Christmas and some cookies

Okay… finally, the post from last weekend. My camera never did wake up by the way. But I did manage to get all the photos off using a friend’s card reader. Yay! Unfortunately, no built in card readers on my printer or computer… Boo!

And, I would have posted this last night, but I spent the evening at Pioneer Woman’s book signing in Atlanta. Fun! Fun! More on that soon. Thankfully, I did have a working camera with me for that. A brand new Canon Digital Rebel XSi that I borrowed. It’s nice having generous friends. But, I kinda wish I hadn’t started using it. I might not be able to give it back. Bigger screen, More megapixels. And I’ve convinced myself the photo quality is far superior. It is. I know it is. Maybe my camera will be unfixable. Is that a word?

Anyway, here’s the goods or goodies from last weekend.

It’s coming up on Christmas, so I wanted to make some decorated sugar cookies. But I didn’t really want to make traditional Christmas shapes. So instead, I used a cute little cupcake cutter I recently bought. I also went with a less than traditional color scheme and chocolate sugar cookies to help make the colors pop.


I love sugar cookies. Too bad I love them more than they love me. I’m still trying to perfect my piping. I will not give up. I will have non-lumpy lines one day.


These were two of the better ones.


These … not so much. But squint and they’ll look better.

Snowflake Sprinkles

See …… Okay, I’m kidding. I kid. These are the good ones. Well, the better ones anyway.


It helps to plan ahead when you work with royal icing. Draw out the colors you want for borders and the colors you want to fill with in advance.


The cookie recipe is from the book, Cookie Craft. Get a copy if you have any desire to learn how to make these kind of decorated cookies. It’s jam-packed with tips and tricks.

Or maybe you’ll win this.

Cookie Stuff

Yes, the original Cookie Craft came out with a mini Cookie Craft Christmas book.

Christmas Craft

Also with recipes, ideas, and tips. It’s very cute. And small, which you know I like.

Cupcake Cookie Cutters

You’ll also get this cute 2-piece cupcake cookie cutter set. Love it!

Cupcake Stencils

And some cupcake stencils. You can use these on cookies, too.

Cake Tester

A cupcake-shaped cake tester. This totally unnecessary utensil was too cute to pass up.

Mini Cupcake Spatulas

And so were these mini spatulas. I bought all the goodies (except for the cookie book I picked up at the bookstore) from Crate & Barrel if you want to look them up. I like finding cute things. Hope you like them, too.


And it all comes stuffed in a sparkly stocking.

Enter to win it all.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you want this Christmas. Big or small. Silly or Serious. Let’s share.
  • Me first… I want to spend time with all my family. Laughing. Hugging. Eating. And I want to take lots of pictures of them with my brand new, big, shiny camera. Yeah, that sounds good.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 9 at 7:00 pm ET.TIME’S UP!
  • Winner selected at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck.

We have a winner. And it’s a high number this time.

#5935 – YAY CAROLINE! Hope you like the stocking full of stuff and hope you get that immersion blender, too.

And everyone else that entered. Thank you for sharing your Christmas wishes. I’ve smiled and cried multiple times reading through them. Some really important ones out there. I hope you get them granted. Hugs to you all.

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6,670 comments on “Christmas and some cookies”

  1. I want my dog to be healthy. She just finished her last chemo treatment today.

  2. I would LOVE a spa package. That’s something I may never have a chance to do and I wouldn’t get it for myself so we’ll see. It would be nice to be spoiled.

  3. I would love to find a job that is the best for me and my family.

  4. What I want for Christmas? I want for this statement to be true – “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach.” I can bake… so will that put a ring on my finger this Christmas??? Haha!

  5. I’m hoping for a new purse. I’ve been carrying around a diaper bag for the last 18 months, and I’m ready to rid myself of that thing – but not quite ready for the little cute purses that I used to carry around.

  6. i’m dying for a puppy! I have one all picked out, just need the funds ha

  7. I want to wake up on Christmas and not have any student loans! But I’ll settle for a mimosa and family time :)

  8. i want a road bike

  9. I want a KitchenAid stand mixer.

    And I want to sit back and savor my youngest child’s very first Christmas.

    I guess the mixer can wait. :)

  10. I would like a fluffy new robe for Christmas so I can lounge and drink coffee and eat yummy cookies like these on the weekends :D

  11. I want a little tikes kitchen for my children!

  12. Oh that is such a fun giveaway!! If I could have anything for Christmas I would like a Nikon D90 camera :)

  13. I really wanted a pink Kitchenaid mixer, which Santa has already dropped off under my tree. But more than that I can’t wait to see the look on my little boy’s face Christmas morning! It’s his second one so I hope he enjoys it this year.

  14. i think your cookies look amazing!! for christmas i want a scraper paddle for my kitchen aid and some dutch process cocoa powder b/c i can’t find it anywhere in my town!

  15. As a recent graduate, I’d love a new job in journalism.

  16. I would love to spend the holiday with my sister. She is pregnant with her first child and I’m so excited for her! We love to get together and make Nanaimo Bars, which is a delectable Canadian dessert full of chocolatey goodness!

  17. For Christmas this year I want to eat a lot and not gain weight.

  18. i really want one of these cool new cameras everyone else seems to be getting! i like mine, but it’s not very fancy. have a great christmas!

  19. So I’ve got a good camera…I wish for the ability to take good food pictures. I also wish for an embroidery machine. People tell me I could make it pay for itself…but it’s that initial investment that I can’t quite handle.

  20. A vacation from work…and another private party with my favorite musicians.

  21. I don’t NEED a thing! I’d like Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and some peppermint hot choc from Williams Sonoma – yum! It would be great with those cookies!

  22. I would love a kindle!

  23. remote start…living in the north is mighty cold. actually we are in the middle of a blizzard right now!! hopefully this is the year my car will start with a touch of a button:-)

  24. hi :) i want a vacation.
    out of country!

  25. I would love for you to fly to Australia, with PW, (since you guys know each other it could be a fun trip for you!), and cook yummy things for my family and friends and teach us how to make all these wonderful creations. It’s not too much to ask for is it?

  26. Love the cupcake cookies! For Christmas this year, I want the awesome chip and dip serving tray we didn’t get off our wedding registry earlier this year. It’s so cute, I just have to have it!

  27. For Christmas, I want my parents and boyfriend to love their gifts, and I would also like a Kitchenaid mixer…or just a new purse!

    These cookies are SO adorable. I am in awe of your planning abilities!

  28. I want my mom to get healthy. She’d love all of your goodies – too bad she can’t eat them.

  29. Apparently I want an ipod for Christmas. I’ve been accused of dropping hints! Really, I’m just happy to spend time with my family. We are truly blessed.

  30. I’m getting really into sewing but I only have my moms borrowed machine so I am hoping for a sewing machine and materials to use. Also to have all of my family together and eat lots of good food!

  31. Ok I am gonna pray I win this because I have a friend that this is PERFECT for. She would be over the moon for this! I am pretty sure the joy from both of us would be contagious!

    I want a kindle or a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas…my love of cooking and my love of books are serious stuff. ;)

  32. I want to spend time with my family as well! I live halfway across the country and don’t get to see them as much as I’d like.

  33. I want a Cuisinart Griddler!! (and to win your giveaway!)

  34. I really reeeeaaally want to pass all my college classes… XD


  35. I want to stir up fun and express love in the kitchen with my 3 kiddos while they are on Christmas break. Since we are having a blizzard as I type and school is canceled for tomorrow, we are going to start the fun with attempting gingerbread men cookies. I am trying to become a baker in my own home. Wish me luck.

  36. Too spend time with family and great friends whilst cooking up a fantastic chrissy lunch and treats!! What could be more perfect than good company, great food??

  37. i would love nothing more than to own an ipod nano… in RED… so it can match my hair color :)

    thanks for having such a great give-a-way!!!

  38. LOVE this post! So cute. Okay, all I want for Christmas is for my child to be potty-trained. :) I may have to bribe him with some of these treats!

  39. I’d love to win this contest! :)

    I’d also love to be blessed with a baby :)

  40. I’m getting everything I want for christmas this year…my fiance, who is currently serving in the United States Navy will be by my side. I couldn’t ask for a better gift!

    My heart goes out to those who are unable to be with their loved ones this holiday season. Please keep our soldiers and sailors as well as their families in your thoughts this holiday season.

    P.S. Love the cookies…do they ship well?

  41. What I want for Christmas is to spend time with my Fiancee and family!

  42. I want a trip to the UK with one of my friends! However, that seems unlikely, so I will be content with a few new books, some CDs, and time spent with friends and family. :)

  43. I want a cushion cut ring I have been eyeing up for some time ;-)

  44. Some good weather and lots of time with family and friends!

  45. I desperately want a heat embosser…saw a demo at Paper Source with rubber stamps and it sparked (ha ha!) a desire in me to make stationery for all my friends. :-) Happy holidays!

  46. I want a new bedroom set! I’m a newly wed and we still sleep on the furniture I’ve had since 6th grade…

  47. I want an awesome camera and a teacher to go with it.

  48. For Christmas, I want a SAFE road trip and fun times with my in-laws, who live 17 hours away!

  49. I want my hubby home from Iraq… But I’d settle for a video chat for him to see the kids (3 under the age of 6) on Christmas morning. Hopefully the logistics work out… But if not, I’ll still get to hug him in January- maybe a delayed Christmas present, yes?


  50. I want an egg cooker – really! A set of interchangeable circular knitting needles, and a subscription to an art magazine I love. Plus a peaceful, joyful holiday with my family.

  51. I want to be able to enjoy christmas with our children in the wonderment of santa and lots of fresh seafood and good friends!

  52. I think that cupcakes are the greatest thing ever invented and would love to get this stocking for Christmas. Another thing that I would like for Christmas is to stay up late giggling with my younger sister who is going to be home from the Peace Corps for a few weeks :)

  53. I want a white Christmas this year! and lots of fun new cake decorating goodies. I just finished two grueling years of nursing school, so now I am ready to take on a fun new hobby!

  54. I want this for christmas…sooo bad I can hardly stand it! Me and my “crafty-baker” friend exchange gifts every Christmas & I’m doing a gingerbread cupcake theme…how perfect would this be!!! You always know how to read my mind Bakerella!

  55. Looking forward to having my two boys home, who have been serving in Iraq.

  56. Oh that set is far too cute for its own good – especially packaged in a sparkleriffic stocking! This year for Christmas, I am hoping to have enough money to fly to Nashville and spend the week with my boyfriend’s family, have enough time to paint everyone a handmade gift, and enough love to fill the entire house 5 times over. That last one shouldn’t be a problem!

    GREAT job on the cookies!

  57. for all the stress to go away….. for my husband to get a job…….

  58. My Christmas wish is that my beloved Saints get to make a trip to Miami in February :)

  59. What I want for Christmas is this prize pack!

  60. Love the cookies! They look awsome, even with the bumpy piping! Better then my piping thats for sure!

    So my christmas wish ….

    Peace on Earth …

    And …

    A boyfriend LOL


  61. I want my family back in Chicago to have a great Christmas and tell them that I love them and miss them a WHOLE lots. For my two boys and husband happiness and good health.

  62. I want to relax in my pajamas with my hubby and kids. This is the first year EVER we will not be travelling cross country to spend the holidays with family. It will be different, but I am hoping to make some new memories and traditions with my kids this year!

  63. What do I want for Christmas? I want my husband to be employeed full time again and then maybe we can buy our kids a gift next Christmas rather than give them hand-me-downs from others.

  64. I just love your cookies! They are sooo cute. And I never would have thought of chocolate sugar cookies! For Christmas, I would love to have a new digital camera to take better pictures of my family!

  65. i want to enjoy my baby’s first Christmas and a new color printer :)

  66. I would love to spend time with my family this Christmas…some are far away…on another silly note how aobut a gift certificate for a professional organizer to help me with my house? That would be fun!
    Thanks for the cool give a way!

  67. Quality time with family and friends.. and maybe an iphone too :)

  68. I would love a flash, cable release, a macro lens, new shoes, and a nano :)

    I’d settle for a tin of cookies ;)

  69. this christmas i would like to have more days to spend with my family and loved ones…. good QUALITY time :)

  70. A new electric blanket to warm my bed up at night. It’s cold in KC!

  71. I would love a Le Creuset cookware set. The caribbean blue? Absolutely gorgeous!! Wonder if that would fit in my stocking?

  72. I want to glean all the awesome that is Christmas from my Christian friends after I’ve spent 8 awesome nights doing the Hanukkah thing with my family. That, and a Nikon D90.

  73. I would love a new camera. But even more than that, I would love for all our military people deployed around the world to have a safe holiday and to be home with their families soon.

  74. I would love a new camera for Christmas (my current is missing a rather important wheel on the top) but of course I will enjoy the time with my parents on their farm for my daughter’s first Christmas. :D
    (Those cookies look damn tasty too!)

  75. I want a new pair of Chuck Taylors, red please!

  76. Ooooh fun! All I really want this year is a Flip camcorder. To record cuteness, of course.

  77. Hehe I asked for a new waffle maker! …and I bought myself a new camera which I also wrapped up for myself. How sad is that? :P

  78. All I want for Christmas is a job.

    Those cookie cutters are SWEET! Once again, fun contest!!

  79. All I want for Christmas is a wii so I can work off all the goodies I make from the yummy recipes on your site!!!!! And…I LOVE the cookbooks and goodies you are offering, too!!!

  80. I want a gift card to Frostings, the local cupcake shop!

  81. I really want a Kitchenaid 6 qt. mixer. My 4 qt is just not getting the job done! Plus some Little Big Town CD’s. So I can get my country freak on while I’m cooking.

  82. I want my extended family to be whole and happy again.

  83. I want my kids to enjoy their Christmas as much as I used to when I was their age!

  84. I want waterproof shoes for christmas because I’m tired of my feet getting wet in the rainy Pittsburgh winter.

    Cute cookies!!

  85. My Christmas wish list includes spending time with family and friends. If I am able to do this I will be happy.

  86. For Christmas I would like to have a wonderful day with my family from out of town…that I haven’t seen in a year!!!

  87. I would really love for my hubby to find a job before Christmas (he was laid off in June)
    These are sooo cute! My daughter loves EVERYTHING cupcakes so she would be in heaven!!!

  88. I want a holiday-spirit-filled Christmas with my family…including my sister who’s spent the last two weeks in hospital. Having her home for Christmas would be wonderful. And I’d like some yummy cupcake-shaped chocolate sugar cookies, too!

  89. I want a maid for Christmas or just a Laundry Fairy would be fine too.

  90. i’ve been wanting to make cupcake cookies ever since i tried my hand at royal icing a few weeks ago. what i want most for Christmas is for my daughter to be home. we are adopting from Korea and are anxiously awaiting her arrival.

  91. I want a trip to Disney World. I want to take our three boys there since it is the happiest place on earth. They talk about it all the time!

  92. A snowed in country Christmas where everyone is stuck inside playing board games, watching movies, and snacking on Christmas candy and cookies!

  93. Honestly I just can’t wait to see my daughter’s joy and spending time with my family…plus I LOVE baking!!! So I can’t wait to bake up lots of yummy thing’s with my girls :)

  94. i would loveee a sewing machine! (and this wonderful sparkly stocking!) Those cookies are wonderful… now i want to make some!

  95. Oh my, your piping is perfect. I can send you a picture of mine and it will make you feel so much better.

  96. daughter to be weaned from the tube

  97. 1 would really like to spend time with family and friends.

  98. I am asking Santa for a puppy :)

  99. Honestly, I just want my kids to be happy. What a feeling it is to see their faces as they see what Santa brought. I love it!

  100. I want to be able to go on vacation without worrying about my sick kitty cat!

  101. I want to spend time with lots of family, but mostly my loving husband and baby daughter. Oh and tangibly I want an Ergo baby carrier! Cute cookies by the way!

  102. I would love a copy of any of the cookbooks that David Lebovitz mentioned in his recent post. Excluding th eones I already own, of course :)

  103. I want a vacation with my husband!

  104. I want to spend time with my loving family and I really want to be pregnant! :)

  105. Oh my goodness those are the cutest cookies ever!!!! Love them!

    Let’s see…what I want for Christmas….I would like a boyfriend that looks like Ryan Reynolds. Okay, I am kidding…well, half kidding. What I really would like is to pass all my pastry classes with A’s! (That isn’t too far from reality thank goodness!)

  106. Spending quality time with family would be great!

  107. I really want my 2-year-old to be satisfied with the toy vacuum, so he can leave me alone when I am working with the real thing! :)

  108. Oh I LOVE these and how i WISH santa would bring me a Canon SLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. I’d love to get a personal trainer :)

  110. I would love new couches…ours are old, but very comfy.

  111. Okay, don’t laugh… I want a Snuggie. And a Wii. Okay, you can laugh:) Merry Christmas!

  112. I’m hoping for my family to appreciate each other more and be happy again. I wish my dad’s health would get better and my mom would stop being so stressed from working two jobs. For myself, I wish I could get a puppy like I’ve always wanted.

  113. A permanent place to live. Being transient isn’t all that glamorous!

  114. I want to have a fun winter break and good grades.

  115. All I want for Christmas is to see the people I love open the gifts I’ve spent weeks shopping for. I love to see the kids faces when they get *some* of their wants…LOL!

    Ummm, and yeah. I’d LOVE to win this contest for my Christmas present!!

  116. i want a little canon powershot elph

  117. I got a new camera for Christmas…yes, early but I dropped mine and focusing was not going to happen! I want to spend time with my family cooking. We love to cook together! Cookies neatly stenciled would be cool! I intend to document each minute with my new camera….if I can figure it out! :)

  118. I want a Condo/home. For the last 4months my ‘lil family of 3 has been living with my parents. We’ve been trying so hard to purchase a condo and one thing after another keeps coming up. I could really use some good news. All I really want for Christmas is my own place with my ‘lil family.

  119. I want a baby. But I’ll probably get a new phone instead. Bummer.

  120. I really just want a home full of joy this Christmas…to know that my children know the real reason for the season…and for all of us to carry that joy throughout the coming year! And if I had to choose something to fit under the tree…a new air popcorn popper :)

  121. All I really want for Christmas is some peace. It’s been a tough year and I’ve been struggling to make the best of cancer, surgery and military deployments. Not teh fun, but hey… that’s what cookies are for, right?

  122. i want a new camera to take beautiful pictures of my baking!

  123. I want a relaxing Christmas with my family and a pair of those Reebok butt shaper shoes for working off all those delicious holiday calories!

  124. I wish I could go home and see my family for Christmas. I’ve always taken it for granted that I would be close to them. Now, as I’ve moved away I’ve learned to cherish the holiday seasons we do have together.

  125. Time with family and good food!

  126. I want my family to be together. And I would LOVE a new car, but I know that’s not happening.

  127. What I really want is my husband to walk in the door from Iraq and surprise our daughters and I. However I am a realistic girl and I would take a new pair of Fat Baby boots and a blingy belt.

  128. I too want time with family, but I’d settle for an enamel dutch oven.

  129. i dont celebrate christmas, but if i did, i’d want MONEY!
    as would every college student, lol.

  130. I just want people to be happy. …perhaps I want to be a baked goods tester for the holidays. lol.

  131. I really don’t need anything this year since I just got married and we got some wonderful household items for the wedding. Truth be told, I really like the “Momofuku” cook book that came out recently.

  132. I REALLY want a salad spinner.

  133. I want to see family!

  134. I keep ruining my Christmas gifts! My boyfriend and I already exchanged gifts, so no surprise there. My mom and I talked about where to get the best deal on the GPS I asked for, so again, nothing surprising. Yesterday, my car died, and my mom had to ruin the surprise that she bought me a CAA/AAA membership for Christmas– and I got to use it! In summary, I think what I’d like for Christmas, big or small, is some kind of pleasant surprise!

  135. For Christmas I would love a Great Pyrenees puppy.

  136. i looooove sugar cookies and i’m having fun decorating them. i’ve always loved baking so i’ll bake goodies for christmas. :)

  137. Peace! While I wouldn’t mind world peace, all I would like this year is peace in my family, marriage, home, and all around me. Life has gotten way too hectic and a little peace would do us all some good.

  138. all i want is to be able to spend the day with the people who mean the most to me. i’m not sure that will happen, but i can wish!

  139. For the holiday (not Chirstmas) I really want a vacation but since I just started a new job…it doesn’t seem possible.

  140. Bakerella – Love you! I would like to have more energy and time for Christmas. I would like to have little boys that listen when I speak and follow directions the first time I ask them to do something. :) And realistically, I would really love a Kindle!

  141. These are just adorable…. I want a set of fancy knitting needles for Xmas.

  142. I really want an upgraded camera – I have a rebel right now and I’ve been drooling over the higher grade cameras for the past month or so :(

  143. I want to… spend the best holiday season ever with my family before I go off to college next year.

  144. I want everyone to find genuine happiness and love… no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that way may be.

    I find this in every bite of a frosted cupcake or cookie :) Mmmmmm…

    Merry Christmas!

  145. Fun, fun, fun! I have been saying all along that I wanted nothing… etc, etc…. but I always get caught up in the season and ending up wanting all sorts of random stuff. Like hair turbans for when you get out of the shower. I can’t live without that, RIGHT??

  146. I just want a happy, healthy family Christmas and to be able to share my blessings with others.

  147. I want to enjoy each moment with my husband and little girl. This is the first year we don’t have family around but I am looking forward to some hubby and daughter time.

  148. I would LOVE a camera like you got. Honestly, I’ve been looking at them for about a year but other things keep coming up and being a bigger priority. I’ve asked for an ipod touch so I can get busy with some other personal inititatives. You know, health and fitness stuff.

  149. Oh! Cookie Craft Christmas!! Happy dances all around!

  150. For me, I would like some new pillows. I already got enough stuff this year, pillows will do just fine :-)

  151. I really want a red kitchen aid stand mixer for christmas and i would love to receive a christmas stocking from you too Bakerella! :)

  152. A photography book and some peace and quiet for me to read it and actually learn something :-)

    Simple and cheap!

    Happy holidays!

  153. A pony. Okay, maybe not. If I may be so bold as to dream, an apartment full of new furniture! Or maybe just a food processor. Or one of those cookies.

  154. Running shoes. That’s what I need for Christmas to counteract my addiction to your blog. ;)

  155. I want a vacuum. I know..not fun…but I have two kids and a dog and it is a must! This would be so fun to win! My two year old loves to bake with me.

    Merry Christmas!

  156. What a wonderful post!! I LOVE those cupcake cookies. I too have been wanting, wishing, hoping and praying for a Digital SLR camera. Look at how awesome those pictures turned out!! I am told that I can get one next year.. but I want one now!! LOL

  157. Honestly? To win the lottery lol. Not even a million but just enough to pay off all my debt.

  158. So cute!!!

  159. I would like for some peace, not only for the world, but for my family. We’ve had a very rough year.

  160. All I want for Christmas is you!? Oh wait, that was Mariah. My bad.

    Seriously though, I just want some time away from schoolwork to spend with my family and friends.

  161. I am hoping to sell my house and get a bigger SOON! oh AND those cupcake cutters!

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  162. I asked Santa for a baby. We have been trying for 2 years and hoping for some good news soon

  163. Your photos are always amazing !
    I hope you will have that camera!

  164. I want my family to be healthy and happy…what else do I need:)

  165. i want to get into the school i applied to! (and a macbook pro)

  166. I want so many things…where to start…let’s just give you one off my list…a nice family picture this year with my whole family for the first time in years!

  167. I want to be able to pay for the hospital bill for the upcoming birth of my baby! No maternity insurance :(

  168. I would love to get a new bag for Christmas. My school books have destroyed the one I’m currently using.

  169. I want to see the sparkly smiles on my kiddies faces when they see Santa visited while they slept. I want to see my family smile when they open the cookie treats i baked them and most of all i want to remember to be greatful for all we have :)

  170. I am hoping for a new mobile as mine is acting up lately! Also a Kitten (not that I am going to get one seeing as I have 3 cats already!) and while I’m at some cupcake cookie cutters (like the ones you are giving away!). I LOVE cooking so maybe another recipe book or some cute utensils!

  171. I would like skinny thighs please!

  172. I already got what I wanted most… my husband was able to retire from the Army last month and now we are NOT looking down the throat of another deployment!

    but what I need for Christmas now is a job.

    Jen VG

  173. I want a food processor!! :) But I’d settle for your goodies!!:)

  174. I just got a new car, so my Christmas is set! However, I wouldn’t say no to some kitchen toys and a new pair of Danskos!

  175. This Christmas, I want to spend lots of time with family and friends, which I unfortunately haven’t been able to do because of college applications and just overall senior year craziness.
    I’d also like a nice, warm jacket for winter…and a puppy (which probably isn’t going to happen, but I’ve been wishing for one since I was young!).
    I hope I don’t sound too needy.
    Also, I absolutely LOVE those cookies!

  176. My husband is an artist and I’ve asked him to make me silhouettes of our three kids to hang on our wall. You’d think having an artist for a husband that I’d have a lot of cool homemade things around the house- but it’s really more like the shoemakers kids that go without shoes ( :

  177. I am hoping for a homemade cold frame built by my dad!

  178. It was so great meeting you last night (an early Christmas present if you will). I am forever grateful for my brave husband to seek you out. For Christmas this year I wish for all of my siblings to be under one roof (me here in Georgia- brother in Idaho and Washington, sisters in Utah, Arizona, and California and parents in Cali). But I am secretly hoping for the new Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the clear glass bowl. Who cares if I already have a Kitchen Aid- no I can mix two things at once sans hands. :)

  179. I want someone to pay off my longarm machine so I can stop worrying about the bill.

  180. Cute, cute sugar cookies! Worth the wait!!! Ummm…for Christmas this year, I would like to relax with family and friends and love and laugh…also a new pair of UGG’s would be nice!

  181. i want to get something really surprising that i couldn’t even dream up right now :)

  182. I want some ultrasound pictures! I need some physical evidence that this baby exists and I’m not all tired and crabby for no reason. :)

  183. Work for my husband, a finished kitchen, a Merry Christmas!

  184. I would really like a present from Santa. Usually I have to buy a coupla things to go along with the presents for Dad and Maks so it looks like Santa is real. I’ve been laying on the hints kinda thick. I think it might work.

  185. All I really want is for both of my kids to be happy and healthy. Last year my 4 year old daughter came down with the stomach flu at 11:00pm on Christmas Eve. It was so sad. She was so upset that she could not join in on all the fun.

  186. I would like a time machine for Christmas.

  187. So, I’ll tell you what I want (what I really really want)…

    Is that song in your head now? :-)

    I really want a cool new phone for Christmas. I’ve coveted the iPhone for ages, so we’ll see if Santa comes through.

    I heard you were in Atlanta at PW’s book signing! I was there too…and your cookbook cake pops were ridiculously adorable.

  188. I want to spend some quality time with my family. Also, the Pioneer Woman’s book or the Cake Wrecks book would be nice too!

  189. I love the sugar cookies! I want to make lots of cookies this Christmas and have a nice relaxing holiday break with my husband, puppy & family :)

  190. I have a few cookbooks on my Christmas list, but mainly I want my family home with us.

  191. I would LOVE to have one of those cameras that you use Bakerella!! I have made just about every one of your cake pops! I take them in to work and the gals think I’m so artistic!! I do give you the credit though and several have attempted them. We all love the ideas you come up with. Now…if I just had a camera to take the pictures and share them!! PLUS…I will have my 1st grandson in April!! Need to take pictures of him too!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  192. What do I want for Christmas? Ummm… it would be great to get our house sold, but since Santa can’t fit that in a stocking, I think I will just wish for some chocolate. :)

  193. I want a good christmas for my kids…

    peace on earth, good will toward men….

    and a pony.

  194. Honestly, all I ever wish is for good things to happen. So far, so good! :]

  195. Well I am glad you found a way to get your photos off your camera! Those cookies are adorable and well worth the wait :)

    Hope you get everything you wish for!!

    My Christmas list includes a sewing machine, a cherry print cardigan, and well, now, those cupcake cookie cutters :)

  196. I have a big wish – I am hoping for a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I have always wanted one…..hope this is the year!

  197. Really, I just want a Roomba! It would make my life SO much easier!

  198. A happy, healthy baby boy. He is due to be here anytime! And also a very accepting and non jealous 4 year old princess…..that is a big request…

  199. I want to win this contest :)

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