Just a few more days

Happy weekend and a sweet reminder… I hope you have your cookie sheets out. There are just a few more days to enter your sandwich cookie recipe in the Chocolate Adventure Contest for a chance to win $25,000 from Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker and TuttiFoodie.com. Yep… $25K.

That’s a whole lot of cookie dough!

But that’s not all… Nope. Ten honorees will also win an iPad. Tasty!

To be eligible, combine any Scharffen Berger chocolate or cocoa with one or more of the following 12 select “adventure ingredients” in an original recipe by January 2nd.

Sweet Potato
Cacao Nibs
Yerba Mate
Coconut Cream or milk
Tapioca or tapioca flour
Sumatra Coffee
Corn Meal
Pine Nuts
Chili Pepper
Fresh Ginger

I’m one of the judges again this year and I am crazy excited to sink my teeth into all the creative sandwich cookies. I hope you guys make it super hard to judge. Yum!

Check out this post I shared previously for more info or go straight to the website to upload your winning recipe.

Hope you enter and if you do…

Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

Photo credits: Matt Armendariz photographer, Elizabeth Colling food stylist

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20 comments on “Just a few more days”

  1. That´s the greatest theme for a contest! :-)

  2. Sweet chocolate,mmm

  3. I want to do this!

  4. This is so exciting – wish I lived in America! But still I think I’d prefer to be judging rather than entering – have fun Bakerella!

  5. Thanks to your original notice about this contest, I’ve entered two gluten-free cookie sandwich recipes. Fingers crossed =)

    Thank you, too, for making 2012 more fun with your always cheery Bakerella blog.

    Wishing you only the brightest and best in 2013.

  6. Those bikkies look like so yummy!! I wish I lived in America!! Australia doesn’t have anything like that on! I would have so much fun experimenting with putting those flavours into my gluten-dairy-soy-corn-wheat-and casein-free bikkie recipes! As you can see, my family has to avoid a lot!!!

  7. It is an excellent theme for contest !!
    And everything looks so yummy !

  8. could you please name the four cookies in the contest pic in your post above? where can i get their recipes?


  9. I’m unable to join this contest but all the best to those who can. I can only imagine all the interesting flavour that would emerge from this.

  10. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate contest? I bet the pies would be very happy with my morning cup of coffee! Best of luck!

  11. What a great contest! It’s like a mystery box contest but you know the ingredients. haha Can’t wait to see the winning entry.

  12. What a contest! Love the name!! Ooo I would LOVE to be a judge for something like this…it must be a real treat! =)


  13. Oh so sweet!! May this 2013 be as great.

  14. I wanted to do this and despite a calendar reminder never added sandwich cookies of any kind to my pile of baking (and I definitely did a ton of baking, but almost none of it was cookies).

  15. Wow, this is fantastic!!! Have a blessed 2013!!

  16. Yum! I’ll take some!!

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