Atlanta and Dallas

Yeehaw y’all! I had the best time at the recent Atlanta and Dallas book signings. You guys were fun fun.

So, please forgive the following long post of pics. It’s getting really hard to narrow the photos down for these recaps. I want to show all your faces to thank you for coming out. So to keep the posts at a reasonable (kinda) length, I’m posting more of the photos from each signing on my flickr account. You can access them through the slideshow links at the bottom of this post and if you see yourself in one, feel free to use it.

P.S. – If you’re wondering when I’m going to bake again… please hang in there. I’ll be back to the regular baking when the weekend traveling and signings are done. But I’ll also do my best to sneak some mid-week treats in.

Alright, here we go.



Yay for Cake Pops!


There were lots of folks at the Atlanta signing. I hope these cake pop Q&As have helped some. You guys ask great questions.


Look at these… Maurietta and Deborah made a whole cast of creepy cute characters for people attending the signing. Love the pirate pumpkin.


Hi Lori. Thanks for coming. Lori is as sweet as can be. She also makes cake balls like crazy.


This is Cheryl – my mom’s best friend from high school. I was so excited to see her.


I love this photo. There’s been lots of picture taking over the last few weeks. The Williams-Sonoma staff have been great to help out.

I’ve had some help, too. My mom and my friend Julie have been with me for the signings and taking photos. And my friend Tom, came out to the Atlanta signing to photograph everyone. He’s the one who took pics of all the step-by-step photos in the book. Thanks Tom!


This young lady was so sweet. She’s been baking up a storm at home trying all kinds of techniques. Really impressive.


That would be me. Dork side wave upon request.


Look how sweet these two are in their matching cupcake dresses. I can’t stand it.


And this is my friend Rosa and her family. Her husband’s mom is the one that introduced me to regular cake balls for the first time.


This is Xavier and his super-cute family. We went to college together.


Look at that baby! I think she likes the pops.


And look at these two girls. Is she hugging her cake pop? So cute. And her sister … just look at those curls. Dying here.


Amy from She Wears Many Hats and Robyn from Add a Pinch with her cutie pie son stopped by. We met at the Food Blog Forum a few weeks ago.


Great group shot ladies.


I want this little one’s sequin cupcake top. Sparkly. Fun.


Look… another boy.


That’s Deborah to the right and Maurietta on the left in chef’s coats. Thanks gals for going all out on the Halloween Cake Pops. Everyone loved them. Including me.

And then a week later came Dallas.

Such a fun group.


Stop it with your cute babies. Stop I say.


This photo makes me smile. Everyone with their hand raised has made cake pops before. I’m still blown away by the reality of that.


Speaking of making cake pops. Keylie in the Dallas store made a spectacular pumpkin pop patch. Thank you!


Right before I started the Q & A part of the signing, I walked out toward the counter and had a special surprise from my friend Pholesha. We worked together years ago in Atlanta and I didn’t realize she was now living in Dallas. Let’s just say there was a spontaneous burst of tears right before I was to start talking. Sorry about that guys. Actually, I think I’ve cried at several book signings so far. That’s me. Crybaby. At least they have all been happy tears.


And how could I not be happy when I see little faces like this. So sweet.


And faces like this. Autumn is a pop star. Check her out.


Hi ladies. Hope you had fun.


Still – all the children that wanted to come to the book signing is probably one of my favorite things. I hadn’t really thought about that beforehand. But these young bakers make my heart smile.


Oh my gosh. these two are sassy.


And sweet. Look at her tattoo. Love. Check out the slideshow and you can see the other arm and her love of Texas.


Hey girls. Thanks for coming. Too bad you couldn’t be more excited. ; )


This was one of my favorite memories of Dallas. These ten kids and their teacher from Springtown High School got permission from the school principal to come to the signing an hour and a half away. Road Trip! I love it. Love. Love. Love it! P.S. … Hi Dexter!


Check it out. Everything’s bigger in Texas… including cake pops. Yep! Not a candy bar.  Totally a cake pop. Wow!


This little guy… oh my gosh… adorable. His mom made a little cupcake pillow. We took turns taking a quick nap. Real quick.


Look … little pink cowgirl boots. Precious!

I could go on and on, but if you want to see more. Lots more. Check out the slideshows below.




One more thing. I also had a last minute signing at a Costco Grand Opening in Atlanta last weekend. If you were there, here’s a link to your photos, too.

And, … can’t wait for Nashville this Saturday.

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82 comments on “Atlanta and Dallas”

  1. oh my gosh! Can’t believe I missed that! Boo! I just made my 1st cake balls at 11 years old. Yay me!

  2. Oh no! I’m so sad that I just discovered your awesome blog (and cake pops! OMG) and you were in Atlanta and I missed it. So sad!!! At least I’ll have time to try my hand at cake pops before you come around again!
    Love your blog!

  3. hello Bakerella from the land downunder….hehehehe Brisbane Australia to be exact, I have to msg u about what happen to me yesterday. My family went out to Kmart for an impulse shopping and guess what I found in their book section…ur one and only Cake Pop Book! I went crazy and my husband and children was wondering how can a book make me that stupidly excited, I was hugging it and to top it off, it was only AUD$19.95…I’ve been eyeing it on ebay for such a long time but it was a bit expensive for my budget. Wow…my own Cake Pop Book!!! It was the only one there on the shelf yesterday…will make cake pops soon=) I’m still trying to find paramount crystal here in Australia…how I wish there are shops like the one you showed in ur older post…treasure caves of baking galore here on our side of the world=)

  4. Hi Bakerella….

    So was wondering if you could help me figure out how to make a new shape of Cake Pop… How about a dreidel for Chanukah. I thought they would be really cute.
    Any ideas on how to achieve this?

  5. Will you be visiting Australia soon????

  6. you definitely need to come to DC-! =)
    um.. where did you get that awesome black dress that you wore in atlanta?

  7. I’m very excited and happy for you. I really wish I saw a Boston location listed for your book tour. Any chance I can get you to add Boston?


  8. First off, I LOVE the dress you wore in Dallas!! Where did you get it??

    Second, you’re not the only one who does the dork side smile wave, I saw a pic of Tina Fey and she totally stole your pose!

    Keep doing what you’re doing, I would cry if I had to live without Bakerella!


  9. Great post Bakerella! I’m so sad I was not able to meet you in Dallas -I got pulled into an all day long meeting. You are such an inspiration to me. I love baking and I’m too blogging my little adventures. I hope one day I get to meet you!

  10. OMG!!! Your book is sold out! I checked every where and couldn’t find it. I ordered both from Amazon and Barnes n Nobles and they are back ordered.

    Congrats on your success.

  11. What a busy and exciting life you are leading!

  12. I love your blog. I’ve been following it for about a year now and you never fail to amaze me. I haven’t bought your book yet on the off chance that Augusta, GA might be added to your tour. We have a really nice Williams-Sonoma and I would Love, Love, Love to meet you and have you sign your book that I would buy there. We’re only an hour & a half drive down I-20 for you. So what are the odds that you might head this way?

  13. I’m so happy for you and your new book! The thing is, I’m getting tired of the posts of your book signings. When are we going to get more recipes and see more treats? I love your website but lately I’m getting bored…

  14. Just got your book at the Tulsa Williams Sonoma and haven’t been able to put it down! Now if I could only find the time off from work! Love your blog and love your book….thanks for sharing!

  15. I want you to come to Alaska!!! Pleeeeaaasseee

  16. P.S. You have the cutest outfits! Loved the boots and sweater, the one with the coin purse pockets! rtnewo@yahoo dot com

  17. Bakerella, Just saw you in Nashville at the signing! Thank you so much for coming! Time was too short…I wanted to tell you how gorgeous your hair is! My 3yro. is so excited you signed her name in the book! And I hope you post my pic in the slideshow cuz I forgot my camera ( excitement can sometimes make you forget things) and that’s the only one I can use to brag! Thank goodness you had your camera! It was AWSOME meeting you!

  18. Bakerella, I want you to know 1 of the reasons I love to check your site is that you always look so adorable! you have great style…love the pink shoes.

  19. Add me to the others who loved your Atlanta dress (ok, I love your site too…) :-) If you want to share where you got it, it seems possible they will sell three more. ;-)

  20. damn, i want that book too!

  21. Love it! You look great – as always!

  22. Bakerella!!!Bakerella!!!Bakerella!!! My blog world and my entertainment world are colliding! YOu have made #6 on Entertainment Weekly’s must list for this week! Your cakepops and name and book are featured right next to Ms Katy Perry. Congrats! YOu are bursting into the pop culture world. I read your site and of course have made your chick cake pops (many times with great results and “wows” from all around….thank you!) but I rarely comment. I just hoped you knew that you were given props in a magazine that rarely features food….way to go girl…plus I must say the Dallas signing looks like it was so fun and you look gorgeous.

  23. So so bummed I didn’t get to come to the Dallas signing. I’ve been talking about going forever and it just didn’t work out! :( But it looks like you all had fun! … do your cheeks hurt yet from all that smiling? ;)

  24. It’s wonderful seeing all your many many fans! Congratulations on your book and tour. You are awesome. :)

  25. I’m so jealous!! If I would have been closer to Dallas, I would have so been there!! It looks like too much fun.

  26. I live in Australia and ordered the Cake Pops book online – I screamed like a little girl when the box arrived in the mail!
    All I need now is to get it signed by you Bakerella! If only Australia was on your book tour…

  27. We wish you were coming to Australia to launch the book too!

  28. Hi bakerella. too bad my sis in law wasn’t able to see you in dallas :( I requested her to buy me your cake pop book and let you sign it for me :( huhuhu no chance she was in the hospital when you visited texas :(

  29. We had a fun day! And I could hang out in Williams-Sonoma forever.

    P.S. Love your style. I wish you could go shopping with me sometime. I could use a good eye like yours.

  30. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Tattoo!!!

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work, Bakerella! <3

  31. You need to add a tour date for Washington DC! I just moved here from Atlanta, so I missed your Atlanta signing! :(

  32. how exciting!! I’m still bummed that I’ll be missing you in Nashville!

  33. it was so great to meet you in dallas!! i was the one that loved orange, ;) and i broke my camera while i was waiting in line to meet you….
    anyway, thank you so much for all of your amazing inspiration! i love making cake balls/pops, and can’t wait to make some for the upcoming holidays!

  34. You are the cutest thing ever and I LOVE your dress in those first photos! Gorgeous. Also, the lady with the tattoo – gotta love it.

  35. It was so nice meeting you and hearing all your tips on making cake pops. I’m eager to give them shot… i just need to decide which of these precious pops I want to make! :)

  36. Do you think you’ll be coming to Oahu anytime? There’s a Williams-Sonoma here!!

  37. Hi Bakerella! I know you are on a book tour, but we need some Harry Potter themed cake pops for the movie release this month!

    And what did you use to make the bat wings of the purple bats you make for Halloween last year? Thanks!

  38. How cute are you?? When are you heading to NYC?

  39. Hi!
    I’m French and I looooooove your cupcakes!
    They are so sweet!
    I dream to buy one of your book with some words from you…
    I hope I will find website who sell it in France!

    Bye and congratulation for all!!

  40. wow… your such a great & powerful woman! i think the idea of the cake pops is so amazing!
    unfortunately i´ve never tried out some cake pops (i know it´s a shame) but one day i will buy your book and try them out! :)
    and the woman with the cool tattoo! i love it! so beautiful!

    i hope you have a beautiful with cake pops filled day!!! xoxo ?

  41. Looking forward to meeting you in Nashville this weekend!

  42. Random, but does the lady with the tattoos on her arms have the little oven charm on her bracelet, the same one you gave away for one of your giveaways a while back?

    PS – love your book and you! =)

  43. Congratulations on all your book signings! I very much enjoy your website/blog. Makes me happy to see what you are making next!

  44. oohh I wanted to go to Dallas but I live in Monterrey Mexico… Dallas is not so near and if the book signing would’ve been on a weekend my possibilities of going were going to be bigger, Mc Allen is near … if by any chance you can go to Mc Allen I would love you more than I do!!
    I want to buy the book and I want it to be signed

  45. Your book is such a hit!!! When are you coming to the UK for signings? I’ll even take the day off work!

  46. Where have I been?! I am new to this phenomenom (sp?)! And this website too! I can’t wait to learn more! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics! Looks like quite the success!

  47. LOVE the Halloween cake pops! So adorable!

  48. Please, please, PLEASE come to San Diego!! We have terrific weather here. And the beach. And Legoland. And Bakerella fans who are DYING to meet you to say thank you for the inspiration. Did I say please? : – )

  49. Seriously, you are WAY too cute! And can I say I LOVE your dress in Atlanta. Any chance you might share where you picked it up? ;-)

  50. Such joy and happiness being spread all around. Plain ol’ regular cupcakes got nuttin’ on you. ‘-) Looks like so much fun!

  51. It looks as if the book tour is going well, congratulations.

    I love how every Williams Sonoma look the same and each one is filled with gorgeous people and beautiful babies.

    So sorry I missed your stop in my neighborhood.

  52. Bakerella,
    Could you please make a pit stop after nashville to come to Cape Girardeau, MO??? We don’t have a Williams Sonoma butttt we have tons a cake loving college kids!!! :)

  53. It was so wonderful to meet you in Dallas! You are the sweetest lady!! Thank you for answering all the questions we had for you, you’ve helped me out a lot with some troubleshooting (not that I won’t use that section in your book). LOVE the book by the way!!! So happy to have it!!

  54. Those Halloween cake pops are the CUTEST! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there. ~Heidi

  55. Hi there!
    Oh yeah – had such a great time getting to meet you in Dallas. We were so excited to be at the front of the line (4, 5,6). You were so cute, and your shoes rocked!!! I’ll try to upload a pic for everyone else to see, too.
    I’m anxious to get started on holiday cake pops.
    And by the way – thanks so much for signing the book for our school media center. It stays checked out all the time!

  56. clearly you cannot leave Phoenix off the tour!!!!

  57. You deserve every bit of this – you are so sweet and just the nicest person. I am glad you are having such fun and enjoying your many, many fans.

    And yes. The babies? My goodness….they need to STOP! I can’t believe the cuteness of babies and kids that you get to see. I would be pregnant with triplets by the end of your tour if I had to endure the cute. Gosh.

    Take care. Try and get some me time and relax. Okay.

    And what Bethie says…VA wants you!

  58. I SO wish I had known you were in Dallas! I would have been there!!!! We had a Halloween party and had about 56 people, so I made cake balls instead of pops (due to cost of the sticks). I made the mummies and monsters. EVERYONE asked me where I bought them! I told them I made them and they were stunned!!!! A HUGE hit!!!!
    Thank you!!! I just love you, your blog, and your book!!!!

  59. Well, I just have to tell ya, my son has a CRUSH on you! :) Thought that would make your morning.

    We’re loving your book!

    Happy belated blog birthday!

  60. Ha ha! My daughter WAS hugging her cake pop!

  61. I saw your book on sale here in London yesterday – congratulations! You may already know this, but you are thoroughly international!

  62. LOVE your pink shoes!

  63. great pictures! so exciting:-) congrats on such a successful book!

  64. These look like such a blast! Please come visit us in Pittsburgh!

  65. I LOVE your cake pops and have had so much fun making them. Thank you for sharing all your expertise and wonderful personality with us!! Hope you get to make it to the D.C. area!!

  66. These signings look like a lot of fun. I might have to see if I can make it to the nearest one (I don’t remember it happening yet), but it is pretty far away!

  67. i’m soooooooo happy for you………………………… look like you are having the time of your life !!!!!! and you soooooooooooo deserve it…………………..

    i’m still a big fan of that dorky pose !!!!!! love it

  68. How fun! I found out last week that you were here in PDX and was bummed I missed you..hopefully we’ll catch your next one!! Love the pictures and the cake pops look divine!

  69. OMG. I can’t stop smiling. All those people crazy for cake pops, you, the little babies in the photos… CONGRATULATIONS.

  70. i really wish i could be at a signing.. ^^;
    i’m so busy with school right now
    and i had no rides
    when you were in southern cali ):
    but glad to see you’re having fun :D

  71. Where in Nashville will you be? I can’t come but I may be able to send my daughter over there to get a signature and a hug. :0) Let us know where. Thanx

  72. So happy for all your success! I made my first cake pops last weekend. Everyone loved them so much! Can’t wait until you are posting more recipes. :) Have fun and be safe on your book tour!

  73. Can you please come to Australia pretty please. l would love to see you in action pretty please xoxoxoxox

  74. What great pictures! What great smiles and look at the treats they brought for you!

    Angie, it isn’t just all about the cake pops, you are the friend everyone wants in their life.

    Thanks for making the world sweeter for everyone!

  75. Do you think you will ever come to Fort Lauderdale? Waiting patiently to find out :)

  76. :). Cake pops make me happy!

  77. Oh my gosh, I never knew a cake pop could be made that big!!

  78. I love your book!! I made some halloween cake pops on the weekend!!!!

  79. Bakerella, I’ve been a huge fan for ages now and I love your cake pops, such a great party treat!
    By any chance will you be paying a visit to Canada soon? I would love to get an autograph and meet you in person!

  80. so much fun! loved meeting you!

  81. Am I the 1st comment?! :D Wow! Looks like so much fun. I love your book!

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