Summertime Sweets

Hey guys! I sure have missed you. I’m sorry for not posting as much lately, but I kind of got swept away by summer and some few things going on in real life. I am excited to say that soon, well it’s probably going to be several weeks from now, but soon I’ll have a new site for you. It’s been forever … years even … since I had this little sweet spot redesigned and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Plus, it will finally be mobile friendly. Hands high in the air …Yay!

So with summer on the brain and my oven off this past weekend, I thought I would feature some of my fave summery sweets. If you’ve been a long-time follower you’ll remember some of these oldies but goodies and if you’re new to the site, then I hope you have fun looking through all the yum.

Let’s get started……

Banana Pudding

Some Like it Hot…
…and judging by how quickly this dessert disappeared, some like it cold, too. I’m talking about good, old-fashioned banana pudding, of course. Me? I like it cold… okay, and hot, too! My grandmother used to make a homemade one that was served warm and oh, how I wish I had the recipe for it. But, since I don’t and it’s summer… Continue Reading


Lei Time
Just thought I’d say hi with a few Aloha Cupcakes. Hi there. Hello. Howdy. How ya doing? These are Pineapple Mango Cupcakes. All tropical like. With graham cracker crumbs for sand and fondant flowers for the leis. They’d be super cute for a luau party. They’re really pretty easy to make once you have all … Continue reading

Butterfinger Crunch Ice Cream

Butterfinger Crunch Ice Cream
I enjoy ice cream way too much. I think I could eat it every day. And I almost did last week when I was on vacation. Ice cream is my traveling must-have treat above all other sweets. And now that I’m back home, I already feel like I’m having withdrawal. Luckily, this no-churn ice cream … Continue reading


I scream, you scream, we all scream for…
Ice Cream!!!!!!!!! Sorta. Kinda. Okay, not so much. These are all cake and candy impersonating cute little ice cream cones. The cool part is they don’t drip. Their frozen parts are frozen. And unlike the … Continue reading

Beach Ball Cake Pops

Have a ball
I hope you guys are enjoying the summer so far. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the pool, the sofa or somewhere else, I hope your summer is fun, fun, fun! And these beach ball cake pops are a great way to get in the right mindset. I made them for Target’s blog A Bullseye … Continue reading

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Easy Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches
Okay, I almost feel silly posting this. It’s sooo so easy, but it makes me way happy when I bite into one that I can’t resist. It’s the simple things sometimes you know. I was at Bruster’s the other day getting some ice cream and this poster was staring me back in the face. Umm … Continue reading

Burger Bite

Fast Food Fun
Cupcake Buns + Brownie Burgers + Cookie Fries = One Happy Meal! Or many… I can hardly stand how cute these little guys are … Continue Reading

Lemony Lemonies

Mom Approved!
These may not look like all that much at first glance, but let me tell you they are fantastic! They’re little lemon brownies or lemonies. My mom found them on Pinterest and said she wanted me to make some for her right away. So I came up with this version to give her on Mother’s … Continue reading


Burgers and Bees
Bzzzzzzzz. Bees first. I did these a while back. They were some of my first attempts at turning cake pops into little creatures. Since doing them, I’ve seen other variations shared by readers that are pretty darn cute, too. Some with smaller wings using jumbo white heart sprinkles that I think are just darling. I’ll … Continue reading

Mocha Brownie Milkshakes

Brownie Mocha Milkshakes
So, I’m kind of in love with this milkshake. Brownies, ice cream, chocolate syrup and a little Kahlua coffee. My Saturday night is to blame for these. With a sudden late night craving for chocolate, I went to the pantry … fingers crossed … that I had a brownie mix (aka my guilty pleasure quick … Continue reading

Sweet Shapes Candy Cupcake Toppers

Sweet Shapes Candy Cupcake Toppers
I have another easy little project to share with you today using candy wafers and one of the candy molds in my Bakerella for Make’n Mold line. If you liked the candy jewel pops from a few weeks ago, then I think you’ll enjoy this project too. It’s a fun way to make the cutest …Continue reading

Snowcone Cupcakes

Snow Cones
These snow cones won’t melt. Nope. They’re not icy… but they are frosted. They’re snow cone cupcakes and they were a lot of fun to make. I decorated them in red, white, and blue so you can see how cute they can be for Memorial Day or the Fourth. When I made them, I wanted … Continue reading

Brownie Sundae Bon Bons

Brownie Sundae Bon Bons

It’s been soooo hot the last few days. Like historically hot with record-breaking temperatures in Georgia. Throw in our humidity and it’s a recipe for staying inside and enjoying the cool breeze of the air conditioner. I’ve lived without one when I was younger, but in the south, the a/c is definitely appreciated. So instead … Continue reading


Sweet Tarts
I decided I need to add a little more fruit to my diet. My pie diet, anyway. Berries. Black and blue. And raspberries, too. I think I love you. These are really easy to make. Pie crust, plus berries… Just fold and bake. This one didn’t even make it to the plate. Enjoy them topped … Continue reading

Okay… now I’m seriously craving something sweet. Hope you enjoy these summertime treats. Hugs!

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13 comments on “Summertime Sweets”

  1. I have always loved vanilla wafers. Add bananas and you got a sweet treat.

  2. Happy to see you are back and just enjoying the summer and real life. I look forward to the new website design!

  3. I love the ice cream cone cake pops!

  4. the brownie mocha milkshakes are perfect for a hot summer day!

  5. Oh! The Lemonies and Fruit Tarts got my attention – keeping those recipes for sure! Everything looks great. Thanks so much!!

  6. Oh! The Lemonies and Fruit Tarts got my attention – keeping those recipes for sure! Everything looks great. Thanks so much!!

  7. Love all these. those snocone cupcakes are the cutest.

  8. Glad you’re back! I missed your yummy posts.

  9. Omg, so many sweets, so little time! I think the Lemonies and the Banana Pudding are both very high on my list … RIGHT NOW! LOL! Thank you for sharing such a great collection of recipes!

    Looking forward to the launch of your new website!


  11. They all look great. The lemonies I must try.

  12. Ugh, I just had a big bowl of oatmeal and now all I want is dessert!!! I see my afternoon being sugar filled

    Amy |

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