Books & Signings

I’ll start with the signings.

King of Prussia, PA. Short Hills, NJ and New York City, NY.

Three cities in three days…


… and full of fun.


… and meeting lots of great people.


This is Esther. … I love putting faces with the people that I’ve emailed with. She makes the cutest little wire whisk necklaces.

You must check them out.


… King of Prussia had lots of little cutie pies in the store.


Lots of them.




Including these charmers. So cute in their matching tees.


Even the Williams-Sonoma folks joined in on the fun. This is Brian and Mandy. Loved them.


Then in Short Hills, I met more wonderful people. These folks welcomed me with smiling faces.


And cute cupcakes. The lovely young lady in the pink scarf above made these. We may or may not have shared a cry.


This is Melanie. She’s a Pop Star of the Star Wars variety. Check em out.


Look at these two. Stylish. Both of them.


And these two. Smiling and having a great time, despite getting in a little car accident on the way to the signing.

So glad no one was hurt.


I love these photos. Trying to get everyone to look at the same camera at the same time is easier than it sounds.


Side wave.

Bye New Jersey.


Hello New York.

Again… everyone was so fun.


Including their sweetly painted fingernails.


Families came out together.


And young bakers did, too. This is Kaira. Another Pop Star.


And here’s Nora. If you remember seeing the Cupcake Kabobs all over the web… well, she started that.


Laughter all around.


And look – it’s Rachel from Cupcakes Take The Cake. I was so glad to finally meet her. If you love cupcakes and you don’t know about this site, or you’ve been under a rock, let me introduce you.

New York was a fantastic way to end the Book tour – or so I thought.

There will be one more recap and then that’s it.

I hear a bunch of you cheering because that finally means more baking … right?! YAY! YAY! YAY!

Anyway… Toronto is coming up this weekend. And it turns out I’ll be at two locations.

If you’re in Toronto, and can’t make the Williams-Sonoma signing on Saturday, I’ll also be at Teatro Verde at 4:30 pm on Friday. Hope to meet you guys.

And as usual… if you attended a signing and see your photo in one of the slideshows below, feel free to use it. Thanks again for making the tour so much fun.


Okay, okay … that was the signings.

Now for the books.


I’m giving away ten of them. Ten Cake Pops books. And signed if you like.

  • To enter for a chance to win one, just leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what holiday treat you can’t wait to eat.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 1st at 5:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winners will be announced below.
  • Ten (10) winners will be chosen at random and announced by the end of the week.

Good luck guys!

Okay – Here they are. Here are the 10 Cake Pops Book Winners. Yay!


835 – Betty-Ann – …any one of my husband’s authentic, hazelnutty, German Christmas cookies…love, love, love them!

3987 – Leigh McGilvray – I can’t wait to eat mincemeat pies this holiday season! My mum just sent me the recipe so I can make them for the first time : ) I know the smell will remind me of home.

738 – trifitmom – pecan bars i make, yummmmmmmmm

5084 – Paula – I can’t wait for … mmmm flan!

4748 – Ashley M. – I’m looking forward to cheesecake!

2180 – Nadia – I love making (and eating) beautifully decorated sugar cookies at christmas time too! … but first I’m making cake pops for my hubby’s workplace charity fundraiser on Thursday!!! Welcome to T.O. this weekend!

4718 – Stephanie – Broken glass torte…made by my grandma!

5721 – Rachel R – baking, eating and decorating some sugar cookies with my lil one.

54 – Chelsea A – I love French Silk Pie this time of year! It’s an annual treat that I limit myself to making only for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s almost the same recipe as PW! Also, I love all the pictures and stories you share from your signing. I am amazed you remember all the details!

2750 – Julie – Banana split cake!

Congratulations everyone!

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6,094 comments on “Books & Signings”

  1. I bake tons of stuff this time of year, so it’s hard to pick what I’m looking forward to most.. I’m going to say my grandmothers butter kuchen. I had lost the copy my dad gave me when I was 20 and living on my own, he passed away a couple of years ago, and I never got it again..then my mother passed away a couple of months ago and the one thing I wanted most was the recipe box.. folded, and tucked in there in my grandmothers handwriting was her recipe.. yep..that’s what I am looking forward to most..baking it with my kids..

  2. I can’t wait to eat black bottom cupcakes from my aunt. She makes them every year for christmas and that is the only time of the year I eat it!

  3. Oh, I would love a copy of your book and signed, of course!!! Thanks for the chance!

  4. “Angels on horseback” – they’re the most amazing Christmas treat. Glace cherries wrapped in streaky bacon held together with a toothpick – under the grill for about 5 minutes each side. mmmmmmm!

  5. All of the traditional german cookies my mom makes – like Lebkuchen and Kokosmakronen (coconut cookies)! And trying out some new recipes i find online or in magazines/books!

  6. Any of my mom’s Japanese cooking, I’m so excited for my parents to come to Utah for Christmas!

  7. Stollen! My mother makes a really good stollen, with and without almond spice (for the non-nutties of the world). I can’t wait to have some.

  8. Shortbread cookies and the ever-present candy cane is always fun.

  9. My mom’s Heaven Squares -they have a few kinds of chips, nuts, sweetened cond. milk and a Graham crust (probably more ingredients that I am forgetting). Heaven in a square :)

  10. mm everything! Christmas cake! Cookies! Yumm

  11. Raspberrie bavarois! Made by my mommie, preferably.

    yummms :)

  12. Latkas! Can’t wait to make a batch this week for Hanukah. And I can’t wait to finally taste a cakepop because I’m going to make them for the first time.

  13. Mmmm…can’t wait to eat some yummy cake pops! :)

  14. I just CANNOT wait to eat FUDGE!!!! Any way shape or form, I’m only thinking about fudge… and winning this book…. hehe.

  15. I can’t wait to have a piece of Turrón de Yema, a typical spanish Christmas treat. Yumm!!!

  16. My mom makes this awesome cake with dried prunes for Christmas… Super tasty!!

  17. I can’t wait for the Christmas Cookies!!!

  18. mint brownies, chocolate mint cupcakes, peppermint bark, etc. december scream mint treats to me.

  19. Macarons! I just want to make the perfect macarons. Failing that, meringue drop cookies. I mean, hey, I’ll have all those egg whites, right? ;)

  20. My mother in laws cherry chocolate chew bars!!

  21. I’m ready to eat my weight in pumpkin pie. And really just about anything i get the chance to bake now it’s cold enough outside to turn the oven on!

  22. Mum makes the best trace bread. Just love it!

  23. caramel popcorn! :D

  24. I would love to win a book
    I cant be without the swedish pepparkakscheescake
    In english gingerbreadcheescake (i think)
    My husband me and our dog loves it!

  25. i can’t wait to eat my great grandmother’s sugar cookies! even if i have to veganize the recipe… :)

  26. Peanut butter blossoms, my friend. Yum!!!

  27. I can’t wait for my family’s traditional lil smokies in BBQ sauce, simple yes, but oh-so-yummy!!! Plus my Aunts delish cherry pie!!

  28. My mother-in-law makes a killer frozen dessert that is a layering of chocolate tofu, cream and peanut butter. I won’t be able to eat any this year as I’ll be spending the holidays overseas.

  29. I love my mom’s cranberry-pineapple jello that she only makes during the holidays. Since I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving this year, I’m especially looking forward to it at Christmas.

  30. can’t wait to have fruit cake and food for the gods bars! hope you can send halfway around the world!

  31. Definitely looking forward to some Christmas pud!!

  32. my aunt’s double chocolate fudge cookies! yummy!

  33. Peanut butter balls are a tradition in our house! Can classic chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

  34. Mince pies with brandy butter mmmmm!

  35. Definitly gingerbread cookies – in all shapes and sizes :D with a glass of milk

  36. Maine potato candy…NEEDHAMS!!! :)

  37. Fudge !!!
    aldnlopez at gmail dot com

  38. I’m going to be making some sugar cookies with my nephew for Christmas and I think I’m more excited than he is!

  39. Fudge Fudge Fudge! :)

  40. Tamales! Sweet pineapple tamales! YUMM!

  41. I can’t wait to eat fruit pies! I think apple is my favorite.

  42. I am stuck in Bulgaria for the holidays, and I miss whipping cream and pumpkins. I’ll try to make my grandma’s famous cheesy broccoli cauliflower casserole. Most of the year I take my broccoli straight up with a twist of lemon juice.

  43. I can’t wait to have my grandmother’s sour cream pound cake!

  44. My Aunt use to make some cookies that were rolled in powdered sugar with nuts in them. Sorry don’t know the name. They are the best

  45. The classic sugar cookie! Especially after they have been decorated and taken for a ride as an ornament on the tree!

  46. Sugar cookies

  47. there are three (commercial) things i look forward to during the holidays:

    1. a classic holiday sandwich from erik’s deli cafe (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy, on rosemary sourdough bread)

    2. a froo-froo holiday coffeehouse beverage (pumpkin spice mocha, peppermint hot chocolate, etc)

    3. cranberry bliss bars (which i will have to try and make myself this year, for funsies)

    … to say nothing of my sister’s candy.

  48. Can’t wait to eat Russian Tea Cakes! YUM!!!! Oh and chocolate of course, any kind…

  49. I cannot wait to eat new potatoes cooked whole then a little butter and fresh mint. then me and my boys are going to make gingerbread men so can’t wait for them either :)

  50. Persimmon Pudding!! Yummy!!

  51. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  52. Can’t wait to make and EAT some Holiday Cake Pop!!

  53. After reading this post, I could really go for some cake pops right about now! that wire whisk necklace is darling, by the way.

  54. almond roca and lefse!!!

  55. a nice fudgy brownie with caramel topping~ yums!

  56. ……pumpkin crunch cake ;)

  57. My son and I eagerly await the coming of eggnog season. Of course, Christmas cookies are awesome too.

  58. I LOVE rugelah cookies. Honestly, the only time I have ever tasted them was when I bought a cookie assortment from Costco at Christmas time a couple of years ago. Now I can’t find them but they are delicious!

  59. Ooh I cannot wait for the buttery shortbread we always have at Christmas…mmm…

  60. cookies, cookies, cookies! =)

  61. I can’t wait to make at EAT sugar cookies for my familes!

  62. Russian Tea Cakes!!! Or mexican wedding cookies, they have a bazillion names but I love them all. My mom makes the best ones ever and they are my favorite holiday treat!

  63. I can not wait to have some of my mothers christmas cookies! So incredible and such a classic treat.

  64. I can’t wait to eat my mother’s famous pecan pies! Every year she makes them and it sends me right back to my childhood. Mmmm! I also plan to make your chocolate pecan pies for Christmas! I can’t wait to see how those turn out! Happy holidays Bakerella!

  65. I am looking forward to my step-mom’s chocolate covered peanuts. I know, not really seasonal and not really fancy, but oh so yummy.

  66. Lamingtons! I don’t know if they’re holiday treats exactly, but we only ever seem to get them during the holidays here!

  67. I can’t wait to make the raindeer pops…well any of your designs are amazing will be hard to choose!

  68. I’m dying for some mexican punch : ) I love it!

  69. I can’t wait for the sugar cookies. Yum!

  70. i can’t wait to eat some peppermint hot chocolate. yumm~

  71. I’ve never tried those candy apples…it’s not a ‘thing’ in Holland. So that’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. Maybe I’ll make some this christmas :)

  72. I cant wait to eat my dads homemade apple pie! mmmmm

  73. Peppermint stick ice cream. Love!

  74. I cannot wait to eat crab cioppino! We have it (as a treat!) for Christmas Eve….yummy!
    (of course, I can’t say no to all those Christmas sweets either)

  75. apple pecan cheesecake: so easy to make and sssooo yummy!

  76. The rice pudding my grandmother make… mmm

  77. Gingerbread and chider…a delicious blend of hot chocolate and apple cider =)

  78. Gingerbread man! Yum!!

  79. I make a killer toffee only once a year and it’s sooo good!! The recipe is from an old Williams Sonoma book I got years ago.

  80. I can’t wait for fudge! And peanut brittle!

  81. Christmas Cake Pops of course!

  82. I have been making and drooling over your cake pops for a while now!! I tentatively have planned to make them for my family for Christmas dessert this year (time pending) but the ONE thing that is FOR SURE going to be at Christmas dinner (well, dessert)? Toffee-Salted Brownies (derived from your mint chip brownie recipe)…YUM!

  83. Apple pie.

  84. my molasses cookies. so yummy!!

  85. Chocolate drizzled popcorn with some mint crunch sprinkles – mmm! My favorite!

  86. Cream cheese tarts!

  87. Dream bars! All of that yummy, gooey, calorie filled deliciousness!!!

  88. In Alsace, in the North East of France, there is a region that was once German. They have a tradition of Christmas cookies and sweets that are called “Bredele” One in particular is my favorite : it’s a star glazed with royal icing which is basically nuts, almonds, honey and cinnamon.
    These are cookies that I wait all year long and hardly resist when they appear in December on the supermarket’s shelves.
    Still, I always buy them in the Christmas Market where artisans sell their traditionally made goods.

  89. Sugar cookies. I know it’s a simple thing, but growing up my parents were never really into the holiday season (they’re of a different culture), but there was this little lady down the street from us who would bake us cookies for Christmas every year. While I never got the traditional “Christmas” experience of eggnog and Santa Claus, her cookies are MY Christmas experience. I’m pretty sure my love of baking comes from her too.

  90. Red Velvet/Peppermint Fudge Ice cream cake!!! It’s the best=)

  91. I can’t wait to have the rosemary-cranberry-jelly-pumpkin-cake I just made… it is cooling and waiting for a thin glossing of cream cheese frosting! :)

  92. russian tea cakes!!!!
    so good!

  93. I baked cute Halloween cake pops for my mother in-law in October. She LOVED them! She asked about putting rum in them and I tried it, they turned out SO yummy! Definitely one for the adults! I plan on sending out a few batches for Christmas as well as some kid-friendly pops and also my yearly almond joys… coconut mixed with karo syrup and refrigerated until hard then topped off with an almond and covered with chocolate… always a hit :)

  94. I can’t wait to take a bite of some holiday biscotti!

  95. Peanut butter fudge! Mmmm!!

  96. I cant wait to eat cookies! Lots and lots of christmas cookies!

  97. The treat I can’t wait to eat? Orange fudge!
    Love you hair by the way!

  98. Classic sugar cookies! Nothing makes me feel more like a kid

  99. can’t wait to eat my grandmother’s cookies!!

  100. I am so looking forward to my mom’s chocolate chip cookies with peppermint meringue topping. Or her sticky buns. Or her cinnamon crispies. Or…..

  101. I am looking forward to making and then quickly devouring penuche (brown sugar candy). A yummy treat my grandma always made for the holidays!

  102. Creme Brulee French Toast for breakfast on Christmas morning! :)

  103. Bear paw cookies… *drool

  104. I can’t wait to make some gingerbread cookies! I made them with my roommates during our last Christmas together last year. Now that we’ve graduated, I’m going to make some to mail to them :)

  105. Butter Tarts! Or, a new recipe I tried, Butter Tart Squares. SOOO good, and I always save them for Christmastime :)

  106. My great Aunt gave me a yule log recipe, it is half cake and half candy. We make it with the kids every December 1st and again on the 24th. Festive and Yummy!

  107. Anything and everything sweet and heavy!!! From now till the end of the year – no limits & no diets :)

    Merry Christmas to all…!

  108. Cranberry coffee cake!

  109. It’s actually not sweet for once! Every year, my mom makes jalapeno jelly and I can’t wait!

  110. I can’t wait for my Nonie’s chocolate pie!

  111. I love peppermint lattes. They’re so very good. Add to that any kind of cupcake and I’m a happy girl.

  112. I miss my aunt’s Christmas honey baked ham. She will be overseas this Christmas, so I will have to wait another year for it :)

  113. I really want to try making red velvet cupcakes and tiramisu. Love time in the kitchen during the holidays! <3

  114. Im making candy canes tonight!

  115. Russian Teacakes and Caramel Corn!!

  116. I am such a sucker for pie. I love all kinds of pie. Pumpkin, cherry, apple, you name it. And it seems a crime to me that I grew up only eating these delicious culinary delights around the holidays. It’s a shame, really. A durn shame. I know we’re randomly selected (which is a fantastic policy), but I thought I’d mention that this contest ends on my birthday! For which we’ll be enjoying pie. Or else. :)

  117. Nuts-n-Bolts (only make it once a year).

  118. I cant wait for homemade doughnuts!

  119. The girls in my family get together and make a variety of cookies we used to make with my Grandma. Chocolate chip drop cookies, russian tea cakes, spritz, ect. It’s a special (and yummy!) day for us.

  120. I can’t wait to make (and eat, of course) my Grandma’s peanut butter fudge. Thank you for the chance!

  121. Nougat and cookies :o)

  122. I wish I could eat some Christmas cake from the uk! I usually make it myself, but don’t think I’ll manage it this year. It is the most delicious fruit cake covered in marzipan, then royal icing.

  123. My world famous sweet potatoes! Whip them with a TON of butter, maple syrup, brown sugar and HWC. To. Die. For!!!

  124. CHRISTMAS SUGAR COOKIES!! I love making sugar cookies, and I love them even more during christmas season because of all the different designs I can use =)

  125. I love the holidays because I get to go home from college and spend time with my family. They love having me home because i bake…a lot. I’m most looking forward to making Cinnamon crumb cake. Its many peoples favorite and it always smells soooo good. Especially when we make it in the morning for breakfast! =D

  126. I can’t wait to eat my mother in law’s buckeye and candy coated peanut butter cookies they are sooooo good, she always sends them by mail every year! Love her!

  127. I can’t wait to munch on a gingerbread! I always feel big and mighty when I munch on them :D ^_^ i’ve always discovered a wicked awesome Red Velvet Swirl Brownies recipe that is perfect for the holiday!

  128. can’t wait to sink my teeth into the Christmas Fruit Cake!

  129. I can’t wait to eat Sour Cream Walnut cookies. It’s a recipe from my Grandmother and she only made them at Christmas. Eating these cookies always reminded me of past Christmases and now, of her.
    They’re YUMMY!

  130. I can’t wait to eat Sour Cream Walnut cookes. It’s a recipe from my Grandmother and she only made them at Christmas. Eating these cookies always reminded me of past Christmases and now, of her.
    They’re YUMMY!

  131. Roly poly pretzels!

  132. I can’t wait for the christmas cutout cookies!

  133. I am really really looking forward to the Turkey, the pavlova and the brandy snaps filled with cream. YUMMM

  134. Spritz Cookies! I know they are simple, but my mother left me with the cookie press and a million different stencils. I love decorating them compulsively and thinking of my mom.

  135. I loooveeee fudgy gooey brownies!! :)

  136. I’m making homemade Tamales!! In Yuma, AZ there’s a Tamale Festival every year, and I’m going for the first time to get all kinds of ideas to make them for my family. So excited! Of course, I’m also making cake pops! I made the Turkeys for Thanksgiving and served them at a shelter for the kids – they were a hit! (Of course). I’m making the Christmas tree ones this time. They’ll basically be triple chocolate and peanut butter – with chocolate cake, fudge frosting, chocolate coating and peanut butter M&Ms and Reeses Pieces for ornaments. SOO excited.

  137. Would love to make the minnie mouse cake pops with my little girl! too cute!

  138. I’d love some Mexican wedding cookies but am scared to make them since my son was just diagnosed with a nut allergy :( I guess I’ll make a batch and polish them off while he sleeps :D

  139. Buckeye balls!

  140. This is gonna sound so weird but I haven’t been home for Christmas in 18 years! This year is THE YEAR, and I’m beyond excited! So it’s not a sweet treat but my Mom’s Chicken Fried Steak. She was asking what we wanted for Christmas and I told her NO gifts just her Chicken Fried Steak! It’s going to be a FANTASTIC Christmas, and I leave in 10 days!

  141. My dad’s frosted Christmas cookies. This is the year that I will master them!

  142. First off i really want this book! I asked for it as a christmas present and my mom says it’s not here in Canada yet…at least where we live :( She’s not an online shopper so that is the only way we can get it. Second I just love making cupcakes…any kind and any color. I’ll be making christmas cupcakes for my sons preschool in 2 weeks, i can’t wait. I made Halloween cupcakes and there were none left!!

  143. I can’t wait to make me some double chocolate mint cake truffles!!!

  144. I love French Silk Pie this time of year! It’s an annual treat that I limit myself to making only for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s almost the same recipe as PW!

    Also, I love all the pictures and stories you share from your signing. I am amazed you remember all the details!

  145. I’m really excited to make red velvet cakepops since it seems it’s the only kind I haven’t made yet! I know, how could I, right!? Other than that I also have a few request for cupcake and since I got new sprinkles from Williams & Sonoma, I am excited to fill that request. If I win I would gladly take a signed copy since the book signing didn’t stop in Miami. :)

  146. Can’t wait to make chocolate and strawberry cakeballs this Holiday season!

  147. I am hoping that my mom will feel up to making her mothers classic Lace Cookies! I can not wait to nibble on those babies!

  148. I’m looking forward to making and eating a chocolate pudding pie. Simple, yet delicious!

  149. Can’t wait to eat caramel flan and lots of cakepops!

  150. My favorites are mexican wedding cookies. There are so many varieties of this cookie. I’ve tried about three. My favaorite is the Paula Deen recipe. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to make this simple cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. I’m a sucker for sugar cookies with homemade icing! Would love to win!

  152. For the first time ever, I’ll be making shortbread! I normally just eat my Mum’s, but we’re having the pre-Christmas bbq (I’m in Australia) at our house for the first time so I thought I’d go all out. I’m also making actual cake balls for the first time! (Normally I just cheat and make the oreo balls…)

  153. I can’t wait to get Palmer’s chocolates! For whatever reason, they’ve just become our signature candies for Christmas and we bust out a bag to keep our energy up while we’re decorating!

  154. pumpkin with chocolate chip cookies! nommers!

  155. I can not wait to eat my moms pineapple pie. I know it sounds a little odd but it is FABULOUS! I have not been able to eat any since having my son since he had a very bad dairy allergy. I can not wait to finally indulge in a slice!

  156. Pick me, please! Pick me! :) I can’t wait to make buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate to look like a buckeye.) I grew up making them every Christmas in Ohio and they are a treat I look forward to every Christmas.

  157. Divinity. So yummy, so yummy

  158. My Mama’s pumpkin cheesecake. I actually don’t even like cheesecake that much, but Mama’s cheesecake is out of this world!

  159. My grandmother’s peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss on top. She’ll be 91 in January, so I think I’ll be making them and sharing mine with her this year instead of the other way around.

  160. Buckeyes! Peanut butter and rice crispies, in a ball and dipped in chocolate! It’s a Christmas tradition at our house and everyone helps make ’em.

  161. I am making the Minnie Mouse Cake Pops for my daughters 2nd birthday and I can’t wait to try them!! :)

  162. I can’t wait to make some molasses cookies- my fav holiday cookies!

  163. gingerbread cookies! :)

  164. We plan on making green velvet cake balls and dip them in red chocolate. =)

  165. I will be making fudge, peanut butter balls, and cookies. I well also be attempting some reindeer cake pops!

  166. the BEST thing i can’t wait to eat is my mother’s taro cake that she makes for my birthday/thanksgiving/christmas every year.

    our family likes to combine our holidays for convenience.

  167. Apple pie is my favorite

  168. I’d love to try the pumpkin pie! I missed it this thanksgivings.

  169. Peanut Butter Balls or also know as “Buckeye Balls”

  170. anything with sugar!! I love the holidays!!

  171. Pavlova!! Served with freshly whipped cream and a tropical fruit salad. The perfect compliment to an Aussie Christmas feast.

  172. I love to have my boys help me bake sugar cookies and decorate them and hand them out to family. We’ve done this since I was little. But this year I think we’re gonna make cupcakes cause those are my all time favs!

  173. I can’t wait to make peanut butter blossoms. The gooey chocolate kisses mixed with delicious peanut buttery goodness. I’m drooling already.

  174. Melt in your mouth short bread cookies! mmmm.

  175. Peppermint Ice Cream!!! Gotta have it every year.

  176. Jingle Bars- Yummy! :)

  177. Can’t wait to make and eat peppermint bark! And cake pops too, hopefully!

  178. I hope I get to eat some delicious sugar cookies with buttercream frosting that a good friend of mine makes!!!

  179. I can’t wait to make my family’s traditional butter cookies for a cookie exchange this week!

  180. I can’t get enough pumpkin roll this time of year!

  181. My family doesn’t celebrate christmas- which is so sad because I love xmas pudding!

    It’d make my holiday season to win one of your amazing books.

  182. Dark chocolate peppermint cake!

  183. Where do I begin? Peanut butter fudge, mini pies, you name it! Oh, and some good old-fashioned candied yams, too. I didn’t get my fill of those at Thanksgiving.

  184. I can’t wait to eat peanut brittle with my stepdad!

  185. I can’t wait to eat my mom’s homemade scones!

  186. I really want some pumpkin bread pudding right now… hmmmm

  187. My husband’s world famous holiday biscotti. Yum!

  188. I cannot wait to make and eat Peanut Brittle!!!

  189. Rosette Cookies!

    So fun to see all of your success!

  190. My mother’s banana bread! Wow, I can learn a lot from that woman. :)

  191. My almond shortbread thumbprints!

  192. I am finally going to dive into the cake pops head first and attempt some Christmas ones and I can’t wait!! (Wish me luck!)

  193. Bacon Fudge! It’s become a classic after just one year of my making it for gifts. People have been waiting for months! :)

  194. Homemade Peanut Butter BonBons!

  195. apple pie…it’s my weak spot!

  196. peppermint bark!!

  197. I can’t wait to make tons of cookies for cookie exchanges this holiday season. I love buttermilk cookies and hazelnut sandwich cookies.

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