Sharpies and other stuff


I may need a couple.

It turns out, I’ll be visiting you guys in about a month. YAY! YAY! Yippee! I’m excited!

I’m going to be doing several book signings at Williams-Sonoma stores across the U.S.

And, that just blows my mind.

To think that one little cookie cutter I randomly picked up (at a Williams-Sonoma store no less) almost three years ago – basically led to all this.

Remember this little guy… ?


This flower-shaped cutter?


It was part of a tin of decorative cutters that I found in a Williams-Sonoma store.


This is the cutter that inspired my cupcake pops.


And, in the beginning, it was these cupcake pops that swept across the internet because of all of your excitement for them. And ultimately, led me to keep trying new cake pop designs and thus, the book.

That just shows – you can’t predict what life will bring you. I had no idea any of this would happen when I bought those cute little cutters, but I’m so glad I picked them up on a whim.

If you’d like to come by and say hi, and I hope you do – Here’s where I’ll be in October and November:

Cake Pops Book Tour Schedule <


Other Stuff: I have a couple more non-baking related posts coming up. And then it’s back to baking. You can get a glimpse of one of them in the checkout lane of the grocery store this month. : )

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410 comments on “Sharpies and other stuff”

  1. I’m so sad I just found out about your wonderful site and missed your book tour! Your ideas are awesome and can’t wait to try them out on my sons kindergarten class!!

  2. Come to philly! I love your cake pops!

  3. Hi,
    I have a question! I got your book and thought I did everything but my chocolate is discolored. I have had the same problem with red and chocolate. It has a marbled look with a cream color running threw it. Do you know how to not get the modeled look? Help!!! Thanks, Mona

  4. I’m so excited you’re coming to Nashville/Franklin! I will DEFINITELY be there!

  5. Your book just came in the mail last night and my kids are thrilled! They started asking this morning when I was going to make some :-) The book actually arrived just in time since I was planning to make some cake balls for a birthday this weekend… now I can make the birthday boy some cake pops instead!

  6. Oh no! What about us Tulsans that love your stuff??? How do we get our books signed?
    Just saying…we love you too!

  7. Congrats on the book tour! My twin sister and I are faithful readers of your blog!!! We’re planning on going to your book signing at the King of Prussia Mall. Please let us know if you need any baked goods for your event.. we’d love to donate!
    Can’t wait to meet you!

  8. how exciting and such a sweet and heartwarming anecdote … I mean who knows what life will bring us, right ???



  9. YAY! I can’t wait! October 14th cant’ come soon enough!

  10. Doesn’t look like Colorado is on your list, but that’s okay . . . I work for Barnes & Noble and moved your books to the front display bay of our cooking section as soon as they came in! You’re well represented in our store.

  11. I cannot wait til you are in Chicago!!!!!

  12. hola soy mayte de españa y me encanta esto cake pops eres una artista todos esta echo con tanta delicadeza y con mucho cuidado esta muy bien todo echo cada detalle bueno sin palabras es todo muy bonito y me gustaria comprar el libro no se si loteneis en español si no lo compro de todos modo aunque no se ingles ya lo traducira alguien muchas gracias

  13. No chance of dates in the Washington DC area? If I get the book now at Williams & Sonoma, will you still sign it w/ an old receipt?

  14. I’m not sure if you have this in your book, but I wanted to throw it out there for anyone who wants to try. I always make my cake pops with strawberry cake inside that has strawberry icing mixed in it. They work great for my little girls’ birthday parties since they are always pink inside. They taste yummy, too!

  15. No Florida? ohhh- so close. Would love to be first in line in Orlando!

  16. I just bought the book yesterday and cannot wait to make them tonight! I am planning on perfecting the cake pops and hopefully selling them during xmas time and who knows it may become a big hit and my dream could come true of opening my own bakery one day!

  17. You’re coming to my ‘hood!! I’m so excited!

  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My book arrived today from Amazon CA. It is so full of inspiration I can’t wait to share it with my daughters. I so enjoy learning new things and your book will get us busy for a while. Thanks again and congrats!
    Victoria, BC Canada

  19. You REALLY should come to Boise. It’s right on the way to Oregon from…almost everywhere! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Boise!!!

  20. Got your book yesterday! Its all ready for you to sign!! See ya in SLC Utah!!!

  21. Just received your books over the weekend, and I have to say it is wonderfully written and the pictures are the best! It is so nice to be able to see what you have to do! I’ll be stopping by the candy store to pick up a few molds too! Thanks

  22. I just bought the book at the mall but not William Sonoma. I would have bought it there if I would have known… :(

  23. aww you’re not gonna be in san diego =( oh well i’ll still buy the book, whether i get it signed or not =)

  24. I didn’t realize you had a book! I can’t wait to get it. Hopefully I can see you when you are in NY. I love your designs. So far I’ve only tried the reindeer design, but have made lots of balls without sticks for desserts and everyone always loves them! I would love to make the original cupcake pops to sell at my new store. Would that be ok?

  25. My Fiance has just ordered my book!! Its my Xmas present, Ttat he thinks I dont know That I know I’m getting!! =) Cant wait!!

    Hope you Enjoy yourself!!!!

  26. Congratulations!!
    Can you come to Cleveland, Ohio? or even Toledo. I’ll drive to meet you! You are such an inspiration and I will definitely be buying your book! {At Willliams Sonoma, just in case}

  27. please come farther north! at least to boston!!!

  28. awww! No Ohio?

  29. WHAT!? No signings in Canada? But…but…we love you here too!!

  30. Wish you were coming to Charlotte, NC! Drats! So thrilled for your publicity, you deserve it all!

  31. Yah, I’ll see you in Salt Lake City. My girls would love to meet you (they are 8) But they LOVE your cake pops!

  32. I love your book!! I wish you were coming to Denver!!

  33. Got your book yesterday –> so awesome, and helpful, I figured out all the things I did wrong on my first cake pops attempt the other day, thank you! Wish you were coming to Indianapolis, I have tons of sharpies. ;D

  34. I just discovered your website not too long ago, and I love it! I already asked my mom for your book for Christmas! I’m in Vancouver, BC and I know there is a Williams Sonoma store here… any chance you would be heading north?! Congrats on your creativity putting piles of smiles on this sometimes weary world!

  35. I can’t wait to buy your book!!!

  36. I was looking online for that tin of cookie cutters and have had no luck in finding them anywhere. I was wondering if you knew how I could get them. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Congratulations on your book! I am hoping to see you at your book signing in Salt Lake City, Utah!

  37. I had my fingers crossed that you would be coming to the W-S in Pittsburgh! Maybe you could add a second leg of the tour and come here? Please? Please? Pleeeaase!? :)

  38. I wish you were coming to Colorado!

  39. you can’t forget about BOSTON!!!!

  40. How long will you be signing at the Salt Lake store? I would love to have you sign my book :D
    My family loves the all the cake balls and cake pops, they ask me to make the cake balls at least once a month. My niece who is 19 was so fascinated with the tinny cupcakes on a stick when I first made them.

  41. See you in Costa Mesa,CA. I can’t wait. I am buying 3 books, two for my sisters and one for myself : ) : ) : )

  42. Congratulations! It’s so cool to have seen how all of this has progressed.

    I’m so happy for you!

  43. I am going to Short Hills for sure, it’s only an hour away if that.. do we have to by the book at the signing or can we buy it ahead of time, does anyone know?

  44. How exciting! I’ll be at South Coast! Lucky for me the signing is on my day off, woo-hoo!

  45. WooHoo!! Got my books today, YES!!
    I am so excited! I haven’t been following your blog very long but these cake pops are just soo cool!! I bought 3 books and will be giving some away for Christmas…Well maybe sooner! Not good at saving things until Christmas, lol. Just wanted to thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us, you’re a very special person! Enjoy your book tour!

  46. Congratulations to you, Bakerella! Taking the world by storm! You are welcome in Canada anytime!

  47. I ordered my book and still haven’t received it… Boo :( I’m hoping to go to a book signing, though, even if I have to travel a few hundred miles to do so. Can’t wait! :)

  48. Bummed you’re not traveling to the North East…Boston would have given you a huge turnout ;) Either way, congrats on your tour – I ordered your book a month ago – just can’t for it to ship!!

  49. Yeah! You are coming to Bellevue, Washington first!!!

  50. Just ordered my book – can’t wait to get it!!! Looking forward to your visit to the Bay Area. If we buy something in the store other than your book, can we then have our copy signed?

  51. I bought my copy online yesterday. I can’t wait to get it! I am going to do my best to make it to the Dallas stop.

  52. I can’t wait for my book to arrive! I ordered through Amazon and am patiently waiting… I want to make something cute Bakerella style for my upcoming baby shower! Please come to Detroit…we would welcome you with open arms!

  53. Aww man! I would totally come to the Costa Mesa signing if it was on a weekend. Can’t you squeeze in a visit to the W-S in Santa Barbara? That would be SPECTACULAR! :-)

  54. You should come to Las Vegas!!

  55. GOT MY BOOK YESTERDAY!! Cake is in the oven! woo hoo. Can’t wait to make them tonight. I’ve been making them for the last year, but the book is so much fun and gives great tips!!!

  56. Hi!
    Does anyone know where I can buy the pop sticks online or in Australia?

  57. Thank you SO much for including Chicago in your tour. I live only 3 hours away in Michigan and cannot wait to meet you!!! :-D You have opened my eyes to a whole world of baking I didnt know existed before and for that I cannot thank you enough!

  58. Ahhh I would really love to drop by the NY one but it’s on my mother’s birthday and she has my undivided attention that day. :(

  59. This is fantastic news but I really wish you were coming to the UK!

  60. I was just at Crate and Barrel- They have SUPER CUTE cupcake shaped cookie cutters. It made me think of you. :)

  61. I just happen to come across your site randomly one day and I got hooked. I spent hours looking through your blog/website over and over and over again. So many cool ideas.
    As Im only new to your adventures I preordered your recipe book on Amazon and I was so happy they ship internationally, as I live in Australia. I wish you could do book signings over here. Maybe a good excuse for a holiday????
    I was so inspired I made Choc Oreo Cheesecake Balls for my school cake stall (Im a food tech teacher), but they didnt make it there. The teachers nabbed them before they went out.
    Thank you very much for your inspiration. I cant wait for your book to be delivered on my doorstep
    Happy baking :-)

  62. You’ll be in Jersey! Whoo hoo! I was hoping you’d be at Short Hills – it’s only about 15 minutes away from me!!!!

  63. You need to come to Minneapolis/St. Paul!! (General Mills should host you!) From your very first posts about cake pops, I was inspired. I have tried so many fun designs and techniques with them. You are an inspiration to me and I am very happy for your success. Seriously, we could be total bffs!

    Come see me !!!

  64. Boo…you are not coming to Canada…bummer! But I ordered your book and can’t wait for it to arrive. Congrats!

  65. Oh darn. The day you are visiting the store closest to me is one that I have to work. Do you think a Bakerella signing would be a good enough excuse to get me out of work? :)

  66. Congratulations!! I’m hoping to make the one in Dallas!

  67. That is so awesome! Very happy for you!

  68. I am so excited about you coming to Bellevue…see you then!!!

  69. I received your book in the mail today…YEY!!!!!!!!!
    So, excited! I love it! It looks beautiful!

    Can’t wait to start making them pops!

  70. Congratulations to you again my dear!! You are becoming front page news everywhere, and you so deserve it.

  71. Congratulations on all of your success! I wish you the very best.

    With that being said…..I would LOVE to come see you in Phoenix, AZ!!

  72. What? No Canadian signings? :( I’m disappointed, you’re worth the drive into the city!!

  73. I will SO be there in Salt Lake City! Super excited to meet you! :D I LOVE you cake pops!

  74. Got my book yesterday and I can’t wait for you to come to Costa Mesa. Yay!!!

  75. boo. no kansas city! :(

  76. I might have to drive the 3 hours to Nashville to get my book signed and say a personal Thank You for my blue cake stand!!

  77. Maybe you’ll come to Berlin once. I’ll be there. :D

  78. Come to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Please!

  79. I just saw your #95 on the Barnes and Noble Top 100 Books. Congratulations. I wish you were coming to sign near my town!!! Best wishes to you

  80. I just got my book and it’s FAB!!!! I can’t find the flower cutter anywhere online and I don’t have a WS anywhere around. what do i do???

  81. Wish you were coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Oh Well, at least my daughter-in-law got to meet you and get lessons on how to make these when ya’ll were at Ree Drummond’s house in Oklahoma. So Cool!!!

  82. Oh Boy!!! I can’t wait to meet you in Dallas on October 28th. You truly deserve all the success you are receiving. I made cake balls for a friends/family gathering this past week-end and they were wonderful. All thanks to you!
    ENJOY the ride –
    Robin Scott

  83. I meant to say… “OUR” books for signing ;-)

  84. My daughter and I will see you in Costa Mesa, CA on Oct. 11th! We both have the day off, so we’ll be there with out books for signing!

    I can’t wait!

  85. Hey Ms. Bakerella,
    I’m stationed in Seoul Korea and just got your book today in the mail. Yeah! I pre-ordered about a month ago and waited patiently (not really) for it! I tried to read the entire thing at lunch but I’m a helicopter pilot and a mission came down :( so I had to wait until I got home. I read every single page! I can’t wait to try some new ideas. I know it is wishful thinking for you to come to Korea. When I return to the US, I hope to get my book sign as well. Good Luck and Great book! These small delicious treat will brighten a Soldier’s (and our families here) day…as it did for me. Thanks!
    Ms. Blackhawk

  86. I got my book! I love it! I can’t wait to try making some cakepops correctly! Now that I know all the secrets, these have to turn out better than the first ones I did…. those were some gruesome pumpkin heads for sure! Thanks!

  87. Congrats!

    Hope the book makes its way to Singapore!

  88. I agree with my fellow Aussies, Kt and Jodie – where are your dates for Australia on your tour list?? :) My book arrived today, and OOOHHH it’s fabulous!!! Congratulations!

  89. Aw, too bad you’re not coming to colorado! :(

  90. I just ordered your book yesterday. You need to add DC to your book signing tour!

  91. Congrats! Unfortunately, I live in Japan (my dad’s in the military; I’m a sophomore in hs) so I obviously can’t make it to the signings, but my brother is going to New York University, and the tour is just in time for my birthday, so he told me he was going to try to be there early for the NYC signing. So excited to get the book, even if my brother underestimated the lines, I’m going to order a copy!

  92. So exciting! It looks like you’ll have a busy few weeks. I’m going to try to make it to your SF date!

  93. congrats…that is so exciting!! Hope I get to meet you in LA :)

  94. ooh ooh me me! Walnut Creek… I am SO taking the day off to see you!!

  95. I got my copies today, and I LOVE the book. LOVE. I immediately priority-mailed one off to a friend who really needs some joy, sunshine and hope in her life right now. Thank you!!

  96. Sad you won’t be coming to Hawaii… maybe the next book! :D

  97. Congrats on your book. You’re coming to Oak Brook, IL! Yay! Can’t wait for your visit. See you then.

  98. I agree with the gals about coming to MSP :) Minnesota is such a warm and friendly state ;) Come back!

  99. I got my book, and it’s great!! My daughter-in-law looked at it, too, and she is excited about the fact that I told her I’d make some things from it for my Granddaughter to take to her pre-school. I also have the Betty Crocker Fall Baking book that you are featured in. It was such a pleasant surprise to see you in it!!! Congratulations! I want to make the pumpkin pops in it, that are on the cover, but whenever I’ve tried to use the edible ink markers – I can’t get much coverage. I’ve tried pressing more lightly, and pressing harder, but not much luck —- do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  100. Just wanted to say that I was in my local Giant Eagle today, staring off into space while I waited at the check-out, and what did I see? A bunch of adorable pumpkin cake pops on the cover of a Betty Crocker magazine. “Why,” I thought, “that’s Bakerella’s handiwork!” And sure ’nuff, your smiling face was there in the corner. You know? That brightened my day. Thank you!

  101. You just amaze me! I am so inspired by all that you do! I am hoping to open a bakery one day, but for now, I will continue out of my house while teaching as my day job and hope that I will eventually walk through the doors of my own bakery!

  102. I am so bummed that your tour does not include North Carolina!! :( Maybe NC will be on your second tour!! :)

  103. I found what you were talking about at the Checkout Line!! That is awesome!!

  104. WOW – that is pretty exciting stuff! Best Wishes to you and I KNOW your book will be a huge success!!

    Any way you can make make a stop in Ohio? Maybe in Akron or Cleveland?

    Have a great tour!!

  105. I cannot believe I will miss you in SLC! GRRR! It is for a good reason though, I am going on my honeymoon to Greece.


    Congratulations again, hope it is a wonderful book tour.

  106. I so wish you were coming to Portland! There is no way I can make it up to Seattle!

    Sad day!!

  107. My friend pre-ordered the book for me as a surprise gift! We’re so excited to come to the signing in Dallas —- but I’m pretty sure we’ll have to buy another copy of your book at Williams-Sonoma. That’s how they typically arrange these signings, you need their proof of purchase to have it signed. I wish we would have known that! Oh well… I guess I’ll just have a spare! Can’t wait!

  108. Coming to New England at all in the future? Namely in the Boston area??

  109. I hope Kansas City, Missouri, will be on your schedule soon.

  110. Aww I’m kind of disappointed you’re not coming to Boston! You have tons of fans here :) But still, it’s SO awesome you’re doing a book tour! You’re going to have so much fun :) :) Congrats again!

  111. We just received our order of your new book to sell in our gift store ( They are a big hit and as much fun to sell as read! Have a great tour! (If you ever add Houston to your schedule, we hope you will visit us.) Ann

  112. I wish you were coming to WS in Chandler, AZ. I love your book, I made the pool party pops for our Labor Day Swim and BBQ party, and they were a BIG Hit. Thanks

  113. I’ll be there!! and can you thank cupcake julie for getting back to me about the pink island!? it was super sweet for her to do that! :-)

  114. You need to add VA to the list, although you will be in NY on my birthday…Bakerella and roadtrip to NY …what more can a girl ask for on her birthday :-)

  115. I’m so sad you’re not coming to Virginia/Wash.DC area =\ I got so excited when I saw you on the cover of the Betty Crocker mag at the grocery store. I actually got so excited that apparently I projected my excitement a bit too loud because people kept looking at me haha. Anyways, I hope to meet you in person one day and have you sign a copy of your book for me.

    Best Wishes!

  116. I wish you were coming to DC or VA!

  117. Another vote for Houston! Pretty please.

  118. I’m so glad you’re coming to Bellevue! That’s just down the road from me and now I can’t wait!

  119. I wish you were coming to Michigan! Please keep us posted if you add any additional dates.

  120. Congratulations on the tour!! I will definitely be stopping by when you sign in Atlanta. I’m so glad you will be there in our hometown!

  121. I know that you don’t have control over where you are going – WS most likely set it all up. But I am SO bummed you aren’t coming to Minnesota. We have the Mall of America after all!!!! Maybe next time????

  122. This is so exciting! I am bummed though, that the day you will be in Utah, I will be at Disneyland, but I guess I will just have to get the book anyway:)

  123. I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to make it to costa mesa on tuesday!!!! CONGRATS!!! you’ve worked so hard!!! I just got my books that I preordered that Xmas gifts!!! I love it!!! I hope you don’t stop blogging!!! i look forward to the updates in my e-mail!!!

  124. I just sent my sister an e-mail begging her to go to the signing at KofP for me . . . maybe I’ll get my book sooner rather than later!

  125. I am so sad you aren’t coming to Milwaukee, WI!! I wish I could come out to the Chicago signing – but that is the weekend of my sister-in-law’s wedding shower – you will be there in spirit though as I am planning cake pops for it! :)

  126. Colorado…you must come back to CO!

  127. So awesome! But I wish you were coming to Orlando! I may have to make the drive up to Atlanta to see you :)

  128. How exciting!!! No Pittsburgh?

  129. Hey SWEET Girlie!
    I’ll be at the Seattle Book Signing with bells~on!
    Can’t wait!

  130. :( Not Oklahoma?? We’ll miss you!

  131. Won’t you please add florida to your tour! My girlfriends and I would love to meet you . I don’t think I could justify a 9 hour trip to Atlanta for you to sign my boo, Hubby would freak!
    Good luck, I am sure it will be a blast!

  132. You aren’t coming to Houston?! :( I’m so sad I won’t get to meet you!

  133. I second the vote for Houston! I would love for a chance to meet you and to buy your book! Congrats again!

  134. Yay for the Atlanta stop! Can’t wait to meet you in person!

  135. My sister live in Seattle, WA. She gets to see you in October!!!!, Im soooo jealous! I wish you could come to Bakersfield CA some time. I’ve already ordered your book, My sister will have to get me another one signed by you though ; )

  136. congrats, and good luck on your tour! Unfortunately, it sounds like I’ll miss you (unless you plan to sign for 7+ hours) since I’m holed up at work until 7 pm!

    Counting down the days until my book arrives in the mail!!!

    =) All the best!

  137. Yay! But….they’re all on WEEKDAYS! I would love to go to the Santa Monica one, but I have a date with my cubicle that day. And the next day. And the next day. *Sigh*

  138. I will see you October 16!!!

  139. Congratulations! I happened to somehow stumble across your website and love everything about it! I’m preordering two of your books – one for me and one for my sis in law! I’m also planning to make cupcake pops and balls for my son’s bday party. Wish me luck!!!

  140. I’m so bummed you will be in Bellevue at NOON on a Wednesday!! I work in Seattle, and getting to Bellevue on my lunch hour would be a disaster. Wish I could be there!!

  141. I just received my book today from Amazon :)

    It looks amazing and I can’t wait to start playing. Great Job!!

  142. My book came today! YAY!!! :) It is amazing! I love that it is spiral bound. Makes it much easier to use. Wish you were coming to Cincinnati!

  143. OMGosh i’m so excited for your tour! And don’t worry, your video was totally cute. It was cool to see you in action for the first time!

  144. PLEASE, PLEASE COME TO TULSA OR KANSAS CITY. My 7 year old loves you and I would love to take her to a book signing. She LOVES to cook and bake and loves new cookbooks. Yours will soon be in her collection and I would love to have you sign it and for her to meet you.

  145. So sad to see Northern VA (specifically Sterling, VA) is not on your list, hope they add more stops:)

  146. How amazing! Too bad you’re not being a little more international!! :P If you were comin to Norway I’d be there in a second (or however long I would have to travel). Keep on keepin’ on. You’re super! *hearts*

  147. Nothing fun ever comes to New Mexico! We have a Williams Sonoma in Albuquerque-you should come! On another note, I just got your book in the mail a few days ago and LOVE it. My kids love looking at it with me and I now foresee many cute cake pops in my near future :)

  148. See you in OaKbrook, IL!!!!

  149. Growing up and living most of your life in NYC spoils a person. I moved away a few years ago and am too far away from all the awesome things that happen in my home town! Best of luck to you Ms Bakerella! Have a slice of pizza for me!

  150. Richmond, VA – please!! Right in between Chicago and Atlanta :-)

  151. You forgot Boston! Whaaa… :(

  152. Mall of America – Need I say more. I don’t want to drive 8+ hours to Chicago – I’ll get lost!!! Please do MOA – Ree had such a good time here.

  153. But what about us Canadians?!?! We want a Bakerella meet-n-greet-n-autograph too!!!

  154. Congratulations! It looks like you are going on a busy book signing tour. Have fun!

  155. Congrats on all you’ev accomplished!!!!

  156. :-(

    No Boston area.


  157. That’s so great! I’m a little sad though. I looked at the schedule and there were no dates in or around the Washington DC area. Are there any plans to add dates? (hint-hint)

  158. Congrats on your book! Got to get out and get it. I wish you were coming to Mass:)

  159. Bummer! Why can’t you come to DC ?!?!

    Used to live near Short Hills a few years ago – figures.

    BTW, ordered your book yesterday =)

  160. Aaahhmazing! I can’t wait for you to sign my book right by the frosting stain. :0 I hope to get to one of your signings. I am so happy for you.

  161. I love your story….you are so humble;)

  162. Congrats and all the best! I hope your signing and book goes well once I order some stuff I plan to check it out!!

  163. You should come to the Florida panhandle!

  164. I can’t wait! I have butterflies in my stomach! I will see you in Seattle! Hooray!

  165. Houston…We have a problem!!!! I hope you will add Houston to one of your stops :) I just ordered the book this weekend…..I have all the supplies to make cake pops for months!! Super excited!

  166. boo hoo i didn’t see houston tx on there. but have fun jetting around and signing stuff….it’s all good! u deserve some fun

  167. Houston Houston Houston!!!! :) I can’t wait for the hidden talents of Bakerella to be revealed! (((((((HUGS))))))))))) on all of your success.

  168. I will echo what several other fans have said- PLEASE come to Boston! It’s a great town and full of crafty ladies who appreciate you :-)

  169. Congratulations on the new book, I am in for 3. I wish you were coming to Desin, Florida. I’ll have to send my MIL to Bellevue, she lives in Seattle. I really enjoy your blogs!

  170. I’m SO SAD you aren’t coming to Pittsburgh PA! :[ Maybe later! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  171. How awesome that you have a book signing tour! How sad you won’t be coming to Hawaii :-(
    I would love to meet you and have you sign your book.
    Have a wonderful time! I love your Bakerella site.

  172. Congrats! But I’m super bummed that you’re not coming to Houston, TX. :(

    On a different note, I saw you on the cover of a Betty Crocker fall book in the check out line at the grocery store today!!

  173. The fact that you’re going from Seattle to San Fran and skipping Portland altogether makes me sad.

  174. No love for DC? :(

    Might have to road trip to King of Prussia!

  175. Oops…..Comment 223 was me. Sorry!

  176. Ooh….Bellevue?! That’s like my backyard. ;-) Hopefully I’ll see you there!!!! What time should I get in line….???

  177. Please come to Toronto!!!

  178. I’ll be waiting for the added Portland, OR signing :) Hope to see you someday!

  179. Awww, I’m so disappointed!! I got so excited when I saw you’d be at William-Sonoma stores because we have one that’s not 2 minutes down the street! But alas, you’re not coming to Kansas City :( I’m so sad! Your book is awesome – I’ve already been showing it off, and I absolutely cannot wait to make some of those cake pops!!! My 5-yr-old niece has already looked through the book twice and requested different ones! (The witch ones were her fav!) :P

  180. No Houston???? Awh man:(…Congrats, you had me at cake pops!!!

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  185. Dissapointed that there are no stops in New England!
    Come visit the Northeast !

    Would love to see you in little old rhode island :)

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    Hopefully I’ll be able to swing on by after though…

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  199. I would love love if you came to the William Sonoma in Albany New York after your stop in NYC on November 14 th , it is just a couple of hours from there

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