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Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

Cupcake Buns + Brownie Burgers + Cookie Fries = One Happy Meal!

Or many…

Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

I can hardly stand how cute these little guys are. You’ve probably seen them around before. I know I have. Cupcakes Take The Cake has featured cute ones. But, they are even cuter in person as I discovered this weekend. Oh my gawd… they just make me want to smile. I switched mine up a little by doing the burger out of brownies. But, you can just as easily make chocolate cupcakes and cut them in thirds to use instead. And if you want more realistic lettuce, tint some coconut (yuck) green.

I really decided to make these when I thought about making a meal out of them for Father’s Day, complete with sugar cookie french fries. I wasn’t sure if they would turn out, but I am so thrilled with the end result. Actually, I think the fries might be my favorite part.

Before I started baking, I made a template for a miniature paper box tray and french fry holder. You can download the 4-page pdf (636 KB) here if you want it. The pdf contains the tray template, french fry holder template (blank & with Happy Father’s Day). It also includes the design for the Happy Father’s Day tissue paper.


I printed the tray template on card stock (heavier weight paper), the french fry template on vellum (semi-transparent paper) and the tissue insert on tracing paper (really thin paper from Canson Art pad).

All three paper weights went through my printer fine – one sheet at a time to be safe. But, if you’re unsure about running the tracing paper through your printer, then just use regular plain white tissue paper.

Cut out the shapes as shown in the picture above with scissors or a sharp blade. Then fold along all the printed lines. Use double-sided tape to secure the flaps. Cut the tissue paper in half and place in the tray print side down.

Now, for the baking. Keeping with the fast food fun theme, I went all mixes on these. That’s right. I said mixes. For the cookies, brownies and the cupcakes. Don’t cringe.

You know I love learning to bake new things from scratch because it’s really empowering and satisfying and it usually tastes better, too. But, before a couple of years ago, I did all my baking from a box and really don’t have a problem using a mix. There, I said it. I feel better now.


So, I picked up several kinds.

The brownies baked first in a 13 X 9 pan. You don’t need any help there.

The cookies came next. I wanted to do rolled sugar cookies and luckily Mrs. Crocker offered some tips on how to convert the mix for better results.


Except I didn’t do the whole floured surface thing. I used parchment paper underneath and on top of the dough. Then I rolled it out with a rolling pin using rubber band spacers attached to ensure an even thickness. This is a really handy trick and so not messy. I got these tips from the book, Cookie Craft. If you want to learn more about rolled sugar cookies, it’s great.

Cookie Dough

See… perfectly even dough and a clean surface.

Here’s where I started experimenting, but it worked out pretty well.

French Fry Cookies

Cut the dough in thin strips with a sharp knife and then a long cut down the center. The varied lengths are fine because you don’t want all your french fries exactly the same size. Remove the alternating strips so it won’t bake into one giant blob. (Reserve dough strips and repeat) Sprinkle sugar on top of the dough. Bake for about 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

These spread more than I had hoped they would for rolled sugar cookies. I know. I know. The mix thing. But, no problem. Just take your knife and cut each “steak fry” down the center for “skinny fries.” Do this right when they come out of the oven. Sprinkle more sugar on top while they are still warm, too. Lightly rub it on to make sure it sticks good.

And voila……

Sugar Cookie French Fries

A big pile of fries. Yum! Try not to eat too many before you serve them. You can’t eat just one. Trust me.

Next up… cupcakes. I made these the next morning to spread out the work.

Boxes, brownies, and fries on one day. Cupcakes and decorating the next.


I baked 24 cupcakes using a yellow cake mix. I also exchanged 1 cup of buttermilk instead of the water. It made them nice and yummy. To test, I greased and floured one 12-cup cupcake tray and used Pam on the second. I wanted my buns to have smooth sides, you know. Well, they came out smooth, but also brown.

You can see what’s coming.

Yes. Yes. I made 24 more cupcakes. This time I used milk instead of water. No reason. Just to try it.

Cupcake Burger Buns

They were good, too. And this time I used paper liners to ensure the right color cupcake bun.

Brownie Burgers

Now it’s time to assemble. Cut each cooled cupcake in half or thirds depending on how tall it is. Cut out 24 circles from the completely cooled brownies and place in between the cupcake bun.
I used my ever so handy graduated circle cutters to do the trick. Size 2″ for uniform burgers.

Then… and this might be the most important thing.

Take a break and dispose of the scraps……


… You’ll figure something out.

Next up. Frostings.


Divide the canned frosting in three bowls. Two can have equal amounts for the mustard and ketchup. The third – a little more for the lettuce. The colors I used to tint were, Wilton Leaf Green, Wilton Golden Yellow, and Americolor Super Red.



Frosting Condiments

To make the red a little deeper, use a tiny bit of violet when you mix. Place each color in a ziploc bag and snip a small tip off one corner.

Brownie Burger Cupcake

Gently squeeze out the mustard and ketchup first. Then the lettuce in more of a squiggly design. Place the top of the bun on and press gently.

Now for the finishing touch. Brush a very thin layer of water over the top of the bun or either dab a few drops of water on with your finger. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and they’ll stick.

There you have it.

Brownie Burger Cupcakes

Brownie Burger Cupcakes

Sugar Cookie French Fries

And Sugar Cookie French Fries.

Hamburger Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

A perfectly sweet meal for Dad’s day or any day.

Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

And, if you use this template, there’s a blank french fry holder in it. Use it and you can serve these for a family cookout or Fourth of July party.

Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

People will go crazy for them, don’t you think.

Thick Brownie Burger Cupcake

Man, that’s one good looking burger. So thick … and…

Burger Bite

Tasty, too! Hope you like them.

Now, I’m curious. When it comes to mixes, how do you roll?
Use them? Refuse them? Or improve them?

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  1. These are absolutely too cute to handle :-)

  2. very clever idea, you are very funny too. Keep up the good work/fun!

  3. I have no problem using mixes, BUT… I have to be careful. ONLY the Betty Crocker mixes are made in facilities without nuts, and I have a very close friend (i.e. someone who is often at events I host) who is deathly allergic to all tree nuts. Just a little FYI that you can file for future reference.

    Those are really cute. I'm sure my DH would love them… maybe, if I have the time this week, I'll whip up a batch! Thanks!

  4. i use cake mix, because everyone who eats it says its the best thing they have ever tasted and asks for the recipe. i figure why mess with a good thing? but ther eis only ONE brand i will use. i always make my own buttercream.

  5. I think mixes have their place especially when you want to focus on the decorating/assembly/cute factor and when you add kids into the baking equation, mixes are the way to go. FYI: I saw some red plastic hamburger/fry baskets at Target in the Dollar section. They might be cuter for serving up these burgers and fries.

  6. This is amazing! I was totally stuck on what to get my father-in-law (my man is so disorganised that I need to think of everything!) and this is perfect!

    And cheap, which is a must when Father's Day comes before payday!

    Thank you so much!

  7. Simply incredible.

  8. I love it.

    I use mixes but I usually add something to doctor them up a tad.

  9. Mixes? Heck yeah, I use them! Sometimes straight up, most often I'll use them as the base and swap out ingredients like you did. Sometimes buttermilk, milk, or half and half instead of water; butter instead of oil. And almost always some vanilla extract!

    word verification: tribbl (perfect for a Trekkie like me!) :D

  10. This is such an adorable idea! My kids are now begging to make these. As far as mixes go, I tend to refuse them. But in a pinch, I've been known to use some of the Cake Mix Doctor's improvements. I always make my own icing, though. :)

  11. This site is more fun to read, learn from and bake then anything I've seen! your daughter is adorable! looking back I almost fainted at some of your giveaways!! I a so happy to have found you from moon dog cottage! i will be adding you to my sidebar and looking forward to each and every visit! Lori

  12. You're SO creative!!! I'm always amazed with your ideas!

  13. These are absolutely AMAZING. Well done. The last time I made cake mixes in the Uk (a long time ago) they were tasteless and grey! Yuk. They have probably come on a long way since then but since I can manage to make them myself I don't usually bother. You can get some Betty Crocker stuff here in Greece but I haven't tried them. Obviously there isn't the selection you have there. Given a good taste and a great selection I would probably use them sometimes. I am curious? How do the mixes you get over there compare with regard to additives, preservatives and artificial colors? I imagine they are quite good in the US with regard to "free from…"

    Liz in Greece

  14. I use mixes a little more than half the time. It depends on what I'm making. However, with a dry mix, I always add things wheat germ and/or ground flaxseed. It makes me feel less guilty about indulging!!

  15. Bakerella! You continually amaze me! These are SO awesome I can hardly breath! I can't wait to make them1 I want to make them for the Dads at church. We usually serve cake. Can we do it? I'll have to talk the ladies into trying!!!
    Re: question…I like the ease of mixes but change ingredients to make it better. Scratch cakes have Much better flavor and a better consistency, though.

  16. Mixes sometimes just take out some of the stress and get you to the yummy food that much quicker!

    Love your blog, just wrote a post about it :)

  17. ADORABLE! And thank you for posting. I've seen this idea before and had completely forgotten it. I've been stressing out over what to do for the boys on father's day and this is perfect!

    ps I'm proud of you for owning the mix usage. I used mixes ALL the time and have just barely begun to be okay with it. Mix users unite!

  18. Oh those are adorable. I'm think those will have to make an appearance at our next school bake sale :P

    I use mixes proudly. Don't get me wrong, I love to bake from scratch. I won't buy store bought bread anymore because I have fallen in love with homemade from scratch goodness. But there is a time and place for cake/cookie/brownie mixes! And this is brilliant! I love it!

  19. So stink'n cute, I love it! I may need to do this for my daughter's birthday!

  20. You are simply amazing. Period. End of story. I so wish that I had more time & money to try these things!!!

  21. OMG, you've really taken this over the top! This is sooo great, I never thought of making cookie fries :)

    And I am a strong non-mix supporter!

  22. Baking from scratch is great (especially when you have good ingredients like madagascar bourbon vanilla, etc.) but it definitely takes longer. When I'm making something quick I always use mixes but if I'm baking solely for the purpose of having fun and relaxing I like to try new things and don't usually use mixes.

  23. These are so cute!!! You are so talented!

  24. seriously the CUTEST thing I have seen in ages!

  25. So cute! Hamburger cupcakes… I like everything about it!

  26. Those are sooo adorable!

  27. zoemonster – Make it easy on yourself and buy some plain cupcakes and brownies on the way to the lake and just have fun decorating.

    Gina – that's a good wone to use them on.

    Akinaj – Hi!

    Sandee – Where are you?

    lena – right on!

    Anonymous – just because

    WkSocMom – yeah, I even did a post on it back somewhere.

    Anonymous – I like Sandra Lee, too

    Nevertan – you're welcome.

    morgana – stop it.

    Beks – the pudding powder is already combined in the cake mix

    Abby – you can barely taste them. You could use white non-pareils as a substitute.

    SimplySweeter – interesting.

    Sarah – eat them. give them away. eat them.

    Torrie – It was Cooper Black. You could set your text to line up with the template and then photocopy it.

    Anonymous – just for fun maybe?

    elizabeth – thanks!

    Christy – I agree

  28. VERY CUTE! I totally want to make/eat these!

    As for mixes, don't like to use them, I want to know exactly what is in my food. So, I have used a couple of Trader Joe's mixes because they have legible ingredients, but I don't always love how the finished product comes out. Too airy and I can taste the "mix" flavor. TJ's brownie mixes are good though.

  29. TOO CUTE!!! I'm making these for a big cookout next month!! Maybe adding some fondant 'pickles'. When I make cakes, I almost exclusively use a doctored box mix recipe. I like the No-fail sugar cookies if I'm going to a delicate design and don't want spreading, but they just don't taste as good as the old-fashioned sugar cookie recipe that is in my 30+ yr old Good Housekeeping cookbook (a handy-me-down from my mother).

  30. I bake from scratch sometimes, but I often use mixes. I have found that some mixes are pretty much just as good as homemade. I often use homemade icing though, especially when making cakes. With cake, I think the trick is to mix until you think you've mixed enough, then mix some more. You can't overmix! Also, don't overbake. I take them out as SOON as they can come out without being loose in the middle. I had a party a couple of months ago where I made cupcakes and one of the girls said it was the best cupcake she'd ever had. It was a mix…with my delicious homemade icing. :)

  31. The only "scratch" cake I've done is an Easter Lamb cake using Swan's Down cake flour. It did come out better than using a box mix. Right now time is of the essence, so I'm mostly into the boxed stuff, doctored up, of course.

    But this Fun Food…what a hoot!!! I love it, esp the fries!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!
    (^l^) (^l^) :^p …YUM!!!

  32. Whaaaaaa ! C'est génial ! Quelle imagination !

  33. That is such an awesome idea!

    We used mixes for cake decorating in 4-H where we had to have a new cake each week, and I have used the refrigerated dough just to see how it differs from my home-made dough. But most of the time I just prefer to make everything from scratch.

  34. LOVE these! :)

  35. I don't mind using mixes. Sometimes all you want is a predictable batter.

    I usually doctor it up a little, though, to make it taste better.

  36. I tend to improve them- love to experiment with adding fruits or other flavors to the basic white or chocolate cake mix re-boxed as generic for our local Hy-Vee stores.

  37. Super adorable! I've never seen anything so clever! :=)

  38. These are sooooo cute! I improve cake mix, but only when making a white, yellow, or chocolate cake. I don't cringe as much using them because I think of it as cake flour :o). The recipe I use is so different from the cake box recipe.

  39. These are so cute!!! It's so small and real! I love it!

  40. so, so, so, so cute!!!

  41. Really now, could you be any more creative? These are absolutely adorable.

    I love that you use mixes, I think they are great. All premeasured and ready to go. I'd rather spend my time decorating anyway.

    I improve mixes. When I make chocolate cupcakes, I use devils food mix and add a box of instant chocolate pudding, it makes them extra chocolaty and moist.

    Vanilla icing too, I'll jazz it up by adding extracts or marshmallow cream. I do insist on making chocolate icing from scratch.

  42. I started out when I was young using mixes but now I bake all from scratch.

    Neat idea!

  43. Completely amazing! I so want to try these for a summer bbq….i might have to practice a few times first!
    I love to use cake mixes – there's so much you can do to alter them. Also, they're so quick and easy and with little kids it's nice to have something that doesn't take much time. I do like a good old fashioned from scratch cake once in a while, too!

  44. I use the same Betty Crocker cookie mix for my sugar cookies that I cut out. No one is the wiser, but me. :) They are really tasty! Cakes, I almost always use a mix also. That was just how I was raised and how I had always done it. But once I had my daughter (she is 5) I realized I wanted to teach her how to cook and bake from scratch since I am having to learn all that on my own. Still, there is something to be said for the quick and easy mixes when you are in a hurry. :)

    My daughter and I are going to attempt these little burgers and fries. Too cute!!

  45. Love mixes and use them unabashedly. ;)

    Your burger and fries are adorable!

  46. I almost always avoid mixes…unless I'm making cake balls. :) The first time I saw them on this website I had to try them RIGHT THAT SECOND…and I've just continued to use a mix and prepared frosting ever since!

  47. Love my mixes when I need to whip something up in a hurry, and I almost always add stuff to it so it tastes more "homemade". :-) Love the burgers and fries…will definately be making these this summer!

  48. Love my mixes when in a hurry to do whip up something quick and add stuff to it to make it more "homemade".

  49. Oh so yummy. All Dad's will love that.
    By the way, mixes are great and easy. But that just how I grew up!

  50. Bakerella, you have done it again! Your latest creation is wonderful and so perfect! Thanks for hooking us all up to fool everyone into thinking we are baking masters like yourself! Fake it 'til you bake it!

    My sister called a few weeks ago to surprise visit us for an evening of games. Since I didn't have a brownie mix, I made some from scratch. We had to choke them down…the mixes are so chewy and fudgy and moist and mine were, well, not. And if you add up the cost of all the ingredients, it is probably cheaper to just buy a mix and enjoy its goodness! So, at least for brownies, we are sticking to boxed creations!

  51. I was going to make these burgers a few days ago now you have given me a even better idea thanks!

  52. This is so great. Greetings from Germany

  53. These are the cutest things ever. I will definitely be trying some of these.

  54. supper fun! I'll try it one day!

  55. Oh man, these are soooo cute! Dare I make an attempt at these?
    I am no mix snob, I will use a cake mix more times than not. But, I don't like the cookie mixes, I think they have a weird aftertaste.
    Thanks for the inspiration, you're great!

  56. So cute – nice job!

  57. These are so adorable. I'm going to give these a go.

    I use mixes whenever time is short. Why not? They never fail and nobody will know unless you tell them. ;o)

  58. Wow, what a cute idea!!

    And I'm sure some day, I'll bake *something* from scratch, but with two toddlers + school to think about, I'm all about the mixes for now. :)

  59. oooooo *drools* these are really pretty and looks realllllly delicious! I'm gonna make them for my dad too! thank you bakerella :)

  60. I love these sweet burgers!! My husband and son, love eating burgers, and now I am sure they will be thrilled with these!! thanks for such a wonderful idea, and I love using mixes, they come out so good in taste, and I also always substitute milk instead of water…

  61. Of course I prefer homemade most of the time, but mixes are convenient and I use them sometimes! But, I usually improve them by adding other ingredients (pudding, sour cream, fruit, homemade frosting, etc).

  62. Cake mixes yes! For cookies NO!
    Cookies are way to easy, and taste "HELLO" is way better.
    Keep those ideas comming :)

  63. Absolutely adorable! I'm trying to decide whether I feel ambitious enough to try this next weekend. : )

  64. adorable!

  65. That is the cutest thing ever! I totally use mixes.

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  67. These would be so cute for a birthday boy or girl….Might just have to do these for my grandson's day care class.

  68. OK. I am SO making all of this! THANKS for the fabulous inspiration!

  69. PERFECT!! After the Valentine's cake, I didn't know how I could top it. This is the answer. Thanks for the great idea!

    Oh, and never ever use box mixes. I prefer to have more control over what we eat. Scratch all the way.

  70. I love you and I am absolutely doing this!!!

  71. I love to decorate. I only marginally like baking, though. So I LOVE box mixes! And I love it that you use them too and talk about it on this blog. Makes me feel a TAD less guilty. :)

  72. amazing. such an inspiration. looking thru your archives to bring something special to sister's BBQ who doesn't think i can do anything right in the kitchen. look out, here i come.

  73. Bakerella!
    Too stinkin cute!! You are so cool:)!! Love those burgers and friend and thank you SO much for the pdf-whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for me, I prefer baking from scratch. I like the process, it gives me joy! And when I give a gift of a sweet something, I think making it from scratch puts a little extra love in it <3!

    On the other hand- I will use a box mix for making thinks like cupcake pops, these fun burgers, etc….Because with all the fun details on those things, I like to take the extra time with decorating.

    So there you go!! Love your blog-it challenges me!! I have everyone I know check it out b/c I can't get over how amazing your confections are!!!

    Sweets to you:)…

  74. Mixes are great when you need them. Depends on the situation …like this burger is time consuming so save some time and use the mixes.

    Having said that these are the cutest things I have ever seen. I dont know if I have all that kind of time though. Too Cute.

  75. i love these every time i see them! great job. i made a giant hamburger cake for a friend's engagement party. it was so much fun.

  76. Going to have my boys help me make these for next weekend for father's day. Thanks for the idea.

  77. LOVE IT! so cool! thanks for sharing! and i think you need to offer classes to your friends in GA!!! :]]

  78. Gosh, that's so creative!!!!!

  79. OMG – this is totally amazing – something so simple for such an amazing idea – I've gotta try this now.. this is just too cute!

  80. I'm SO making these next weekend for Father's Day BBQ. How fun! Thanks for making these, the templates & sharing it all with us.

    I'm a bake from scratch girl most of the time, but I really don't have trouble using a mix for something like this. Yum!

  81. You never cease to amaze me and your e-mails in my inbox are the tastiest part of my day!

  82. The french fries are genius and the templates awesome!

    I ain't skeerd! Use & improve 'em!

  83. I am shaking my head in amazement!

  84. Absolutely ingenious! This may be the cutest thing I ever saw. I'm pretty much a mix snob, but if I do use one, I always tweak it with something to make it more special. I've added extracts, pudding (of course), liquors, nuts, chocolate, etc. Thanks for a brilliant idea!

  85. How in the world do you keep coming up with these cute ideas??? You never cease to amaze me!!!
    I love these, and will have to try them for our pool party coming soon…
    As for mix vs. scratch, it depends on the time I have. I tend to use mixes if I plan on spending more time decorating, and scratch if I am planning on just frosting!
    Keep up the good work!

  86. I scratch bake and I use mixes. When I do use a mix I usually doctor it up. These are totally adorable. I will definitely be making them for our next barbecue.


    You've seriously outdone yourself, lady!

  88. I just sent my hubby to the dollar store for a cookie mix (as my grams turns like a pig on a spit in her grave); I have the other mixes on hand always since "meeting" your blog. Sorry to say, I'm a from scratch kind of girl because that's how my Grams was…everything I learned came from her (and she barely measured anything!).

  89. I've been a lurker here for a while, but I have to say those burgers are the coolest thing I've ever seen. If I had one here, I'd be eating it right now!

  90. Those are adorable. I did something similar for my daughter's 50's sock hop. Instead of cookie fries mine were Rice Krispie treats sliced and then dipped in yellow white chocolate.

    Also for cute effect you can buy mini-ketchup and mini-mustard jars at the Deli at WM and empty/wash them and refill them with yellow/red thinned icing. The kids are our party loved the dippable icing.

  91. I don't know what to say. Those are completely darling. And I have no problems with box mixes either – they definitely have their uses!

  92. I love the feeling you get when you know you made it from scratch. But when you get a last minute I need 50 cupcakes for school. Thank Goodness for mix. I like to improve them though. Since I was a little girl never really did what the box said. It works for me though, because when I tell people that dont like box it is box they are surprised lol.

  93. I am incredibly lazy, and messy. Not only does using a mix make my life ten times easier, but it makes my mother happy because it's not so damn messy.

    Of course, when I make Red Velvet cakes I can't use a mix. Because there aren't any around here! D:

    You'd think with Red Velvet cakes being popular in both America's hat (Canada) and America's diaper (the South) that the spot in between (NEW YORK… and the rest of New England) would also have it.

  94. Absolutely adorable!! I am completey, once again – blown away by your ideas. I almost never share them with the kids though – or they would ask me to make such creations! LOL! I have nothing against cake mixes – with such cake stylin's – who would have time to do both things!?

    If you want more *hagel* – let me know! I'll bring some home for you from Europe (the nederlands) – well, okay only a box or two! ;-)

  95. These are so cute! Great job!

  96. I think I just totally changed my Father's Day sweet plans!

    I totally <3 mixes, there's something to be sad about being able to quickly whip something up. And it's still thoughtful because you still had to take the time to make them.

    And that sugar cookie mix is the best and I've never made a brownie from scratch that's better than the mix type.

  97. I'll use cake mixes because they have ingredients in them that make the cake stay fresh much longer than a scratch cake would. Even Alton Brown says this. But scratch icing is much better. You control the sugar, so your teeth don't hurt.

    These are really cute!

  98. Well, these look good


    our or my senses are so used to the idea of a salty, fat and warm food when I think of burgers and fries. Why should I eat them like this?

  99. i have twins. i definately use mixes. but i really like the idea of improving them – it makes me feel more….scratchy! :) This is the cutest thing! EEEEK! PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING FOR FOURTH OF JULY! My twins celebrate their first bday July 2nd! I need some ideas Bakerella!

  100. I am a proud mix user. I also am a pround owner of the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook. Also, I'll add color to my mixes, like a white mix, and tint sections red, another blue. When you layer it in a cake pan or cupcake tin it comes out red, white and blue!!

  101. I am seriously in aww…these are so cute I could just die!

  102. These are adorable!! A great idea and I think this is a great time to use a mix b/c of all the other steps. Plus, to be honest my homemade brownies are not as good as Mrs. Crocker's.

    What font did you use or would you make a "Happy Birthday" template?

  103. Those are too much!!! Perfect for Father's Day or dear Dad's birthday. We will definitely be making those!

  104. Very Cute! Great for Food marketing! How inspiring! Great Job and I LOVE your BLOG!!!! Thanks!!!

  105. wow! adorable. and yes, couldn't live without the mixes. it's the perfect base to customize..

  106. That is just amazing!

  107. I love the idea of baking from scratch, but I have a full life too. So, I often use mixes. I prefer to buy the plain (cheap) brownie mixes and then add my own chocolate syrup to make them rich and gooey.

    My favorite cookie mix is peanut butter. I bake the mix in a small bar pan and spread a bag of melted chocolate chips over it. Let cool (if you can). I think this recipe is on the BC PB cookie mix as well.

  108. If I do use a mix then I add extracts (almond) is especially good and I use other fresh ingredients like strawberries and homemade whipped cream, so that it has a personal touch to it. love love love your burgers and fries

  109. I use them in a pinch, especially for brownies – I can never get my brownies from scratch to come out correctly! They ALWAYS stick in the pan or overbake for some bizzare reason. I keep blaming my oven, but I think I might be the real problem!

  110. I am in awe of your creativity and talent.

  111. I really prefer scratch baking (gives me a greater sense of accomplishment ) but I don't mind doctoring a mix…1 boxed cake mix, plus 1 small package of instant pudding, plus an extra egg, plus some extract (keeping with the flavor of the cake) makes for a thicker more homemade texture.

    I can't use store-bought icing though. Nothing beats homemade buttercream!

  112. AMAZING! I think I may try this out for my Sunday School class. It might be fun for all of the dads. I love your work… you are so creative.

  113. I love mixes! I don't usually use cookie mixes, but definitely brownies and cakes! Not always, but mostly!

    So My question is, what are you doing with all of these??????

  114. SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you never cease to amaze me :)

  115. They look like so much fun to make!!!!! Nice job!!

    I use mixes and bake from scratch too…I love to experiment. Have you tried mixing a can of pumpkin with a cake mix?? Nothing else…just the can of pumpkin. It's a Weight Watchers recipe and it's actually really good.

  116. Brilliant, as always. Nothing wrong with using mixes, for goodness sakes.

    That photo of the pile of "fries" is awesome. I swear you'd never guess they were cookies. : )

    Amazing job!!!

  117. These are amazing.. you are awesome! =oD

  118. Abby- Sesame seeds should actually just give it kind of a nutty flavor! No worries. I can't really taste them though when I use them.

  119. Oh we are having a get together for Father's Day at my brother's house this year. I may have to do this for that! Everyone would get such a kick out of it! Just got to figure out how to make it travel well…hmmm.

  120. Oh my, that is so cute! But, I have to admit, it also creeps me out. I suppose they look so real, I am imagining tasting french fries with sugar on top, or a cupcake with ketchup on it.

    Yeah, mixes great to use, if you can add a little something extra to them. Except, now that I live in Australia, like Lilia (2nd comment), the mixes aren't near as tasty as the ones in the US and Canada, and there aren't that many options out here either.

  121. I cannot wait to try these. I've not tried anything of yours yet. These may be the first!

  122. Just adorable!! The hamburger and french fries are really authentic! Mixes? I prefer from scratch, but in a pinch, I won't stand on ceremony and am very thankful for the quick method!

  123. That is just so awesome – I've got to try this!

  124. Once again I am floored by your awesomeness!! You took this to a whole new level. And the the cookie fries were genius!!

  125. You are always so incredibly creative! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to bake these with me for their Daddy on Father's day.

  126. Those are absolutely amazing! I always use mixes when I bake stuff for the kids — time, ease, simplicity — as it allows me more time to concentrate on the fun stuff. Daddy and I are on the South Beach Diet this year and I am pretty certain these are not allowed… but would be fabulous for a Birthday party!

  127. I love them!

  128. Love them, i bake with mixes once in a while, but i usually transform them. Thanks for this cute idea

  129. I bake from scratch mostly, but out of convenience and time I will use mixes when I have too and I love them. I have never had a problem with a mix. And I don't ever feel bad when I use them.

  130. My password isn't working for some reason so I am posting incognito…

    I use 'em and modify 'em. I love the book "CUPCAKES! from the Cake Mix Doctor". There are a lot of good recipes in there.

    These burgers and fries are too cute. I might just have to make them for my dad this Father's Day!

  131. HOW CUTE!! I hope to one day be brave enough to try them!!

    How do the sesame seeds taste on the cupcakes? Can you think of a proper sugary substitution….maybe some type of sprinkles??

  132. love the idea.LOL:)

  133. You are a creative cooking genius!!

    When doing something so intricate and time consuming as this, I would def use mixes


  134. OMG!! I LOVE THESE!!!!
    THey are just so darn cute. I think mixes are great when I don't have the time to bake from scratch. There is no contest though on which tastes better.

  135. i'm absolutely in love with this idea…perfection!

  136. To be honest, I don't really like mixes since I think homemade is always better – but it always makes me wonder, how on earth do you change simple and basic cake mixes and canned frosting into something so cute and beautiful! You are so creative, I'm always stunned by your new creations

  137. Although I do prefer to bake from scratch, if I could get hold of the cake mixes I'd love to give them a try. They're a lot quicker.
    Actually the brownie mix works out cheaper than making homemade brownies and I'm not ashamed to use it but I think I would be a bit backward in coming forward about it.

    In the UK you can only get a few of the very popular Betty Crocker mixes and the other makes are quite frankly rubbish. I've always wanted to try the red velvet mix but I've never been able to get hold of one.

    Actually not getting hold of mixes is a pain as my friend went to New York last year and bought me four Betty Crocker cookery books (cookies and cupcakes etc.) for Christmas and all of them have at least one or two chapters with really yummy modifications to cake mixes. I've alwasy been intrigued by cake mix with pudding. Does that come together in one packet?

  138. These are amazing- you are an incredible and inspirational artist!!

  139. Aww they look soooo incredibly cute! I might try these out real soon ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  140. C'est vraiment génial. Bravo, très beau travail !!

    Very great, is so beautiful !


  141. I think this is the n-st time I say this but it is as true now as the first time a wrote it: YOU ARE A GENIOUS.

  142. Soooo cute!! It looks easy and thank you so much sharing the templates with us…I'm going to bake these fast food cuties…to muchhh fun!!

  143. Original. Fantastic!

  144. Look out Burger King here comes Bakerella!! I use mixes. Work full time and I have become the cupcake maker for every ones birthday at work. If I had the time i would do from scratch. Thanks for your creative nature.

  145. These are amazing. Until recently I had never used a mix, I had assumed them to be inferior, but on your inspiration I used one to attempt some cupcake pops, and now I use them much more. I am ashamed to say they taste better than my cakes!!!

  146. OMG. Those are so stinkin' cute! I might actually have to try that. My 4 year old would think I was awesome!

  147. If you are going to put all that time and energy into the cuteness factor, a mix is a MUST. Sometimes I add a box of instant pudding to give my cake mix cakes a little something extra. I've heard you can also buy flavorings from the cake stores.

    Those burgers are SO SO SO CUTE! I can't wait to try it. :)

  148. you are a genius! genius!

  149. THank you for posting this. This will be the perfect touch on my Daughters Summer birthday pool party :D I know everyone will love it.

  150. OMGness! I love these… got to make them now. ;) I always use boxed mixes… some reason I just can't get a 'real' cake to turn out right. Sometimes I do improve the boxed cakes with some of my own additives though. ;)

  151. Wow,it's a very good idea!

  152. Mixes are a Mom of 3 quick fix for cupcakes. I would prefer to make all by scratch, but when you have 3 kids looking for someting tasty really quick, I reach for the mix!

    Sugar cookies on the other hand, the kids know it's Mom's special recipe and they have to wait for those!

  153. I use cake mix all the time.
    BUT to make it taste more homemade and to make it moist…
    add a small box of pudding and 1 cup sour cream to any cake mix!
    Use vanilla pudding for white or yellow cake mix and chocolate pudding for any chocolate cake mix!
    Hope this helps!

    Bakerella, Thanks for including the template! I can't wait to make this for my husband for Father's Day. The kids are very excited!

  154. I LOVE THIS! While I was reading your ost I was thinking of making the fries for the Independance Day celebration we have here… and maybe selling them for our Spouses club. Think that would be ok? They asked for baked donations so… I admit it, I use mixes. It's so quick, easy, and cheap when you've got three kids running around the house and ten more on their way over for a party. But I need to be adventurous and improve on them. I'm going to be buying some buttermilk at the store next time I go. OH, I made the lemon bars. Not so good. I think my mistake was in not using real butter. And the oven is tempermental with it's heat settings. Oh well, it was fun to try!

  155. They look adorable!!! :) I wish I could make some!! :P

    As for mixes — I use 'em…mainly because when I make my own, they don't taste as good! LOL {Mainly because of the lack of sugar in mine…not as sweet :( I'm not allowed to use a lot of sugar when I bake – which is rarely – because 3 out of 4 of us are 'on diets' LOL}

  156. cute! as always (i follow you thru google reader)

    i'm usually for scratch… except brownies:

    costco's ghirardelli triple chocolate brownie mix. … no scratch brownie can compare

    and for cakes, it depends on what you want. i don't like frosting with cake mixes since they're so sweet already, and seriously, until someone can find me a good natural strawberry cake recipe, i'm all for it!

  157. Improve them! As Sandra Lee would say… its Semi Homemade! It doesnt take much to tweak a boxed mix… and they save time and money… so why not?

  158. Those are adorable. It's funny growing up we would never use mix, partly because we used ww flour and honey when possible, and the preservatives and stuff. Then when I started baking as a busy mom mixes seemed a no-brainer. I now find I like the scratch better but will use them to make with a bunch of kids, and add things like pudding, liquor, etc. Buttermilk sounds like a yummy addition.

    Have you heard of the soda cake – one box of mix and one can of soda and you have a cake.

  159. so cute! what I want to know is, do you make all these goodies for "just because" family & friends, or for customers?

  160. Once again I cannot find words… PERFECT seems too small…

    PS: I do not use mixes usually… I prefer homemade cupcakes and so, find them healthier!

  161. Those are super cute.
    There is a time and place for mixes-
    I LOVE Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix. The only way I make sugar cookies now. one reason- they are delicious. Second- by the time I get ones from scratch mixed, rolled and cut out, I am too tired and sick of them to frost. But with the mix, it is SOO easy- I still have the energy and desire to frost!!
    Also- love Betty Crocker Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin mix. Mmmm. Comes with a delicious lemon glaze.

  162. good cute god! you're my number 1 inspiration and i'll make these soon!


  163. how cuteeeeeeeeeee
    i love that you use mixes and you aren't afraid to admit it!!!

    i'm known as the baker amongst my friends and they are like shy or embarrassed to mention mixes when they're around me even though i love them as much as them!

    i adore baking from scratch because it's just fun and you can control what is in your recipe but mixes are also great for experimenting! you can add more or less eggs, extracts, substitute the cup of water for a juice etc… you can easily make it your own. using a box shouldn't discredit the creative baker!

    to me it's like mac n cheese. we all know that the boxed vs. the real thing are two different things so i count them as different flavors. sometimes i'm craving the cardboardy fake taste of the boxed kind and other times i want the real super cheesy flavor of the real mac n cheese.

  164. improve them! love this post and will share with wifey of a fast-food lover! thanks!!

  165. man! it's hamburgers AND baked goods together! yum!!!

    I made some cake bites last night/this morning for a party…HUGE hit and no one would have known if I used a mix or scratch. I have 2 kids, 2 and 5, so I use mixes all the time for cakes and brownies. Cookies I prefer from scratch, except for sugar…I can never seem to get those right.

    And I would have NEVER thought up Funfetti on my own ;)

    But mixes also get us to the fun decorating faster and my kids are way impatient too!

  166. Wow! These are so cute! This is such a great idea. I need to try these when I get some free time! :)
    Also, I love everything you do. It's so creative!

  167. Cute idea!

    As for mixes vs scratch, I've been more prone to using mixes lately. Altitude (nearly 8000) makes it so hard to get a dang cake to turn out right. Any suggestions?

  168. Oh my….I am saying this with my mouth hung open. You are amazing! I bump by your site through other links from time to time and this time I am putting you as a fav. on my blog. You are really incredible!

  169. wow, they look amazing, especially the pile of cookie fries. Must find an opportunity to make them!

    As for the mixes question: I use them occasionally, for specific types of cakes where I know the mix works better than any recipe I've tried. I can't get home made brownies as soft and moist as from the boxes.

    Also hello, I'm new here. Have been lurking for a week or two but couldn't resist commenting on these!

  170. Quite possibly the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN…

    Definitely don't have a problem using mixes, but I have been perfecting my scratch recipes in the last year- so I CAN do it from scratch, IF I am so inclined.

  171. UNBELIEVABLE…i LOVE them,sooooo cute……

    i bake from scratch usually,but now and again i will use a packet mix only better crocker though, dont find other brands (available in Australia) to be that good

  172. Oh. Em. GEE!!!!!!!! These are so FLIPPING COOL!!!!!

    I rarely use mixes any more. The only reason I use a mix is when I make Sprite cake (which I think I got from you??)

  173. these… are incredible :)

  174. OH MY GOSH! This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I am a mix AND homemade kinda girl. Depends on the time and amount I have to make it!!

  175. oh my gosh, these are just adorable! They'd be great too for a kid's party..or just about anything!

    As for mixes, I have no problem with them. My girls are still small and it's a lot easier when they want to help to use a mix. We do cakes from scratch too so they know that way as well. I like the mixes that have you add more to them, like some of the butter recipe cakes, where you add a whole stick of butter as well as eggs and other ingredients. I often substitute milk for water on mixes.

  176. I'm going to be having a party next weekend, and I think I know what dessert will be now! Thank you so much for this!

  177. OMG, these are so cute! I'll have to make these someday. Perhaps July 4th, or Labor Day weekend.

    I don't use mixes normally, but I use them when I have to bake a bajillion of one thing but I only have like 1 hour to do so. It just makes everything so much easier. I also use them when I dont have the time to get ingredients, but I happen to have some mixes.

  178. So clever Bakerella!
    I have nothing against box mixes, they are great when I am time constrained!

  179. Wow, I am constantly amazed by your creations!

  180. OMG the cookie fries are genius!! I've seen the cupcake burger a lot recently but I would have never thought to use cookies for fries. awesome!

  181. Wow those are so cute! Just wondering do you think they would freeze OK. I'd love to try and make these for Father's day but we are off to the lake that weekend.

  182. that is amazingly adorable!!! looks easy enough…i may have to dabble! thanks for sharing. :)

  183. I use a mix for the cake, but always homemade frosting.

  184. I love these, what a great idea!

  185. Ohh BOY! I 'am in trouble!

  186. I just started baking from scratch. I used to use "plused" box mixes, but I needed more variety than I could get from a box.

    And now I'm off to craft Strawberry Shortcake cuppies for DD!

  187. Oh my gosh!!!!! That is so cute. How do you have the patience to create all of your ideas?!! I guess because I have twin boy toddlers I don't have much patience for anything!!!!!
    I would say that I use mixes 20% of the time. I much prefer scratch – but always homemade frosting. (except I live in Canada where we call it ICING!!)

  188. these are amazing! you've really outdone yourself.
    sometimes i use cake mixes but it just really depends on how much time i have and how difficult the project is that i'm working on.

  189. OMG those are absolutely adorable! I almost exclusively use mixes and sometimes add a little something but most of the time I just use them as the instructions suggest.

  190. This is such a darling idea! I am in love.

    I am a fan of brownie mixes. I love them :) Homemade cakes are my favorite though!

  191. Man, those are soooo cute!

  192. I love baking from scratch but Oh how easy the cake mix cookie is :)
    I rarely use the directions on the back of the mix and tend to come up with my own variation
    LOVE the burgers, I am for sure going to give them a try.

  193. Those are freaking adorable! I usually do from scratch, but if I'm in a pinch, I'll doctor up a cake mix. One of my favorite cakes is banana cake with quick caramel frosting, which starts from a yellow cake mix. Try it sometime–yum!

  194. Oh, those are so lovely. Wish we could all eat dessert instead of dinner food.

  195. I am young and just started learning how to cook, so I always use mixes! I don't have a problem with them but then again…I have never tasted any baked goods that were home made ):

    Those are really cute btw. I need an excuse to make them! Was that enough frosting for the cupcake AND brownie? I think it would be cute to have a little container of "ketchup" on the side.

    And I also think fondant "lettuce" might look more realistic

  196. very cute idea. i have to stash this idea away for my son turns 2.

  197. Oh man that's actually the cutest thing I've ever seen. Wish I had the time and patience to pull it off!

  198. you're always an inspirations!

    i don't use mixes anymore but i used to! and they were great to experiment with!

  199. Cute! It does look like little hamburgers and fries!
    I don't usually use mixes cause mixes that we have in Australia are pretty crappy.
    But if i do use mixers, i try to improvise by adding my own chocolate frosting just have it taste a little better. :P

  200. Now don't get me wrong, I love scratch baking too, but oh sweet Lord what would I do without mixes?!

    When I want something quick, or I'm multi-tasking its mixes all the way.
    (And these are a perfect example of when to mix-it! Also, SUPER CUTE!)

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