Icy Cakes

I received the sweetest email a few days ago from a reader named Ella.
Her note was short but really spoke to me in so many ways.

Ella is from Stockholm, Sweden.

(And, can I stop there and just say, Wow! This whole blogging thing is still so surreal to me. It’s hard to believe the little things I make, reach out to people in so many places. Some near and some so very far away from my ordinary kitchen. But, I’m glad they do. It wouldn’t be the same around here without all of you.)

Ella’s six-year old daughter, Emelie has celiaki, which I can only assume is the same as what is called Celiac’s Disease in the U.S.

I have to admit, I’m not very familiar with it. I don’t know anyone that suffers from it. But in a nutshell, she cannot have anything that contains gluten which makes baking a little more complicated. Ella is having to learn a new way to do things for her little girl.

And thanks to a lot of snow and cold this Christmas in Sweden, Ella and Emelie came up with this fun food alternative.

Presenting Delicious Icy Cakes from Emelie.


I think this is just the sweetest thing. These little cakes made of colored ice really warm my heart. Notice the coordinating doilies? Swoon.

I about teared up when I saw these and how much it reminds me that the best memories can be from the the simplest things.


I wanna play.

I know I wasn’t this creative as a child. Not at all.


These little lawn figures make me happy. So whimsical. It feels like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. Don’t know which one, but definitely a sweet one.


I could only be happier if Emelie’s face was looking at the camera here. I know she would be smiling with pride.

Emelie, with your lovely red locks, you rock!

And, since I’m not much help, if anyone knows any good baking resources for those with Celiac’s Disease, please share. I’m sure Ella and others would appreciate it.

But if you don’t know either, just give a shoutout where you’re from. I’d love to hear.


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  1. I’m from Adelaide, South Australia and I read every post you write. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in 41 degree (106F) heat while I’m reading posts about snow and ice. Makes me want to be in the northern hemisphere!!

  2. Hi Bakerella and all You lovely people around the world !
    Emelie and I, we all overwhelmed by the fact that our cakes are here in Bakerellas lovely blog. Reading all your kind comments of course made me cry:)
    Such a big Thank You for all the links and information, it will be interesting to find more gluten-free recipes.
    I agree with You Bakerella, it is amazing how you get closer to people with the help of internet.
    Emelie is totally inspired and we are going to do some serious baking together in the future, of coure also something a little more eatable than ice:)
    Ella and Emelie

  3. My sister in law and really good friend both have Celiac Syndrome, I have learned I don’t feel LIMITED I just see it as a challenge and I definitely LOVE looking for gluten free baking ideas. My sisters in law and I get together every Wednesday and bake. So, many of these sites posted I will definitely refer too. I’m SO glad this has surfaced.

  4. So cute! I´m also from Sweden and it´s really snowy and cold right now. Maybe I should try to do some myself..

  5. Love your blog! I live in Oslo, Norway. We have a freezing -7 degrees F, so icecakes would be no problem to cook up.. Btw, loved the marriage proposal a while back :)

  6. hi Bakerella, I’m from the Netherlands and a fan of your blog for a long time. I’ve started my own site, but that is more of a combination of both cooking and baking my favorite recipes. Keep the inspiration coming!

  7. Hi Bakerella.

    I read your blog weekly and I am from Caracas, Venezuela :o)

  8. The story was heartwarming….and the reader’s response was even more so amazing! Fantastic Ü
    Tracy from Colorado

  9. These are precious! Remind my of the St. Paul winter carnival where they make the giant ice structures for exhibitions-except they use light instead of color.

    We’re currently in Lebanon so I’m missing out on all the fun snow of MN :(

  10. Hey Bakerella!

    My facialist is a Coeliac… and that’s all I know about that! So this is a shoutout from country Victoria, Australia. I really adore what you do and seeing as I’ve copied many of your cake pop designs so do my family, friends and all the random strangers who accost me whenever I carry a bunch around. Love your work! And love that you introduced me to PW too! Cheers x

  11. wow! These are so adorable and such a cute cute way to have fun!
    I’m from Auckland, New Zealand! I’ll have to wait until July when winter comes to try these out!

  12. I really don’t know anyone who has the disease, but you can get gluten free flour (but of course you knew that) in Australia, which is where I live. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and Ive previously lived in Perth, Darwin and Queensland.

  13. Out here in good ol’ Magna, Utah! Love this post, it made my day.

  14. I just stumbled upon a cupcake recipe (oh and check out their tall cupcake tutorial it’s fab) that would work for her

    Hope this helps !

  15. They’re really amazing…I wish I could take a look at it at the site itself, -:)

  16. This is SUCH a cute idea!!! My mother in law cannot have gluten, so she gets the gluten free cake mixes or flour mixes in the store. I hope she can find some where she’s at.

    I was born and raised in Texas, but I’m currently living overseas in Italy.

  17. Such beautiful creations!

    Here is a fabulous gluten free website for Emelie to take a peek at.

    There are lots of terrific cakes, cookies, cuppies, etc. I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen. :)

  18. I had to post it, I had to, I just had to..

    lots, new and fresh snow outside my window, Lugano Switzerland! :)

  19. Totally cute – I’m a newby to your blog, but have found so much inspiration already.

    I hale all the way over from Australia :) Definately no snow here!!

  20. This is the cutest thing ever! What a great idea, colors combination, and work!!! I’m so impressed. My question is, who can stay out in the cold Baking such adorable pieces of ice, with gloves on?? Priceless! Great job Emelie :) I might have to try it out since it just snowed like crazy here in Switzerland!

  21. Phoenix, AZ- 65 degrees and sunny!!

  22. I love your site. I don’t much like cake, however! There, I said it. I am from Ketchikan, Alaska. Hi Amy in Kodiak! Anyway, even tho I don’t much care for cake, I love icing, and I love to see the amazing things you make. My mom used to make and decorate cakes, and she was absolutely incredible at it. I wish I had her talent. Thank you for all you do! It looks like the Swedish gals have plenty of information to help them with gluten free cooking and baking due in part lo all the wonderful followers you have on this blog.

  23. I’m from S.Louis, MO area, but now living in Warsaw, IN. I made your oreo truffles for my thanksgiving family get-together and all the younger ones started calling them “Snowman poop”. Its a cute name that doesnt fit the tastyness. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your creativity and time.
    God Bless

  24. Hey there from snowbound Georgetown, Kentucky!
    There is a blog called Mennonite Girls Can Cook that has several really good gluten free recipes. Check it out at

  25. Thanks for sharing! My husband suffers from Crohn’s disease, which is kind like a relative to Celiac’s disease. He has many food allergies, and this is something he might enjoy!!!

  26. Someone already commented with this recipe i am sure but
    this is a recipe for lemon bars that uses a Gluten-free flour (plus it has a recipe for the Gluten-free flour as well) the landolakes website seems to have quite a few recipes like this as well.

  27. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but General Mills has several gluten free items from cereal to baking mixes. They also just launched a website for their gluten free items – and it includes gluten free recipes!

  28. This made me smile so much. :) One of my very good friends developed a wheat allergy during her childhood, and being in an Italian family, they had to really adjust the way that they cook. Fortunately, her current boyfriend of over a year is a baker’s son, and he always makes her gluten-free treats whenever they see each other. And for her eighteenth birthday, she held a tea party at her house, complete with different flavors of tea and many gluten-free finger foods that she baked herself. This story reminded me of her and made me realize just how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the little things in life, whether they be cupcakes or ice cakes. :]

  29. I have just added glutenfree and sugarfree to my list of cakes to make for the new year. But I do love those Icy cakes, very creative

  30. Hi – I’m Rebecca from Sacramento, CA. First of all, those Icy cakes are just beautiful! I’ve never seen those before.
    I haven’t really put my blog “out there” by commenting on many sites. I almost get no visitors, but I’ve been gluten free for four years now. If you go to my blog – I’ve got a few recipes – decorated roll-out sugar cookies, GF goldfish, graham crackers and cupcakes (I use Betty Crocker mixes now though – just as good and way easier) – in the category “Necessity is the Mother of…” My mom was also scandinavian, so I grew up with really good Christmas cookies. I make GF versions of fattigmann (it holds together for the twists even), krum kakor and pepperkakor. In fact, I made GF fattigmann for my daughter’s Christmas cookie exchange at school and got a really good response. One of the moms in her class actually told me about this post. I use one specific flour mix as a 1:1 replacement for regular flour. I thought I had it as a separate post, but I didn’t. I just put one up with just the flour recipe. Well, I hope this was helpful. I’m looking forward to looking at all of the other GF blog links. :) Oh, also – you can make cake fondant out of marshmallows. Jet Puff brand marshmallows are GF. Just google marshmallow fondant and you should get quite a few links.

  31. We love Bakarella!! My daughter has celiacs disease, we made your mini-cupcakes a last spring, making Gluten-free for her and regular for us.
    They were wonderful!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

    A great resource we have is the YAHOO! glutenfreerecipes group. Anytime we need to adapt a recipe we ask a bunch of experts with great recipes.

    I’m from Utah. As for all the Utahans, for Celiac disease it runs in Western European families and there are a lot of people here with that heritage.

  32. What a great idea. I passed this and the other gluten free tips to my friend with kids who are celiac and my clients. Thanks for sharing

  33. That’s so adorable!

    I’m reading your blog from a hospital room in Santa Cruz, CA, wishing I could go home and do some baking.

  34. BTW! Love your blog!

  35. has gorgeous recipes and a really welcoming and reassuring approach to living gluten free.

  36. love your site! I am in snowy, cold, St. Louis, Missouri!

  37. I’m from Mexico City and living in Cancún! They are so cute!! There are a lot of flourless chocolate cake recipes than celiacs can eat. Also recipes based on almond paste, almond flour, or what we call here in Mexico amaranto I think you call it amaranth. Maybe Emelie should try baking with granola, I’ll post a granola-based muffin later on.

  38. We tried a gluten free diet for our son with autism for a few months. It wasn’t fun but there are websites and products available. I even noticed a convient store today advertising “Gluten Free” pizza. More and more gluten free products every day.
    From South Central Kentucky

  39. Coming out of lurkdom to wish you a sunny g’day from yet another Aussie (Sydney, Australia).

    You have lots of links to choose from already, but I thought I’d throw an Aussie one into the mix… just like cake pops, you can never have too many, right?!)…

    The measurements will need converting, but there might be some new ideas there?

    Looking forward to a very Bakerella 2010 – love your work :)

  40. I am from St. Joseph Mo…about an hour north of Kansas City! I love your blog!!

    These ice cakes are soo cute….im wondering how she gets it out of the buckets?!? Does she just use food coloring to make it different colors?!

  41. We love to cook, scrapbook and blog in UTAH!!

  42. Hi Bakerella, I’m a silent visitor from Malaysia. I found your blog thru a link from a friend’s blog and get hooked up ever since. In fact, I would say this blog is in my daily MUST list. I love your writing, your photos and of course your baking. It’s very inspiring and relaxing. The best stress releasing medicine I would say. I’ve tried your oreo truffle and man, everyone at home loves it. The best part is, it’s super duper easy, even my 5 year old girl can help me to fix it. Thanks for sharing and please don’t stop, let the whole know what keeps you busy in the kitchen. Oh one more thing, I’m so in love with your fancy cooking and have been searching for the Cookie Craft book here in Malaysia but it seems it’s not available. But, the pioneer woman cooks is here and planning to get one next month (after i receive my pay heheheh, it’s MR89.90 here…). Thanks again for the smile on my face every day….

  43. umm, ok, so i completely forgot to mention that Emelle’s ice cakes are adorable! what a wonderful, caring mom she has! Emelle will have awesome childhood memories.

  44. I second — she just came out with a cookbook, too, at about the same time as PW ( I live in CO and Elana is another CO local, great lady!

  45. I’m from Del Rio, TX – small town on the border of Texas and Mexico. Have lived here for 2 years. Found your blog a month or so ago and absolutely LOVE IT!! i ordered and received the candy mold to make those PRECIOUS cupcake bites for Valentine’s day – can’t wait! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!

  46. How touching. Thanks for sharing! (from Berkeley, CA)

  47. super icy cakes! it has litterly been possible to make these cakes twice in my life time…once when i was 7 and again when i was about 23. I live in the gulf coast part of TEXAS!!! super fun for Emelie!

  48. My husband has Celiac as do many of his family members. Lickily none of my kids have shown signs of it, yet. I love to bake and whenever I do, I always make him a batch of whatever first, before I get out the wheat flour. I use a GF flour that can substitute cup for cup regular flour. I have had no problems doing this with any of the recipes I have used this far. I order my flour from Authentic foods. I think the one I use is called best blend flour. In fact, my first batch of cake balls/pops was gluten free! It is a challenge, but there are a lot of good products making there way to the stores! Thanks for all the posts, love them!!!!

  49. Hey, Bakerella. Get ready for some cliché lines:


    I just spent the last 3 hours drifting through your website. It’s already a favourite on my list and I only just found you (another line…)

    I wanted to help out with Ella and Emelie and literally went on a rampaaaage to find the perfect websites for recipes and thingymajigs for the little girl to have fun treats whenever she can as much as the next person.

    Don’t be alarmed by the spelling on these websites – I’m from the UK and we spell it “coeliac” so I have searched both ways for extra help :))

    Here is my homework (even though I should be doing my assignment on adult nursing for Uni… :S –—Cake-Recipes-for-Celiac-Sufferers&id=374960
    ***This one is a little bit naughty as are a couple below – just because you can actually look through the book for free on the website…***

    I hope I have helped you, Ella and Emelie…at 1:20 am UK time, haha. I love your website and recipes and will be abusing them sooooo mcuh when I have the time to backanything… Maybe after I finally get this assignment completed, eh?

    Thanks for the inspiration:) x

  50. Wonderful story…Norton, Ohio

  51. From Kansas City – myself and my 3 children all have Celiac. I read your website all the time and use your recipes to inspire my own gluten free creations. =)

  52. Great blog Bakerella…..I’m from Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

  53. My 4 year old son Thomas has Celiac. Bc of that our whole house is Gluten Free. Many of your things I have made GF and they have been awesome! Please feel free to pass along my email I would be happy to chat with her- Brittan

  54. If you go to this site She is GF and I’m sure would love to share. She bakes all kinds of YUMMY things

  55. Hi…so pretty!
    This is a link to a great company in Prince Edward Island in Canada with gluten free food:

    I’m writing from Fall River, NS (Canada)!

  56. From Brazil!
    The pictures are so beautiful and I’m sure Emelie had a great time.
    In Brazil we have gluten free cake, bread and cookie mixes. That makes things easier when some ingredientes are hard to find. Unfortunatelly I can’t help, cause I’m so far from you guys.
    But I can tell you that those cakes look so refreshing! I wish I could have one right now… here we’re in a intense summer…

  57. northern va/metro dc area – i unfortunately do not have any great gluten free recommendations but i have to say that this post made me tear up because emelie is clearly blessed with a very loving mother! this is one of those stories that remind you what mothers will do (which is ANYTHING) for their children. Many blessings to Ella for finding small, but beautiful, ways to show her daughter how special she is and how much she is loved. those lessons/memories will stay with her longer than any cake, no matter how beautiful, would.

  58. I was just looking at this website prior to yours!

    Not really a cooking website, and not the prettiest, but it has lists of gluten and gluten free ingredients to make things a bit easier and lots of links with info on Celiac’s Disease. Gluten free is HARD. Hope that I’m not posting a duplicate website suggestion. Posting from snowy Algonquin, Illinois!

  59. This is one of the cutest ideas that I have seen in AGES. I hope it’s ok I posted a link to it from my blog. We are always looking for things to do in the ice!

  60. I just came across a book on gluten/allergy free cupcakes at work yesterday called “Enjoy Life’s Cupcakes and Sweet Treats for everyone!”. There were some tasty looking treats in it.

  61. The Slowcooker girl (Stephanie O’Dea) does gluten free

  62. Is this the kind of thing where the line about making lemonade when life hands you lemons comes in? God bless that Mom who channels her daughter’s spirit and talents so beautifully, and God bless Emelie.

  63. Hey! I come from Argentina (No joke) and Im 11, seriously, I love your blog and heres a link with a few recipes that are gluten-free

  64. Thanks for sharing that story with us!

  65. Hi! i don´t have a celiac experience but i have a friend who has lactose intolerance and it´s so hard for him. i once made him a lemon pie whitout milk. it was so good and he was so happy!

    by the way… i´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
    love your blog!

  66. My aunt can’t eat anything with Gluten either ):
    The only thing I know is that the chinese food chain resteraunt P.F. Chang’s has a whole other gluten free menu (:

    Good Luck,Em!

  67. That is so sweet !!! Salem,Oregon

  68. I am lactose intolerant and have a great recipe book that is gluten and dairy free….but I left it at home in England!! Soo many people commenting on here are from the US so i just wanted to be one of the first to say wooo im from ENGLAND! :D and if you spend a short amount of time looking for the right products… for people with dietry problems can be easy peasy lemon squeezy!! so easy!

  69. these ice cakes are sooooo creative…can’t believe she thought about it…and so thoughtfull too!!
    btw…i’m from saudi arabia…and SOOOO many of us here just LOVE ur blog!!!

  70. My mom has Celiac’s so I appreciate when anyone recognizes it, especially when it comes to baking. I have tried experimenting, and it’s challenging. That’s why I am a big fan of the Betty Crocker GF line, it’s great. I have tried the cake adn the brownies, and they taste wonderful! I would recomend them any day!

  71. Oooooo so pretty…Im in Los Angeles

  72. Wow I am not a baker, but this post sure warm my heart. At first I thought ‘poor girl’, then I thought she is the rich and wealthy girl that she has the most caring mom. Whether this cakes are delicious or not, who knows, but I sure know they warm this girl’s heart :o)

  73. Hello!

    Thank you for this lovely post, i’v been following for quite sometime now and i absolutely love it. Keep up the good work!

    I’m from Amsterdam, Holland.

  74. My son has Celiac Disease. He was diagnosed at age 5. I love your blog and actually only discovered it about a week ago. I’m planning on making some of the cake pops with Betty Crockers Gluten-Free Yellow Cake mix. Some canned frostings are gluten-free, so I thought I’d give it a try.
    Keep the great ideas coming! I love your creativity.

  75. I’m from McLean, Virginia! Woot woot!

  76. My nephew has something very similar to this! His mom has to search high and low for things he can eat…..she buys a lot of organic stuff…..but still has to search…

    Oh yeah…I’m from Texas!!

  77. I had to learn all about Celiac Disease when we thought my son might have. Turns out he doesn’t though, but I’m glad I educated myself on the subject. There are a lot of great lines of gluten free products popping up in our grocery stores which is great for those that need them.

    I’m from Corsicana, Texas! Howdy!

  78. From Texas, but I live just south of London, England.

    I made your cake balls for the first time recently. I had a broken cake, so I used it to make them. They were not as pretty as yours, but tasted good. Thanks!

  79. what a creative little doll!! i too love the matching doilies :)

    ~Jaime from California now in Oklahoma (insert sad face here)

  80. I’m not sure if anyone’s covered this yet but Betty Crocker has a great line of celiac-safe products. My celiac friend is over-the-top excited about them!

  81. HI…I know I’m a little late to the game here, but I was just reading this, and I wanted to share…my aunt has Celiac’s and absolutely loves to bake. She recommends this site:

    I have tried a few of the goodies she has made, and can vouch that they’re delicious.
    Also, the mom could contact a local health foods store…my local one offers classes for not only people with celiac’s but also for those who are trying to cut out bleached and processed grains…they might be able to help with recommending some goodies.

    Have a great day!!

  82. Great post and would love to try it, but probably won’t last long here in tropical North Queensland (Mackay), Australia!

    Thanks for sharing!

  83. How cute! :) I’m in Stockholm, Sweden, as well!

  84. Hi Bakerella!
    I’m from northen Sweden, a town called Östersund, and I’ve read your blog ever since you were on Oprah’s show. Do a lot of baking and I’ve received SO MUCH inspiration and receipes from your blog!
    Hope you’ll have a great 2010!!

  85. How cute are those? I second the recommendation for Karina’s Kitchen at

    By the way, I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hi!

  86. Beavercreek, OH currently, but born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri. Moved to Rathdrum, Idaho when I was 13, got married at 19 to an Air Force guy and have lived in Colorado, Florida, Ohio and we are currently awaiting our assignment to the Pentagon in DC. So we are military nomads! What a sweet, sweet way to spend the day with those icy cakes!

  87. aww how sweet! no help with recipes unfortunately but this story just reminds you of how much creative juices little ones have! I’m currently living in Germany, by the border of France. Its amazing to be in this country! I absolutely adore all of your brilliant creations even tho its sometimes hard to find all the ingredients! DH is US Air Force so I’m sure we’ll be back in the states at some point! but for now i’m completely content right here =D

  88. not to sure where to find it, but try googling betty crocker gluten free mixes there are a bunch of different ones

  89. that looks like a fun thing to do!
    im from Tijuana, Mexico.

  90. Those are adorable. I don’t know any resources. Oh, I’m in Gadsden, Alabama.

  91. I’m from sweden too! Your blog is THE best blog. Too bad I can’t find even a third of the cool stuff you are using. in Sweden we barely have baking mixes and the Cup Cakes are still plain and undecorated :( Love love love your blog!

  92. These are really cute!! I see many of you are looking for gluten free here’s a site

  93. several members of my family have celiac’s disease and i’m so happy there is more awareness of it now. Its so much easier to find gluten free foods these days.

    i’m from st. louis and addicted to your red velvet cake balls…. so amazingly yummy :)

  94. Oh my, what creative idea!! I don’t have any website or recipes to share but I used to have a friend with the same condition, and I remember she would try all different gluten-free baking recipes but they never turn out right. It was so frustrating.
    I live in England with my Air Force hubby and my little monster right now, moving back to the states in a few months. Yay!

  95. Here’s a shoutout to Bakerella from Lubbock, Texas! Your blog is freakin’ rad! I love your Sesame Street cake pops… they’re the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  96. Hi, Bakerella, I’m from Brazil and I love your blog.
    I come to visit every day to know the news!!!
    About this desease, I know a blog in portugues ( that show recipes without gluten and there, have some links to another blogs in english: ; and
    I hope that this blogs can help Ella and another people.
    Big kiss!!!

  97. That is simply beautiful. I’d be honored to be offered those icy cakes!

    Thank you to everyone who recommended my site. I’m happy to help guide anyone I can. Gluten-free baking is different than traditional baking, with much to learn (or un-learn, actually). When you feel comfortable, however, it’s still baking. And as everyone who reads this site knows, that’s a fine way to be.

  98. hi from Tallinn, Estonia, EU. i am not much of a baker but like reading about it. your pics are amazing

  99. Coming to you from Pasadena, CA! :)

    I so admire your site and the inspiration you give. And am doubly impressed by the ice cakes. Here’s a site that may be of interest for her:

  100. Here is a link with lots of baking ideas and tips for gluten free food.

    Thanks for sharing—those cakes are wonderful!!

    I’m from Dallas, TX


    This is a great post, thank you do much! I have a cake decorating business and we are often getting inquiries about gluten free cakes. I didn’t realize there were so many options! I’ll have to do some gluten free baking now :)

    p.s. I am in ON, Canada….looooots of snow and ice here!

  102. That’s a sweet post and cute pictures! I love how you include your readers into posts sometimes – like the proposal and now this. Thanks for showing us the love. I’m from ATL – not too exciting, but I’m a big fan.

  103. Auckland, New Zealand :D and love your blog

  104. From NE Oklahoma… my daughter has an autistic boy in her class who is gluten-intolerant. His mom has to make his lunch and provide his snacks every day. I feel bad, especially since I’m the homeroom mom this year and it’s my job to coordinate the parties (which typically come with cupcakes or cookies brought in that he can’t eat). I’m thinking that here for Valentine’s Day, I’ll make some gluten-free cookies and some icing that’s safe for him to eat and let the kids decorate their own snacks. Love the pictures!

  105. Past what’s already been mentioned, I also refer to these sites for GF cooking:

    Using Bob’s Red Mill overpowers a lot of baked goods with not-so-good bean flour tastes, so I try and stay away from it. Bean flour smells and tastes are a dead give-away to the people I’m trying to hide the gluten-free-ness from. I order my flours and other supplies from

    I’m baking in Jersey City, NJ.

  106. Lovely icy cakes you´ve made, Ella and Emelie!

    It sure is cold here in Sweden right now! Where I live it´s -17 C this evening. We have had so many green and mild winters over the years, so it´s nice to finally have loads of snow.

    I have a sister that is gluten intolerant (and diabetic too, all her life) so I know how hard it is to find good recipes and good foods. Unfortunately, allergies like celiaki, lactose and diabetes has increased in Sweden.

    I love your blog, Bakerella!

  107. OMG Bakerella — I have celiac and would LOVE for you to take on a gluten free project. It’s all the rage, you know.

  108. I’m reading you from Argentina. Love your style, your photos…
    It’s hard for celiac people here because gluten free products are So SO much expensive than regular ones, and besides, we don’t have so many variety of flours and products , so the best way is cooking! and the magical internet is very very helpful for that!

  109. I have a child diagnosed with autism so we are on a gluten free, dairy free and soy free diet. Baking this way has been a life change, but we are learning to make some really good stuff. I made chocolate chip cookies the other day that tasted like the real thing. They were GOOD.

    – Julee from California

  110. What a sweet post a magical lil’ ice princess baking is what came to my mind..Made me *smile* here in Colorado!!

  111. I read your blog from a small town in Canada called Midland. It’s a few hours north of Toronto, Ontario.

  112. HANDS DOWN, Shauna over at is THE BEST on this subject! She married a chef (Danny) and he has made it his mission to help her and their daughter (Little Bean) eat incredible well, including baked goodies! She has written a couple of books on the subject, too … she is absolutely incredible, and her written skills are inciting!


  113. Really cute…
    I’m from Denmark, and I love your site…

  114. Very cute cakes. I just got The Flying Apron’s Gluten -Free and Vegan Baking Book, truly amazing recipes!

  115. My mom suffers from celiac, our little local coop has all sorts of gluten free sweets to indulge in. They everything from cookie mixes to mac and cheese :) If they are looking for goodies I would be happy to send a care package from NY :)

  116. Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen has a section dedicated to Gluten-free cooking and baking.

    I am a US citizen living in Bamberg, Germany. My husband is an Army officer who just finished his third tour to Iraq (this one was 15 months…UGH). I am a fifth grade teacher at the elementary school here on the Army Post. Bakerella, you have many fans here!

  117. Shoutout from Singapore! Been reading your wonderful blog for about a year now. Belated Happy New Year’s and hope your 2010 is a great one. I adore your blog, and your friend’s xmas house decorations are simply brilliant. Keep up the great work! (:

  118. I have celiac as well and I on a recent trip to IKEA I found that they now carry Gluten-Free Almond cakes. There are all kinds and they are tasty! They even have cheesecake with an almond crust. I thought that would be particularly helpful for a Swede with Celiac :D I also use Jules GF flour which is a one-for-one replacement for wheat flour and it works great! I can use all my old recipes just fine.

  119. I’m from the Virgin Islands

  120. I’m from Virginia.
    KHS is a great forum for parents dealing with all kinds of kid-related issues, some of them have Celiac’s.She should come visit and ask about resources on the Allergy forum. Everyone is so supportive!.

    The icy cakes are just adorable!! Good for all the New Year’s Resolutions, too!!

  121. Super sweet!!
    Shoutout from Colleyville, Texas!

  122. Greetings from Zambia!

  123. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac several years ago and you could have knocked me over with a sneeze. You see, I’m a pastry chef by profession and there is flour EVERYWHERE in my life. Needless to say, it’s taken years to adjust to this new way of life for all of us. The Gluten-Free Pantry has an entire line of amazing, good tasting products for those with Celiac. Many can be found in your well stocked grocery store. carries them as well as King Arthur Flour. It’s not just flour that has gluten, it’s yeast, mayonnaise, soy sauce, vanilla extract and the list goes on and on. Even many candies contain gluten (gummies, Swedish Fish, Twizzlers etc)! If you have a loved one with celiac and find them having issues, please read your labels. Modified food starch is in so many things and is nothing but gluten on steroids!

    Our favorite gluten free item is Chebe Bread (mix), made with tapioca flour. Great tasty item!

    By the way, I’m from New York. Love the ice cakes!

  124. Those are adorable!
    I’m from the “Ruhrgebiet” in Germany.

  125. Cincinnati, OH here. Just love what you do and wish I had the time to do it at home. Btw, can I get an invite to your friends house with the nutcrackers??!! Just love the pics you took there. I think she should sell tickets!!

  126. Let her know about . . .

    I can’t wait for some cold weather to try the ice cakes with my son. Looking at your blog from NC! :)

  127. I think a good cookbook is: it has a section that includes various flour blends and includes great baking tips.

  128. I have a friend with celiac’s and she uses almond flour.

    I’m from Utah… although grew up for the most part in So Cal.

  129. These are the yummiest peanut butter cookies ever and they are flourless. They are from Women’s Day magazine, I copied it from the Dentist’s office. But here is the link to the web site.

  130. is a great web site and magazine with recipes for people who cant eat wheat and often dairy. I to cannot eat gluten or wheat so please pass on this info. to this sweet family for me and even my email if they want a couple YUMMY cookie recipes that the sweet red head cutie can eat. :) I love your blog and though i cant eat anything I make from it my friends thank you for all your cute ideas! :)

  131. Redlands, California :)

  132. Living in Ontario Canada but call Newfoundland Canada home.

  133. well that’s just awsome! :D tell the girl that everyone loves her cakes :D

    I’m actually from Denmark, so I’m from Ella and Emelie’s neighbor country ^^ And my name is Emilie, pretty cool :D

  134. Shout out from Roseville, CA (outside of Sacramento)
    Love your site!

  135. There are plenty of gluten free mixes out there, as I can see many people have sent your way.
    Another thought is using rice crispy treats. You can still make something similar to cake pops as far as looks go, using rice crispy treats that you shape for the centers, then dipping and decorating as usual.

  136. Love the photos…what a sweetie! My friends and I adore you’re blog Bakerella!

    Love from Rachel (A Cupcake For Moose) in Indiana!

  137. One of the best gluten-free blogs I’ve found is Elana’s Pantry at:

    Gorgeous Icy Cakes!

  138. From Memphis, TN, where we have a lovely blanket of snow right now! Happy Winter!

  139. hey bakerella,
    im all the way from sault ste marie ontario, and a HUGE fan.
    one day i will tackle your cake pops!

    anyways this post hit me to heart, im a cake decorator and have celiac. i dont get to eat my new recipes, but am always looking for new things to try, gluten free would be great.

    thanks for posting this, made me happy :)

  140. Lovely icy cakes! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Best wishes from Slovenia, Europe.

  141. Happy new year from Minneapolis, MN! Bakerella, you are so inspiring and such a great teacher! :)

  142. Oh, and I’m in Ontario, Canada ;)

  143. I have a ‘Swedish Cakes And Cookies’ (ISBN 9781602392625) published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

    It has quite a few gluten-free cookie recipes like the following:

    Thumbprint Cookies (makes about 30 cookies)

    350F oven
    1/2 cup (125g) butter or margarine, soft
    3 tbsp (1/2 dl) sugar
    1 egg yolk
    1 cup (2 1/2 dl) potato starch or cornstarch (I used the latter)
    thick preserves

    1. Beat the butter and sugar until liht and fluffy. Mix in the egg yolk and starch. Roll into small balls.
    2. Place on a greased or parchment-lined baking sheet. Flatten lightly and make a small indentation in the center. Fill with preserves.
    3. Bake on the centre oven rack for around 15 minutes.

    These are very much like shortbread cookies. Stir the dough for a while because it starts out looking crumbly, but then does form into dough.


  144. Saludos de Monterrey, Mexico!
    I am a fan of your blog and love to look at all the creative things you do!!
    Now you know you have a fan over here….mi casa es tu casa!!!

  145. My daugter’s name is Emelie to! I love her already and my Emelie makes lovely cakes with moon sand and whatever else she can snafoo from the kitchen. is a company run out of Alberta I think and it is a great resource. It does have a nominal monthly fee. I get their news letters. I am not a member and every so often they will give you a recipe.

    When it comes to gluten free baking you must mix several types of flours, ex: tapiopa ,rice, potato and maybe another one. You also have to use Xantham Gum as your levener.

    She could also go to He is an American mediacal doctor that has seen the light! His web site is shock full of good info. He has an Australian woman on video making gluten fee stuff.

    Hope it helps,


  146. I loved this post and I just got an email yesterday on this subject from Rose Levy Beranbaum and said her new book has a whole chapter devoted to this here is the link:

  147. Try she has many gluten free recipes. Love the cakes!

  148. I’m in the frosty North – Canada =)
    We’ve got a gluten free company based out of Edmonton that has tons of wonderful stuff.

  149. My cousin made gluten-free cake pops for my bridal shower last month, using your directions. She used a Betty Crocker cake mix and they were so delicious! And beautiful!

  150. It may have already been posted, but Betty Crocker sells a gluten-free cake mix. I was shopping in SuperTarget last week and saw it on the shelf.

  151. Hi Bakerella,

    I love your blog and am a faithful reader down here in Texas.

    I have several friends dealing with Celiac and related conditions.

    Celiac Disease is more common than many people think. It is estimated that 1 in 133 people have the condition. It often goes undiagnosed for years.

    As a chef I am constantly looking for alternatives and evaluating recipes to be able to offer them as gluten free.

    Baking is probably the toughest issue because traditional European baking relies so much on wheat. When you move outside that you will find some great recipes.

    Pan de Queso is found in many South American countries. It is made with cassava flour and is to die for. The name translates as Cheese Bread. The main ingredients are cheese and cassava. You can try these recipes

    Arepas are another South American option. Think of them as the Latin answer to English muffins. They are eaten plain or filled. Try these recipes:

    Note: Arepa flour is a precooked corn flour and should not be confused with masa harina. Arepa flour is sold as masarepa, harina precocida, or masa al instante. It can be found in Latin American groceries.

    When not baking, nearly every recipe can be converted to gluten free. For instance make tabouleh with quinoa instead of bulgur wheat. The trick with quinoa is to rinse it VERY well before cooking. It is coated with a naturally occuring chemical that is bitter and discourages insects from eating the seeds. Once that is rinsed off, it has a delicious nutty flavor.

    When a recipe calls for a roux of butter and flour, try using butter and a gluten free flour mix like the one from Bob’s Red Mill. I have use it to make a roux and to make crepes. The crepes can be used like flour tortillas to make quesadillas or wrap around a sausage or hot dog. Of course you can also stuff them with something sweet for a dessert.

    Use cornstarch as a thickener for gravies rather than flour.

    The biggest issue I have is finding gluten free ingredients. For example only Lea & Pearrins Worcestershire Sauce states that it is gluten free so that is the one I use. Soy sauce is another popular ingredient that almost always contains wheat. The San J brand does not.

    The best thing someone with Celiac can do is educate themselves and read, read, read labels. It is possible to live gluten free, but our wheat based diet doesn’t make it easy or obvious.

  152. hello – visiting from the frigid area of northwest Minnesota. Such a cute post and thanks for the call out about the celiac sites. My mom has celiac and we’re always looking for new sites and cool recipes. Love your site and can’t wait to try making your cake pops… hopefully this weekend!

  153. A very good friend of mine is in the process of starting an online gluten free bakery. Her website is

    It’s pretty bare right now, but I know she will be doing farmers markets in her area this spring and I have seen many a photo of her baked goods. She is very talented!

  154. I’ve already seen the two blogs I’ve used most frequently when baking for someone with Celiac listed above. It’s hard because so many things have hidden wheat in them (and hidden cheese, etc.). I am always reading labels carefully (for the not quite as well hidden chicken and beef fats). Thankfully there are a few more gluten free products available now than there were even a couple of years ago.

  155. Awesome! I’m from Salt Lake City.

  156. These are so cute!
    {Hello from Olathe, Kansas!}

  157. There is a great company called GLUTINO that specialises in gluten-free food. Here is their website;

    They also have a Twitter /Facebook account and are even hosting a Twitter party with tons of interesting ppl and resources on celiac’s disease.

    Hope this helps!

  158. Shouting out from Newton, MA…home of the Fig Newton.
    Love this website Bakerella and all your creative ideas. I agree with someone who recently mentioned that you sould publish a calendar of all your cake pop creations…the sweet version of those calendars with all the veggie pictures. I bet it would be a best seller. Get busy so it will be ready for the Christmas 2011.

  159. They are cute!

    I am from Germany :)

  160. I know Gluten-Free Girl has already been mentioned but I wanted to ++++++++ this recommendation. Not only is she a great resource for GF baking, she focuses a lot on how much deep pleasure you can find in food if you just open your mind and explore a little.

    Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day also has several gluten-free bread recipes. -they actually posted about one of them recently.

  161. I have been eating gluten free for the last month, not because I have to, but because I feel better not having all the wheat. Sometimes we need to just take a break from certain things and give our body a rest. I have researched gluten free recipes on line and have made some wonderful things, one of the best being banana bread. I even made scones that turned out wonderful. I used a regular scone recipe and simply replaced the flour with a gluten free flour mixture.You can find all kinds of great recipes on line for a gluten free flour mix to bake with. I have been making Pamela’s brand bread mix (also Gluten Free Pantry’s) and my husband prefers it to regular gluten bread. I have not once felt deprived or limited. Most recipes use the gluten free flour mix like you would regular flour, cup for cup. I’m a baker and I have not had any problems replacing regular flour with the gluten free flour mixture. I simply used a store bought gluten free flour mixture in place of my regular flour in my standard banana bread recipe and it was amazingly light and yummy. I did add an extra egg for more moisture. Gluten Free baking tends to need a little more fat to create a moist product. Here’s a recipe for a basic gluten free flour mix:
    2 cups brown rice flour
    (extra finely ground)
    2/3 cup potato starch
    1/3 cup tapioca flour
    Authentic Foods in California, sells many gluten free products and all the flours in the above recipe. (as do most health food stores). I am compiling a file full of gluten free recipes, all from my internet research. I also really enjoy the gluten free girls blog, She has some great recipes!
    ….I’m from Sedona, Arizona.

  162. i like the roses, they’re so pretty!
    she’s so creative, i only know how to make ice-pops and they’re not even half as pretty as these cakes!
    anyways, i’m from Brunei Darussalam. (:
    and i bake too, but not very well. hehe.

  163. Ok, this time i could not help but post something…
    Thanks for all the cute ideas you’re sharing each week! Kisses from Tel-aviv, Israel!

  164. has the most incredible choice of gluten free stuff. And its awesome, especially the biscuits-the cook up light and fluffy-something most gluten free products don’t do. The pound cake is so good and moist-my daughter who didn’t know it was gluten free loved it. The site also has recipes.

  165. Bakerella, you rock! You are such an inspiration!

    I started a few months ago baking cupcakes, cakes and yumi stuff and Im ALWAYS looking at your website to get inspired and learn.

    You are amazing! :)

    Im from Mexico by the way heheh

  166. Living in Alexandria, VA, but originally from New Orleans.

  167. Bakerella, you rock! You are such an inspiration!

    I started a few months baking cupcakes, cakes and yumi stuff ago and Im ALWAYS looking at your website to get inspired and learn.

    You are amazing! :)

    Im from Mexico by the way heheh

  168. I don’t know o any baking resources either. I hope a lot of other people do though! I am currently in ITALY! We are from California, but stationed here with the Air Force.

  169. That is really cute! Talk about making memories with your kids. That will be one she remembers forever. What a great mom!
    Admiring your creativity from little ole Broken Arrow, OK. Currently in a deep freeze and out of school for the next two days!

  170. The icy cakes are beautiful! However, we would never be able ot make them here in sunny FL

  171. I’m a North Georgia Gal!
    that has to be the sweetest post. How precious are those little ice cakes and the little hands that made them.
    I really don’t know anything about Celiac disease. I wish I could be more help.

  172. I’m from Hershey, PA.

    I get VERY excited when I see your email in my inbox and have printed out every recipe. The Father’s Day “burgers and fries” were like gold – you would have thought I’d just created the universe! I revised them and used them for the 4th of July, now they’re requested for all family functions!

  173. Hi, these are lovely!! We don´t get much snow here either!!!
    I´m from way down south… Argentina!!!
    Love your blog thanks for sharing your talent!!!
    Happy new year!!!

  174. I’m from Colorado Springs (get that out of the way so I don’t forget)

    I have a wheat allergy…not all the way to celiac (I can pull off oats and spelt), but it does lead me to find non-wheat birthday cakes for myself! This year, I opted for this recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake (posted at my blog which has some wheat free/gluten free stuff on occasion):

    It was so yummy (and I didn’t even make the ganache-like glaze!).

    Also, someone mentioned that Betty Crocker has gluten free mixes – I’m not in a time position to check out 3 pages of comments so if I’m repeating someone, my apologies, but there is a section on Betty’s site using the mixes to make various “dressed up” goodies.

    Love all that you do!

  175. I see all the gluten free blogs on there already; which I bet have lots of links to suppliers. Love your blog, love making the treats great inspiration ~ I am in Ontario, Canada.

    There is an entire gluten free section!

  177. My mother and both sisters have food allergies, (so I can sympathise with anyone that has these issues), and One of them is gluten. They order stuff from . Luckily they can find a lot in their local grocery stores in Texas, but for Ms. Emelie, she could order some stuff online. Here are some other brands and some of their items you can pass along:

    “Gluten-Free Pantry” — french bread & pizza mix
    “Naturally gluten-free” — spaghetti noodles
    “DeBoles” — corn spaghetti style pasta, gluten free rice pasta & cheese (mac & cheese)
    “Thai Kitchen” — rice noodle bowl soup
    “Betty Crocker” — gluten free brownie mix, gluten free cake mix, gluten free cookie mix
    “Annie’s Homegrown” — rice pasta & chedder (mac & cheese)
    “Enjoy Life” — soft baked snickerdoodle cookies
    “Ener G” — white rice bread, brown rice bread, tapioca bread, wheat free/gluten free wylde pretzels

    P.S. I live in Louisiana… Love your blog! :)

  178. Celiac’s is rough. I have a few friends with it. I myself have IBS and am lactose intolerant. Anyone know some dairy free recipes as well? I still cant find a good substitute for heavy cream or half and half.

  179. Bakerella,
    Check out Land o’Lakes they have Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes (
    Also, check out the documentary Food Inc. ( It’s an eye opener and my explain why so many people need to go gluten-free.

  180. I am from Louisville Ky. There is a book called the G-Free diet. by Elizabeth Hassleback.

  181. I love your blog and this post is so sweet. Reading this in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  182. What a wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing this!

    And how fantastic that this mother would share this with her daughter. What a true testament to real love!

  183. Hi!
    My sis-in-law is allergic to wheat (but not celiac) and is also an avid baker. She swears by “The Gluten-Free Gourmet” series by Bette Hagman. I was off wheat and dairy while nursing my daughter this past year and used several of her recipes to feel “back to my old self” in terms of what I could or couldn’t eat! Honestly, based on the other gluten free breads, etc. that I had found there is really NO comparison. Bette Hagman’s recipes are incredible. The 2 that I baked from and enjoyed (immensely) were “The Gluten-Free Gourmet Makes Dessert” and “The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread.” They both have a complete explanation of the flours and flour mixes to make/use and I found that most were quite accessible at my bulk food store and health-food store. I agree with a few comments previous to mine that warn about the ingredients in many pre-packaged gluten free kits…it’s a bit more work this way, but at least you know exactly what you’re eating!
    (ps. I haven’t read all the comments here, so I don’t know if anyone else has already recommended these books…)
    (pps. I’m from a small town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada)

  184. How cute! I’m in NYC and your cake pops are a huge hit in the Big Apple!

  185. We have had our fair share of snow here on Cape Cod. Forget the shoveling – I want to make icy cakes!

  186. What a great idea, these icy cakes!

    Love your blog and read it every time you post ~ here in Arizona. :o)

  187. All of the links that I know of have already been posted so… hello from Orlando, FL!


    This is a bakery in Lansing, Michigan that specializes in making DELICIOUS gluten-free treats!

  189. Hi!!
    Here direclty from new-brunswick canada, military Base engeneers!!!(id that is how it is written!)

    I do not know much about gluten free food but Daring kitchen Forum do have alternative food group! just ask question!!

  190. Loving your blog in Oakville, Ontario! (About 30 minutes west of Toronto)

  191. North Jersey girl living outside of Philly. Found you through my cousin in VA.

    My sister-in-law went to an office party in Baltimore and someone brought “cake balls” (aka cake pops without the sticks) and REFUSED to share the recipe! I heard the story and passed you on. Thanks for making the world happier and prettier. :-)

  192. There are definitely some great cook books out there for gluten-free baking. You can buy or making all-purpose gluten-free flour mixtures that will substitute really well for most baking. Gluten-Free Baking by Rebecca Reilly has some phenomenal recipes. There are also some really good blogs around that focus on allergy-safe baking. I’ve tried a couple of recipes from and they were good.
    But it really can be as simple as buying or mixing up an all-pupose gluten-free flour (like this: and substituting it in your favourite standard brownies, cookies or cake recipe. Breads and pastries are more challenging and the texture difference will come through a lot more. Some gluten-free flours have more distinct flavours than others that can be quite noticeable in more delicate things like shortbread, but isn’t a problem with flavoured treats like spice cake or anything chocolate.

  193. There’s a new book out there, using almond flour instead of all the nasty gums and starches and thickeners usually used in gluten free baking. The recipes make cake that tastes and feels like cake, not like a brick pretending to be a cake.

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