Sharpies and other stuff


I may need a couple.

It turns out, I’ll be visiting you guys in about a month. YAY! YAY! Yippee! I’m excited!

I’m going to be doing several book signings at Williams-Sonoma stores across the U.S.

And, that just blows my mind.

To think that one little cookie cutter I randomly picked up (at a Williams-Sonoma store no less) almost three years ago – basically led to all this.

Remember this little guy… ?


This flower-shaped cutter?


It was part of a tin of decorative cutters that I found in a Williams-Sonoma store.


This is the cutter that inspired my cupcake pops.


And, in the beginning, it was these cupcake pops that swept across the internet because of all of your excitement for them. And ultimately, led me to keep trying new cake pop designs and thus, the book.

That just shows – you can’t predict what life will bring you. I had no idea any of this would happen when I bought those cute little cutters, but I’m so glad I picked them up on a whim.

If you’d like to come by and say hi, and I hope you do – Here’s where I’ll be in October and November:

Cake Pops Book Tour Schedule <


Other Stuff: I have a couple more non-baking related posts coming up. And then it’s back to baking. You can get a glimpse of one of them in the checkout lane of the grocery store this month. : )

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410 comments on “Sharpies and other stuff”

  1. Thank you for coming up with these cake pop ideas. I don’t live in America but I have the cake pops book with 40 recipes and I love it!!!!

  2. For my eleventh birthday, in August, I kept telling my mom about your book. I told her that there were 40+ things for me to make. I guess my mom set it up with my best friend Bella, but anyhow, she got me the book for my birthday. I was SO excited. she paid that money for me! but the money is totally worth it so I wasn’t ripped off. anyway thank you for writing the book, I probably read the whole thing 6 times. THANK YOU!


  3. u have inspired me but where can i get this book???? well any way i think i want to try like, every single thing u make on this site……which was ur favorite to make?????????

  4. i want to buy the pincils but my father told me that he will buy it later

  5. That’s Great ..I love the cake pops .. Thanks for the tips..

  6. how did you come up with cake balls and pops?
    They’re not that easy to make…

  7. when i saw this,at first i thought you made sharpies out of cake.

  8. i’ve got to get a book!

  9. My daughter told me to go to your site. I am so glad she did! I had never heard of “pops”, until last night, when I went to the Wilton site. I e-mailed my daughter and she said, to look at “Bakerella”, what a vast new world of baking and fun your site gives to everyone! Thank you! My first batch is cooling in the refrigerator awaiting to be molded into what ever I come up with for the shape. Chocolate cake, peppermint frosting to glue the crumbs together, of course!

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