An early Christmas present for me!

I’m so excited! Cupcakes Take the Cake has just posted some of my cupcakes on their fabulous blog. Check it out.

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7 comments on “An early Christmas present for me!”

  1. So? Why does it matter?

  2. olá… sou brasileira ficou lindo os cups. Tenho alguns trabalhos no orkut (choco artes & crie artes)

  3. Bakerella you have come so far in such a short time congrats on all you have accomplished I also am a avid reader of PoineerWomens Blog as well at and I have you to thank for that so thanks for sharing your talants

  4. well they doo ‘take the cake’

  5. I love their site. I can enjoy cupcakes every day without gaining weight.

  6. I learned about your beautiful creations via Cupcakes Take the Cake.

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