I have this friend. My friend loves cupcakes. I mean, really loves cupcakes. Her name is Julie. I like to call her Cupcake Julie. She doesn’t know that though. Well, maybe now she does. When she invited me to her Christmas Party this year, I was really excited because I knew she would have some sweet decorations. But, never… never did I expect to see such a visual delight. Let’s just say, when I walked in… I felt right at home… and I didn’t want to leave… ever. Each room was filled with candy and sweets and yes, cupcakes! And I’m not just talking about what there was to eat. I’m talking about the decorations. Here are some of the pictures I took … in low light. Sorry, they don’t come close to doing the decorations justice, but they’ll give you a good idea.


This is Julie’s tree. It is stunning. And it’s guarded by her very own Colonel Cupcake. I think I’m in love.


Another view. I think I want to cry. This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.


Until I saw this. This is her dessert table. It’s gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! She made lots and lots of sweets.


Including cake pops! Oh yeah – one tiny little detail. She also made the house.


She needed a little something to serve her brownies on. She’s crafty like that.


Stunning! Lollipops and cupcakes and candy canes and all. She did all of the decorating down to every last detail.

Julie’s collected many of these decorations over the years, but she also makes a lot of them.


She made these stockings, too.


I don’t think she made this. But seriously, where does someone find sugar cone castles?


And chocolate covered strawberries…


…and sparkling chocolate cake ornaments? She will be getting a full interrogation soon.


Look at these Gingerbread men! Ummm… she made them, too. They were shipping boxes in their former lives. They are much happier now.


I love the colors. So cheerful and fun and the inspiration for the cupcakes I made last weekend.


This was a sweet surprise. She also has a Lollidoll figurine like the one I have from the Lollipop Workshop.


She even has some Jenny Holiday artwork. Okay, now I’m going to have to get one of these paintings, too. I’ve been trying to resist, but no longer.

Having fun yet?

Well, prepare yourself for this.

Julie has a miniature play cupcake bakery.


It’s completely as cute as it looks. Get this… Julie and her husband made it. The stand, the awning, everything.

And Julie made all of the cupcakes on display, too. They are made of felt and they are beautiful.

Right about here, I started to feel like a real slacker. I mean seriously. I’ve got to learn how to sew or something.


Sugar cookies and cakes… oh my.

By the way. Julie doesn’t do any of this for a living. Not a bit. Her day job is the complete opposite of her passion.

She does all of this for fun and because she really loves cupcakes and making people smile. She’s the sweetest.


In front of the bakery is the cutest little table with wood block ice cream sundaes. I’m definitely shopping in the wrong places.

Okay, just a few more decorations. The sugar coma will be over soon, I promise.


In her kitchen is a display of glass jars filled with the brightest candies.


I think this made me smile the biggest… The jars and the candy stay on display all year long. That just makes me happy.

Here’s something else that makes me happy.


See this toy soldier nutcracker guy?

Well, he’s really tall.

And he’s not alone… there’s two of them.


They guard the outside of the house. And, ummmm… she and her hubby made them, too…from scratch.

They’re not quite done yet. The hats will be finished off … as cupcakes no less – and they’ll either be holding candy canes or lollipops. Love that!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I just had to share. I love learning about people’s untapped talents and Julie has many of them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make a two-story toy soldier. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks or ten.

NOTE: A lot of you have asked if Julie has a blog. I’m sorry to say, no she doesn’t. And no etsy store either. I told ya … she really just does this kind of stuff because she loves it. But, maybe I can convince her to show us a few things in the future. I’ll work on her.

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  1. holy.moly!!!!!!! that looked to beautiful to eat. cupcake julie- you are amazing!

    thanks for sharing bakerella.

  2. I feel so inadequate. So happily, squishily inadequate looking all this. How adorable!

  3. I also have a sweets themed Christmas tree:

    But Julie is over the top!! very cool and thanks for sharing.

  4. Holy. Flippin’. Cow!!!!!! I am sitting here with my jaw on my chest. Stunning. Absolutely, positively STUNNING! Wow! And the nutcrackers outside?! Over the top!!! Scooooooore! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! So in awe!

  5. Oh my goodness, it is like a child’s sugar filled dream come true! So many fabulous details.

  6. This is absolutely adorable!!! I LOVE IT!!! I would love to do something like this for my little girls’ birthdays. Cupcakes and Lollipops.

  7. I was away for a couple of weeks and look what I missed! How did you ever leave this candy wonderland when the party was over? The cutest ever!! (Especially ‘cuz her hubby likes to do this kind of stuff with her. I mean really, did she bake him up in her kitchen or sumpin’?)

    Happy New Year Bakerella! So happy I happened upon your site this year!

  8. Holy Cow!! Now that is my idea of a sugar wonderland!

  9. Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much for sharing this delight with us! I just couldnt stop looking and admiring these and how lucky are you that you have been there!
    Happy new year!

  10. I am in complete shock! SHE IS AMAAAA-ZAAA-ZING!! Really, who thinks of stuff like that? Those little felt cookies are so cute I could eat them (well, come really close to eating them) and those nutcrackers, FROM SCRATCH!? oh myyyyy, if I only had her imagination, the things I would do! You should start that interegation ASAP, and then take pictures of all her other adorable creations!

  11. is this heaven or what???
    i had great time reading it,,,thanx :)

  12. Good gosh…ohmygosh!!! That is seriously amazing…she and her husband are amazing!!! You make me wanna tour the place lol and all that sugar…yum! Where does she find the time to do all that?? Thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. What in the world was I looking at? It’s sprectacular!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was in a bakery someplace and to think she made all these things that look real and leaves many of them up AND has the room to make and display such things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really gorgeous. Very talented and makes me feel lazy and boring!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work and thanks for sharing it miss Bakey!

  14. Wow! Some magazine needs to do an issue featuring this house. It is the happiest place (for Christmas) on earth!!!
    Tell her she needs to start a blog right away! ( I am sure she has a lot of free time lol!) Thank you both for sharing!!!!

  15. Wow! I am on a suger high just looking at all of the wonderful goodies….Amazing display!!! What fun and it puts a smile on everyone’s face who is able to view this treat! Your friend should have a blog, and an etsy store, and go with her passion. What a delight to see. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Wow – I’m truly impressed! Your friend and her husband are amazing!
    By the way, I found some sweet treat ornaments for you if you feel the need to add some to your tree next year :)

    I visited this store when I was on a business trip to Michigan and it is HUGE – after several hours I know I still hadn’t seen everything they have to offer!
    Happy New Year!

  17. those delicious ornaments are from Sur La Table…. you can find them online and in stores. My brother works there so you can guess what I got for christmas :)

  18. AMAZING!
    That is totally stunning!
    She and her husband have so much talent!
    I am jealous on the highest level (;

  19. How incredible is that!! Like something out of a story :-) I wish she had an on-line shop…I’d be a regular customer!!

  20. Your friend is amazing, talented, and quite possibly on speed. LOVE IT but now I’m wondering how she decorates for VALENTINE’S DAY…

  21. ITS LIKE A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. oh. my. gosh. This is unbelievable!!! All of it.

  23. OK, I’ve got my bags packed and I want to move in her house! He, he, he – seriously she has some amazing talent. I would love to see more! I chair an annual fundraiser for an organization that helps abused children and the theme is “gingerbread house”. I’m so using her eye candy for an inspiration board for next year’s fundraiser! Thanks!!!

  24. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!

  25. oh. my. gosh. AMAZING!!!! It was like a cupcake/candy wonderland!!!

    Tell your friend to do a how to blog just for the prep of this party!!! It is breathtaking! Like a dream!

  26. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!

    I want to know where she shops. And I want to see her whole house. Please, please, please tell her she needs to start a blog. ASAP!!!

  27. I have that strawberry chocolate covered ornament! I got it at Hobby Lobby! :)

  28. S—W—-E—E—T! So inspiring!

  29. all i could say OMG!!!! she must have alot of money cuz all that look soooooo expensive and sooo awsome… tell her she rocked best decorations of this yeari have seen.

  30. This is AMAZING!! So beautiful and Sweet and yummy and delicious!

    A True ispiration I will start with a table of candy jars!!

  31. HOLY COW!! I sat here for a long time just in awe of the pictures. Looking, looking and looking. Speechless and just staring. Does she know how FREAKING AMAZING SHE IS??!!!

    Any chance she will share what the nutcrackers are made from???

  32. Holy wow. That is incredible. Every picture is a little square of joyful awesomeness. That play bakery stand? Amazing! I am blown away by everything and I may actually pass out from cuteness.

    I must say though, those two giant nutcrackers are kind of scary. The fact that they made them from scratch though…. I can hardly believe it. I am tempted to be mean and send that photo to my mom because she hates nutcrackers, she thinks they are really creepy. The blow is softened in this case because they are nestled amongst the uber cuteness.

  33. that is the best bit of food porn I’ve seen in a long time..I think I may want to die there….

  34. oh WOW. I’d love to say more, but really, WOW. :)

  35. oh my cupcake!!!

  36. I think my mouth has frozen in the open (Oh My Gosh) position! I am too stunned to know what to say! Thank you so much for sharing your pics!

  37. Please, oh PLEASE ask her for a few tips on how to make those fabulous gigantic nutcrackers!!!! What are they made of? I want to try to do some!!!! Could you “sweet” talk her into giving tips with some cake pops? :o)

  38. Can Julie be my friend too???

  39. WOW!!!!! Seriously….wow. That is amazing.

  40. WOW! We celebrate Hanukkah, but this made me want to decorate my house like that! It’s incredible!!!!

  41. If you don’t take pictures again next year, I will be in mourning. What amazing ideas for future birthday parties! I’ve already bookmarked it.

  42. :( )___ DROOL…. I am artistic and neeeeed to make one of those cupcake stores for my room. Thank you for the inspiration.

  43. Oh my. I want to be her best friend! And yours too, Bakerella. Please? :) SO MUCH for me to learn!

  44. Oh, wow!! I am in awe…what gorgeous eye candy ;o)

  45. now that is a WONDERLAND =D

  46. OMG! So in love- those pics are such a treat!
    What a talented woman- she should definitely have a blog to showcase her talent.
    I probablly can’t come up with 90% of that stuff, but I feel like next Xmas, I need a dollhouse to serve my brownies in it.
    LOVE IT!

  47. That is insanely wonderful and whimiscal!

  48. Thanks for sharing.
    And Julie… you are … you are incredible.
    Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  49. This is so absolutely amazing! I have to start working now so my house can be nearly as cute next Christmas. Tell Cupcake Julie she is really talented!

  50. Okay, you run with some seriously TALENTED people! You’re so lucky!!! I am speechless at the imagination & creation of all of these decorations. It’s so whimsical – I love it! You need to go photograph EVERYTHING for us to see, because we’re now drooling over it all. Julie, PLEASE consider starting a blog, making patterns for everything so we can recreate in our own homes (I’ll be a paying customer). I’m already trying to figure out how I can make the nutcrackers & all of the felt sweets. This is the most NICELY decked out home that I’ve seen! I hope you’ll post photos for the next holiday. Bakerella, I love you!!! Happy 2010!

  51. Holy moly! That was amazing!!!!

  52. OMG. I think this is what heaven looks like. And who wouldn’t want a name like Cupcake Julie!!! Cupcake Julie and Bakerella – a force to be reckoned with!! This kind of spirit and imagination is just beyond comprehension. What an inspiration. I think an awesome prize would be to take someone with you to her party next year!!!!!

  53. Holy awesome amazingness!!!!!!!! I think I absolutely love the talent she has!!!

  54. i have no words this it TOTALLY amazing i am in love. This is so my dream come true thank you so much for sharing so many great ideas with me THANK YOU THANK YOU

  55. WOW! now I feel like a real grinch!! We didn’t even put up a tree this year! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  56. wow!! amazing…no words.. i wish i was there to see it…beautiful…
    Merry chistmas and a very happy new year to u :)

  57. Gosh!! I am sinking lower and lower on my seat…. I have no words to tell you how wonderful Julie’s creations and decorations are!!! And she has no blog?!!? Sad! Wonder how you managed to get back home in full sanity after seeing all this!! Lovely!!

    Hugs from across the oceans to you and Julie,

  58. amazing!!! stunning. sugar love!

  59. **thud** holy. shneikies.

  60. I’m inspired! For the last few years I have been doing less and less and less. When I saw Cupcake Julie’s Christmas I looked around my home and was sad. But I swore I wouldn’t feel the same next year. Thanks CJ I needed that shot in the arm.

  61. Wow! That is absolutely amazing! Beautiful photos too! What a fun place to play with a camera!

  62. Gorgeous!! But now I feel like the ultimate slacker :)

  63. I would love to know how they made the nutcrackers. They are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing their talent. I’ve been a fan of your talent for a while.

  64. OMG! Superdelicious! She NEEDS to open an Etsy, VERY,VERY SOON!!!!!!! Lori

  65. This. Is. TREMENDOUS.

    I love it and am jealous I don’t personally know this woman for so many reason.

    I am completely obsessed with the lollipop decorations though. I’d love to know how she made them.

  66. My mouth is still wide open. That is amazing.
    How could she possibly have a blog as she is too busy making such a beautiful Winter Wonderland. I could not have those jars in my home year round that is for sure.
    Please keep us up to date on her terrific creations.

  67. Wow beautiful. My daughters would be in heaven. What wonderful work your friend and her husband have done. Sweet! LOL.

  68. simply wow! that def. inspired me ( :

  69. That has to be one of the bests posts I have ever seen! That was very nice of her to let you take pictures of her lovely home and decorations! I’m in love!

  70. Holy Cow! Those. pictures. are. STUNNING! Why don’t I ever get invited to parties like that?
    Thank you for sharing so I can covet. I mean…. live vicariously through you and your friend! Love ya!

  71. THAT’S INSANE!!! wow

  72. How in the world did she make the soldier with a cupcake on it’s head by the tree? That is amazing! Is it out of wood?

  73. wow. i love it of course.. but how did she get her Christmas tree to light up from within like that? its gorgeous!! i mean you dont see a single light bulb.. just the all-around glow of it all!! This lady skimped on nothing!!!.. wow..just wow..

  74. I want to be her when I grow up!!! I wish I could have a private tour. What a creative genius!

  75. All I can say is WOW! It’s all so amazing!!

  76. Oh. my. gosh. This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. She is so ridiculously talented. I want to be her friend too!

    {Hope you had a very, Merry Christmas!}

  77. I am lucky to have Cupcake Julie as one of my very dearest friends in the whole world and these pictures don’t even begin to describe the breadth of her amazing talent and creativity. I am constantly in awe of the things she is able to design and create. Hopefully she will find the additional time to create a blog and share some of her many other creations with those of you here that can also appreciate her amazing talent and ability! Her house looks every bit as amazing during Easter and Halloween as it does during Christmas!!!

  78. Hello! What an amazing friend! Truly a testiment to when someone loves something. Could you pester her about where she got the wooden sundaes? My kids would love them! And maybe the patterns for the cupcakes? I would happily pay to contribute to her passion.


  79. Pardon my French but holy shit! Can she adopt me!?

  80. Hole- eee crap. Can we be best friends, please.

  81. Can you say “Griswold”????

  82. Oh My Goodness! That is all so awesome! I wish I had that much talent! Thank you so much for sharing!

  83. and i thought i was a christmas elf…

    wow. what a gal- and a husband to match!!

  84. Those decorations are gorgeous! I’m inspired. And now I have 361 days to complete some of these fun decorations!

  85. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! My heart started racing with the first picture. This is true foodie art!!! If she was selling tickets I would be in line…and I am in Ontario, Canada!!! BRAVO!! I need to make more seeking shopping trips to the USA to seek out some of this stuff or GOOGLE directions to make it…she should definitely start an on line course starting now so we can all get ready for next Christmas! Julie and your husband you have outdone yourselves and our imagination.

  86. that is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. Delightful!!!! Can I put one picture on my blog and link it here so others can see? I will give full credit to you.

  87. I bet Julie is a dentist, isn’t she? hehehe…that would be the complete OPPOSITE of her passions!!

  88. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!!! I think I would cry in a house like that.. partly out of joy, and partly out of envy, I want it all!!
    What a gift to have such a special friend! And I really love that she doesn’t have a store, or blog, or anything… that show’s that it really just flows out of love (ok, and a bit of obsession!).

    Thanks SO much for sharing her home with us!! And yes, please bug her relentlasly for her to share a craft with us, or a list of her more recent purchases and their source!

  89. OMG. Your friend is crazy! Those are amazing.

  90. Insane! It’s like sugar heaven! I’m in love!


  91. Everything looks so amazing! You must have had a great time!

  92. I hope and pray my home looks like this one day!!

  93. This was truly a visual treat tonight! Thanks for sharing!!

  94. holy crow. I would pay to see this display. It’s absolutely charming

  95. Wow, seriously that house is amazing! I love the cupcakes inspired by it as well. Add my vote for Candyland lady to start a blog.

  96. Wow!! That is AMAZING!! I would have loved to have seen it in person. She is so talented. Thanks for sharing!

  97. WOW…that’s all I got. WOW! WOW! WOW! beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!! I am speechless….

  98. MAN! That’s awesome! If we ever have kids, I’m gonna figure out how to make that cupcake stand thing. Or maybe I should do that now when I don’t have kids…



  99. I’m totally speechless. Speechless. Just gorgeous!!!

  100. gorgeous…amazing…beautiful…I’m speechless.

  101. I am in love with this post… you have to tell Julie she really needs to get in the business, I would love to walk through her house! Thanks for sharing this with us readers, and I love your website also by the way!

  102. I’m just speechless! That is so amazing! I just have one question…Where does one store these amazing decorations such as the 30 ft. soldiers?

  103. Okay, that has to be the most AMAZING thing I’ve ever seen. We lovingly cal my sister the Candy Queen and I think it’s quite possible that she might actually die if she saw all of this in one place. I LOVE THE PLAY CUPCAKE BAKERY. So cute!!

  104. There are no words…..everyone has said them!

    Simply stunning. Thank you so much for letting us in on this.

  105. Incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it. I want to go to there.

  106. Wow, I would say she has a lot of free time and A LOT of money!

  107. Oh my goodness this is amazing! Totally makes me feel like a slacker when it comes to decorating!

  108. She could blog all year long just giving tutorials of her AMAZING creations. I can not believe that she does not make a living doing this! I would love to hear more…

  109. I just can’t get over this post. I have been here many many times, but never left a comment thinking…she’s way tooooo busy. I had to come by, and hopefully you will approve, to let you know that I have BAKERELLA as my “Featured Site of the Week”. I just had to let folks (that don’t know you yet), come and see how talented and wonderful you are.
    You know… I don’t even know your name, that’s bad : (
    If you would like me to remove you I will, but I’m hoping you like what you see. It stays up for a week.
    Thank you soooooo much for all the great posts and yummy cupcakes.
    You were great on Martha BTW.
    Love Claudie
    P.S. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, not even sure where you are.

  110. OMG…

    SO wait, what does she do for a living cuz WOW, just WOW!

  111. Oh my gosh! I think that lady is my new hero! All of her decorations are beautiful. Awesome stuff.

  112. Wow that is AMAZING!!! she is really talented

  113. Who can do that? And have a life? WOW! It’s amazing! She’s superwoman, for sure.

  114. most amazing thing EVER! I just turned into a 5 year old again when I saw that cupcake display. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  115. Please work on Julie to share her secrets! I’ve been looking for a good felt cupcake sewing pattern and just can’t find good instructions. I’d also love to know her source for the ornaments. Totally sweet!

  116. Cupcake Julie should really think about a career switch. I could never create anything like that in a million years. God given talent, that’s what she has!!!

  117. The Bakeshop display almost made me cry! Thank you for showing me this incredible display-I feel so inspired because of it. Julie has incredible passion and she is very lucky to have such a great husband to share her passion with. Department 56 has a line called Glitterville –
    Check it out, they have the cutest stuff!

  118. The Bakeshop display almost made me cry! Thank you for showing me this incredible display-I feel so inspired because of it. Julie has incredible passion and she is very lucky to have such a great husband to share her passion with. Department 56 has a line called Glitterville –
    Check it out, they have the cutest stuff!

  119. wow *smiles* wow!

  120. With each photograph, I said, “Oh, definitely, THIS is my favorite,” all the way down the line. Incredible!!! Can Julie be my friend, too? I love her whimsy!

  121. I am speechless. Does this woman sleep?

  122. Dear Lucky Lady,
    I adore parties, especially themed ones. I would have totally loved to see this party. I’m sure the pictures aren’t half as amazing as the real thing. My friends tease me about being an over-achiever but from now on I’ll show them this and they will realize what a total fake I am.
    A slacker in NE

  123. Whoa, sugar rush!

    I really like the bright lollipops!

  124. My jaw is still hanging open. WOW…amazing!!!

  125. Crap….Julie just made my day!

  126. um julie needs to open and etsy and sell those felt cupcakes! i too am obsessed with cupcakes (it’s the thing i bake the most out of everything) and I would buy EVERYTHING she had in stock…EVERYTHING! LOL

  127. I am just… You are SO lucky to have such a talented friend!! :D It’s all PERFECT!! Wow. They should give tours to adults….make them feel like kids again.. :) She should seriously open a shop…work her girl!! She would sell out like crazy!!!

  128. Oh my God!!! How amazing is all that?!?! I definitely want her tree!!! And everything else! She could totally do this for a living if she wanted. She is amazing!

  129. The tree is just umbelivable .. This is a fairy house !

  130. What a fun tour! Thank you for sharing and thank Julie for letting you share her talents with us! Makes me want to run out and get started on next year! I feel like a real slacker! :)It was a true visual delight!

  131. Wow just wow!!! How amazing!

  132. Absolutely amazing! How could you not just smile seeing all those fabulous decorations!

  133. OMG!! Truly amazing. She needs to get a job as the person who does store display windows. Thank you for sharing, love you designs Julie!! I’m sure she would make a ton of money doing this for a living.

  134. Oh My…I don’t even have words…simply amazing.

    Cupcake Julie needs to follow her passion…this is beyond words!

  135. While they’re not exactly the same, Hallmark usually do some cooking/baking ornaments in their Keepsake range.

    I do love those toy soldier/nutcrackers though… I have a major passion for them. And while I don’t normally like those white Christmas trees, I do love the way this one seems to glow from the inside out.

  136. Wow! I don’t think I have ever seen anything so visually stunning in my life! Julie is amazing! I am in absolute awe right now! By the way you have an amazing sight yourself and I do enjoy stopping by to visit regularly! Great work! Thanks to Claudie from Bubblin Over for telling me about your sight! sherri : )

  137. Me again. I showed my husband the pics of Cupcake Julie’s holiday decor and BEGGED for him to make the 2-storey nutcrackers. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. So, I guess it’s up to me.

    Do you think Julie might share how she made the nutcrackers?

  138. I love it, this is amazing!!! WOW!!!

  139. Wow!!! That looks like a delicious piece of heaven on earth.

  140. WOW!!!!! That is amazing! I love it!

  141. HOLY MOLEY. She is amazing, I want her house. You are amazing too though, don’t get me wrong :D.

  142. Wow, she’s definitely got talent. And you say she does some mundane job instead of this, her passion? SAD. I’d be quitting my day job if I could churn out stuff like this. (Even if I do think it’s a bit overkill for my liking!)

  143. I would KILL for a mini cupcake bakery!!!! She needs to go into business. There are too many of us knick-nack lovers that NEED ONE OF THOSE!

  144. Your friend Julie is SO TALENTED! I also want to learn how to sew felt pastries and make little cupcakes and…

    BTW, I’m going to try and make cupcake bites/pops today with my mom :) I hope it turns out as good looking as yours and Julie’s :D

    And merry Christmas Bakerella (and Julie :3)!

  145. Amazing beyond belief. What an unexpected treat that was! Thank you soooooo much for sharing that yummy tour with us. Just umbeliveably SWEET!!!!! and…………….. what a super sweet hubby she has for making the mini cupcake shoppe & cupcake soldiers for/with her……pure.sweetness! that was a holiday treat for the eyes!

  146. Does Mr. Cupcake have a single brother with the same talents? ;)

  147. Wow the pictures made me cry … it looks so beautiful…absolutely stunning.

  148. HOLY CUPCAKE! o.k. you seriously and kindly, gently, ask her to give us all her neato ideas on how to make a winter frosty land of wonderment at our house too. I mean REALLY how in does one make a nutcracker? what did they use, where do they get their ideas! How cute and fun is that cupcake stand..AMAZING! I hope you interrogated her well. Picked her brain so you can tell all of us slackers hows it’s done! Thanks for sharing I have so many ideas for next year!!! I hope your Christmas was wonderful

  149. WOW……..I mean really WOW !!!!!!!!!!

  150. Wow, that is the kind of display I would expect to see featured in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine! So amazing that they made all of that! I am inspired!

  151. That is the most amazing thing I think I have ever seen. What talent and the amount of time:) WOW!!!! I wish she had a blog filled with how too’s so we could all have a candy land Christmas. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  152. That house is truly insane! I mean i-n-s-a-n-e! Wow. What a nut job. Her husband is a saint. But the couple that decorates together… well you know. Merry Christmas.

  153. wow…I don’t know what to say…unbelieveable and so dreamy.

  154. OMG~ This is so beautiful…I just love it!

  155. WOW- what a display! I can’t imagine how long it take to set all this us AND put it all away at the end of the season. Simply Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  156. wow.. amazing.. she really made alot of her affort and time on decorating this amazing candy hse.. Tat will be great if i m one of her inviting friends.. =P

  157. I want to live in that house, all year long. That is simply beautiful and stunning work. My goodness… This has definitely made my day bright. Thank you for sharing!

  158. WOW! If your friend and her husband ever decide to make their passion their career, I’m sure they would enjoy ‘sweet’ success. Everything they made was just beautiful!

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    And for those of us who are a little over-wowed, any of you ever heard of Smirk & Dagger’s Candyman games? (, and Add your own gingerbread men, and you have edible carnage. Fun and yummy! Um, for those of us with a bit of a darker streak anyway.

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