Going Dutch

When I got home from the hospital recently, I had a bunch of mail waiting for me. Bills, and junk mail, packages and email … lots of email. It’s always fun opening packages. Cardboard boxes with unknown delights inside. It’s like Christmas for me anytime of the year because I usually don’t remember what I ordered online until I open the box and look inside. Surprise. Surprise. And even more of a surprise when something comes along that I’m not expecting.

***** Interruption***** Before I continue… Thank you again for all your prayers. And to update you guys… my mom has passed the first part of the tests, but we both have a bit more to do. Doctor and surgeon consults, blood tests, MRIs, stress tests, ultrasounds, EKGs, etc. are all part of the process. So it will be at least a couple more weeks before we know for sure, for sure. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, dialysis isn’t the most fun, but I’m doing fine. No, I’m doing really good. I’ll be sure to update you when I know more. Okay, back to packages that come in the mail.

This cute little book was in one of them.


Looks familiar, huh.

But something is different. Something is a little bit off.


My Pirate Pops on the cover? Where are my chicks and snowmen?

And look inside…


Wait a minute. I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore.

Nope. Not even in the U.S. That’s because if you can read this, you’re probably somewhere in the Netherlands. The Dutch must really like my cake pops because they wanted to publish it in their language, too. Awesomeness!

Lievelingshulpmiddelen – yikes – who says English is one of the hardest languages to learn. I think I’d have a little trouble with this one.


But, I know what this says. Basic Cake Balls Recipe.

Cakebolletjes. Cute.


And I think I can figure this one out.






Nope. Martians.




Well, kikkers are my cute little froggies.


And lieveheersbeestjes…


Well, lieveheersbeestjes are my lovely little ladybugs. Or maybe it just says ladybugs. I don’t really know for sure.


Bruid & bruidgom… I think you can guess this one.


And robots are spelled…


Robots. Hey, I got one.


Ahhh… there are the chicks. They’re still in the book. They’re called Paaskuikentjes. The Paaskuikentjes are probably one of my most recreated cake pops. These are a real favorite. And with spring coming up, they’d be perfect. If you don’t have the book, don’t worry. You can read how to make them right here.

But if you’d like to go Dutch, I can help you out there, too. Here’s the Cake Pops Dutch version and of course the English version is still on Amazon.

And, drumroll please… Portuguese and Spanish versions are in the works right now. Yippee!

This was really exciting to finally see printed. I’ve been waiting and wondering how the cover would look in Dutch. I was glad to see Cake Pops translate as Cake Pops. I just wish I could hear someone read the text. That would be pretty cool, too.

Anyone know how to say SUPER AWESOME in Dutch? Or how about THANK YOU MY DUTCH FRIENDS. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

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  1. I was at Starbucks this morning and they have cakepops there! Not as cute as yours though!

  2. Dear,I’m waiting for portuguese version and I’m praying for you…

    Love from Brazil

  3. Hi Bakerella, I was wondering what size lollipop sticks you use for the cake pops?
    Is 6″ better or 8″?

    Thank you.

  4. Wow…I saw your book at one of my favourite book company book fair which will end in April. Since I was in hurry, I looked a glance and I thought I knew who’s the author! Geezz I’m definitely having memory problem, shame on me… Anyway, going to get it before due date! :-) Thanks for sharig your great ideas.

  5. This is really cool. My husband is Dutch and so I’m just gonna have to buy a couple of these and give them to his family in Holland. Love it!

  6. I’m Brazilian and I would love to have the book in Portuguese..
    …but I coudn’t wait so long, so i bought the book in english.
    I’m graphic designer and I can say the book is beautiful and really well made. ;)

  7. The last time we celebrated with cake was one of those “just cause” I felt like baking. Delicious chocolate cake.
    So glad you’re home Bakerella!

  8. now there’s a book I will buy:) Happy to see you made it all the way to our little land of Dutchness!
    Love from Holland

  9. Hi lovely!

    I’m from the Netherlands and I LOVE your site! I’m so happy to see Holland finally published your book! I’m gonna buy it as fast as I can!

    Oh, by the way:

    Super awesome: super vet!
    Thank you: dankjewel!


  10. Congrads! My husband and his entire side of the fam are all Portuguese, so I simply MUST get a Port copy! When do they come out and can we buy them in Canada?

    Thanks :)

  11. Hugs and congratulations for the book! Keep in touch! <3

  12. yeaahhh

    my taal ;]

    hihi i’m from the netherlands and i luff U site?

  13. How fabulous!!!! I am sure they will love your book as much in the Netherlands as we do here in the US.

  14. And what about a french version ???? :-/

  15. This is so cute!

    Please keep us updated. I’ll pray for your mom to be a match. Sending love.

  16. How fun to see your book in another language! Awesome!

    I’ll keep you in my prayers–and your mom too.

  17. That’s so exciting! I can’t even imagine it. I like what Arantxa said, that would be amazing to hear!

    P.S. I LOVE your ladybugs!

  18. I’m originally from Belgium and moved to the Netherlands recently, to live with my bf :-) If you’re on skype I can read it all out loud for you, if you’d like that.
    I’m so glad a Dutch version is now being published, all though I do prefer the English version :-) Good excuse to buy them both, don’t you think?

  19. Congrats on going international. I wonder though, where do people get the correct supplies on this side of the ocean (being Europe). Cake mix is easy enough, it does not have to be the American kind, but american icing, that some recipes call for, for example is something you cannot get here (cause honestly we would not eat it) and all the little melts and stuff are just little difficult to stumble upon.

  20. OK Now I’m rooting for a french version …. pliiiz translate ze amazing book into Frrrench Bakerella !!

  21. Congratulations! A bright spot while you wait through all the tests! Be well. :-)

  22. Wow! Congrats! I like the “lollycakes” term on the front!

  23. Congratulations on the book releases!!! That is sooo exciting. Still praying for your full recovery, glad to hear Mom is passing so far. FYI, my family is Swedish and we have a running joke in our family about the cereal Weetabix. The word translates into, well, to say it nicely, “crap your pants” in Swedish. Just some silly Swedish humor I thought I would share in light of your new accomplishment.

  24. So glad you are home and feeling better! I got Cake Pops…. in the English version from my hubby for Christmas! Love it!

  25. And they say pie is the new cupcake….pssh! :)

  26. My continued prayers for you!! Congratulations on the success of your book! Wow it’s going global-how exciting!

  27. Congrats! There was a feature about your book in the newspaper the other day here in Iceland, thought you might like to know :)

  28. Portuguese version will be welcome ;)

  29. Fingers crossed!
    And the book looks cool and congratulations to you for the different translations! (:

  30. Wow!! I wanted to buy the book in English but now i want the dutch version! Thanks for the tip!
    Fijne dag!!! (It means: Have a nice day!)

  31. So glad I didn’t buy the english version the other day!! Now I can buy a dutch version! Easier to read for me!
    Dank je wel!

    By the way, we call a ladybug a sweetlordbug!

  32. Dear Bakerella,

    How great to see your cakepops book in Dutch!!
    If you’re interested in visiting Holland to promote your book, i can be your host : )

    i ‘m going to give cakepops workshops soon, they are great!!

  33. I love all the surprises! I never knew the cakeballs/pops are so popular, you the first to introduce me to them. My favorites are the ladybugs and aliens, even if the recipes are not written in English haha. An online translator could definitely help, just got to make sure not to mistake a measurement of an ingredient for a different one! Hope you get better soon we are all thinking of you.

  34. Continued good luck with your Mom testing to see if she can be a donor for you. Ranking right up there with childbirth, was the call telling me I could donate one of my kidneys to my daughter last December. Not a dry eye in the house!

  35. Hi,glad to know you`re doing well, I just love your blog and all the recipes you do, I`m from Honduras Central America, and i was sooo excited to find your book in a library here in my country, I just couldn`t resist so i took it home with me and ohhh i just love it, i hope i can start in these day to make some cake pops, thanks a lot for such a great book!!

  36. Glad that you are feeling well & that’s so cool that it’s in dutch now!!! : )

  37. Yes! We Dutchies sure can get proud when our language gets used by non Dutch speakers or our little country is mentioned. So I totally loved your post. And yay ofcourse for the Dutch version of the book! Love it love it love it. I got my hands on an English version quite some time ago, but this Dutch version is going to make one super cool present for several people I know.

    Love from the Netherlands,

    Oh, and just so you know:
    “the Netherlands is this make believe place where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come from”
    (you gotta love Friends, lot’s of Dutch references in there too!).

  38. That would be:
    Super geweldig! en Dankjewel Nederlandse vrienden! Ik hoop dat jullie ervan genieten!

  39. hi there!!

    haha i’m dutch too! and i love too bake and create,,

    it’s verry funny too see something formilliar on a american site,,

    this is the first time that if seen the cake pops,, and i can’t wait too begin!!!

    byebye!!! anne van den berg

  40. hello,

    oh great now whe have a dutch version of the cake pops. Paaskuikentjes means in the Dutch easter chick Im from the netherlands im going to buy that book.

    greats one dutch Fan

  41. Hello! what a great news, i always read your blog .
    I’m dutch too, definately going to buy this book, i can read english. But in my own language it is more easy.
    Measurements and all ;)
    To stay in the dutch theme,
    Bedankt (thanks) voor(for) je(your) inspirerende (inspiring) blog.

  42. i just got back from istanbul, turkey where i saw cake pops in starbucks! (apparently also called cake pops in turkish)

  43. Wow that is so cool! Congratulations!

  44. Schattig!! I spent 2 years on a Dutch speaking island and I would love to hear them teaching the children how to make cake pops while speaking Dutch….fun!!
    Lots of prayers still for your treatments, tests, & family!
    I was in Atlanta this past week on a business trip and I made it a point to visit the Cake Art store……Loved it!! I live in Kansas and we do not have anything like this store! I left room in my luggage just for the things I knew that I would find at the store. I mentioned how I had learned of their store and they said so many wonderful things about you!!!! I know you are in their thoughts as well.
    Many prayers coming from Kansas!!!!!!

  45. I there!
    I’m very happy that there is going to be a portuguese version!!!
    I love your site so much, and I already have your book, english version ‘course.
    kisses from Portugal! get well fast!

  46. Great news that your mom is an early match. I donated a kidney to my mom about 2 1/2 years ago. Hugs to yor mom for going through all the testing – I know it’s not easy.

    Congrats on going International!

  47. this is so cool! i love seeing the Dutch names for all your cute treats! i’d love to see the day of cakepops in chinese!

  48. You are famous – soon to be world-wide famous! Well deserved congratulations! I promote your book and your website to most people I know. I work in a CV ICU in MN, and we were all raving about you over the weekend, and of course, we’re all still praying for you and hoping for a perfect kidney match. :)

  49. Wow, you’re in more countries than Art’s book! Cake pops spells CREATIVE HAPPINESS in any language!

  50. Hello Bakerella! Are you going to publish it in Ukrainian or Russian?

  51. Bakerella, I so glad you’re doing better!! I didn’t know how much your blog made my week until I didn’t see any updates. So glad you’re back and I’ll continue to pray for you and your family!! Thanks for all you do! You’ve encouraged me to further my love of baking and do things I didn’t think I could do!!

  52. Fingers and toes crossed for you and your mom…..and a big e-HUG for you!
    Not surprised AT ALL to see the ww dist of your book; when you’re able, it looks like more travel is in order for you. Let me know if you need somebody to carry your bags :-) XOXOXO

  53. you are working in the spanish version!??? perfect! great! thanks!!!!! just one more thing…. you should start thinking about coming to spain to show us how to make those…..
    HOw are yuo doing???

  54. So glad to have a Monday morning post to read, yay! Glad to read you are doing better!

    That is so incredible to be reaching outside the US with your book – amazing!

  55. ‘Lieveheersbeestjes’ translated literally means ‘dear lord critters’. in english it’s ‘lady’ bugs, in dutch it’s ‘lord’, hihi!

    super awesome: super fantastisch, heerlijk!!

    ik ga zeker een boek kopen van super awesome bakerella!!
    (= i’m definitely buying a copy of Bakerella’s book!!)

    thanks and i wish you well, a good recovery and a healthy kidney.

    liefs (= with love), Annabel xxx

  56. Ooo! Your book is going international?? Congrats!

  57. Bakerella, You make my day!!!
    Congratulations with the Dutch version.
    It’s now my n° 1 on my wish list!!! (Honey, if you read this, you know what to get me for my mothers day =) )
    Wish you all the best!
    Kristel (from Belgium)

  58. Ik vind uw boek geweldig! ik kom uit nederland, en volg je blog ook, ik zag je boek in de winkel heb hem meteen gekocht! geweldig!

    translation :
    I love you’re book! i am from the netherlands, and i follow your blog too!, i saw your book at the shop and i bought it immediately! Amazing!

  59. Not only the Netherlands love you, Belgium loves you too! (I live in Belgium, and half the country speaks Dutch so we’ll be enjoying your book as well!)
    So happy to read you’re going Dutch, I’ll be looking forward to buying your book:)
    and the word “lieveheersbeestjes” indeed just means “lady bugs” (although, if you literally translate it, it’s more like “man bugs”, so they’re masculin in Dutch, haha:)
    Dikke knuffel en veel beterschap! (I’m sure google can translate this for you:))

  60. How exciting! Many languages of cake pops! Who doesn’t love cute food!

    Please keep us posted on your health. I am still hoping for the best for you!

  61. I would buy that book in mandarin chinese if I had too!! Thank golly I have it on kindle AND in English hard cover!! WHOOOP! You should make some dutch hat pops!! HAHAHA

  62. glad to hear you’re back from the hospital! hoping & praying it all works out…and sooon!! <3

  63. Congrants!!!! Muchas Felicidades, we hope you feel better. We love your work and you star beeing International… now we need your book in Spanish. We love you here in Mexico from the land of Tequila and Mariachi Guadalajara. Saludos con cariños (regards with love) : )

  64. Que bueno yo quiero uno en espa~ol .. : )

    Wao great news…congrats i love all the things u do .
    Hope we get the good news soon …good luck !

  65. I love the word on the cover… lollycakes!

  66. HI Bakerella, I am hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly and that your mom is a match! You have brought so much creativity and joy with your book. My daughter (who is 5) loves to make the creations with me!! Please get well soon and know there are many of us praying for you! xoxoxoxo

  67. I´d try to explain in english. I heard recently about your problem in a spanish blog ( I live in the north of spain). I read a lot of books about “thinking in positive” so I send to you all my white light and all my love. I know everything goes all right.

  68. Wow! This is wonderful news! I can’t wait to get my cake pops book in spanish! Hopefully your mum will be the perfect match, best wishes, xoxo

  69. Yeiiiiiiiiiii Spanish!!!!!!!

  70. cool is this! I’m from holland and I love to read your blog. This time a nice surprise with the dutch book, I orderd it right away!!

    Now for the translations:
    Super awesome = Super gaaf
    Thank you my dutch friends = Dankjewel Nederlandse vrienden, ik hoop dat jullie er plezier aan beleven (or if it’s about enjoying the food: ik hoop dat jullie het lekker vinden)

    Hugs and kisses from Holland!

  71. That is so cool!!! I want to learn dutch…maybe I’ll buy the book in dutch as a motivator, lol. Glad to hear you’re doing well right now.

  72. I love what you do and the love you send with your work. I’m glad you’re at home, I pray for you.

    I’ll be waiting for spanish version!

  73. so glad you’re back I had no idea how sick you’ve been!
    I’ve fwd’d your cakepops in dutch link to some dutch friends of mine!
    many prayers for you, Ms. Angie…and Love too.

  74. Gefeliciteerd met je Nederlandstalige boek!

    Congratulations with your dutch book!

  75. And I just translate the amounts for the vanilla cake from cups into grams :D :D :D
    A well, i’ll borrow it from the library and add the translated amounts to my own english version.
    :D :D :D
    Hop to perhaps see you one day in holand, cakepops world tour ;) ;)

  76. prayed for you today and your mom and the doctors that they are wise and that God’s hand is on your family now. that is awesome that you are now available in other languages love it!!!

  77. Too bad, I already have the English version.
    Lieveheersbeesje means ladybug. Hihi, never figured Dutch was such a difficult language.
    And when I want to say something is super awesome, I’ll problably say ”super cool”. Not that difficult, is it?

  78. I just received my copy (English version) yesterday! I got it to give to my daughter for a Mother’s day present (she’s a new mommy) along with all the tools needed to make these adorable cake pops! I’m thinking I need a copy for me as well! All the pops are so cute and the instructions so clear and easy.

  79. Haha, it would be great to have your book in finnish too. : D And I can tell you, that Eglish isn´t that hard. I have studied it since I was ten, and I am pretty sure understand what I write… So, I´m sixteen, and I speak Fnnish, Eglish, Swedish and German.
    I can thank Finnish schoolsystem for that!
    (And by the way, I´ve heard that Finnish actually is the hardast languake in the wordl. : D Not sure tough, because I´m just a national speaker.)

  80. Oh yes, finally! This makes me so happy!

  81. Cake Pops remain Cake Pops in Dutch. Your work is awesome!

  82. So cool! Congrats!!

  83. Hi there!
    Dear bakarella I wish you all the best and hope you’ll get well very very very soon!
    I’m from France (Paris) and a BIG fan of your work! but I’m desapointed! about your book: in dutch,spanish and portuguese Oh!
    what about French!!!!
    you have a lot of fan here and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy a french version of your book!

    so please don’t forget about us!

    Finally, I’m asking god to help you through this hard time and pray for you!

    a lot love and kisses
    xoxo ‘Hope’

  84. I love this book! i’m from holland and we are selling it in our store.. I allready bought the book :D

  85. Aww so cute. Glad you are feeling better

  86. Hi Bakerella!
    I saw your book in stores the other day ^^ I was suprised that is was a Dutch one ( I’m Dutch if your wondering :P ) But i must say i havent bought it, I already own the English version ;-) But still its very cool :D


  87. Hey,
    I had to laugh about your post because it is weird when a foreigner wants to translate dutch;). ‘Super awesome’ can be translated in dutch as ‘helemaal geweldig’. ‘Lievelingshulpmiddelen’ means ‘favorite tools’. And ‘lieveheersbeestjes’ indeed just means ‘ladybugs’. ‘Paaskuikentjes’ means ‘easter chicks’. I hope I helped you a bit with these translations. If you need more to translate, I’ll be your guest;). By the way, I love your baking creations!

  88. germanversion pleaaase!

  89. C’est superbe ! Bravo !

  90. OMG i can’t believe!
    The cakepop book on :D
    That’s nice, now I can order it too… Yeah!!!
    SUPER AWESOME = Helemaal geweldig
    THANK YOU MY DUTCH FRIENDS. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! = Heel erg bedankt mijn Nederlandse vrienden. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden.

    You said it would be nice if you could hear it.. :)
    I have a site were you can listen to dutch words of sentences..

    Then you have to select the voice: Dutch (NL) – Femke.
    That’s the best one :)

    And now I hope you enjoy this site!

  91. Congratulations on getting published in Dutch!! I’m sure you’ll get many more copies in other languages in the future!! Your cake pops are awesome!

  92. Ha! I just checked the starbucks website and you were mentioned :)

  93. about the starbucks comment…I was there today and saw the red velvet whoopie pies…..hmmmm…bakerella i hope you are getting some of what they are makin! Glad to hear you are doing well….Thinking of you :)

  94. Keep the spirits up, my dad has recently gone on dialysis and will continue for a long while. Will keep you in our prayers.

  95. That’s fantastic news about your mom passing the first round of tests! I’ll continue to pray that the news is positive!! Love the info about your book. priceless!

  96. WHAT A blessing… for you to have such a speical gift “your mother” and to be a match… WOW!!! That is such wonderful news!!
    I hope and pray for all the best ,, and congrats on going DUTCH!!! That is really cool!! Have a blessed and wonderful week!!!

  97. That’s really cool! I’m from the Netherlands and I already secretly wished for a dutch translation. :) Also, you are really popular over here, and many blogs reccomend your website.



  98. Just thinking of you, Bakerella. Wanted to let you know you remain in my prayers./ With all good wishes and many blessings from Upstate New York.

  99. Dat is zo verschrikkelijk super tof. :D

  100. So exciting! Congratulations!

    I hope you are feeling better. I send you hugs and smiles!

  101. Hee…..I’m dutch……and i would be glad reading the cake pops book for you ;-)…….the book is awesome!

  102. Hello Angie! I’m glad to hear you are back online and in good spirits. I’m a kidney transplant recipient myself (4 yrs in July) and having gone through the same road I can empathize with you. Storming the heavens with prayers that your Mom will be the prefect match for you! xo

  103. Grrr! I already bought this book in English, ordered it from the American Bookstore, but a translation wouldnt be too shabby either.. decisions ^^

  104. I’m Dutch. And its very funny to read this ;). I love your Dutch book and your cake pops are great!

    And i cann make a movie from reading your book, so you cann hear how it’s sounds in Dutch ;).

    Just ask me..

  105. That’s amazing! Paaskuikentjes are ‘easter chicks’ (obviously not the easter eggs which you’ll find in computer programs, but real easter chicks:P.
    Super awesome = ‘heel erg geweldig’ in Dutch. I was planning on getting a copy of the American version, but I am now thinking about getting a Dutch copy because it’s easier weighing in gramms than in cups;).
    ‘Lievelingshulpmiddelen’ are by the way ‘favourite tools’.
    I hope you are doing better now!
    Love from the Netherlands, from Maaike

  106. thanks for publisher in Porttuguese!!

  107. Haha…. Helemaal geweldig = Super Awesome. I am Dutch freakin cool this!

  108. Congrats on the translation! It looks even more fun in a foreign language.

  109. Congrats! Glad to see you’re back :)

  110. I’m Dutch! And I already bought your book in English, but I might even buy the Dutch one as well!
    I really hope your mom passes the other tests so she can help you, stay strong!

  111. I’m so excited! I finally bought your book. Can’t wait to get it!! It was only $15 on amazon, with shipping! Thanks for making it so affordable!!

  112. aaaah that’s great! I so definitely want that!

  113. another Dutchie here,
    I saw it in the shops just this week. Must buy one and finally try them real soon. Congrats (gefeliciteerd) on making it to this side of the world! Susanx

  114. O wow …. that’s so nice to send you a dutch copie of your own book.
    I myself am also from the Netherlands a as many others have said Dutch is really for the most foreingers difficult to learn.

  115. Yay, I love this!!
    I’m a baig fan of your blog and Dutch, so I was very suprised to see this post.
    Luckily my birthday is comming up, so now I know what to ask for. I wish I could have heard you trying to pronounce these recipe titles!
    Especially lieveheersbeestjes, I can only image how funny that must have sounded.
    I feel kind of hornoured that the Dutch version came out even before the Spanish one, just shows our great taste I guess :)
    Love, Sophie

  116. Kikkers makes more sense! I’m so glad you’re feeling well enough to share this with us. Keeping you in my prayers.

  117. Super awesome in dutch would be: Geweldig, or; heel geweldig.
    Or something like that…

  118. It made my day yesterday to see a new post from you and read the exciting news about the publication of your fantastic book in more languages! Prayers continue for you and your Mom as the testing proceeds and you under go dialysis. I must tell you that I was so excited to get your book that I bought it thru advanced order and not only do I absolutely love it, but it is a huge favorite of both of my grand daughters (ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2). They really enjoy looking at my “Pops book” every time they visit, plus they are both huge cake pop fans. I can’t wait to tell them we’re going to start calling it “Grammy’s Lollycakes” book! Take good care of yourself and I look forward to your next post.

  119. So glad to hear you are home! I love your book and all the fun ideas. The pirates are sooo cute!

  120. I made Cake Pops for the first time this week. I am NOT a baker but they were delicious! My husband and 2.5 year old went crazy for them. They should’ve been called Lump Pops but oh well. I think I overcooked the cake. Will keep trying!

  121. Hey there! I just found your book in my local meijer store! I was so excited when I saw you had a blog! I’m also sad at what I’ve been missing! I liven in Ohio and attend pastry school here! Today I’m making cupcake pops! Thanks :)

  122. Hey there! I just recently found your book in my local meijer store and I fell in love! I live in Ohio and I go to pastry school. I’m making cupcake pops today! Thank you for your inspiration!

  123. I’ve seen it a few days ago in a bookstore :D

    i was there with my boyfriend and i was all like “OMG LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOLLOW HER BLOG!!!!!! YAY SO COOL AND CUTE!!!!!!!

    And he was confused :P
    and then he looked at it and said that it’s the cutest cooking/baking book ever!!! :D

  124. I love how the Dutch word for cake pops is lollycakes.

  125. Geweldig! A Dutch Bakerella-fan here :) Definitely gonna buy this! ^^

  126. I am so happy to see you post, and that you are feeling as well as you are given the circumstances. I check every day to see if you have updated. I hope the books are runaway successes and that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labors for decades to come, with a new kidney and no dialysis.

  127. Wow, great that your book has been translated into Dutch! Makes it a lot easier for us Dutch people to create those cute cake pops. Super awesome would be ‘geweldig’ or ‘fantastisch’ or ‘helemaal te gek’ in Dutch. I know, we have a funny language ;) I’m definitely going to look for it in the shop!

  128. I am so happy to hear that you are home!

    I am an American living in Germany so we have the Google Translater toolbar so when browsing the pages automatically translate and it asked me if I wanted to translate the page to English from Dutch! :-) It made me smile. Congrats on getting published in many languages!

  129. I live in Belgium, and I saw your book, in dutch, in the book store, sadly I did not have money with me then, so I have to get back to get it asap! :D
    I would read it to you :)

  130. yeah, that’s sooooo awesome! I live in Belgium and it’s great to have your book in Dutch now! I’m really going to buy it, if I can find it :) and I think a lot of you!
    a lot of kisses!
    Charlotte from Belgium ;)

  131. Hi Angie, I am glad you are doing well… I live in Rhodes island, Greece, and am following your blog for a year or so. You are really fantastic in cakepops! And as for the dialysis – I know it is hard, but if you feel fine to travel – we have a fantastic heliosssundialysis in Rhodes – a private dialysis for our visitors. But probably everyone would prefer you get well, your mom will be a possible donor so you can travel without worries.
    I speak Slovak, Czech, Greek, English, German — and a bit of spanish and russian too.
    I must tell you – the english language is definitely easy one. You should try greek to see – a difficult language — you need to know at least 5000 words to be able to have an everyday conversation … as I read lately – in french you need about 3000.
    So – you still have thinks to learn and to do.

    Wish you get well soon!

  132. The Dutch are such sweet people. ;)

  133. So glad you are home! I hope everything works out with your Mom as a donor!

  134. Your post made me smile for so many reasons, so glad that your are home and okay…and I always love seeing foreign versions of anything, so the Dutch made me giggle…and I’m definitely glad to be able to get back in the routine of reading your posts again. Take care.

  135. What a fun surprise!

  136. Glad to hear you are doing well considering the dialysis and all. It’s sounds promising about your mom being a match…I’m keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts your way. Love the look of the Dutch book!

  137. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Thoughts are with you!

    Congrats on the books! :)

  138. Glad to know you’re feeling better! :> I hope everything will go smoothly from now on.

    Your book is in Dutch! That is so awesome, and congratulations!

  139. Wat leuk. I speak Dutch and am glad to see this version of your book. Congrats!

  140. Felicidades!!!!!!!!!!! desde Mexico. ( Congratulations fron Mexico )

  141. That text looks fake, like Lorem Ipsum, so it is totally AWESOME! Man, I want to learn Dutch now!

  142. I have been following your blog for a year and a half and admired from afar, never posting anything even though the blog and all the lovely photos were such a great diversion during my lunch break at work. I didn’t post a comment when I made your super awesome hamburger cupcakes for my hamburger loving 8 year old. If there was ever a time to make a post, now would be it. I was shocked and deeply concerned to read about your health, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and of course I will send positive energy your way. Be strong and this too shall pass. You’ve brought so much happiness to others with your cute cake pops, the universe will not let you down. God speed to your wellness.

  143. I have been busy creating a yearbook for my son’s school and just checked fb and thought, “I haven’t seen bakerella for a bit.” I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Hang tough. Prayers coming your way!! Thanks for all you do.

  144. That’s so funny! It’s amazing how they change things like covers for different countries!

  145. Great news all the way around… prayers are being answered. :)

  146. Congrats :D I am glad to hear you are doing better as well :) Oh I just realized there is another mimi that was probably around before me so I added the happy face. I am new(ish) to your blog and ended up here after I bought your book and I have only posted on you pecan pies and your other post, I think :D
    Well congrats again and good luck with everything

  147. Did you know ‘Lieverheersbeestje’ (ladybug) was voted for the most beautiful Dutch word a few years ago?

    Love your blog, book and energy!

    Love from Amsterdam X

  148. so happy to hear that you’re back home! I missed your posts while you were in the hospital. best of luck to you, I’m hoping for good news from the doctors for you and your mom always.

  149. What an awesome surprise to come home too! That is so cool that your book is published in another language and will be published in even more languages soon too! What an honor to have your cake pops so well known around the world! You truly are a baking inspiration and the reason I started my blog in the first place. The first day I laid eyes on your chick cake pops I was hooked!

  150. So great to hear from you Bakerella! I love that on the cover of the Dutch version of your book, “cakepops” are called “lollycakes.” Lollycakes is such a sweet word!

  151. Probably a zillion people have already ranted so I’ll be the zillion and one that drove through Starbucks today and saw CAKE POPS. I was livid that nowhere were you given any credit! LIVID LIVID LIVID So now I refuse to buy anymore Starbucks Cake Pops until they make you their queen.

  152. Oops, typo:

    My linksite is:

  153. I am soooo happy with this.
    i am a dutchy, I hope I can gets my hands on one. can you fly over and sign mine then please?


    For anyone who lives in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany and is looking for candy melts or other ingrediënts for cake pops: I collect links related to cake decorating (Bakerella’s is one of them of course). On my linksite you can find links to Dutch, Belgian and some German (web)shops in cake decorating articles.

  155. My favorite word in these pictures has to be “lollycakes.” That word sounds as happy as cake pops should make you. :)

  156. LIKE!
    no puedo esperar a que publiquen el libro en español =)

    You are awesome Bakerella ?

  157. i just love your work. and waiting for your book in finnish!
    onneksi olkoon huimista saavutuksistasi!! :))))

    thanks for your lovely blog.

    <3 Brownie Girl

  158. Super cute! Global Bakerella! Kind of like Global Grover *^_^* Bringing happiness around the world <3

  159. Oh, and SUPER AWSOME would be:




    PS. Please don’t use Babelfish. Madonna’s made that mistake once with her song “Sorry”. ;-) Dutch grammar is too complicated for Babelfish. Haha!

  160. Hi Bakerella!

    I’ve been following your website for quite a while now, but never posted a comment… untill I saw this article!

    Shout out to all Dutch Bakerella fans! :) I know I’m one.

    Dankjewel Bakerella, dat je Cake Pops naar ons koude kikkerlandje brengt!! Ik ga denk ik maar eens snel een boekwinkel bezoeken. :) Haha!

  161. So exciting! Congratulations on getting translated! And happy to hear you are doing ok…hope the transplant comes through for you soon!

  162. I’m dutch! :D So fun to see my own language on your amazing site! You know, I’ll make sure to buy your book :)

  163. Cool! I hope a German version may come soon!

    Gute Besserung, Bakerella!

  164. I think this is the first time I have commented but I truly enjoy your blog and your creativity! I think you are very strong to let us know about your health situation and I hope you have someone who can make you laugh! I have lost 3 children and no matter how hard it was my husband could always make me laugh. I want to buy your wonderful book but have been postponing it. I really need to learn how to cover the cake pop smooth. Do you thin your chocolate or temper it? I haven’t figured out how to do that and I don’t want to buy your book until I do. I would hate to waist perfectly good chocolate. If you need someone to make you laugh I would be glad to lend you my husband..he’s the best!

  165. Nice to see you post. I check every day and hope for a positive update. Congrats on your multilingual books. Very cool. Lots of prayers. Stay well

  166. In Dutch it’s:
    Sterk verbazingwekkende
    Dank u mijn Nederlandse vrienden. Ik hoop dat je geniet ervan!
    No idea how to pronounce.
    Try Google Translate. It has a little thing tells how to say.. but need audio.

  167. Congratulations. Now all that has to happen is you get your medical situation all worked out…. Then you start traveling the world doing book signings, right? Small things like learning the other languages will be a snap with the help from all your friends… Sorry, I speak only English.
    With Love and lots of prayers

  168. Hi…It’s 3 days ago that I saw a cake pop for the first time!!! I could not even think straight anymore.. !! So after searching the internet I found your website.. Calling the bookstore they told me that it’s so new that they don’t even have it yet but they could order it (in Dutch)…It will be a sleepless night tonight, because tomorrow will be the day that I can pick it up..YEAH..!!!
    Hope that the tests turns out positive!!
    Dikke kus (big kiss) from Holland!!

  169. Wow how cool is it to have your book now in two languages! Congrats! And glad you are doing well…will continue to pray for you and your mom!

  170. I live in Belgium, we also speak Dutch here. I just discovered your website by following a link from and it is sooo surprising and funny to see this post with your review of a Dutch book! :) I’m going to order it right away! But first I’m going to explore the rest of your site and bookmark it! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  171. Yay, a Dutch version. I will definitely buy this one!

    Liesbeth x

  172. Hi, I’m from belgium and just bought the pop cake book in dutch, so it was very funny and suprised to see it here :)
    I want to make cake pops for a long time now, but candy melts are not available in belgium :(

  173. Continued prayers for complete recovery. Congrats on all the versions of your book.

  174. I’m glad that you are doing well. Your book is always so fun & cute!!

  175. Whooo you’re back! Hpw cool is it that your book is now being published in different languages?!? Awesome!

  176. OMG your recipes in dutch! Im so happy! I hope you’re gonna be better soon! All the best wishes for you and your mom! Or as we say in The Netherlands: Beterschap!

  177. Congratulations, Angie! That must be sooo exciting to see your work in another language!
    Prayers continuing for you and your Mother!
    Ps: My friend Saucy created mini-pop tarts on popsticks (ala you):

  178. Congrats on the Dutch book! And I wish you and your kidney the best of health!

  179. Hi!

    Wow, it must be great to see your book in another language!
    I’m Dutch and to me, the english books are great too. Here there are not so many great cake books in Dutch, so I keep buying english ones :)

    Veel liefs uit Nederland (love from the Netherlands),


  180. Oh, so great! Now it’s in Dutch, I can buy it. I sometimes have a hard time translating recipes from English into Dutch, so this comes in very handy!
    And well, I’ve got to say… the little bit of the text that I could read on the pictures, is really great and lovely.

  181. Starbucks are now selling cake pops…I think of you every time I see them.

  182. Oh, this is so cool!
    If I see this in the stores I’m definitly going to buy it!

  183. Hey Angie,
    Glad to hear you are hanging in and thinking positive. iI know all of you many, many fans are wishing the best possible outcome and many years of good health.

  184. ….aahhhhh…to share your passion with the world…can it get any better than that? I don’t think so! Congratulations to you! You remain in my thoughts…and so does your mom. <3

  185. Isn´t it great!? I work in a Dutch cakestore and we sell lots and lots of them!

  186. Hi

    Love your blog, an thank you for the dutch version of cake pops.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Groetjes uit Nederland.

  187. Congratulations! That must have been really fun to see. Did you know that they are selling Cake Pops at Starbucks! I saw them the other day when my husband and I went there before going to see a movie. They are being touted as a treat for under 200 calories! It was fun to see and know where the idea came from. I just want to let you know that you have been in my prayers and I am really rooting for it to work out that your mom can be your donor. Thank you so much for all your great ideas.

  188. That is so cool! Congratulations!

  189. Dear Bakerella!
    I have loved your website from the beginning, and I happen to be Dutch… But it gets funnier than that: I live in America right now, as an exchange student! Which means that I finally get to work with all the ingredients that you use and that we don’t have. And that I got to buy your book! Even though I bought it in English;) You are such an inspiration to me, and I’ll keep on following your blog!
    Love, Caitlin

  190. Glad you’re home! You sound like your ‘Old Self” again!
    Hang in there sweetie!

  191. Sooo good to see that you are well enough to post! And what an accomplishment! To have your book translated into 3 other languages!
    Wishing you health and good, sweet things

  192. Starbucks is selling “Cake Pops” too! Even called the same thing- I sure hope you are getting proceeds for your amazing invention. I love this post, by the way, especially “ieveheersbeestjes”

  193. YAY for a version in Portuguese!
    Oh, please, let it be a brazilian version so that I can give it as a gift around here. So cool!

  194. Congratulations on the Dutch version of your book! It is so exciting to hear that it is being translated into other languages. My husband lived in the Netherlands when he was younger and one of our daughters is named Holland! I will certainly have to show them your post this evening when they get home. Continued well wishes to you. All the best!

  195. hi! i’m so glad you’re home and hope the rest of your testing and all goes well. congrats on being published in so many other languages! take care and keep us posted!

  196. YES! So happy I didn’t purchase the book last Christmas, I’d rather have the one in my own language :D Definitely putting this on my birthday wishlist!

    Dankjewel, Bakerella! :D (Thank you!)

  197. That’s so great! Makes it so much easier for me to find ingredients etc. I’ll order my copy right away!

  198. You. Are. Big. Time!!!!! Congrats. If it ain’t Dutch…It ain’t much!

  199. Hey Bakerella! Looooong time reader, first time poster.

    I already knew about this because my boyfriend got me your book two or three weeks ago! Such a lovely surprise. :-) The only problem is that it’s really difficult/expensive to get hand on candy melts over here.. And our grocery stores don’t sell all the cute sprinkles or small kinds of candy that you guys have in the US. BUT I will find my way and I pray for you every time I see your book standing in my shelf :)


  200. Congratulations on being an international celebrity. Hope you are feeling good today. Praying for you. I am a little curious as to why they took the chicks off the front cover, though.

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