That’s exactly what this is. Naturally I had to pick one up as soon as I saw it.

Pink. Cute. Tiny. Cute. Cupcake. Cute. Charm. Cute. Did I mention cute?

Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, it’s cute.


And look – the little oven door opens so you can get a better view at the cupcake inside.


It’s adorable from every angle.



And just look at this……………


I can’t take it.

Look at that plug. I think my heart started racing when I saw this.

It says “Bake me Some Couture” under the plug, too.


Here’s a little visual aid to get a sense of how small it is.


But, it’s not for me. I picked it up while doing a little shopping and thought one of you might like it.

Want it? It would look really cute hanging on a necklace, too.

Enter for a chance to win this super cute cupcake charm

• Leave a comment on this post and tell me … Would you wear it? Share it? or just stare at it in all it’s cuteness?

• Deadline to enter is Sunday, September 19 at noon ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP. WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW.

• One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Sunday.

Good Luck and I promise not to say cute any more today.


We have a winner! Yay for Kait. #1443 – Congratulations – Your charm bracelet is going to be very happy – that is if I can bring myself to part with it. Just kidding.

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6,668 comments on “Charming”

  1. Ooooh!! So adorable!! I would totally wear this as a necklace!!! I LOVE that the oven door opens and that there is a little plug on the back!! I would wear this every time I was baking – it would be my lucky charm!! :)

  2. I would probably want to keep it but share it, my daughters would love it just as much as me!

  3. I would LOVE to wear it! I would wear it baking in my new cupcake theme kitchen!

  4. I would definitely wear it!!

  5. oh my! I absolutely love it! sooo extremely adorable! It would be impossible for me to get a hand at one in one of the stores near me! I would totally wear it as a necklace, and if Im not, I would have placed it on the shelf in my room so I can adore the cuteness even more! :)

  6. That is so stinkin cute!!!! Would love to wear it!

  7. totally wear it. Super cute. (I’ll say cute for you)

  8. Oh my goodness…. I would soooo wear it! And, I’m going as a Cupcake for Halloween! So, this is just fitting. :)

  9. That is adorable! I would love to wear that charm.

  10. This is adorable! I would give it to my very best friend Amber. She used to wear another charm that had a little door that would open, except it was an outhouse, not an oven. I think she would love this charm-with-a-little-door because she also LOVES cupcakes and is a very skilled decorator. I hope I win it for her!

  11. Pick me! Pick me!

  12. Super, super cute! Love it! I’d stare at it for hours!

  13. So cute. I’d love to wear it, but i have some rabbit who ‘ll love it and wear it better than me, of course my little nabaztag, named polopopo.

  14. It is so cute and perfect for my little sister.

  15. Oh, it’s so amazingly cute! I don’t know what I would do with it… wear it or just keep staring at it all day long… but I definitely would keep it for myself (It’s mine!).

  16. so cute! no way i’d give that away i’d wear it ;)

  17. I would give it to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. I would put it on a chain to wear as a necklace. She LOVES cupcakes!

  18. Too cute!!!! I would totally wear it:)


    I would wear it all the time. Even in my sleep!

  20. I would definitely wear it to make others drool!

  21. I would definitely wear it, but would also have to keep it away from my girls!

  22. I guess I’d wear it though I’d be afraid to lose it or break it. I mean, it’s all small and cute and stuff :)

  23. Absolutely love it! To a necklace it would go!

  24. This is so adorable that I died a little bit! I would totally wear this – what a great find!

  25. OH MY GOSH!!! this is adorable!!!!

  26. LOVE this! I’d probably give it tomy daughter :)

  27. I would totally wear it, but would love to gift it to my daughter! She is a baker and has a charm bracelet this would be perfect for!

  28. OMG. It’s tiny and perfect. I love all the detail. I would wear it.

  29. I love it, as I’ve recently discovered baking after years of being rubbish in the kitchen, but I would give this charm to my best friend who I also work with because she is being made redundant and needs cheering up. x

  30. LOVE THIS! I would wear it everywhere!

  31. I’d probably clip it onto the zipper on my purse. That way I’d have it wherever I go. If it was a necklace, I’d eventually forget to put it on every morning!

  32. I’d wear it.

  33. this is just too cute!!! i would wear it as a necklace and probably wear it all the time!!

  34. I would totally wear it! On a cute silver bracelet!

  35. Definitely wear it, so cute.

  36. Love it! Would give to my friend who is a baking queen!

  37. wear it and stare at it!

  38. Bake me some couture as fast as you can!! I love all the details on the charm! Would look super cute as a necklace charm too, just hope nobody tries to eat the cupcake!!

  39. so stinkin’ cute! I would absolutely keep it all to myself and wear it! Great find! :)

  40. I love that! It’s so cute! I’d hang it on a pretty ribbon, on the corner of my computer monitor here at work.

  41. OMG! You may not say it again, but I will…..CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!!!!

  42. I would wear it and stare at it in all its cuteness!

  43. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! (I’m allowed to say it as many times as you did in your post, right?!) Ah, I love it. I’d definitely wear it – especially while I bake new cake pops from your FABULOUS book that arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Swoon :)

  44. Squee! That’s pretty darn cute. I would hang it up at my desk so that I could look at it all day and think about what I’d rather be doing all day, which is baking.

  45. This would so have to go on my key chain so I could stare at it all the time. Too cute!

  46. I would stare and occasionally wear – sooo cute!!

  47. I’d stare at it while wearing it! Too cute!!!!

  48. How CUTE! I would absolutely wear this, and I would wear it to my friends wedding! We are making her centerpieces out of cupcakes and vintage cake stands!!! This woulde be so so so perfect!!!!

  49. Soooooo cuhYOOT!!!!! I wantsies!!!

  50. Adorable. I would absolutely wear it. :D

  51. I’d probably where it. No one else I know bakes quite like I do. And I have a charm bracelet that has been collecting charms for a few years now. It is very cute.

  52. I would stare at its adorableness and then wear it!! LOVE it!!

  53. I’m not a super big jewelry wearer but I definitely would have to hang this from my neck!

  54. That is the most adorable thing! I would do all three: wear it, stare at it, and share it =)

  55. That is AdOrAbLe!!!! I would totally wear that…sorry…I’d be unable to share!

    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  56. i would probably just stare at its cuteness!

  57. How cute!!!

  58. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! how totally cute! i would totally wear it with pride (and *maybe* share it with my daughter)…! CUTE giveaway! :)

  59. I would share it…and I know exactly the friend I would share it with!

  60. I’d wear it! What a charming charm!

  61. I would totally wear it!! I started baking goodies for my family at age 7, I now homeschool my 4 kids and my daughter, 9, I’d following in my footsteps :)

  62. I love anything miniature! I would definitely wear it!

  63. My niece would love this! If I win, I’m definitely giving it to her!

  64. I would so be wearing this on my head between my eyes so I could stare at it all day! I don’t care if people say ” What the he** does she have on her head?” because they would come closer to take a look and be like “Damn! That is the coolest thing I ever saw!” and they would rush out to buy one and wear it just like me! And poof! I started a trend! But I don’t care about all that, I just want that kick a** cupcake in the oven charm!

  65. This is too Charm-ing!! Love it! What an adorable charm…I would wear it for sure. Too cute not to share with others :-)

  66. I would definitely wear this little charm! And if I was feeling generous (which might be hard seeing as how cute the charm is) I would gift it to one of two of my friends who are both BIG into cake/cupcake decorating.
    Absolutely love your site!

  67. too cute… wear it or share it.

  68. eeeek! that is so stinkin adorable!! i would probably stare at it a while before wearing it! <3 it!

  69. It’s really cute! I would probably send it to Whitney- the young lady who just won masterchef. She’s known as the pastry princess for her fabulous desserts.

  70. Love it!!! I’d definitely wear it!!!

  71. I’d give it to my daughter to wear. So cute!

  72. I’d totally wear it. I’m selfish, and the charm’s adorable.

  73. I would wear it and stare at it!! Too, too cute!!!

  74. I love it – would probably attach it to my keyring so I could see it every day.

  75. Super adorable!!! Would wear it all the time!

  76. I would totally wear it…and stare at it.

  77. It’s so….cute! I would give it to my sister!

  78. Hello, this is SOO cute. I would wear it and stare on it all day, and make other stare on it to;)
    so wonderful.!

  79. that is soooo cute, I’d wear it on a charm bracelet.

  80. Oh my goodness, that is so flippin’ cute! I would definitely wear it!

  81. Wear it? But of course!

  82. God bless you for offering this darling charm… I’d love to give this to my niece, April.

  83. OMG!! I want that is soo cute!!
    My birthday is monday.. can be a better gift

  84. Adorable! I would wear it. And stare at it anytime I went by a mirror admiring its cuteness.

  85. I would wear it everyday all day. It’s just too cute!!!!!

  86. How else would I profess my undying love of cupcakes but to proudly wear it and smile.

  87. It is so stinkin’ cute I might just have to stare at it all day long. But my daughter would LOVE to wear it!

  88. Would definitely wear it. I have a Juicy charm bracelet now that has several charms on it, one of which is a big pink cupcake with a cherry on top. The lid opens so its like a locket. This would be the perfect addition!

  89. I would make a necklace to put it on and totally wear it! Adorable!

  90. So adorable! I think I would wear it AND stare at it – I think I would be looking in a mirror all day with this cutie on!

  91. I would wear it! So cute!

  92. OMG so Totally cute!!! I Love It, I think I would just stare at its cuteness, before my daughter stole it from me :)

  93. I would wear it most likely and share it with my sweet 10-year-old daughter who would think it was the cutest thing ever.

  94. I’d wear it and sometimes share it ;) Too cute to keep it all to myself… lol

  95. I would turn it into a necklace! Adorable…

  96. I would stare at it, wear it and maybe share it with my daughter

  97. Cute, Cute … and cute ! Don´t stop saying it, because it is cute!
    I love it !!!!

  98. Stare at and then share if with my daughter who loves cupcakes!!

  99. definitely wear it<3<3<3

  100. This is PERFECT !! I am sewing my niece her first Apron and sending her an Easy Bake Oven to learn how to bake.
    This woudl be the perfect charm to add to the gift for her.
    SO Sweet!!!

  101. That is the cutest charm ever! I would stare at it for a while and then wear it ALL.THE.TIME!!!

  102. i would absolutely give it to my bestie! she’s a total cupcake junkie and would LOVE this!

  103. This is cute to the power of infinity!! Hands down, I woud wear it…and stare at it…and want to eat it!

  104. I would wear it! So freakin cute!

  105. That is TOO adorable! I would definitely wear it!…and admire it’s cuteness whilst wearing it.

  106. OH MY WORD!!!! Say “cute” more and more, because what else COULD you say? Love it. I would definitely wear it–with great pride.

    Thanks for the chance to win! ;-)

  107. I would TOTALLY wear it! It’s adorable! My daughters would be so jealous, I’m sure they would wear it too.

  108. I would put it up in my kitchen and admire it! It’s adorable…

  109. Too cute!!! I’d love to hang that on a necklace or a bracelet. So precious.

  110. That is the cutest thing ever and I would definitely wear it! :D I would put it on a necklace :3

  111. This is soooooooooo precious! I would so want to just hold it in my hands and stare at it! At first I thought it was a Christmas ornemant, so maybe that… :)

  112. It is absolutely wonderful. I think I would just sit and look at it in all of its adorableness for a while and then give it to a friend that really likes cupcakes and loves cute jewlery.

  113. I would wear it! How could you not want to show it off? Love all the detail! :)

  114. I would buy a charm bracelet just to wear this! It is TOO CUTE!!!

  115. I would keep it for myself and wear it – I LOVE it!!!

  116. So cute! Even the power core is SUPER cute. Very impressive too that the window opens. :P Awesome find! XD

  117. I love the charm and I would probably wear it if I kept it, but I have a friend whom is such a baker I might just give it to her!

  118. OMG it’s adorable!I’d wear it all the time!

  119. I would wear this on a necklace with my other charms of a teapot, tea cup and muffin. So cute!

  120. As a miniature enthusiast, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this!!!!

  121. I would totally wear it!!
    I work in an elementary school and am known as the lady with cool necklaces. The ones with moving parts are the most popular!!

  122. i would LOVE to wear that!

  123. Of course I would wear it! It’s too cute not to!

  124. too cute!!! i would have to display it in my craft room :) looooove cute…

  125. This is sooooo cute! I LOVE it! I would definitely wear it. In fact, I would buy my first ever charm bracelet just so I could wear it and show it off to everyone. So sweet!

  126. Love this!! Wearing it would make me the cupcake queen!

  127. This could be the new apple of my eye! :D I would wear it and stare at it all day!

  128. I would SO wear this!! cute CUTE cute!

  129. eeeee! it is too adorable not to be worn – i would wear it!!!

  130. Love this! Would totally wear it everywhere!

  131. SO adorable! I would definitely wear it!

  132. Too cute for words that mini charm put a smile on my face as soon as I saw it. My girlfriends and I next week are having a cake pop day :) We will be thinking of you.
    Thanks for sharing that adorable charm.

  133. I think this might be the most adorable thing I have EVER seen!!! I would give to my friend as a gift. She is one amazing woman and is always quilting me something super fantastic or making and baking a meal to DIE for. She deserves a fabulous gift like this little nugget of joy

  134. Im feeling lucky and this is tooo cute to pass up!!! LOVE IT!

  135. definitely stare at it — it is just so cute!! :)

  136. OMGosh!!!! WEAR IT!!!!!

  137. This charm would be perfect for me!
    Besides working full-time I have two side business. I make and sell cupcakes and I make and sell Jewelry. I am obsessed with both things and this charm is the perfect combination of the 2!

  138. Too cute!!!! I would wear it and stare it!!!!! Plus show it off.

  139. I would give it to my cupcake baking BFF whose had a rough year so far! She totally deserves this little pick me up!

  140. I might give it to my sister. She has a pretty severe addiction to cupcakes.

  141. Ohmagosh, ohmagosh, okay don’t say the C word. I would SOOOOO wear this!

  142. So dainty! Bonus: it’ll match my pink apron!

  143. Well, I don’t wear necklaces, but this is precious. What I would do is string it on a black cord and put it in a deep picture frame and hang it in my kitchen.

  144. My 11 year old daughter who LOVES ALL THINGS JUICY would just die!! She would wear it EVERYWHERE!!

  145. I would wear it so people could stare at it!

  146. OMG, darling!!! Sooooo cute! I would wear this around my neck!

  147. LOVE. i would totally wear it.

  148. I love it. I would definately wear it and stare at it all the time

  149. I would keep it all for myself :) Love it!

  150. I’d wear it proudly! SO CUTE

  151. would give it to a wonderful lady who owns a cupcake shop called Enjoy Cupcakes. She makes the best cupcakes and is a super sweet person.

  152. Definitely wear it. Cute!

  153. I would totally wear it! It’s adorable!

  154. OMG! I would wear it every day of my life it is so flipping CUTE!!!!

  155. I would like to give it to my sister, who has a charms bracelet that my grandmother gave her. and I think it would be a great adition!!

  156. I’m in love!! I collect charms (and practically anything miniature) so I’d wear it with pride! :)

  157. I love Juicy’s charm collections – especially their sweets! I would totally add this to my little collection (pardon the pun). Have to say, this is the cutest cupcake charm on the market, and trust me, I have looked high and low!

  158. Wow! I’ve been on a (fruitless) search for those freaking adorable cupcake Chuck Taylors… but in lieu of that, this charming little bauble (heh, charming) would certainly fill the void! Heck yeah I’d wear it :)

  159. I think it would make a great present for my aunt, but I would probably keep it myself. It is so cute!

  160. Cuuuuuute!

    I’d wear it, probably as a pendant.

  161. definitely I’d wear it–I have a perfect little charm bracelet it would look so nice on!

  162. I would totally wear this! It would be my inspiration to go and bake! It’s really adorable and a great conversation starter!

  163. I would so wear it! I love cupcakes so much that I almost did our nursery in cupcakes! I even call her my little cupcake. That charm is adorable!

  164. Wear for sure! It’s so cute! I love Juicy and I love cupcakes… this is a match made in heaven :)

  165. It’s pink and a cupcake!! absolutely adorable!

  166. I would totally wear it! It’s too cute not to wear. I so love cupcakes and love even more little tiny things!! Pure Cuteness!

  167. Delectable in so many ways! I would gift it to a friend who bakes her heart out all the time for others and could use a little treat for herself!

  168. WEAR IT! :]

    Im obsessed with all things cupcake! We are even having a “Cupcake Bar” at my upcoming wedding!

  169. OMGosh!!! This is too stinking adorable. I would wear it with cupcake earrings. I love it so much!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! <3

  170. Wear it! it’s so cute

  171. It’d totally wear it and show it off!!! And stare at it when I wasn’t wearing it! It’s absolutely adorable!

  172. Oh I would totally love to wear it. I am such a charm collector girl =)
    Absolutely adorable!

  173. You bet I would wear it! Sooooo cute! (oops, I said it too)

  174. I would totally wear it, maybe on my charm bracelet… no, no it’s needs to on a necklace in all it’s cuteness glory. Seriously too darn cute!

  175. I would probably let my daughter wear it as soon as she finishes “fairy tale cooking”. It is her first ever cooking class!

  176. I want it! Wow this is cute! I hope it isn’t to heavy because I would rock that sucker everyday! You have such great giveaways! Thanks!

  177. OMG Love it

  178. I would totally wear it. I love all things pink.

  179. Too cute!! I would wear it and admire it all day!

  180. It’s the details that really make me love this cutelicios charm! I would have to wear it, or my kids would be all over it! ( They love cupcakes and little tiny things as much as I do.). Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. Sorry…I must be selfish & keep it for myself!!

  182. WEAR IT! I’m sort of in love with it!!

  183. I would TOTALLY wear it…it’s cute, pink, tiny and above all, has a cupcake on it!!! I LOVE it!!!

  184. It is too adorable to be left in a box at home, unless it was a shadow box. All the same I’d wear a bunch because I love cupcakes and necklaces so this is just wonderful!

  185. I WOULD WEAR IT!!!!! and in a couple of years when my daughter is old enough SHE WILL WEAR IT! Really love it! If I don’t win this I am going to go out and buy one!

  186. That is so cute! I would just like to stare at it and play with it, but I know my daughter would want to wear it.

  187. just adorable.
    I’d certainly wear it.
    and FLAUNT it.
    love it.

  188. I want, I want…that is so cute! I cannot believe the detail. I would definitely wear this! :)

  189. Wear it – too cute! LOVE it.

  190. How adorable is that?!?! I would definitely wear it!!! And maybe share… ;-)

  191. I’d wear it everyday, it is so so darn cute!

  192. Wear it!!!!!!!!! Oh it’s too cute for words!!!!!!!!

  193. Love love love!

  194. How cute! I would totally wear it :)

  195. Love this! I love all things miniature so this is right up my alley!

  196. So CUTE! I love it, I would totally wear it! :)

  197. It’s so cute!! I would wear it for sure!

  198. Oooh! pick me! I’d wear it for a bit and then pass it on to the Little Sister that I’m hoping will love baking with me.

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