be too hot. (or too hard… my niece even helped me with this.)

My little helper

Return to freezer to harden. Remove and flip over to reveal the flat side to display on your cupcakes. Easy!

Mini Cupcakes

And if you want to make some letters, that’s easy too! Use an alphabet mold and fill shape with melted candy. Freeze for a few minutes and then, pop them out.

Alphabet Molds



You’ll need:
Frosted Cupcakes
Squeeze Bottle or Ziploc Bag
Cookie Sheet with Wax Paper (taped flat)
Colored Candy Melts
… and a steady hand

Here’s three brands of candy melts:
Make ‘n Mold Candy Melts
Mercken’s Candy Coatings
Wilton Candy Melts

Here’s some fun stuff if you’re up for it:
Alphabet Candy Molds
The Whimsical Bakehouse (shows some examples and instruction on how to use this technique.)

And if you’re not up to the challenge:
Visit Sugar Coated Love and maybe mommawants1more can make some for you.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Melissa said...

Can you send me the template for the daisy? I want to make these to put on my daughter's birthday cake.

July 31, 2009 03:54 AM
Kelly said...

I love all your great ideas! Could I get the flower template, please?

Thanks :)

August 30, 2009 04:21 AM
Julie said...

Love your blog…everything is soooo cool. These cupcakes are adorable. I’m making them for my friend’s daughter…could you email the flower template?? Thanks!

October 1, 2009 05:25 PM
Tarjuska S said...

These are so lovely :). What a great idea, I may use your tips someday.

October 2, 2009 06:01 PM
Melissa said...

Could I get a copy of your daisy pdf from the “Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!” cupcakes?


November 16, 2009 08:13 AM
Rein said...

Cute and yummy! :)

November 17, 2009 02:17 PM
Chloe said...

WOW!!! awesome!!! Love them!!! =D

November 30, 2009 10:36 AM
hannelore said...

hi bakerella,

u have such amazing recipes and ideas! inspired me alot.

thanks and take care!

December 1, 2009 01:10 AM
kate h said...

Is it possible to still get that flower pdf? I really want to try it but my skills in the art department are Zero. I love the look of those. You are such a creative talented lady. I made your graduation caps for my sons kindergarten class and they were the hit of the day! Thank you.

January 25, 2010 03:16 PM
bakerella said...

Kate – done. check your email.

February 3, 2010 10:43 PM
JessicaRae said...

I saw someone mention you on facebook earlier this afternoon and have been looking at your blog ever since! I can’t stop!!! I especially love this idea and can’t wait to try it!!! Could you also email the flower pdf to me?! I would really appreciate it! :)

February 16, 2010 08:30 PM
Astrid said...

How far in advance could I make the candy flowers? My daughter’s birthday is March 16, and she wants me to try making cake pops with the flowers on top for her class! Thanks!

February 21, 2010 07:16 PM
Jenner said...

My mother-in-law asked me to make some “pretty cupcakes” for a party last week. I was in full on panic mode until I found this site. The idea worked great and everyone was very impressed. Thanks so much for the idea! However, my flower drawing skills leave a lot to be desired. I’d love to get the flower pdf if possible. Thanks!

February 26, 2010 01:14 PM
Jenner said...

Whoops! Here’s my email address:

February 26, 2010 03:20 PM
simone said...

Hi Bakerella!

First of all I just love your blog and I follow it everyday!!! Your very talented…
I came across the wow your mom on mother’s day cupcake.. Love it.. I was just wondering if you sill have the template for the daisey … I’d love to make these for my little girl 1′st birthday … Her theme is going to be cupcake and that would be awesome for the top of the cupcakes..


March 21, 2010 11:07 AM
simone said...

my email is

March 21, 2010 11:08 AM
Maggie said...

too pretty to eat!

March 29, 2010 08:50 PM
Ashley said...

I’m looking to make these for Easter and would love your daisy flower template. Could you please e-mail?

Thanks dear!

March 31, 2010 12:55 PM
Ashley said...

I forgot my e-mail:

April 1, 2010 12:32 PM
Amy said...

I love your site and have tried my hand at a couple of your ideas. You are so creative. The pictures MAKE everything come alive!
I know I’m about a year later than all these posts, but I’m hoping you might be willing to send me the daisy pdf so many have requested.
Thanks so much and keep the wonderful creations coming!

April 6, 2010 08:43 PM
Véronique B. said...

Hi Bakerella,
I love your blog, everything is amazing. The cake pops are so cute and delicious!
I want to make a suprise cake for the mother’s day. Does it’s possible to email me the flower jpeg? My e-mail is
Thanks and have a nice day ;-)

April 29, 2010 01:53 PM
michelle said...

could your email me the daisy template? I would love to try these for mothers’day!

April 30, 2010 09:23 AM
Andrea said...

Just what you need, one more request for the daisy template. If it isn’t too much trouble will you send a copy my way in the next day or two?


May 8, 2010 01:39 AM
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May 11, 2010 03:06 PM
Jessica said...

Adorable. So creative and yet, so easy. thanks for sharing!

May 11, 2010 07:58 PM
Ashley Miller said...

Can you email me the pdf for the flower drawings?! I am going to make these for my little ones first birthday! and have look everywhere for a cute flower like yours!:) Thanks!!

May 21, 2010 06:20 PM
Ashley Miller said...

oh yeah, here is my email!!:) Thanks again!:)

May 21, 2010 06:22 PM
Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes said...

[...] melts it’s a lot of fun!  The cupcakes seen here were made by mommy golightly, but check out bakerella’s blog to see how to make these neat cupcake [...]

June 15, 2010 08:12 AM
Sheki said...

Hey Bakerella, I love your site and its inspired me to do so much more baking. Could you please send me the daisy template, that would be great:)

June 22, 2010 03:36 PM
Debbie said...

Hi Bakerella. Do you know of any alternatives for the candy melts? I can’t get my hands on them over in the UK without forking out a fortune for overseas delivery. I really want to try out this design and a few of my own with this technique. Thanks :-)

July 23, 2010 08:37 AM
Josy said...

Hi there,

you can have a look at ebay -> stayathomemom (i think) , she sells candy melts in the uk .. but it´s to expensive for me because i live in germany and the shipping costs are so high !

can you send me please the daisy jpg too ?
my email adress is :
kleine_maumau (at)

many thanks and THANKS for your lovely blog !!

July 31, 2010 01:10 PM
Amelia said...

I just made some of these for a bridal shower I’m helping with tomorrow. I think they’re so cute so thanks for your wonderful website and yummy ideas!

August 14, 2010 12:53 AM
Amelia said...

haha I didn’t realize you had a template for the daisy design! I guess I can say mine are definitely more “free style”! Thanks again!

August 14, 2010 12:57 AM
Diana said...

Thank you so much for this very great and adorable idea i am going to change it around alittle but this is perfect for my daughters 3rd birthday!!

November 11, 2010 11:11 AM
Birthdays & Baked Goods | Woodland Dreams said...

[...] pink, yellow & orange. Buttercream frosting from this recipe. The flower idea was stolen from Bakerella, thanks Morgan I also made a mini cake for my niece, Madelyn. The death of said cake. [...]

January 1, 2011 03:56 PM
Tammy said...

I too would love a copy of the flower template, please. Today is my first attempt at making cake balls so I am very excited. I love your book! Everything is so fun, creative, and colorful. My email is: Thanks!

January 29, 2011 02:25 PM
Nikki said...

Thanks for the idea! I’m really excited to make these for my mom this Mother’s Day :) I’m confused about the flower template for the wax paper though. Do I just print out the template on wax paper? May I have a copy of the flower template as well?

Thank you, once again!

April 29, 2011 03:20 AM
Morgan said...

Could you please send me this template tonight…id love to do them for some cupcakes tomorrow…my email address is Thanks!!

November 11, 2011 07:25 PM
Diane said...

Boy oh boy I can spend endless hours devouring your site. Everything is just so very amazing. I came here tonight knowing you would have the perfect idea for my little girl’s 3rd birthday and of course here it is!! These cupcakes are awesome!! Is it possible to get the daisy template emailed? I realize this post was quite some time ago…LOL… so o biggy if you can’t send it. I can always attempt my own drawings. :)

Thanks for sharing your fantastic ideas! :)

December 29, 2011 11:33 PM
Ashley Shuler said...

Could you please email me the daisy template you use for the candies? Thank you SO much!

March 27, 2012 04:05 PM
Hana Sarker said...

Love these cupcakes and have finally found the perfect chance to actually make, I LOVE working with candy melts, so much easier than fondant, and looks just as amazing. Can you please sent my the template for the daisies, cause i CANNOT draw at all.


June 20, 2012 12:59 PM
Amelia said...

can i please have the daisy template :)

August 7, 2012 11:55 PM
Candy Melts Mother’s Day Cupcakes said...

[...] out more about this idea at : var addthis_config = [...]

November 29, 2012 04:41 PM
Lydia said...


March 28, 2014 03:57 PM
Do It Yourself Flower Cupcakes - AA Gifts & Baskets Idea Blog said...

[...] candy melts it's a lot of fun!  The cupcakes seen here were made by mommy golightly, but check out bakerella's blog to see how to make these neat cupcake [...]

February 17, 2015 10:41 AM

Parabéns incrível!!!!!!!!
Amei sua ideia fantástica ideia. amo ,amo amei de paixão..

February 26, 2015 09:45 AM
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