Oboro Charms

Oh my gosh. I received the cutest cutest cutest little gift in the mail and I just had to share it with you guys because it made me smile so much. Hope it makes you smile too.

Oboro Buttons

I love opening tiny boxes. With tiny treats.

Hi there little penguin.

But there’s something more inside. Something even smaller that made me squeal with excitement.


My heart started fluttering right about here.

I think you can probably tell where this is going.

Cake Pop Charm Bracelet

Yes. Teeny tiny itty bitty little cake pop charms.

Did I mention these were small?

But these aren’t just any cake pop charms. Kim of Oboro Charms made special miniature replicas of some of the cake pops I’ve created in the past.

And I thought I worked small. This is just amazing.

Here, I’ll give you a closer look. And if you want to see the original pops that she used for inspiration, then just click on the links below to see how crazy good these are.

Cupcake Pop Charm

My little cupcake pop. The pop that really started this whole craze.

How does one make such tiny painted dots. My eyes hurt thinking about it.

Cupcake Pops

Lorax Cake Pop Charm

A little Lorax with perfect bushy brows and a major stache.

The Lorax Cake Pops

Spring Chick Cake Pop Charm

Ohhhh soooo cute and one of my favorite cake pops. I love these little chicks because they are mega cute with minimal decoration.

Kim, you’re killing me with cuteness over here.

Spring Chicks Cake Pops

Froggie Cake Pop Charm

Froggies with the littlest big eyes. And I love that you included his tongue too. You’re a detail girl. I like that.

Froggie Cake Pops

Bluebird Cake Pop Charm

Oh dear. Oh dear. Love the little bluebird. She looks exactly like the original. So much detail on such a small canvas. Blown AAAAWAY.

Bluebird Cake Pops

These would probably have been my favorite if I hadn’t seen the next charm.

Kidney Cake Pop Charm

Yes, I think I love this one best Kim. Mainly because you thought enough to include it in the group.

Kidney Cake Pops

And it means even more right now. After a year and a half and nearly 50 visits to the doctor for bloodwork, I just had my latest and best checkup since the transplant earlier this week.

This one is just so special to me. Thank you for brightening my day in the biggest way with your charms.

Cake Pop Charms by Oboro Charms

I adore them so much and I love being blown away by people’s talent. It inspires me to try and be better too.

Check out Kim’s charms, they are definitely for the cute at heart:

Oboro Charms

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119 comments on “Charmed”

  1. they are so cute…( u don know how much enthusiasm i m putting in it)

  2. The kidney one is my favorite :-) glad to hear you are doing better!

  3. Wow. I’m so amazed theybare so so cute oh if only you toldnme were they are from

  4. I’m sorry about that it was my sister she is so annoying btw those charms are sooooo adorable were did you get them please please please tell me

  5. Wow they are absolutely cute they are the cutest charm thingies. I’ve ever seen I totz want some.

  6. Those are amazing! So cute!


  8. those are adorable so so so so so clever!!!!

  9. Hi Bakerella! I got your original cake pop book for Christmas a while back and actually had never heard of you. Then somehow I found out about you and that you wrote this book about cake pops! I wanted it so bad and then realized I had it!! I love reading your posts and I check everyday to see if you’ve posted a new one yet:) I really want your cake pop christmas book for Christmas is year but I don’t think I’m getting it:( I just want to say that your a true inspiration and hopefully one day ill get to make my own cake pop. My mom hates to bake so I never really have a chance to bake a whole lot:( I will someday though!!!! I love you Bakerella!!!!

  10. Those are so adorable! I love them!

  11. Those are just too cute! :D

  12. These are so cool omg

  13. too cute and very thoughtful.

  14. I just adore you!!! everytime I come to your blog I leave with a smile, thanks for making my day better!! Love your little charms!!! so cute!!!

  15. LOVE the kidney charm!!! I really hope I can get one of those not only for myself, but for my son’s kidney donor!!!!!

  16. Those charms are adorable!

  17. I have some of these too. Too cute for words.

  18. This is the cutest stinking thing I have seen in awhile. OH MY GOSH I WANT IT. >.<

  19. Absolutely darling! Both of you are so talented. Love the Kidney Pop charm. It speaks volumes. :)

  20. I was blown away by the cute and then I saw the kidney pop. and started getting majorly misty. (I may have commented when you made your post about how sick you had gotten after your 1st transplant failed or else when you let us know all was well after your mom gave you life again, grin!) I work in dialysis and as I’m sure you know all too well, victories for our patients can be few and far between. You story and smiling face makes my day for that reason alone. So glad after your gift to me (this blog) that you got a thoughtful one just for you.

  21. What a beautiful gift! Not just in the details but also her selection of cake pops to incude. Absolutly perfect! :)

  22. What an awesome gift! I love the details Kim has amazing talent! Enjoy the bracelet.

  23. You make the cutest cake pops ever, and she makes the cutest charms ever. Love it!

  24. Eeeeeeeeee I’m dying from cuteness here!!

  25. Sooooo cute! Adorable! So much talent and such a nice detail for someone so special like you. Congrats on you best check-up, such good news. Many blessings for the holidays and the new coming year.

  26. …and I love that she put them in ROYGBIV order on the bracelet!!

  27. Aww! How cute! What a sweet gift! It’s always nice getting gifts in the mail. Especially, if you’ve been sick. It definitely lifts the spirit. I’m sorry to hear you were having problems with your health, but I’m glad your latest check up went well. Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Holidays!


  28. so adorable! what a great surprise, and i would have to agree that little bluebird and kidney pops are the top two, but they are all perfect! congrats on you best yet check up! keep up the good health! :)

  29. Does she sell them?! :D

  30. These are so cute!!! That was incredibly thoughtful of her to make this just for you!!!!

  31. Thank you! This website/these charms are such a great gift idea!

  32. AHHH THESE CHARMS ARE SOOOO CUTE! i feel like im too old to wear them, but i dont care, i want them all!

  33. How adorable! Was these miniatures made of polymer clays? :)

  34. Those are so amazing! What a great gift

  35. Such talent!!!! Angie, I could just picture you opening this package & grinning ear to ear. I LOVE happy people :) I am sure you will wear that with pride. You all inspire me to be my best too! XO

  36. Kudos to both of you, talented people!!!

  37. That is one lovely bracelet! Also, I’m glad to hear that your latest checkup went well :)

  38. See how you inspire others to be just as creative?! Thanks for sharing all your cute ideas!

  39. Love this!! So thoughtful!

  40. That is too cute!

  41. I squeal with excitement too!! look at how adorable they are!! the lorax one is definitely my favorite, she should sell those. They are too cute.

  42. How kind of Kim to think of you and create those unique little treasures – thank you for letting us know about Oboro Charms – I found some holiday ideas there!

  43. This is such a sweet idea, and those charms are absolutely adorable!

  44. yay for you having your best checkup yet! :o) those charms are ridiculously cute!! and the thoughtfulness and artistry is beautiful! love it!!

  45. I love the rainbow theme with the charms :)

  46. They are very cute and made I am gessing out of palamer clay or cold porslin. You should give them a try because you can make really cut small things even mini cakes or a cake peice. I made some for my daughters birthaday party. They are almost as fun as cake pops but you can’t eaat them… lol gess thats why they last longer

  47. OMG!!!! What a Wonderful, Sweet, Adorable, Thoughtful Gift!! I So Love the Charm Bracelet!! They really captured each lil detail!!!

  48. OMG I am also dying of cuteness :D I love them. Glad you are feeling good :D

  49. These are awesome. I’m not a big charm for charms sake, but I love that these have so much meaning behind them!

  50. What a wonderful blessing for you to receive such a special gift! You are such an inspiration for all of us and I am constantly amazed at your creativity. You are much loved by thousands of people!! :-)

  51. So amazing and inspired!

  52. I love people with BIG HEARTS! What a thoughtful, adorable, most perfect gift for you!

  53. How sweet! My favorite is definitely the little Lorax charm…so cute! Glad you are doing well!

  54. They are so adorable! They’d make anybody smile :)

  55. OMG – so darn cute! And in rainbow colors too… LOVE THIS GIFT!

  56. OMG. That is about as high on the cute scale as you can get.

  57. Those are so very cute! Both of you are very talented women!

  58. that’s so cute :)


  59. You know you are special when someone thinks so highly of you to make such a wonderful gift. I think you are the greatest for sharing your gift with us.

  60. SO CUTE!!! Seriously…I’ve am dying from the cuteness factor!

  61. I got all misty eyed over here!!

  62. So adorable!! And the little kidney is so very thoughtfull!

  63. Oh my goodness I’m so glad they arrived safely and that you like them Angie!! This p

  64. That is BEYOND cool! I recognize those cake pops!

  65. What a sweet and personized gift! I love gifts that really show that a lot of thought and love was put in to the making of it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  66. they are soooooooo cute! im gonna have 2 get my self some

  67. These are over-the-moon cute!

  68. Oh my these are adorable!!! I thought the cupcake charm for Pandora was adorable, but this just beat that! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  69. They are delightful :) You inspire people everywhere Angie who make all kinds of things, so glad to hear you are feeling strong and healthy xxx

  70. You really have hit it big time when you have charms after your likeness!

  71. What a beautiful gift to receive. This definitely made me smile – for your happiness and Kim’s kindness.

  72. These made me smile! :) Such a super dose of cute!

  73. These are absolutely adorable!!!

  74. So darn cute and so very thoughtful! I would have squealed with delight as well.

  75. Awwwww. So thoughtful!

  76. Adorable! I love them all! She did a great job of capturing the likeness of your pops.

  77. Your cake pop story on your wrist…better than a hospital bracelet! Love love love the bracelet and the story! Every day is a brand new gift! Bravo! Love Lori from Port Perry, Canada

  78. Now these are just too cute Angie! What a special gift.

    Great news about your latest checkup.

  79. What a thoughtful gift! It made me smile to see that you made this for you and the kidney charm was so special to include. I recall when you shared the “pop” with us.

  80. Lovely little gifts, definitely extremely cute, but all in all, the best news for me was that you’re doing great! It’s wonderful to know you’ll be filling my days with more cuteness to inspire me to try my hand at it too. As we say in Portugal, Beijinhos!

  81. So cute and so thoughtful! What a lovely person : )

  82. I love handmade crafts and these charms are brilliant.

  83. Those charms are too adorable! What a sweet surprise!

  84. What an amazing gift. So perfect! The kidney pop was the icing on the bracelet.

    What extra-special good news about your latest checkup. Wonderful news and a darling bracelet to help you celebrate!

  85. that is so sweet! what a lovely little surprise :)
    and that’s great to hear that everything went well with the last check up!
    xo, cheyenne

  86. I’m glad you’re latest check up went well! <3

  87. Just darling, have a wonderful holiday season, oh how I love those charms. Paulette

  88. awww… so sweet and so cute! I have to agree. The last charm is the best. What’s more valuable is what means the most.

  89. I’m dying of all the cuteness! So awesome. I want a cake pop charm bracelet, too. :-) She ought to start making some for us fans.

  90. Wow! SO CUTE

  91. Aww this is just too cute! and very clever :D

  92. This is absolutely adorable. I see what you mean by being blown away by others’ talents otherwise I wouldn’t follow your blog. These charms are indeed made by talented hands.
    Glad to hear that you’re doing well. Hope it continues this way for a long time to come :)

  93. the are soooooo cute!!!!!
    ps: i´m having a giveaway on my blog with kitchen/baking stuff:

  94. Aww I saw Kim post those on her Deviant Art and Facebook pages and was wondering when she’d show you ^o^

  95. they are sooo adorable!! So what was your best news?? Love the charms and cant wait for some more cake pops soon! :)

  96. Would love to have one ;) christmas presents for my self hihihi.. ;) such a talent!

  97. AHHHH! I love miniature things! Super cute! Can you post a picture of you wearing it? I think that would be adorable! GASP, you should use it in one of you photo shoots! :)

    I’m so glad that you just had your best checkup :D that’s such exciting news! Can’t wait to see what else you delight us with! :)

  98. I love these!!!

  99. Omg and all together they look like a beautiful rainbow of cake pop cuteness! How very special and her talent is simply amazing!

  100. God! How sweet! I want it ;)

  101. soo thoughtful! putting a smile on someone’s face is the BEST gift you can gift :)

  102. What a thoughtful gift and truly from the heart. As a person with PKD, the kidney pop is one of my favorites, too.

  103. OMG, I can’t handle the cute!! So much talent displayed in such a tiny package.

  104. Those are simply amazing!!!! Such detail!!!

  105. Those are adorable! And I got a little teary-eyed on your behalf when I saw the kidney pop.

  106. ohhhhh those charms are soo beauitful!!

  107. You and your cake pops hve brought a lot of joy to this world. Someone wants to give some of it back! : )

  108. They are absolutely LOVELY. (!!!!!)

  109. Amazing! And thoughtful!

  110. How very cute, sweet, adorable and wee are those?! I’d be in love too!

  111. Soooo cute!

  112. That is such a sweet and kind gift. It is absolutely adorable! Have a sweet day :)

  113. Adorable! She is VERY talented!!

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