Pick Mii out and Wii-n!

Wii Cupcake

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of the Nintendo Wii by now. But, before Christmas rolled around, I had never even seen the Wii and had no desire to play one. (Not a big video gamer.) I had heard all about it though. How you can create characters (Miis) to resemble yourself and play games like bowling and golf and tennis… all with a remote. You’ve seen the commercials, with everyone looking silly in front of their TV, punching at invisible objects. (That’s the boxing game, by the way.)

Then, for Christmas, my sister got one, my best friend got one and my aunt won one at her Christmas Party. Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by cartoon versions of my friends and family bowling and playing tennis. All of the sudden, I had to have one. So, a few days and five stores later, I too was the proud owner of a shiny white box of fun.

And it is fun! On New Year’s Eve, we bowled for almost eight hours straight. We couldn’t stop. I’m sure there’s a bunch of you that know exactly what I’m talking about. And for the record, my niece rocks at bowling. She has a high score of 254 and she’s only seven. I’m… well…I’m not seven, but I can’t beat her for the life of me. (She likes to remind me of it, too.)

Anyway, we’ve had such a great time playing this thing, that I wanted to spread the fun. So here’s a little giveaway with a big prize.

The Wii:
Includes the Wii console, Wii remote, Nunchuk controller, disk of sports games and wires and stuff.

Win a Wii

Keep reading to see how you could win it.


Here are a bunch of Miis I made on the Wii for this giveaway.

Mii Cupcakes

And, here are a bunch of Mii cupcakes.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is…

Pick Mii Out & Wii-n!

Pick Mii Out and Wii-n Giveaway:

  • To enter for a chance to win a Wii, just pick mii out.
  • Guess the letter above that corresponds to the Mii character you think I use and leave your choice in your comments section below. Choose only one.
  • Make sure to leave a way for me to contact you (by blog or email) if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Saturday, January 24, 2009 at midnight.
  • Winner will be announced sometime Sunday, January 25th.

Note: The winner will be chosen at random using the integer generator. To win, you must pick Mii out correctly. If the winning comment does not pick Mii out correctly, I’ll choose another comment at random until one does.

Have fun and good luck!

Want to know more:
Nintendo Wii
Wii Games
Wii Accessories
Wii Fit (Curious… does anyone recommend this?)

Also, the cupcakes I made were from the February 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine… (a Christmas gift subscription from my mom.) I used the one bowl chocolate cupcake recipe… super easy and yummy. Thanks Mom and Martha!

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4,993 comments on “Pick Mii out and Wii-n!”

  1. I think “C” probably looks like you!

  2. I think its C!

    kelgirl105 at yahoo dot com

  3. C for sure. And I highly recommend the Wii Fit, its a ton of fun.

  4. I’m going with “G” … Heather

  5. I say “C!!” How cute these little Mii Cupcakes are! I just love ’em!

  6. H! I think it’s H.

  7. I pick D

  8. I guess C! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I pick C! They all look amazing… you are so creative!

  10. Wow – this is an amazing giveaway!! I pick H :)

  11. I say…G!

  12. I pick “G”. I love your blog and flickr photos of your work.

  13. H! :)

  14. I think you as “C” as in so Cute!

  15. C. For Creates Cute Cupcakes. Final answer.

  16. wowwww, this r so cool, my fam would love to see themselves like this. Anywho i say G :o)

  17. I’m guessing D! She’s the cutest!

  18. I’m going to pick B. Those are adorable cupcakes!

  19. I choose B!

  20. I choose A.

    I haven’t played WiiFit yet, but everyone I know who has it, loves it. A friend of mine who is a WW leader likes it, but tells me that Outdoor Adventure kicks way more butt than Fit.

    Cute cupcakes.

  21. My Guess is C! She has a great smile!

  22. B please! to be that talented you have to be a redhead!
    B please!

  23. Are you F?

  24. Definitely C, or should I say Cii…it’s C for sure!! Wii would love to win a Wii!!

  25. Ok- I pick A – hope I am right!!! I can’t believe how you made them so perfect!

  26. I think “C”.

  27. I vote B! Such a cute contest, and yummy!

  28. You are so totally C !!! Unless you are feeling saucy and then you could be another mii with pouty lips! My kids would freak out if I won this. But I have quickly learned that random integer generator means “You lose Baker’s Cakes!!!” As Donkey says, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  29. I think it’s G. She’s so cute.

  30. My guess is C. Super cute cupcakes!

  31. You are so the C! I love your blog! I can’t wait to try some of your ideas. Do you ever see Ace of Cakes? I’d watch BakerellaTV!

  32. I’m going to guess “C”….and those Mii cupcakes are absolutely adorable! What a cute idea!

  33. I think you use the Mii C , well I hope lol

  34. I pick C all the way — cause you’re a hot blonde on Wii and really-really! :)

  35. I pick B. Love the red hair and green eyes. I would love to win the cupcakes they are so cute and look delicious. By the way, I LOVE the easy brownie recipe you gave out. YUM.

  36. I choose C!

  37. I pick G. She has the best smile. This is the coolest giveaway I’ve ever seen!

  38. i pick D. you’re amazingly talented!

    my e-mail is

  39. I think it’s H! They’re all so cute!

  40. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  41. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  42. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  43. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  44. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  45. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  46. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  47. d. I like the pucker!! And I definitely recommend wii fit! Its a novelty game, but its so much fun.


  48. I liked B!!! Loved the cupcakes by the way

  49. I pick letter “H” ! Cute cupcakes!

    -melinda k.e.

  50. H!

    so adorable

  51. i pick “H” =)

  52. Looks like everyone has the same two in mind that I do! I’ll pick D.

  53. I’m guessing B? What a cute idea!

  54. I think it’s C. you always make the cutest stuff!

  55. My guess is C!

  56. I pick C.

  57. I’m going with G!

    BTW, get Active Life Outdoor Challenge for the Wii if you’re looking to really move – it’s better than any of the balance board games so far!

  58. I’m going to say D.

    Also I wanted to tell you that I have the Wii Fit and although its fun, I don’t feel I get that great of a workout. Now I did play Dance Dance Revolution over the holidays and I would recommend that if you are wanting to lose weight.

  59. My guess would be D, she’s a cutie!

  60. I pick C! I love reading your blog! What a great give away.

  61. I believe you are C.

  62. I think you’re Wii Mii is H!

    Super cute cupcakes btw! My husband was amazed! It’s always so fun to see your newest creations!

    And Wii Fit rocks! Lot’s of fun!

  63. I also pick “C”.

    Wii Fit is SUPER fun, I don’t know if it helps get you fit but we sure have fun playing! We like to whap soccer balls with our heads!

  64. I’m going with G! She looks so happy!

  65. I think it’s got to be C!

  66. I’m gonna say Dii! ;)

  67. I think C.

  68. Inny, minny, miney, moe…

    …I pick “B” by the toe.

    (Or is it “Bii” :P)

    AFamilyOfRoses (at) msn (dot) com

  69. I am going with “G”, because she looks like the most fun :)

  70. I love your blog and I’m guessing H is your mii!

  71. I’m going to guess G

    Super cute!!

  72. i say D!the cupcakes are too cute, and isn’t the wii awesome!! i love bowling and tennis, and the carnival games are a ton of fun! we always have family tournaments!

  73. C!

    Those cupcakes look gorgeous!

  74. D .. just like my nickname! I <3 the cupcakes can't wait to make some.

  75. D is for mii! I pick D!

  76. I think you are a “C”….so cute!

  77. I think you are C! Wonderful Job!

  78. I think you are C! :)

  79. I feel certain it is H!

    Often I’m a lurker, but you drew me out into the open with this one!

    Love your site.

  80. i chose “C”
    it’s the first letter of my first and last name :D

    want to say your website is the cutest n loove your cupcakes..although i never attempted to bake any of your recipes. :(

  81. D … matches my nickname! :) The cupcakes look so yummy can’t wait to make them.

  82. oh Gee.
    I pick, “G”.

  83. I choose C! C C C!

  84. I’m going to say C! She looks like you!! You did a great job on those cupcakes. They are so awesome!

  85. My vote is “B”.

    Super-cute cupcakes!

    Thanks for the chance.

  86. I think “C” looks the most like you. They’re all so cute though :)
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  87. I’m thinking H. :)

  88. I’m gonna say C
    my kids would flip if i won!

  89. Choice C. I love your blog :)

  90. C is your Mii! This was fun and you did a great job!

  91. I vote for C! :)

  92. Complete at random, I’ll pick D!

  93. I think it’s “C”. I’m love Wii bowling too. The tennis is no joke. But the Wii Fit really is a great workout.

  94. I’m going to guess D. Also – I own the Wii Fit – and I recommend it for someone who is already in shape and wanting something fun and convenient in their home to help maintain it. The Wii Fit (in my opinion) is not something to GET someone in shape (my dilemma!)

  95. I’m going to vote D. It’s the shape of the eyes that does it for Mii. Your hair color could’ve changed since you appeared on Martha.

    We just got a Wii for Chrismtas. We ordered Wii Fit with it. It’s great. Highly recommend it. I also love Wii Sports. I was just boxing against my son a few minutes ago. He beats me at bowling every time too. It’s amazing how you get a workout with it.

  96. i’m gonna have to go with ‘C’… thanks for the wonderful giveaway! i’ve heard the wii system is fun for all ages!


  97. D!! Because she looks sassy, like you probably would if you were a real Mii!

    Love your blog – and I’m not a “blogger”, but I check it daily!

  98. I say you use H. BTW, those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen.

  99. I’m going with G because I know if i made those cupcakes I’d have a smile that huge!!


  100. I hope it is H!

  101. D- it must be!

    Thanks for your great site!!

  102. C please!

    This is so much fun!

  103. I’m going to go with G because hardly anyone has guessed it. Hope I’m right!

  104. Super cute! I pick H!

  105. the answer… c!
    fingers crossed…
    love your blog, sooo inspiring and creative. keep it up!

  106. I love your website. It has inspired the baker in me. I choose H. My contact is

  107. My guess is “H.”

    I love the cupcakes!

  108. trying to remember the Martha episode. I pick C.

  109. I’m going to have to go with “C”.


  110. I’m going with H – the Wii is a blast for all ages :)

  111. I think your Mii is C! I really want a Wii! Pick me!

  112. I think it is H.
    Have you checked out the Mii channel yet? You can download Mii’s for free that people made to look like characters from TV. It is a hoot.
    Good Luck all.

  113. These are awesome! I pick H!

  114. I pick C! Hope I win!

  115. I am going to say “D”. Those cupcakes are sooo cute.

  116. I think D.

  117. G is my wonderful guess! Reminds me of you from the Marth Stewart show! Thanks for giving away such a cool prize! I hope I win…my girlfriends are all talking about them too!

  118. I think it’s D:) Great job on the cakes!

  119. C
    You,my dear, are very talented!

  120. I’m gonna go with C! Those cupcakes are the cutest!

  121. I think H!


  122. I think it’s G :) Please pick Mii!

  123. I think C. These look awesome!

  124. I’m going to say C! You did an awesome job with those Mii characters on the cupcakes!! But nothing less than awesome is to be expected. =)

    My email is:

  125. I am guessing C, she’s got some sass! I would love to win this…I’ve been trying to save up to buy one for such a long time now!

  126. How about B…love her eyes

  127. I’m gonna say “C” she looks so sweet, and from how you write thats just kinda the picture I have in my head!

  128. You my dear are “D”. YAY FOR Wii!

  129. I pick C!

    These Miis are too cute! I love your blog! Thanks for all your cute and creative ideas!

  130. C or D, C or D, I suppose I have to pick huh, ok C!

    You are amazing!!

  131. It’s C!!!
    We love our Wii…and totally love the Wii Fit. Although I haven’t been on there in a week and that little thing gets a little snotty at ya, if you “slack” on your exercise program…LOL!

  132. H is the one, she’s so cute!

  133. What cute cupcakes!
    I think you are C! :)

  134. I hope it is C and I hope you pick Mii!

  135. I’m going with C, unless you got a hair cut :) My sister loves her Wii fit- it’s her weapon of choice in our friendly weight-loss war :) (First to a set weight receives a dozen handmade napkins from the other sister :)

  136. GGGGGGGGGG! I love the cupcakes!

  137. C
    These look fabulous

  138. I’ll say G.
    lisafewox (@) gmail (.) com

  139. I choose E! She looks fun! My email is

  140. I’m going with H.

  141. I believe you are ‘H’. Fun giveaway :)

  142. I pick C

  143. C, please!
    Thanks for sharing all your creativity with us!

  144. I’m gonna say H. Sidenote–making your cookie-brownie thingamajigs for my lovely husband’s birthday. I know he will LURVE them. :)

  145. I would guess B!

  146. I’m going with B. They’re all so cute!

  147. I think C – and these are lovely btw!

  148. I definitely think it’s G. And I am Wii Obsessed as well! I just got one for Christmas and I have to be pulled away from it. Also, you are so talented, those cupcakes are perfect!!

  149. I pick “E”. Fun contest.

  150. I’m guessing C.

    They are all cute. You did a fabulous job.


  151. C!

    What a giveaway!

    {eyes closed, fingers crossed}

  152. These are lovely! I think C…

  153. B?

  154. LOL, those are adorable! I hate fondant but you always make it seem so easy :)

    Wii is awesome! My younger brother got it the day it was released, every time I play the Wii I have a sore body the next day!

    Have fun with the Wii’s!

  155. I think it’s C. Adorable cupcakes!

  156. I love your site!!
    I pick “C”

  157. Oh my. I like guessing, so even though I don’t actually want to be entered in the competition (my family’s had a wii since they came out) I’m going with D. The cupcakes look so good btw and this is a ridiculously generous giveaway!

  158. I think B!!!! They are ALL adorable!!!!

  159. I say B just because that’s my lucky letter.

  160. I think it’s C!

  161. I am saying “G”
    but all the cupcakes look so cute!

    Almost too cute to eat :)

    Happy Monday!

  162. C! And your Wii cupcakes are awesomely cute!

  163. I’ll say C! They are all very cute.

  164. I vote for G. kt at banooba dot net

  165. I guess C!

  166. I’m going to guess C. Thanks so much for giving us the chance to win such a great prize!!

  167. I say D. She’s adorable. I have Wii Fit and love it. I have some great video of my husband hula hooping!

  168. I think D! and your cupcakes are so cute!! Thanks!

  169. I searched your blog to find a photo of you and found one of you with the Dukes of Hazzard guy! So you look like C! :)

  170. gotta be C, right?!

  171. I think it is The adorable C Mii! Also to answer your question Yes, I do recommend the Wii fit! It is so much fun and I think you and your niece would have a blast playing some of the exercise games! If she beats you at bowling she will probably kill you at soccer! :)
    Thank you for all the smiles your cupcakes have given me!

  172. OMG these cupcakes are so fabulous! We are big time Wii fans here, my son loved the cupcakes, 2 thumbs way up.

    My vote is C, definitely.
    Thanks for the chance =) how exciting!!

  173. G – These are so cute. Thanks for the chance to win. mach713 at gmail dot com

  174. I vote for “C” and oh my gosh! I’ve wanted a Wii for a long time now, but sadly, it is so ridiculously out of our budget, so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!! I know I know, it will be random :(

  175. It’s gotta be C! …right?

  176. I am going with D….she is cute!

  177. i’m going to say C – that’s one hot mii.

  178. I choose D!

    And your cupcakes are absolutely adorable!!!

  179. I hope it’s D! I’d love to give this to my sister’s family as a surprise!

  180. I think its D. These are soooo cute!

  181. I bet you use H. :)

    And incredible job on the cupcakes.. Your Miis are better than Nintendo’s version!

  182. I am going to say D…..
    I think my boys would love this – and I would definitely get the WiFit – need to work my butt off!!

  183. My guess is C!!!! I hope that I win my hubby would love it!

  184. I choose C!
    very cute cupcakes :)

  185. I’m voting H! I love the cupcakes- too cute!! And congrats on the magazine mentions- you’re famous!!

  186. The cupcakes look great! I think you use Mii C.

    Thanks Bakerella! :)

    seanik at gmail dot com

  187. Based upon the way you looked when you appeared on Martha Stewart, my guess is “C”.

    These are great cupcakes, by the way.

  188. im absolutly sure you are C ! It look like you!

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