Sweet Treats for the Fourteenth

Looking for something sweet to make for Valentine’s Day? Below are links to a few things I’ve made in the past. Some for Valentine’s Day and some not. But all would be great to give or share with someone you love. The sweets toward the end of this post are from a few years ago, when I first started this blog. Don’t laugh if you read them. I didn’t quite have have the blogging thing down back then. Ok – you can laugh. I did.


Red Velvet Cake

I think I’ll make this one just for me.


Macaron Pops

Macarons. Macarons. Macarons. I love these on a stick or off. Delightful.


Vintage Valentine Cookie Pops

These take a little more investment up front, but the possibilities are endless with the right tools.

Big Love

Big Love Chocolate Chip Cookie

Easy and delicious.

Fourteen Layer Cake Side View

Fourteen Layer Cake

Love this cake and anyone that you serve it will too. Very impressive when you cut into it.

Cheesecake Pops

Cheesecake Pops


Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

Super easy cookies you can whip up in minutes.

Red Velvet Cake Ball Cake

Red Velvet Cake Ball Cake

This is all cake. The box. The Chocolates. All made of cake.

Chocolate heaven

Chocolate Souffles

I changed my mind. I think I want these for Valentine’s Day. Serve warm and win hearts.

Candy Heart Cupcakes

Conversation Heart Cupcakes

Not much of a decorator? Let these candy hearts do all the talking. Easy. Easy. Easy. Cute.

Give Someone A Big Kiss

Oreo Kisses

Make and give your own kisses. Big kisses.

Rose Covered Cupcakes

Rose Covered Cupcakes

This post shows a quick way you can make fondant flowers to dress up your cupcakes.

Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffles

Chocolate cookies. Cream cheese. Candy coating. Sugar Coma.

Red Velvet Cake Balls

Red Velvet Cake Balls


Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

I must have photographed these in the dark, but trust me – they are tasty.

Mini Cherry Cutie Pies

Mini Cherry Cutie Pies

Tiny little pies. Tasty treats.


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114 comments on “Sweet Treats for the Fourteenth”

  1. I did a Valentine’s day round up too. and of course your treats were included! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Love this! I think my favorite would be the Oreo Kisses. I was looking at that picture thinking, “IS IT REAL?”


  3. Mmmmmm… All I want for V-day is that red velvet cake for myself! :D

  4. What a great list of ideas! The mini pies are fantastic! I made red velvet a little bit ago for the hubby, so I think I might ‘spice it up’ a bit and try something new! I guess I should decide soon!

  5. Oh dear! I want to make ALL of these! I’m going to have a busy weekend ;) xx

  6. man…that Smith Island cake would be one heck of a labor of love.

  7. Ooooh.. I LOVE a Valentine’s round up! I might just have to try my hand at a chocolate souffles!

  8. The Rose Covered Cupcakes looks soo romantic! Thank you soo much for this pictures! I think I’m going to try to make that cupcakes for valentine :)

  9. Thanks for all the great ideas – and just in time!

    I’m doing King Cake Cupcakes today before I work on Valentine treats tomorrow!

  10. Great ideas at a great time! I particularly love the rose covered cupcakes!

  11. oh my goodness, if you could post a step by step tutorial for the rosebud cupcakes that would be amazing! They look adorable! I am bringing treats for my bday (2/22) to work and these would be perfect!

  12. I have never seen a 14 layer cake before, it looks just unreal and I bet it tastes out of this world. Very cool looking treat and sweet :-) I wiIsh I could dig in….

  13. Such wonderful ideas – now I just have to choose!

  14. Oh, as usual! Love! Thinks for the inspiration! My favs are the giant kisses and the cherry pies!! Adding to my long to do list!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy V-day!

  15. Oh Angie! My scale is in trouble! That red velvet cake wants me to make it…..

  16. I had to comment because of the red velvet cake balls – LOVE your comment – duh lol. I seriously Laughed Out Loud! lol I made your “box of chocolates” cake last night and blogged about it on my blog. It turned out great and everyone thought it was so cute! Thanks for the awesome baking suggestions you ALWAYS have! I love your blog! ;)

  17. ease up on the bokeh there Bakerella!!! I can hardly see the food :)

    thanks for all the delicious looking suggestions!!!!

  18. Ok, way too many recipes I want to try! They all look out of this world, especially the cakes!

  19. Ahhh I love you! Thanks, these look so great!

  20. Thank you for taking the guess work out of what to make for my Valentine’s day party. :D

  21. 14 layers!! I saw that when you first posted and then couldn’t find it anymore. I would love to make it but probably won’t. Maybe someone will make it for me. Probably not any more delicious than other cakes but so impressive, don’t you think!

  22. I love how you can show your early work it gives hope to the rest of us, although really it is very good. I have always adored those vintage cookies. Yum would be happy to receive any of these treats as my valentine gift.

  23. Red Velvet cake sounds so good right now. Man, I hate grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You know I will come home with red velvet cake mix!

  24. You read my mind :) I love your blog bakerella! Not only are your recipes fantastic, but your blog is pretty and makes me want to come back for more. And you don’t have to be ridiculously good at baking to make what you make, you make things so easy for us. I wish other bloggers out there would take a few lessons from you. Hope you have a wonderful <3 day!

  25. Holy cow the 14 layer cake is impressive! The mini pies are adorable! But I think my favorite is the box of chocolate cake. Amazing!

  26. Everything looks so good. I might try to make the cherry cheesecake because my husband love cherry.

  27. Oh my! I Love Love Love your site, book , and blog! You have so many great ideas i am not sure if i can pick just one!

  28. Wow! Thanks for all of the awesomely delicious ideas. Can’t wait to try them.

  29. Holy crap, this was a bad post to read for someone who just started a diet!! :)

  30. I love the Rose Covered Cupcakes! And have become an dexpert at Cake Balls!!! Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas…I added you to my Blog Roll, hope that is okay

  31. oh yum! the little cherry pies are so adorable. well, everything is adorable and tasty looking, but the little pies have a “homey” look to them. I love it!

  32. Really a great line up of treats. I just posted my red velvet cake it sure screams Valentine’s Day but is really good anyday. http://createdbydiane.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-make-southern-red-velvet-cake.html

  33. These are adorable! I actually came onto Bakerella to look for a good idea for our bake sale before valentines day. One of these will be perfect!
    My family LOVES your red velvet cake! I think I’ll be making red velvet cupcakes for the bake sale!
    Jess :D

  34. I’m so excited for valentines day. I love all of the sweet confections everyone creates. It makes me so excited.

  35. Omigosh…I want to eat ALL of them!! So yummy!

  36. how weird…
    i thought i went through your whole blog posts
    but i’ve never seen the oreo truffles and the oreo kisses ^^;
    oh how i love oreos! :]

  37. I love the the vintage cookie pops and the cupcakes with roses. Now I’m starving!! My kids taught me that the word dessert is spelled with 2 s’ because you always want twice as much dessert! yum…

  38. It’s like a Valentine’s dessert explosion! (The best kind of explosion, really). I am totally inspired! That red velvet cake needs to be in my belleh posthaste.

  39. drooling. I need to stop coming here at night when I crave sweets but don’t have the time to make them! I want to do the mini cherry pies, but hubby hates cherry…maybe the oreo kisses….

  40. They all look delicious….I think I gained 5lbs just reading all of the recipes…..What to make ….decisions decisions.

  41. OH what a delicious post! I can’t wait to make one of these for my family on Monday. Happy Valentines Day!

  42. My mouth is watering! The Oreo truffles is how I found this blog (now website!) in the first place!!!

  43. Wow, 14 layer cake, I wish I had the time to put something like that together. I made your mini pies with apples for a turkey dinner and they were a hit!

  44. I saw the title of your post on my blog reader and thought, “Why? What’s on the 14th?” Duh, me. Haha. These are wonderful! Thanks!

  45. I’ve seen a lot of great Valentine’s Day recipes floating around, but yours are definitely the most beautifully decorated!! Everything looks so pretty!

  46. Oh my! I want them ALL!

  47. great ideas!! wow they all look great

  48. What a wonderful post!
    I have aquestion about the red velvet cake – someone (=a generally reliable person, but not a baker herself) told me you can actually get the red color from a chemical reaction between the vineager and some other ingredient in the cake without the use of food coloring but I couldn’t find on the web any support for this clain in the form of a food-coloring-free recipe.
    Do you happen to know anything about it?

  49. Delicious!! Just staring at them makes me gain calories!!

  50. In the red velvet cake, if you use liquid coloring, does that mess up the cake? I tried making one and it came out of the oven looking like a dense, bloody, cheesecake!! was there a problem with my oven or what, cause it didn’t even rise an inch!

  51. Plus I used all the ingredients in their proper porportion, except for the liquid coloring and I used just an ounce of that.

  52. Oh dear…I just put on 5kgs after looking through these fab pictures! …

  53. You have truly out done yourself with all of these wonderful goodies. I can’t decide what I want to make first. YYYYUUUMMMMMMMM HAPPY VALENTINES! to you

  54. I don’t know which one to make first. They’re all too adorable!

  55. Wow…looking at this I can’t believe how long I’ve been reading your blog! Not sure what I’m making my sweetie this year, but it needs to be easy because I’m toting around a 4 month old now. I think the big cookie looks like the way to go.

  56. I love the big oreo kiss! My kids and I are going to make it this weekend. I hope it turns out as nice as yours :)

  57. I remember nearly all of these posts! I’ve tried quite a few of them to.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! Thank you for sharing your sweet heart! <3

  58. HELP!!!!! I have a question.. I make those mini pies a lot for fun but mine dont look as nice as yours do. The cherry pie ozzes out like crazy and the tops dont look as nice and put together as yours. My question is how to attach the top to the bottom and still make it look so cute?

  59. So funny , I remember reading all the original posts for these ( cept maybe the choc souffle and the mini cheesecakes with cherry…) I was looking down the list and had a serious time warp!! thank you for all the great ideas , and memories of great ideas ,

  60. My husband’s heart is going to go pitter-patter when I make that red velvet cake for him this weekend! Thanks for all of the Valentine’s ideas!

  61. I like your beautiful art. I like this web. I live in Puerto Rico. Congratulations

  62. I want these all! I think the rose covered cupcakes are my favorite look. But if I had to choose one to eat…probably the giant kisses!!

  63. Every time i see that red velvet cake I start to droooooool… it looks soooooo delicious! And That billion layer cake is to die for. Man, I really want some cake.

  64. I am absolutely in love with the cake ball cake (have been ever since you posted it 2 years ago) and am really wanting to make (and eat) some cheesecake pops!

  65. Oh man, now I need cheesecake! I’m thinking the mini cheesecakes would be good with an oreo or chocolate cookie and then marble cheesecake on top.

  66. This just reminded me how long I’ve been following your blog. I remember ALL of these recipes and posts. You are a real inspiration!

  67. hi! your cake pops are amazing! this is my first time here on this blog!!!! I was wondering what size the lollipop sticks were?
    I was wondering if anysize of the lollipop sticks would hold up the cake balls.

  68. i heaven. i can’t decide which i like best. but those darling little pies…..awe.

    i heart valentine’s day. ?

  69. Ok…so this question doesn’t necessarily have to do with this whole post, but it does have to do with cake pops/cake balls. I just made my first batch and they came out great, except…the candy coating cracked on 4 so far. Any ideas about what causes that?

  70. Wow!! I can’t decide on what to make!! They all look soo good! Which one tastes the best, that you could devour in one sitting??

  71. Thanks so much for all the great ideas!! Can’t wait to try some!

  72. Only two word: yum yum

  73. It all looks so delicious, I don’t know what to try first! I think I’m going to have to make that red velvet for my fiance for V-Day. It’s one of our favorites and surprisingly I haven’t made it myself yet. Thanks for all the great Valentine’s Day ideas!

  74. O.K., so many cute ideas! I’m going to have a hard time deciding…but those mini cherry cutie pies are so adorable! And I love the name. =)

  75. Your recipes make me so happy! And I love to read the stories behind them. I bought your Super Natural Cooking book a few years ago and it is still one of my

    absolute favorites.

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  76. WOW, WOW, WOW what a feast for someone that just woke up to behold. Is it Christmas again, oh forgot Valentines day. You must have reminded hubby about it, because it is close to 7:00 A.M. and he just kissed me on the cheek as I am writing this and said “Got to go to the store see you soon” I said “where are you going this early” To get you a card for Valentines day or I’m in deep #%@#% isn’t he sweet. Thanks Bakerella for reminding him. Paulette

  77. http://sweettreatcakes.blogspot.com/

    i made the truffles! they turned out SO well.

  78. I’m bookmarking all of these to try!

  79. I have got to try those Oreo Kisses and those Oreo Truffles. YUM!

  80. How am I supposed to pick just one? They all look amazing!!!

  81. Bakerella, where do you buy your decorations from? They are so expensive in the UK that i was wanting to stock up when i’m in NYC, so i was wondering if there are any general stores there that i can get them from.

  82. All are tempting!

    I made your cake pops today for a Valentine’s party I am throwing for my two girls this weekend… they turned out great! I wrote a post about them here …


    Have a great weekend!

  83. So cute and tempting to make. If only I wasn’t sick I would make one of these cuties!

  84. I saw a picture of your candy/ truffle box here http://www.etsy.com/listing/65446413/valentines-day-assorted-truffle-box-1?ref=pr_shop
    and just felt I should let you know. I’m not sure this was the best way to go about that, but it was the easiest way I could think of. I just thought it was odd.

  85. I think next year I want to try a souffle, but for this year, I’m making a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake. Nom nom nom.

  86. I’ve tried several different recipes and LOVE your Red Velvet cake recipe. It’s now my go to. It’s just about perfect. Thank you for such a fun round up. Now what to make, what to make?

  87. I love you.

  88. ohh.. how cute. they are all so lovely. i love those. :D
    i wanna eat one of those cakes right now.. it makes my mouth watering… looks delicious.

  89. Sweet post! I was looking for sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas and now I have them.

  90. Wow the oreo kisses and red velvet cake balls look so cute and tasteful! I would love to start baking some of the mini-sized sweets since not only are they easier to eat but you would also be taking in smaller amounts of sugar! I’m really glad you have the recipes listed under each one of these amazing creations!

  91. These are all perfectly lovely, Angie! Thanks so much for sharing. I really adore the vintage cookies, but of course they all look amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

  92. I’m amazed that you have done all of these so beautifully. And this is only one small selection of your accomplishments!

  93. All of these fabulous ideas in one place? I’m so happy! I just shared your link on my organization site. Thanks so much!

  94. I tried the red velvet cake reciepe and wa really disappointed…. For some reason it came out tasting like flour :( any suggestions?

  95. You are the valentine’s day treat do you know that?

    I love that you are smiling so brightly in every picture. There is nothing pretentious about you even while posing!


  96. Just looking at that red velvet makes my mouth water! Yummy

  97. OMG everything looks so delightful !

  98. How did you make those vintage cookie pops—love them

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