A peek inside my pantry


I finally organized my pantry and I’m super excited about it. If you follow me on instagram, you may remember the photo below that I posted several weeks ago.


This is my out-of-control pantry, but it barely has any food in it. It’s 95% dedicated to baking and decorating supplies and it’s looked a lot like this since I moved in about a year and a half ago. I’ve just never taken the time to focus on organizing it.

Pantry Clutter

Cookie cutter chaos, overflowing bins, baking cups everywhere. A ton of space, but somehow no place to put anything… let alone find anything when I need it.

But now that’s changed because I recently partnered with Target to use some of their storage solutions to spruce up my space. It was a perfect opportunity to work with them since I’ve been using their plastic bins for years to stack and store my stuff.

But now… oh my gosh. I’m so excited about this space.

Want to see the after?

Pantry After

Aaaaaaaahhh! I LOVE it! My friend Julie came over and helped with the final arranging and now I keep walking in and staring at everything with my heart all fluttery. I think I could even sleep in here … especially now that I can find the floor.

If you want to take a closer look, I’ve included lots of pictures and links to the Target products below in case you like any of the items I used. (And if you have any storage solution ideas you want to share, I’m all ears.)

Let’s start with that bar cart in the back. I bought it from Target a while ago to put supplies on when I work on a project and I can’t wait to finally use it again.

Canvas Bins

For the new items, I went shopping in the store and online. I found these fabric bins to organize things like regular and mini baking cups, cake boards and more.

Pom Poms

I added pom poms to the ring pulls to decorate the fronts.

Y-Weave Bin

These cute y-weave baskets came in super handy to store things like my candy molds…

Y-Weave Bin

Colorful straws …

Cookie Cutter Sets

… and my collection of cookie cutter tins. I love the pattern.


For individual cookie cutters, I found these 3-Drawer Organizers to store them in and I added washi tape to the fronts to give them a little color.

Cookie Cutter Storage

Each drawer is organized by theme. Easter, Christmas, Halloween, hearts, animals and sweets. What I love about these is that I can easily remove the individual drawers to carry.

Cake Pop Stands

Here are some of my cake pop and cupcake stands now all stacked up. YAY!

Paper Straws

I used these utensil holders to put pretty paper straws on display.

Chevron Bin

I love this chevron bath basket for my candy wafers. It makes it easy to grab the color I need. It’s actually a baby item, but I couldn’t resist the design.


I only have a handful of props to organize … thank goodness.

Wire Baskets

These tall wire baskets came in handy for yarn and paper filler.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

And I finally found a place to put my Cake Pops books and kit on permanent display.

Cake Pop Sticks

These easy-to-access glass containers keep my lollipop sticks cozy.

Luster dust

Here’s another three-drawer organizer that I decorated with more washi tape. I’m using it for luster dust, plus powdered and gel food coloring and candy flavoring.


The four small bins in the upper right hold small items like miniature spoons. You can write on the pink fronts with a dry erase marker but I decided to leave them blank. I also used the medium size bins to hold ribbon and treat bags and twist ties.

Carry Tote

I found this small tote basket great to carry bottles in. It’s holding colored cocoa butters for now.

Magazine Holders

I was going to print out labels for these magazine holders, but instead I just used bright green washi tape to cover the cardboard insert for a little pop of color.

Egg Cartons

Egg cartons and ice cream containers. I bought the egg cartons a while ago to package mini cupcakes in. Now that I can see them, maybe I’ll finally use them.


Here’s a small kitchen organizer I’m using to hold glitter. I liked the size of it and the bottom was teal. So basically I had to get it.

Glass Jars

I wish I had more of these glass jars. Love them!

Mini Marshmallow Bits

P.S. I think I’m set on mini marshmallow bits. : )

Candy Storage

These are some of the thirteen storage bins that I already had. They are filled with all kinds of candy that I keep for reference. At one time they were organized by pastel and primary colors. But the contents kept growing. I guess going through these will be my next project.

Sprinkle Storage

If you are wondering where my sprinkles are, they hang out upside down in two of my kitchen drawers so I can see them all at a glance. They used to be in several plastic bins this way, but I love having them handy in the kitchen.


Here’s a last view of the main wall from the left…


and the right!


Thanks for peeking inside my pantry. And now that I’m all organized, it’s time to bake!


This post is a collaboration with Target.

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112 comments on “A peek inside my pantry”

  1. Wow,! your pantry is super organize and clean.

  2. Hey Angie, It’s beautiful !!

  3. You’re such an inspiration ! Love it!

  4. Wow this is super organised, I’m a little bit jealous! I think I need to attack my pantry now too (although nowhere near as big!)

    Alison At Home!

  5. Love the pantry! Great storage, who doesn’t love Target?!

    Where did you order the ice cream containers with those wonderful lids & the egg crates (brilliant idea to use them for mini cupcakes!)?

  6. i love to organize! your creative touch made this space not only functional, but bright and cheerful!

  7. This is just a dream-come-true!!!! My “larder” is a double cupboard under the island!!!
    You are such an inspiration!

  8. Martha would be so proud of you! The pantry is gorgeous!

  9. Oh. My. God. I never knew how much my dream house needed an amazing pantry. Welp, I’ll be on Pinterest for the next 3 hours planning my dream pantry if anyone needs me.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Epise Of Cake

  10. Those giant cupcakes at the bottom are so cute! Are they cookie jars? Everything looks so colorful and fun. I know some of that candy wouldn’t last long with me.


  11. Wow, I love it all!!

  12. Wow I would love to have a pantry that size and so full with amazing things!
    You’ve done an amazing job organising and acquiring all these beauties!


  13. Wowowow, I am so beyond impressed! This is basically my dream pantry. Congrats on doing such an amazing job organizing!

  14. Oh nannette – thank you! Yes that’s where I bought it from. I couldn’t remember the name.

    Christy – I bought those with my friend at at market. She doesn’t sell them but she does have super huge cake slices for sale that are really cute.

  15. The consistent color scheme really adds to the clean feeling. I also like to keep a couple of collapsible bins on hand. This way I have one central spot to keep items I am collecting for an upcoming project or party.

  16. Just simply lovely!

  17. Where did you get those gingerbread houses on the cart? I want to get them!

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if your “bake” sign came from Oh Dier on Etsy. (That’s my friends’ shop.) :)

  19. So very happy for you! Beautiful!!

  20. OMG u have sooo many cake supplies!!!! Thats amazing .. Its not pantry for me its HEAVEN ????

  21. I’m so jealous! My dream pantryyyy!!! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  22. Cutest pantry ever!! A dream come true!!! :)

  23. This is stunning. I love how bright and airy everything is too. I have to admit, I’m really envious of your sprinkle drawer. *laughs*

  24. Can I have your pantry as a birthday gift please?

  25. Ohmygosh! I LOVE it so much and what fun it must have been to organize it all. your sprinkle I would rather have a sprinkle collection than a shoe or purse collection ANY day! Haha.

  26. Love all the interesting new storage and items in your pantry! Colors pretty, too.

  27. Everything about this is adorable <3

  28. So amazing and sweet !
    I love this pantry.

  29. STOP IT!!!! That is amazing. A pantry that dreams are made of!

  30. Like a trip to the Eye Candy Store! Loved this particular blog! I keep coming back to look at it!

  31. Oh my gosh. What a beautiful space! I would love to have a room that I could dedicate to my decorating things/dishes/all that fun stuff. So jealous! :)

  32. ohh god!! I love it <3

  33. That is the most beautiful pantry that ever was!

  34. Gorgeous.

  35. You’ve done a wonderful job.. I can spend days in a pantry like yours :)

  36. Wow! Your pantry looks so colorful and fun!

  37. So gorgeous! I bet it makes creating even more fun:)!

  38. Such beautiful organization! It bring a tear of joy to my eye. It so hard to keep baking supplies tidy. Everything is a different shape and size and it seems like nothing stacks nicely. You did a wonderful job of not only making things neat but it looks beautiful as well!

  39. Absolutely beautiful and totally envious of your pantry. It’s a pity I don’t have a target at where I’m living. Would be great if I could get some of these storage bins.

  40. Your pantry looks so inviting! That’s enough to inspired even the most reluctant cook or crafter. :)


  42. Oh my goodness I love an organized pantry. This one is amazing and even better with all of the pretty colors and sweet treats inside.

  43. It would be nice to see your work table AFTER a good day of work :-)

  44. WoW! It’s amazing!

  45. Wow, looks AMAZING…I know the satisfaction you must feel and a congratulations is in order, you always feel like you need a congrats after tackling something like that, don’t we girls…lol. thank you for the inspiration I definitley have a WHOLE HOUSE that needs some organizing help and you have some truly genius and super cute, and for the sake of the husband, super practical organizing ideas with that perfectly personal touch. Thank you for all of the ideas and inspiration!!!!

  46. It makes me unbelievably happy!
    My inner organizational freak is doing a happy dance!

  47. Linda B – I heard about that last week. I couldn’t believe it.

    Sosheil – How about a makeup organizer or even utensil organizer?

    Donna – I bought it off of etsy but I can’t remember the name of the company.

  48. it’s beautiful! I’m super jealous! I hope one day I have a pantry like this.

  49. Organization is like [for the lack of better word] a turn on for me. Looking at the before and after pictures of your pantry gives me a high haha….. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I’m so glad your pantry is all organized and beautiful and clean and ahhh!!!

  50. WOW! Looks amazing!!! There’s hope for us messy gals…

  51. Love the transformation! Where did you find the “bake” sign? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  52. Any advice for that single kitchen junk drawer everybody has? I’m off to Le Target (said with a French accent!) ;-)

  53. I am TOTALLY jealous of the size of your pantry and all the shelving. Right now all I have is a large table in the basement…sigh!! Unfortunately for us in Canada we won’t be using Target as our storage container depot as they are leaving lock, stock and barrel. However next time you come up here, check out IKEA….really cool stuff as well for storage!!

  54. Thanks so much everyone!!!!

    Judy – the pink cake pop stands are from my toy and the simple white ones are from

    Amber D – the giant cake pops are still packaged up from being shipped back from Cake Pop Con. I think I want to set them up in my kitchen though.

    Jen Y and McCall – I have a tall cabinet in the kitchen where I keep some food items, but I don’t cook a lot. : )

    ceej – the giant cupcakes are just decorations. Sometimes I have them out on display in my kitchen.

  55. You are so inspirational! Thanks for sharing the before, after & how to get there. Great pics and darling ideas!

  56. Your collection of sprinkles makes me feel better about myself. ;oP So many sprinkles, so little time!

  57. Omg organized and cute, my dream!

  58. Oh my gosh this is amazing! Love the pom poms ????

  59. That is paradise! : )

  60. OH MY GOSH!!! This is amazing, I’m in love and that is definitely not a CA home!!! That is an awesome pantry. Hmmm, how do i work this in my space….the wheels are turning.

  61. Oh – I love all the bright colors – so fun – it looks amazing !

  62. Such a cool post! Love this post!
    Love from – a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

  63. Wow, i wish i can have that pantry too! By the way, what are those giant cupcakes at the bottom shelf?

  64. Love it! Your pantry is amazing!

  65. Sooooo, where’s the food? LOL.

  66. That is all so awesome! And I love the idea to have the sprinkles upside down.

  67. I just want to come sit and look at your pantry all day! I love the bright colors with the stark white contrast! It’s so beautiful!!!

  68. Serious pantry envy. It’s so colourful. I have those weave baskets and love them.

  69. Turned out so beautifully great job!

  70. I am in LOVE! For starters, I am jealous on the size of your pantry alone. My pantry looks like your before picture except it’s a million times smaller. I use the word pantry loosely. Then the colorful organization is right up my ally. Totally awesome! Good for you!

  71. One word to describe your pantry, Bakerella: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! =D

  72. I’m with Steph … jealous of the size! It’s not just organized … it’s pretty, too! I’ve been storing my sprinkles upside-down, too … so much easier to find things ;) Thank you for the inspiration, but I’m still jealous, lol!

  73. That looks so great! I’m jealous of the size of that pantry! I want to dance around it in! All your supplies are so adorable!

  74. This transformation is amazing!!!! Now I need to be inspired to transform and organize my space too.

  75. It looks magical! :-)

  76. WOW!! You must be so excited to have this done! It is beautiful. :) I would be going in there constantly just to gaze – you need an easy chair to sit in & read your favorite recipe books.

    My only thought is where do you put all of the rest of your kitchen stuff?! ;)

  77. I am so stinking jealous! Please send someone to help me organize!!! :)

  78. Bakerella, you’ve inspired me! Excellent idea to get organized. I love the step-be-step pictures. I love your playful use of color. I have one question. Where are the giant cake pops? I think I’ll have to get started organizing my own space.

    Oh, I have one tip I use for organizing my candy melts. I use a hanging 24 pocket shoe rack that fits two bags in each pocket. That’s 48 bags of candy hanging where I can see each color. It fits neatly inside my closet door. I found it at Dollar General for $5. It’s white so it blends in perfectly with the door. Well, happy organizing all!

  79. Is it weird that I want to marry your pantry? No? Ok I’m on my way.

  80. I love your pantry! Can I move in please? I need to live in that space…. ;)

  81. You are amazing! I’m usually bored with posts that show someone’s storage room, but this one charms me completely! It is a work of art – just like your cute little baked goodies!

  82. Gorgeous!!! Simply lovely!! I love all the colors you chose, and everything looks amazing! I really love to organize … but sometimes it’s tough to stay that way. I see many many years of organized success coming your way!! I wish I had a space like that in my home … and yes, I might just sleep in there, too! Lol! :)

  83. Wow! Your pantry is amazing. I can only imagine the creations that you’ll make now that you can put your hands on everything. Thank you for sharing!

  84. When are you coming to my house to do my pantry? That is so beautiful!

  85. I want to sleep in your pantry too. It’s adorable!

  86. Your suppllies are impressive and that looks so great….yes, buy no more mini marshmallows :)

  87. I never saw a cute pantry before :D

  88. Think of all the time & friustration you will save having this room@ your fingertips ….awesome! Time & money well spent. Enjoy….now get your creative on!

  89. That looks FANTASTIC. the organizer in me is all giddy. one day when I grow up I will have a similar pantry!

  90. Wow!!! This looks fabulous. I love that it is also real looking and not the work of a professional organizer. I think I could do this with my craft mess. Thanks for sharing!

  91. i absolutely love this!! What wonderful ways to organize. I love the use of the tape to make the bins cute and personal. Thanks for allowing us to peek into your pantry!

  92. wow!!! and wow again!!! looks amazing!!!
    I am running to organize my stuff!!

  93. This is a dream pantry! Such a change from the previous messy room. You did a great job!

  94. Oh the toys you have!!! :D FUN FUN!!

  95. I Love it, it is beautiful! I have a little cupboard under the stairs which my baking stuff shares with the coats and other bits and although it is organised I would love to have it shelved properly and oust the coats.

  96. It looks fabulous! Can’t believe how much stuff you have!

  97. Oh wow! This is the kind of post I love!! I also recently clean my pantry and cupboard…if only I could have Target in italy! What a wonderlful tips and tricks to organize props!

  98. I love this! And I’m super jealous and inspired at the same time. What kind of cake pop stands are those? I’ve been looking for something sturdy to hold mine while I’m decorating.

  99. I have those glass jars too! I used them for treats for my wedding! I got them for an steal from ove gotten other stuff from that site too. Never been disappointed!

  100. It looks beautiful!! I was just checking out the pantry makeovers on Facebook (Home Organization 101: A Bowl Full of Lemons 14 week challenge) when I saw your post. Awesome job!

  101. Oh my gosh! What a lovely space! This gets my creatve juices flowing! Thanks for sharing!

  102. Oh my gosh! What a lovely space! This gets my creatve juices fliwing! Thanks for sharing!

  103. Outstanding pantry! This is what I’d love my future pantry to be like! Love all the prizing products, I’m all about being neat & organized :)

  104. Oh my goodness I love how it all turned out! I am a sucker for both baking and organizing so this pantry is paradise for me. I also love how most things are in pastel hues. It’s so cute!

  105. This looks AMAZING!!! I have died and gone to organisation heaven!

  106. everything looks so pretty, what a great update of you pantry!

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