Today’s post was supposed to be something cute in time for Easter. Unfortunately, I didn’t do any baking this weekend or last. I’ve been sick and was in the hospital for a few days. Today is the first I’ve felt up to even getting on the computer. Thank you everyone that emailed wondering if I was ok. You don’t know how much that made me feel better. And I am better now. It just takes me a little longer to get over things.
Here’s why if you’re interested.

And, if you’re still looking for something bunny-related, then try this, this, this, this or this from previous years.

Now, luckily I still have last week’s post that never made its way live. It’s about doughnuts. Delicious decadent doughnuts.

You see, last year I was shooting some photos at a friend’s studio for the Cake Pops book coming out later this year. We started early in the morning and I hadn’t eaten yet. My friend offered me a doughnut. I was like yes. Perfect. When I opened the plain white box, there was only one doughnut left, curiously shaped like the letter A. An A doughnut? That’s kinda weird. Then he told me they were from the other day. Hmmmm. Do I want a who-knows-how-old doughnut? Yes. Yes. I did. I was hungry. So I threw it in the microwave for a few seconds to try and revive it. And, oh my. Oh my! OH MY! It was the best doughnut I’ve ever put in my mouth. The plain glazed A-shaped doughnut was filled with the most delicious mocha filling. I about died. Before I could even finish I was asking my friend where they came from.

But, he didn’t know. GASP. Someone had brought them to the studio for another shoot. And no one there knew the name or where they came from. Noooooo.

Just my luck, but probably a good thing for my waist.

Then weeks later, I was flipping through some magazines and found this little feature.



No… not the cute owner. See the A doughnut on the left? It had to be the same place. Thank you for A-shaped doughnuts.

Finally, I found you.


Sublime Doughnuts in Georgia. We were reunited briefly in January. The doughnuts made an appearance on the Sugar Coma tour I attended where I was able to taste a few.

But I wanted more. I wanted to try all their flavors. So, weeks later. Like a couple of weeks ago. I finally made my way to Sublime.


I ordered a dozen for myself.


Each one different.


Like this Smores doughnut.


This Butter Toffee with Caramel Chocolate Icing.


And this Chocolate Wild Berry Fritter.


I had a doughnut party with myself and tasted them all.

Including this Caramel Apple Fritter, Red Velvet Cake and Dulce de Leche.


As well as this A-town Cream and Peanut Butter Cup doughnut.


Sublime has fab flavors and fun shapes like this Orange Dream Star. Delish.


And this Oreo doughnut with cream filling. Help.


And then there’s my old friend the A-Town Mocha. That’s A for Atlanta if you’re wondering. But I say A for Amazing.


Now, I just need to visit again to try the other dozen flavors that didn’t make it in my mouth.

Can you see, I’m all about doughnuts right now.

If you’re not convinced, take a look at….


this cute crystal-sprinkled pink doughnut necklace I found. Adorable, huh. It’s from the Alice in Wonderland collection at Swarovski.

I’ve never shopped at Swarovski until the other day. Cupcake Julie and I were at the mall and we peeked in.


Five minutes later I walked out with this cream colored doughnut necklace wondering what had just happened.

Impulse buying can be dangerous, but I love it and I’m glad I snagged it. So glad, I went online a few days later and ordered another one (This limited edition pink one) to give away. It’s just too dang cute not to share.


Want it? Come on. We can be dough nuts together.

Just leave a comment to this post on the site for a chance to win it.

All you have to do to be entered is to count the number of nuts on the Butter Toffee doughnut above. Just kidding. Let’s make this easy. Just tell me something about yourself. Your favorite doughnut flavor? Something you’re grateful for? What you’ll be doing this Easter? Some usual or unsusual talent you have? How many pair of shoes you own? Phobias? Favorite guilty pleasure. Surprise me.

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, March 30th at 5:00 pm ET. Time’s Up! Winner announced below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening on this post.

Good luck.

Wow. You guys never cease to amaze me. Reading your comments makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry. But they always brighten my day. Thank you.

Now it’s time to reveal the winner chosen at random.


Yay Mel! Isn’t it fun being right. Now your hubby can be reminded of it everytime he looks at this cute little doughnut necklace around your neck. Congrats!

P.S. Julia – you must share a photo of your full sleeve arm tatoo dedicated to Mary Poppins. Fascinating.

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5,887 comments on “Sublime”

  1. Hmm, I don’t have any phobias, but I do have a gecko named Phobos! And I suppose when I get another gecko I’ll name him Deimos.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better – I was definitely one of the people worried about you! You bring a lot of sunshine to my blog reader list. :)

    Something about me? Well, I’m due with a baby girl in July, and the pictures of these donuts just sparked some HUGE cravings. So if I *do* win the necklace, I’m going to be extra careful not to try & eat it.

  3. So happy to have you back! This post (and that necklace) made me drool. Now I’m craving a chocolate cake doughnut with coconut icing.. yum.

    I want to thank you for your macaron post. It made me unafraid of baking them.. and I’ve tried them once. Now I plan on giving it another go for Easter. You’re an inspiration!

  4. I ADORE Swarovski! Not a huge fan of actually eating donuts but I always love how colorful they can be. My easter plans consist of eating lots of ham, decorating eggs and our family tradition of decorating cupcakes as well :)

  5. Um… something about me. I really. LOVE just plain sugar doughnuts. YUMMY!

  6. I still believe in the easter bunny! :) And i love that donut necklace!!!

  7. I’m a Senior in college and I read your blog to disengage from the academic world around me…and I bake for the same reason! Next year when I am in law school I plan to start a Saturday afternoon baking club.

  8. Having never been to Atlanta, I’ve never tried a Sublime doughnut, but I have had VooDoo doughnuts in Portland! If you ever have the chance, try the mango; they top the frosting with a sprinkle of Tang of all things, and it’s divine!

  9. Thank you for this blog…I adore your creativity. My favorite donut of all time is a peanut butter cream filled donut with chocolate glaze….delicious! I am grateful for those donuts…that’s for sure!

  10. Love love LOVE maple glazed donuts…I would eat a whole box if I could without exploding! Maybe wearing an adorable donut around my neck will make me as tantalizing? hmmmm…..

  11. The first time I made chocolate covered strawberries, I burned the chocolate and it was lumpy.

    I still ate it though because it was still tasty.

  12. I’m expecting my fifth child (second girl)…my daughter would LOVE that necklace! (:

  13. I LOVE doughnuts (my waist does not!) – I haven’t had any for a while!

    I’m constantly grateful for my wonderful family – awesome husband, and a healthy son and daughter that I couldn’t love more!!

  14. I love donuts and those look so very yummy. I am glad you are feeling better I was wondering where you were. Feel better.. and thnaks for the beautiful pictures of donuts!

  15. I want to say THANK YOU! Finding your website never came at a better time for my family. I love to bake and make gourmet treats! We recently moved and Ive been out of work for 6 months. We are behind on our bills and even out tax money his gone trying to catch up… but thats how youve helped! I started copying your treats. (Thanks for the great step by step instruction.) This week alone I have orders totalling over $500! Thats huge! We can get caught up and best of all… I can keep on baking! Cake pops have spread like wildfire! I have orders already through Mother’s Day!! Im so excited. This has actually opened the door for me to open my own business (finally).

    Thanks Bakerella, I owe you huge!

  16. Hope you get to feeling top notch soon! My husband comes home in a few weeks from Iraq, that is definatly the first thing that comes to mind when you asked for something about myself!

  17. My friend and I are having a “Cupcakes for Cancer” fundraiser in the teacher workroom at our kids’ elementary school where we volunteer this coming Thursday. We are making German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pink Lemonade, Fluffernutter and a couple of more to be determined. All the money we raise will go toward our personal Relay for Life fundraising goals.

  18. oh Bakerella! There is a famous doughnut shop here in town that says they have a “Heath Crunch” doughnut– I am obsessed with Heath, so of course I wanted to try it. When I went to get it though they told me that they no longer made it. This made me beyond sad. So I am now drooooooling over that butter toffee with caramel chocolate icing!

    I may have to look into how I can get one of those :-)

  19. I love doughnuts–i am a traditional chocolate donut with sprinkles on top kind of gal. :) Can’t eat too much though…I get that guilty feeling inside.

  20. Ok I have to say, no fair showing the donuts. I have no place that is anywhere near me that sells donuts. After this post I may have to make my own! I had a phobia of driving for many years. The doctors say it was just stress and how it manifested. After being in therapy for a year or so I now have no problems driving at all.Now I am just afraid to fly… that’s a whole ‘nother story!

  21. Love doughnuts!! Sublime looks so yummy!!
    Take Care!!

  22. glad you’re better – i was wondering what happened. My husband and I made homemade donuts last night (pillsbury biscuits, fried, tossed around in bags of powdered sugar and cinnamon and sugar)… and then you posted this donut deliciousness :) welcome back!! Have a blessed Easter!

  23. Too darling!

    Something interesting…hmmm….I can put 7 mini pretzel sticks up each nostril. I have pictures to prove it. Not pretty.

    Those doughnuts look amaaazing!

  24. Missed you and your creations, but glad you are back and feeling better.

    I am going to the ATL this summer and am going to totally have to check this place out! They all look so yummy!

  25. I want a doughnut necklace!!!

  26. I love the regular glazed donuts so much that a guy at college freshman year actually tried to seduce me with a dozen glazed donuts in a pink box.

  27. My favorite doughnut is the plain glazed with fluffy white filling from Krispy Kreme. But doughnuts like these could make a person move to Atlanta =-)

  28. Hi Bakerella, I am so glad that you feel better. I was diagnosed with kidney-related Lupus 15 years ago and I can only imagine how special your Sweet 16 must be for you : ) I can’t eat many sweets because I have lactose & gluten allergies but just yesterday I had my very first donut in 3 years…at Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free Resturaunt in NY…tears were rolling down my smiling cheeks! Take care of yourself Bakerella! Xo

  29. So glad that you are back!!! Kept checking the website each day, wondering where you were. Sorry to hear that you were sick. I’ve had my share of medical issues lately too. So I’m grateful that we are both feeling better! :)

  30. I love that necklace and I LOVE doughnuts! I know it’s far from snowy weather but when I was a kid we used to make doughnuts on the first day it snowed…I haven’t made them since I was a kid but I have hopes of bringing back the tradition when I have kids of my own!
    Love your blog!!

  31. I have just discovered that I can play the kazoo. I picked one up in hopes of entertaining my son and luckily I could both play it and he enjoys it. Yeah! A musical instrument for someone who has no musical talent.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Well I’ve always loves chocolate iced, cream filled doughnuts, but the red velvet one looks amazing!

    Also, for Easter, I have to do a HUGE egg hunt with my company on Saturday (10,000 eggs at the big park in town…Did I say HUGE?!) My family will all be together that weekend for the first time since Christmas, so it’s very exciting!

    And I couldn’t begin to tell you how many shoes I have…all I know is that it’s not enough!! ;)

  33. I love cinnamon sugar donuts. Glad you’re feeling better!

  34. Something about…I’m a 10th grader who loves to bake, although I rarely have time (between school, homework, track and cross-country, cello, Hebrew School, girl scouts…). This Easter I’ll probably be seeing the New York auto show with my brother (home from college for his birthday weekend) and parents.

  35. i haven’t eaten a doughnut in about a year and now i’m ready to eat one thanks to this post!!!
    i love chocolate glazed ones :)

  36. I LOVE donuts….I would have to say my favorite one is Boston cream. I mean…chocolate,and doughy goodness…what more can you ask for? LOL!

  37. Chocolate old fashioned

  38. I like it plain and simple!
    Caramel glaze!

  39. WOW!! I wanna make the trip to the shop right now. And what cute necklaces. PINK!! My fave. OOPS!!

  40. Love, love, love the necklace! That smores donut looks sooooooooo yummy. My favorite donut is lemon-filled. I haven’t had one in at least a year…you’re going to make me ruin my diet…lol

    ♥ SailorWifey

  41. Ohhh, look at those yummy doughnuts!

    I love any doughnuts provided they have sprinkles on top (yum!). Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  42. I took my sons to sublime not long ago. We tried the nutella donut, the PB cup donut, the oreo donut, and a strawberry one. They were all great but the PB cup one was to die for!

  43. Sour Cream Glazed Doughnuts are my favourite, but I certainly haven’t tried anything like the ones you have posted!

  44. Favorite doughnut flavor, hands down, is the key lime pie doughnut I had years ago at the krispy kreme I used to live near (before they closed it… thanks a lot, low-carb dieters!).

  45. 1) I LOVE Sublime donuts. I went to college at Georgia Tech and they opened up a shop right across from campus. Deadly. My favorite flavor from them is definitely the fresh strawberry cream – fresh strawberries, vanilla cream cheese, gahhh! Try it!

    2) Something about myself: I have a phobia of bananas. I can not be in the same room as someone eating one… I literally get sick. Its bizarre and no, there was no trauma that instigated this at all, I just loathe, abhor, can. not. be. around. bananas.

  46. P.S.

    I’m glad you’re doing okay – I’ve been wondering, but not inquiring (sometimes people need their space).

    Take care, and Happy Easter!

  47. I grew up in my mom’s bakery. Maple Glazed donuts were my favorite! SO happy to hear you’re feeling better – I’d be lost without you! Made Oreo cake balls today… yum!!

  48. I am so glad you are feeling better!!! I am very grateful for my health! I am lucky I am healthy…and feel even more so after reading your post! and thank you for your generous offer to win the cutest little necklace!

  49. P.S.

    I’m glad you’re doing okay – I’ve been wondering, but not enquiring (sometimes people need their space).

    Take care, and Happy Easter!

  50. WOW!! I wanna make the trip to the shop right now. And what cute necklaces. PINK!! My fave.

  51. I really want to try those doughnuts…yum! My all-time favorite doughnut is the maple bar. Pretty simple….but always puts a smile on my face.

    My grandma also makes this Okinawan Doughnut called Sata andagi. It always brings me back to my childhood days. I love them.

  52. Hmmm? I only buy clothes secondhand, and love KK doughnuts, but those look awesome!

  53. I am a donut freak! :) I can’t go into a donut shop hungry or I will spend so much money. My fave right now is blueberry cake donut – so yummy. But the kid in me still loves a bag of fresh donut holes. Love them so much! And add in a jalepeno sausage cheese kolache and I am one happy camper in the morning. :)

  54. I used to work at Swarovski, they have beautiful things! I love doughnuts, especially the butter crunch. Secret guilty pleasure…spoonful of peanutbutter dipped in chocolate chips – YUM!

  55. Like you, I’m grateful to be alive!

    Love doughnuts, to eat and wear:)

  56. So cute!

    Favorite doughnut is the maple with bacon on top. yum!

  57. I love that necklace!!! My favorite donut is Boston Creme!!!! mmm so good!

  58. Sprinkles. I will always love Hawaiian sprinkle doughnuts. Why? Not because they’re messy (oh, and they ARE, aren’t they?). Not because of the colours. Nope. Because it’s the one sweet my dad and I used to share – one for me and one for him – when we went for family drives. We ate a lot of those things when I was younger :)

    I’d keep the necklace for myself because of that … and because my daughter doesn’t like doughnuts. Weird kid, eh?

  59. I am a sucker for any doughnut, really… My three year old’s preference? Anything with sprinkles :)

  60. So glad you are feeling better!! That donut post was well worth the wait, they look amazing! We’ve only got Dunkin’ Donuts here, we had a Krispy Kreme, but it went out of business and they put an Arby’s where it used to be. Sinful! Anyway, yummy post!

  61. My daughter is turning 8 next week and has requested doughnuts for breakfast to celebrate her special day. The necklace would sure be the icing on her cake. She loved helping me make the snowman pops for her little brother’s winter concert this year; she is growing up to be quite the baker. Thanks for your creativity!

  62. I’m glad that you’re feeling better!

    I would love, love, love to try that peanut butter cup doughnut! :)

  63. I love this necklace!!! As a middle school health teacher my students would love to know that sweet treats are perfectly acceptable all the time with just the right shade of Swarovski!!!!

    I think the Oreo would be my favorite… but who could resist any of them?

  64. Aw, feel better soon Bakerella!

    My favorite doughnut is from a place in Bowling Green, KY called Great American Doughnut Shop (better known as GADS). It’s just a plain doughnut with a delightful strawberry glaze. Yum!

  65. I’ve been learning about photography recently and practicing on everything… mostly food. For Easter, my family and I will be attending church and since my two girls will be dressed up, I want to attempt to take a portrait of them. Wish me luck. BTW, I’d really love to taste that smores doughnut. Genius! Why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?

  66. I loooove toasted coconut donuts from DD!!!

  67. HI! I’m Brooke. I absolutely love your blog even though I cannot bake or cook for the life of me- I burn toast- it’s bad. I absolutely LOVE doughnuts, anything chocolate, glazed, or pink lol. My all time splurge is a delicious Krispy Kreme. Something about me… I have a 16 week old puppy named Bentley who, in all honesty, kind of looks like a doughnut when he’s curled up.

  68. I love the necklace! Please enter me in the giveaway!

    Hmm…I have never made peanut butter eggs until this year! :0)

  69. OK, so I’m in NZ and I doubt you’ll want to send it my way IF I by some miracle won it, but I certainly hope you might consider it!!!

    This Easter, I will be baking up a storm (as usual) – making your Easter basket cupcakes (the ones with all the chocolates and bunnies studded on top) and some Easter cake pops – I can’t wait!!!

    I made my first ever cake pops for St Patrick’s Day, and they were a big hit! Thanks for all your inspiration :)

    Oh and I hope you’re feeling better soon xx

  70. i never get tired of your posts…..check in all the time! I made some of you cake pops for a baby shower (bird theme so I used the chicks!) last year and unfortunately it’s taking me this long to get around to thanking you for the idea. They were ok for my first try but not nearly as good-looking as yours (DUH!) and I will be trying again, maybe for my daughter’s 3rd bday…she wants a princess and the frog party….any ideas for froggy cake pops???? off to search!

    Love your work, and hoping you’re all better SOON!

  71. What a fantastic little necklace! I love coming here and seeing what you have new for us each week, and am so glad that you are feeling much better! :)

  72. I’m swooning over these magnificent A donuts. My favorite donut is a French Cruller, but that A-town cream is looking mighty good to me right now, and that Swarovski necklace – well that necklace is calling my name. It beckons me, can you hear it?

  73. Happy that you’re feeling better !
    Thanks for this giveaway, what a beautiful necklace.
    Looking forward to going to La cabane à sucre (Sugar shack) with my family in Québec … love syrup, snow & warm hugs.

  74. I now have an extremely strong desire to visit Atlanta.

    One of my favorite things to eat (besides doughnuts) is apple dipped in Devonshire cream (a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla–it’s decadent). I love anything creamy and vanilla-y, but I’m not big on chocolate. ;)

  75. Love the necklace… I am thankful for my little boys who will love reading and looking at all the doughnuts!!

  76. yuuuuuum! I live in Marietta and spend a lot of time in downtown ATL. I’ve wanted to try sublime forever and now I HAVE to! I still have to try the Dough in the Box right down the street from me… oh, for the love of fried dough!!

  77. So glad you’re feeling better, I was wondering where you had been.

    As a Seattle native, I have very strong feelings about Top Pot Doughnuts. Their Cinnamon Sugar Ring is …. perfect. The Maple Bars are darn good, too. I’d love to be your doughnut necklace twin!

  78. I’m in love with anything and everything cupcakes. Is my not so intersting fact. My interesting fact is when I was 4 I filed by dads tea glass with lemon joy and when he came in from mowing the lawn he swigged it down ang got sweaky clean

  79. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope you are up and on the mend soon. We’ll be making some cute Easter pop and think of you.

    Love the cupcake necklace. It’s very sweet.

  80. I love hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I collect letter openers!

  81. I work at a flower shop… so I will be covered up with easter lilies for this holiday. Not to mention I was born on Easter, and I am turning the big 25 this year.

    That smore doughnut looked delish!

  82. If I were on death row, I’d choose donuts for my last meal!! mmmm donuts

  83. I love donuts but I’d rather spend my energy on a cupcake. good thing you have recipes for those. :) hope you’re feeling better. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I live in Atlanta and have yet to taste a Sublime donut! for shame. didn’t make it on the last sugar tour, but all signed up for round #2! hope to meet you there!

  84. I’m most grateful for my children, who have taught me grace and patience… and for letting me snake a bite of their doughnut because I refuse to buy one for myself.

  85. My God, I love doughnuts! It is funny you mention the Butter Toffee doughnut because my favorite is the kind with nuts on top. They are SO hard to find. Damn nut allergies. Second best? Custard filled (not that white creme, CUSTARD). So yummy.

    I wish I hadn’t given up sweets for lent. I need a doughnut!

  86. I own over 90 pairs of shoes :) and I love to bake. Sometimes in heels :)

  87. I’m in the midst of trying to find delicious things to bake this week, what with Passover and all… not much magic can be made with matzah to my knowledge, though.

  88. my favorite doughnut is powdered sugar with strawberry filling..especially from a place in my hometown..i love small little bakeries.

    so glad you are okay. :) loving this doughnut post.

  89. So glad you are home and feeling better! I too had wondered where you were when there wasn’t a new post…

    organ donation is amazing. you literally change someones life – I think everyone should be signed up!

    Also, I would LOVE to be in on one of your tastings – whether it’s donuts, the sugar coma tour, or just sampling the cake balls as you come up with new ones! I have yet to make them myself – one of these days…

    LOVE the donut necklace too!

  90. I plan on doing quite a bit of baking for this Easter (practicing with fondant on a couple cake, baking some specialty cupcakes, trying out my Easter cookie cutters…), and of course family gatherings abound. It’ll be a good weekend :)

  91. I’m grateful for so many things – today we’ll go with my family, especially my parents who’ve been married for 60 years. Momma still makes the best spaghetti & meatballs, & yesterday, Daddy was out bushhogging the field behind their house!

    I wish you health & happiness this Easter!

  92. Oh no. I literally dream about doughnuts more than twice a week. Don’t tell anyone!

  93. Uh, you lost me after butter toffee donut. Those look AMAZING!

  94. Oh So glad your back!! I was thinking what’s up! Please don’t die were every you are. I love your post & can’t wait for the book!!
    K so for easter we are going hiking for two days in the red cliffs. Excited we are!!!

  95. I love the necklace! I hope you are feeling better, I have missed your posts! I made cake pops today (just the cake balls, haven’t decorated yet because I am looking for pastel candy corn!!). I also decorated easter eggs A La Martha Stewart Style!! Happy Easter, and thanks Bakerella for the inspiration!!!!

  96. Hmm.. I’m not that interesting! I just graduated with an art degree. I have a blog, but it’s not near as fun as yours!

  97. I am a dough nut too! I love anything cream filled…YUM!!!

  98. My favorite topping on a donut is coconut. But the last time I took my kids to get donuts they were out of coconut so the lady had me try one with almonds on the top. I loved it, it was a good thing we took our donuts to go because I definitely could have eaten more than one! :)

  99. My favorite doughnut is plain glazed, with chocolate on the top

  100. This Easter I am about a week away from my due date, so we are staying home and enjoying your bunny basket cupcakes that I just made today. Plus an egg hunt for my daughter and perhaps a few other indulgences!
    Thanks for the chance to win, hope you’re feeling better soon!

  101. hmmm…what I’m grateful for….my sweet daughter carly who is going to turn 5 tommorrow! she is my little donut!

  102. those doughnuts look AMAZING. i like the idea of telling you a phobia. i have reoccurring dreams about my teeth going crooked (because i stopped wearing my retainer long ago)/falling out.

  103. I hope you’ll be feeling a whole lot better real soon!

    I love donuts! I wish there was a place like that near here.

    I’m phobic about bees and wasps. I’ve never been stung, but I run like crazy when I see one. Pay no attention to those people that tell you to keep perfectly stil and they won’t bother you. My advice…run, run, run.

  104. Girl meets doughnut. Girl loses doughnut. Weeks later, girl is reunited with doughnut after seeing it’s picture in a magazine. What a nice story!

    The best doughnut I ever had was from a bakery in Berkeley. It wasn’t anything as special as Sublime but I had a craving, and that doughnut I ate fixed it. Mmmm doughnuts.

  105. We should be donut buddies! Your post has inspired me to give Dynamo Donut + Coffee in San Francisco a go. mmm bacon.

    What I plan on doing for Easter: delicious Vietnamese food with my wonderful Vietnamese family. Yay!

  106. This makes me want a doughnut REAL bad! haha! Of course I would love to have one on a necklace or otherwise. It was so neat to read about your transplant. I hope you feel much better very soon!

  107. I am glad that you are feeling better! I love doughnuts….all flavors. We even had a doughnut groom’s cake at our wedding – so delicious! And I think a doughnut party sounds like a fantastic idea :).

  108. Something interesting about myself… I’m synesthetic and while I mostly see colors when I hear sounds, some words also have distinct tastes. The name Rebecca tastes like strawberries. I’m pregnant and being synesthetic makes it tricky when coming up with names, since it has to not only sound good but also be the right color, shape, and taste good.

  109. Oh MAN!!! I love this necklace and if I don’t win it – I may just have to go into the store and get one for myself! I bought my wedding jewelry there and love it!

    Also – Sublime is insanely awesome – Us Atlantans are lucky people to have such great little places such as sublime!

    I hope to own my own bakery in Atlanta some day – Almost done with Baking & Patisserie school :)


  110. chocolate iced creme-filled from Krispy Kreme – love it!

  111. Hi Bakerella ~ First of all I want to say that I’m glad you’re feeling better. I was a little worried because you haven’t posted in a while. At first I thought you were baking for Easter and was going to surprise us with a posting soon. But it didn’t occur to me that you weren’t well. I’m baking 3D Easter cakes, egg and bunny face shaped cupcakes, cookie pops, egg shaped and daisy shaped cake pops in both carrot and white cake, and I believe that’s it . . . Yes ~ it’s a lot but I have to make my clients happy:) I also love the donut necklace. Swarovski is one of my favs! ~ Diana

  112. I have a fear of walking into a Krispy Kream or any chocolate shop and inhaling all the glorious goodness (and calories) before I even get to taste anything :-P

  113. I love doughnuts. Makes me wish I had good ones – ugh, no Tim Hortons in Utah. Love angel creme, Boston creme and sour cream glazed. Love doughnut holes too, which I’ve put on pops ala Bakerella before.

  114. You just made this pregnant mama’s mouth water with all the doughnut pictures!!

  115. My favorite donut? Chocolate iced, cream filled but only from a local shop called krumpe’s. I’ve grown up on them and I refuse to eat any others! Now I want one…

  116. I love doughnuts more than anyone 1 person should ever love fried dough stuffed and topped with sugar. Something about me? I’m graduating with my masters degree in 9 weeks! Woo hoo!

  117. Mmm…those donuts looks so yummy and I love that necklace! Here’s something random about me: $10 bills are my favorite money increment and I will save them and use a $20 instead when paying if I have one! :)


  118. Favorite doughnut is a simple glazed, followed very, very closely by maple glazed long johns. Oh heaven help me!

    As for the number of shoes in my closet, oh dear, please don’t even ask. It is way too darn many for a simple stay at home mommy!

  119. It is so sweet! I like that there are no calories involved!
    xoxo Kim
    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  120. Ohhhh – I’d take any of those doughnuts….can’t say I’ve ever tasted any of those wonderful flavors. I like the basic glazed doughnut, blueberry cake type and I like the strawberry cream filled…..but I’m game to try the ones above…..hope I win.

  121. My favorite donut is anything hot and fresh out of the fryer!

  122. My new favorite thing right now is Blue Bell’s Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream. It is to die for!! I love it!

  123. Wow, those donuts look amazing. I thought my favorite was the carmel apple fritter. However after looking at the other choices, its between the peanut butter cup donut (which I will have to hunt high and low for) or the oreo one. Goodness!!!!

    I hope you have a speedy recovery moving forward.

  124. Right now I’m in my restroom with the shower going reading your post. See the only time I get me time is when I’m in the “shower”. Lol (to myself) *hope I win*

  125. My absolute favorite doughnut is a hot glazed one from Krispy Kreme! Yumm-o! But I am going to have to check out Sublime the next time I am in Atlanta.

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  126. Ugh those donuts lool amazing!!! Gad you are feeling better!

  127. I love me some classic chocolate centered doughnuts…some doughnut centers…some…some everything! I love this site, too! The name, the sweet topics, the clever writing all make me happy! BTW, I was drooling while reading about Sublime doughnuts. And the necklace is cute eye-candy…hehehe…

  128. So glad you’re feeling better! I love doughnuts and cupcakes and everything chocolate!

  129. I love the necklace, too cute! My favorite doughnut is just a plain glazed doughnut from a local place here in Louisiana called Southern Made Doughnuts. If I don’t watch myself I could go through a dozen all by myself…lol.

  130. those look delicious!
    When I turned 21, a friend of mine (whose boyfriend owned a dunkin donuts store) gave a box with 21 different doughnuts. One for each year of my life.
    Boy, do I wish I had one right now!

  131. Such a fun giveaway! I’m so very happy that I found your site long ago!!! Such fun!!! Thank you!!!

  132. Wow ! This necklace is really cute ! :D

    I love the apple fritter that you can buy at Tim Horton’s :)

  133. That necklace is just the cutest…

    I like my donuts doused in sprinkles. But I would easily change that for any of the donuts posted here. Makes me want to head to Atlanta soon.

  134. “We’re off cupcakes and back to donuts.” -30 Rock

    I love chocolate with rainbow sprinkles or just plain glazed.

  135. mmmm doughnuts…homer style! My favorite doughnut is a Krispy Kreme! and for fancy morning coffee dunking that would be a beignet. now i’m super hungry for something rolled in powdered sugar.

  136. doughnuts are a special memory in my family, we go to the same doughnut place we’ve been going to for the last 15 years on random weekends. everytime i see a doughnut i’ll always think of picking my favorites with my mom.

  137. First… So glad your feeling better! Second… Favorite Donut has got to be Chocolate frosted! Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas! I made about 130 Cake Balls for a friends daughters birthday party yesterday and everyone just LOVED them.

  138. I just happen to be making a stop in the ATL this summer on my way to drop my husband off at Ranger school and I will definitely be making a stop at this bakery! (along with the Coca Cola factory which is my most favorite thing to drink in the whole world! How’s that for a random fact?) Thanks for sharing!

  139. My favorite donut is the classic maple. I love maple anything, that and toffee. There should e a maple toffee donut. YUM!

  140. I would like to win the pink donut ^_^

  141. My “something about me” is that I’m a kidney transplant recipient as well. I just hit my four years mark at the end of February. :)

  142. That necklace is fantastic. Glad you are on the mend. And something about me… I’m making my first wedding cake this month and I’m a nervous wreck. Fingers crossed all goes well. :)

  143. Whenever I see anything to do with Doughnuts it brings back a lot of memories. When I was young I would stay at my grandparents house on the weekends sometimes and early Saturday mornings around 6:30a my grandpa would wake me up so I could go with him to the local doghnut shop down at the corner. It was a small little place but everyone there knew each other. It was a very happy time. To this day I can still remember standing on my tipee toes, looking into the glass case and trying to find the perfect doughnut. I have always wanted to open a doughnut shop but never had the guts to do it….Well that is my cute story for the day :o) Christina

  144. I LOVE Doughnuts! I really like the ones with buttercream or frosting in the middle! I figure if you’re gonna go for it…GO FOR IT! :D

  145. This year, we’re turning our yard into a regulation size croquet court and playing x-treme croquet. Since there will be 5 dogs playing there as well, I’m not kidding about the x-treme part.

  146. Glad you’re better!
    I’ve never met a donut I didn’t like but…in a small town I lived in years ago there was a donut shop that had the plain glazed donut I’ve ever had, it would melt in your mouth!

  147. i say 439 nuts…..jk!

    something about myself…hmmmm, i’m kinda ordinary…
    let’s see – i made cakepops for my only niece’s princess birthday party this weekend. they were supposed to be glittery crowns, but didn’t turn out exactly as planned :P
    so, the kids LOVED the “magic wands”!!

  148. I love donuts so much. I can eat one after the next. My favorite is sugar.

  149. I am grateful for the hugs and kisses I get from my daughter. She lights up my day in ways no other person can.

  150. I would SO SO SO love to win this! I have a very unhealthy love of doughnuts–all kinds. Chocolate covered, sprinkled, filled, apple fritters… This is adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. I’m 19 and i have yet to learn how to ride a bicycle XD

  152. My daughter just asked me if we could get donuts for breakfast in the morning.

    My favorite is the cinnamon sugar! YUM!

  153. Oh my! I’m grateful that those donuts are not sold by me or i’d be a house…my favorite until seeing those has lately been maple glazed.

    glad you are feeling better. have someone hack in to your blog next time so we can all send you goodies :)

  154. A-town ( boston creme/long johns) are my favorite! I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  155. holy donuts! I’d be in a lot of trouble if I were remotely close to Atlanta. I’d have to try the A-town creme filled first because those are my favorite!

  156. I’m from Spain, I love cream filled covered in choco donuts, and I have always been scared of heights.
    please choose me?

  157. This necklace is absolutely adorable!

    Let’s see something about me…I LOVE TO BAKE, but I don’t eat sweets. I was never allowed to eat sweets as a kid. Cinnamon apple sauce was considered a sweet dessert. Now, I love to bake in my free time, occasionally taste test, but most of my concoctions go to my coworkers :)

  158. my favourite donut is the canadian maple from tim hortons mmmm

  159. LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace. my favorite doughnut is chocolate glazed! great giveaway : )

  160. MMM…yummy doughnuts!! I just discovered a delicious little treat at our local grocery store bakery. It’s a raspberry filled glazed doughnut smothered with a raspberry cream cheese on top!! It’s to die for and I ate 3 for breakfast and my husband made fun of me but hey I am pregnant so I can indulge right?;)

  161. I am still drooling over those doughnuts….there is
    no way I could pick a favorite. That necklace is
    such a wonderful giveaway. This past week-end
    I took my 11 yr old great neice to see Alice
    and she loved it. This would be a great
    present for her bd in June. Thanks for the
    chance and glad that you are feeling

  162. I was all ready to count those nuts lol!!

    I have way too many shoes, I’m scared of snakes and that’s probably all I’m really scared of, I hate large crowds – the kind where you’re jammed together like sardines, and my favorite doughnut so far is a hot plain glazed, but that’s probably cause I haven’t tried the Sublime Doughnuts yet:)

    I hope I win!!

  163. It’s my birthday this Friday and I have no one close by to make me a cake… I think a wee donut would suffice :)

  164. These donuts look like there right up there with Crumbs cupcakes…YUM!!!

  165. I LOVE this website! It always makes me so hungry! I love doughnuts. While I am just a plain glazed doughnut lover, I often try other flavors just to solidify my non-adventurous-ness. Please oh please pick me!

  166. Wow, fabulous post on several fronts. I recently went through screening to donate a kidney for a 16 year old young man, but a better match came through, and he’s getting his kidney next week. I’m sorry you’ve been sick, but so thankful you were blessed with a donor all those years ago.

    Donuts. The only thing in life I love more than cake. It’s true. A good yeast donut is my favorite – what can I say, I’m a purist! But unless it’s got coconut on it, there isn’t a donut I don’t like.

    Something about me? Hmmm. I’m tired of people I know and love dying of cancer, so I’m running a half marathon and raising money to kick cancer’s butt…

  167. this site is one of my “top sites,” and it is genuinely one of the best parts of my week! i love boston cream donuts the most

  168. I am so glad you are feeling better. I just blubbered over watching the video on Savannah and reading your story! Today must be my emotional day because I cried making my husbands birthday cake when it decided not to cooperate with me! I will be spending my Easter at the fire department since my husband has to work and I will be experimenting with new cake ball ideas for the guys to snack on!

  169. I love it!! Alice in Wonderland? My favorite little lady is named Alice. There’s not a lot of girls with her name born in the same year. It is derived from the French name Adelaide. It is easy to spell and pronounce (unlike my name). It means noble. She would love the necklace too!

    Hope you feel completely better soon! The hospital is no fun.

  170. Bakerella – I think that your blog is AMAZING and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon it this January. Keep up the good work. I’m always looking forward to your next post. :)

  171. Something about me: one of my goals this year is to buy and use more fresh produce in my meals – tonight I made vegetable sushi and it was so much fun! :)

  172. Hi, I’m Eryn. And I wish I had a doughnut in my hand.

  173. I love swarovski and I love your blog. Donuts, not so much as my first job ever was Dunkin Donuts and I have had my fair share, enough for a lifetime actually….lol. These ones you posted about however, did make me droll, just a bit.

  174. I am thankful for two amazing girls that help keep our lives very entertained!

  175. I have a girl english bulldog named butch and a boy cat named kitty. butch likes to hump kitty. They are both very confused…

  176. I love donuts… the smell, the look, maybe the taste. The only donut I have ever eaten is plain cake. I have been type 1 diabetic since I was 6. I LOVE your site but my family loves it more. It have 2 taste testers that look forward to each new recipe you post. <3

    One day I hope to open a donut shop with the same concept of Sublime’s, eat donuts that are worth it!
    This necklace is adorable!

  178. I’m so grateful for my hubby. He’s been with me through thick and thin. He is my rock :)
    Oh and I love donuts.. mmm chocolate glaze please! :D

  179. I’ve made a cupcake manicure before using art glitter!

  180. yum! But I like the boring old glazed doughnuts…I know, you would think I am boring, but really I’m not!

  181. I like any doughnut with sprinkles!

  182. Hmmm…something about me? My favorite donut/doughnut flavor is glazed, but that is because I’ve never been to a fancy/specialty donut shop. I now have another reason to want to visit Atlanta.

  183. Oh my goodness! That necklace is adorable!!

    Let’s see…my favorite doughnut has to come from LaMar’s doughnuts. Everytime I go home to Colorado, I have to pick up one of those fluffy wonderful delights. I like ’em plain and simple-no icing, nuts, anything. Just a traditional yeast doughnut. Come to mama :)

  184. I’m from Brazil, and I hate the fact that I just can’t find butterscotch chips around here.
    For the easter, I’ll be sharing chocolate eggs with my boyfriend. He loves when I bake cookies for him, so I guess I’ll end up in the kitchen making some.

  185. I love chocolate frosted glazed doughnuts! Yum!

  186. My favourite donuts are the ones my Grama makes. She sent me some last Christmas, but by the time they got to me (in the Arctic) they were moldy. :(
    These, though, look delicious. I think my blood sugar spiked just looking at them!

  187. Hi Bakerella i am from Argentina and i love your blog! next week its my son·s birthday and i have sooo many ideas from your blog!! I would do popcakes and cupcakes!! thanks for share your magic!!! get well soon!!!

  188. Just to give you a hard time… Has anyone pointed out your typo in the third to last paragraph?! Haha :-) Just teasin’ ya!

    My favorite flavor is Maple. Mmm-mmm-mmm, Maple.

  189. Those donuts looks delicious and the necklace is too cute!

  190. Helllllllo, Bakerella! I hope you are recovering well!

    Something about me, I design digital scrapbook supplies for a major digi scrappin site.

  191. Something about myself…. I have devoted my entire left arm to a Mary Poppins tattoo. From the spoon full of sugar, to the chimney sweepers, to the umbrella. My entire arm is covered in colorful ink in honor of the lovely lady and all her magical glory. <3

  192. My goodness, I hope you’re feeling better! My hidden talent is that I can write in cursive on an Etch-a-Sketch. And I love black jelly beans. Get well soon!

  193. Love the donut necklace, too cute!

    Wish we had one of those doughnut places out here in NV, I am a sucker for a good doughnut! My fav is the devilsfood with chocolate icing and either nuts or coconut! Once there was an awesome doughnut place here, it has since closed, it had german chocolate cake doughnuts! To die for, so delicious! You were lucky if by the trime you got there, there were any left! Love the post, if I ever get t o Georgia, I am so stopping in there! Thank you for sharing your talents and fantastic finds!

  194. mmm… I love doughnuts! especially from shops that are unique and one of a kind! I love it!

  195. I love doughnuts, but the place I’ve wanted to try for a while is an ocean away: Munchy Donut in Singapore. If you look them up, you can see some of their flavours on their website. Mezzy Green Tea? Forest on Fire? Pinenut Blue? Tiramisu Twist? Cross my Heart? So delicious looking!

  196. My favorite doughnuts are either glazed chocolate cake or regular glazed from Krispie Kreme when the hot sign is on! You know, calories don’t count when the hot sign is on. :)

  197. I am grateful for my 3 year daughter and my almost here daughter!

  198. I love doughnuts…
    and I’m deathly afraid of needles

  199. Wow love love love the neckalce. I think it would be great to win.

    My favourite baked good is ………….. the ones I dont make. lol. I like testing ones my mom and aunt’s make.

  200. I discovered these doughnuts at Octane Coffee in Midtown. They are an Atl treasure!! About me, I love the spring time!! And spring didn’t come soon enough in Georgia! I’ve always said that I would love to have an outdoor kitchen so I could bake (my first love) outside!!
    Hope you feel better!

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